Cinnamon 1.8 in Romeo
by clem 37

Cinnamon 1.8 is now available in Romeo in:

  • Linux Mint 14 Nadia
  • Linux Mint 13 Maya LTS
  • LMDE

What is Romeo?

Romeo is the unstable branch of Linux Mint. It’s where packages are placed before they receive community feedback. In practice, Romeo is to packages what “RC” is to release management.

Just like the RC, we tell everybody not use Romeo on their production system, but we listen to the feedback provided by those who do… and if things sound good, we then move the packages into “Backport”.

Why is Romeo called Romeo?

She ignores what the wise man says and falls for Romeo...

She ignores what the wise man says and falls for Romeo…

According to legend (and simplifying things a bit), the female hero falls in love with Romeo, he breaks her heart and she dies.

Say you’re happy with Maya… just don’t tell her about Romeo.

Romeo is the heart breaker. He’s able to break any Linux Mint release out there :)

How do I enable Romeo?

Well, you shouldn’t really… should you?

Edit /etc/apt/sources.list as root and add “romeo” at the end of the line for the Linux Mint repository.

Say you’re running Maya, the line you should look like this:

Then save the file and reload your APT cache (for instance by typing “apt update” in a Terminal).

A few things to know

  • The package cinnamon-control-center isn’t available anywhere else than in Olivia.
  • Make absolutely sure you upgrade all *muffin* and *cinnamon* packages or your desktop won’t start.
  • After you upgrade muffin, cinnamon and nemo, feel free to install cinnamon-screensaver and to remove gnome-screensaver, and then logout and log back in.
  • Upgrade cinnamon-themes to bring your Linux Mint theme up to date with Cinnamon 1.8 and use the Cinnamon Settings to reinstall other themes.
  • MDM wasn’t included in Romeo yet, we’re still working on it… 1.2.0 is in Olivia and has a few bugs, 1.2.3 is on github and fixes all of them but not the way we want… 1.2.4 is around the corner as soon as we figure it all out :)

37 thoughts on “Cinnamon 1.8 in Romeo

  1. Anand May 17,2013 11:46

    Hi Clem – I am not unhappy with Maya K(DE) but would love to have Cinnamon as mistress. ;-)
    Am on Mint 13 KDE and quite comfortable with KDE as DE. Now, with all these added features in Cinnamon – am really tempted to give it a try. If I install Cinnamon desktop and enable Romeo in Software sources, will I get Cinnamon 1.8? Or would that break my system because of any package /library conflicts?

    • clem May 17,2013 12:23

      I guess there’s only one way to know .. :)

      Why not download Mint 15 Cinnamon RC and give it a try in a VM instead?

      • Anand May 31,2013 12:52

        Hi Clem, I am now running Cinnamon 1.8 on Mint Maya KDE and Cinnamon desktop experience is great! I really do not want to compare KDE with Cinnamon as am aware that both have their own pros and cons.
        I just want to point out on one minor annoyance – Mouse pointer showing erratic styles. I tried changing default Cinnamon Mouse theme using ‘sudo update-alternatives –config x-cursor-theme’ (wish that one can do it using GUI, anyways) to a KDE Oxy theme. It changes but not in a consistent manner. I am not sure of the pattern but I think for KDE applications it shows KDE themes.
        Also, screen display is black for a while when logging in using MDM perhaps because there is no splash screen for Cinnamon.

        • Anand Jun 1,2013 05:45

          Oops, I realized Mouse pointer can actually be changed through GUI!

  2. Anand May 17,2013 12:36

    LOL. I guess its time to show my valor.

    VM is also a good option which I would explore when stable version is released.

    P.S. I guess some of my other comments in other topics are not appearing – I am aware that they’re being moderated but AFAIK they’re all reasonable ,fair and contain nothing -ve.

  3. Caner May 17,2013 13:09

    When I install Cantarell fonts, the panel font automatically changes to Cantarell. Is there a way to prevent this? In Control Center -> Fonts I still see the default fonts Sans and Mono.

  4. Emmanuel May 17,2013 15:58

    Hi Clem !

    Just upgraded to Cinnamon 1.8 in LMDE. Looks nice. Congratulation.

    I have a “bug” (is it ?) : right click on the desktop –> Change Wallpaper –> The window is empty. No more wallpaper.

    That’s a pity. They were nice and the new ones included with LM15 look promising.

    Where are the default backgrounds store in LMDE ? How can I get them again ?
    Still looking for some other bugs by the way :)

    • BatRastard May 19,2013 10:34

      Just updated to 1.8 on LM14 …

      It seems Romeo didn’t want to break my Linux …

      But he made off like Bernie Madoff with my wallpapers!

  5. Emmanuel May 17,2013 17:23

    Ok Clem !

    Don’t know where to put my feedback, so it will be here :)
    Generally speaking : what an amazing work. You can be really proud of you and the team. That’s perfect !
    Ok that’s not absolutely perfect. I’m sure you will find some other improvements for the next version :)

    The first thing I have done is… repairing my 1-year long buggy menu. Now, preferences softwares are in preferences and administration stuff in… Thank you !

    2nd thing : Seems that a weird bug in Nemo has been corrected. The one who change the size of the second panel when you clicked on some folders. I never understood how it was working, but it seems that this bug has disappeared. Nice work !

    The new alt+tab switchers : really nice. Maybe one day you will add my favorite, the one where windows describe a 2D circle. :)

    The new locked-screen. Perfect !

    Some more work to do : Nemo’s Preferences are in English. That’s fine for me because I speak English. But my system should be in French…

    In “applications & Media” tab in the control center : could be nice if there could be an option to automatically open a usb flash disk or a SD card when inserted. Now, the disk automount but the folder don’t open as in Linux Mint 10 for example.

    OK, I will continue to test it and report any problem (if any) I found. But I already love this new version.
    I look forward to see the control center in the 2.0 version.

    Now, I am waiting for the new MDM to impress everyone with the login screen. Linux Mint Debian Edition with Cinnamon/Nemo rocks. Congrats Clem!

  6. Emmanuel May 17,2013 17:44

    Nice one !

    If you use the menu to lock the screen : you can add a message. Add one.
    Then you unlock the screen and leave the computer. Let the computer to fall in sleep.

    Your message is in the screensaver again.

  7. SallyK May 17,2013 19:51

    Thank you very much – I’ve been eagerly waiting for Cinnamon 1.8 to come to Maya, and I’m loving it. :-) A lot of incremental tweaks that just make it work better.

  8. jkw May 18,2013 00:11

    Did as mentioned in this thread, now Cinnamon don’t work at all.
    Here’s the error message:

  9. Vilender May 18,2013 03:13

    I install Cinnamon 1.8 on Linux Mint 13. Then Cinnamon Desktop was not reachable.
    I remove ~/.config/dconf/user file and Cinnamon Desktop is open.

  10. lrcaballero May 18,2013 04:17

    Just upgraded to Cinnamon 1.8, I am running Nadia 14 everything seem to work find but when adding applets they do not show on my desktop? Has anybody reported this bug already?

  11. cinnamon seasoned May 18,2013 04:26

    I have used romeo on linux 13. Everthing seems to be working. But mouse does not work on menu bar at the bottom. both left and right dont work. Thankfully keyboard shortcuts seem to be working.

  12. Emmanuel May 18,2013 08:11

    Hi !

    When I lock the screen, something I missed yesterday :
    the date is written as in english but with french word :
    Samedi, mai 18…

    Should be Samedi, 18 mai of course. :)

  13. samriggs May 18,2013 08:41

    looks good and works good so far on my end with lmde :)
    this is what I did, I opened up synapics package manager, then under Settings click repositories, the clicked other software (not sure if this part was needed but I did it anyhow, added this
    deb debian main upstream import #incoming romeo
    deb debian main upstream import incoming romeo
    not sure if that part is needed because it doesn’t show anyhow but click on Linux Mint software tab then clcik on unstable romeo (I also clicked on backported packages) then I clicked closed
    then at the main window I clicked reload once it was reloaded I did a search for cinnamon and clicked the grey out ones and chose mark for upgrade, then the same for muffin and nemo (all greyed out ones) once all these were marked for upgrade then I pressed apply so only these got upgraded and nothing else, this also installed cinnamon screensaver and removed gnome screen saver, after all was done (Make sure they all been upgraded) then I rebooted and voila it works,
    I then as usual went back into synapics and shut off backports and unstable romeo just to keep things on the safe so I have more control over them, the metrocast packages come from somewhere else, I have those also leave them alone as they were, don’t change those ones, just click on the unstable romeo thats where this is coming from.
    Hope it helps you out, it worked for me and looks good and now I can play with desklets so I’m happy happy happy :)

  14. Raymond May 19,2013 00:03

    Like Emmanuel said, nice work, very nice indeed! But a few quirks remains as my main language is french (Canada):

    – all nemo peferences remain in english
    – days in applet calendar remain in english
    – date in the lock screen the english way (like Emmanuel said)

    These small quirks gives Cinnamon an unpolish look, a stopper for a corporate environment.

    2 small wishes:
    – show in taskbar application from other workspaces
    – middle click to launch an application in another workspace

  15. Emmanuel May 19,2013 11:41


    I have found a new one. Strange one!

    If you have Skype, use the chat with someone. If your friend write a message when you watch something else (Firefox for ex). His message will appear as a pop-up near the date & time area.

    At that moment, you are stuck. You cannot use the menu bar. During all the time the popup is visible, you cannot click anywhere in the menu bar. No swith between applications…

    Good luck with that.

  16. Vilender May 19,2013 18:47

    Nemo 1.8 is crash with segmentation fault. I use it Turkish locale. If I run following code, Nemo not crash.

    env LC_ALL=C nemo

    I think, there is Python or ASCII promlem with localization.

    • Vilender May 25,2013 21:45

      This problem solved. Fix and update following line on translation file.

      Moving file %’d of %’d (in \”%B\”) to \”%B\”

      Could you update Turkish translation file for Nemo and Cinnamon.

  17. samriggs May 19,2013 21:06

    I had eclipse and gimp open at the same time and it froze the who thing on me, this is the first time this happened so I don’t know if it’s the new cinnamon or just a fluke, but thought I better report it just in case.
    It hasn’t happened since and I am on LMDE, have the new mdm installed also just in case it was that, but as I said it might of been a fluke also, if it happens more often I’ll let you know.
    Other then that it’s great and I am really liking this new cinnamon, a lot better and runs smoother and I like the preference section better also (Control Center) and also I played with the lock screen just to check it out, nice add on, even the wife likes that one, but she can wait until the final version is out lol.

    • glebihan May 20,2013 12:40

      It might have been caused by mdm.
      Make sure to upgrade to the latest version of mdm.

  18. samriggs May 20,2013 15:49

    Hi glebihan
    that happened in the first version of mdm with html5, but it hasn’t happened since it’s been updated beyond that, I have the latest version 1.2.4, probably just a fluke thing, maybe to much going on at once or something, but it hasn’t happened since that one time so far :)

  19. jediafr May 20,2013 15:55

    I tried the install from mint 14 and it went flawlessly :-) congrats to the team !
    lots of progress since I tried it last year (it used to freeze randomly).

    I still think that the GUI is slow compared to my xfce with compiz activated. It really shouldn’t be the case on a corei5 3ghz, 8gig and nvidia prop. driver…

    The Menu is workable but less useful than the Mint menu ( which you guys made it possible to use on xfce).

    I’ll keep an eye on cinnamon in the future and will use it if you find a way to boost the beast . Thank you for your hard work.

  20. jediafr May 20,2013 15:57

    I tried the install from mint 14 and it went flawlessly :-) congrats to the team !
    lots of progress since I tried it last year (it used to freeze randomly).
    I still think that the GUI is slow compared to my xfce with compiz activated. It really shouldn’t be the case on a corei5 3ghz, 8gig and nvidia prop. driver…
    The Menu is workable but less useful than the Mint menu ( which you guys made it possible to use on xfce).
    I’ll keep an eye on cinnamon in the future and will use it if you find a way to boost the beast . Thank you for your hard work.

  21. Jojo May 21,2013 06:42

    Hi Clem,

    I have LMDE, and in Romeo, yes its grate ! And no problem.

    Thank you for all !


  22. Caner May 21,2013 11:05

    Found a bug:

    Set the corner function to scale view. Then delete some existing file/folder from your desktop. The items will reappear while in the scale view. It disappears once the scale view is exited.

  23. samriggs Jun 1,2013 05:52

    Just wondering if romeo is going to receive cinnamon 1.8.6, 1.8.2 runs nice, just was curious, I know you folks need a break after the release :)

  24. alessio Jun 1,2013 08:08

    I’m using LMDE on a Live USB with persistence.
    It’s great!
    But after an update (cinnamon 1.6.7 -> 1.8.2) I can’t run cinnamon anymore and i’m on gnome classic.
    well, I’ve tried to reinstall cinnamon but that’s the result!

    sudo apt-get install cinnamon
    Reading package lists... Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information... Done
    Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have
    requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable
    distribution that some required packages have not yet been created
    or been moved out of Incoming.
    The following information may help to resolve the situation:

    The following packages have unmet dependencies:
    cinnamon : Depends: gir1.2-javascriptcoregtk-3.0 but it is not installable
    Depends: gir1.2-webkit-3.0 but it is not installable
    Depends: python-pyinotify but it is not installable
    Recommends: nemo but it is not going to be installed
    Recommends: cinnamon-screensaver but it is not going to be installed
    Recommends: gir1.2-gjsdbus-1.0 but it is not installable
    E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.

    What can I do now? :(
    thanks for your cooperation

  25. JT Jun 6,2013 20:17

    I’m now running cinnamon 1.8 on Mint 13 and it’s pretty nice.

    The only strange thing I came across was that the screensaver would never return to the desktop. It would just hang the whole machine. At first I thought it was cinnamon screensaver but gnome-screensaver had the same issue.

    I did some looking around and found this thread.

    Bascially go to compiz settings and disable undirect fullscreen windoes in the composite plugin.

    From what I can tell, this only happens on Intel graphics.

    I figured I’d post about it here since it’s the first place I looked.

    Either way good job on Cinnamon 1.8. I love it. I like seeing the features added back that Nautilus dropped.

  26. Hugo Masse Jun 7,2013 17:01

    I noticed LMDE upgraded Cinnamon to 1.8 without downloading from Romeo… no more heartbreak! :)

  27. Emmanuel Jun 7,2013 18:31


    The last version of MDM & Cinnamon decrease the time between logging and desktop by a factor 5. That’s kind of interesting. I have less than 6/7 second to wait with the black screen now.

    A small disappointment, the bug in the date for the lock screen was not corrected…

    Have a nice weekend.

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