Linux Action Show reviews Cinnamon 2.0
by clem 29

Here’s a video review of Cinnamon 2.0 from the Linux Action Show:

The review starts at 38:30.


  • The menu is still a little slow to open and that still isn’t fixed in 2.0. We think it’s to do with Clutter and the rendering of the icons.
  • In the sound applet the layout is a little off.. that’s to do with the theme used in the review. The seeker doesn’t work well either, that, I think, is to do with the player used. We’ll need to look into that.
  • Window snapping wasn’t featured in this review. LAS actually used what we call “Window Tiling”. It’s confusing because Windows calls that Aero-Snap… Window Snapping is much more cool than that. What we might do is wait for Mint 16 to be out, and then feature a video explaining what Window Snapping is and why it’s everybody’s new favorite toy. People will then be able to watch the video and try it at the same time on their own computer.

Thanks to LAS for a great review.

Enjoy the video ;)

29 thoughts on “Linux Action Show reviews Cinnamon 2.0

  1. VolMi Oct 29,2013 16:17

    That looks like a pretty apt analysis.

    I also think/hope/beg that the absolute main focus for Cinnamon 2.2 should be to eliminate those nasty lags. The feature set is pretty great for now, so 6 months of pedantic profiling on “a typical user PC”™ and meticulously improving performance would be really usful.

  2. Emmanuel Oct 29,2013 18:00

    I totally agree with VolMi.

    That’s nice to see new features but bug correction should be the top priority.

    For example the lag between MDM login and Cinnamon desktop is still so huge… 30 seconds ! That bug has been reported 1 year ago.

    I’m using LMDE + UP7 +MDM + Cinnamon 2.0.4.

    The menu can be faster, MDM too, and Nemo too. What would be incredible !

    Anyways, thanks for the good work.

  3. simon Oct 29,2013 18:11

    to be honest, the menu lag is such that i basically never use the menu — I use an alternative launcher (kupfer, at present). it’s not much of an issue for me, as a result, but i suppose it’s more of a problem for those who want/need to browse the applications installed.

  4. Caner Oct 29,2013 19:39

    I too agree with VolMi.

    And I also suggest that the search feature of the menu should be improved. Although I type the keywords of some programs (especially 3rd party apps) menu can not find them.

  5. JosephM Oct 29,2013 19:46

    Saw this yesterday. Been using the nightlies for quite awhile and the window tiling features are great. It’s not really obvious how to use it or what is does though. It took me awhile to get the hang of it. The simple fact that I can now resize a snapped window is fantastic.

    • VolMi Oct 29,2013 20:07

      Yes, resizing tiled windows is an absolute must. That being impossible was one of those incredible, unfathomable Gnome-facepalm-moments.

      I praise the mint team for Cinnamon’s tiling and snapping.
      If you have a numpad, it is so cool to define shortcuts like this:
      [Ctrl]+[Alt]+Numpad8 for tiling up
      [Ctrl]+[Alt]+Numpad6 for tiling right
      [Ctrl]+[Alt]+Numpad2 for tiling down
      [Ctrl]+[Alt]+Numpad4 for tiling left
      [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Shift]+NumpadN for snapping up/right/down/left

      I currently only miss an option to convert a tiled window to a snapped one rerospectively, without altering the size of the tiled-and-resized window.

  6. jonathan Oct 31,2013 23:32

    I think that cinnamon is one of the best linux desktops. I believe it has great potential and have been using it since mint 12 back in Jan 2012. (The very beginning) The feature set is great and is highly configurable. I agree with statements above and believe that the speed needs to be addressed next. When the menu button is clicked it should be up straight away. If cinnamon could react like xfce in terms of speed that would be a game changer and I think cinnamon could easily be the best desktop. I am currently on mint 13lts using backports and I am amazed at how far it has come. I find cinnamon good on memory usage and feel that work on making cinnamon snappier will really make it stand out above the rest and build on the fantastic work done by the so far. Thanks for the best and most sensible Linux desktop. All my family including my daughter (9) and son (10) think it is brilliant. It is really easy to use and configure. To me that says it all.

    Thanks once again looking forward to next gen cinnamon (2.0)

  7. Vojt Nov 1,2013 20:43

    I too agree with VolMi. How about tick-tock strategy? One release with new features and next one for bugfixes and performace improvements. Just my 50 cents….

  8. Mr. G Nov 2,2013 20:54

    Why the hell are they sponsored by GoDaddy!?

    • clem Nov 6,2013 03:21

      Either GoDaddy pays their hosting, provides it for free or it funds the show via partnership or via an affiliate. It’s the same model as on TV/Radio and used by Linux Mint. They can focus on producing their show, you can continue to watch it for free and they get funded via advertising.

      The way you said it, it sounded like it was a bad thing though.. is there a problem with GoDaddy?

      • Mr. G Nov 15,2013 00:42

        Being sponsored is cool and all, but that company supported SOPA and PIPA.

      • ioconnor Dec 4,2013 15:33

        Like Mr. G said GoDaddy supported SOPA and PIPA. They are a company that takes first and apologizes later if caught. I’m glad they are supporting Jupiter Broadcasting but it is in my mind typical CYA to confuse those not paying close attention.

  9. mr men Nov 4,2013 18:42

    I agree with statements above and believe that the speed needs to be addressed next. When the menu button is clicked it should be up straight away. If cinnamon could react like xfce in terms of speed that would be a game changer and I think cinnamon could easily be the best desktop

    ^^^^^ 1,000,000

    This has caused huge frustration. Amongst any thread on any forum the slow menu and general lack of snapiness gets talked about the most. If it was made to be as good as XFCE it would become and instant win.

    Now, XFCE is better than cinnamon, perhaps not for a new user as they may not take the time to set up some new fonts, themes, icons but once that is done the only think XFCE misses is Vsync / Expo / Animations for menus and applications. If XFCE was to update itself to include that then it would be even further ahead of cinnamon and make it almost impossible to not choose it for the semi-pro !

    So Cinnamon really needs to step up, it has the effects, the look and feel but the performance is overal not great.

    So: Faster to almost instant opening of Nemo, INSTANT menu open no messing!


    Ohh and some bugs that still persist for over a year. I have to say will ruin it for any migrating AMD catalyst Gamer (many people) is that there is a black background on Expo / Scale and no desktop wallpaper when using the Catalyst driver which for games is still far and away the best.

    finally, Having to restart the whole desktop to make a change is a bit lame, again XFCE changes automatically. Sometimes the whole of cinnamon crashes and doesnt like the panel and icons being scaled up much which is going to count more as many PC people now move to large resolution monitors like 1440p / 1600p then in future 3K & 4k

    it all feels a bit awkward changing things and doing things fast.

    So for me its a near miss still but an impressive one none the less ! :)

  10. mr men Nov 4,2013 18:54

    ohh forgot to add.. its a question really.

    Are devs not interested in Cinnamon? There doesnt seem to be any new apps or cool desklets / extensions.

    Admitidley for the first time i tried to write my own theme but couldnt find any documentation so perhaps this is the issue? XCFE doesnt have any apps or extensions as such so Cinnamon is in front here again!

    Things such as a floating always open Applications Menu / Semi – Transparent sliding launchers / Docky style icon grouping launchers and a choice of RSS feeds / Weather / simple web pages / clocks / system information desklets would be Extremley welcome

    As would cool compiz style extensions for 3D globe alt-tab etc..

    • Jon Brett Nov 8,2013 11:18

      The number of applets, desklets and themes is growing steadily and there are some really nice ones out there. In fact quite a few of the ones you mentioned are already there (e.g. weather applet/desklet, clock desklet, dock launcher extension, sysinfo applet, rss applet).

      Check-out the spices website for more info:

      If an applet/extension doesn’t have all the features you want, ask the developer (either on the spices website or directly on GitHub – most applets/extensions have GitHub pages). As an applet developer myself I always appreciate feedback and suggestions for new features.

      I think the lack of coherent documentation does present quite a barrier to starting applet/desklet/theme coding, but with a bit of searching and learning from existing code you can get started.

      • collinss Nov 8,2013 19:09

        That does bring up a valid point about the documentation. Perhaps some of us applet developers could get together and work on that…
        I have thought for a while that it would be nice to share some of the things I have learned about working with the Cinnamon apis, so that other developers could avoid some of the growing pains and mistakes that I have made.

      • collinss Nov 8,2013 19:19

        Perhaps a forum for spices developers would be helpful as well.

  11. Johanna Nov 5,2013 07:12

    A fiend of mine installed Linux Mint 15 side by side to Windows XP on my desktop a couple of weeks ago. I absolutely love Mint 15 and after he left, I managed to install Mint 15 side by side to Windows 7 on my little Acer netbook, which I thought was pretty clever of me as I am 69yrs old.
    Anyway, thank you all so much for making this opensource product so easy, so even older people can understand it.
    I don’t mind that the menu button is a bit slow in popping up :)
    regards, Johanna NZ

  12. jonathan Nov 6,2013 19:33

    I still prefer cinnamon over xfce. I customise cinnamon and use lots of applets such as Shelly shutdown, force kill, brightness, synapse, csk menu for shortcuts and the bookmark applet for web pages. I also have two panels as i think this is more efficient than a single panel. I have xfce installed (alongside cinnamon) on the same box again customised to my requirements but I always find myself going back to cinnamon over xfce I don’t know why? I think if cinnamon could have a non compositing version would that help speed wise? I have tried friends and family on a mixture of cinnamon and xfce both with similar layouts but all barring one prefer cinnamon even my uncle who has never used Linux and is 80 years old! He thinks that cinnamon is brilliant along with me. I love the speed of xfce but really think the feel of cinnamon is amazing. Xfce is better for remote desktop but to be fair I can still remote my server using cinnamon GUI. Keep going with cinnamon but work at the speed. I think cinnamon is brill and will only get better and better. I tend use mint constructor and customise main LTS for installing on all my machines with Cinnamon as the main desktop and xfce as my fallback. All the machines I setup for friends and family have this modified iso on with new versions of apps, backports, additional fonts, backgrounds and icon sets for both desktops (xfce and cinnamon). But everyone always tend to go back to cinnamon. Cinnamon is my main desktop I even use it on my media centre to play films on my TV. Keep going with it guys you have a fantastic desktop that is starting to shine for the next LTS work at the speed and stability, make it lightning fast we have a desktop that is starting to shine above the rest!

  13. golden07 Nov 12,2013 10:57

    I would like to join the mint testing team member. How can I join it? my username at the community website is golden07.

  14. R Nov 12,2013 13:09

    Thanks Clem, and to the entire community involved for such a great OS / environment to work and play with. A couple of years back I salvaged a notebook that absolutley refused to run Windows 7 ( most likely some hardware issue… It was designed for Windows 7 ironically ) and was abandoned. I installed Mint on it and have used it as my traveling work machine ever since. Never an issue. Not one. Currently running Maya with MATE ( and Compiz teehee ) and after testing Cinnamon 2.0, I think this is the version I have been waiting for. Can’t wait for the backport ( installed from a PPA in a test VM of Maya with no problems, though )

    Anyways, you all made a “broken” laptop useful ( and fun ) again.

    Epic, Total & Legendary Appreciation :)

  15. Jon Brett Nov 13,2013 09:56

    For what it’s worth the menu seems to have got a lot snappier recently (I’m using Cinnamon 2.0.10). Good work guys!

    • VolMi Nov 13,2013 17:32

      That is right, in 2.0.10, Cinnamon received a lot of performance love, as you can see on github.

      Now that the menu is so nicely fast, a user found an interesting pseudo-delay which reduces the “perceived opening speed”.
      The issue is that the menu does *not* open with the mouse button pressed, but it waits for the button to be *released*. Go try it.
      The same is true, e.g. for right clicks on the panel. On my two PCs, this delay of my own finger is now the most relevant “lag” of the Cinnamon UI.

      This is mainly really great because it means that Cinnamon actually *is* really fast now. But as a regular user you still feel a tiny delay, not knowing that it is actually just Cinnamon waiting for you to release the mouse button…

  16. Caner Nov 14,2013 11:42

    One feature that I am missing in Nemo:

    In Windows when I search some file and the results are displayed, I can right click on any file/folder and choose “Open file location”.

    It would be very nice if you can implement this.

  17. Marten Nov 14,2013 18:54

    What menu lag? I use main LM 15 (so Cinnamon 1.8); menu comes up almost instantly.

    I have only one gripe with LM and that’s MDM, should be like the Ubuntu lightdm features and fluent transition to the desktop like KDE. But maybe Iḿ just spoiled ;)

    Waiting for the Rock…

  18. Henrik Nov 16,2013 18:10

    I have tried Cinnamon in Mint 13 and 15. Sofar haven’t found it stable enough. I mostly use MATE and always installed Mint to computers of friends and relatives with MATE desktop. Another annoying thing: user has limited change to customize Cinnamon.

  19. Tom Nov 25,2013 06:50

    Hallo Clem,

    Don’t know where to post this, but there is a firewall bug: When you log out of LM 15 Cinnamon, you have to restart the firewall. I do not know whether this is a bug or not, but the main issue is that when you restart the firewall, it won’t function, and you have to close it and then start it again and only then will it work! Please fix this, so that the firewall will function when you start it once and not at second attempt. Thank you.

  20. cheng Nov 29,2013 14:23

    I’m using linux mint16 rc,but have some question;
    when the panel is not is edit mode,right click the applet in the panel,you can see the option of “remove the applet”.But I think thant when the is only in edit mode,right-click the applet support option of “remove the applet”.
    others, I’m using lenvon b470,I can’t use the keyboard of ‘fn + up’ to control the brightless, but it’s ok in linux mint15

  21. dd Dec 13,2013 12:56

    when will be cinnamon 2 avilable for maya user?

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