What an RC it was!
by clem 46

First of all, I’d like to thank all the people who participated in this RC, who sent us feedback and helped make Mint 15 what it’s about to be.

We’ve been very busy, and we’re still not completely done yet.. so I’ll be very brief :)

Here’s the RC in stats (at the time of writing this post):

  • We went through 577 comments
  • We didn’t keep a record of the number of bugs found, but we worked off a list (removing them as we fixed them and adding new ones as people reported them), and at some stage that list included 82 bugs :)
  • We’re down to 2 bugs and they’re related to how we make the ISO, so we’re basically done with the bugs

I’d like to thank the team for the fantastic job they’ve done in fixing all these bugs so fast, and the community for identifying areas that needed more work.

As usual, we gave the RC our best shot.. we thought about it as a stable product.. and users proved us wrong :)

We’re exhausted but also extremely proud of us, proud of you, and of what we’ve achieved together this week. 82 bugs later, we’re looking at a much more stable set of ISOs.

We’re still on track for a stable release at the end of the month. Many thanks to all the people who helped us with this RC!

46 thoughts on “What an RC it was!

  1. Rüssel May 23,2013 09:34

    Go, go, go!

  2. disPPlay May 23,2013 10:18

    Great news cleam.

    It’s so good to see this project everyday getting better!

  3. Andy May 23,2013 10:39

    Awesome attention to detail. Looking very much forward to downloading the stable release. And looking forward to trying to help out in some way with the Mint 16 and 17-LTS releases.

  4. quapurna May 23,2013 11:15

    you guys, the team and the testers, are amazing !!!

  5. you May 23,2013 11:33

    I asked 4 times why cinnamon lacked the ability to cycle wallpapers from an xml like almost every other desktop environment, but every time it just DIDN’T get posted for no reason at all.

    I wanted to help with the RC but apparently my question was insignificant. While every bug I found did eventually get posted, I find it disappointing that I kept getting ignored one way or another.

    • clem May 23,2013 12:03

      Hi “you (ignored@me.com)” :)

      I personally read all comments and we usually don’t experience false positives when it comes to SPAM filtering on blog.linuxmint.com, so I’m a bit confused here. I don’t reply to every question out there (I couldn’t), and I’m sorry if you felt frustrated or ignored while trying to help. When it comes to backgrounds in Cinnamon 1.8, there’s two things to know:

      – We read /usr/share/cinnamon-backgrounds-properties (i.e. Cinnamon does NOT show GNOME backgrounds by default). That’s standard in all DE. It was broken in 1.6, we fixed it in 1.8.
      – As far as I know, Nemo has a problem with backgrounds sequences (slideshows in XML). You can add them to Cinnamon 1.8 I think, but they’re known to crash Nemo.

      Supporting this is definitely planned and we want to go further too (we want to provide backgrounds to you the same way we provide applets, desklets and all, and we’d also like to add flickr/picasa support). It wasn’t done in time for 1.8 but it’s just a matter of time before we look into it again.

      • Sam Burgos May 23,2013 17:58

        @You: If you want the ability to switch between wallpapers in Cinnamon you can try looking for the application by the name of Wallch, it says that is for Gnome but i’ve been using it in Cinnamon with no problem at all and also you can configure to use some options including earth wallpaper

        @Clem: Maybe you can try giving it a try to that application since it works ok (at least for me) and you can adapt it to Cinnamon if you wish of course =)

        • you May 28,2013 10:09

          except it causes the whole system to hang for half a second every time it switches the wallpaper

    • me May 24,2013 05:26

      you can just use wallch instead.

  6. johnbart May 23,2013 11:42

    Thanks for all the hard work. Mint makes my daily computing life better with each new version!

  7. VolMi May 23,2013 12:45

    I tracked the bug list on github and such and am really happy with your work.

    I am on LMDE (pointing to Testing) and am happily running Cinnamon 1.8.5, nemo 1.8.2, muffin 1.8.2 and mdm 1.2.5. I only had to remove caribou dependency from Cinnamon.

    I am just wondering if no one else encountered the weird centred text in nemo preferences. I would have guessed it should be easy to fix.

    Edit by Clem: Oh wow… that’s weird alright :) I never noticed it before and it doesn’t happen in English. We’ll need to test and see what causes that.

  8. meandean May 23,2013 13:09

    I have to say (much to my chagrin) that cinnamon is shaping up nicely.

    Impressive contribution in my opinion. Thanks for it!!!

    I hope 1.8 shows up in debian repos soon.

  9. Anand May 23,2013 15:00

    Kudos to Clem, entire development and quality teams. (Wish there was a strong documentation team as well).
    Keep up the good work. :-)

  10. Monsta May 23,2013 15:40

    Well… “given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow” :)

  11. RexCortex May 23,2013 15:56

    Very good job so far! I don’t know if you read bug reports on launchpad during the RC, but I think it’s a bit dangerous to let end-user choose a WebGL theme for MDM without properly checking if the hardware support it!

    • clem May 24,2013 16:40

      We didn’t this time. We chose the blog comments section specifically in an attempt to crack down on bugs as fast as we could without being slowed down by triaging. There’s a lot of reports on LP, on Github, on Community, in the forums, but for the RC we used one channel only: the blog. That opened a direct non-formatted channel of communication between us and the RC audience and that proves very efficient for us. Regarding WebGL, yes, it can cause instabilities. On most specs where it does it lets you log in nonetheless. On a few it’s recoverable via console. It’s not ideal I know, but there’s also an element to consider here. Just like MATE 1.0 (which wasn’t very stable) or MGSE (in Linux Mint 12), part of the role we have, sometimes, is to promote things and give them a momentum boost. MDM is a unique opportunity to go further, it needs momentum and so we wanted to back it as much as we could and to feature its capabilities. Cloud GL was developed to be the default theme, it turned out it couldn’t (because of compatibility issues) but we still wanted it to be prominently featured. Going forward we’ll try to improve the tech we’re using (webkitgtk), our to implement advanced themeing like in Cloud GL without relying on techs like WebGL. We can also look into developping detection routines, warning dialogs etc.. MDM keeps getting better and its new HTML engine is brand new. It will mature with time.

      • samriggs May 24,2013 17:50

        The webgl doesn’t work on lmde yet, I am sure that will change in the future, but all other aspects of the theme works perfectly in lmde, including the bootbox, which I am happy for :)
        I tested it thoroughly on lmde since I do like it, not one hitch anymore except the one thing, so this theme can still be used with no issues that I found, you just won’t see the clouds part but all the login stuff, the users, the buttons and bootbox work flawlessly now.

  12. Marco May 23,2013 16:02

    I am still experience what in my eyes are bugs in Mint 15RC C64. I have set my panel to autohide. While it autohides when I’m not using it, it also autohides when I’m using applets. It’s very annoying when the panel disappears when I right click on it and move my mouse into the menu disappears or when I want to select an application, especially since this means that the menu I’m working in suddenly moves up, causing me to select the wrong button. It doesn’t seem to always happen immediately after logging in, but after launching one application from the menu, it keeps doing this whenever I use applets.

    And when I enable Edge Flip, it also works when I simply move my mouse against the side of the screen. Since the option is located in the “Windows” section of System Settings (and actually right under the “Edge Tiling section), I would assume that it is only intended to work when dragging windows around. This is clearly not the case, as it works when jsut moving the mouse as well. If this is the intended behaviour, I think the option should be located in “Workspaces” rather than “Windows”, as its current state has nothing to do with windows at all.

    Also, I think there is a feature that is lacking. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could resize windows after using Edge Tiling? Currently, when you drag a window to a side of the screen (so that it covers up half the screen), you cannot make them wider or smaller until you move the window again, after which it resizes to its state before Edge Tiling was applied. I personally prefer Microsoft’s approach to it, where you can change their width even after applying Edge Tiling. I also found this very annoying in Mint 14 with the old version of Cinnamon, where it was no different.

    I can’t imagine I’m the only one who finds these three things tedious.

    • clem May 24,2013 16:44

      We’re aware of bug #1. There’ll always be bugs but some aren’t consider blockers.

      Regarding edge-flip, I consider it incomplete. I don’t know if you played Heavy Rain… we’re looking into implementing visual responses to actions. Edge-flip typically needs something like that, so that you’re fully aware of it being activated as you start getting near it and you don’t use it by accident.

      Tiling wasn’t given much attention yet. We’ve talked about it though and this is something we’d like to improve.

  13. tux May 23,2013 17:21

    Thank you Clem and the team. You have really worked hard to do such a good job.
    It was very interesting to participate, a little, in such a great projekt! :)
    The Mint team is extreme good in listening to the user’s opinions – that’s what gives extreme high usability and quality as the end result!
    Keep on the good work. :D

  14. Leo May 23,2013 18:59

    Are you going to release an RC2 to be sure ?

    Thanks anyway :)

    • clem May 24,2013 16:57

      Hi Leo,

      No, I think we’re good here. I need to go through QA but I’m quite happy with what we have.

  15. tdockery97 May 23,2013 21:55

    Congratulations to Clem and the whole team. Nobody does it better!

  16. Kirk M May 23,2013 22:00

    I have to admit I’ve never seen the Mint community jump all over a release candidate like they did this one (me included). Nor have I seen bug fixes roll out at the rate they have in any previous release and that’s saying something. The participation of the community and the amount of bugs found and fixed has to be some kind of personal record for both the devs and the community itself.

    Well done to all!

    Heh, I just looked down at the panel and there’s yet another update just come in. That’s 3 times today.

    • clem May 24,2013 16:45

      Well, we didn’t discontinue LXDE and Fluxbox for no reason. We wanted more development, which means more features but also more of our own bugs :)

  17. chambead May 23,2013 22:55

    This is one of the most exciting releases of Linux I’ve seen since Breezy Badger. The RC is the fastest release I’ve ever used and it feels so polished and intuitive. Dear God, I hope the super key binding bug was taken care of. Stable 15 with working hotkey customisation will make my month. Thanks to Clem and all the other enthusiastic code monkeys for making mint special again.

    What can we look forward to in 16? Maybe the inclusion of Amazon spyware or Google search result monitoring via the mint menu? I’m sure that’s what real Linux users are really after!! ;)

  18. BrainPhrozen May 23,2013 23:19

    Firsttime user of any linux an I am impressed. Did have a little problem getting wireless working but reverted back to the windows driver and its all good

  19. Matthew May 24,2013 00:51

    As usual, kudos all around and thanks for all the hard work guys! Mint sure makes my life a little less stressful and for that I am truly thankful. Looking forward to the full release!

  20. Brahim May 24,2013 01:13

    ONE thing left to make things perfect; The fullscreen green splash I told you about Clem. I think Mint 15 is the new Katya I read lots of reviews about it and I think it will invade the world. Thanks Mint dev. team!

  21. user213 May 24,2013 04:09

    Hurray! Does this mean that the problems with the mintMenu are fixed?
    What you responded to this comment made it sound like it probably is not possible:

    I have also seen that MintMenu disappears sometimes. Last time was when starting Mintupdate. I had to logout and login to get it back.

    Edit by Clem: mintmenu can’t use pygtk anymore because matecomponent/mateconf etc… are gone. So it needs to use g.i instead.. and that’s extremely buggy. We know exactly where it crashes… it tries to load an icon using a gdk.pixbuf and that causes a segmentation fault. We can blame g.i, we can blame GTK… what we’ve done so far is drastically reduce the frequency of crashes by only using pixbufs when absolutely necessary. We’re not done looking into it though.

    • clem May 24,2013 16:47

      mtwebster can probably confirm.. but I’m pretty sure we ditched gtk pixbufs completely and we no longer use them. That should take care of most if not all the crashes.

  22. Nagilum May 24,2013 05:56

    I only noticed a bad choice for the foreground color in QT and Tcl/Tk apps (namely clusterssh).
    VirtualBox – which uses QT – I managed to fix using the QT4 settings program.
    For cssh I created a .Xdefaults file with “cssh*Menu*Foreground: black” in there.
    Maybe the defaults for these could be set to something other that darker grey on grey for the text colour?

  23. klu May 24,2013 13:22

    i dont know whats wrong here:
    i set “org.mate.desktop.interface.can-change-accels” to true and it works perfectly fine until reboot, which resets all changes made to the shortcuts..

  24. Rehdon May 24,2013 16:34

    Well done, and thanks to Clem and the dev team. Sorry that I couldn’t even try the RC this time (I actually downloaded it, put it on a USB key that would not boot, then gave up because of lack of time >.<).

  25. johnno May 25,2013 15:29

    Hello Clem,

    It is really amazing what you and your team have accomplished in only one week. I installed a very raw and shaky RC (even before it’s official release) and look how you have made it shine. I get the feeling that it’s more stable than LM14 already. Must admit Nadia crashed on me from time to time. Guess the girl just didn’t like me much.

    There is just one thing that I hope you will consider for the next edition of Mint. When I moved from MATE to Cinnamon (with Nadia), the one thing I really missed was the ability to increase the size of the mouse pointer. It’s just a little thing of course, but to those of us getting on a bit in years, it is quite a big thing. That little arrow can be rather hard to find sometimes.

    • VolMi May 26,2013 19:14


      to help finding your mouse pointer, you might consider activating the following option:

      Go to Mouse & Touchpad settings, and activate what should be called something like “Show the cursor postion when Ctrl is pressed” (I am on german localization, so I don’t know the exact string).

      When you press Ctrl, some sort of a flickering circle pattern marks your mouse pointer.

      • johnno May 26,2013 22:23

        Thanka, Voimo. I didn’t know about that one. Would still welcome the option to increase mouse pointer size though. Never had a problem finding it in MATE.

  26. Brahim May 28,2013 00:13

    Hi Clem. Did you consider adding more effects to Cinnamon in the coming releases? It would be great if we can have compiz-like effects on Cinnamon without the compiz hiccups we know. Something like A water/dew minimize effects I mean something splashy and minty?

  27. agile_tester May 28,2013 13:32

    When will the final release be available?
    This is taking too damn long :D

  28. alessandro simon May 29,2013 01:18

    Clean, Mint 15 RC this very stable and consuming much less resources than Mint 14, I have tested on two pcs, and everything worked 100%.

    All the best to to staff.

  29. Divaksh May 29,2013 11:49

    two days to go.. :D Can’t wait… ^_^

  30. konasteph May 31,2013 02:40

    How much indeed I love mint flavored linux is evident by how much I am willing to use it in spite of the red glowing pimple on its nose called GRUB.

    Yes, guys I admit it, I have learned a lot of command line skills (thanks to the beautiful LM community) but there is something wrong with my brain, apparently, because I seem to be the only one who is asking for a replacement bootloader, to finally do away with GRUB…something easy like Lilo and as smart as, well…Grub.

    If we can come up with Cinnamon, Mate, and lots and lots of good stuff, thanks to Clem and all the other folks on the team, then can we not make a better bootloader???
    Respectfully asking, and thanks again for Olivia.

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