Beta Goodies: mdm 1.5.1, mint-mdm-themes 1.5.1, mintlocale 1.1
by clem 47

Today we’re taking you on an adventure to test some of the very latest things being developed for Mint 17 and the next LMDE, and to give us feedback.

Capture du 2014-03-14 14:47:59

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  • A new tool called mintLocale is introduced, which allows you to set your favorite language, to install new languages and to set the system locale. It replaces “Language Support” and in Cinnamon 2.2 it will also replace “Regional Settings”.
  • MDM was changed to detect your favorite language and your favorite session. When you select a user, the flag changes to reflect his/her favorite language, and the same thing happens for his/her favorite session.
  • MDM also received better multi-monitor support. Previously only one monitor received a signal, they all do now and you can define the color and/or background picture for monitors which do not render the login screen. The “Login Window” configuration tool also lets you choose which monitor is the primary monitor so can define where you want MDM to appear.


  • For each project, pick the appropriate deb package (i386 for 32-bit, amd64 for 64-bit) and choose the deb for your version of Linux Mint (among the supported ones: LMDE, Maya, Petra)
  • Make sure to run the latest debs from the links below
  • After installing or upgrading mdm, please restart the computer to make sure the daemon is up to date.
  • When reporting a bug, please mention which release you’re using and give us as much detail as possible so we can reproduce the problem.
  • MDM testing covers all greeters (GTK, GDM, HTML), but in the case of HTML please make sure to use either “Mint-X” or “Clouds” (3rd party themes are not supported yet and will need to be updated to work properly with some of the new features in MDM 1.5).

Download links

You can get the .deb packages from:


Enjoy, and thanks for your help and feedback!

47 thoughts on “Beta Goodies: mdm 1.5.1, mint-mdm-themes 1.5.1, mintlocale 1.1

  1. Jerry Mar 14,2014 15:25

    Clem, how about an option to remove the flag or at least have it not show. Why does a flag of a certain country have to show up when choosing a certain language? Probably does not matter in the rest of the world but as I’m sure you realize having lived in Dublin it does matter in parts of Ireland!

    A small thing I know but depending on the type of log on screen a user chooses the flag shows up beside the user name.

    • clem Mar 14,2014 21:02

      Well, it’s more than a language, it’s a locale really. So it doesn’t just represent your language, but also your currency, your date format etc..

      Note however that each theme can represent locales the way they want. Clouds and Mint-X use country flags but other themes could use letters, or acronyms or something different altogether.

      • ken Apr 12,2014 10:24

        I must say, I really hate this flag. Why does a language setting have to be linked to national symbols?! I would very much appreciate an option to remove it.

        • clem Apr 13,2014 11:50

          It’s not so much a language but a locale, describing not only your language but your currency, formats and various things associated with where you live.

    • Abdelkader Belahcene Apr 6,2014 06:54

      The XDMCP protocol is missed, I want the connexion from light client,

      with ligthdm it works nice, not yet with mdm, It was on mint 13

  2. Anand Mar 14,2014 15:41

    Clem – Trying to test MDM 1.5.1, Autologin does not work for me. Single user with Mint-X theme. Restarted couple of times still not much luck. Let me know if any config details / logs are required. You have to be descriptive, please :-)

    Have a fairly simple set up. Mint Box 2 with Cinnamon Petra (Only today incidentally upgraded to Daily build PPA).

    Have been faced this issue since few weeks. Was hoping this new build solves the issue.

    • clem Mar 14,2014 21:03

      That’s weird, nothing is changed in relation to autologin.

      • Anand Mar 15,2014 03:13

        Not weird exactly since it stopped working a while ago. Not sure but I did a kernel upgrade to 3.13 a while ago.

  3. Kirk M Mar 14,2014 15:41

    Many thanks for letting us early adopters test new features as they are developed. It’s one of the things that make Mint special.

    Question: Do you know if these new packages will be included in the “Cinnamon Nightly” PPA? I usually use that to test latest Mint pre-release packages although I have no problem installing .debs from GitHub. Just wondering.

    • Anand Mar 14,2014 15:47

      Had the same doubts. :-) I guess, nightly PPA may some time to reflect the latest merges. Anyways, downloaded the deb’s since i could not tarry any further. :-)
      sudo apt-cache policy mdm
      Installed: 1.5.1+petra
      Candidate: 1.5.1+petra
      Version table:
      *** 1.5.1+petra 0
      100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
      1.4.11-20140314000302-saucy 0

  4. peter Mar 14,2014 16:15

    I installed all three .deb files, then installed Spanish language. (Mint 16 Mate)
    on fresh boot it demands password. will not accept my password.

    the recovery mode seemed ok. BUT after my user name it did Not ask for password and locked up.

    Install is not usable.

    Thanks, Peter

    • clem Mar 14,2014 21:05

      Hi Peter,

      Does it say your password is incorrect? Which greeter are you using (GTK, GDM, HTML)? And which theme?

      Are there special characters in your username or in your password (tilde, accents, # signs, spaces)?

      Can you log in through the console (if you press CTRL-ALT-F1 and input your username and password)?

  5. peter Mar 15,2014 00:34

    Hi Clem,

    when I type the password and press enter the screen refreshes, nothing else, no error message.

    user name and password are both are plain text

    CTRL-ALT-F1 does work and I get the GUI GUI with startx

    Thanks, peter

    • clem Mar 15,2014 01:01

      Which greeter and theme are you using?

      • peter Mar 15,2014 12:55

        I have changed nothing, still using all defaults

        not sure what a greeter is

        • peter Mar 15,2014 13:25

          OK, 80% figured it out
          I was presented with an unfamiliar login window
          .. I had no idea that there were buttons hidden in the graphics
          … default was at last session, but Mint obviously forgot what the last session was (lobotomy?)

          my auto login settings were changed… had to reset

          there appears to be zero change to my language support options… no change in graphics, nothing.

          thanks anyway, Peter

          • Monsta Mar 16,2014 13:56

            If you’ve accepted the new /etc/mdm/mdm.conf during the package installation, then of course all your MDM settings have been reset to defaults. This is normal.

  6. peter Mar 15,2014 00:43

    Autologin also not working for me

  7. Kirk M Mar 15,2014 01:06

    Installed all 3 packages and everything seems to be working correctly. Logging in and out working normally although I’m not seeing the new monitor selection menu but I’m only using one monitor. I gather the option won’t appear unless the user has multi monitors.

    I like the new “MintLocale” tool since it allowed me to easily remove all the English variants except English (US). It was a bit confusing for a second as I didn’t realize that the new language tool didn’t actually show up in “Cinnamon Settings”. In the Menu it’s called “Languages” but “Languages” in “Cinnamon Settings” is the old tool.

    All good so far.

    • Tony Mar 16,2014 04:50

      Kirk, you are correct, the option to select the primary monitor for login won’t appear unless you have two or more monitors connected.

      Clem, I think the term “Primary monitor” in the MDM screen could be confusing as there is a “Set as Primary” button in the Display Settings screen. Perhaps the MDM screen should explicitly say “Primary monitor for login” or similar? And perhaps the Display Settings screen might make it clear that “Set as Primary” refers to the screen on which the panel will be displayed?

  8. Vivek Kumar Mar 15,2014 06:18

    Excellent .. cant Wait for the new release from the Linux mint

  9. Killer de Bug Mar 15,2014 11:30

    OK. I tested the new Mintlocale tool. It’s working fine. I installed English (USA) on my french install.

    I was expecting the keyboard to switch in QWERTY mode too. But it stayed in AZERTY. Is it on purpose?


    Edit by Clem: Yes, keyboard layouts are handled by the desktop environment, Cinnamon Settings for instance.

  10. Killer de Bug Mar 15,2014 11:34

    Sorry I posted too fast.

    All my home folders were renamed in English excepted “Téléchargement”. But I don’t know if it’s a MintLocale issue or not.

    Edit by Clem: That’s XDG translating your folder names to your new locale, it should ask you though..

    • Killer de Bug Mar 15,2014 16:38

      I said yes to the translation ;)
      What I was reporting is that it was ok for documents, videos, musics… but not for download. This one stayed in French :)

  11. Monsta Mar 15,2014 13:46

    Regarding Mint 17, Clem, you still haven’t posted the codename for it :)

    There’s quite a small list to choose from this time:
    Though in my opinion, they are all ugly with no exceptions, and so the letter ‘Q’ should be skipped completely, and Mint 17 should have a codename starting with ‘R’. :)

  12. Kirk M Mar 15,2014 16:16

    Hi Monsta – How about “Qiana”. It means “Singer” in Arabic.

  13. Adam Mar 16,2014 07:10

    Will there be as many languages pre-installed as in previous releases of Mint Cinnamon? At the moment the screenshot at the top only shows 4 languages, including Irish English (???), but strangely there is no British English???
    And what about German?? I happen to have a German keyboard. I’m a live user and do not want to go online to download and install German, every time I want to use my computer! ! ! PLEASE MAKE SURE THERE IS GERMAN BY DEFAULT, AS THERE ARE ALSO LOTS OF GERMAN MINT USERS OUT THERE ! ! ! ! !
    Thank you!

    • clem Mar 16,2014 17:28

      The picture just shows the languages on my computer :)

    • Miquel Mar 18,2014 07:52

      No need to shout.

      I regularly use Catalan, Spanish, German and English, should Clem “ADD ALL OF THEM by default”?

      When installing, Linux distributions ask what language you would like. That’s what will be there by default. It should stay that way.

      • Adam Mar 19,2014 05:21

        Yes, include all of these MAIN global languages by default, just like in previous versions. And German happens to be one of the main European languages, together with English, French and Spanish. Perhaps Mandarin, as well.

        Look for any language course or any language dictionary, and you will ALWAYS find a HUGE offering for the above languages…but you should know that anyway, and if not then…well………

        Catalan, of course, would not be necessary by default…just like Bavarian or some other regional language derivative…

  14. Adam Mar 16,2014 07:14

    By the way, as I realise that Mint has run out of ideas:
    How about if users could save all their settings on some server, so that live users could login to their computer and the computer would download all their settings automatically from the server??? So people could have their usb stick and use any computer, and would have their settings for the live session downloaded automatically to the computer that they want to use. That would save lots of hassle!

  15. Jnyariki Mar 16,2014 07:40

    Hi Clem,

    I live in Kenya and the language option is only Oromo, which is one of more than 42 native languages spoken in the country. The official languages are British English and Swahili. Is it possible to correct that. It has been frustrating me since I started using Linux Mint (Linux Mint Maya)

  16. Monsta Mar 16,2014 14:25


    1. The “Add a New Language” dialog could really use an additional field where you could type a language name instead of scrolling down the list.

    2. I installed Russian language on a system where only American English has been present all along since the installation. MintLocale said “Some language packs are missing”, so I pressed the button to install them. Would be nice to have a checkbox like “automatically install language packs” somewhere under the language list in “Add a New Language” dialog.

    3. Installing language packs doesn’t check if Firefox, Thunderbird and LibreOffice are actually installed, it downloads the localizations for them anyway. This should be revised. For example, I don’t have LibreOffice on this particular machine and I would like MintLocale not to download a localization for it.

    4. Next I’ve changed the locale from English to Russian. Everything’s fine except one thing: the folders inside my home folder (Downloads/Documents/Music/Videos/…) were not renamed to Russian. Even after the reboot nothing has changed.

  17. Adam Mar 19,2014 05:12


    Does your answer mean that users will NOW need to download all their languages from the internet??? OR did you mean that there will be languages stored somewhere in the ISO-file, and the user will just have to “unpack”/install the relevant languages without the need for any internet connection? Think of Live users, who will need to have an internet connection and download their languages every time they want to work on their computer! That would be a NIGHTMARE! ! !

    • clem Mar 19,2014 13:02

      It depends on the edition. In LMDE all languages are installed by default except for a few packages (namely Firefox, Thunderbird and LibreOffice). In Mint only English is installed by default. In both editions, “if” you’re connected to the Internet you can download support for your language either during the installation or with this tool. In both editions, you can install a language and start using it without needing to download translations for it. For instance in Mint, yesterday I had a bug affecting Russian users, so to reproduce it, I added Russian, logged out and logged back in in Russian.. without ever downloading language packs. The mintLocale tool tells you what languages are present but also if their language packs are installed or not. You can decide what languages you want, and whether or not you want to download their language packs.

      • Adam Mar 26,2014 18:08

        Hallo Clem,

        I don’t like the idea of logging out and back in to change languages because in LM 15 Cinnamon you did not have to do that. So why will we need to do that in LM 17 Cinnamon? Why can’t you leave it the way it is (I mean changing languages without the need to log out and back in)? Please don’t change that as I am a live user. I am sure there is a possibility to leave it the way it is. forward to your reply.

        • clem Mar 27,2014 00:30

          No no, there’s no regression here. You can still choose your language from the login screen. What’s changed is that you can now also set your favorite language with this tool, and then the login screen will recognize that and suggest that language to you by default. In other words, when you select different people in the login screen, you see different flags… based on their favorite language. But of course, you can select a user and change that flag to whatever language you want. So you can still login in any locale.. like in Mint 15, what’s added here is the ability to set your default locale.

  18. Jürgen Kazmirzak Mar 21,2014 15:53

    I love the idea of selecting the right monitor needed this for ages :-) You could also include an option to show the login screen on all monitors – this would prevent the show-stopping black-screen bugs for people with a multi monitor setting, where one monitor is switched off without linux realizing that.

    Would be extremely cool if we one time would even be able to open applications on the right monitor, maybe via caja-context menu… thats my wishlist for today!

  19. Thracky Mar 23,2014 00:25

    I could kiss you guys for being the first major distro that I’m aware of to make it easy to have a DM login screen on a specific output. Thank you!

  20. bradhamilton Apr 27,2014 01:05

    I like the idea of mintLocale – will this be available for Mint 17?

  21. Roliverio May 6,2014 12:43

    I’m currently testing mdm 1.5.1 with a dual-monitor Setup, this works as expected (previously mdm 1.4.x would corrupt my second display briefly on login) The thing that i cannot figure out yet is how to make MDM doesn’t play with a two-monitor wide background image. (it’s centering it and making it only one monitor wide, in every monitor)

  22. Roliverio May 6,2014 12:51

    Ohh, and, it would be nice to have at least one multi-monitor HTML theme, to try out a “stock” appearance and test multi-monitor support adequately Say: Clouds supporting (3200×1050, 2880×900, 2048×768) and such.

  23. kurotsugi May 9,2014 21:48

    today I found that debian has different package with same name
    is there any solution to install mdm along with this package?

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