Cinnamon: graphics tablet support needs testing
by mtwebster 36


Seasons greetings!


We’ve begun re-porting graphics tablet (wacom) support back into Cinnamon.  The affected packages are cinnamon-control-center, cinnamon-settings-daemon, and cinnamon itself.

As none of us has a tablet to test with, if anyone is interested, and running Mint 16 or some other distro with >= ~Gnome 3.8 they can do the following:

a) Build cinnamon-settings-daemon from git.  Mint 16 users be sure to install librsvg2-dev prior to building.  It’s not currently part of the debian build-deps.librsvg2-dev

b) Build cinnamon-control-center from git.

c) Build cinnamon off branch wacom instead of master.  This will include the new module in cinnamon-settings (the specific commit is

Currently, in -settings-daemon and -control-center, missing dependencies/versions for wacom will not break the build – the wacom plugin/module will simple be skipped.  So be sure to check the build logs for Wacom support:  true.


Please let us know what, if any, issues you encounter in testing.


36 thoughts on “Cinnamon: graphics tablet support needs testing

  1. samriggs Dec 28,2013 02:58

    Hey ya did it, cool
    I’m over at solydxk now using the kde version (I like the rolling stuff), but I’ll post this to the threads that were concerned about this and see if I can snag ya some testers for this, I’m dee would test it out for you if she is using 16.
    Thanks again a much needed add on for us tablet users.

  2. RexCortex Dec 28,2013 03:34

    Nice to see some more work on cinnamon. Is HiDPI support also considered? Devices with crazy resolutions are becoming very popular.

  3. samriggs Dec 28,2013 04:10

    Thanks for this mtwebster your a genuis I put the word out for you so hopefully some testers will be appearing soon with tablets waiting to plug in for you :)

  4. Deevad Dec 28,2013 09:28

    Nice! and ‘season greetings’ too. I’ll test it.
    ( I’ll be active about it on this link : )

  5. Ziktofel Dec 28,2013 11:52

    I’ll maybe test it within a few days, I have a one graphic tablet here

  6. Marco Dec 28,2013 18:02

    I should give this a try, one of these days. I do own a small Wacom tablet.

  7. calhaus Dec 30,2013 20:25

    Hi, i’ve tested this! :)

    It’s working, but not fully working.

    I’ve tested this with Wacom Bamboo Pen CTL-470 and the new Wacom Intuos Pen&Touch/Manga CTH480.

    What is working:

    – All pen settings -> Eraser and Tip pressure feels (tested on gimp) and both button options are working.

    – Tablet -> Tracking methods, Left-handed are working for both tablets, and Map to monitor (only got one monitor but it seems to bee working) so Bamboo Pen is fully working like before with the gnome gui.

    What’s not working:

    – Tablet Intuos CTH480 -> Button mapping is not showing/working.

    I got that tablet today and got it working with the new input-wacom drivers so maybe this is related why your gui is not fully working. Not sure. First time i’m using a tablet with buttons and touch on linux, but i saw this: and it shows that map buttons are supported on the gnome version. So this is not working because cinnamon gui dont have yet this implemented/the gui is not ready for the table because it’s really new (the name is shown correctly, “Wacom Intuos PT S Pen”, but only that button option is not showing/maybe the x11 driver is not ready (i have the last one also form git).

    Btw, this great so big thanks!!!

    P.S.: The icon menu generated was with the name “Digitizer Tablet”, maybe change it to “Graphics Tablet” or similar, so it can be equal in system settings and menu ;)

    • mtwebster Dec 30,2013 20:34

      Hi, thanks for testing this. It sounds like everything works, I just need to bring in the latest version – I imported the Gnome 3.8 code, so I’m a version behind – I’ll see about bringing in the latest, at least support for the newer tablet.

  8. samriggs Dec 30,2013 21:00

    calhaus not sure if yours is fully supported yet at the driver site, it was targeted for 20 to work but from what I read it isn’t really clear yet how much or how far they got on it yet, I left you a message about it on the forum post you replied to.
    version 20 cam out on decemeber 1 just not sure how far they got yet.

    • calhaus Dec 31,2013 15:15

      I think mine is fully supported since the 0.20 version.

      Btw yesterday i’ve also installed the last git drivers for xorg, the xf86-input-wacom driver.
      I’ve restarted after intalled both and my express keys were working like everything! I don’t know for sure if it was because of the kernel or xorg drivers, but they are working with the default shortcuts.

      -The keys are working, so it’s not a problem with the drivers.
      -It’s a problem with the gui most likely, because it’s not in the latest version (from gnome 3.10 or future version), or other type of bug the gui not identifying the express keys for mapping.

      @mtwebmaster did anyone sent you more feedback?
      I noticed Deevad had older tablets, so he/she can tell if the mapping buttons (and other functions like screen calibration) are working and you can see if the problem is only on newer models or not.

      Also, i think the ‘xsetwacom’ commandline has the abilty to map buttons, i’ve only used it to rotate the screen because i’m lefthanded but i will report it later and confirm if the paping is working with this.

      • samriggs Jan 2,2014 01:34

        “I noticed Deevad had older tablets, so he/she” lol
        I was wondering at first if dee was a female or male lol
        The name usually is female but dee is david.
        Dee you threw a mystery for us there lol
        Just to promote some of your great work here’s dee’s devaintart site.
        Hope you don’t mind dee it’s just great stuff :)

        • calhaus Jan 10,2014 02:40

          So, today i’ve tested the xsetwacom for buttons, and it works.
          The problem with the mapping buttons option not showing is on gnome side, i read this on the mint foruns.
          The buttons on the pad (in older and newer versions like mine) of the pen and touch tablets are different from the regular ones
          To set the buttons in xorg or with xsetwacom, the numbers are in order from top to bottom, left to right 3, 1, 9 and 8.
          The 4 to 7 buttons are related to scroll and 2 i haven’t figured it out…

          This was probably fixed already in the new gnome version, if you could post it i would be glad to test it.

          And with this i can confirm the version you guys ported works like it was supposed! :D

          P.S.:I’ll be watting for that new version on git or in the official ppa. For now i’m using some bash files to configure the keys.

  9. Deevad Jan 3,2014 09:49

    :D thx Samriggs :)
    Yes, I’m a male, my old avatar is probably not well adapted to make it clear ^ __ ^

    Unfortunately ; I was unable to build, and test. I use a system with Gnome 3.10 + Plank + a lot of extensions and Nemo as a filemanager. So I have a system cross-mixed between Gnome-Cinnamon-Elementary and KDE for the needs of building Krita ; my painting apps. So, when I tried the build; I ended with a half working sys ; I probably missed some dependencies or component. Since, I made a vanilla install again.

    @mtwebster :
    Gnome 3.10 got really a lot new stuff on the Wacom panel compare to 3.8 ; a demo can be seen here :

    • calhaus Jan 3,2014 23:41

      True, gnome 3.10 wacom panel looks impressive.

      Off-topic: @Deevad, can you give me some tips with mapping keys?
      What are the main shortcuts you use in the tablet?
      Do you know if exists or there is a way to map keys to pop-up/radial menus like in windows/mac? (I can’t find nothing useful with google)(other os’ ref.: )
      Do you know if is there a way to map different functions on a button depending on the open application? for example the same tablet button to emutate the key ‘e’ on chrome and the ‘shift+e’ on gimp for exemple?

      I ask this because i opened windows to test the tablet and found this functions are standard and really useful…

      P.S.: Your dA is amazing!!

  10. Enrique Jan 3,2014 13:52

    Will we see it in the new version (17) of Linux Mint by default?

  11. Jean-Marc Jan 3,2014 20:34

    Works like a charm for me !
    Just installed Linux Mint 16 and i was desperate to get my Wacom tablet to work.
    I was almost turned down. This needs to be the default.

  12. mintous Jan 4,2014 22:05

    I might get a couple of tablets soon to play with – a Samsung Galaxy and some cheap small one dunno the name yet..lemme know if you wanna turn them into guinea pigs.

  13. Konstantin Nikkari Jan 9,2014 09:13

    I can try this with new Wacom Cintiq 24 HD Touch in Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon 2.0.

    I just need step-by-step guide for really REALLY dummies how to build cinnamon-settings-daemon from git and install librsvg2-dev prior to building!

    I have never used Git and don’t know where to start and how to use it! David Revoy had a Git building guide for Krita. Maybe I can replace some lines from there?


  14. Anand Jan 10,2014 04:45

    Not sure, if it is off-topic….

    Its a pity that development team does not have necessary hardware. With great work, you guys are doing you’re entitled to a hardware farm. :-P

    Perhaps Mint Project should consider raising Money (crowdsourcing – kickstarter, indiegogo,etc) for hardware procurement – can be an one-time exercise where funds do not impact design – as Clem would want it. :-)

  15. Froyton Jan 13,2014 18:27

    If you are still in need of further testing, I have access to a Huion 680s that I can try out. I might try this tonight or sometime this week.

  16. Greg_E Jan 13,2014 19:25

    Could you post a quick run down of how to get git working and how to build these additions? I’m sure I’m going to get scolded, but this is leading up to tablet functions. I know that in the Mint forums most people are adamant that “Mint is a keyboard and mouse desktop, not a tablet. If you want a tablet version you are better off with some other distro or Android”.

    Hopefully this post isn’t going to cause grief, I know some touch functions in the base Mint+Cinnamon v16 work, but onscreen keyboard was a completely non-functional thing. Target machine was an Acer w500 tablet with AMD C-50 APU that I used for testing things since it is sitting around anyway.

  17. mike Jan 17,2014 02:15

    I would like to put mint on my nexus 10, i will need really easy instructions.


  18. Eric Jan 18,2014 21:11

    What is the current status of this? Have the changes been merged into the lastest master or what?

    And uh, just to reiterate, this is not for a Nexus tablet or any Android tablet. It’s to integrate Wacom tablet peripherals with Cinnamon.

    • calhaus Jan 19,2014 17:26

      Yes and no.

      Yes they are now in the last master branch of git (not just wacom brunch), but they are not in the repos. ;)

      @mtwebster when will you update it to the last version of gnome? I’m really really anxious to be able to set action to my tablet buttons and also different actions to the pen than the default ones from a gui.
      I looked some videos oof the gnome 3.10 wacom gui and it looks impressive.

      • RJSmith Jan 26,2014 15:59

        Hi… I have a HUION H610 which isn’t quite PnP with Linux

        I’ve been trying to build from this git master branch for Cinnamon, so that I can have a gui to set my tablet settings. I tried KDE but the control center applet kept notifying with ~”graphics tablet error profile ‘default’ does not exist” and wouldn’t actually set anything.

        Building cinnamon-setttings-daemon and cinnamon-control-center:

        The guide here was helpful I only cloned the two listed in your build steps. I built them in the wrong order first, that may be partly the problem.

        I seem to be stuck at this error message.

        cc-wacom-page.c:121:10: error: ‘CSD_WACOM_ACTION_TYPE_HELP’ undeclared here (not in a function)
        { CSD_WACOM_ACTION_TYPE_HELP, NC_(“Wacom action-type”, “Show On-Screen Help”) }
        cc-wacom-page.c: In function ‘setup_mapping_treeview’:
        cc-wacom-page.c:771:35: warning: comparison between pointer and integer [enabled by default]
        if (action_table[i].action_type == CSD_WACOM_ACTION_TYPE_HELP &&

        Potentially irrellevant guess: CSD_ is the prefix for Cinnamon Settings Daemon?

        Whatever the issue; I’m stuck. Can you help?

        Thank you

        (With lots of luck maybe I’ll get a gui tablet configurator functioning AND Wine with SAI & Mischief having pressure support… Krita, mypaint, gimp etc I’ve already had working

        I’ll be testing Ubuntu 13.10 with Gnome 3.10 ppa next)

        • RJSmith Jan 26,2014 16:08

          apologies for how greedy I sounded. I would like to help… Although perhaps theres some skewed judgement with my motivation.

        • calhaus Jan 26,2014 22:16

          I’ve only had problems with cinnamon (in which i have to change some rules to compile)

          Your problem looks different, wacom related…

          Also, if were able to install one of them, even if in the wrong order, your system may say they are outdated (it assumes repository version is superior to git in mine), so if you do:
          sudo apt-get upgrade
          you probably replace the ones installed from git with the stable ones, and so you can try and install them in the proper order and find out if that error is gone. ;)

          (Btw never test SAI in linux it would be nice if it works good with pressure.
          Btw, offtopic: A week ago i found out Photoshop Cs2 is now free from adobe, i’ve tested it with wine on POL and works amazingly well :D I never get used to gimp this last years on linux like i did with Ps, so this are great news for me)

  19. superblobmonster Jan 27,2014 15:35


    I’m trying to get my bamboo create working with paint tool sai, and would love to spend time software testing and giving feedback.

    I believe I tried installing your software from the software manager (kde-config-tablet), but could not find it in the start menu. Then searched the hard drive for anything “Wacom” and found the programs in /usr/share/kde4/services “Graphic Tablet”, “Wacom Tablet”, and “Wacom Tablet Settings” All of which return “There was an error launching the aplication”

  20. Eric Feb 3,2014 11:00


    Just to let you know that those packages are working with an Intuos 2 (quite old). However I needed to build and install input-wacom 0.20 to have this tablet working.

    Thanks for the work !

  21. Stuart Feb 15,2014 02:10

    Hi guys, I’m a Mint 16/Cinnamon/Wacom Cintiq user.

    Just curious what the current status of these changes are?

    How long until the changes will be available through the ‘Update manager’ repositories?

    What is the best/safest way to get my Cintiq working with my new Mint 16 installation? Use GNOME instead of Cinnamon? Install drivers from the Linux Wacom Project?

    Thanks in advance.

  22. Anand Feb 18,2014 10:25

    Am not a Wacom user. Just curious here, is it very difficult to include these changes in Cinnamon daily build? ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-nightly

  23. dead_steve1 Oct 30,2014 09:46

    hey, im not sure but i think the same graphics tablet programme is in mint 17, i’ve tested this with my huion 420/h420 aka osu!tablet and it did not detect the tablet. im don’t really know why but yeah, it no work :|

  24. tvranas Jan 16,2015 02:37

    Running LinuxMint 17 Cinamon. Have the Wacom Intuos 3 tablet and 3 monitors connencted to my system. 2 via DVI and one HDMI. The mapping works when I set the mapping to HDMI it limits the pen to that monitor. When I set it to DVI-I-1 or DVI-D-0 the pen is limited to the same monitor. It does not matter which DVI monitor I select it always maps to the same (in this case the wrong) monitor.

    • tvranas Jan 17,2015 05:52

      I was able to get around this by changing the DVI port the monitors were plugged into. It seems that the mapping will only map to “DVI-I-1” which is the first dvi port on my video card and will not map to “DVI-D-0”.

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