MintBox 2 now ships Mint 16 Cinnamon
by clem 10


MintBox 2 now ships with Linux Mint 16 “Petra” Cinnamon Edition.

As it was the case with Linux Mint 15 “Olivia” MATE Edition the OS is installed in OEM mode so you can choose your username, password, keyboard layout etc… the first time you boot the unit.

Of course if you’re a fan of MATE, Xfce or KDE or if you want to set up a different OS or a multi-boot you can start the MintBox2 with a live USB Stick.

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10 thoughts on “MintBox 2 now ships Mint 16 Cinnamon

  1. Anand Jan 14,2014 17:02

    Thats welcome news, Clem. Looks like my feedback is well received. ;-)
    I already have Mint Box and am running Cinnamon Petra with no issues. It is a perfect and modern desktop for my needs. Especially, Window Tiling and Snapping help me so much on my 24 inch Moitor. I can keep watching a movie yet keep an eye on Cricket scorecard. :-) I felt availability of Mint Box during Xmas festive season would have seen some good hike in sales.

    P.S. 1 – In the little time I used MATE, I felt there were some nifty applets (like Dictionary) that if ported to Cinnamon, will make it more awesome. Of course, Cinnamon desktop is gaining traction and expect more developers to jump in with their applets / desklets.
    P.S. 2 – One niggle I face sometimes is that a black underscore appears while using Firefox for a while on my Monitor display. I dont think it is monitor issue. Hell, It does not appear when I take a screenshot. ;-)

    • clem Jan 15,2014 10:26

      Window snapping on a MintBox, you’re using two of my favorite toys :)

      • Anand Jan 17,2014 13:02

        :-) BTW, luckily I stumbled across the solution for #2 issue in our forums.
        For anyone interested – It seems that the reason for this problem is related to “Acceleration method” used by Intel driver.
        – The old method is UXA – (Unified Acceleration Architecture)
        – The new method is SNA – (Sandybridge’s New Acceleration)
        SNA is used by default, as to august 2013, in the Intel driver (from version 2.21.14-1). To solve the problem, we need to use the old UXA acceleration method.

  2. hysan Jan 15,2014 02:02

    Will the MintBox 2 get an upgrade to Haswell anytime soon? Since Compulab is upgrading their Fit-PC2 to Haswell soon (next month I believe), I figure it wouldn’t be too big of a stretch to have the MintBox 2 upgraded as well.

    • hysan Jan 15,2014 02:10

      Mistake: meant the Intense PC2 (IPC2), not Fit-PC2. Messed up their model names.

    • clem Jan 15,2014 10:24

      Anytime soon? No. In the future, probably. Will it be different in specs than the SKUs available for IPC2 and when will it happen? That, we don’t know at all yet.

  3. olle Jan 20,2014 20:04

    But availability in Europe ? Have not yet seen the product at Somebody else for the European market ?

  4. modern technology Jan 23,2014 05:56

    HDD? Aaw come on!

  5. Dzjevski Apr 7,2014 20:13

    Looks like a very interesting piece of hardware and I would certainly buy it if it had two HDMI ports.

  6. Sebastian Sep 12,2014 04:42

    When will the new iteration of Mintbox be issued? I am looking for a new computer and I would love a Mintbox 3. =)

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