Cinnamon 2.0 released!
by clem 265

On behalf of the team and all the developers who contributed to this build, I am proud to announce the release of Cinnamon 2.0!

This new version will be featured in Linux Mint 16 “Petra” planned for the end of November and will then be backported to LMDE and Linux Mint 13 LTS.

Cinnamon 2.0 represents 5 months of development and 856 commits from 28 developers. It features a lot of bug fixes but also brand new features and many improvements.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the new things in Cinnamon 2.0.

Have a lot of fun with this new release and don’t hesitate to give us some feedback! Enjoy

What’s new for users

Better Edge-Tiling

Screenshot from 2013-10-10 14:52:21

Windows can now be tiled to corners and resized

Edge-Tiling is the action of quickly moving a window to the edge of the screen and sticking it there for it to occupy half of the screen. It can be done by dragging the window towards a screen edge or by pressing pressing “Super_L” (The Windows key) and an arrow key. Edge-Tiling was there in Cinnamon since the beginning but it just got much much better!

First, tiled windows no longer need to occupy half of the screen, they do so by default when tiled but you can now resize them.

Second, in addition to the Left, Right, Top and Bottom edge of the screen, you can now also tile into the 4 corners of the screen.

Third, when you drag a window near a tiling zone Cinnamon shows that zone to you. This is called the HUD and its purpose it to bring awareness and make it easier for novice users to discover the Edge-Tiling and Edge-Snapping (explained in the next paragraph) features.


Screenshot from 2013-10-10 16:33:13

Snapping is the star of the show, almost as good as having multiple monitors. Here we’re working on the code in a maximized window while enjoying some music videos.


Edge-Snapping was inspired by the Snap functionality of Xbox One. It is similar to Edge-Tiling (the window sticks to the edge or corner of the screen, occupies half of the screen and can be resized) but with one key difference: Maximized windows do not cover snapped windows.

The idea behind Edge-Snapping is to let you keep an eye on a particular window without letting that window get in the way of everything else you’re doing. If you have multiple monitors you can already do that by moving that window to another monitor, if you don’t you’ll probably love this new feature.

To snap a window in Cinnamon 2.0, drag it with the mouse towards an edge or a corner while pressing the “Control” key. Alternatively you can snap a window using “Control”, “Super_L” and an arrow key.

Sound Effects

Screenshot from 2013-10-10 16:28:23

Sound effects bring life to Cinnamon and make using it more fun


Cinnamon is now able to play sounds when you perform common events such as closing windows, switching workspaces etc…

These sounds are configurable, can be disabled globally or individually and you can set the volume for them independently of the main sound volume.

Better User Management

GNOME lacked a proper tool for user administration and Cinnamon wasn’t taking advantage of the innovations developed by GNOME on account management. In Cinnamon 2.0, both aspects were rewritten from scratch.

System administrators now have access to the “Users and Groups” configuration tool which allows them not only to administrate users but also groups.

Screenshot from 2013-10-10 14:49:24

System administrators can configure groups again


Users can access and modify their own information via the “Account Details” module.

Screenshot from 2013-10-10 14:38:29

In Account Details you can quickly change your full name, password and avatar

In addition, a new user applet is introduced in Cinnamon 2.0 to let you easily perform most session/account related tasks (leaving, switching users, disabling notifications, accessing settings…etc).

Screenshot from 2013-10-10 16:29:01

The User Applet makes it easier to perform common session and user tasks


Nemo Improvements

Better MIME handling

MIME handling in Nemo has been drastically improved. Associating applications or commands to particular file types was a frustrating exercise. It is now a breeze.


It’s now trivial to associate applications or commands to MIME types

System tray support for file operations

The File operations window appears when you move or copy files. It shows you the progress of current move or copy operations. Prior to Cinnamon 2.0, if you closed this window you couldn’t bring it back.

In Cinnamon 2.0, if you close this window, it will show as an icon in your system tray. The icon uses a circular symbolic progress icon to give you an indication of the progress of the operations.


The File Operations window no longer disappears, it goes to your system tray

Other Nemo improvements

The overall performance and UI were greatly improved. Nemo looks better and acts faster than before.

Capture du 2013-10-10 14:37:19

Nemo received a lot of UI, usability and performance improvements

Bookmarks and devices now appear in the “Move to” and “Copy to” context menus so you can quickly move/copy files towards your favourite destinations.

New extensions were ported to Nemo, in particular nemo-media-columns and nemo-preview (which is forked from Sushi).

Window manager improvements

The Display configuration module was slightly improved.

Screenshot from 2013-10-10 14:19:17

Displays can be “set as primary”

Windows from other workspaces requiring attention are now highlighted in the window list by an item you can click when appropriate.

Substantial performance improvements were made to fullscreen applications. Running “glxgears -fullscreen” without vsync for instance now gives 3 times more frames per seconds than it did in Cinnamon 1.8.

What’s new under the hood

Cinnamon Backend 2.0

Prior to version 2.0, and similar to Shell or Unity, Cinnamon was a frontend on top of the GNOME desktop.

In version 2.0, and similar to MATE or Xfce, Cinnamon is an entire desktop environment built on GNOME technologies. It still uses toolkits and libraries such as GTK or Clutter and it is still compatible with all GNOME applications, but it no longer requires GNOME itself to be installed. It now communicates directly with its own backend services, libraries and daemons: cinnamon-desktop, cinnamon-session and cinnamon-settings-daemon.

Better compatibility and portability

Another very tangible gain is backward compatibility and portability. Until now Cinnamon was designed to work on top of GNOME 3… a desktop which is being actively designed and features radical changes every 6 months. For instance, it is not possible to communicate with gnome-settings-daemon 3.8 the same way as with gnome-settings-daemon 3.6. The communication protocols and ABI keep changing and so a particular version of Cinnamon had to be designed to work with a particular version of GNOME.

To take an example, Cinnamon 1.8 was designed for GNOME 3.6. It worked great in Linux Mint 15 (which it was designed for) but compatibility with other distributions and previous releases wasn’t achieved easily:

Cinnamon 1.8 Cinnamon 2.0 cinnamon-bluetooth
Linux Mint 15 Gnome-settings-daemon 3.6 (works perfectly) Cinnamon-settings-daemon 2.0 (works perfectly) Version 3.6
Linux Mint 13 LTS Gnome-settings-daemon 3.4 (works thanks to hacks in the code. Cinnamon-settings 1.8 could not be backported as it requires gnome-settings-daemon 3.6) Cinnamon-settings-daemon 2.0 (works perfectly) Not needed (gnome-bluetooth 3.4 provides the configuration module via cinnamon-settings 2.0)
Fedora 19 Gnome-settings-daemon 3.8 (works somehow, after a lot of patching, via the use of an unofficial 3.8 compatibility branch) Cinnamon-settings-daemon 2.0 (works perfectly) Version 3.8
Future releases/distributions Gnome-settings-daemon 3.10 (probably won’t work) Cinnamon-settings-daemon 2.0 (works perfectly) Version 3.10

In comparison Cinnamon 2.0 works out of the box with its own settings daemon.

Bluetooth support is the only exception to this and the only component of Cinnamon 2.0 which is still tied to GNOME. Despite its name, cinnamon-bluetooth is not a fork of gnome-bluetooth, but a frontend to it. It provides Cinnamon with a bluetooth applet and a bluetooth configuration module aimed to work with a particular version of gnome-bluetooth.

Better integration, easier development and innovation

The Cinnamon Backend empowers the development team to innovate further and with less design restrictions. Some of the new features in Cinnamon 2.0 would not have been possible without it. The new components can receive improvements and fit and be adapted to work with new developments done for Cinnamon. If a new feature requires changes across multiple components of the desktop, the team is no longer restricted by the limitation or the design of the GNOME backend components.

Better GNOME Shell in Linux Mint, better Cinnamon everywhere else

Cinnamon was better in Linux Mint than anywhere else and GNOME Shell was better everywhere else (except in Ubuntu) than in Linux Mint due to GNOME components being heavily patched to give users a well integrated Cinnamon desktop (or Unity desktop in the case of Ubuntu).

Thanks to the introduction of the Cinnamon backend, the GNOME components no longer need to be patched. In Linux Mint, users of GNOME Shell will therefore only have to cope with upstream Unity patches or enjoy vanilla components if they run LMDE. Everywhere else users will enjoy better integration and a quality of Cinnamon desktop which is more on par with Linux Mint.

Other improvements

  • Better localization, date formats, centralized translations
  • Added support for LightDM user-switching and guest user sessions
  • Added support for MDM user-switching and MDM integration in the System Settings
  • Improved support for systemd/logind

New features for developers

Settings API for Applets/Desklets

  • Settings are now localized using both your localization files and global Cinnamon translations.
  • If your applet or desklet uses the Settings API, Cinnamon 2.0 now automatically adds a “Configure…” menu item in your context menu. Make sure you don’t add your own.

Nemo actions

  • Actions now apply to the sidebar and treeview
  • Tokens can be used multiple times
  • A lot of new tokens and conditions were introduced

Check this file for more details:

And that’s not all…

Cinnamon 2.0 is huge. This is just an overview…

For an exhaustive list of changes, please visit the following page:

If you have questions about changes which are not covered in this announcement please contact the development team on IRC at #linuxmint-dev.

Notes to themes artists

With the exception of the HUD (for Window tiling/snapping), Cinnamon 2.0 should look fine in most 1.8 themes already.

You can see a changelog for the Cinnamon theme between 1.8 and 2.0, showing you exactly what was removed and added at:

Feel free to come and chat with us on #linuxmint-dev ( if you face any problem.

265 thoughts on “Cinnamon 2.0 released!

  1. Endru Reza Oct 10,2013 16:15

    That’s aweesomeee. Cinnammon is like a charm. Enchanting user of Linux Mint. Keep It Up guys

  2. RavetcoFX Oct 10,2013 16:16

    Congratulations team :D

    I wish we could go out for a celebratory beer or such :)

  3. Swordxh Oct 10,2013 16:36

    Congratulations for the 2.0 release!
    Cinnamon is my favourite DE and i love seeing it growing!

    Anyway the “Substantial performance improvements were made to fullscreen applications” is “Unredirect Fullscreen Windows” right?

  4. Rehdon Oct 10,2013 16:56

    Congratulations and thanks for all the hard work! Looking forward to Linux Mint 16 :)


  5. Pic Oct 10,2013 16:56

    Can I finally log in without typing in my name? I’m the only user of this computer!
    Anyway, can’t wait!

  6. Dana Oct 10,2013 18:06

    Very nice work! I can’t wait for Cinnamon 2.0 to hit LMDE. Thanks to the devs for this desktop – I don’t even miss GNOME 2.x at all. :)

    • clem Oct 10,2013 18:43

      Thanks Dana. Cinnamon 1.8 vs gjs is a tricky situation in UP7, Cinnamon 2.0 should simplify all that. With that said, if you missed GNOME 2 please check MATE (no pun intended) as well, they’re doing a great job on that DE as well.

  7. palimmo Oct 10,2013 18:34

    i hope to see it soon in LMDE!
    Great job guys!

  8. Cecar Oct 10,2013 18:48

    Running it on Arch Linux and it is great! A great improvement from previous release!

  9. Brian Oct 10,2013 18:58

    Is there a debian repository for installing cinnamon on wheezy?

    • clem Oct 10,2013 19:42

      No, but it should work fine if you compile it. You can get cjs, cinnamon-desktop, cinnamon-session, cinnamon-settings-daemon, cinnamon-control-center, muffin, Cinnamon and nemo (in that order) from and dpkg-buildpackage them one by one. Install missing dependencies as you go along. LMDE was on Wheezy until recently and ran Cinnamon 1.8 successfully. There’s nothing in 2.0 which shouldn’t work for you.

      • Zipman Oct 12,2013 21:30

        I use Debian Unstable/Experimental (I need it for work) and I loved Cinnamon. But it stopped to work abount 2 months ago and I’ve been forced to switch to KDE (XFCE is too limited and I hate Gnome).
        Does Cinnamon 2.0 work on Sid? Will it hit the official Debian repos? I’m just too lazy to rebuild it every time I upgrade the system and something brakes the dependencies :( and I cannot afford another traumatic DE switch :)

  10. dRaiser Oct 10,2013 19:08

    Thank you for excellent work! Cinnamon 2.0 is rocking on my Arch setup! :)

  11. Crewp Oct 10,2013 19:46

    Congratulations ! I’m a LMDE user and I just love the cinnamon desktop, to me it’s the best. :)

    PS: Clem, and team, keep up the good work.

  12. Eugene Oct 10,2013 20:18

    Is there any change you fix keyboard layout change via Alt-Shift? It’s only one thing that stops me on using Cinnamon. Gnome team had fixed this problem in 3.8.

    • clem Oct 10,2013 20:20

      Hi Eugene,

      Can you describe the problem? Is is simply a case of switching keyboard layout automatically when you press Alt-Shift?

      • Max Oct 17,2013 11:58

        It doesn’t work out of the box. I’ve found a solution by editing settings with dconf-editor( In short: run dconf-editor, find key org->cinnamon->settings-daemon->peripherals->keyboard->input-source-switcher and choose alt-shift-l from dropdown list.
        But there is a one problem. It’s impossible to use different layouts in several apps, layout is the same everywhere. We really need some UI configure layout switcher and option “Allow different layouts for individual windows”

  13. francesco44 Oct 10,2013 20:31

    The text mention that cinnamon 2 will be available for Mint 13….is it possible (as I suppose) to install it on Mint 14…?

  14. Bondhu Oct 10,2013 20:33

    Congratulations! And thanks. Has someone used it in Fedora (20 alpha, may be)? If yes whats the resource requirement? Does it run smoothly? Thanks.

    • clem Oct 10,2013 20:42

      I think leigh123linux (the Fedora maintainer for Cinnamon) is using it successfully there.

    • leigh123linux Oct 11,2013 00:46


      Cinnamon is running fine in F20 here (AMD FX 8350, Nvidia GTS450), I have also used cinnamon-2.0.0 (F19) on an Intel Atom (455, 2GB Ram) OK (it’s faster than Windows 7 starter :-) ).

      • Bondhu Oct 12,2013 19:47

        I installed it just after posting the question here. Its running very smoothly. :)

  15. Matthew Morgan Oct 10,2013 20:33

    All I can say is, I’m excited! Looking forward to Petra and all it’s Cinnamon 2.0 goodness!

  16. Mani Oct 10,2013 20:38

    Congrats to the team, you have really done a wonderful work! I love to be a cinnamon user.
    As you started to focus on tiling i wanted to ask if there are any effords on implementing gtile in cinnamon? it was a really useful extension and would be the perfect roundup for the tiling possibilities, but it’s broken since cinnamon1.8

    • clem Oct 10,2013 20:46

      We thought about it a bit. We wanted simple tiling use cases that were easy to use in addition to normal WM paradigms and without “morphing Muffin” into a radical tiling manager. Edge-Snapping is brilliant, once you get used to it you start loving it. I think it’s the same with real tiling managers though… and I see why some people miss them when they can’t use them. I’m not sure we’ll go into using tiling templates and all, but I’d definitely be open to this being done via extensions or even applets. I wasn’t aware gtile was broken, I’ll have to look into it.

      • Mani Oct 10,2013 22:35

        Thanks for the fast reply. I hope you can fix it soon or built it in core-cinnamon, so that it shouldn’t break again

  17. D.A.W. Oct 10,2013 21:37

    There is no mention of added panel support for dual monitors. Wasn’t that something you guys were working on? I’d really like to have panels on both of my monitors not just one.

    • clem Oct 11,2013 06:53

      We did but it didn’t make it in 2.0, it was postponed to 2.2 because it wasn’t fully ready.

      • Zach Oct 11,2013 21:48

        There are two big things for a DE to be usable for me:

        1. Windows tiling
        2. One taskbar per “workspace” that displays all windows associated with that workspace.

        I have been using quick tile for windows tiling:

        But there is nothing I could do about not having a taskbar on my second monitor. Until I can, I find cinnamon completely unusable.

        • person Nov 11,2013 13:54

          I use Unity mainly & I think 2 unity panels are stupid and only require one on dual screens.

          I used to be picky like you but when I got dual panels found that I rarely ever used the one on the 2nd monitor.

        • Matt K Feb 27,2014 21:23

          Just learning this now, unfortunate – Everything else looks awesome. Maybe it will be added later. I can’t operate without multiple taskbars since I use three monitors and typically have 20-40 applications in different taskbars at any single point.

      • D.A.W. Oct 12,2013 03:37

        Darn, well I guess I can wait.

      • S. E. Durán May 31,2014 22:06

        Clem do you can add support for the option to add the minimize and maximize buttons on the CSD windows to Cinnamon? is realy important for me as a Cinnamon user because this option will open the opsibility to install apps like Gnome clocks Gnome weather and even Gnome photos Gnome music Totem and Gnome contacts because with this new feature them will fit perfectly with the Cinnamon’s style

        Please Clem add suport for this feature soon as possible, if is posible after the Gnome 3.14’s release

  18. Andrew Pennebaker Oct 10,2013 21:42

    Window tiling? Hell yeah! I’ve been looking for a ShiftIt / WindowPad equivalent for Linux.

  19. Daniel4x Oct 10,2013 21:55

    This is all so great that I can’t wait to try Cinnamon 2.0 on LM16. One question: What’s with Cinnamon 2D? I have not heard the news about it. Maybe I missed something.

  20. Brahim Oct 10,2013 21:59

    Cinnamon is the best DE ever! Is it true that Cinnamon 2.0 supports compiz as well?

    • Mani Oct 10,2013 22:34

      I don’t think so. As i understand Cinnamon doesn’t use a windowmanager, it just uses some of the libraries built in muffin, so it won’t be possible.

  21. Nikolai_D Oct 10,2013 22:03

    How can i say it. Even only the first mentioned thing is something which is SO HUGE. That it blows the socks off everything, just EVERYTHING outthere.

    I was just takling like yesturday or something with someone who is an IT guy to. Saying the only one thing i really would like sooooo much next on a any/Linux desktop. Is when you drag a window to the corner instead of the side it would take one fourth of the screen. And OH MY LORD, what do i see here at the Cinnamon 2 release. Exactly that. I was just tinking today. Why on earth nobody emraces tiling. I once tried TWM or something on Debian 4 or something. Its just amazing concept.

    I always liked Unity on Super OS at home. And Gnome 3 on Fedora at work. And wasnt very interested in left bottom position of the menu in Mint.

    But THIS, tiling one fourth of the screen. Its just blows my mind.
    If only Mint was easier upgradable. Just a little thing. Then it would be totally perf for noobs. :D
    But maybe even so its already best. For desktop.

    Thank you very much.

    • anonymity is great Oct 30,2013 12:03

      KDE Plasma also has tiling to one fourth of the screen (since quite some time already). Just drag the window to the upper or lower part of the left or right screen edge (a blue highlight appears showing the size of the window when dropped).

  22. Fernando Oct 10,2013 23:08

    I really like Cinnamon! Keep improving it and please keep it light and faster!

  23. seneq Oct 10,2013 23:31

    What about bumpmaps ?

    • clem Oct 11,2013 06:55

      Still not ready so not in 2.0. Anything that isn’t fully ready gets descoped :)

  24. st0rmt4il Oct 11,2013 00:01

    Great news ;D!

    Waiting for LM 18.

  25. sdim Oct 11,2013 00:02

    Thank you from the Greek Mint Team.
    Looking forward to checking it out on Olivia.

  26. mirage Oct 11,2013 02:15

    HI. I love cinnamon, LM was my first linux SO and cinnamon has and special space in my heart, althoygh, corrently I’M VERY HAPPY IN OPENSUSE, IS THERE ANY CHANCE TO MAKE CINNAMON RUNS ON oS??

  27. rajmohan Oct 11,2013 04:01

    Congratulations and thanks for your hardwork.

  28. Guillermo P Oct 11,2013 04:06

    He, all these features come to show why you are the best distro and DE around. Fantastic. Can’t wait for Petra.

  29. Yunan Oct 11,2013 04:37

    Looks great, how to install it on olivia?

  30. Anand Oct 11,2013 05:01

    Nice write-up, Clem. I think with Segfult blog having regular posts, it must be easy to make this release statement! Just compile stuff from all blogs! ;-)
    And I finally understood edge-tiling. Now have Choqok (twitter) client tiled to one edge so can keep an eye on tweets whilst working on something else. I think you guys should some make native applets to fetch social media content. After all, non-programmers like me have simple requirements for a desktop. Browse social media, listen to music, watch movies, play games. :-)

    • collinss Oct 11,2013 06:16

      @Anand, I’ve been looking into writing some social media applets like facebook, google+, etc, but I’ve been pretty busy lately and haven’t had much time to work on it. When I’m done with my current project, though, I will probably turn my attention to that.

  31. A.Jäger Oct 11,2013 05:16

    Is it possible to run new cinnamon 2.0 on Mint 15? This would be great!

  32. sudo root Oct 11,2013 05:39

    „…it is still compatible with all GNOME applications, but it no longer requires GNOME itself….“

    That’s a music to my ears… :)

  33. m6 Oct 11,2013 07:02

    Bwow! Can’t wait to install it! Mint distro is my all time fav distro.
    Thank you Mint team for a good job!

  34. Kaidok Oct 11,2013 07:29

    Congrats! This is awesome! Can you install Cinnamon 2.0 on Ubuntu 12.04? (how?)

    • zagortenay333 Oct 11,2013 23:05

      Not sure how you could do that.THat theme is 90% transparent areas.Cinnamons UI looks different

    • samriggs Nov 7,2013 19:34

      Yup but don’t have time lol sorry, but just grab a theme somewhere for cinnamon and make the panel a svg (in inkscape) with the alpha at 0 you can measure it about 1400 x 25 (25 being the standard height, just use a big ole black rectangle with alpha at 0, then put this in the #panel element of the cinnamon.css file
      #panel {
      border-image:url(“panel.svg”)10 10 10 10 /10 10 10 10 repeat;
      font-size: 8.5pt;
      font-weight: normal;
      color: rgba(181,168,151,1.0);
      height: 25px;

      make the font size, weight and color whatever you want your to be, that’s about it, anyhting else you want transparent use the same method and you should be good to go.
      For the desklets (weather etc) use the same method with a svg that is transparent
      anywhere in the css file you see desklets change the background rgba to 0 again
      example: background-color: rgba(80, 80, 80, 0.0);
      the 0.0 is the alpha state.
      for the border
      example: border: 2px solid #a5a5a5;
      change to:
      border: none;
      that way it won’t show a border and you will get the weather desklet to look like the one in that image you showed us.
      if border: none; doesn’t work try
      border-style: none; and leave out the border, but border should work.
      Unfortunately I don’t have time but those two things should get it looking like that image, if you want the menu to be transparent also use the same method again.
      under this element
      .popup-menu-boxpointer {
      border-image: url(‘menuback.svg’) 5 5 5 5 stretch;
      make sure the svg has the right name (this one is taken from one of my themes for my menu).
      If you have any further questions ask at the forum I am sure some themers will help you along there.
      The area to post questions about this would be here:
      and once done please share it with others by putting it up on the cinnamon theme site :)
      Hope it helps you out.
      Although I hate windows that design does look nice. Personal preference.

  35. cherep Oct 11,2013 10:09

    Great work! Thank you a lot for your effort! Just a minor thing: the build was failed in ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-stable for ubuntu precise.

    • cherep Oct 15,2013 09:34

      There are some other packages in cinnamon stable ppa which are failed to build for ubuntu precise, namely: cinnamon-bluetooth – 1.8.2-20131011012103-precise, cinnamon-control-center – 2.0.2-20131011013606-precise, nemo – 2.0.0-20131011010006-precise, nemo-preview – 2.0.0-20131011023603-precise. Could someone rebuild them? Thanks!

  36. Bauke Jan Douma Oct 11,2013 10:50

    Congratulations. I think, seeing as to the many replies from you personnaly here,
    there is some elation there as well.

    Anyway, I just hope the first three items mentioned here (tiling, snapping, sounds)
    are all optional, since I hate all three of them.

    Personally, I hope the bug is fixed, whereby, having your panel at the top, and
    starting an application that requires root login, the screen hops up an amount of
    pixels equal to panel height (the panel itself vanishes) when it is greyed out,
    and hops back down after login — that that ugly (aethetically speaking) bug is


  37. Andy Oct 11,2013 11:22

    Not working at all. Crashing on startup.

    cinnamon[2218]: segfault at 0 ip b7596d2e sp bfa370d0 error 4 in[b7577000+bb000]

    • Andy Oct 11,2013 15:17

      Working now, but don’t know the cause (reinstall, reset, switched to gnome3 and back ..) ;)

      • collinss Oct 11,2013 19:16

        If you upgraded from an older version of Cinnamon, you have to reselct Cinnamon from the login manager the first time. I think it probably has to do with it using cinnamon-session and cinnamon-desktop now instead of gnome-session and gnome-desktop, but I’m not sure.

  38. david Oct 11,2013 11:47

    The work you’ve done on Cinnamon lately is amazing! So much so I’m considering increasing my subscription to you guys. I urge anyone out there who can afford even a dollar a month to consider donating to speed up development :) Every bit counts!

  39. Mandar Oct 11,2013 12:02

    Wowww! Great News!

    I am installing it right now!

    Thank you very much!


  40. kaizer Oct 11,2013 12:21

    I have been using Linux for nearly 15 years either in virtual machine or dual boot. For the last 6 month I removed the dual boot and I have been using exclusively LMDE/Cinnamon.
    I really think 2 milestones happened for promoting Linux as a realistic alternative to Windows users : first Cannonical until they made so many crazy moves (unity, MIR, amazon lense …) and now come Linux Mint age.

    I am really impressed by what LM team as managed to do :
    – perfect hardware recognition/configuration (as good as ubuntu even for LMDE while SolydXK fails big time)
    – perfect DE : I was at first really doubtful about the cinnamon project. I thought it woud be too ambitious for the team to cope with but you proved me wrong. Cinanmon is fantastic and deserve to meet his public way beyond LM.
    – Keep close relationship with the community even with a massively growing user base.

    A last word regarding LMDE, please try as much as possible to keep the quality at par with main version. If cannonical continue to go crazy in going their own way maybe at some point it would be easier to make LMDE the main distribution.

    So a big thank you to Clement, to the dvlpt team and everybody involved in LM and or cinnamon.

  41. Marco Oct 11,2013 13:43

    I’ve followed instructions, and added this PPA: ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-stable and tried to upgrade and then even explicitly install cinnamon after doing an apt-get update. I’m still on Cinnamon 1.8.8, rather than 2.0.x. Why am i not getting 2.0.x? I followed the instructions, didn’t I?

    • Despruk Oct 11,2013 14:46

      yeah… same thing on linux mint 15
      anyway, this worked for me

      sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -t raring main cinnamon

    • Gabriel Oct 11,2013 16:12

      Hi Marco

      I think Clem mentioned earlier that Cinnamon 2.0 would be available in that ppa soon. Maybe give it a few days and see if it is available then.

    • collinss Oct 11,2013 19:24

      There is a little issue with package priorities on Mint 15, so the packages in the official repositories always take preference over those in a ppa. There is a post here that should be able fix your problem.

      • Yunanto Oct 12,2013 03:21

        This worked for me, using the cinnamon 2 on the linux mint 15 right now

    • clem Oct 15,2013 21:44

      Hi Marco,

      Give the PPA a priority of 700 in /etc/apt/preferences.

      • Dannie Oct 17,2013 03:14

        I opened the etc/apt/preferences file but do not see the ppa to adjust its priority. What do I do now? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  42. RoseHosting Oct 11,2013 15:02

    Great news! Looking forward to Linux Mint 16 “Petra”.

  43. dashesy Oct 11,2013 15:06

    Thanks, Cinnamon is the great. The only part you should work on is press release, show every one how in the world of OSX copycats one desktop goes for productivity and gets the job done without wobbly widgets.

  44. Gabriel Oct 11,2013 16:18

    Big congrats to the Cinnamon developers. One question, I currently run into a minor issue in which the “Quit Player” pop up when closing a music player is still hanging around even after the player is closed and the sound menu is closed. Should I report this as a bug against Cinnamon 1.8 or just wait til I can get on to Cinnamon 2.0 and see if it comes up there?

    Anyway…great work on the new release and looking forward to the Mint 16 release. :)

    Cinnamon 1.8 Mint 15 AMD R600g driver

  45. vandiemen Oct 11,2013 19:32

    Hi Clem,

    I use Cinnamon with great satisfaction from almost two years. Today I upgraded Cinnamon to 2.0 on my netbook, but the lockscreen feature doesn’t work anymore. In 1.8.8 it was ok.

    There’s a way to fix this problem?

    In alternative, can I downgrade to 1.8.8 in waiting?

  46. Jkikke Oct 11,2013 19:41

    Working like a breeze on arch. Great job guys!

  47. Adam Oct 11,2013 19:54

    Well done, thanks! But will Cinnamon 2.0 be available for openSUSE?

  48. Daniel Oct 11,2013 20:01

    Hello guys,

    I want to help with the translations, who do I need to talk to?


  49. Jamin Samuel Oct 11,2013 23:33

    Please Mr Clem change the icons …. Linux Mint is good, you need change the icons for better opcions

  50. LM aka LinuxMint Oct 12,2013 02:06

    Clem:I made today an additional small donation for all your hard work!

    greetings and thank you!

    LM aka LinuxMint

  51. cedric Oct 12,2013 12:01

    Even after adding the ppa, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade gives no update on linux mint 15.
    Any idea?

  52. Pascual Lucero Oct 12,2013 15:00

    Hello, I have a problem (Clem: Help!!!!!)

    I installed Cinnamon 2.0 using the ppa, but now my computer is on software rendering mode all the time (when this never happened with the previous cinnamon).

    I don’t know what to do (besides downgrading) …

    I am using Linux Mint Olivia, with open source drivers (never used fglrx or similar)

  53. Roelof Oct 12,2013 15:11

    I have found a little problem on Cinnamon 2.0.2.
    See this bug report :


    • clem Oct 15,2013 21:49

      Hi Roelof,

      That link points to all issues.. can you point to your specific problem?

  54. Rehdon Oct 12,2013 15:16

    And of course the popularity enjoyed by Cinnamon is attracting some malevolent comments, see this one by one of Gnome’s developers:

    What can I say? Haters are gonna hate :)


  55. mohang187 Oct 12,2013 15:24

    After i update cinnamon from 1.8.8 to 2.0 ,i couldn’t start a cinnamon session it always start the fallback session , does anyone facing the same problem ? How can i downgrade to 1.8.8 ?

    • collinss Oct 14,2013 20:17

      @mhang187, try reselecting Cinnamon as the session at the login screen and see if that helps.

    • Tony Whelan Oct 14,2013 22:21

      Lots of excellent improvements here, thanks Clem and team. I especially like the enhancements in Nemo.

      My test machine was running Cinnamon ok on the pre-release versions of cinnamon 2.0 but after latest updates Cinnamon crashes every time after login. Have rebooted, re-selected Cinnamon session.

      Log says:
      traps: cinnamon[2032] trap int3 ip:7fa2cc48d2c5 sp:7fff50765b80 error:0
      cinnamon-session[1730]: WARNING: Application ‘cinnamon.desktop’ killed by signal 15
      kernel: [ 323.279548] traps: cinnamon[2146] trap int3 ip:7fef8228e2c5 sp:7fffa85697e0 error:0
      cinnamon-session[1730]: WARNING: App ‘cinnamon.desktop’ respawning too quickly
      cinnamon-session[1730]: CRITICAL: We failed, but the fail whale is dead. Sorry….

      Video card in this test machine appears to be a GeForce GT520. Went to system settings, administration, device drivers and it reported that I was using an xserver-xorg-video-nouveau and recommended nvidia-310. Went ahead and changed as recommended, rebooted but still getting same crashes.

      Then tried “sudo apt-get install nvidia-current” which installed an earlier version of the driver – nvidia-304. Rebooted, and same story.

      I’ll research this later in the week when I get a chance, but just mentioning it in case others have a similar issue.

      • collinss Oct 14,2013 23:19

        Tony, I had this error recently myself. I think I fixed it by loging in via command prompt (ctrl-alt-f1) and installing updates (sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get upgrade). I don’t know if it will work for you, but you can give it a try if you haven’t already.

        • Tony Whelan Oct 15,2013 02:39

          Thanks for the suggestions, but yes I had already done update and upgrade. Even tried purging cinnamon and reinstalling it. I’ll install it on a virtual machine when I get time, to see how I go with that.

    • Tony Whelan Oct 15,2013 07:21

      An update – which may help others, and hopefully the OP (mohang187)

      I continued to get a Cinnamon crash on logging in with my main account on the test machine. However I had previously created a second login account for test purposes, and Cinnamon works just fine with that login.

      The second account was “vanilla”, whereas the main account had three cinnamon applets installed. So I thought I’d remove the applets; I used nemo to move the applets folder contents out of /home/user7/.local/share/cinnamon/applets and logged out and back in, and behold, cinnamon started perfectly. I haven’t bothered yet to try to work out which of the applets won’t play nice with the latest version of cinnamon. Should have thought of that earlier ;)

      • Tony Whelan Oct 15,2013 07:32

        The applet causing grief was World Clock Calendar … which is one of my favourite applets :(

  56. mohang187 Oct 12,2013 15:28

    Here is the error i got when i tried to execute the following command : cinnamon –replace

    JS LOG: About to start Cinnamon
    Window manager warning: Log level 16: Error getting session for the process we are in: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit.Manager.GeneralError: Unable to lookup session information for process ‘6792’ (g-io-error-quark 36)
    JS LOG: Cinnamon started at Sat Oct 12 2013 16:27:18 GMT+0100 (WEST)
    JS LOG: network applet: Cannot find connection for active (or connection cannot be read)
    Window manager warning: Log level 16: STACK_OP_REMOVE: window 0x250 not in stack

  57. Robert Oct 12,2013 16:47

    Just to clarify things. The ultimate goal of Cinnamon is to become independent from Gnome. Does that also count for the applications provided / needed?

    I am using Arch Linux and there Cinnamon is provided by the following packages:


    However, this does not give me a full desktop. For example in order to take a screenshot I still need gnome-screenshot. How is this supposed to be with future releases of Cinnamon?

    Will there be additional applications provided to make Cinnamon more complete or is it up to the user to pick the applications he wants to fulfill some basic tasks such as screenshot taking?

    • clem Oct 15,2013 21:52

      Hi Robert,

      I saw your comment on and responded there.

  58. mrman Oct 12,2013 17:25

    Not sure if your listening Clem but thanks for the work + others too..

    Im confused. You dropped gnome (yay!!) but why GTK3? not sure im not an expert but it would be fully awesome if the cinnamon theme would also theme the ‘windows’

    so Nemo, and foler windows + windows of applications used a Cinnamon toolkit for a theme and when you selected a theme from settings EVERYTHING was themed the same. At the momemet the big failing in all linux window managers is that they have a fancy menu and widgets but when it comes to the desktop windows they stick with GTK / QT but dont theme anywhere like the menus/applets/widgets ?

    Its this uniformity that would separate cinnamon to a totally cohesive design.

    If you managed that ^^ then on first boot after installation you could offer some nice choices like Bodhi linux for certain themed looks + include the sound scapes for each theme


    Thanks Again !

    • clem Oct 15,2013 22:05

      Well… Cinnamon uses two themeable technologies: GTK3 and St/Clutter. It is up to theme artists to try and make them look consistent with one another.

      Why GTK3? That’s a good question. In my opinion the two dominant toolkits at the moment are GTK2 and QT. Each toolkit has pros and cons, QT adds a lot of libraries and doesn’t always look native, GTK2 has an annoying bug with Gtk.FileChooser. GTK3 is cool but nowhere near ready (you can appreciate how GTK3 themes break every 6 months) and comes with no python bindings (if you followed the migration of mintMenu to MATE 1.6 you know how tedious and broken gi is, especially for gtk2, compared to proper pygtk).

      I talked a lot with Clemens from Netrunner about the possibility for Cinnamon to use QT and explained why it wasn’t possible. Cinnamon wasn’t started from scratch, from designs and with a choice of available technologies. It was started as a fork to something that was already great. Even if GNOME wasn’t what we wanted to provide to our users, it was built on great and exciting new technologies and was 90% ready underneath, so we inherited GNOME’s design decisions when it comes to techs, toolkits, libs and design. With each iteration, things change and some decisions get reverted, but never drastically.

      • jesse5567 Oct 16,2013 14:05

        Hi Clem. Re “great and exciting new technologies” (in GTK3, right?). I’ve heard you say similar things before, but I’m not sure I totally understand. Would you give a few examples of the great tech, please?

        • clem Oct 16,2013 14:18

          Sure. GNOME tech in general is very exciting but also very closely tied to GNOME and not necessarily designed in a way that cares for backward compatibility or even compatibility outside of GNOME. In other words, GNOME develop their tech for themselves and without consideration for non-GNOME projects or even for the GNOME 3rd party developers and the GNOME ecosystem around GNOME.

          With that said, they produce really cool stuff. For instance Cinnamon inherited most of it from GNOME Shell and Mutter. A WM written in C, an internal C toolkit called St, the use of a Javascript interpreted layer… themeing via CSS etc. It’s all really exciting for developers and innovating on top of this is a treat.

          cjs is a perfect example of this. It’s probably one of the coolest aspects of Cinnamon, yet it had to be forked from gjs (although it’s almost the same) because gjs kept changing with every new version of GNOME.

        • clem Oct 16,2013 14:34

          btw, let me clarify my position on GTK3 (which most devs already know):

          – Do NOT migrate from GTK2 to GTK3
          – Do NOT start a new project with GTK3, chose GTK2 instead
          – GTK3 is indeed a better toolkit than GTK2
          – GTK2 is stable and isn’t going anywhere
          – GTK3 is changing and some of the changes it receives impact applications using it
          – GTK3 is developed with Shell in mind, by and for GNOME, it is NOT a tookit to make Linux apps, it is a toolkit to make GNOME apps
          – GTK3 is NOT ready, it works well, but it’s not finished, you can appreciate how its themeing engine is still being developed or even designed and breaks existing themes every 6 months.

          In the scope of Cinnamon we’re delighted with GTK3, it’s nice to use and it works great (just a tad better than GTK2 which was also very nice to use), but we consider it a risk and a liability.

          Also, we don’t use GTK3 by choice, we inherited that choice from GNOME Shell, Nautilus etc…

          I don’t want to sound alarmist, GTK3 is great but it is what it is, a libgnome which lives by and for GNOME and comes with unexpected changes with every new GNOME release.

          I don’t think GTK3 will ever get to a point where it needs patching or forking but it’s important to consider the risks associated with using it or migrating to it.

          Looking at my archives I found an old program of mine I developed about 10 years ago. It used Java and it runs today just like it did 10 years ago. When it comes to GTK3, I know Cinnamon works great with GTK 3.6, I “think” it works great with GTK 3.8 (we’re still testing) and I’ve no idea if or what’s broken with GTK 3.10.

          As you can see that’s quite problematic… apps written with GTK2 don’t have this problem. They look the same 6 months later and they continue to work if they worked before.

          Toolkits and libs should provide stable APIs and commit to them. You can’t expect every single app developer to constantly adapt his software every 6 months and catch up with poor documentation.

          In fairness to GNOME though, they never committed to providing a stable Linux toolkit and they don’t have to. They’re free to develop their own tools, for themselves, and to make them evolve any way they want. They do carry the names GNOME and GTK though, and so it’s understandable so many developers interpret GTK3 as something it is not.

          • Emmanuel Oct 16,2013 15:22

            I was pretty sure, that GTK was standing for GIMP Toolkit and not Gnome Toolkit.

            But I may be wrong about GTK-3 of course :)

            Nevertheless, thanks for Cinnamon 2.0. Will test it really soon… Probably tonight.

          • clem Oct 18,2013 11:17

            Afaik, it still does stand for “GIMP” Toolkit.

          • jesse5567 Oct 16,2013 15:27

            Woah! That’s quite a reply! Thanks a bunch for taking the time to write such a detailed reply. I definitely have a better understanding now.

            Also your GTK2 v GTK3 clarification is much appreciated. Given that “GTK2 is stable and isn’t going anywhere,” I’m guessing MATE will be around for a long time to come. (Good for MATE!)

            Again, thanks. I’m glad that your are having a blast doing such great work.

  59. n1xtr1x Oct 12,2013 17:30

    First off, thanks for all your work on this release. I decided to install Mint Olivia because Cinnamon is one desktop i had not tinkered around much with yet.

    I like the clean / intuitive GUI, I’ve found it is lightening fast (nearly as fast as XFCE for me) and i overall am using it as my preferred desktop environment now.

    One issue i am having though is Video Playback. I am experiencing skipped frames galore when using VLC, Banshee, Video Player for AVI files with either mp4 or xvid codecs. FLV files are unaffected when played locally on VLC.

    I thought at first maybe it was a codec issue. I installed restricted extras and also tried a couple more video players, to no avail. Some skip worse than others.

    I then tried installing both MATE and XFCE to see if the issue also would reproduce in them. Only Cinnamon has this issue for me on a Dell N 5140 laptop.

    Is anyone else having this issue or could this be that my graphics card on this laptop isn’t playing nice? Any info would be greatly appreciated. I’d love to fix this and not have to log out / use another desktop manager for movie / tv playback! :-)

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts / insight.

    • DanielK Oct 14,2013 12:16

      I’m experiencing the exact same issues with Cinnamon. I also tested with other DEs and had no problem, only Cinnamon has this bug. I’m using Cinnamon + Ubuntu 13.10. I’ve noticed that it started after the update of Saturday night from the Cinnamon nightly ppa. Before that, everything was working fine.

    • clem Oct 15,2013 22:09

      Cinnamon uses your GPU to render the desktop so in that respect it’s taking more of your graphics card resources than non-accelerated DEs such as MATE or Xfce. I’d give Cinnamon 2.0 a try, especially in full screen to see if things are better but if they aren’t and playback is still problematic, I’d suggest using a non-accelerated desktop.

      • DanielK Oct 16,2013 13:53

        Clem, sorry. Maybe I was not clear. I have been using Cinnamon since its first version and never had this problem before. It all started after the update I mentioned in my first post.So it has nothing to do with my GPU.

        Anyway, thanks for your answer.

        • DanielK Oct 23,2013 12:58

          It turns out that my problem was being caused by the “Drives Manager” Desklet. Everything is fine now that I uninstalled it.

      • Emmanuel Oct 16,2013 15:32

        This use of graphic card is the only think I don’t like in new desktop environment like Gnome-3 (& Cinnamon/Unity of course). It clearly reduce the lifetime of the battery when you have a laptop.

        Clem, in 2.0 do we now have the option to choose the behavior of the shutdown button ? I would like him to power off my laptop, but it puts it in sleep mode…
        It’s not that important, but it’s faster than Menu > Power off > power off.

      • n1xtr1x Oct 17,2013 09:42

        Thanks for the response Clem. I appreciate it greatly.

        After the nightmare i had with video playback on this laptop under Cinnamon 1.8 i tried upgrading to 2.0. I am unsure why, but it completely broke Cinnamon’s ability to work and always reverted to ‘fallback mode’ upon logging in with that manager.

        In the end, it got me to test out a pure Debian install. I then played with Knoppix as an install and also tried Saline OS as i am a big XFCE fan. Long story short, i’m now building what i hope to be my workable install for awhile with the Debian Mate version of Mint.

        So far i love it. So no Cinnamon for me, but.. The Debian Mate install with XFCE is quite nice with some tweaks.. So i am a happy penguin.

        Thanks for all your work on all of Mint ;-)

  60. batfastad Oct 12,2013 19:23

    This is great news… Cinnamon is the best on Linux Mint.
    There are a couple of improvements I’d like to see to the desktop itself though, which I believe is actually handled by Nemo.

    1) please let me arrange desktop icons to a grid rather than just columns. Configuration of grid size and spacing.
    2) allow configuration of desktop icon and font size
    3) keyboard control of the “start” menu favourites column, including shutdown/logoff buttons. Only the application menus seem to be keyboard responsive on my Mint installation.

    Is any of this now possible?

    • Bauke Jan Douma Oct 20,2013 14:05

      If you mean “allow configuration of default
      desktop icon and font size” I second that!

      I like my icons fairly small, smaller than
      the current default, and keep resizing them
      all the time. A central setting to a certain
      default would be nice.

  61. A.Jäger Oct 12,2013 19:52


    Update was working…..after some problems! Now I have the problem when Iḿ using the default driver for ati grafic the wallpaper is looking strange! Only pixels! Anyone has the same problem?

  62. Moris Oct 12,2013 20:45

    Is it possible to integrate the preferred utility used in Lubuntu? It allows the easier way to set defoult program as borwser. I sue Srware Iron as browser and it’s complicated to make it default.

  63. Benjamin Burgos Oct 14,2013 17:04

    Thanks a lot, great job!

  64. mlc Oct 15,2013 00:34

    Cinnamon is now the best desktop env. for me. I follow the project for a long time and now it’s perfect! Really great job guys!

  65. nak Oct 15,2013 01:28

    2.0 is really wonderful so far, and not to sound ungreatful for all of the work put in to it…but is there really still no way to change the time format on the lock screen? Everything is 12 hour, but that remains at 24 hour with no way to change it…

  66. Emre Oct 15,2013 06:09

    perfectttttt work, keep going :)

  67. Lance Oct 15,2013 09:58

    Hi All!
    Is it possible to install Cinnamon 2.0 into Debian testing?

    I use Aptosid (debian-based distro) and want to install Cinnamon 2.0. Which repo i need to use?

  68. Thiago Ponte Oct 16,2013 16:03

    I just installed Mint 15 and updated to Cinnamon 2.0.2 using Gwendal PPA.
    It’s looking really great!
    I’m considering installing it on my notebook, to replace Ubuntu 12.04 + Gnome Classic.
    I’ll probably wait for Mint 16. Keep up the great work!

  69. Raft Oct 16,2013 17:58

    Hi All!
    After update to version 2.0.2-20131011040008-raring Cinnamon don’t run(crashing). After login screen write a message like a “Cinnamon has been crashed, restart?”, and then it falls into the cyclic restart.
    Part of syslog
    What i need to do, to fix it?
    Thanks! and sorry for my eanglish :)

    • Tony Whelan Oct 19,2013 07:09

      If you have extra applets installed, one of those may be crashing it.
      I had this happen with World Time Clock applet – I used Nemo to remove it from ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets and cinnamon was able to start.

      • Raft Oct 19,2013 08:04

        Thank You very, realy very much! I removed all applets, but that not helped, then i removed all desklets & extensions, and that helped! I like Cinnamon 2.0! :)

        • clem Oct 19,2013 18:06

          That’s interesting… I’ll look into that and I’ll remember to spread the word for people upgrading from a previous release.

  70. Raft Oct 16,2013 18:00


  71. Lenbok Oct 16,2013 20:19

    With Cinnamon 1.8 U had it set (I don’t recall how) so that I had the following behaviour:

    -left-drag moves a window
    -right-drag resizes a window

    after the upgrade these no longer worked. What is the recommended method to reinstate this behaviour? I can get the first one working, but the second on keeps bringing up a window menu.

  72. Lenbok Oct 16,2013 20:20

    (bah those modifiers didn’t come out right – they were:


  73. Lovin Cinnamon Oct 17,2013 07:14

    Wow! this looks fantastic.

    Any chance there will be a setting for Centering Windows soon?
    Or at the very least have a config setting like the MATE got?

  74. Eshton Oct 17,2013 10:17

    Nice work guys, running Cinnamon on Archlinux and loving it. The only quirk I have is with multimedia keys. The volume and brightness keys work but none of the others do. Am I missing a package?

  75. rom85 Oct 17,2013 10:18

    How can I edit the list and order of “Open With..” applications?
    For example, when clicking on folder with mp3 I have only 2 active apps and the one I want to launch is in “Other Application…”, so I have to do those clickings every time. I would like to add that app to “Open With..” for faster choosing.

    • mtwebster Oct 17,2013 18:22

      You can click on the app in the ‘Other Applications” now and click “Add to List” – it will then show up in the right-click menu as an alternate program.

  76. Glibik Oct 17,2013 11:04

    I don’t understand …
    Under the heading “Better User Management” in this announcement you have an image showing an Account Type of ‘Administrator’. Is this something similar to the superuser, root? Or is it some bizarre typing error?

  77. Josh Beauregard Oct 17,2013 17:17

    Been using this for a week now (on ubuntu 13.04) and its fantastic.
    thanks all

  78. Maya Oct 17,2013 18:11

    I have never ever use Cinnamon in my machine or recommend to others. I am fond of mate after unity comes. I started to use LinuxMint for 1 year and satisfied. It is really a no problem Linux OS. I tested Cinnamon for several hours one year ago. It failed to satisfy me. I missed various kind of applet. I like to create another panel on top of screen and grow habit to use netspeed, dictionary lookup, notes, system monitor etc. Are these applet available in cinnamon2.0? I wish to check if cinnamon can fillup my desire/need or not. I am using Linuxmint 15 now.

    • Anand Oct 18,2013 07:47 > Check here, most of the applets are available, I think. For dictionary, I use Artha dictionary which sits neatly on system tray and can also be called upon by selecting the text and pressing hotkey for directly looking up the word.
      In terms of widgets, i find that KDE has plethora of them. (not sure abour Mate) Cinnamon Applets / Desklets are going and am sure with collaborative community development, we will have much more of them. Cinnamon is just 2.0 yet :-).

  79. alfanak Oct 17,2013 18:22

    I suggest to make new fonts for linuxmint, fonts that replace ms fonts (Arial, fedora)

    • Anand Oct 18,2013 12:35

      I am using Aller font at the moment and I am linking it a lot. Not suggesting that it should be default one. Just sharing.

  80. alfanak Oct 17,2013 18:22

    Tahoma not fedora :P

  81. Gavin Oct 18,2013 02:41

    What I love most about Gnome Shell is the left-side dock. Especially when I use the hot-corner, where I often access it. Is there a way to implement a left-side dock which can be accessed after hitting the hot-corner in Cinnamon?

  82. cshin9 Oct 18,2013 06:24

    Does this mean Cinnamon is no longer a GNOME shell?

  83. richard Oct 18,2013 08:17

    I hope you will include in Nemo the “Send To” and “Format” like the Windows Explorer.

  84. Aman Oct 18,2013 09:03

    I am using Cinnamon on Ubuntu 12.04 for like a year or so, and this update has just made me feel like flying ^_^
    Great job guys, completely loved it!

  85. Alex Oct 18,2013 12:01

    Thank you guys for all your hard work. I love cinnamon in LM 15.

    Working with windows 7 I get used to vertical orientation of main panel. Very useful with all widescreens around. I so much miss it in Cinnamon.

    • Soukyuu Nov 27,2013 14:27

      So much this. Why cinnamon still doesn’t have a vertical taskbar option is beyond me =/

  86. Leslie Satenstein Oct 18,2013 13:19

    A very much like the concept of Window snaps. I have not yet had the opportunity to install this DE and will wait for November (two or three weeks away).

    I would like to see a feature called window pegging. I am not sure if this is what you are offering.
    Window pegging is just that. Put the window to the size and location you desire, and put in a peg. That will result in the windows size and coordinates being immutable, until unpegged. Other properties aside, as I understand it, would be the “always on top”, transparent when on top, etc.

    Oh well, I will just have to do hands-on when C2 is out.

  87. Yro Oct 19,2013 04:25

    Hi Clem and team.

    Any informations on how to install Cinnamon 2.0 on Debian Wheezy?

  88. cherep Oct 19,2013 19:17

    There are some other packages in cinnamon stable ppa which are failed to build for ubuntu 12.04, namely: cinnamon-bluetooth – 1.8.2-20131011012103-precise, cinnamon-control-center – 2.0.2-20131011013606-precise, nemo – 2.0.0-20131011010006-precise, nemo-preview – 2.0.0-20131011023603-precise. Is it a known issue?

  89. Larue Oct 19,2013 19:46

    Congratulations on your accomplishment! I’m a huge fan of Cinnamon . . .

    On the downside, hotkeys don’t seem to work anymore (Ubuntu 12.04.3). Are there multiple places where they are configured and I was getting away with that in the prior release by accident? I have my own custom ones which didn’t work, so I decided to try a standard one . . . Ctrl-Alt T does not bring up a terminal, it does nothing.

    • Larue Oct 20,2013 03:46

      Okay, I dug around a little more. I’m guessing that the Ctrl-Alt T was just pilot error.

      As for the rest of the shortcuts, yeah, they were lost (not that big a shocker for a major release upgrade). Actually, they were still there in other settings managers, but not in cinnamon-settings. When I put them in via cinnamon-settings, they worked fine. No biggie.

      I had the horror of using, gulp, Unity for a couple of hours, but now I’m back to Cinnamon.

      Thanks again for the great software.

  90. BBOSAK2143 Oct 22,2013 15:27

    Congratulation on breaking free of Gnome and becoming self-sufficient! This is a miracle come true. I love all the Linux desktops and was not able to use Cinnamon until it broke free from Gnome. I was only able to use it in conjunction with Ubuntu 12.10 and Gnome 3.6. Was not compatible with my 13.04 til now! I am hoping a sort of Cinnamon-Tweak program will be taken into consideration so everyone can change the looks of folders and programs to their liking, more easily. For now, one has to change this in dconf under org/cinnamon/interface and scroll down the list and change gtk-theme and gtk-key-theme appropriately. Of course for now needs the profix’s Adwaita or Ambiance before the name of the theme so will work. Ironically, Sky-blue-cinnamon icons made for Cinnamon by Nooblabs are not working with it currently. Still this is quite the marvel and hope other gnome dependents will so take your great move into consideration. Hats off, Long Live Cinnamon, will be an honor to create more themes for it when time permits!

    • clem Oct 23,2013 11:10

      Thanks. No need for any tweak tool. You can change icons and themes in Menu->System Settings->Themes->Other Settings.

  91. Aculeo Oct 22,2013 18:04

    I really like it so far, just installed it on Ubuntu. The only thing missing is the theme you are using in the screenshots and the icons, where can I get these?

    • clem Oct 23,2013 11:13

      The theme is Mint’s default. It’s called Mint-X. For the icons they’re based on a popular icon theme called Faenza.

  92. nooby Oct 23,2013 00:22

    How can I update to the new Cinnamon? :) (I’m Linux very beginner)

  93. gui Oct 23,2013 04:37

    hey clem, nice work!
    is that possible to make it more modular in the future? i mean, if i don’t want a bluetooth module, i can easily remove it without breaking the whole system for example.

    thanks a lot

    • clem Oct 23,2013 11:17

      Yes and No. For Bluetooth, yes, you’re in luck, it’s now completely distinct from Cinnamon. So you can remove it. For Cinnamon components no, the trend is to improve integration at the cost of modularity, so more and more you’ll need to run cinnamon-screensaver, nemo, etc.. and you won’t be able to switch to other modules. That’s because we want to push design and innovation and be able to develop cross module solutions. In other words we want to be able to assume you’re running a “complete” Cinnamon environment when we write new features. It’s quite important in terms of design and it empowers us a lot in improving the whole thing. Now with that said, if you miss other modules like say xscreensaver, nautilus or whatnot, please do tell us why and we’ll use your feedback to improve our own.

      • gui Oct 23,2013 14:18

        thanks for the quick answer. i believe integration is good, i just like sometimes to have a barebone install, with the utilities i use. as you stated, for example, screensaver is a feature i do not use and i tend to remove what i dont need. but anyways, thanks for the great work

      • Brian Oct 28,2013 15:31

        Hi Clem,

        Just wanted to state, if xscreensaver is not supported I will switch DEs. I really disliked Unity when I (up)graded to Ubuntu 12.04 and liked Cinnamon a lot. Missed some of the tweaks I’d made in Compiz but overall it’s really good. However, I was disgusted with gnome-screensaver, and I don’t use cinnamon-screensaver, which is no better. I did have to make the org.cinnamon.ScreenSaver DBUS object call “xscreensaver-command -lock” to make it work correctly (Menu-Lock screen and Ctrl-Alt-L), which is a bug IMO, but at least it’s one you share with Gnome and Unity. Still don’t understand what was wrong with xscreensaver, but I found it to be a symptom of larger problems at Gnome.

        If you can get cinnamon-screensaver to fully support xscreensaver hacks, along with a method for applying settings as in xscreensaver, I’ll switch for sure! Otherwise I’m going to force xscreensaver in until it stops working, then I’ll find another DE. Hope to stay here, I like it.

        • clem Oct 29,2013 11:01

          I tell you what, think about things, switch to your favorite DE. If you stay with Cinnamon and you like xscreensaver (I do too btw), tell us why so we can add features to cinnamon-screensaver.

          Feedback is precious, but warnings/threats/lobbying (I don’t know how you call it) like “if blah() I will switch DEs” is completely irrelevant. It’s a bit insulting too, makes us feel like vendors in some kind of consumer relationship.

          • Brian Nov 7,2013 18:06

            For now I am definitely staying with Cinnamon on Ubuntu, shoehorning xscreensaver in. As long as I can manage to do that I’m not going anywhere. My overall experience in Cinnamon is great and I think it’s only getting better. Would love to have cinnamon-screensaver support changing settings in screensavers, the way xscreensaver does (via xscreensaver-demo, aka “Screensaver Preferences”). That includes choosing how to treat multiple monitors, which screensavers to choose from randomly, etc. If cinnamon-screensaver can do those things, I will go back to cinnamon-screensaver instead of xscreensaver. I know this originated from Gnome, so you started with gnome-screensaver, which is broken in my opinion.

            Xscreensaver works quite well, it’s just that the unlock dialog can’t be themed. That doesn’t bother me at all, but some people don’t like their hard work on theming to get discarded by xscreensaver. William Jon McCann was asked many times to provide some way to change screensaver settings without manually editing a large number of text files, and he basically told people he wasn’t going to do it that way and forget it. Someone managed to code an add-on program to change gnome-screensaver settings, but it was never incorporated and I don’t think it works any more. The result is basically now there are no screensavers unless you run xscreensaver.

            I like Cinnamon enough to hack xscreensaver into it, and as long as I can do that satisfactorily I’ll stay. The issue will be when I can’t get what I like, then I might as well use something more standard like CentOS. We’ve got a bunch of servers/workstations running Red Hat so if it’s painful I might as well use CentOS’s crappy DE. I don’t want to do that, which is why I mentioned this little thing is important to me, generally as a marker of philosophy. Gnome made a decision to remove capability, not a decision they didn’t have enough time to do it. Hopefully you can add something like xscreensaver-demo, but if there’s no time for that kind of fluff it’s understandable! Just please try not to break xscreensaver too much in the meantime. It would be great if Cinnamon could use either correctly without the hacks.

  94. Maelys Oct 23,2013 13:57

    Thanks for all the work you and others have put in. There’s lots of excellent DE’s out there and for me, yet Cinnamon is the one I keep going back to.

    I just installed Arch and got Cinnamon working from their binary repos without a hitch. Getting the version with Bluetooth support was a little less obvious (I tether to my phone all the time via Bluetooth), but that got settled and works just dandy now too. The selfish one in me hopes that one day that won’t depend on GNOME either.

    Thanks again for the amazing work!

  95. gui Oct 23,2013 14:45

    Clem, it seems that Ubuntu 14.04 will stick with Gnome 3.8, that means GTK+ 3.8 as well. What can you say about the future of cinnamon related to the GTK+ Library? will stick wit 3.6 for the next Mint or it’s already 3.8… Just curious here

  96. azaqiel Oct 24,2013 20:49

    when will Cinnamon 2.0 be available in Mint 13? will it be official, or should I just add ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-stable to my sources?

  97. Mike Freeman Oct 25,2013 03:58

    I’d love to try out this version to see if my issues with previous versions not liking my graphics driver have been fixed. I’ve installed it (which also installed a good chunk of Gnome and Unity), but I can’t get it to run. I log into it, and it gives me a message telling me Cinnamon has crashed and asks if I want to reload it (doing so just crashes again). It drops me into Gnome Classic/Fallback. This happens with both standard and software rendering versions. Any suggestions?

    • Tony Whelan Nov 3,2013 19:34

      Mike, do you have any extra Cinnamon applets installed? I found that when I installed Cinnamon 2.0 on my test machine it crashed on login every time until I removed an extra applet (World Clocks) that was somehow incompatible with that version of Cinnamon. Applets are stored in ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets
      so just renaming that folder will “remove” the extra applets for testing purposes.

  98. Erik Oct 26,2013 12:20

    I have tried Cinnamon couple of times but haven’t found it stable enough. That’s why i’m still using Linux Mint MATE. Another thing is that one can’t customize Cinnamon well enough.

  99. Kamil Jurik Oct 27,2013 08:58

    Hi Clem,

    with Cinnamon 2.0 has two major problems.

    1.Broken antialising. Blur with text. It does not work Gryscale so Rgba.

    2.Cinnamon Settings Panel is Blank. NO ikons for settings.

    These errors affect more people.

    I would like to enjoy the news in Cinnamone 2.0 :-)

    Thank you for your response
    Kamil Jurik

  100. Biagio Oct 27,2013 09:04

    Fantastic, i can’t wait. ^^
    A request,
    necessary to implement the user interface for Wacom tablets

    • clem Oct 28,2013 09:25

      We’ll see. I’d like upstream to come up with a cross-DE tool for this, and when I say upstream I’m ok with us joining forces on this but not doing it on our own.

  101. George Oct 28,2013 18:15

    Hi and congrats on Cinnamon 2.0. I’m just wondering if you will add the ability to show apps in all workspaces in the taskbar? This was a great feature of GNOME 2.0.

    Right now if you switch away from the current workspace it looks like there are no apps running in the taskbar.

    Really miss this one.

    • clem Oct 29,2013 11:03

      No, the window list only shows the windows from the current workspace. With that said, it’s just one applet. You can replace it with other window list applets, and there’s a few other available in the applets section. I know for sure one supports window grouping, and I’ve got the feeling some of them allow you to list windows from other workspaces too.

  102. dd Oct 29,2013 08:20

    with cinnamon 2.0.6 i have the same problems like jurik. i’m using it with ubuntu 12.04.3 – 64 bit. before that everything was very good.

  103. dd Oct 29,2013 09:38

    i recomand this program which is like acronis in windows world. i can have the system back in 20 minutes with 3-4 clicks.

  104. dd Oct 30,2013 10:42

    and unity is nowhere. the desktop is totally black. only the panel is there. yesterday i forgot to take a look.

  105. Yro Oct 30,2013 19:08

    I was playng with cinnamon 2.0 on Ubuntu and I like the new release of cinnamon but I want to run it as a standalone de on top of debian wheezy…

    so, when we will get cinnamon 2.0 packages for debian wheezy?

  106. Tom Oct 30,2013 20:38

    There is the following bug in Nemo (or I am doing something wrong; if so, please tell me): I made a custom action with the following Exec line:

    Exec=zenity –info –text=”$(md5sum %F)”

    When I then try this on a file, in example /etc/arch-release (this is indeed a file, not a directory), then I get a zenity pop-up with the following text:

    $(md5sum /etc/arch-release)

    The md5sum is thus never executed. A similar custom action in Thunar does give the expected results.

    • Tony Whelan Nov 3,2013 20:28

      hi Tom

      I’m not sure if there is a way to make that form of Exec string work, but you don’t need to.

      There is already a tool in /usr/local/bin called “mint-md5sum” which produces a dialog box with the result you want. So all you need to do is have a custom action that says Exec=mint-md5sum %F and that will do the trick for you.

      Or just edit the stock action file “/usr/share/nemo/actions/mint-md5sum.nemo_action” by changing the line “Extensions=iso;img;” so that it says “Extensions=any;”

      • Tom Nov 5,2013 17:14

        Hi Tony,

        Thanks for your reply. What I did was the following. Since I run cinnamon on an Arch Linux install, I didn’t have the mint-md5sum file. However, since I also have Linux Mint 13 installed on another parition, I copied the file from that install to my home directory an pointed the Exec line to it. Now it works as expected! So thanks for your advice!

        Nevertheless, I still believe that it’s a bug that it doesn’t work the way I tried first.

        And for people that are interested, here is the content of mint-md5sum:

        zenity --info --text=md5sum "$1" --no-wrap

  107. llindner Oct 31,2013 18:25


    “but it no longer requires GNOME itself to be installed.” – I took this announcement as a challenge so I removed all GNOME and Unity packages on Ubuntu 12.04. Cinnamon-Session crashed instantly (relevant part of .xsession-errors): “cinnamon-session[3748]: WARNING: Unable to find required component ‘nm-applet'”

    So, I did “apt-get install networkmanager-gnome” and that fixed it. I think that package should be a dependency for cinnamon-package in Ubuntu.


    • Dave Nov 14,2013 17:25


      I just lost 2 hours trying to track down why Cinnamon stopped working.

      Thanks llindner! If you had not mentioned this, I would still be trying to figure out what went wrong.

      – Dave

  108. vandiemen Nov 2,2013 08:48

    Hi Clem,

    Since I upgraded to 2.0.6 Cinnamon fails to load on both my PCs with Ubuntu 12.04. As consequence Gnome Fallback starts and I’m forced to use Gnome Shell which doesn’t garantee the same experience.

    What can I do to fix my Cinnamon?

    Honestly I would like to go back to the rock-solid 1.8.8 but I saw it’s not avaible anymore… :-(

    • Tony Whelan Nov 3,2013 19:29

      vandieman, I had a similar problem after an Ubuntu update even with Cinnamon 1.8. Ended up rebuilding with Linux Mint 15 rather than Ubuntu.

      But just a thought …. do you have any extra Cinnamon applets installed? I found that when I installed Cinnamon 2.0 on my test machine it crashed on login every time until I removed an extra applet (World Clocks) that was somehow incompatible with that version of Cinnamon. Applets are stored in ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets
      so just renaming that folder will “remove” the extra applets for testing purposes.

      • vandiemen Nov 4,2013 06:25

        Yes Tony, I have some extra applets installed. I am going to try your trick ASAP. I’ll keep you informed… :-)

        Anyway is it possible to use again the applets after? Some of them are very useful for me.

        • collinss Nov 4,2013 06:39

          Most of the applets should be fine. Extensions are the ones you really have to worry about. If I were you, I would actually disable all 3rd party spices through cinnamon settings (which should still be available in fallback), and if that fixes your issue, you can add them back one at a time until you find the offending one. That way you wont have to bother with the folder renaming thing. (And it keeps you from getting weird errors in the logs.)

          • vandiemen Nov 4,2013 18:40

            Thanks, the workaround has worked. However now I have my cinnamon-control-center with no option icons… :-/

          • Tony Whelan Nov 4,2013 20:52

            If you achieved this by renaming the applets folder, you could move your applets out to another temporary folder on your desktop, then rename the applets folder back to its original name

            Then restart Cinnamon and try installing the desired applets one at a time till Cinnamon crashes, at which point you know which applet is the culprit.

          • vandiemen Nov 4,2013 22:09

            I opted for more drastic action, deleting whole cinnamon configuration and it’s started flawlessly. Then I added the applet I need and now seems all ok.

            I also found how to restoring icons in the control center.

            Thanks a lot.

          • collinss Nov 4,2013 22:12

            That’s a known bug, and it should already be fixed. Try upgrading and see if that takes care of it.

  109. Mickey Nov 2,2013 11:55

    Linux Mint User of 5 years and counting.

    “Keep up the great work guys!! Looking forward to release 16.”

  110. A.Volkov Nov 2,2013 12:17

    Does it support dual monitor? The top panel across two monitors?

  111. dd Nov 2,2013 12:30

    will be usefull to have something like suse has: 1 click install for cinnamon but also for more software like libre office last release.

  112. gryphon Nov 2,2013 13:43

    Excellent work! I’m really impressed with Linux Mint, Cinnamon and MDM.

    As a long time Debian Sid user, dissatisfied with Gnome and the other Desktop Environments, a few days ago I decided to try LMDE and was pleasantly surprised. I’m going to make it my main OS (although, I must admit, I still prefer unstable to testing repos.)

    Thanks Clem and team for your work… now I can’t wait for Cinnamon 2 to hit LMDE. And maybe in due time with an updated iso including the previous UPs :-)

  113. Jeanne Nov 3,2013 02:26

    When I take screenshots using “Print screen” the resulting pictures frequently have horizontal bands showing my desktop:

    This happens since Cinnamon 1.8 but it has not been fixed with Cinnamon 2.0.

  114. Tony Whelan Nov 3,2013 21:01

    I have a “vanilla” test machine with LM15 and Cinnamon nightlies (currently on cinnamon 2.08), so I can try out the features without affecting my main machine.

    Sometime in the last couple of weeks something seems to have broken the Applet installer.

    I can select an applet and click on “Install or Update Selected” as many times as I like, but nothing happens.

    Anyone else seeing this?

  115. vancha Nov 5,2013 15:15

    well done
    i really love the cinnamon desktop environment, and it runs like a charm on both my laptop and pc. i use linux mint olivia on my both those machines. the laptop, which is used for school is stable as it can be, and the computer which i use for gaming also runs great! never have any problems with either of them.

    to be honest i like this DE ten times better then unity :3, but i love the way ubuntu marches on like it does. with linux mint i feel like i get the best of both worlds ^^

  116. Vayth Nov 5,2013 17:43

    Thanks for the great work!
    By the way, is there any plan to implement option to have left/right-side panel in the future?

  117. dd Nov 7,2013 06:47

    after the last update today cinnamon is working again very well. no problems!

    thank you!

  118. elmar Nov 8,2013 05:47

    I switched to Ubuntu in 2009 (after being an MS user since DOS 1.0 and Win1.0). Switched to Mint in 2011 and it has been a happy decision.
    Thank you.

    A couple of things I miss (from brief encounters with KDE and others):
    – automatically starting apps in a specific workspace (e.g. Thunderbird in WS9, Virutalbox in WS11, etc.) or at least in the same WS as it was when I shut down
    – the ability to do lots of things in Nemo as in Nautilus Elementary (like converting media, mass rename, etc.)
    – more comprehensive management tools (like accessing detailed user settings, being able to see in one place what the different OS components are)
    – and something which no one seems to be good at – seeing on one page where my data caps (e.g. if I am using pay as you go 3G or dial up) are being consumed

    But overall, incredible work by the different parties.

  119. Frank39 Nov 10,2013 08:44


    since the current update this morning i can’t login anymore. I’m using Mint 15 64bit with Cinnamon 2.x, and since this morning the login-screen keeps telling me something about case-sensitive passwords and won’t accept my password anymore. My password is the same as yesterday, it only consists of small letters and some numbers, NO capital letters in it. So how can i login now ?

  120. Vicente Nov 11,2013 16:16

    Muito bom o trabalho, parabéns !
    Ansioso pelo linux mint 16

  121. trc Nov 16,2013 14:01

    Hi Clem and Guys! thank you for your amazing job!

    i’ve fund out a bug on mint 16 rc cinnamon, when i tried to use the desklet tow clock, the cinnamon simply broke and always stays in fall out mode.

  122. reg Nov 16,2013 21:11

    Is there a way to disable all edge tiling and windows snapping? Last time i installed mint had to remove bc i wasn’t able and these features serve only to annoy me. Thanks.

  123. nath Nov 17,2013 05:48

    Dear Clem, I was wondering if it is possible to contribute to Cinnamon e.g. via your github? Some people are working to fix certain issues (DPI & configuration) with Linux DEs, see

  124. Andrew S Nov 24,2013 07:20

    What OS the difference between the Linux Mint 16 release candidate and the final version? Should I wait or install now? Will the RC update to the final version maybe?

  125. v0idness Nov 25,2013 08:15

    Was tired of gnome3’s crashes and resource consumption on Archlinux.

    I never tried Cinnamon before, I am stunned by it’s usability ( Not too heavy, tilling and snapping … ).

    Really amazing desktop environment.

    Thank you guys.

  126. Soukyuu Nov 27,2013 14:31

    Any chance for a more intelligent file transfer handling in Nemo?
    Example: multiple consecutive copy/move operations from one disk to another.

    – SSD to HDD: perform sequentially
    – HDD to SSD: perform sequentially
    – SSD to SSD: perform simultaneously
    – Network to any: perform sequentially
    – Optical to any: perform sequentially

    I don’t know if one can reliably detect whether the source/destination is a HDD/SDD/Network location, but that could be made an option in the configuration menu for the user to setup.

    Also, an option to generate a checksum file (and verify files copied over ok) while copying.

  127. Elijah Nov 30,2013 21:55

    Hi Clem, thanks a lot for the great release!

    I have a quick question:

    How well does cinnamon integrate with systemd, logind, upower?


  128. samriggs Dec 3,2013 16:00

    Just found out Cinnamon 2.0 is having issues with the wacom tablet, we used the gnome control center as a work around before but that, by the looks of things doesn’t work anymore since it is now independent of gnome, is there going to be a fix for us wacom tablet users in the near future?
    Kind of makes it a deal breaker for us and we want to stay with cinnamon.
    Otherwise we have to go xfce or kde so we can have a working tablet.
    I’m on LMDE as you know but found this out today.
    There’s a thread on it here:

  129. Jeremiah Putnam Dec 6,2013 04:43

    Great job to everyone! KDE finally has some real competition. The Void them rounds out the whole desktop and makes Cinnamon 2.0 the best GUI yet. Keep up the work.

  130. dd Dec 17,2013 12:01

    There is no sound effect in Cinnamon 2.0.14 for Mint 13!! I still have the old window.

  131. Mike Dec 17,2013 19:24


    I am having a lot of stability issues with Cinnamon since 2.0 (my guesses are something with Clutter/Muffin interface with nVidia drivers; or that I’m installing on Ubuntu and there’s a problem with lightdm). Anyway until I can sensibly sort this, I’m often dropping back to fallback mode which is not as nice, but very stable. Does anyone know how I can actually launch into fallback mode directly? e.g. an option on cinnamon-launcher to replace the session in fallback mode? This means when I need stability I can start off in fallback.


  132. Arief Setiawan M Dec 17,2013 20:43

    Hello Clem.
    I have been upgraded Cinnamon 1.8.6 to Cinnamon 2.0.14 using backport repository on my Maya. Then, after reboot system, Cinnamon always crash and force me to use fallback mode.

    • SCollins Dec 17,2013 22:18

      Arief, Try disabling all third-party applets, desklets, and extentions in Cinnamon Settings (Restore to default). You probably have one that is no longer compatible.

  133. Simon Taylor Dec 18,2013 05:59


    impressed with the concept I backported C2 to Maya 13 on an Asus U43JC – could only login via Gnome but once there added missing Nemo package and Cinnamon screensaver … now keyboard layout is messed up – 456*1230 = uiopjklm unless I use function button … have tried to rect5fy with keyboard layout settings but no use … *p3ease or please help!


  134. Simon Taylor Dec 18,2013 08:03

    withdraw comment: a simple numlock problem had not been picked up!

  135. Simon Taylor Dec 23,2013 22:57

    loving Cinnamon 2, thanks!

  136. Ruturaj K. Vartak Dec 24,2013 05:58


    First, A great review and summary.

    I am … was an avid Fedora User, but with GNOME 3.x extreme heavy memory footprint and other issues .. I decided to try Mint, and I’ve never looked back. However I still lack Fedora’s drpm styled updates.

    I even installed it at desktop of my non-tech-savvy uncle who is happy with its performance over trojan, virus, adware infected Window$

  137. Andrew Dahl Jan 3,2014 03:35

    Does anyone know if support is planned for edge-snapping to multiple monitors? I have a triple-head setup and I cannot snap my windows in either of the non-primary monitors. Thanks!

    • mtwebster Jan 3,2014 13:53

      I thought snapping worked on multiple monitors (I implemented it but was unable to test – feedback was that it worked though). I’ll see if I can hook up a second monitor at some point and test.

  138. Howard Jan 11,2014 20:57

    Don’t link this article giving credit to the ,3 month old, Xbone for the edge-snapping. When There have been several programs available for years on Linux that do this! check compiz grids used it for 5 years or so, util support was dropped.

  139. Sergio E. Durán Feb 15,2014 02:36

    Hello will be Cinnamon compatible with Wayland in a future?

  140. John Doe Feb 23,2014 12:16

    Will this annoying and steam-games disturbing volume meter osd be deactivatable one day? It’s also a mess with the gnome-video-player and vlc.

    Flickering through everything everytime i want to change the volume. Just turn it off. (or instead give me a chanve to do it myself.)

  141. mar3ck Feb 25,2014 11:24

    I just discovered linux mint and i think i will stay a long
    cause it’s sees to feet what i was looking : a beautiful an light visual linux simple, customisable
    i hope i can develop everything on it

  142. Lucas Jan 16,2015 03:56

    Cinnamon es excelente Clement, cada vez mejor.
    Saludoos desde Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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