Nemo… Last call
by mtwebster 23

Just a few more updates on Nemo.  This is pretty much it pre-2.0.  Any more changes will be limited mainly to bugfixes and refinement.

  • Got rid of -empty-  entries in the treeview sidebar as well as in the list view.  Empty folders will now not have an expander next to them, so you can more easily tell when a folder is empty.
  • Improved the Move/Copy To context menus – they now include a ‘Browse…’ entry to pick your target folder, as well as options to include bookmarks and places in the menus.
  • Added full tooltip support – you can now turn file tooltips on or off in the different views, as well as specify what sort of data you want to be shown in those tooltips.
  • Fixed dual pane mode panes auto-resizing in certain instances (like entering the trash folder).

As I said, moving forward I’ll be focused on stability and bug fixes.

23 thoughts on “Nemo… Last call

  1. Anand Sep 29,2013 16:30

    Thanks much. Especially for the first fix, I happened to report it. :-)

  2. Simon Sep 29,2013 19:40

    nemo is really leading the way now — congratulations.

  3. Tom Sep 29,2013 20:52


    Here are 2 bugs:

    1. Please fix the following Sidebar-folder-name bug when searching folders for items:

    To reproduce the bug yourself, do the following:
    Snap an open folder to the right or left side of your screen.
    Then press CTRL+F and search for anything. What happens is that suddenly the folder names on the Sidebar containing your folders (Home, Desktop,Documents,Music etc.) become totally distorted, and when you press CTRL+F again, it won’t go away and you have to manually adjust the Sidebar so that the folder names are normally and fully visible again.
    I realised that this happens when you manually add folders with too long folder names to the Sidebar. So please fix this issue, to allow users to have whatever folder names there without that bug distorting folder names when searching for items. Thanks.

    2.In addition to the bug above, there is another bug when using the search function (CTRL+F): When you open the file manager and right-click on a folder in the “Side Bar”, and select “open in new tab”, and THEN press CTRL+F and look for something, it will not be possible to close the new tab, as the “x” will not be visible (“eaten” by the screen edge).

  4. Tom Sep 30,2013 03:22

    Thanks for your message mtwebster.

    I know you had commented on the SECOND part only of the issue above. Maybe it has to do with drivers.

    But as regards the first part of the issue (bug number 1), this has definitely not to do with drivers (also everything works perfectly and out-of-the-box on my machine…no problems with drivers whatsoever!).
    Try to give at least one of the folder names on the Side Bar in the List View in the file manager a SUPER LONG folder name.And I really mean SUPER SUPER LONG.Then follow the other steps I described to reproduce the bug. You will then see what I mean! :-)

    Best regards,


  5. Gabriel Sep 30,2013 04:19

    Just want to say thanks for your hard work. Nemo is a really nice and fast file manager to use.

  6. Guillermo P Sep 30,2013 10:07

    As classy as you can get!

  7. Tom Sep 30,2013 20:17

    Here is another EXTREMELY ANNOYING bug:

    When you are in firefox or chromium and try to rearrange your open tabs, do the following to reproduce the bug:
    -Hold one open tab and move it to the TOP-LEFT CORNER of your screen. What will happen is that the workspace selection screen will appear and you cannot get back!!!!…you then need to restart cinnamon, unfortunately (alt+F2 and then r)!!!

    PLEASE FIX THIS, as often I accidentally move tabs around in firefox and then accidentally move it too far left and left-up so that the open tab lands in the workspace selection screen and nothing works after that!

    Thank you.

  8. mtwebster Sep 30,2013 21:26

    This has been fixed, and like I mentioned previously, please start using github for issues like this – you would have seen this had already been reported.

  9. Tony Whelan Oct 1,2013 21:45

    Michael, Although I haven’t had a chance to play much with Nemo 1.9.1, it looks excellent, the extra features are very helpful. Thank you for the great work on making Nemo so much better.

    The only thing that isn’t there and which has been mentioned previously (somewhere) is that when View Menubar is turned off there is no obvious way to restore it. You have to know to press the Alt key to re-display it.

    I know you said you’ve pretty much finished with this pre 2.0, but is it not possible to whip in a button to toggle menu display, as suggested by someone recently?


  10. geoff Oct 2,2013 00:25

    “Got rid of -empty- entries in the treeview sidebar as well as in the list view. Empty folders will now not have an expander next to them, so you can more easily tell when a folder is empty.”

    Awesome! I’ve been waiting for YEARS to see this fixed in nautilus and its forks!! Ironically, I switched to KDE a few weeks ago :)

  11. Tom Oct 3,2013 16:04

    Hi mtwebster,

    1.THANK YOU for fixing the following bug that I reported:
    “often I accidentally move tabs around in firefox and then accidentally move it too far left and left-up so that the open tab lands in the workspace selection screen and nothing works after that!”

    2.Thank you for the following:
    “Hopefully this works out – added more ways to un-hide the menu, and a popup that explains the functionality (that can be suppressed if you get tired of seeing it)”

  12. Tom Oct 3,2013 16:07


    But what about the “mouseover-file-info” that I and several users found very useful? Have you also already implemented that?

    By this we mean when you hold your mouse cursor over a file, it displays information about the file, especially info regarding Date modified, file size, full file path,type of file(.doc…jpg…mp3 etc). This function is standard in Windows and I and a lot of other user found that very useful.

    Thank you in advance and I look forward to your reply.


  13. mtwebster Oct 3,2013 16:22

    Tool tips are already implemented a few days ago

  14. Tom Oct 3,2013 17:32

    Excellent! That’s REALLY awesome! THANK you!

    Best regards,


  15. Anand Oct 3,2013 17:49

    Hey – Just wanted to check, am not able to navigate folder view with 4 arrows. Can this be done? It is much easier to use arrows than hit return.

    Sorry to compare, in Windows, arrow keys work and also the + and – work. And * makes + operation recursive. Quite thoughtful, isnt it?

    • Anand Oct 4,2013 03:07

      Looks like +, -,*,/ work. Apologies. Would be good to have arrow keys functional as well. Thanks.

  16. Nemes Sorin Oct 5,2013 16:18

    Testing Nemo 2.0 with Mate and Compiz

    hello developers – I used to use Mint from the first moment I heard about, and I never turned back to Canonical Ubuntu.

    Important elements of my decision were – Mint Mate stability and the full feeling of “feeling free” (take this as the the lack of constrains) to choose how to customize my desktop – as is should talking about open source and the open society which Open Source concept promote at it’s deep level.

    Despite the fact that I can’t bring Nautilus Elementary back – everything was back in place, so I could recreate my long time standing workflow and desktop paradigm – (free of Unity or other strange, half useable DE concepts like Gnome shell).

    Thanks to Mate project – I’ve gain my workstyle, my productivity back.

    As a DE I was using under Mate a combination of UI elements better suited for me – AWN as panel, Compiz as Window Manager, and Nemo (instead of Nautilus Elementary / Caja) as Filemanager because the configurable, usable, convenient interface.

    Everything went well until I’ve tried Nemo 1.8.5 from the Cinnamon development repository.

    On short : I observed I can’t use anymore Nemo 1.8.5 as a desktop manager in conjuction with Compiz. A lot of window trails comes out for every window moved on screen. The quick solution was to use Compiz as Wallpaper manager, but then all icons gone.

    I was thinking – all OK – Cinnamon is updated fast toward next release, etc.

    Thus, after a while, today I’ve tried again Nemo (2.0) with Compiz again – just to check if I will be able to maintain my workflow under the new Mate / Cinnamon realease.

    I’ve changed my Nemo 1.8.4 from Olivia with Nemo 2.0 from Cinnamon Nightly – and I the bug with Compiz occured again. Nemo 2.0 as a file manager still worked well but as a Desktop Manager, new Nemo 2.8 won’t work well with Compiz.
    Every window on my screen was followed by a lot of artifacts (window trails) as you can see in the screenshot I’ve posted here :

    The question which directly arise on my mind is if I will be able to use in the future my own custom Desk-space as is now ..Compiz [WM]/ Awn (with Cardapio and DeskbarX) [panel] / Nemo [FM].

    The second question is if is possible to have a version of Nemo independent of Cinnamon – to be used with other DE’s without problems (with or without Compiz).

    Nemo, in my view is probably the best FM and can be a major player in other DE’s as it was in Mate for me prior Nemo 1.8.5 …

    Thanks in advance for your response.

    If I missed some package from Cinnamon 2.0 repository which can solve my Nemo 2.0 / Compiz 9.10 compatibility issue please inform me about and I will report back the result.

    • mtwebster Oct 5,2013 16:33

      You could be getting artifacts due to the fact that Nemo no longer draws the desktop background – that is left solely up to cinnamon-settings-daemon now.

      From the start, Nemo has been intended to be Cinnamon’s file manager (just as Nautilus is Gnome-Shell’s file manager). I’m not opposed to remaining compatible with other DE’s, but it’s not a top priority to maintain that compatibility.

      So, as I understand, you are trying to run Nemo 2.0 under Mate/compiz? Just want to know so I can have a path to reproduce.

      • Nemes Sorin Oct 5,2013 19:11

        Partly I’ve solved the problem with window trails.. under Nemo2.0 and Compiz

        I’ve read another topic, very similar :

        indeed – Nemo will not draw the background it will let the window manager or Cinnamon Settings Daemon to do the task.

        I’ve ask Compiz to draw the wallpaper – then all trails just dissapear ..also desktop icons.

        When I started to rotate the cube – I have seen that in fact Namo 2.0 DRAW THE ICONS ..but below the wallpaper layer

        (when compiz rotate the desktop the cube became a little trasparent – so I can see those icons on their places)

        The result – I can’t see the icons now that Compiz draw the background and Nemo render it’s icons Below the background …but I still can use them … if I click on icons (based on their probable location) they open up. Even I can’t see Desktop icons they are still clickable …

        Probably the fix is not that far – if Nemo can show up desktop icons over the background image would be ok > no need to draw the background by itself if other programs can do that

  17. Nemes Sorin Oct 5,2013 17:19

    Yes, I was able to keep the same UI for my workflow (Desktop) for many years – thanks to Mate ..I was ready to turn back to Windows when Unity and Gnome-Shell killed Gnome 2 Traditional desktop.

    Right now I have – Avant Window Navigator as bottom panel with Cardapio as Startmenu and DockbarX awn applet as window list manager(similar with Win7 thumbailed view of windows …this bring be a lot of free space on bottom panel – so I can fix down those applets used in the upper panel [activities, time, sound / network applets – therefore I got some more vertical space]),

    As Window Manager is Compiz 9.10 and Filemanager is Nemo 1.8.4

    This combination work perfect ..just perfect / fast / stable …

    using dconf-editor I have changed some settings in org > mate > desktop > session > required-components

    filemanager : nemo
    panel : avant-window-navigator
    windowmanager : compiz

    in Startup Applications I have made entries for Compiz and Nemo – relogin and that’s all

    Everything worked well – even today with Nemo 1.8.4 from Olivia repository
    The problemm started to complicate when I’ve upgraded to Nemo 2.0

    the problem is that Nemo 2.0 can’t work along compiz ..he show the icons under Mate – in fact he work very well – just the space between icons become as a drawing pad with every moved window making long trails. Those trails are repainted below the icons – so if you ignore them can still click on icons and work with them. The problem seem to be that re-paint over the background.

    BTW – the last Nautilus and Marlin they don’t have such problem ..but as I’ve said before Nemo is desired because is better / stable working with multiple tabs

    On the other idea – having a standalone Nemo working with other DE’s will be only beneficial ..from a marketing point of view because will allways show the way back to Mint.

  18. Nemes Sorin Oct 5,2013 18:03

    Move / Copy / Browse

    – usability improvement proposal

    as is now in Nemo 2.0 we have the Browse button in the end of the list of bookmarks / other lucations > the very bottom place

    if the bookmarks list is quite big – user who want to browse for another location, will have to scroll down to reach Browse button

    since this option “Browse” has a fixed function, can we have the position of browse button on top of the bookmarks list ?

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