Cinnamon 2.2
by clem 205

On behalf of the team and all the developers who contributed to this build, I am proud to announce the release of Cinnamon 2.2!

This new version will be featured in Linux Mint 17 “Qiana” planned for the end of May and will then be backported to LMDE Update Pack 9.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the new things in Cinnamon 2.2.

Have a lot of fun with this new release and don’t hesitate to give us some feedback! Enjoy

What’s new for users

Better Looking Settings

The graphical interface for System Settings was refined and settings now look more consistent. Settings are better categorized and separated into sub-sections.

Screenshot from 2014-04-14 10:04:12

System Settings

This allowed us to remove the switch between normal and advanced modes and to show all settings all the time.

Screensaver and Power Management

The settings for the Screensaver and for Power Management were very confusing. Some settings were absent, others weren’t presented clearly and some were described in a way that led to believe they worked differently than they actually did.

Screenshot from 2014-04-14 10:09:36

Lock Screen settings

Power management and screensaver settings were completely revamped in 2.2 with a clear separation between what relates to the Lock Screen and what belongs to Power Management.

Brightness settings were also improved, missing settings added and the overall presentation was reviewed.

Regional Settings and Keyboard Layouts

The Regional Settings module was removed entirely, with the exception of Keyboard Layouts, which was moved to the Keyboard settings module.

This is consistent with other desktop environments such as MATE and Xfce and it lets distributions design their own cross-DE locale management tools with tight integration with their display and package managers.

Date and Time Settings

The original date and time module was brought back, using policy kit and system-wide date setting.

Screenshot from 2014-04-14 10:22:01

Date and Time settings

Options such as “Use 24 hour clock” were also added and apply not only to Cinnamon’s calendar applet and clock desklet, but also to the screensaver.

Hot Corners and HUD

Cinnamon’s snapping functionality and workspace management are pretty unique. They might be too advanced for novice users but they’re great once you’re used to them. With that in mind, it’s important to raise the user’s awareness about these tools but without getting in his/her way, and it’s also important not to confuse the user by activating them by accident.

The HUD is now less intrusive and should only appear if you drag a window really close to the edge. As cool as snapping can be, you don’t need to be reminded about it every time you’re a bit slow moving a window around.

Hot Corners were given better settings.  For each corner you can now define whether to react on hover, on icon click, or on both.

Screenshot from 2014-04-14 10:33:44

Hot Corner settings

The hot corner module is also less confusing and more discoverable than before. This allowed us to disable the top-left hot corner by default, which was often triggered by accident by people who weren’t familiar with it.

Applet Roles and Systray Icons

Previous versions of Cinnamon came with a hardcoded list of systray icons to hide. Icons such as the one for Network Manager, or Banshee were typically hidden as their functionality was already covered by the network and sound applets.

In Cinnamon 2.2, this list is gone and each applet is able to register “roles”, i.e. to tell Cinnamon which functionality they take care off, and thus, which systray icons should be hidden when they are running.

These new roles enable Cinnamon to dynamically show relevant systray icons when applets are removed, or to dynamically hide them when applets are added.

Say you remove the network applet, well… you’ll see the Network Manager GTK systray icon appear. Say you put the network applet back in the panel, the Network Manager systray icon will then disappear.

Menu Improvements

The menu applet received two mintMenu features (more will come in 2.4):

  • Right-click an application and select “Uninstall” to remove it.
  • Newly installed applications are now highlighted in the menu.

MPRIS and Sound Applet

Cinnamon 2.2 was given MPRIS support, so you can interact with MPRIS compatible software not only from the sound applet but also from your multimedia keys.

The sound applet can now show the track name and the covert art of the song you’re playing, in the panel itself.

It’s also possible to tell the sound applet whether to hide or to show systray icons for multimedia players.

HiDPI/Retina Display support

Cinnamon 2.2 comes with HiDPI support.

A lot of work went into this but there isn’t much to say about it… it just works well in high-resolution :)

Graphics Tablet

The “wacom” plugin is back. It’s fixed, dropped its branding and is now called “Graphics Tablet”.

A11y MouseWheel Zoom

Visually impaired users will enjoy the ability to zoom in and out using Alt+mousewheel.

The magnifier needs to be activated but it no longer needs to be disabled, i.e. you can keep it running even when zooming at 1:1 and it won’t eat any CPU cycles.

Note: This feature comes in Cinnamon 2.2.2.

Window manager improvements

Window opacity

You can now shade windows or change their opacity by using your mouse wheel on their titlebar. A quick roll of the mouse wheel makes your window semi-transparent so you can see what’s happening underneath without the need to tile things or to use Alt-tab. This option is available in the “Windows” module.

CSD support

Cinnamon 2.2 adds full support for GTK Client Side Decorations (CSD). We do urge developers though not to overuse these, as they don’t work well in other desktop environments and they don’t integrate well with other applications.

Other WM improvements

Other improvements cover:

  • Alt-tabbing away from modal windows
  • Shadows improvements
  • Focus improvements
  • Improvements to resizing tiled windows

Other improvements

Other improvements include:

  • CJS gsettings wrapper (no more segmentation faults when an old applet queries a Cinnamon gsettings key which no longer exists… CJS intercepts the call and deals with it)
  • Better integration with GNOME on the same machine (you should no longer see GNOME Control Center in Cinnamon, or Cinnamon Settings in GNOME)
  • Better support for GDM (in particular for user-switching)
  • Better support for Xrandr cloning
  • Support for MDM fallback shutdown sequence
  • New shutdown hotkey
  • Configurable delay in cinnamon-session-properties
  • Logout sound
  • Fixed blacklight/brightness support on some hardware
  • Better systemd/logind support
  • Better support for VLC screensaver inhibit
  • Compatibility with new interfaces such as modemmanager1, upower1
  • A lot of bug fixing

And that’s not all…

Cinnamon 2.2 is huge. This is just an overview…

For an exhaustive list of changes, please visit the following page:

Notes to themes artists

Cinnamon 2.2 should look fine with all 2.0 themes.

To highlight newly installed applications in the menu, add the styles:

  • .menu-application-button:highlighted
  • .menu-application-button-selected:highlighted
  • Notes to distributions

    To implement the ability to remove applications from the menu, you need to provide an executable at /usr/bin/cinnamon-remove-application.

    The menu will show the “Uninstall” option if this script is present. When clicked, Cinnamon will give it the path of the .desktop file as argument.

    Feel free to come and chat with us on #linuxmint-dev ( if you face any problem.

205 thoughts on “Cinnamon 2.2

  1. JosephM Apr 14,2014 10:54

    Congratulatins on the release. I know a lot of hard work went into it. Can’t wait to see this in Mint 17.

  2. francesco greco Apr 14,2014 11:25

    linux mint è una distro eccezionale,grandissimo lavoro il vostro…l’unica distro su cui faccio rilevare più gesture multitouch che in windows…stabilissima…la consiglio a tutti..Clem io non parlo inglese ma voglio farti i miei complimenti lo stesso!! mi aspetto cose gigantesche dalla prossima lts!!

  3. Wando Apr 14,2014 11:28

    I’m a linux user for quite long now. I started with fedora, and i liked for 3 years. Then, the gnome guys screwed all. Then i suffered with ubuntu, until i get Mint. And i don’t regret, it keep surprising me with this beautifull work. Congratulations!

  4. Dieselkopf Apr 14,2014 12:17

    Nice, thank you for another good release. But i still miss the ability to configure the panels more freely (not only 3 options top, bottom, both).
    This is in MATE and KDE much better – so much done, so much todo!

  5. Liam Dawe Apr 14,2014 14:20

    Can’t wait to see this in Mint 16 (for those that don’t update right away to 17).

    • clem Apr 14,2014 18:18

      Hi Liam, with hidpi support this unfortunately won’t work without GTK 3.10. Our new LTS is Mint 17 so our only backport target for Cinnamon 2.2 is LMDE UP9.

  6. Anand Apr 14,2014 14:47

    Just Awesome. :-) I regularly follow most of the commits in github and now feel that there is so much of work in 2.2. Thanks for your efforts.
    I believe a critical bug has been fixed where some of mouse events were not recognized for certain applications (Eg: choosing Cheese webcam effects) in Cinnamon.
    No word on Nemo?

    • clem Apr 14,2014 18:21

      There’s been a few improvements on Nemo as well, the addition of Recent documents in the sidebar, tab switching.. I skipped quite a lot of things in this announcement, there’s a lot of changes after a whole cycle of dev as you can imagine.

      • Anand Apr 15,2014 02:14

        Yeah…Yeah…I get it. Your’s and mtwebster commits, i kinna spy on them (since it is opensource, I won’t be prosecuted) ;-) .

      • MrMookey May 6,2014 14:05

        Hi there Clem.
        Thanks so much for your (plural) hard work. I switched from Ubuntu 10.04 to Mint16, no regrets!

        Three things that bugged me (and one seems to be fixed).

        In Mint 16 cinnamon, screensaver… the 24hr clock does not change.. It keeps on being 12hr. If I understand correctly… that is changed now?

        With a file transfer in Nemo (you have the window open) you will not see the kb’s of that file going up. One needs to “F5” to see the file getting larger. With Nautilus (Ubuntu 10.04) one can see the progress.
        Has that been changed too in 17??

        Last item I was wondering about.
        If one wants to apt-get remove a package in the terminal (AND in the software environment) other and yet crucial software (cinnamon) is also deleted if you do not read careful. Has that been changed too?

        Once again, thanks for all the hard work!!! I shall wait impatiently for the release date!! : )

  7. Alex (Ukraine) Apr 14,2014 15:48

    The same about vertical panel. “i miss the ability to configure the panels more freely (not only 3 options top, bottom, both)”.

    On 15,5″ laptops screen we need vertical panel very much. I dont understand why it is forbidden for you to make this real.

    • clem Apr 14,2014 18:24

      It’s not “forbidden” or rejected or anything, it just didn’t happen because it’s not a priority for us, so we worked on other things first.

  8. rik-shaw Apr 14,2014 16:01

    Thanks again for the hard work:

    Does anyone know what is meant by “Compatibility with new interfaces such as modemmanager1”? Just hoping that there isn’t any regression here for USB 3G modem users…

    • clem Apr 14,2014 18:26

      Hi, I hope not.. this allows you to continue to see signal strengh on 3G connections, without it you wouldn’t have seen it in Mint 17 (Ubuntu moved to modemmanager1 for instance).

  9. Almin Apr 14,2014 16:24

    Great! Amazing work! Do you take donations? If so, where can I donate?

  10. Velleity Apr 14,2014 16:33

    MouseWheel Zoom is coming! You guys are awesome and ensured I’ll stick with Mint and Cinnamon for the foreseeable future. Thanks again.

    • clem Apr 14,2014 18:28

      Thanks, credits to mtwebster for the implementation and to Roj for pulling our leg so hard, it eventually happened :)

      • octathlon Jun 18,2014 04:12

        So mousewheel desktop zoom is now available right? I just installed Mint 17 Cinnaomn and can’t figure out how to active it. Can anyone tell me?

        • mtwebster Jun 18,2014 13:42

          You have to go in to Settings->Accessibility and turn Zoom on, it should then work.

          Note I’ve observed issues with the mouse wheel zoom in virtualbox guests, should work fine in a real machine though.

          • octathlon Jun 18,2014 21:58

            Thanks but I tried that and it doesn’t work. Turning on Zoom, then scrolling wheel with Alt pressed does nothing. I also tried other keys while scrolling (super+alt, etc.) and nothing happens at all.

            Turning on Zoom and using keys ctrl+alt+= and ctrl+alt+- does work (but not consistently)

            This is a fresh install of Mint 17 BUT I left my /home partition intact and so there were config settings remaining from the previous install–so maybe a setting needs to be reset somewhere?

          • mtwebster Jun 23,2014 11:57

            What type of mouse are you using? (what interface – usb, ps2, etc) Also, can you try with numlock toggled, I’ve read another bug report on certain systems numlock needs to be off.

  11. Adam Apr 14,2014 17:34

    Hallo Clem,

    The uninstall feature is REALLY GOOD! FINALLY WE HAVE IT!

    However, does it also automatically uninstall all dependent packages that sometimes also have to be installed along with a program?

    Say you wanna install chromium via synaptic package manager..however, you also have to install FFMPEG and language packs…so when I click on uninstall chromium, will it also uninstall the 2 other packages, too?

    • clem Apr 14,2014 18:30

      Hi Adam,

      It depends on the implementation. In Mint it doesn’t, it simply removes the application itself but it leaves your box in a state where these packages are removable via autoremove (“apt autoremove”).

      • Adam Apr 15,2014 00:08

        Hallo Clem,

        Here’s one more idea:

        You’ve now added the uninstall feature, so how about also adding a right-click option to “search for newer versions/updates” of a program?

        In this way, people would not need to start gdebi installer or synaptic package manager!

  12. Ankleface Wroughtlandmire Apr 14,2014 17:42

    Looking really good! Apparently it addresses quite a few gripes I’ve had with Cinnamon.

    I hope the new keyboard shortcuts settings actually work in this release for changing keyboard layouts, especially my personal favorite, CapsLock (while pressed) for temporary KB layout switching.

    Also, I wish the sound applet would let me control individual app audio volume levels and let me switch them to different audio devices.

    • clem Apr 14,2014 18:33


      You can control the sound per application, but they’re all going towards the same output device. The functionality is there in Pulse Audio (you can even direct sound across the network) but you’ll need to use PA tools for this.

        • Ankleface Wroughtlandmire Apr 15,2014 14:13

          That’s the applet I currently use on Cinnamon 2.0. It works pretty well, but it only allows switching all sound streams to a different output device. Routing of different app streams is not supported. There is also nothing at all for changing the *INPUT* device, which is even more needed in my setup/workflow.

          I’m glad to see that 2.2 at least supports individual app streams in the volume applet. But input/output routing of individual apps to different devices would be a very nice additional improvement.

      • Ankleface Wroughtlandmire Apr 19,2014 19:33

        “You can control the sound per application”

        @Clem: Hmm, I can’t seem to find controls for individual audio streams in the new 2.2 sound applet.

    • simon Apr 15,2014 04:39

      I too would really like an applet that would let me switch playback streams between output devices. I have a folder full of links and source-code for working with pulseaudio that I think contains everything needed to make one, but it’s probably more like a two or more weekend job for me (I’d be looking a hell of a lot up as I was going along), and I’m not going to have any time to think about it for the foreseeable future.

  13. lestcape Apr 14,2014 17:48

    That’s wonderful, maybe some user not agree with improved hardware support, and HiDPI… or other excellent feature and new that can be used only for some people… This makes to us users it look that the Cinnamon desktop is a mature and that goes for most things, and more specialized features too…

    I want to request the inclution on Cinnamon of some test script on cjs(Benchmarks), to compare the Cinnamon performance. Normally the system performance is a very important thing to do when you are including such features.

    For example: test the creation, insertion and destruction of visual components. To compare whether cinnamon wasted performance on cjs when added any new features.


    • clem Apr 14,2014 18:36

      Good idea.

      • lestcape Apr 19,2014 05:30

        Hi, Clem… I need to see how Mint does the thing of uninstall Package…
        I have an idea about that. You can see:

        Really just now only support debian and Arch, on Arch can be problems to do several things. I working on fedora, try to use the packagekit demon because packagekit have “support” on several distros…

        My idea it’s provide an script, that can be able to uninstall, install and search packages on several distros, and show errors when some things it’s unsupported on your distro… Leave the things to be do on a distro is a problem for the devs of the distros, also in Mint, because user can uninstall the librarys or the necessary programs and install another alternative way of packages manager. So the idea it’s provide a way that depend of basic librarys, how actually do the packagekit project … Can be use too, and also leave to devs of other distros to provide plugins for this program to do the things, but with a mechanims that allow to have the same interface on all distros and also use the code of another devs to increase the functionality of the program…

        You can see how this work on this video:

        Also packagekit allow introspection, and can be use inside cjs:
        const Pk =;

        But just for now, the asynchronous functions return core dump, and the synchronous version, stopped for a while the mainloop of cinnamon.

  14. Crewp Apr 14,2014 18:10

    Congrats ! Clem, and all the dev’s for Cinnamon 2.2
    Cinnamon is my choice for DE, and look forward to it being backported to LMDE
    Keep up the good work. :)

  15. Rovanion Luckey Apr 14,2014 20:29

    Hi Clem, long time no see.

    I was wondering what’s up with the opacity of this blog’s being set to 0 by default? I guess there’s some javascript which sets it to something different at some later point, but since I have those disabled by default all I got was a white page.

    • clem Apr 14,2014 23:18

      Hi :)

      I’m not sure.. I can check the theme I guess. It’s WordPress underneath.

  16. hubert Apr 14,2014 21:01

    Looking good! I hope to see it backported to LMDE soon.

  17. Pootisman Apr 14,2014 21:09

    Thanks, you are my hope. Until KDE guys figure out proper VSYNC with NVIDIA ;)

  18. Sean Leroy Apr 14,2014 23:12

    Great news! I know the hard work put in and it shows. Clem who are some of the designers working on 2.2? Cheers!

  19. matthekc Apr 15,2014 02:35

    Clem, are there any plans to create an official gnome/mate style menu with applications places and system. It looks like its been created and abandoned about 3 times by the people who make addin’s. Cinnamon looks very beautiful, but I am sticking to Mate until it is stable enough “crosses fingers” maybe this release and has my favorite menu.

    • matthekc Apr 15,2014 12:53

      I re-read my comment and it sounds a little demanding. I want to say I appreciate everything the Mint team does and I am just looking for some info.

  20. Eric Apr 15,2014 04:15

    Clem, I just looked at the above linked contributors graph, and you are a coding machine! I mean that in all good humor and respect. I just installed Cinnamon 2.2 on Arch and it is really nice. Thanks for all your work in this.

    • clem Apr 15,2014 07:47

      Thanks, as you can see there’s many contributors. My own stats are not really relevant as they get impacted by software introduction, changelogs, pot files etc.. :)

  21. Tony Apr 15,2014 07:22

    Greatly looking forward to trying it (presumably when Qiana RC comes out). Cinnamon 2 was a big advance, and 2.2 is sounding even better.

    One thing you might look at if time permits – the Sound applet in cinnamon recognises a number of audio players including Songbird (which has ceased to exist) but not Yarock which is alive and well and rather nice. Its just an extra word to add into the applet.js file.


  22. Za Apr 15,2014 10:12

    Two issues with Nemo (2.0.8):

    1. Up and down buttons are needed on the scroll bars, as it is difficult to scroll precisely without them, especially in large folders.

    2. In Search Results, width of Name/Size/Type/Location bars can’t be adjusted by dragging, although double ended arrow appears when hovering the cursor over the bar separators. It would also be nice to sort by modification date in search results.

    That said, Nemo, with it’s optional tree view and extra (dual) pane, is the best file manager I have tried.

  23. Soumen Apr 15,2014 11:45


    Really looking forward to this (especially the “Recent Places” feature in Nemo). I recently installed Linux Mint 16 so will I be simply able to upgrade by “sudo apt-get upgrade”? Will there be any conflict with the Mint 16 config files in my home directory when I upgrade?

  24. Premek Apr 15,2014 11:49

    Have been using Cinnamon for a year and now running Cinnamon’s nightly (now 2.2) on Ubuntu 14.04 beta for some two weeks and the stability + pace of improvement is incredible. Thanks everyone involved!

  25. David Apr 15,2014 12:07

    Thanks a lot mint has made my change from windows a pleasure and joy once again thanks great effort and work

  26. Sayan Apr 15,2014 12:43

    There was a bug in Linux mint 16:cinnamon 2.0 where ‘apply system wide’ button was not shown in the proxy-settings. Is that fixed in 2.2?

  27. Stelios Sk Apr 15,2014 12:45

    Dear Clem and all team,

    Thank you for all your efforts.

    Is it possible to install Cinnamon 2.2 in linuxmint 16? If so, how? Is there any .deb file or repository?

    • JosephM Apr 19,2014 09:49

      Cinnamon 2.2 won’t work on Mint16. Gtk3.10 is needed for the new hidpi functionality so unfortunatley your out of luck.

  28. C Apr 15,2014 12:49

    Any changes to Muffin that could potentially increase performance?

    I have Intel GMA4500 and Unity / Compiz is very smooth, but with Muffin window movement / minimize and maximize, even scrolling, is very laggy ( poor framerate- single digits ). I don’t understand what Muffin tries to do that Compiz does not, so I just thought I would ask.

    Either way, I love Cinnamon. Thanks to all for their hard work.

  29. Gil Apr 15,2014 13:30


    I am a Mint user and I love it. I would like to say that you guys are doing an excelente work, and Linux Mint is, by far, the only distro that really understands and provides what I want and I need. I used the mate edition for a long time, but recently I changed to cinnamon, when Petra was released.
    Anyway, I just want to say thank you to Clem and all the contributors for the excelent work that you are doing.
    Regards from Portugal.

  30. dRaiser Apr 15,2014 13:55


    This update is needed and excellent – as always. Keep up the great work!

  31. Silvestr Apr 15,2014 14:13

    Great news! You are the best! :)

    I especially appreciate the “Recent” functionality of Nemo, that’s a killer.

    Congrats on the release and good luck with future efforts to everyone!

  32. twipley Apr 18,2014 23:24

    > The hot corner module is also less confusing and more discoverable than before. This allowed us to disable the top-left hot corner by default, which was often triggered by accident by people who weren’t familiar with it.

    Thanks God! Us techies so often had to argue with novices that this is a great distro, and that hot corners can be disabled in the options. Making it more user-friendly by default is a nice step to be made, by all means.


  33. dame Apr 19,2014 00:22

    Can’t wait for the final release! Any improvement to the Muffin especially the window’s shadow depth? It would be great if we could change those settings. In terms of practicality & functionality, I think Mint Cinnamon is already the best out there, it would be even better if developer could concentrate more on polishing the UI look&feel + performance. Good job btw.

  34. Geoff Apr 19,2014 02:02

    Can’t wait to upgrade! Hopefully Nemo has several of the many much-needed improvements!

  35. the_Seppi Apr 19,2014 11:28

    First point: Thank you! These changes make Cinnamon my favorite DE now :)

    Second point: The notifications only disappear when clicked; else they are moved to the notification tray. Could you plz make some notification settings that let the user choose to automatically dismiss notifications if they aren’t clicked instead of moving them to the tray. Would be great!

  36. Mathew Apr 19,2014 13:01

    Thank you so much! Cinnamon 2.0 had issues with the magnifier, so I moved to Fedora with Mate and Compiz. I plan to move back to Mint Cinnamon. Seeing as I’m a student I really don’t have the time to configure Fedora the way I like it. Mint 17 looks to be the best release yet. I really do hope future versions of Mint are based on Ubuntu LTS. Maybe the update manager could be configured to update to the newest version of Mint? I can’t wait until Mint 17! Thank you Clem, and the developers of Linux Mint.

  37. Unholy Dave Apr 19,2014 20:01

    This looks awesome on my frankensteined 64bit D.S.L! Glad to see the dependencies bugs worked out! Keep up the Awesome Work!

  38. Marc Black Apr 20,2014 15:22

    So, how many commits for this release?

  39. Hans Apr 20,2014 16:13

    Curious about the new version, I liked the previous one. Well, except one thing: the delay when you click ‘Menu’ for the first time.

    Fixed / improved in 2.2?


    • DanielK Apr 21,2014 13:56

      Yes, I hope they fix that annoying delay.

      • Purple People Eater Apr 26,2014 00:29

        I really hope so. Such a small thing, but it irritated me so much I went looking for another DE. I really hope that smoothness and responsiveness is given some priority. It’s a terrible shame when excellent Linux DEs just don’t feel as snappy as Windows and Osx.

    • Anand Apr 22,2014 06:38

      Earlier Menu was shown after mouse click release event and now it is changed to on click of mouse. I hope we should see some perceived difference after this change.

  40. Ziktofel Apr 20,2014 18:20

    Could you add a limit to the scrolling-opacity feature? So I couldn’t make window totally invisible by accident

  41. Arnon Apr 20,2014 21:53

    Kde is much better than Cinnamon because Cimmamon is a stupid leaf and kde is a gear. What is frankensteined? What is its icon. p.s. (Kde comes with alot of widgets)

    • Anand Apr 22,2014 06:22

      Arnon – Have you checked for additional?. The Cinnamon ecosystem is fast evolving since its inception and installation / upgradation of applets / desklets has been made trivial for users.

      Of course, we all wish there were more / rich widgets in Cinnamon like KDE , but it has been in DE business for long and has a strong developer / user base. Personally, even i miss certain widgets but it is not fair to criticize Cinnamon at the moment as it is quite a new project. > I created a topic for wishlist of Cinnamon applets / desklets…

  42. Arnon Apr 20,2014 21:54

    Not trying 2 be rude. Just my opinion.

  43. Arnon Apr 20,2014 21:56

    My brother LOVES linuxmint. I kind of like it You should all get supertux. It is mario with the linux peinguin

  44. EvilSupahFly Apr 21,2014 06:40

    I’m curious why Mint uses MDM instead of LightDM, which tends to run smoother on lower-end setups, which, to me, seems like they would be better suited for Mint’s already-lower overhead. Sure, Base Ubuntu sucks with that Unity garbage they keep pushing on us, but at least they’ve got LightDM. So it’s possible (granted a lot of work, mind you) to start with any Gnome-Based Ubuntu release, nuke Unity, compiz and zeitgeist, and install Cinnamon instead, that much is still easier than trying to convert Base Mint to MDM, and I know because I’ve done both in parallel installs on the same production machine.

    • Anand Apr 22,2014 06:31

      In case you’re not aware of MDM is currently maintained by Mint team and already shed lot of weight since its original form. So not sure of the performance issues…Perhaps you should log an issue in github with more details…

      I suppose Clem has clarified elsewhere the objective of MDM is to have visually appealing login screen (supports HTML 5 and already has some cool themes which I cherish) and build features on an ongoing business. Am sure like other tools maintained by Mint, MDM will also mature to become a de facto login manager in the near future.

      • lestcape Nov 27,2014 10:30

        Yes this is excellent, but this take me 1 week of my time to know than now cinnamon has an own session name… Good news, is unsupported by lightdm, gdm… Just supported by mdm right now… I can not find any announced about the change or where is?

  45. Ahmad Apr 21,2014 09:25

    @Clem: Feature Request

    Could you please add a “show desktop” option to the hot corners?

    As an OS X user, I find this option on my mac very useful. Example use (among many).

    – When browsing, I can quickly get to my desktop via a hot corner to drag a file to the browser window for upload.

    Many thanks for your amazing work. I find Cinnamon the most comfortable desktop environment for Linux.

  46. Zorba Apr 21,2014 14:15

    I have installed Cinnamon 2.2 on Ubuntu 14.04 like this:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-nightly
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install cinnamon
    sudo apt-get upgrade
    sudo apt-get install gir1.2-cmenu-3.0

    and It is unbelievably fast and stable except one annoying bug that hasn’t been fixed for 3 releases now and that is “the disappearing desktop icons”. When this issue is solved Cinnamon 2.2 will be a real beast! Many thanks Linux Mint team.

    • mtwebster Apr 21,2014 14:38

      Sounds like nemo is crashing – can you run nemo –quit && nemo from a terminal, and let it run until it crashes and then report back the output, any errors, etc..

  47. Zorba Apr 21,2014 14:18

    @Ahmed adding show desktop functionality to hot corners would be awesome like on Ubuntu 14.04!

  48. Zorba Apr 21,2014 14:43


    i’m the same guy on github! i’ll pastebin the output there.

  49. Zorba Apr 22,2014 01:48

    Can you please include onboard by default? new Windows comers keep asking about onscreen keyboards all the time.


    • Anand Apr 22,2014 06:41

      +1. Yes, plus much helpful when keyboard is not recognized for some reason!

  50. Roy Apr 22,2014 09:59

    Good news will look forward to release end of May, use hot corners a lot and find them essential to work flow, so work on them most welcome, many thanks guys for this and all other improvements to a already great distro which I always use as my main work distro.
    ps Will not forget to donate!!!

  51. abdelmalek Apr 22,2014 10:59

    can i install cinnamon-2.2 on linuxmint 16

  52. Nobby Apr 22,2014 20:45

    “Hot Corners”
    Is/Can there be an option to reduce the corner area for the hot corners. For example if Chrome is open at full screen and I’m going for the close by “X” in the top right, I want to ensure that I hit that and not the hot corner.
    So an option to reduce the area for the hot corner would be nice.

  53. Ganchiry Apr 22,2014 21:08

    Linux Mint 16 – Cinnamon:
    I’m deploying about 30 Linux Mint Laptops and I’m wondering:

    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to lockout some features of the Mint menu for standard users ?
    I do not want the users to be able to edit the Mint panel neither the Mint menu.

    Special Regards,
    Ganchiry – “The Mint hearted Guy”

  54. Georgi Apr 23,2014 07:24

    Clem, thanks a lot for this! My favorite and only wish for Cinnamon 2.2 (uninstall option in the menu) is there! The whole change log is fantastic, I just can’t believe how it could be better…

    While Gnome and Unity are going mobile – Cinnamon is going more and more desktop oriented and that’s the right direction! :)

  55. Zorba Apr 23,2014 14:56

    Would you please include a netspeed applet by default (like on mate-netspeed) that monitors network interfaces automatically. the one that exists on cinnamon spices does not work on cinnamon 2.2 and it needs lots of configuration.Most people now use mobile broadband connections (especially in my country) and they need it so much.

    PS many thanks for the show desktop option for hot corners. It is awesome.

  56. calhaus Apr 24,2014 18:36


    Wacom settings are broken! :/

    I remember testing them from git a few months ago an they were working. (apart from not detecting the tablet buttons because i had pretty recent tablet and you were/are using the old gnome settings).

    Also i’ve tested it with the nightly repo weeks after you merged wacom in the repo and it was not working but i thought it was something i was doing wrong and the repo was not stable and so i removed it right after.

    But now i’ve tested it on a virtualbox with Ubuntu Trusty and settings dont work.
    My tablet is now detected out of the box with new ubuntu, so the drivers are updated.
    The wacom settings detect the tablet and pen correctly apart from the tablet buttons.

    The values set are saved (if i turn off and on the tablet, the changed settings are still stored), but the settings dont work.
    If i set a button or any setting to perform different functions they continue with the default settings and not with the new ones… :/

    Other things, unity works fine apart from also not detecting the tablet buttons, havent tested yet gnome 3.12 to see if that button thing is updated for my tablet.


    • Bob Jun 27,2014 11:41

      I’m having the same problem. I have a BambooPT and the four buttons on the side are not customizable otherwise its working fine – the pressure sensitivity works, the buttons on the stylus can be customized although limited choice, and the tablet surface area is mapped correctly to screen.

  57. Jackie Q Apr 25,2014 15:26

    What’s up with the debian package team? It’s been 230 days since they last submitted an update. Would be really good to get a copy of Cinnamon 2 onto Jessie before it freezes and i’d like to use it on my install. Compiling from source no longer seems to work for me on jessie which is annoying.

  58. NNH Apr 28,2014 14:29

    All this sounds very good, I can’t wait to get my hands on the new release! One suggestion: please enable touchpad click functionality by default in the new release. Most of the laptop users migrating from Windows would this very welcome, as it’s part of the standard functionality on most of the other desktop environments. Thank you once more for the wonderful work!

  59. mr man Apr 28,2014 15:15

    Did you sort the 100% CPU power usage when on login screen using the HTML5 MDM or Lock?


  60. Ali Najafi May 1,2014 23:48

    I “was” an Ubuntu user if it does mean something for you. :)
    Thanks the whole community for the great work. I have Mint Petra for months, just because I couldn’t wait until the end of May.

  61. Adam May 2,2014 14:21

    @Clem or @MtWebster,

    Can you, please, make sure that Cinnamon or Linux Mint supports “pipelight” bz default as a substitute for silverlight? The point is that no silverlight support for linux makes it hard or even impossible for linux users to watch TV streaming services (such as Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. etc.)!!!!
    There is a pipelight workaround that uses WINE, but it is a hassle and definitely NOT for Linux newbies…!!!

    So PLEASE URGENTLY enable pipelight plugin support by default!!!!

    Thank you for reply in advance!


  62. ardhan May 2,2014 14:34

    Can’t wait for 17 “Qiana”, has been using Maya for years now :)

  63. Zorba May 2,2014 22:58

    Can you please include configurable menu by default on Linux Mint 17 or import some of its features (like Cinnamon installer tool, Effects, Menu styles…)

    • Anand May 3,2014 13:44 >> Similar request in github. I like the current Cinnamon Menu. yes, surely some of the important improvements (Performance, Resize, Align to corner, etc) of Configurable Menu can indeed go into the default Cinnamon menu after discussion with Cinnamon dev team, which I think maybe already happening. For an average, plethora of options would make it a bit overwhelming.

      P.S. Even in KDE world, people install Lancelot menu instead of default kick-off KDE menu if they’re interested in fancy features. And in Cinnamon, installation of x-lets has made trivial by few clicks.

  64. Avi Kohn May 4,2014 02:55

    Thank you for all of the hard work you’ve been putting into Qiana!

    I have one question though. There are currently issues with linux kernel versions < 3.15 on Haswell processors/integrated graphics (specifically on the Inspiron 17R 5737).

    What kernel version will Qiana include?

    And, if it's < 3.15, is it something that could possibly be changed before release?

    Thank you!

    • Rogatti May 4,2014 19:46

      Ubuntu 14.04(Trusty Tahr) > Mint 17(Qiana) = Kernel 3.13

      nothing prevents you from recompiling to 3.14 (

    • Säschu May 18,2014 12:01

      or instead of recompiling simply download your wanted generic kernel here and install it

      there are tons of manuals in Internet on how to install those ubuntu mainline kernels in Mint. In general you download the appriopriate three packages linux header, linux image and linux all package and install them with sudo dpkg -i linux-*.deb

      Actually I installed the Mint 17 RC, and it’s already amazingly fast with the stock 3.13 kernel – so for me no need to fiddle around with the kernel this time – Mint 17 becomes really great ;o)

  65. dinesh May 4,2014 11:02

    Will mint4win come back with 17? I believe wubi is back on ubuntu 14.04. Any word on that?

  66. Rogatti May 4,2014 19:34

    Monitor Dell UltraSharp UP3214Q – 3.840 x 2.160
    Very ok !?

  67. Dennis May 7,2014 04:22

    My experience the same as an earlier poster (Wando). Used Fedora for years then it got screwed with the new Gnome. Tried Ubuntu but its new gui was terrible. Found Mint (Cinnamon) and loving it. Cinnamon 2.2 sounds great, will try when available with Mint 17

  68. Keith May 7,2014 08:50

    Can you please update the Linux Kernel to Linux kernel, 3.14.3 as the 3.13 branch is now End of Life and a lot of people run Linux mint from a usb persistent image and you can not update the kernel on a persistent install as it breaks something

    all so one feature request can you add a show in groups option to Nemo like what is found in Dolphin and every version of windows it looks awful will all the files in one massive lump

  69. Piet Ceanadach May 7,2014 10:42

    It has taken me a full year to get the desktop setting as I like them. Is there any way to save those settings and reinstall them when I upgrade to Mint 17 Cinnamon LTS?
    If I cannot save my desktop settings I probably won’t bother upgrading from Mint 16 Cinnamon … I have the perfect desktop (for me).


    • Herisson May 12,2014 11:10

      If your “home” dir is a separate partition, when installing Mint 17 your setting should be restored (if you take care to not format the home dir). Otherwise (safe way perhaps not the fastest), back up your home dir (with hidden dir and files), do an install of your current Mint version with separated home dir and copy our back up erasing the default home dir (same user name !) and you are ready for the Mint 17 install. For the next installation, select “manual choice for dir” when it’s asked and select the current home partition WITHOUT formatting and the settings are keeped (for the /, I always format).
      I do like this since the first Cinnamon version and so I have only little configuration to do.

  70. Ramesh May 10,2014 18:17

    How to install Cinnamon 2.2 on UBUNTU 14.04 ?

    • Olleg Samoylov Jul 12,2014 10:46

      Add Linux Mint depository to sources.list to the first row.

      deb qiana main upstream import

      update,install package linuxmint-keyring (will be warning), update, install mint-meta-cinnamon and purge (!) all overlay-scrollbar(*) (bugged with cinnamon).

  71. Anand May 12,2014 04:03

    Just wanted to share here that even KDE is planing to revamp its settings. In fact I suggested to them to look Cinnamon’s way of organizing sections. >>

    It requires careful design and lot of thought process to categorize the application correctly. The said category has to be one of the first few words that user thinks when looking around for settings.

  72. Roman May 12,2014 16:01

    I’ve already seen Cinnamon 2.2 in Arch Linux. Why doesn’t Cinnamon support screensaver programs, like LXDE, or KDE? Sure, you can install xscreensaver, but you have to remember to start it, and that’s inconvenient, especially since their is no icon from which to launch it.

  73. Csaba May 12,2014 20:31

    Hi Clem,
    is it alright to hope for filter bar in Nemo?

    I mean, the same functionality as we have in Dolphin, where you can type in a part of file’s name and the files not containing that pattern got hidden.

    That would make Nemo the best file browser, and I don’t think it would be a difficult task to accomplish.

  74. vinny May 13,2014 13:15

    why recnt add in nemo
    how to remove recent in nemo

  75. highks May 14,2014 13:07

    Can’t wait to see it!
    Cinnamon is the best desktop environment of them all, not only on linux!

    The only thing that could make it even more perfect in my opinion would be a general file preview using the space bar (if you have used osx then you know what I mean)
    But don’t get me wrong – apart from this one function, Cinnamon is absolutely better than the osx desktop environment.

    • mtwebster May 14,2014 18:24

      Have you tried nemo-preview?

      It’s an extension like (well actually ported from) gnome-sushi – space-bar previewer for media, text, video, pics, etc.. in nemo.

  76. Evan May 14,2014 13:56

    I want the ALT-Tab switcher to display more quickly.

    System Load Indicator is buggy in Cinnamon 2.0 (works fine in MATE).

  77. Gowtham May 15,2014 02:18

    I’m currently on Ubuntu 14.04. I have never used Mint before, but everything seems exiciting. I can’t wait for LM17. Once 17 is released, I am planning to say good bye to Ubuntu.

  78. C Goto May 15,2014 09:09

    Looking forward to version 17, and hope to enjoy it as much as LM16. Well done the Linux community, and I hope you take the sting out of the tail form 10,000 Microsoft crashes I had over the decades.

  79. gmc85 May 16,2014 07:21

    nice :)

    Will there be support for animated GIFs in themes?
    How about tiled background-image (if you want to use a patern for a menu background but don’t want to use a huge image)?

  80. Säschu May 18,2014 11:49

    Just installed yesterday Mint 17 RC with Cinnamon 2.2 on my old AMD powered Desktop with NVIDIA quadro FX grapics. I guess beside of other optimizations in Mint itself the new 2.2 Cinamon seems to be a main reason for a feelable performance boost – GUI never was that quick and reactive. Real good work from Cinnamon and Mint guys !

  81. mrmen May 18,2014 13:32

    Hi Cinnamon 2.2 is great. That menu speed finally ! you wont belive how awful it was making the experience feel. I have two suggestions you Don’t have to listen too :P but here goes…

    1. When i change the panel to move to the top =

    Troubleshoot -> Restart Cinnamon.

    Imediatley this gives the impression that to change a setting you have to fix a broken thing ? We have to troubleshoot in order to change a setting… lets think about that for a second…

    Why not at the bottom of the Cinnamon settings menu and on the tray settings “apply” or “apply new settings” ! it may be restarting cinnamon anyway but doesnt this give off a better ‘feel’ ? (((btw having to do this anyway is not seen in any other DE or any other OS windows/mac and i hope it is more fluid in the future))

    2. Why not set a gold standard. This standard is like the menu that is now quick and makes the experience better. Say to yourself nothing in cinnamon should take longer than 1 second to open (an ice age in computing) and then try hit those targets. I have now noticed that the cinnamon settings menu takes a bit longer to open.. give with one hand, take with the other.

    Just sugestions


  82. Damo May 19,2014 15:41

    Hi! I’m a Debian (stable) and Mint user for years, but not LMDE, sorry :( I prefer debian , I try and try install Cinnamon 2.X (not 1.8) on my Debian from sources, from LMDE repositories, because I love this desktop environment, and always the same result, I broke my system (try again), now cinnamon is independent of gnome, my question is: when can we enjoy this standalone desktop environment on debian?

    thanks and sorry for my bad English, I’m not a native speaker but love GNU systems

  83. S. E. Durán May 23,2014 04:08

    Hello Clem I am Aurch user, Arch uses Gnome 3.12 and this one has in this release the posibility to turn back the minimize and maximize buttons to the CSD applications, do you can port this feature to muffin and Cinnamon settings daemon for Cinnamon 2.2-1?

  84. S. E. Durán May 23,2014 13:28

    Clem I will tell you something: when I heard about the Gnome 3.12’s hability to bring back these buttons on the CSD apps I had the dream to see Cinnamon with the pretty minimalistic CSD windows working with the min / max buttons side to side with the classic windows, an utopy on the desktop a moment when the persons can use with similar look and feel the CSD and classic windows with not problem and on a confortable form

    Please make this dream reality and make it before the new Gnome / Linux mint release, talking about the Cinnamon team must work with a Linux mint and an Arch PCs to make cinnamon have compatibility with the current Gnome and not only with the old one, this will make us happy

  85. Ricardo Almeida May 23,2014 18:03

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask but I would like to know if cinnamon ppa will be updated for Ububtu 14.04 (Trusty). I upgrade Ubuntu and now I don’t have cinnamon :(

    When I access it asks for my login and then I get:
    Not allowed here
    Sorry, you don’t have permission to access this page or the information in this page is not shared with you.

    I know I can use the nightly ppa, but it clearly states “WARNING : Nightly builds are unstable, use only for debugging purposes”, so I would rather have the stable version…

    If it’s not going to be update, any one knows any other repository for the stable version?

    • mtwebster May 23,2014 23:47

      At least for the moment, the nightlies are matching what is currently in Mint 17’s RC with updates. It’s about as stable as it gets right now if you want to give it a go.

      I’m not sure if the stable ppa is coming back or not – it never was an ‘official’ ppa – it would be much better if someone wanted to actually maintain it in ubuntu.

      • Ricardo Almeida Jun 1,2014 21:20

        Tried the nightly and it’s great :)
        Hope an ‘official’ ppa shows up…

  86. zer0 May 24,2014 15:11

    Could you PLEASE provide a repository with the latest Cinnamon 2 packages for Debian? I’ve downloaded unofficial debs and scripts floating around the web, and even tried to follow your instructions but still couldn’t get a 100% working system.

    I’m really tired of Gnome and would love to have Cinnamon as my main desktop. Unfortunately LMDE is not an option (no 2.2 yet, and stuck with the old glib and gtk libs, which among the other things prevent me from adding themes and newer software that I need)…

  87. Ren May 26,2014 05:02

    Yesterday I have asked the new mantainers of Cinnamon in Debian about it and they said they’re waiting on some of the packages to finish going through the new queue (the Debian FTP Masters have to check them). Then they’re going to ask for more testers and if things are ok, upload Cinnamon from experimental to sid shortly afterwards.

  88. Georg May 26,2014 16:57

    Dear Clem!

    I like cinnamon very much, but I have an annoying problem. I cannot watch any video smooth on Mint 16 and I tried Mint 13 LTS also. Finally I found a solution, I installed LXDE meta-package, and when I want to watch video I log in to an LXDE session and everything goes fine. The same with XCFE and Mate, only Cinnamon cannot play booth SD or HD or even DVD. I tried the new 17 RC Cinnamon and Mate but everything is the same. My hardware: Acer TM5730 P8400 4500MHD 3GB RAM Dell U2412M via HDMI-DVI cable. I have never had that problem with Windows XP also.

  89. Zach Collier May 26,2014 17:37

    Did they finally get dual monitor support for the task bar?

    Until then I will continue to use MATE.

    Clem said it should be ready in 2.2

  90. A. Hofman Jun 1,2014 04:28

    I”m using the nightly builds on Ubuntu 14.04 and it runs great.
    Updates are on a regular basis, so all respect to Gwendal.
    Looking forward to the release of the final ppa.

  91. Adam Jun 3,2014 10:31

    The new language settings are TOTAL BULLSHIT.

    Please change it back to the way it was!

    It is totally headache to have to INSTALL a language and THEN LOG OUT AND BACK IN to switch between languages!!!!!!!!! AND IT DOES NOT WORK FOR LIVE SESSION USERS!!!!!!!


    • Adam Jun 5,2014 15:56

      Sorry, I have noticed that there is a KEYBOARD setting now where I can select keyboard languages without installing anything.

      Therefore, I would like to say that I really love Linux Mint 17 again(as expected) :-)

  92. moo Jun 4,2014 14:33


    I have something strange (cinnamon 2.2.8 on fedora 20). I can’t use edge tilling (top, bottom, …) with some applications (eg geany and others). Only left and right edge tiling works.

    Kind Regards

    • SCollins Jun 5,2014 15:32

      I’ve noticed this as well with inkscape. And Spotify doesn’t seem to tile at all. I think this issue might have been mentioned somewhere on but I’m not sure.

    • moo Jun 6,2014 08:03


      Many thanks for your answers. I have tried with geany & Mint 17 RC LiveCD and this is working fine. I don’t know if it’s related to geany or cinnamon fedora’s RPM release.
      Before Cinnamon 2.x.x on Fedora it worked fine.

      It’s not so important as I can do without tiling but can’t do anything without Cinnamon desktop (Many many thanks Mint team and Cinnamon devs for this !!!)

      Kind Regards

      • mtwebster Jun 9,2014 00:29

        Regarding the inability to tile some applications – many of them define a minimum size in height and width (what that application things it needs to display correctly) – when determining tiling, Cinnamon checks those minimums, and prevents tiling when the tiled size would attempt to restrict either the height or width below them.

  93. Adam Jun 5,2014 15:54

    I also noticed that Totem does not snap to the sides or to the corners. Totem only snaps to the top and bottom

    As regards the calculator app, it does not snap or tile at all.

    • JosephM Jun 9,2014 11:39

      I actually have no problems snapping totem anywhere. No suprise that Calculator doesn’t work. It’s not even re-sizeable.

      • Adam Jun 21,2014 04:46

        Regarding LM17 Cinnamon and Totem: I also noticed that forwarding and rewinding by clicling anywhere on the timeline does not work.
        You can only forward and rewind by clicking and dragging that small dot that moves along the timeline…

  94. Daniel Jun 9,2014 12:50

    Cinnamon is great, but i still locking for a solution.

    On a 27″ Monitor with a 2550×1440 Resolution the “HighDPI Mode” displays everything to big, with “normal/automatic” everything is a little small.

    Scaling the fonts is also no solution, cause then the Windows size did not change.

    Is it possible to set the ui_scaling between high and normal?

    • mtwebster Jun 9,2014 17:37

      Unfortunately no – you’re in the no-man’s land between normal dpi and hi-dpi.

      While we could provide ‘in-between’ scaling for Cinnamon elements (the panel, panel menus, etc..), the library most applications use (gtk3) is currently restricted to 1 or 2 (or higher, some day), and there’s nothing we can do about that currently.

  95. Mike Jun 9,2014 21:48

    Bit the bullet and made the jump to Mint 17 Cinnamon (from Mint 13 MATE). Since I can’t use the AMD legacy, I have to use the open source drivers. Graphics-heavy games really stink now (extremely frustrating), but on the upside: I can use Cinnamon now! I’m really enjoying it! Great job with this desktop!

    One question: I can no longer see and access my Evolution calendar events/appointments through the panel clock (as was/is possible in the Gnome 2 applet, Ubuntu Indicator Date/Time Applet, and in Gnome Shell). I really miss this feature. Any chance that this will be implemented in the future? I didn’t realize until now just how much I relied on it.

  96. einarth Jun 10,2014 07:54

    I installed the latest Cinnamon on my Arch system. It’s beautiful and everything works except for screen locking: when the system resumes from sleep, I see the background (as in this screenshot: but no password prompt! Am I missing something?

  97. Sam Jun 10,2014 15:59

    I can’t tell you how beautifully designed the last Cinnamon was.
    Can’t wait to try this one out either.

    Ubuntu has been going down-hill with their design decisions for a few years now.

    Just can’t thank you guys enough for Cinnamon, and Mint. Would definitely wanna donate out some money when I start earning! :P

  98. Navdeep Singh Jun 11,2014 00:58

    cinnamon-stable ppa is not working from past few weeks. So my question is Will cinnamon 2.2 or next versions be available on any ppa for Distros like Ubuntu 12.04, LM13 , Ubuntu 14.04 or later?

    Thanks & Regards !!

  99. mrman Jun 14,2014 09:45

    Hi Clem & team,

    congrats on 2.2. Finally stable ! i have only had one hang from theming (usual culprit) but yes this is a lot more stable. The menu is quicker too.

    one request, i like the sounds feature for apps and i use it. But enlightenment 17 has one thing i miss which is a ‘type’ sound when you put in your sudo password there is a mechanical keyboard sound per key press and for some reason i really like it !
    any chance of adding another sound applications option to the list for keyboard sound effect so i can add typing sounds to my key presses, perhaps with the option to limit to sudo commands only too.


  100. Adam Jun 21,2014 04:49

    Another bug regarding window tiling:

    When I snap a window into any corner and that maximize and then unmaximize the window, the window does not return to the corner, but occupies roughly half the screen (half the bottom screen when tiling to the bottom right and left corners, for example).

    PLEASE FIX THIS in LM 18 Cinnamon

    • Adam Jun 21,2014 04:50

      Of course I meant:
      “(half the bottom screen when tiling to the bottom right and left corners, and then maximize and UNMAXIMIZE…”

    • mtwebster Jun 23,2014 11:56

      It actually returns to the original pre- tiled/maximized shape – this is as intended.

  101. Adam Jun 21,2014 05:00

    ANother thing regarding window corner tiling:

    I was actually expecting that one would be able to ADJUST THE SIZE of the tiled windows (any tiled window…whether corner windows or top/bottom/side tiled windows).

    I believe that this features would be extremely handy!!!

    E.g. when I watch a movie in the top half screen (tiled to the top), often I feel like I cannot see the whole scene and would like to make the tiled window a bit bigger…you get my point?


    • mtwebster Jun 23,2014 11:54

      You can already resize tiled/snapped windows. And it’s Mint 17, not 18. You’ve been able to do this since Mint 16, in fact.

      • Adam Jun 25,2014 03:36


        No, it does not work. It is not possible to e.g. make a corner window bigger once it’s snapped to the corner. Of course, you can click on the “maximize” button, and then you can resize it. But that’s not very handy.

        Imagine the following scenario (And this is what I forgot to mention in my original post above):
        Imagine you have 4 windows snapped to all 4 corners of your screen.
        Changing the individual size of each window by clicking the “maximize” button and then making each of them bigger IS very unpractical and runs counter to the purpose of quick window tiling.

        So what I suggest is:
        Once you tile the screen (no matter whether in 4 or in 2 parts), one should be able to quickly and easily change the window properties by clicking on the border between the 2 or 4 screens. And by clicking on the border and holding the left mouse key, a “dot” would appear and you could easily drag and drop that “dot”. The tiled windows’ sizes would be divided as you move the dot across the screen until you drop that “dot” by releasing the left mouse key.

        If you need further clarification, please do not hesitate to ask and I’ll be happy to make it clearer, if necessary.


        • JosephM Jun 25,2014 10:40

          I have no issue re-sizing a window that has been tiled. Doesn’t matter if it’s tiled top, bottom, side, or corners. It soundd like you want it to be possible to grab a shared edge of two windows and resize them both in one move. That is something different.

  102. dd Jun 25,2014 04:29

    nemo 2.2.2 says the USB stick is read only when it is not. the stick it’s ok and it works with other systems.
    what is the problem? how to solve this?

    thank you!

  103. Adam. Jun 25,2014 21:25

    Hello Joseph,

    Yes, what you say is exactly how I meant it!

    That means, it would be very handy if we could change the sizes of 4,3 or 2 windows in one move by grabbing the shared edge between the 4,3 or 2 windows, by clicking and holding the left mouse key, then move the mouse and thereby adjust the the sizes of the windows automatically in one go as we move the mouse, and then release the left mouse click!

    I am happy that you understood what I meant!

    • Mani Jun 26,2014 07:02

      I like this idea

    • mtwebster Jun 26,2014 15:58

      This is really beyond what we’re after for tiling capabilities. We’re not attempting to morph Cinnamon into a tiling window manager, we’re trying to provide some tiling features to increase usefulness, and improve management of windows in various situations. The technical debt involved in implementing this ‘multi-window resizing’ feature is far too high to consider it right now, and there’s really never been any demand or desire from our users for it.

      We’re pretty happy with the current capabilities.

      • Adam. Jun 26,2014 23:03


        Well, now there is demand, and there is already one person above also finding this idea good! Maybe other people will also like it.
        Therefore, if anybody also likes to have this feature and would like to have it in Cinnamon 18, please leave a reply here.


      • Adam. Jun 26,2014 23:36

        The point is that I truly believe that you guys are awesome because you have provided us with Linux Mint Cinnamon and because you constantly try to make it even more perfect for all the people out there.
        As regards the technical skills, I’m sure there is always some way to make it happen. Where there is a will, there is a way.

        You wrote:”not attempting to morph Cinnamon into a tiling window manager”
        –Why not?

        You wrote:”…to increase usefulness”

        You wrote:”improve management of windows in various situations”
        –Therefore, with my idea you would have a very good opportunity to improve this.

        Especially because of your long-term strategy you wanna focus on fixing bugs and making stuff more perfect instead of coming up with new features. However, people do not value bug fixing as much as because it is “under the hood”. However, I’m sure they will definitely immediately see the difference and appreciate it!

        So my idea also fits into this strategy of yours, as you would make window tiling perfect and thus hugely increase the purpose and value of window tiling, and overall usefulness to people.

        Now it’s like half-done only…

  104. Adam. Jun 26,2014 23:45

    Sorry, I meant:
    “People would value an improvement like my idea more than incremental “under the hood” technical improvements…and I’m speaking for the masses of average non-technical users/nerds out there, who want to get stuff done or enjoy media as good as it can get”

  105. dd Jun 27,2014 10:50

    i’m also for new features when the ones we have will all work correctly but unfortunately this is not the case.

    bug- Cinnamon keeps reverting to default wallpaper on mint 17

    bug- i have only the upper left corner activated for workspaces and it works good. the others are not activated but behave as would be activated to show all windows.

    hope that somebody will take note about this problems and try to correct them.

    • mtwebster Jun 27,2014 12:54

      The wallpaper bug had already been reported.

      I cannot reproduce the hotcorner issue – you’re saying that in the hotcorner configuration, you only have the upper left corner ‘green’, the rest red (both checks disabled), and yet they’re still triggering?

      You can see bug reports for Cinnamon here: and I encourage you to file one there for the second issue if that’s indeed the case.

  106. moo Jun 28,2014 19:25

    just a question ….
    I’m french but want to stay with english as system language but would like to use french regional settings as numer and date format …
    there is no more regional settings so how to do ?

  107. Caner Jun 30,2014 09:32

    I have a touchscreen laptop + an external monitor.

    When I place my finger on the laptop screen, the mouse pointer moves on the external monitor. So the coordinates are somehow shifted and it behaves like I am touching to the external monitor.

  108. dd Jun 30,2014 13:46


    thanks for the answer!
    yes it was so but i installed the respin v2 and now it works without problems.
    maybe will be possible to make cinnamon appletes and desklets working also for xfce an kde.

  109. asdf Jul 1,2014 20:27

    Looks like the unstable git version for most cinnamon components have been incremented to 2.3 recently (haven’t checked out and built for awhile, but have to due to LMDE being always hopelessly out of date). Can’t seem to find a what’s new or even roadmap so guess I will have to play with it. My guess is the version was incremented for new development but not much has changed yet.

  110. VV Jul 2,2014 12:42

    Excellent release. Been using for several months now and really like the updates and upgrades. The stability has improved quite a bit as well. My only suggestion would be on the Desklets; it would be very nice to be able to lock these down so that when clicking on a window above you can’t accidentally move the Desklet.


  111. bagjunggyu Jul 3,2014 12:33

    We have a mean issue with cinnamon and ibus-hangul ,actually with nabi too
    it was also reported to
    *Qt5-project :
    *ibus project :
    * launchpad :

    To be short, google-chrome browser later 35 (stable 35, beta 36, unstable 37),chromium later 34 have this issue.
    and, add there, at the menu of Cinnamon on the Linux Mint 17, It is unable to switch English from Hangul and vise versa,
    It also happens to Cinnamon on the Arch Linux
    but, In case of Cinnamon on the Arch Linux doesn’t have a issue with chromium 35 browser

    Researching from a lot of test from lots of OSes (Debian 8, Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 14.10 series, Linux Mint 17 series, Arch Linux), finally we have a clue of this issue
    As you have seen from bugreport of Qt-project , the developer of FocusWriter Graeme Gott comment it clearly

    In case of Cinnamon, aside of chromium and googl-chrome issues
    It happened to the “Menu”
    Once again, it is unable to switch language Hangul from English and vise versa at the Menu
    I hope we can use cinnamon as before
    Thank you read this long report
    Please comment me if I need to report it other place


    • mtwebster Jul 3,2014 15:13

      We want to make ibus usable (and easy to set up) – unfortunately none of us really know much about it or how to set it up properly. We’d welcome input, suggestions for it, it’s definitely something we want to take care of before 2.4.

      Please open an issue on github (, which is a better place to discuss this.


      • bagjunggyu Jul 4,2014 16:51

        Thank you for helping me to report it right place and for your willness to solve language input method issue like ibus , I will help to make it even if it is a hand of cat

  112. Mike Jul 7,2014 07:27

    Quick question, and I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask: In Cinnamon 2.2, I have a desktop icon where I had to edit the .desktop file in a text editor to get the application to run properly (it’s not installed the normal .deb way and needed a Path= line to work. How do I get it into the Cinnamon menu?

    Cinnamon’s menu editor doesn’t allow more advanced configurations like this when adding a new item, and it won’t let me drag-and-drop the icon from the desktop into the menu editor to add it. I tried copying the .desktop file to /usr/share/applications, but it wouldn’t show up in the menu, even after restarting Cinnamon. Any suggestions?

    Clem, drag-and-drop item adding might be a good idea in the menu editor. Or, even allowing dragging and dropping onto the menu itself on the panel to add an item might be cool (maybe bring up a dialog box asking if you really want to add this item to the menu).

    • mtwebster Jul 7,2014 15:00

      Usually, if a desktop file won’t show up in the menu (or editor), it’s a sign that the exec line is an invalid executable, or some other entry is malformed.

      Can you paste the contents of this file?

      It should be as simple as copying to ~/.local/share/applications

      • Mike Jul 10,2014 23:02


        Thanks for the reply! To create the launcher, I just used Nemo’s “Create Launcher” option, and then added a Path line at the end of it with gedit. So unless there’s something wrong with my Path line, I’m not sure what would possibly be malformed. It runs perfectly from the desktop, whereas the launcher without the Path line didn’t run correctly – it couldn’t find its correct path for creating a needed folder. Here’s the file:

        [Desktop Entry]
        Exec=python /home/mike/Applications/mcedit/

  113. Jason Jul 9,2014 06:06


    I would like to know whether UFW (the linux firewall) is activated by default in Linux Mint 17? Because when I click on “Menu”, I cannot see the “firewall” option. However, in Linux Mint 15 there was a firewall option and I could switch the firewall on and off.

    Since I cannot see that “firewall” option in LM17, does it mean the firewall is activated by default and I do not need to care or worry any further? Or is it deactivated and I must download GUFW and switch it on?

    Thank you.

  114. Ben Jul 10,2014 07:54

    I have noticed that LM17 Cinnamon overheats my CPU!

    Could you fix that, maybe?

  115. Sandra Jul 11,2014 01:35

    I have noticed 3 big bugs regarding suspension mode:

    When I put my notebook in suspend mode and then get it out of suspend mode:

    1. My wireless connection is down and Linux Mint Cinnamon does not even detect that there is a wireless chip!

    2. The keyboard language changes back to “english US (en)” instead of the language that I set up for the keyboard before suspend mode! So I have to click and change it back to my language, which is annoying.

    3. All music and sounds when using totem or watching youtube are jittery when I use my mouse wheel or scroll through websites.

    Please, can you fix that?


    • Sandra Jul 22,2014 16:13

      I also noticed that when the screensaver turns on and I then get back to my laptop, that the keyboard language has changed back to english.
      I have not experienced this with any prior version of Linux Mint Cinnamon.

      Please fix my bugs because they are so annoying.

    • Sandra Jul 22,2014 16:15

      And I also noticed that my laptop is constantly overheating in the CPU area. It gets to freaking hot that I am afraud my laptop will start to burn. And the desk underneath my laptop get really freaking hot.

      That’s a serious issue.

  116. Olleg Samoylov Jul 12,2014 11:29

    This news is abscent on the main page
    And how to write bug report?

  117. Steve O Jul 18,2014 15:02

    Hallelujah! The way to fix the “system-wide” proxy problem is found here:

    Since I’m a brand new Linux user, I didn’t realize the problems were specific to newer versions of Mint. Once I found out it was just my version and not my proxy (or anything dumb that I’d done), it was easier to Google the solution.

    By the way, we’d all prefer “working settings” to “better looking settings”.

  118. eva Vogt Jul 19,2014 03:33

    I wont change the language from english to germans. What must i do??
    I cant understanding all the english words.

  119. christophe May 11,2015 10:09


    I can see high cpu usage with cinnamon( Mint 17.1).
    ps -efw => cinnamon –replace <== high CPU 30% – 60%.

    And, when i see picture, if i click on next fastly, everything is blocked.
    I must wait any second for use.

    How i can resolve this problem ?


  120. G. Dickinson Jul 8,2015 01:14

    I have a Linux Mint 17.2 question.

    From a terminal…
    me@me-system ~ $ ss -ap

    tcp ESTAB 0 0 users:((“cinnamon”,3169,24))

    me@me-system ~ $ netstat -ap yields the following.

    tcp 0 0 a184-26-143-99.dep:http ESTABLISHED 3169/cinnamon

    ss appears to have resolved the foreign ip address while netstat did not or at least in a form that I understand. Do you know the purpose of the connection and who it belongs to? It shows up after every login.

    Thank you for your time.

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