Update Manager: full localized descriptions
by clem 13

Work continues for 17.1 and the Update Manager:
Screenshot from 2014-07-21 16:17:46

Package descriptions no longer show in English but in your own language, and the full description is included.

13 thoughts on “Update Manager: full localized descriptions

  1. Sandra Aug 1,2014 02:39


    In my opinion, this stuff you’re currently working on is totally unimportant. I think Linux Mint has been getting more and more uninnovative recently, which is very disappointing.
    So why don’t you instead focus on e.g. the following, much more important, things:

    A. I have noticed 3 big bugs regarding suspension mode:

    When I put my notebook in suspend mode and then get it out of suspend mode:

    1. My wireless connection is down and Linux Mint Cinnamon does not even detect that there is a wireless chip!

    2. The keyboard language changes back to “english US (en)” instead of the language that I set up for the keyboard before suspend mode. So I have to click and change it back to my language, which is annoying.

    3. All music and sounds get distorted and jittery when using when I use my mouse wheel or scroll through websites while listening to music.

    B. I also noticed that when the screensaver turns on and I then get back to my laptop, that the keyboard language has changed back to english.

    C.And I also noticed that my laptop is constantly overheating in the CPU area. It gets to freaking hot that I am afraud my laptop will start to burn. And the desk underneath my laptop get really freaking hot.

    That’s a serious issue.

    So please fix these things.

    • Jazzoid Aug 4,2014 07:05

      I fully agree with the point 3 about the scrolling interfering with the sound. But then again, I have also found this to be an issue with other distros and I do quite a bit of distro-hopping but only noticed this to be an issue this year and recently. Might be a kernel thing? Don’t know, I do not claim to be an expert just because I am a distro-hopper but this issue IS REALLY annoying.

    • session Aug 6,2014 13:12

      Issue #1, the wireless bug, is upstream; the fix is found here.

  2. Georgi Aug 3,2014 10:30

    I think you are doing very well. A professional distro is a distro with polish and attention to the little details. That’s why Ubuntu fails and Mint rises. ;) So keep up with the excellent work!

  3. Herr Dierk Aug 3,2014 11:43

    I agree with Georgi. Great job! Mint is not only a professional distro but also userfriendly. Everyone should give it a try. And yes, for some people there will be a few bugs in the system, but give me one distro or OS that runs without them. I think Mint will have a great future. Thanks to all who is involved !

  4. Anand Aug 4,2014 16:44

    Hi – Couple of suggestions:
    1 -> I believe there is a small issue in displaying certain special characters. For instance, package adobe-flashplugin did not show ® registered trademark. Question marks were shown, IIRC. In the terminal, “aptitude show adobe-flashplugin” displays it correctly.

    Adobe® Flash® Player is a cross-platform, browser-based application runtime
    that provides uncompromised viewing of expressive applications, content, and
    videos across browsers and operating systems.

    2 -> Update manager can include short description details as a column (synaptic and software manager show these details). For instance, liblzo2-2 is highly cryptic! In my view, Update Manager should show respective short description “data compression library”.

  5. John Mc Quillan Aug 18,2014 14:14

    I am using Mint 17 in English. I do not see full descriptions, only the first line of the package description is displayed. If I want full description, I have to open Software Manager

  6. Leon Oct 5,2014 23:16

    Dear Friends,
    I wish to congratulate the whole team of designers for the nice work you did.
    I tried several diff distro’s, but I decided to stick with Minux mint.
    It is easy and stable and give a low learning curve.

    I was wondering if it would be nice to create an iso file with de diff distro’s on (cinnamon, mate , xgce etc) on it so a user can choose on the moment of testing or installation.

    I also found out recently that it is possible to start a defragmantation on a linux system. I think there are alse other system actions which can be done via the terminal screen. I was wondering that this kind of system actions can be included in the system settings. By this it is easy accessible for the not experienced user as I am.

    Thank you for your attention and keep the good mood to go on.


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