Cinnamon 1.8 Applet, Desklet, Extension and Theme packaging guidelines
by mtwebster 4

With the ability to install applets, desklets, extensions and themes right from Cinnamon Settings comes a need to implement a uniform packaging structure for these downloads.

To be honest, I would say a majority of those out there already do conform to what we want, and at this time there won’t be any penalty or consequences for not following these guidelines, other than you, the developer, possibly getting flack from users because they can’t conveniently install your applet.

Without further ado,

Applets, Desklets, Extensions

  • One (1) applet, desklet, or extension per Spices entry.
  • Upload should be a ZIP file
  • Inside the ZIP file should be exactly one (1) folder, which corresponds precisely with the UUID you’ve chosen, in the metadata, and on the Spices website.
    • Inside that folder should be all necessary files for the applet/desklet/extension, including, but not limited to:
      • metadata.json
      • applet.js
      • settings-schema.json (if you’re using the new settings API – you are, aren’t you??)
      • <xxxxx>.gschema.xml (if you’re using gsettings)
      • po folder (if you’re supplying translations)



  • One (1) theme per Spices Entry
  • Upload should be a ZIP file
  • Inside the ZIP file should be exactly one (1) folder whose name will be the display name of the theme.  This name should never change between versions.
    • Inside that folder should be a single folder named “cinnamon”
      • Inside the cinnamon folder should be the theme-proper files:
        • cinnamon.css
        • theme-specific image files

We realize this may be a bit of work for some who have grown accustomed to packaging multiple themes or applets in a single download in the past, but, we feel moving forward that, the best user experience will be had if all Spices downloads conform to these rules, and are able to be installed smoothly and quickly from Cinnamon Settings.

4 thoughts on “Cinnamon 1.8 Applet, Desklet, Extension and Theme packaging guidelines

  1. samriggs May 6,2013 20:47

    Hi mtwebster
    I was just wondering about this one:
    “Inside that folder should be a single folder named “cinnamon” ”
    what about some of us who include the gtk/metacity etc in one folder, along with the cinnamon theme?
    This way they can have a complete theme, instead of putting the gtk/metacity on another site.
    One other question I wanted to ask, as far as the new mdm themes go is there going to be a space for that also in the future, or are you keeping it strictly cinnamon?
    If you are making room for that in the future, is there a way to upload tar.gz instead of zips because it makes it easier for the user to install them.
    If not I understand, it is a cinnamon theme section, just wondering.

    • mtwebster May 6,2013 21:48

      It doesn’t currently, but I will change that – I was actually thinking about it today, there’s no reason not to allow it.

      • mtwebster May 6,2013 22:24

        Should take care of this. Eventually I think we might expand support to non-cinnamon themes (like just gtk/metacity themes) but for now I think this is good.

        As for mdm, I’m sure we can eventually expand to have an installer for those as well, but it won’t be 1.8.

  2. Bart May 11,2013 20:27

    Would add to the panel icons programs without subtitles. As Docky or Windows 7.8

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