Hello world!
by clem 15

Welcome to Segfault!

Segfault is a place dedicated to bring you more news, faster, about all the cool stuff that we’re working on or that are related to what we’re working on :)

Of course there’s blog.linuxmint.com already, but that’s for a different audience, that’s where we address everybody and post official news and important announcements. Here on Segfault, we want to talk more about the development, on a daily basis, we want to chat about the technique and what’s coming next. We want to create a space where developers can address enthusiasts and people who want to know “more” and get them excited about what they’re working on.

The idea was born within the Cinnamon development team. People on cinnamon.linuxmint.com said they wanted more news and we weren’t keen on mixing announcements with dev. news. If we were talk about technique and development, there were also other topics, outside of Cinnamon, we wanted to cover. So the decision was taken to start a new blog, for a specific audience, to try and get a rough pace of one quick article a day, and to cover everything that was getting the development team excited, from Cinnamon to MATE, including the Mint tools, artwork, upstream software and even at times things outside of the scope of Linux Mint.

To be really honest here… nobody knows if this is going to work and what Segfault is going to end up being like. We’ll sure try having fun writing posts into it though and we hope you’ll enjoy it too ;)

15 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Michael May 3,2013 14:59

    Cool! Buzz!

  2. Brucey May 3,2013 16:52

    Great! – I regularly check up on the main blogs but there aren’t many new posts. It’s nice to be able to follow more frequent updates about dev on here. I personally like to be able to follow the progress of Linux Mint and I’m sure others will too.

    I look forward to reading more posts!

    Thanks and I can’t wait for Mint 15 :D

  3. Matthew May 3,2013 19:22

    Sweet! I’m subscribing to the RSS feed and looking forward to some coolness. Thanks for all the hard work, Clem!

  4. samriggs May 6,2013 12:50

    Cool glad to see this, finally came upon it by chance.
    Just wanted to say, love the title of the post, very fitting :)
    I’ll be waiting for cin 1.8 to filter down to lmde, kind of anxious to try some desklets and make some hopefully.

  5. Kirk M May 6,2013 23:29

    Just what the doctor ordered, Clem. Nice name for it to. ;-)

  6. Niklas May 7,2013 08:24

    While I really like the idea of the blog in general I’m a little worried your goal of one post a day might be a little overambitious. A goal like at least one post per week seems more sensible and would avoid that you run out of interesting topics to write about too soon. In any case I’ll keep a keen eye on this blog ;)

  7. twipley May 10,2013 23:11

    Since workspace switcher is turned off by default now on Ubuntu, would not it make sense too to disable the hot corner on fresh installs of Mint?

    In fact, lots of clumsy (or non-tech-fluent) people seem to be having problems with the hot corner, which opens up without for it having been wished in the prior, therefore confusing them.

    Just an idea. A sensible one, though.

    • clem May 13,2013 07:45

      Maybe. That feature would be hard to discover without the hot corner and I’ve seen really novice people enjoy it a lot, but I agree with you… it’s confusing and easy to activate by mistake. I’ve seen those same novice people struggle to understand what happened to them for a little while :)

  8. sebastien May 13,2013 07:07

    Cool. Will you include other flavours than Mate and Cinnamon ? I’m actually a big fan of the XFCE 13 Edition for a daily basis at work. It works so well, it’s so polished and neat that I do plan to keep it the longest I can (i.e. april 2017).

    Many thanks to the Linux Mint team for releasing and supporting this fantastic XFCE Edition !

    PS: my current version still on production is Isadora. I’m using it every day at work since is out in may 2010. Never betrayed me. After this long way together, I’m really sad I have to leave her. :'( That the bad side of these LTS: you to become attached.

    • clem May 13,2013 07:43

      Yes, although we’re primarily focused on these two DEs, we’ll try to cover all aspects that can be of interest to our users.

  9. twipley May 13,2013 21:22

    @clem: Indeed, the feature being hard to discover would be the main inconvenience.

    However, it might be biased over here, but most people I know have no use whatsoever of the hot corner. Furthermore, it is often activated by mistake.

    Of course having no use of it myself I am biased in suggesting it to be turned off by default — that I acknowledge.

    I am looking for a way basically for it to be discoverable if it would be turned off by default. (Adding an installer tickbox would only bloat things up, for example.) Perhaps adding a noticeable note to its existence on the “Welcome to Mint” screen would do it?

    The feature is well implemented though, for it to be said. The only downside is it’s too-easily triggerable, in my opinion.

  10. Julian May 15,2013 23:46

    This is a great idea, imho! Exactly what I wanted and what interests me. I have to say, the posts are very well written and just the right length; I have read all of it already ;)

    Eagerly awaiting more of this awesomeness.

    Big thanks and best wishes to the whole Mint, Cinnamon and MATE teams!

  11. Adrian May 27,2013 12:46

    I downloaded my first Linux a couple of days ago cuz I want off of windows but I am struggling with getting my wacom to work (I draw and tattoo so it is kinda critical for me). I was referenced from the mint forums to make you guys aware of not having a gui for the hardware that was there in previous versions. Here is the post

    Thanks for any help!!!

  12. Tracy Jun 1,2013 18:04

    Clem, you guys have done a fantastic job with this latest release! I have been with you guys on and off since Mint 5 or 6 so keep up the great work you are doing! It is appreciated!

  13. Steven Abeyta Jul 29,2013 03:56

    Throughout the time I’ve hopped back and forth through the different flavors of Linux Mint I always wondered, just who is Clem and The Team exactly? Especially upon a stable release, everyone is thanking Clem and The Team for another job well done. So, when I found the bookmark to this in Firefox I decided to check it out. I didn’t recal ever hearing the name Segfault. I was very happy I finally found Clem and The Team, in a more personal and behind the scenes kind of way (forums have never been my thing). I have a strange feeling like I’m hanging out at the beach when I’m here. Go figure. Fresh and Minty, that’s Linux Mint! And now I can learn a thing or two, even if I’m not all that tech savvy. It’ll be a pleasant and interesting read worth reading every word! I haven’t yet been able to really play around with Cinnamon as I’ve never had a good enough system to run it well… or really at all. So, finally, here it is. Thank you Clem and The Team for an outstanding job! …But I gotta go, looks like I have “cinnamon” poured all over my desktop! Woo! ;)

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