More Nemo…
by mtwebster 8

Well, I can’t leave well enough alone.  Some more Nemo goodness:

  • In list view, columns are now re-orderable by simple drag and drop method.  This means you can now perform all actions on columns inside the view, without having to open a separate dialog to select visible columns or re-order them.  As a result, the re-order dialog is now only available when setting default columns in Preferences.
  • There is a new option in Preferences to always start in split-pane mode
  • There is a new option in Preferences to ignore folder-specific metadata regarding zoom level, view type, and column layouts – this means Nemo will always open a new window based on default view preferences, and changes made in a window will stick around for the life of the window, regardless of what the folder-level settings are or were.
  • There is an additional menu item in the list-view column context menu, to temporarily disable auto-sorting of new or changed items.  By enabling this, new files are simply added to the bottom of the file list, and renamed items stay put, regardless of alphabetical or other sort criteria.  You can still force a sort (by clicking a column), or re-enable sorting by selecting the same menu item again.  It also resets to normal behavior when you navigate to a new location.


8 thoughts on “More Nemo…

  1. Guillermo P Sep 21,2013 15:31

    ‘In list view, columns are now re-orderable by simple drag and drop method.’

    Basic details like this appearing on Mint spells maturity, and i like it. Keep harassing ‘well enough’!

  2. Simon Sep 22,2013 06:37

    This is more great stuff, thanks!

  3. Anand Sep 22,2013 07:02

    Awesome news! I was just thinking today about drag and drop column headers to reorder them. Thanks a bunch. Looks like I wont be missing Dolphin at all soon.

    And nemo-media-extension is pretty stabled for me at least.

    Did you get a chance to look at the below wish – online repository of nemo actions as another ‘Spices’ item?

    Another niggle – In tree view mode of Folders, in case of folders where there are no sub-folders under a folder, instead of showing expand ‘+’ button and then displaying text “(Empty)”, ‘+’ icon can be removed and just the folder can be shown. above issue recorded here.

  4. Anandhan Sep 24,2013 06:47

    We have been using linuxmint 15 . Its awesome to works. But still it need to improve. We cant able to set up our Canon lbp 2900b Printer

  5. Tony Whelan Sep 27,2013 21:28

    Just playing with the latest Nemo changes now, and I’m very impressed. Thanks for your great work on this.

  6. geoff Sep 29,2013 05:13

    Hopefully in some time we’ll be able to set maximum column width so the filename column isn’t sized up to offscreen when there are long filenames in the view.
    Also it would be about time those [Empty] lines stopped appearing.

  7. Tom Sep 29,2013 20:01

    5.Please fix the following Sidebar-folder-name buga when searching folders for items:

    1.To reproduce the bug yourself, do the following:
    Snap an open folder to the right or left side of your screen.
    Then press CTRL+F and search for anything. What happens is that suddenly the folder names on the Sidebar containing your folders (Home, Desktop,Documents,Music etc.) become totally distorted, and when you press CTRL+F again, it won’t go away and you have to manually adjust the Sidebar so that the folder names are normally and fully visible again.
    I realised that this happens when you manually add folders with too long folder names to the Sidebar. So please fix this issue, to allow users to have whatever folder names there without that bug distorting folder names when searching for items. Thanks.

    2.In addition to the above, there is another bug when using the search function (CTRL+F): When you open the file manager and right-click on a folder in the “Side Bar”, and select “open in new tab”, and THEN press CTRL+F and look for something, it will not be possible to close the new tab, as the “x” will not be visible (“eaten” by the screen edge).

  8. pseudomorph Oct 7,2013 21:48

    +1 To Geoff’s suggestion of a max column width or easy & persistent way to adjust the width.

    Many times the file date is more important to me than the full filename and auto column width moves this offscreen when long (and even sometimes only short) filenames appear.

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