Only one bug left!?
by clem 7

There’s only one bug left holding the release of Cinnamon 1.8…

On some hardware specs, visual artefacts appear in the main menu when selecting “All applications” or the “Preferences” category.

I can reproduce the problem on one of the laptops here, so we should be able to fix it fast. The next Cinnamon meeting is on Monday and I’m hoping we’ll be in a position to release 1.8.

7 thoughts on “Only one bug left!?

  1. Andersau May 3,2013 21:52

    Looking forward to this – great vision and work, thank you Clem and the Linux Mint team. Will this also work on Mint 14 or do we need to wait for Mint Olivia?

    • clem May 4,2013 01:33

      Mint 13 is the LTS, so the focus would be primarily on getting a great Mint 15 release and then on backporting to Mint 13. After that we can look into backporting to Mint 14… we’ve got an automated build system for this, but it comes down to focus and testing, no promises here.

      With that said, it’s likely to get into Romeo, for both Maya and Nadia, once 1.8.0 is out and prior to Mint 15 being released.

  2. kneekoo May 3,2013 23:28

    Lovely. :) Although I still use MATE, I always keep an eye on Cinnamon, because it’s very tempting even for a conservative guy like me. :P Well actually I prefer snappy UIs and so far MATE fits the bill better than most DMs, without losing functionality. Looking forward for Monday! :D

  3. gme2668 May 4,2013 09:38

    Thats great. Thank you Clem and the Linux Mint Dev team for a blog where Linux Mint enthusiasts can follow on the exciting developments. Thumbs up to Clem for being open to ideas such as this and all other that make Linux mint awesome. Keep it up

  4. Dennis R. May 4,2013 22:22

    That is the great news! Looking forward to try it. So far it is one the best interfaces.

  5. bluedxca93 May 5,2013 03:52

    Not really a bug, but will there be someday an option in the cinnamon-settings center to ignore the free spaces between the screen/panel edges and dialog boxes ??.
    And thanks fpor fixing the That was an really anoing bug.

  6. Brahim May 6,2013 02:01

    Thnx Clem and the dev. team! Linux Mint is simply the best OS!

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