Packaging changes for Cinnamon
by mtwebster 14

If you follow the development of Cinnamon at all, you’ll notice there are a couple new related packages now, and yesterday we merged in changes to Cinnamon to utilize these new packages. They are:

  • cinnamon-settings-daemon: This program runs in the background and handles a lot of behind-the-scenes management, like your media keys, various notifications, and general housekeeping stuff.
  • cinnamon-session:  This is the subsystem that takes the handoff from the login manager and X and gets your session running – it starts cinnamon-settings-daemon and cinnamon in the proper order, and ensures all the other startup programs are running at the correct time.

The primary purpose of these changes is to increase stability and consistency in Cinnamon over the long run.  For the last couple versions, a fair portion of our efforts has been in ‘damage control’ –  dealing with (sometimes questionable) upstream changes, and trying to maintain compatibility between the various supported versions of Mint and LMDE.  This should allow us to focus our efforts a great deal more on stability and innovation, and improve the overall ecosystem that Cinnamon exists in.

14 thoughts on “Packaging changes for Cinnamon

  1. Hugo Masse Jun 7,2013 18:13

    questionable upstream changes? If only forking were feasible!

    • Santiago Burgos Jun 7,2013 21:05

      They’re referring to changes in GNOME, since every version of Gnome has A LOT OF DIFFERENCES (sorry for the caps) and keeping track of all those changes is consuming many resources so they can’t innovate. I hope they can create a Cinnamon that is more mature by itself and less depending of GNOME and their packages to use as base for futures releases (kind of “Cinnamon LTS” if we can call it that way)

  2. Santiago Burgos Jun 7,2013 21:09

    Just a couple of questions if you don’t mind (not meant to be rude):

    Does this changes will affect this version of Cinnamon or will these affect only the next version?

    Will these changes be backported to all Mint versions (from 13 and fordward) and LMDE or you’re planning to use it in future releases?

    Will these change the way to do applets, desklets and extensions?

    • mtwebster Jun 7,2013 22:22

      The easy one first: Applets, desklets and extensions are unaffected (unless they currently interact with gnome-settings-daemon or its settings in some way – in which case, some simple renaming will fix it.)

      As for backporting, this will theoretically make it easier to backport Cinnamon to older versions, as it becomes more self-contained.

      We fork only as needed, and when we feel there is a significant advantage to it. There’s still plenty of upstream packages we’re reliant upon, but they are more manageable and less prone to API breaks every six months.

  3. Hugo Masse Jun 7,2013 22:02

    I swear I hadn’t read this when I wrote about forking: But I was also thinking about a proper fork, i.e. with its own code base.
    (BTW I promise I won’t spam you from now on!)

  4. malligt Jun 8,2013 01:54

    Nice! Just got these changes tonight in Mint 13 (via backports). Now my Mint 13 running Cinnamon 1.8.8.

  5. Cinx Jun 8,2013 06:35 This suggest that you are forking most of gnome and more than just those packages. I would like to know are you going to fork more than gnome-settings-daemon and gnome-session? Are you going to fork clutter example?

  6. jkw Jun 8,2013 08:33

    Would be neat if all keybinds was handled by cinnamon-settings-daemon.

    As of today there is no way to unbind the ALT+MB1 to drag a window that I’ve found.

  7. Vilender Jun 8,2013 10:48

    Nice news.

    Could you add auto change wallpaper in Cinnamon?

  8. Arief Setiawan M Jun 8,2013 11:03

    I have just updated Cinnamon from backport repository on my LM 13, I see 2 system settings in my menu, 1st: Gnome system settings and 2nd Cinnamon system settings. Great applet updater and all stuff. Thank you :)

  9. Kirk M Jun 8,2013 15:26

    I’m running Linux Mint 15/Cinnamon (64-bit w/Nvidia 310 driver) with the Cinnamon nightly PPA enabled so I’ve already had “cinnamon-session” and “cinnamon-settings-daemon” come into “mintupdate” along with nightly updates to Cinnamon, Cinnamon Control Center, Nemo and muffin.

    Things are running fine so far although the first time I rebooted after “cinnamon-session” and “cinnamon-settings-daemon” were first installed, logging into the desktop failed back to the login screen every time until I selected a “Cinnamon 2D” session. That let me into a working desktop. I then rebooted and things have been fine since then.

    I’m really glad to see you Mint folks doing this as it frees you just a bit more from unnecessary upstream dependability.

  10. Redi Jun 8,2013 15:41

    I’m usually extremely biased against forking, but surprisingly I find myself agreeing with this one :) As long as you use GTK+ I’m ok with it.

  11. branimator Jun 13,2013 23:00

    Clem I’m a mint user from Croatia and i’ve noticed that there are a lot of trenaslation “mistakes” made in cinnamon 1.8 (weren’t there in cinnamon 1.6.7) I,ve just backported cinnamon 1.8 to maya 13. Now the quotation marks on mistakes is because it is obvious that the Croation translation is made by somoone from Serbia. Although the two languages are quite similar and most Croats can understand Serbs and vice versa these are stil mistakes.For instance:
    english-restart cinnamon
    serbian-restartuj cinnamon
    croatian- restartiraj cinnamon

    english- connected to wired….
    serbian- konektovano na zicanu
    croatian- konektirano na….

    90% of the translation is done right but…..I know this is not a huge issue but still…..

    Thank, Branimir

  12. Davenose Hosting Jun 25,2013 06:30

    Just finished installing a Live USB of Mint 15 64bit with my first version of Cinnamon 1.8.6. First off, i’ve liked XFCE, Gnome, KDE, and Cinnamon is running with no problems, so far its stable. Good Work, with the updated packages.

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