Some fun artwork from Adam Sondel
by clem 3

I bumped into it and found it funny, so I thought I’d share it here.

The guys at Linux Mint Polska, and an artist called Adam Sondel in particular, created some vibrant Mint artwork :)

linux-mint-android 3054806monster-wallpaper

You can see more of Adam’s work on his website at and on Google+ at

Keep up the great work Adam, these are really cool :)

3 thoughts on “Some fun artwork from Adam Sondel

  1. Anand Jan 16,2014 14:32

    Ah! Lovely :-) Both of them for sure will adorn the desktop :-) Of course, in different ways.

  2. JosephM Jan 16,2014 18:56

    Love the little furry guy.

  3. eMcE Jan 20,2014 15:40

    Yeap.. Adam do a great job! And.. We have more of them (both Mintaj and Korki) :)

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