Nemo Actions (revisited)
by mtwebster 9

Just a quick update –

We’ve made some improvements to Nemo’s Action api:

  • You can now define mime-types (including wildcards) instead of extensions to filter the action (your action must have at least mimetypes or extensions defined, or both).
  • Replacement tokens can now be used multiple times in the Exec line.
  • We’ve added a parent directory token (%P) to insert the containing folder path into the Exec line.

The whole exec line parsing code has been completely refactored, and should make this substantially easier to maintain and add improvements in the future.  The sample action file has been updated to reflect the changes.

Please let us know if you notice any regressions in your existing actions, or if there’s something more you’d like the ability to do.

9 thoughts on “Nemo Actions (revisited)

  1. Anand Aug 1,2013 18:07

    Good to know the developments. In Dolphin, services can be downloaded / installed online like how themes, widgets, etc are done.
    Can we have a similar service for Nemo as well where users can download + install the actions from a central repository. (similar to Cinnamon desklets, applets,etc). I am not sure such an option exists now.

    P.S. Thanks for your help earlier on optirun script , option appear on right-click though not working yet , could be my mistake also. Updated in github.

  2. Mani Aug 2,2013 10:08

    Thank you for implementing this, the %P was something i really needed.
    For me it seems that everything works fine, good work!
    Could you please add variables for “name of selected file” and for “name of directory” (not the path, only the directory that contains the selected file)

    With this functionality i could convert all my nemo-scripts to nemo_actions (and i like the actions more)

    One more thing: Would it be possible to move the nemo-script path from .gnome2/nemo-scripts to .local/share/nemo/scripts?
    This would make more sense to me

  3. Marco P. Aug 2,2013 18:36

    Hi everyone, i would like to suggest some things for cinnamon. Can you make a preview of open windows and, like KDE does , an explaination for the applets, menu, calendars and so on? (with the shell theme) One more thing, the menu that appears when you click the right button of the mouse, can use the shell theme like gnome 3.8 does??? It would be very nice!!!

  4. KDB Aug 5,2013 20:59

    Hi !

    I totally understand that developing new features is really nice, and the new ones look amazing…

    … But !
    Could you also focus on the correction of the bugs for the last version ? That could help a lot !
    A year ago (maybe 11 months ago) a really huge delay between MDM and Cinnamon was reported. One year after still no correction. But MDM and Cinnamon are Linux Mint projects right ?
    I don’t even speak about language problem in Cinnamon screensaver that were reported 3 months ago or …

    Don’t take it wrong ! All that you’re doing is amazing. But the bugs are annoying and could have been corrected months ago. Instead of this we have to wait, 6 months or more..

    Now because UP7 is not coming, I tend to think that the distro I love is maybe not the good one and that I should change for something else. And that is not nice.

    Maybe Linux Mint (Cinnamon, Mate, KDE, XFCE) + LMDE + Cinnamon is a too big project for you and that you should think about reducing the work…
    Maybe you should change the base to Debian, and use Ubuntu only for the TLS version ;)
    But please react ! I don’t want Mint to loose its users like Ubuntu does.

  5. tochar Aug 6,2013 01:54


    Regarding nemo i am thinking for a while about additional option for menu what appears once i right click on disk drive in left list of folders and drives.
    It would be really handy if there is option “automount at startup” or “mount permanently” or something in these lines so once i chose this option disk will mount by default each start of system. Since i have multiple partitions i have to open them each time i want use application which store data on one of non system drives/partitions. Of course i can do that in fstab but in order to get more “desktopy” and user forthcoming this imo will be good feature.
    Would something like this possible?

  6. Jonastik Aug 6,2013 19:17

    Hello, i’m totally with KDB, Cinnamon has some problems that must be resolved, some problems that concern the graphic, like the black background when you use drivers ( in particular AMD) in the expo view and so on. But i also agree with Marco, if you are working on the eyecandy, they could be good stuff.
    I want to give you some suggestions too : In the expo view, when you active a corner, you can also give a icon to “indicate” where is active. But those icons obscure the windows, so why don’t you trasform the icon into an intelligent one ( for intelligent i mean a icon that is shown when there is no window near the corner and is hide when there is one). You could also allow the users to change the “icon” from infinity to others simbols. This will be good to recognize better which capacity has the corner!!!

  7. Jason Sep 11,2013 01:31

    I think that Clem and the other Linux Mint developers are trying to bug fix as they develop new features. Perhaps after the 2.0 release, they can focus on some of the more minor bugs. There are still major functionality and packaging gaps in Cinnamon that need to be focused on first.

    If the GNOME developers would stop stripping out basic features and basically forcing other developers to fork or loose that functionality in various packages; then it would assist other development efforts.

  8. Bauke Jan Douma Jan 28,2014 20:23

    A nonsensical and OT remark. Have you insight in the mind
    or heads of mentioned persons?

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