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by mtwebster 42


We’ve put a bit of focus on Nemo in the past week or so, trying to address some long-standing issues with it, as well as implementing a couple choice upstream improvements:

  • Improved the Open With dialog – you can now add custom mime-type handlers on the fly, that will show up as recommended programs or default.  You can accomplish this by browsing to a specific executable, or simply typing one in.  Things still may change with this as we get feedback, but I think it’s pretty darn flexible at this point.


  • Improved handling of the file operation progress dialog.  You can now close the dialog entirely (X) and it will turn into a dynamic icon in the system tray, showing overall progress with a circular icon.  From that icon you can get additional screenshot_area_2013-09-12_12:48:42information via the tooltip, and you can click the icon to restore the full progress dialog.
  • In the List View, you can now right-click a column heading to add or remove visible columns quickly.
  • Also in the List View, Nemo will try to avoid having a horizontal scroll bar by truncating the name column when necessary.
  • The default columns displayed in the Trash and Search results views will be a bit more appropriate for those views.
  • Middle-clicking a tab will now close it.


There are a number of Action improvements as well, since the last time it was discussed:

  • Added first selected file display name token.
  • Added parent display name token.
  • Added separator definition for exec file list.
  • Added quote type for exec file list (single, double, backtick) – this will enclose each file name in a selection list with the selected separator.
  • Added action dependencies (searches for file in path)
  • Added conditions – ‘desktop’, ‘removable’, gsettings boolean key, dbus name
  • Added “nodirs” to extensions options.
  • Added ability to show actions in places sidebar and treeview sidebar.

There are quite a few new actions packaged with Nemo – check them out, as well as the sample file, for more details on these improvements.


  • Two new extensions were added – nemo-preview, and nemo-media-columns
  • Fixed nemo-python for Mint 15.

Looking Ahead

A couple things we’d like to get in before 2.0:

  • Performance improvements
  • A queueing system for file operations
  • Places listed in the Move To/Copy To menus.


42 thoughts on “Nemo stuff

  1. nuclear-head Sep 12,2013 18:34

    Good news that the focus has shifted to Nemo :)
    I’d like to ask if there are plans to look at this issue
    It is 10 months old, we’ve been waiting patiently in the meantime and it would be wonderfull if we see it fixed in one of the next builds.

    Thanks for the great work!

  2. pb Sep 12,2013 19:05

    Great stuff! And queuing system for file operations is exactly the thing that I miss in a file manager, looking forward to that.
    Another thing that I feel would be great would be the possibility of automated checksum control. I’ve had quite a few problems with files copied to a flash disk or a failing HDD ending up unreadable (and finding out about that at the most inconvenient moment, like during a presentation or something, of course…). I can perform the control manually, but that’s very cumbersome for large numbers of files.

  3. wizard97_4 Sep 12,2013 20:15

    Would be great to have out-of-the-box the thumbnails of the files contained in folders like for example in Kde/dolphin ( which allows to quickly see what contains a folder, practical and very requested by those who have multiple images folders. :)

  4. Sam Burgos Sep 12,2013 20:21

    Great job with nemo, maybe i’ll have to wait to see those in action but i hope these can be such a great advantage

    Just a little question and a hint at the same time, are you planning on add something like this or integrate natively to Nemo. It could be a really great advantage over some other file managers:

    • Sam Burgos Sep 12,2013 20:31

      I’m really sorry i forgot the “?” mark on the phrase, so it could be read like this (plus some other missing text):

      Are you planning on add something like this or integrate natively to Nemo? It could be a really great advantage over some other file managers but i don’t know if the team is short on time to add new features or if you can go on some minor things like this (I don’t know if this can be called “minor” but I leave my 2 cents anyway)

    • mtwebster Sep 12,2013 20:32

      One of the new extensions – nemo-media-columns – is nautilus columns. You can easily build yourself or wait until it turns up in the nightly ppa.

      • mtwebster Sep 12,2013 20:53

        One thing to note – this extension doesn’t seem to be entirely stable. I’m still considering possibly porting it entirely into native Nemo, if that improves things.

  5. Dennis Sep 12,2013 20:32

    Thank you for improving “Open With”. Very user friendly! I had problems with the lack of that feature yesterday.
    Keep up the good work and I’ll never go distrojumping again ;)

  6. Tom Sep 12,2013 22:32

    Hallo, Here are 3 bugs that should be fixed, as they unnecessary “stain” our amazing Linux Mint Cinnamon ;-), AND here’s one additional idea. All 4 things are related to Nemo file manager:

    3.Add “mouseover file info” like there is in MS Windows, so that you just need to hold your mouse over a file to get info, such as:
    -date created
    -date last modified
    -file location

    so that you do not need to right-click and select properties to view the date modified/created and location info.

    4.Fix Menu Bar in File Manager.
    Please fix the following:

    Once you make the “Menu Bar” in File Manager accidentally disappear, there is no way to get it back, as no matter where you right click, you have no chance to open a pop-up menu where you can select “menu bar”. It’s lost forever.
    So please fix that. Thank you.

    5.Please fix the following Sidebar-folder-name bug when searching folders for items:

    To reproduce the bug yourself, do the following:
    Snap an open folder to the right or left side of your screen.
    Then press CTRL+F and search for anything. What happens is that suddenly the folder names on the Sidebar containing your folders (Home, Desktop,Documents,Music etc.) become totally distorted, and when you press CTRL+F again, it won’t go away and you have to manually adjust the Sidebar so that the folder names are normally and fully visible again.
    I realised that this happens when you manually add folders with too long folder names to the Sidebar. So please fix this issue, to allow users to have whatever folder names there without that bug distorting folder names when searching for items. Thanks.


    -In addition to the above, there is another bug when using the search function (CTRL+F): When you open the file manager and right-click on a folder in the “Side Bar”, and select “open in new tab”, and THEN press CTRL+F and look for something, it will not be possible to close the new tab, as the “x” will not be visible (“eaten” by the screen edge).

    • mtwebster Sep 12,2013 23:11

      I don’t understand 4.

      #5 and the “Update/Additional Content” I cannot reproduce – sounds like it could be a driver bug maybe?

      I’ll consider #3.

      • Matthew Sep 13,2013 01:12

        I’d like to vote for #3 as well (in particular, file size and last modified date).

        Thanks for the Nemo love!

      • Kirk M Sep 13,2013 01:29

        What he means is if, in Nemo, you drop down the “View” menu and un-check the “Menu” entry the menu bar obviously disappears with absolutely no apparent way to get it back. Unless the user knows to press Alt+M to make the Menu bar reappear temporarily (which is not documented that I know of) on the keyboard and then recheck the “Menu” entry, there’s essentially no way to get the Nemo Menu bar back. There’s also no keyboard shortcut shown for “Menu” entry in the “View” menu.

        Try it yourself. It’s rather confusing to a new user. There has to be an obvious way to get the Menu bar back in Nemo if the user somehow manages to uncheck the “Menu” entry in the “View menu.

        • mtwebster Sep 13,2013 02:45

          Ah… got it. That is a problem – you can just hit the Alt key to temporarily toggle the menus (I did this to mimic Windows a bit), but you’re right – it’s not obvious or easy to get back if done by accident.

          • Kirk M Sep 13,2013 14:27

            Heh, now you got me on that one. I always thought it was Alt+M which was what the Windows menu trigger was (I think? Man, I’m getting old.). Now it’s something like Shift+Alt+M or some such thing.

            A suggestion then. Perhaps Nemo could somewhat mimic what’s been done with both Firefox and Thunderbird? In both programs, if you uncheck the menu bar, a “menu” icon appears on the tool bar where, when clicked, shows a drop down populated with all the entries that were on menu bar. Right-clicking the new “Menu” icon would offer a “Menu” check box entry that, when checked, would bring back the traditional Menu bar (same as Firefox and Thunderbird) In essence, the menu bar “menus” would still be available, more overall space would be created, an obvious way to bring back the menu bar would be available and one more neat, useful customization feature added to the Cinnamon desktop.

            That being said, I’m hardly a developer so I have no idea how much work would be required to implement that sort of feature. Just an idea.

      • Guillermo P Sep 13,2013 07:36

        #3 definitely gets my vote, it’s one of those big.LITTLE features that should be standard anywhere.

      • Rehdon Sep 17,2013 17:55

        I’ll add my vote to #3 as well: it’s one of the few things that Windows always got right, like the “slow double click” to rename, so why not implement this feature?

        When it comes to adapting the window to long file names, I think everything is better than the current automatic (and annoying in the extreme) horizontal scroll bar popping up, so welcome to automatic filename column being truncated when necessary; hopefully it will be coupled with per-window column width memory, so that windows stay as the user wants them.

        Which leads me to window position memory … ;)

        Keep up the good work guys!


  7. Sep 13,2013 00:47

    Cool stuff going on in Nemo!

    One issue that I have uncovered recently for limited accounts is as follows:

    if you choose “open as root”, there is no option to select an ID that does have SUDO permissions. And as a limited account doesn’t have sudo permissions, it means NEMO can’t be opened as root. Yes, typically limited users shouldn’t be able to do this, but if an admninstrator is helping, they would need to log out then log in to do something (if they aren’t comfortable with the terminal).

    Most apps that require sudo permissions will have a user selection dropbox to choose an account with SUDO permission if the current user doesn’t have it. Can nemo get this also?

    Also, for some users turning OFF some of the buttons (like toggling the sidebar, switching between places and favorites in sidebar, etc) would be better if they could be taken away. I don’t think this is possible currently…. but maybe I missed it?

    I am happy to file bugs on both these items, let me know.

    Thanks again for the superb effort!

    • mtwebster Sep 13,2013 13:17

      I just pushed a fix for your first issue – open as root will now use policykit and let you select an administrative user to run as.

      • Sep 13,2013 15:03


        You are really great. Thanks for your quick solution. I am sure it will help others in the future (my goal is to help train some tech supporters, but this is the third world and they are esl learners, so the less terminal required, the better: their typing stinks!).

  8. Kirk M Sep 13,2013 01:45

    Excellent work so far. I’m always amazed at how dedicated the Mint developers are. Nemo and Cinnamon itself is defintely coming into it’s own.

    Many thanks.

  9. Caner Sep 13,2013 04:36

    Hello team!

    One minor bug in Nemo:

    Create a folder and type a name for it but don’t press Enter yet. While the name editing is still active, double click that folder.

    Nemo correctly gives the name to the folder and goes inside it. But now check the tool bar. It says ‘Untitled Folder’.

  10. Tom Sep 13,2013 07:03

    Thanks Matthew and Kirk M for your support and for explaining the issues I have raised!

    And @mtwebster: Point 3 would be really good, as otherwise I cannot think of anything else that I woul dmiss from windows…quite the opposite: Nemo is just super amazing and way better than whatever I had experienced in windows…

    But if you implemented point 3, THAT would be like the icing on the cake ;-)

    AND Regarding my point 5 and the stuff BEFORE where it says Update/Additional content…..would you consider that, as well? (I mean the “Sidebar-bookmark-folder name length-distortion-bug-when searching using CTRL-F” !!



  11. Tom Sep 13,2013 10:50

    By the way: This might not be part of this NEMO topics group, but I do not know how else to post it.

    The problem is that in Linux Mint there is a default pre-installed package called “APTonCD” which allows users to backup an dthen restore installed software. HOWEVER, you can backup, BUT you cannot restore your software….th point is the program creates an iso file with your software, BUT it then does not find/see the iso file when you try to restore your software selection!!!

    Therefore, this tool is, at the moment, completely useless!
    And since it is part of Linux MInt, it needs to be looked into and either repaired, removed or replaced by a similar tool, which is actually able to do the job!! Thank you.


  12. RavetcoFX Sep 13,2013 16:50

    The open with improvments is amazing! I have been waiting on that one for awile, thanks very much!!

    And how do I test nemo-preview and nemo-media-column? it doesnt seem to be in the nightly branch…

  13. Anand Sep 14,2013 07:38

    Maybe a dumb question, but how do I install those new extensions?

  14. guest Sep 14,2013 08:03

    +1 Feature request:
    Switch between tabs in nemo by ctrl+tab and ctrl+shift+tab as in firefox.

  15. Josef Sep 15,2013 14:03

    Reading the notes about the improvements to the copy dialog, here is a long-standing wish of mine. What if one could pause long and heavy copy jobs? I have the habit of wanting to set up multiple copy projects at once, whilst I have a clear overview of what needs to be copied. For instance when doing backups, or when transferring a workplace from one computer to another. However, setting up three or four copy jobs simultaneously usually means that they all run really, really slow. And sometimes, they are executed against different external disks, and I may be in more urgent need to free up and disconnect one of theses discs than the others. It would be great if there were a small pause button allowing me to delay a few copy jobs so that the most urgent one can finish first. A little bit the same thing as what you find in download managers nowadays when you need to free up bandwidth.
    Otherwise, thanks for great efforts.

    • mtwebster Sep 15,2013 14:29

      With the current copy functions there’s no way to pause a job midstream, except potentially in between files (which can be a fairly long time on large files). I have implemented and tested a crude queue system which would default all jobs to a one-at-a-time with the option to force start all jobs, but I’m not happy with this either.

      The holy grail to me is being able to pause/resume jobs at will, but it will require quite a bit of rewrite and time to accomplish.

  16. Natty Pangolin Sep 16,2013 05:05

    I am really impressed with what cinnamon is offering with stability..

  17. WIndows Refugee Sep 18,2013 19:45

    I wanted to say that as a former Winows user (I tried Linx one day for fun, two days later deleted XP, and haven’t been back) I really love Mint Olivia with Cinnamon 1.8 and I’m looking forward to the next upgrade. I’ve even started to learn some about the command line, mostly due to extensive practice cause of a WiFi issue that I finally resolved.
    One thing that I would love to see is a severely limited account variety, so that I can log my kids in on a “safe-mode” type account and they won’t have access to change any texts, settings, or views, just able to run and close programs on a admin-defined list, which would just need the admin password to set up. Honestly, this would also help a lot for when my sister stops over to check e-mails, she’s almost worse than the kids.
    I think that almost all the other suggestions people have made here are awesome too, but I also know that time would probably keep some of them from being possible. Keep up the good work though, and hopefully I’ll be able to make a donation with the money I’ll save on Windows upgrades :-)

    • VolMi Sep 20,2013 19:19

      Go to the menu and search for something like “users and groups” (I am on a german localization, here).

      There you can create a new user, and in the advanced settings, define everything you want.

      Linux has always had a strong focus on the multi-user scenario. :-)

  18. nonautilus Sep 26,2013 10:09

    Question on how to set columns for Nemo. I would like to see metadata for audio files. I didn’t see this option in the preferences for nemo. Is it possible?

  19. Tom Sep 29,2013 19:47

    Hi guys!

    Thanks for voting for my idea number 3. And I would like to support Rehdorn’s idea of “slow double click” to rename file names, instead of right-click–>rename…just as in Windows!


  20. zacH Oct 3,2013 00:23

    I’ve been waiting for Cinnamon/nemo news… so glad I finally found this blog!

    I’m glad to hear that we’ll be able to close nemo tabs with a middle-click, but I was wondering… any interest in allowing us to quickly scroll through tabs by mousing over and using the scroll wheel? I always install this as an extension in firefox and I love it. Scroll wheel down goes through left to right, and vice-versa. I find it most helpful when it doesn’t loop, as well… my firefox extension lets you if you want to, but I like that it stops if you get to the last/first tab. Something to consider?

  21. Nathan Salapat Jan 2,2014 19:51

    This is probably the wrong place to ask, but I’m having trouble with the operation progress dialog dynamic icon, specifically I don’t see it anyplace. Is there some applet I have to have enabled? I can close the copy dialog and the copy continues running in the background, but I have nothing that shows the progress.

  22. mtwebster Jan 2,2014 21:35

    It adds an icon to the system tray so you’ll need that applet active.

  23. Thomas Feb 7,2014 17:45

    My writing in English is nowhere near my reading abilities, but I’ll try to explain my problem: In Nemo “File Management Preferences” there are the “List Columns” for choosing which information will appear in list view. So e.g. I choose name, type and owner and in list view you see it.
    But if you search for files, it’s always shown name, size, type and location. With right click on the columns bar it is possible to enable e.g. owner or disable location, but only for one time. Next search will show name, size, type and location again. I can’t find a way to fix that.

    • Niall Sep 11,2014 06:40

      Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I still cannot find an answer to this:
      +1 for a method to modify which columns are available on a search result (to be permanently set)

      I find that for every search, I have to right click on one column header and tick “Date Modified” to allow me to sort on that field.
      Is there a configuration file that allows me to set which columns are displayed in a search result? (and is there a way to set it to sort on that field by default?)

      [Nemo 2.2.4 on Qiana Cinnamon]

      • malibusurfer Mar 22,2015 17:20

        Is there a way to make the Search columns save the setting to always show Date Modified?

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