Cinnamon 1.8
by clem 23

Cinnamon 1.8 is out:

Grab the source and compile it from GitHub or wait for packages to reach a distribution near you.

Mint users:

  • Cinnamon 1.8 will hit “Romeo” in Mint 14 and Mint 13 in the days to come
  • Linux Mint 15 RC will be out mid-may
  • Cinnamon 1.8 will then hit “Backport” in Mint 13

23 thoughts on “Cinnamon 1.8

  1. Emmanuel May 5,2013 17:36

    What about a version for LMDE ? Will it be available in the next days in Romeo ?

    • clem May 5,2013 18:31

      LMDE always gets the latest, it’s not a frozen release. It will get Cinnamon 1.8 via Romeo first in the next few days and then in “main” around the same time it’s backported to Mint 13 LTS, shortly after Mint 15 is released.

      • clem May 5,2013 18:34

        Sorry… to be precise here, we’ll always try to give LTS and LMDE our latest developments. It’s possible some of them might not be retro-compatible though. Cinnamon 1.8 was tested and aimed to be compatible with GNOME 3.6 and GNOME 3.4 so there’s no problem here. One thing that can’t be ported as it is though is the global control center. This will change with Cinnamon 2.0 which will use its own settings daemon (this will make it possible for the control center to be shipped to various releases no matter what version of GNOME is in it).

  2. Salamandar May 5,2013 19:12

    Hello ! I used Cinnamon-Nemo beta version for a few weeks, I’m happy to see it become a stable release :) How, I have only to wait for Olivia, and i install Mint ;)

    An other question : is down ? :p

  3. Brahim May 6,2013 01:52

    How long will Olivia be supported? Please change that dull splash screen with a green one with the release codename “Olivia” written on it! PS please test plymouth on shutdown and reboot, because we don’t get any animation on mint 13 and 14 while rebooting or shutting down!! And thus Linux Mint would be the perfect OS!!

  4. KOLEGA May 6,2013 05:51

    Thank Clem! Doing quite good job ;)

  5. Monsta May 6,2013 08:29

    Haven’t followed Cinnamon’s progress for a while, but still curious: is font selection for panel planned (or considered) for any future release?

    • author_required May 7,2013 11:34

      +10 for this feature. It would be nice to have one place from where we can setup fonts and related stuff system wide

  6. Nimphina May 6,2013 08:55

    Any sort of ETA when they will hit romeo?

  7. grey area May 6,2013 18:32

    I love it und like to try it as soon as it reaches a stable state, i.e.
    it is available in backports – running Linux Mint 13 Maya Cinnamon edition
    with Cinnamon 1.6.7.

    Having installed the weather, virtualbox, shutdown, CPU applets
    I wonder whether the current applets are compatible or
    we have to wait until the authors do port them to 1.8 ?

  8. Kirk M May 6,2013 23:53

    I’ve been running Cinnamon, Nemo and (for the last couple of weeks or so) the new MDM via the Cinnamon nightly PPA on Mint 14/Cinnamon for a few months now and it’s been fun watching things evolve over time. Cinnamon and Nemo are shaping up nicely and both are very stable. The only thing I wish Nemo included is the “preview pane” for the “open file” dialog boxes that Nautilus and Caja has. I hear it’s coming though.

    The new MDM with the new HTML5 login screens is incredible. I have 5 animated login screens by Sam Riggs installed so far and I have to keep myself from just staring at the login screen watching stuff happen. Then again, I’m getting old and it doesn’t take much to keep me interested these days? ;-)

  9. beerslayer May 9,2013 18:15

    Any idea when the 1.8 release might be appearing in repositories for other distros like, say, Ubuntu?

    • clem May 9,2013 23:04

      Afaik Ubuntu inherits its Cinnamon packages from Debian. They’ve been following the 1.7 unstable branch and Wheezy is out now so I guess they’ll soon upgrade to 1.8. Ubuntu is frozen though so 1.8 will probably appear in 13.10. In the meantime you’ll need to use a PPA. Glebihan provides one.

  10. linuxfreak003 May 9,2013 18:43

    Does anyone know more specifically when it will hit backports for mint 13? I absolutely loved the changes made in cinnamon 1.8 but it didn’t work when i installed it from gwendal’s ppa nightly builds.

    • clem May 9,2013 23:05

      Probably this week in Romeo. Definitely after Mint 15 (sometime in June) for the backports.

  11. Saphieron May 13,2013 14:57

    So do i get that right, that for Mint 14 we can get cinnamon 1.8 without installing/adding anything extra but to update the already installed Cinnamon(it should be 1.6)? I’m quite curious about the changes, but don’t want to remove/reinstall anything on my system(s) because they are running so smoothly for now :3

  12. Ken Harkey May 28,2013 06:30

    Awesome. I’m downloading Maya right now (I much rather have an lts) and so i’m glad to read that cinnamon 1.8 is coming to (or possibly already in) the backports.

  13. Donny Bahama Jun 25,2013 06:13

    Where can I find out more about getting started with desklet/applet/extension development for Cinnamon?

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