Cinnamon Sound Events
by clem 43

Swoosh.. swoosh … when switching workspaces. Some lasers shoot in the distance as I plug in my USB stick… the kids are properly impressed… and I’m already annoyed at the amount of noise my desktop generates.

Of course it’s configurable and right now it’s configured to put a smile on the kids’ face :)

You guessed it: Cinnamon 2.0 will feature the ability to configure individual sound events.

Capture du 2013-09-06 15:58:50

In Mint 16 the login theme will make a come back and it will be played by Cinnamon itself. MDM will continue to be able to play sounds as well, but will default to paplay (vs /usr/bin/play) and lose its Sound Effects page in MDMSetup (playing sounds in MDM will still be possible but not recommended). Finally, I had a talk with Stefano from the MATE development team and this might be added to the roadmap for MATE 1.8.

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  1. Anand R Sep 5,2013 17:00

    Clem – Good work. You’ve already started the noise for Cinnamon 2.0. ;-)

    Should there be an option called mute all notifications? In KMix, i can mute Event sounds alone. KDE also allows settings for application level sound notifications, like when you have an incoming chat, etc. You may already be aware of all this, i guess.

    And you forgot to add a note – Apologies for the UI showing half in French and half in English. :-P

    • clem Sep 5,2013 17:17

      Hehe :)

      The volume slider and mute toggle buttons are there as well in Cinnamon 2.0, but in the Sound module. I’ll try to port them to the Sound Effects module. The reason I didn’t do it yet is because the volume control is accessible from the C and JS layers of Cinnamon but there’s no external interfaces for it and my module is in Python. I’ll change that eventually but I’ll need a bit more time.

      • Anand Sep 6,2013 10:49

        Hmm…Glad to know it is considered. Only thing I understand is that various technologies are used to build Cinnamon! BTW, Is this already included in daily build? i will give it a shot.

        I am not sure if it is an issue with daily build but the below issue does not allow me to use Cinnamon. I know am hijacking the thread but desperate situation calls for desperate actions. :-)
        My battery is dying, so hibernate is a must option. I really hope someone responds on github!

  2. frucade Sep 6,2013 05:57

    Hi clem!

    One unrelated feedback here: Please add a (more) prominent link to this blog on I really had to dig & search for more than 5 minutes because I knew there was this blog with more details/updates but it can be hardly found.

    Should IMHO be included in the top navigation and/or linked from the blog section.

  3. Caner Sep 8,2013 04:00

    Hello Cinnamon team,

    One thing I would like to see in Cinnamon 2.0:

    Under “Themes->Other settings”
    “Controls” and “Window borders” settings affect each other. When you select a theme from Controls, it changes the window border look (Try some combinations). I guess this should be dealt with, and more themes should be installed by default (for both windows and controls).

    I love clearlooks theme with blue controls from old times, but I could never get it working properly in Cinnamon.

    • JosephM Sep 9,2013 06:05

      The reason the “Controls” setting affects the “Window Borders” is down to the design of the individual theme. Many Metacity themes are designed to pull colors from the gtk theme. It is really down to the choice of the whoever created the theme in the first place and really has nothing to do with Cinnamon itself.

      • clem Sep 9,2013 09:44

        Hmm… I’m not so sure. Because if you re-select the same metacity theme after changing the GTK one, things look good again.

        We might be able to force that at the Cinnamon level to prevent the problem from occuring at all. I’ll look into it.

  4. mrmen Sep 8,2013 21:27

    Like this a lot ! I noticed a big thing missing from the sound effect list..

    Program Launch sound

    It should be there, if you were really going for the good stuff then specific program launch sound (even if its just upto 5) so Steam can make a laser sound and banshee can make a nice flute sound and terminal can make a computer terminal sound :D

    This would liven up the experience no end! great work

  5. Dennis Sep 9,2013 00:00

    I am new to Mint 15 cinnamon.

    I am getting very familiar with the install procedure. I have to reinstall after completion of a printer install because some file breaks and it is difficult to undo the installs.
    I have been having a tough time installing a Brother HL-5140 printer.
    The manufacturers web site is not much help.
    I find that the command entered in a terminal system-config-printer works using a generic driver from Gutenberg, but
    something else will stop working after the install.
    Any help with a printer install would be appreciated.

  6. SCollins Sep 10,2013 19:11

    Any chance this will be made available to x-lets via the settings API, like the keybindings were? I can think of a few uses for that.

    • clem Sep 10,2013 20:01

      Yes, it already is.

      Basically you can use global.play_sound_file(0, filename) in your javascript, and you can use the settings API to store the value of that filename.

      It’s also a good idea to store a boolean in the settings to enable/disable the sound.

      You can see how we did that if you look in /usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/soundManager.js (the play() function).

    • clem Sep 10,2013 20:02

      I didn’t think of it, but you’re right, it can be very handy. Say an applet wants to play a sound to notify of new emails or something… good thinking :)

      • Tom Sep 10,2013 20:33

        Hallo Clem,

        Here are 5 more things that need to be fixed and/or added in the upcoming Linux Mint 16 release:

        1.Enable selecting and moving several open windows and programs between workspaces at the same time.

        At the moment, when you press CTRL+UP in order to see the workspaces, you can then only move content (open browser, music players, documents, folders, etc.) from one workspace to another one-by-one (you select an ddrag and drop each open window to another workspace).

        When you vote for my ideal, it will be possible to select SEVERAL open windows at the same time by prssing and holding the CTRL-key, and then dragging and dropping all that stuff from one workspace and adding it to the workspace you need them in at the moment.

        2.Enable moving complete workspace at once.
        By this I mean, when you press CTRL+Aalt+UP to see all of your workspaces, it would be good to be able to move all of your contents from, for example, workspace 4 to workspace 1 IN ONE GO, simply by dragging and dropping the WHOLE workspace 4 and putting it in position number 1, and then also simply dragging and dropping the current workspace 1 and putting it in position number 4 or 3 or 2. So I’m talking of making it possible to move workspaces just like tabs in file manager or just like tabs in firefox / making it possible to change the order.

        3.Add “mouseover file info” like there is in MS Windows, so that you just need to hold your mouse over a file to get info, such as:
        -date created
        -date last modified
        -file location

        so that you do not need to right-click and select properties to view the date modified/created and location info.

        4.Fix Menu Bar in File Manager.
        Please fix the following:

        Once you make the “Menu Bar” in File Manager accidentally disappear, there is no way to get it back, as no matter where you right click, you have no chance to open a pop-up menu where you can select “menu bar”. It’s lost forever.
        So please fix that. Thank you.

        5.Please fix the following Sidebar-folder-name bug when searching folders for items:

        To reproduce the bug yourself, do the following:
        Snap an open folder to the right or left side of your screen.
        Then press CTRL+F and search for anything. What happens is that suddenly the folder names on the Sidebar containing your folders (Home, Desktop,Documents,Music etc.) become totally distorted, and when you press CTRL+F again, it won’t go away and you have to manually adjust the Sidebar so that the folder names are normally and fully visible again.
        I realised that this happens when you manually add folders with too long folder names to the Sidebar. So please fix this issue, to allow users to have whatever folder names there without that bug distorting folder names when searching for items. Thanks.


        -In addition to the above, there is another bug when using the search function (CTRL+F): When you open the file manager and right-click on a folder in the “Side Bar”, and select “open in new tab”, and THEN press CTRL+F, it will not be possible to close the new tab, as the “x” will not be visible (“eaten” by the screen edge).


  7. Tom Sep 10,2013 20:54

    Hallo Clem,

    Here’s a 6th suggestion:

    6. How about this: Switching workspaces by “knocking” with th enouse cursor 2x against the left or right screen edge, to switch to left or right workspace, respectively :-)

    • Tom Sep 10,2013 20:56

      Sorry I meant knocking with the “mouse cursor” and not “enouse cursor”..sorry, I’m a fast writer ;-)

  8. Tom Sep 11,2013 14:39

    Hallo Clem,

    I’ve taken my time to post ideas and bugfixes here, as I did not know where to post them.

    However, my comments do not appear on this page.

    Honestly, I find that quite frustrating, as you should be happy that someone takes his time to improve your product. So you should be grateful, and at least post the comments and write some acknowledgement, instead of deleting them or not posting them….otherwise people will stop supporting you.


    • clem Sep 11,2013 15:35

      Hi Tom,

      Yes, and I’m grateful for that. On my side I’ve taken time to read your feedback and to moderate it. You can appreciate the fact that there is no SPAM in the comment section despite 62 SPAM comments being sent to us today. That requires a tiny bit of manual handling and so sometimes your comments don’t appear as quickly as you would like them to.

  9. Tom Sep 11,2013 19:44

    Hallo Clem,

    Oh, OK, no problem! I know that you are, understandably, very busy, and I really appreciate this fact, and would also like to say THANK YOU for giving the world Linux Mint and especially Cinnamon!!! It is really AMAZING and I am as happy as on the first day I installed it! I just cannot believe how good it is! Again, thank you!!! :-)

    As regards my comments/suggestions, at least I know that you have read my suggestions, and I really appreciate it, and really like this idea of collaborative open-source development!

    Of course, it is up to you as to what you wanna do with the suggestions!

    But I think it might be good to fix the 3 bugs in Linux Mint 15 Cinnamon that I mentioned under point 4 and point 5, if time permits.


  10. Tom Sep 11,2013 19:49

    By the way, here’s another idea! This would be SO AMAZING for Live-session users, like myself!

    I’ve just synced my chromium browser so that I can just put in a password and have all my extensions, add-ons, settings!

    And then I was thinking: “How GREAT would it be, if live-cd users could sync Linux mint cinnamon settings???” Imagine being a live user who, after starting the system, has to set up everything again and again (regional settings, keyboard settings, sound settings, themes, alt-tab etc. etc.).

    So how good would it be if we could save them somewhere (maybe even on another partition, if not on some Cinnamon Cloud, and then get all our settings back just by typing in a password (just like in chromium browser)??

    :-) :-)

    • clem Sep 11,2013 21:30

      Yes. Although that’s more in the scope of mintBackup or a cloud solution for config data than Cinnamon itself. Your Cinnamon settings are in your home, just like your xchat settings, your thunderbird account setup etc.. It’s definitely a good idea and a challenging project. Hopefully we can implement something like this one day.

  11. Tom Sep 11,2013 22:07

    Hallo Clem,

    Yes, that would really be most important issue to me personally, compared to all the other ideas that I posted, as it would save lots of time to set up everything every time I start or restart Cinnamon as a live user (or when Cinnamon crashes/freezes, and I have to restart and then reconfigure everything…)

    I mean we have the Backup Tool, and we can save applications and files…so my idea could very well fit into this Backup Tool (i.e. “backup settings” and “restore settings” from file or cloud).

    So by the way, you mentioned that my cinnamon settings are in my home folder. Could you maybe tell me the exact location, please? So that I can maybe copy that file and paste it somewhere else (like on USB stick)? Thank you in advance!

  12. Tom Sep 11,2013 22:16

    I mean, what are the file names? What files would I need to copy and save somewhere else, so that I have all the settings when I restart my LM15 Cinnamon live session, please?

    • clem Sep 12,2013 12:29

      Well it depends on the conf… your applets/extensions/themes/desklets are in .local/share/cinnamon. All your gsettings configuration (most of the preferences in cinnamon-settings) is stored in .config/dconf afaik.

  13. Tom Sep 12,2013 16:52

    OK, I can see those files. Thank you a lot for personally giving me support. I find this really amazing!!
    However, to be honest, I am quite new to Linux and I do not feel confident to mess around with those files etc.

    The reason: As you said “MOST of the preferences in cinnamon-settings is stored in .config/dconf”…So this leaves me thinking that there are SOME additional settings somewhere else…and I can see lots of other folders…so I am worried that I might miss out on some other settings somewhere else, and mess up everything when I restart.

    Therefore, I think it would be REALLY practical and helpful, if there were some backup options to let users decide what settings to save. They could then simply restore settings when reinstalling the system from scratch or, like myself, when using live CDs!

    I mean there is the Backup Tool and there is APTonCD to save packages (but it somehow does not work, but that is not important here), but what I am talking about is just the missing piece that I feel should be there…to make the backup tool “complete”, as it is not thought through to the end. I hope you get my point.

    When do you think would it be possible to integrate a save settings in linux mint, please?

  14. Tom Sep 12,2013 17:03

    Or perhaps could you tell me, one by one, me where I can find the settings for the following things, please?:

    -Sound settings: Folder/file name?

    -Regional and especially keyboard settings: Folder/file name?

    -Time and date settings (when I change regional and keyboard settings I have to adjust the time every time…): Folder/file name?

    -W-Lan settings (W-Lan password, so that I do not need to type it in everytime): Folder/file name?

    -wallpaper: Folder/file name?

    -Alt+Tab settings (would like to have Cover Flow or Timeline without adjusting it all the time): Folder/file name?

    Thank you.

  15. Vivek Kumar Manikandan Sep 16,2013 05:06

    Awesome feature cant wait for it to arrive in mint 16..

    One thing that still worries bit.. System setting leads to two different option cinnamon setting and gnome settings

  16. Mark Walton Sep 16,2013 18:08

    @Clem: straying slightly off topic; visuals not sound…would the wallpapers from the previous Mint releases be more appropriately managed from the Settings Menu, as per the Themes (get more online), with the images posted in the Cinnamon Spices web pages ?
    Why? Because I can never remember which release a particular image was in when I want it so end up downloading far too many of them via the repository to find the one I want :) This would also be more “consistent” with all the other “customisation” via Settings.

    ..and also, is there any chance that the workspace 3D cube could be a standard feature of Cinnamon? The Mint KDE desktop offers this and produces a very productive enviroment with it set up this way.

    Thanks for all the great work

    • clem Sep 17,2013 12:38

      I’ve been thinking about “spicing” the backgrounds and other things such as MDM themes. This falls outside of the scope of the DE itself and it isn’t Cinnamon specific so I’m not really sure if and how we’ll do it though.. but yes, we’re thinking about it alright :)

  17. samriggs Sep 16,2013 21:57

    Cool, now Im gona have to come up with a total star trek outer space theme for wife with all the different sound effects to go with it lol.

  18. Anand Sep 20,2013 03:32

    Hi Clem,

    I think we can have an option to preview the sound? Like Small play button next to file selection control, illustrated below.

    Also, not sure where I can get the Cinnamon sound files.

    locate login.oga

    • clem Sep 21,2013 11:28

      Good point, I’m adding a play button right now :)

      Cinnamon won’t provide sound files itself, that’s for the distributions to do and yes, they usually use /usr/share/sounds but note that we don’t use XDG sound themes here, so the path doesn’t matter and the sound files can be located anywhere.

      • Anand Sep 21,2013 12:02

        Thanks for considering the idea and for sharing the location.
        Not much clue on XDG, will check it out.
        BTW, there is a flight theme i downloaded as my Windows theme and like it quite – changing desktop backgrounds of planes, login whirring sounds, etc. Since Mint has the luxury of Spices, we should partner with creative artists for such nice integrated themes.

  19. Brahim Oct 7,2013 02:29

    Wo this is the best part of Cinnamon 2.0! I grandfather wants these sounds i had to install Ubuntu-teak to enable them! many thanks!!!!!!!

  20. Ubu Jan 28,2014 20:24

    I fixed the “event sounds” for Mint 16 Cinnamon, and this fix should work on all Mint distros. Fixed, as in, there were none, even though they were enabled in “sound settings” I now have event sounds/system beeps in XChat, and other apps that should have had them.
    First install deconf-editor. Bring up terminal and type:
    sudo apt-get install deconf-editor
    Now launch deconf-editor in the terminal, type:
    Go to: org>cinnamon>desktop>sound
    You will most likely see the top 2 boxes un-marked. “event-sounds” and “input-feedback-sounds” Put a checkmark in both those boxes. Voila \o/ You will now have event sounds and system beeps.
    Here is a screenshot for your convenience:

  21. Soto Jun 3,2015 10:57

    Cinnamon work great on Arch linux

  22. cc Nov 10,2015 00:26

    One of the sound effects (changing the sound volume) does not seem to work anymore in the latest update of cinnamon (2.8.3). It was working in cinnamon 2.8.2.

  23. herbie301 Dec 14,2015 02:44

    Change volume sound effect not working. Using cinnamon 2.8.5 on arch linux Kernel 4.2.5-1-ARCH

  24. herbie301 Dec 14,2015 22:54

    Now working in cinnamon 2.8.6

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