GTK 3.10.8~6 ready for testing in Romeo
by clem 3

An update to GTK made its way to Romeo today and fixes the following issues: Fixed crash in GtkLockButton if a button with permission set to NULL is clicked ( GdkCursor: Don’t leak a cairo surface ( Don’t implement popup_menu in GtkWindow ( Beta-testers can apply this update by enabling the Romeo repository in Software ...

Cinnamon Screensaver gets custom date format
by clem 15

Corbin added support for custom date and time formats in the screensaver. You can use that to give the date and time the format you want, or you can remove them and get a clean screensaver which only shows the background.. or you can write whatever you want in there (for instance: “KIDS: DON’T TOUCH ...

New Nemo toolbar
by clem 56

New Nemo toolbar
The Nemo toolbar was slightly modified. In particular Joseph modified Mint-X and Nemo to improve the look of the breadcrumb pathbar. Toolbar buttons were also adapted to look consistent with the pathbar.

Emblems in Nemo!
by clem 19

Emblems in Nemo!
Emblems are coming back in Nemo! In GNOME 2 you could right-click a file or a directory, click Properties and assign it a little emblem icon. You can enjoy that feature in MATE but for some reason it was removed from GNOME 3 and thus it never made it to Cinnamon. Anyway, this came to ...

Mint-X Colors!
by clem 81

Mint-X Colors!
In upcoming releases Mint-X won’t only come in Green, but in multiple colors. Within the dev. team, Joseph took the lead and started created variations of the icon theme. Here’s Mint-X: Here’s Mint-X-Blue: and here’s Mint-X-Grey: And that’s not all. We’ll also do the following: More colors: red, purple, pink, yellow, sand, aqua? (let us ...

Upcoming LMDE “2” to be named “Betsy”
by clem 85

As previously announced, LMDE is switching to Debian Stable and a frozen cycle similar to Linux Mint. The upcoming release of LMDE will be version 2, codename “betsy” and it will use a Debian “jessie” package base. The team is currently adapting to the new LMDE, setting up its repositories and porting various packages onto ...

Cinnamon 2.2 updates in Romeo (beta-testers needed)
by clem 24

The following Cinnamon updates are coming up for Linux Mint 17 Qiana. Because there are a lot of changes and to avoid any potential regression, these updates are now in Romeo. If you are interested in BETA-TESTING them, please run Menu->Administration->Software Sources and tick the option “Unstable Packages (Romeo)”. Run the Update Manager then, click ...

Attention: Applet, Desklet, Extension developers…
by mtwebster 6

Please, sit down. We’re breaking API. Specifically, anything that uses imports.dbus. No wait, wait! Before you get out your pitchforks, this is necessary to modernize our JS language bindings (cjs) or (possibly) eliminate cjs and just use upstream gjs. The old dbus bindings that we were using were becoming progressively more out-of-date with respect to ...

Update Manager: full localized descriptions
by clem 13

Update Manager: full localized descriptions
Work continues for 17.1 and the Update Manager: Package descriptions no longer show in English but in your own language, and the full description is included.

Update Manager: More kernel info
by clem 12

Update Manager: More kernel info
Work on Linux Mint 17.1 has begun and the Update Manager is getting additional features. The kernel selection page was redesigned. More text was added to give vulgarized yet pertinent information to users about the nature of bug fixes, security fixes and regressions and to detail for each kernel, known fixes and known regressions. Consistent ...