Cinnamon Display module
by clem 12

A pull request was merged today… Dalcde reviewed the Cinnamon “Display” configuration module and improved a few things:

  • The code was reviewed and some 502 lines were removed
  • The primary monitor now appears in bold
  • A new button “Set as Primary” allows you to set which monitor is your primary monitor
  • Monitors no longer show a top panel (which made them look like they were running Gnome Shell)

Capture du 2013-08-31 02:21:15

As you can see on the screenshot, the monitors are also now shown in green rather than in pink :)

Note: Apologies for the UI showing half in French and half in English. I’m clamping down on translations so my environment is currently in French and everything you see in English is just not yet translated.

12 thoughts on “Cinnamon Display module

  1. Sam Burgos Aug 31,2013 02:42

    Nice tool, hope the things can go great the more Cinnamon tries to separate from Gnome and makes it on its own to adapt to your changes (and also to be able to port it to other distributions as well)

    As an off-topic: You should put some kind of applications proposals to incorporate to Mint and separate those from Gnome if possible (for example, remove Totem and Gnome Mplayer and change it completely with VLC or replace Gedit with Geany); that way you’ll help Mint to win more DE independency. Those my 2 cents =)

    • clem Aug 31,2013 11:05

      Hi Sam. As much as possible we want to use what’s available upstream and only distance ourselves when the need arises. We use version 2 of gedit and that works very well for us. As for Totem, the latest version worked ok and we found it better than the alternatives in Mint 15 (bear in mind that the choice of media player is also impacted by the quality of its web plugin, which in the case of VLC simply isn’t good enough).

      When we talk about Cinnamon being independent, our primary concern isn’t for it to be different, it’s for us to be able to port it to other distros and backport it to supported Mint releases without worrying about which version of GNOME is available. In other words, we don’t want Cinnamon to be its own for marketing reasons, but for technical and compatibility reasons. It has to be down to us whether Cinnamon works here and there, we don’t want to rely on third party projects.

      That’s the reason we forked gjs for instance, to stop it from being different underneath us in every single release. In other components we go further than that and take the opportunity to improve things, we’re getting started here with cinnamon-control-center for instance and you’ve seen the work we put on Cinnamon itself and nemo of course.

      When it comes to gedit, totem etc… if they stop working well for us, very likely we’ll look at alternatives (there’s many of them), including past versions of themselves.

      • Sam Burgos Aug 31,2013 15:57

        Understood your point. I’m really sorry if i cause a kind of controversy in here just wanted to give an opinion, that’s all :(. Hope you can keep your great work and i’m not looking to increase your pressure but to cheer all of you to go on and on

        Edit by Clem: It’s no problem at all. I’m happy to explain design decisions. Things aren’t always obvious so it’s nice to talk about things now and then :)

  2. Guillermo P Aug 31,2013 08:33

    May I chip in? I know I’m annoying :( sorry Clem.

    Off the top of my head, what about CRT monitors? Or more to the point, refresh rate? Ahaaa! Did I catch you off-guard?

    PS: i agree on sam’s off-topic, totem and gnome player are totally second rate compared to vlc’s feature list.


    • clem Aug 31,2013 11:06

      hmm… I’m not sure I can actually test that :) The best thing to do is for you, if you have a CRT monitor, to test it and give us your feedback.

  3. Vishnu Babykumar Aug 31,2013 11:03

    Hi Clem,

    That was a nice change and another step towards making things ‘green’.
    I agree with both Sam Burgos and Guillermo P in the off-topic suggestions.


  4. Crewp Aug 31,2013 11:05

    Hi Clem, I too agree with Sam’s offtopic comment. But, I also know you guy’s have alot to consider that we don’t see. Keep up the good work ! Cinnamon is awesome, and gets better all the time. LMDE, is just great! Solid, and stable. Your whole team deserves our Thanks :)

  5. Anand Aug 31,2013 14:29

    Glad to hear on Cinnamon’s progress.I would love connecting to Samsung LED TV and test it out. Unfortunately, my laptop is a Nvidia Optimus and HDMI is tied to secondary GPU, so HDMI display does not work. :-( (At least thats what i gather from reading). If that works then I will happily ditch Windows.

    Incidentally, KDE also has come up with KScreen few months ago. Healthy competition! :-)

  6. Stephane Aug 31,2013 15:24

    Hey Clem,

    A few releases ago (at least from Ubuntu) I was able to go from 1920*1080 to 960*540 (or from 1680*1050 to 840*525) from this “affichage” display module.

    Although now I cannot. Is this related to the Cinnamon module, or to backend Ubuntu modules? (Just as a curiosity.)

    As always, continue with the _great_ work. ;)

    Edit by Clem: I can’t say for sure 100%… but I’d say it’s to do with either the drivers, Xorg itself or the backend (although I doubt it). The module itself just lists whatever it’s told is compatible.

  7. Stephane Sep 1,2013 01:10

    Well, no such a big deal anyways. Keep on the good work on Linux Mint. ;)

  8. rhy Sep 12,2013 09:50

    Can we get the same primary monitor check box in Mate?

  9. clem Sep 12,2013 12:27

    Isn’t that what the “Make default” button does in MATE? I assume it does.. I’ve only one monitor right here so I can’t test :))

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