Programming languages
by clem 16

Here’s a really cool infographics about the history of programming languages: Source: Ada was the first language I learnt and the codename for the very first release of Linux Mint. I learnt other languages I didn’t really like (like LISP and COBOL) but they didn’t have cool names so… Perl was (and probably still ...

OEM ISOs explained
by clem 32

What OEM means for many people In a World where almost everybody has prior experience with Windows, where manufacturers are spamming the OS with pre-installed sharewares and demos of software people don’t like, and where despite paying for a Windows license and owning a Windows key people have to [arguably] illegally download the installation discs…. ...

How stuff works : Linux Mint
by clem 17

How stuff works : Linux Mint
A typical release cycle… Design Great ideas come up, ridiculous ones too… and the team reinvents the World. What if Mint did this, what if Cinnamon did that.. this is the time when we debate things and decide what we want to see in the next release. It’s very exciting because we’re very ambitious and ...

Cinnamon 1.8 Theme Notes
by mtwebster 14

Cinnamon 1.8 Theme Notes
There are a number of CSS changes that you may be interested in knowing about if you’ve got Cinnamon themes out there. I’ve uploaded two files here – one is the current Cinnamon default theme as it is currently, and the other is what the file looked like in the last major release (1.6.7). ┬áThere’s ...

What an RC it was!
by clem 46

First of all, I’d like to thank all the people who participated in this RC, who sent us feedback and helped make Mint 15 what it’s about to be. We’ve been very busy, and we’re still not completely done yet.. so I’ll be very brief :) Here’s the RC in stats (at the time of ...

Cinnamon 1.8 in Romeo
by clem 37

Cinnamon 1.8 in Romeo
Cinnamon 1.8 is now available in Romeo in: Linux Mint 14 Nadia Linux Mint 13 Maya LTS LMDE What is Romeo? Romeo is the unstable branch of Linux Mint. It’s where packages are placed before they receive community feedback. In practice, Romeo is to packages what “RC” is to release management. Just like the RC, ...

Getting ISOs before their release is risky, and not recommended (even though it helps us a bit)
by clem 24

Downloading ISO images before they’re officially announced can be risky. What if the images are changed and the distribution ends up releasing an ISO which isn’t the same as the one you downloaded? Ubuntu ISO images are hidden to make sure people don’t download them before they’re “officially” released. Of course if you really want ...

MDM 1.2.0 in Linux Mint 15
by clem 36

MDM 1.2.0 in Linux Mint 15
Linux Mint 15 RC will feature MDM 1.2.0 and use the “Clouds” HTML theme by default. The theme features keyboard navigation and the selection of languages and sessions is rendered by nice bootstrap modal dialogs. It looks very nice. What looks even nicer though, is the “Clouds (WebGL)” theme. In this one, the theme is ...

Hello world!
by clem 15

Welcome to Segfault! Segfault is a place dedicated to bring you more news, faster, about all the cool stuff that we’re working on or that are related to what we’re working on :) Of course there’s already, but that’s for a different audience, that’s where we address everybody and post official news and important ...