Cinnamon 1.8 Themes Certification
by clem 7

A new “Cinnamon 1.8” certification was created today and all themes available for Cinnamon were reviewed.

Certification is easy to pass and we encourage all theme artists to update their theme.

Status of the themes:

The following themes were certified 1.8:

  • Baldr
  • Elementary Luna Mod
  • Facebook
  • Loki
  • Plain and mostly Square
  • Tangerine
  • Tyr himinn
  • Tyr jord

The following themes almost got certified:

  • Android Holo (outdated clock applet, misses Flashspot support)
  • BlueAndBlack (outdated clock applet)
  • Dark_Void (outdated clock applet, misses Flashspot support)
  • EBro (outdated clock applet, misses Flashspot support)
  • Glass Fedora/Mint/Ubuntu/Wheezy ((outdated clock applet, misses Flashspot support))
  • Metro (misses Flashspot support)
  • Stella Maris (outdated clock applet, misses Flashspot support)
  • Void (outdated clock applet, misses Flashspot support)

The following themes didn’t install properly from Cinnamon Settings and were not reviewed:

  • Odinn
  • Nadia
  • Minty Colors
  • White
  • Frosty Mint
  • Windows 7 Basic Light
  • Helios
  • Aero Cinnamon theme pack (3 versions)
  • Archway
  • Light Dark Balance
  • DarkShuffleMint
  • Ambiance Crunchy
  • Energreen (Full Pack)
  • Lambda
  • Osirion

All other themes failed the certification.

Requirements for the 1.8 certification:

Here’s what’s required for a theme to be certified 1.8:

  • It should install properly from Cinnamon Settings
  • It should provide a thumbnail picture
  • It should provide styles for desklets
    • To test: Add the “clock” desklet to the desktop, go to “General Desklets settings” and set “Decoration of desklets” to “Border and header”. The theme should provide a border around the clock.
  • It should provide up to date styles for the sound applet
    • To test: Play a song in Banshee, open the sound applet (which should show the multimedia buttons and information about the song), make sure the layout is fine and the seeker slider in particular fits properly within the applet.
  • It should provide support for the new “Flashspot” feature
    • To test: Add the “Digital photo frame” desklet on the desktop, click on its “configure” button in Cinnamon Settings, and click on “Highlight”. The desklet should briefly highlight itself.

How to update a theme:

The added styles for desklets, sound-seeker and flashspot are the most important.

7 thoughts on “Cinnamon 1.8 Themes Certification

  1. bimsebasse Jun 25,2013 17:05


  2. crismblog Jun 25,2013 18:07

    a very good thing

  3. Mani Jun 25,2013 18:51

    Maybe you should add a filter option in the cinnamon-theme-settings to only view certified themes and make this filter option the default one?
    (i hope you understand what i mean)

  4. Anand Jun 26,2013 12:43

    Nice, I had requested this only a couple of days ago and is already done. :-) (Perhaps its a coincidence!)

  5. kneekoo Jun 27,2013 18:41

    Very nice. :) It would be great if only the certified would be available to install, so we don’t waste time (and your resources) with the others.

  6. rectec Jul 8,2013 21:34

    Thanks for these lists. However, I updated my “FlatStudio Light” Cinnamon theme for 1.8 nearly a week ago, and it hasn’t been certified yet. I followed all the recommendations on here and on this page. I’ve also looked at several other themes that checked out fine for 1.8 yet have not been certified for months. What’s going on guys?

  7. Rahul Jul 23,2013 12:29

    Hi, could you please certify my EBro 1.8 and Navigator 1.8 themes? I’ve fixed them and they seem to be fine now.

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