Emblems in Nemo!
by clem 19

Emblems are coming back in Nemo!

In GNOME 2 you could right-click a file or a directory, click Properties and assign it a little emblem icon. You can enjoy that feature in MATE but for some reason it was removed from GNOME 3 and thus it never made it to Cinnamon. Anyway, this came to our attention so we’re bringing it back.

Screenshot from 2014-08-29 15:54:15

With a few emblems you can add visual clues to directories, mark files as favorites… it’s yet another tool for you to decide how to sort things in your computer.

Screenshot from 2014-08-29 15:53:06

Mint-X will feature updated emblems and you’ll be able to use them in both Caja and Nemo.

19 thoughts on “Emblems in Nemo!

  1. Anand Aug 29,2014 14:40

    Wow..So Nice, it will make my desktop organized much better, I hope. Waiting for it to be released already. :-)
    P.S. Am not reading too much into “Weight Loss” folder, just that it is an example :-P

  2. Caner Aug 29,2014 22:27

    Do these emblems have any other functionality except visual appearance? Or is it just a way of increasing visual awareness.

    • clem Aug 30,2014 08:56

      They don’t have any functionality associated to them out of the box. But you can define that. First, you decide how to use them (you might decide to add emblems to a certain kinds of files based on criteria of your choice), then they’re accessible not only visually but also programmatically.. so if you’re into scripting or development you could very well write tools which apply or process particular files based on the presence or not of particular emblems.

      For instance you could write a cron job calling a backup script which only backups “important” files/folders, and then define what’s important to you using the “important” emblem. In terms of API you’re basically interacting with ‘metadata::emblems’ in Gio.FileInfo.

      Some tools already use emblems like that (using the same technique), dropbox for instance to show you synchronized files, gnome-user-share to show you folders which are publicly shared, the fs itself to show you a lock on files/folders you don’t have write permission on.. etc. To avoid any confusion note that you don’t have access to these special emblems here in the emblem selection screen :)

  3. moo Aug 31,2014 09:12


    So useful to be well organized !!!! welcome back to the emblems !!!
    Many thanks for your work !

  4. peter Aug 31,2014 16:38

    Great! being a Mate user I had no idea Cinnamon lacked the feature.

  5. expat_tony Sep 2,2014 07:11

    Does anyone agree with me that the colourful emblems already break up the “green wall” of the Nemo icons in a pleasing way?
    What with this and the just-announced Mint-X-Colors, life’s gonna be brighter for Mint users. Don’t underestimate its extra pulling power on Windows refugees either (and on commentators who are distro-watched).

  6. Simon Brown Sep 2,2014 08:26

    No trace of the emblems (or the folder colour options) for me when I use the Cinnamon nightly PPA. I am seeing all the other changes except those. How do I turn them on ?

  7. meda Sep 2,2014 10:28

    That’s awesome working. it is much better. Conveniences


  8. mrman Sep 2,2014 17:48

    awesome. this is great.

    one thing though (isnt there always ;) )

    i didnt notice a joypad or joystick logo? there is no Game icon? everything else seems covered.

    don’t forget us gamers.

  9. the_Seppi Sep 5,2014 15:50

    Finally! In which stable version (Nemo or Cinnamon) will this be available. When will the update be available for Qiana?

  10. CupidsHelper Sep 6,2014 03:02

    Great news! I missed these in GNOME3. It does, to me, make things quicker. Much appreciated, thanks Clem. Have a great day. :)

  11. mrman Sep 8,2014 12:41

    [quote]Clem added a commit for this, I guess.


    Great ! :) me and others im sure will be pleased about this.

  12. Ed Bakker Sep 14,2014 14:50

    Hi Clem,

    Just left you a note on the Github site: small correction for:

    ‘speletjies’ to be corrected to ‘spelletjes’ for the Nemo emblems to come!

    Eager to receive the new Linux Mint update(s)!
    Working with Linux Mint Qiana myself on my Asus Vivo pc as well as on my Macbook.

    Kind regards,


  13. jimvandamme Sep 20,2014 15:15

    I wish there was a way of searching for a file created on a specific date.

    And if there is, a way of finding out how to do it. That is, I wish there was a manual for Nemo, or tutorials, or some way of figuring out what you can do with it besides stumbling on a function by accident.

  14. exile Sep 26,2014 10:39

    Bit of a testomony to Gnome 2, that features from those days are still be re-implemented all these years later, but good job anyway.

  15. Luca Nov 21,2014 04:28

    I just installed Rebecca Cinnamon 64 :coolness: and playing around waiting for the update manager to finish.
    I selected as a theme for the icons ‘Mint-X aqua’ but this feature doesn’t come out? How to activate it, please?
    Thanks in advance!

  16. Jeremy Boden Jul 28,2015 20:42

    Is there any way to add my own small images, so that they could be used as additional emblems?

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