Beta Goodies: mintmenu 5.5.2
by clem 18


Credits to hordepfo, mintMenu received important bug fixes on:

  • filtering
  • focus
  • orientation
  • transparency
  • popups

Version 5.5.2 also features a bug fix on unicode support from developer VitalD.

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18 thoughts on “Beta Goodies: mintmenu 5.5.2

  1. Monsta Mar 18,2014 13:23

    Yeehaw, finally some love for mintMenu :)

  2. RĂ¼ssel Mar 18,2014 15:52

    I like MintMenu.

  3. Nick Mar 18,2014 16:23

    The only bad thing with Mintmenu is that it’s absent from Cinnamon…

  4. Kirk M Mar 18,2014 17:47

    It’s one of the things I miss the most on the Cinnamon DE although I understand why in can’t be incorporated. I just like Cinnamon too much. ;-)

    • kneekoo Mar 19,2014 00:30

      I’d really like the Cinnamon mintMenu to have the same features as the MATE version. That would make Cinnamon an awesome DE.

  5. kneekoo Mar 18,2014 19:43

    1. This bug is still present:

    2. Some tweaks would be nice:

    – the tool-tips for the categories are the same as the category names, which means they are redundant and can be removed;
    – a default icon would be more elegant because without it the categories look chaotic.

    • Monsta Mar 19,2014 13:35

      Tooltips are needed for the cases when a category name is too long to fit.

      • jando Apr 4,2014 12:02

        Maybe the category name tool-tip could be made to show up only when the category name is too long to fit ?

  6. Adam Mar 19,2014 05:15


    How about if you could type in file names in the Cinnamon Menu search field, just like in windows Vista? And you would be able to find the relevant file instantly? That would be AWESOME!

    • plata Mar 21,2014 12:15

      I think you’d need an file-indexer in this case. As there are plenty of people who would not want something like that, I don’t think it is gonna happen.

      • Adam Mar 26,2014 18:11

        Why not? What would be the problem with a file-indexer? I am no expert in this matter so I look forward to your reply.

  7. Oliver Mar 19,2014 14:54

    Mintmenu is great, for power-users and for novices.
    Many thanks to everyone involved!

    Please think about raising the default “Hover delay” from 150 to around 400 ms. With 150 ms the search field often gets cleared, even if the mouse moves quite fast across the categories section.
    (Another fix would be that the delay only counts while the mouse does not move)

  8. mr man Mar 21,2014 16:08


    How about speeding up the slow responses of the cinamon desktop?

    This isnt an insult its just i cant move to Cinnamon as its slower than xfce, kde, mate, gnome2,gnome 3. Slower in the response from a mouse click to open the menu, the taskbar apps menu’s (calendar, music menu’s) and slower to open nemo.

    fundamentally this is the greatest issue with Cinnamon. Its speed isnt upto the standards required for a whip snap modern operating system.

    Finally, the other problem is there is inconsistent timing, so each time you open a menu varies quite obviously in response.

    Im really keen to move over though as at the moment im using kwin+xfce (to great effect!) but i want a unified solution like cinnamon..

    just needs more speed!

    keep up the exellent work (and i do mean that)


    • Anand Mar 22,2014 02:43

      I am running the latest Cinnamon updated through daily PPA. Menu is bit more responsive, earlier it was on Mouse press now on Mouse release. So a perceived improvement, i think. Even the cinnamon settings is snappier than it used to be. Nemo, am not sure, but may agree with you. At times, i feel Nautilus is a a bit faster, but hey! less features as well. (No scientific basis for performance testingxx). So things are improving for sure, hope to see a faster Cinnamon 2.2 :-) :-)x > A lengthy discussion on forums.x

  9. Monsta Mar 24,2014 12:18

    I can confirm that mintMenu 5.5.2 does not work in Mint 13 (with backports enabled of course) and causes segfault, just like kneekoo reported on github:

    The first time you click on the menu button, it crashes. Of course the panel asks if you want to place it there again, but if you do so and then click on it again, it will crash again, and so on.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Install Mint 13.
    2. Turn on the backports.
    3. Apply all the updates.
    4. Reboot.
    5. Install mintMenu 5.5.2.
    6. Logout/login.
    7. Try clicking on mintMenu.

  10. mrman Jul 31,2014 18:35

    Hi team,

    I have a problem with the Accesability feature: Keyboard.

    i thought it would work like windows, you press the mouse buttons on the keys to help with people who cant type but can use a mouse due to a disability. Well, activating the keyboard it pops up but clicking on it, it vanishes?! tried a few different times and ways but no.. the keyboard is just there for err.. no reason.

    I wish to use it in combination with AntiMicro so i can control the PC from a game controller (which works for the mouse and keys) .

    Its a shame the keyboard is useless because it looks nice. if it worked as intended it would allow for a Couch to PC experience on Cinnamon especially improved with Hi-DPI or Large text mode (( even firefox now comes with a nice cursor controller driven + / – page size tool i assume for this exact reason ))

    So I will have to try find a Gauky aftermarket tool for something that should really,really work straight out of the box.

    As a feature request it would be nice to have a function Key to assign to bring the keyboard up and down otherwise i cant see it being of any use even if it did work due to it clunky nature.


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