Mint-X Colors!
by clem 81

In upcoming releases Mint-X won’t only come in Green, but in multiple colors.

Within the dev. team, Joseph took the lead and started created variations of the icon theme.

Here’s Mint-X:

Screenshot from 2014-08-28 14:16:47

Here’s Mint-X-Blue:

Screenshot from 2014-08-28 14:17:11

and here’s Mint-X-Grey:

Screenshot from 2014-08-28 14:17:52

And that’s not all. We’ll also do the following:

  • More colors: red, purple, pink, yellow, sand, aqua? (let us know about your favorite colors)
  • mint-themes: We’ll also create color variations of the GTK theme itself
  • folder-color: We’re extending Nemo and Caja so you can change the color of individual directories (say you’ve bad taste and you want all your folders in Pink but your Pictures folder in Green.. well you can do just that)
  • nemo-emblems: We’re bringing back emblem support in Nemo, so you can tag individual directories with emblem icons

81 thoughts on “Mint-X Colors!

  1. Alex Aug 28,2014 12:59

    Why not cyan? Cyan is a nice color. I see it all over this webpage.

  2. Pedro Silva Aug 28,2014 13:04

    Nice! :DD
    Thanks Clem!

  3. qx0195263 Aug 28,2014 13:30


    considering that I have requested it over there:

    this is a much appreciated feature ;).

    > clem wrote:
    > mint-themes: We’ll also create color
    > variations of the GTK theme itself

    That would be really nice. It would be much appreciated if the highlight colour could be changed from green to something else (blue for example).

    > clem wrote:
    > folder-color: We’re extending Nemo and Caja
    > so you can change the color of individual directories
    > (say you’ve bad taste and you want all your folders in Pink
    > but your Pictures folder in Green.. well you can do just that)

    Well, as already requested on the forum, it would be nice if you could add a yellow colour similar to what is used for folders in Windows 7 for example, see:



  4. Sam Burgos Aug 28,2014 14:55

    Well I don’t know how it will look but you want to try a dark GTK theme (ala Adwaita dark mode) in Mint-X. I don’t know if it is your favorite color at all but you can check the theme for inspiration

    Since you’re using GTK 3.10 and the download link is kind of confusing (took me a while to find a download link to Adwaita theme) I can give you the files if you need to give it a look

    • clem Aug 28,2014 14:59

      Hi Sam,

      Can you link to a screenshot?

      • Sam Burgos Aug 28,2014 15:19

        Well let me see if I can find a link since the files are in my laptop and I’m on my work PC (which doesn’t even have Linux but WinXP), maybe if you can wait I’ll promise to send it to you later but I have to return to home after work to give you the link (at the moment of writing this is 9:30 AM and I’ll be back at home until 6:30 PM). I’m really sorry for the delay

        • JosephM Aug 29,2014 11:08

          The Mint-X theme is already structured to allow the edition of a dark theme. There are a couple of reasons I never personally worked on it though. For one it only works with Gtk3 applications. In a default install of Linux Mint I believe it would only effect gthumb, Image viewer, and Videos. It’s quite a bit of effort for really little gain.

    • Matthew Morgan Aug 29,2014 13:24

      I would love to have a good dark theme as well; dark themes feel much easier on my eyes after a long day. The only problem I have with dark themes is that they really seem to mess with Firefox. I found lots of people complaining about the same thing…there’s something weird about Firefox’s native widget integration that messes up on dark themes. On some sites (e.g., youtube, duckduckgo) the search box ends up as a white background with white/light text, which as you could imagine makes it hard to tell what you’re typing! I found a userContent.css hack that more-or-less fixes it, but it is a hack nonetheless.

      I don’t know if it’s possible to build the theme in a way that addresses that issue (I don’t know the root causes, for all I know it’s a bug in Firefox and no fault lies elsewhere) but if it could be taken care of that would be wonderful.

  5. ThaFrag Aug 28,2014 15:46

    Grea idea LM team!

    Looking forward to it! Actually, is it also going to be implemented in the next LMDE release?

  6. KDB Aug 28,2014 15:52

    Nice work!

    Even if the Grey one hurts my eyes :D
    But I like the blue one.

  7. roderik Aug 28,2014 16:00

    clem: can you please remake old mint theme (from mint 9 etc) to gtk3 ? i like it very much it was best theme…

    • clem Aug 28,2014 17:32


      No I’m sorry. With the arrival of GTK3 and its lack of compatibility with GTK2, GTK3 apps featured integration and look and feel issues with most existing themes. To make matter worse, each new version of GTK3 introduced visual regressions (one version even introduced segfaults). In brief, there’s a lot of work going into supporting GTK3 and making a GTK2 theme look consistent with it, that’s something we didn’t want to do for multiple themes. This is the reason Linux Mint only provides Mint-X nowadays and no longer ships with multiple popular GTK2 themes (in Mint 9 I think you’re referring to Shiki, it was a great theme..).

  8. Jacques Aug 28,2014 16:57

    Thank you, thank you! Merci, merci!

    The best news I heard in ages. I love Mint Cinnamon, but that green does just get too much for me. Drives me insane at times. So looking forward to using Mint with blue colours :-)

  9. d[-_-]b Aug 28,2014 17:13

    Why not allow any color? Color wheel and then create the requested theme on the fly.

    • clem Aug 28,2014 17:35

      It needs to be simple to use and click in with existing tech. I’ll post about folder-color soon to illustrate some of that. Coloring icons also isn’t as easy as it looks… I’m not sure I can do what Joseph did here for instance, or if I can, it’d probably take me weeks.. gradients/layers in inkscape and all :)

      • d[-_-]b Aug 28,2014 18:16

        Not sure how difficult this would be but I know you can script inkscape. As the icon shape etc does not change at all, the only thing to change would be the colorcodes if I understand it correctly.
        If I was Joseph I’d go for the skripting solution anyways (to make my life easier). Creating all those themes manually must be annoying really.

        • clem Aug 29,2014 02:06

          Yes, svg is after all a text format so we can diff it, to a certain extent.

        • JosephM Aug 29,2014 11:27

          Your correct that the re-coloring could be done with inkscape and a script. The issue is the .svg files would need to adhere to a certain structure and the Mint-X folder icons were not put together with that in mind. Honestly I didn’t look too much into what would be needed to make that work. It might be something worth checking out, but going through all the files and creating that structure would be a project all it’s own.

  10. nascar64 Aug 28,2014 19:09

    Thank you very much for all this themes u guy are doing but myself use theme in Menu-preference-themes and i think it;s over 250 different themes i can get,i usualy like the red dragon themes with ultimate edition red Icons and love it with cinnamon De but thank any way for all the hard work you guys are doing for sure ,can not wait for LMDE in novemberagain can not said it enouf Thank,Ray

  11. wenmar Aug 28,2014 20:15

    I use Numix as my whole theme.

  12. Caner Aug 28,2014 20:28

    One can take a look to XFCE GTK2 themes. They are really good to get some ideas.

  13. caribriz Aug 28,2014 21:16

    This is brilliant news!

    Thank you Clem and team (special mention to JosephM).
    I think many users will be very, very happy with this!!!! :)

  14. CupidsHelper Aug 28,2014 22:23

    Thanks, Clem. I like teal, also like the direction this is going. Any plans to change the icon theme, not just color? As someone else mentioned, Numix is a good choice, among others. Have a great day. :)

  15. Hal Aug 28,2014 23:33

    I actually like the green icon theme, but it will be nice to have the option to change it. Great work on everything Clem. Linux Mint is #1!

  16. Fuzzy Penquin Aug 29,2014 02:34

    Oh yes! Please do *many* colors! Red, blue, green (which we have), purple, pink, yellow, teal, aqua, gold, orange, and whatever else I might have left out.

    Color choices FTW! :-)

  17. beachgardener Aug 29,2014 05:46

    I like green too, maybe sand would be ok or some brown colour, autumn colours are best :)

  18. BHt3 Aug 29,2014 06:33

    Wow this is great news you mindreaders! I got my friend testing Mint a week ago and he complained about the green icons which he did not like. He could of course get another iconpack, but making it official is so much better!

  19. Brisbane Aug 29,2014 09:18

    How about shades of purple? It’s my favorite and the color of royalty.

  20. jeremi360 Aug 29,2014 10:16

    Purple icons and gtk please and you shoud also update your theme to more icons.

  21. Anand Aug 29,2014 14:37

    Welcome news. That is going to make lot of people happy who love eye-candy…I suppose, color changes will apply through out – For instance, I see that in screenshot, Drive’s Size indicator and Zoom slider show as green. Perhaps this is a WIP, just thought nor harm in asking either :-)

    • JosephM Aug 29,2014 19:48

      Hey Anand, the gtk themes aren’t done yet. Not sure how many different colors I will get done, but the idea is for the the Mint-X Gtk/Cinnamon theme to match the new color variations for the folders.

  22. Mikkl Aug 29,2014 19:52

    I would like to see an Mandarine-Colored Theme and Metallic-Colored Themes (Gold/Brushed-Steel/Bronze/etc). This would be great :)

  23. The Doctor Aug 30,2014 00:12

    How about a simple app that lets you choose a color and then creates a theme with it? It shouldn’t be too hard to make. If that’s not possible, every color, especially yellow.

  24. crismblog Aug 30,2014 09:39


    It is a good idea and I’m glad that next version will be a choice of colors.

    A request, if you can make a theme + icons flat?

  25. blueredgreen Aug 30,2014 23:46

    Thank You Very Much!

    Will this change the music file icon color? (those music note icons) … A full screen of those icons in green is too overpowering for me. I’ve played with many icon and theme sets but I always like the Mint-X the best.

    A color wheel would be best but if it’s not possible, please include some tan or gold shades (of course, the more colors the merrier).

    Thanks again, I’m just a noob always wondering when I would have time to hold my breath and “go under the hood” to change these colors myself.

  26. moo Aug 31,2014 09:08


    An orange version (i really like the ‘ubuntu’ orange color) would be very nice !

    Kind regards

  27. austin.texas Sep 1,2014 13:06

    Thank you so much for this effort, Clem and JosephM and others…
    It will be a real PLUS for Mint.
    Will this be available for Mint 17 at some point?

    • clem Sep 1,2014 16:19

      Mint 17 should provide opt-ins on point releases. In other words, it will trivial to upgrade to 17.1 but you won’t have to if you don’t want to. These features described here will get into Mint 17.1 and LMDE 2. So if you’re currently running 17, when 17.1 is out you’ll have the choice to get these as upgrades or to keep things as they are.

      • Bluey Sep 2,2014 00:14


        That “17.1” has a similar sound to “8.1”. But the windows OS is no match for Mint! :-)

  28. Bluey Sep 2,2014 00:06

    Lets go for that blue you’re showing there!

  29. Simon Brown Sep 2,2014 08:03

    No trace of the folder colour option or the emblems for me when I use the Cinnamon nightly PPA. I am seeing all the other changes except those. How do I turn them on ?

    • clem Sep 3,2014 07:20

      They’re planned for Mint 17.1 and LMDE 2. You can however fetch the latest mint-themes and folder-color from if you want to give them a try in the meantime.

  30. expat_tony Sep 2,2014 08:15

    The sheer amount of user interest in this topic (I’m contributor #32) makes me think this will be very good for the profile of LM both inside and beyond the Linux Community.

  31. someone Sep 2,2014 12:39

    How about Mint-X-Black ? (i’d recommend using black + terminal bright green as text but upto you.)

  32. kirby Sep 2,2014 14:09

    Since you asked, I’m partial to the following color (listed in various modes)”
    RGB(dec) 58 110 165
    RGB(hex) 3A 6E A5
    HSV 211 65 65
    HSL 211 48 44
    Gimp 211 48 -12



  33. mrman Sep 2,2014 17:52

    a ‘couple’ of dark themes would be nice, black, grey, tinted darks. check out the Delorean GTK theme, it has a brushed metal effect. Also as one poster said way above, for some reason Dark themes totally screw up firefox (but not all search entires) typically youtube and a few other sites (especially ones of an older design) so i have to change to a light theme just to do internet shopping :(


  34. Minter Sep 3,2014 04:15

    Nice idea!

    Please give us lots of Cinnamon themes with opaque backgrounds. To me, menus with semitransparent backgrounds don’t look good floating over the desktop, with shadows of the stuff underneath poking through. Maybe it’s technologically cool, but I don’t care for the appearance. Likewise, when the terminal window has a transparent background, it’s distracting.

    I suppose there are people who feel just the opposite, so maybe the best thing is a good number of choices.

    Slightly different topic: All the Mint wallpapers have been really nice looking. Maybe you could subtly key your theme styles to the wallpapers you offer.

  35. Sipidik Sep 3,2014 11:44

    turquoise will be best!

  36. expat_tony Sep 3,2014 22:04

    How about using E4FFC9, the palest green on the Forum page, as the basis for a gradient in the top background panel of Nemo? The other end of the gradient could be, for example, C3E6A9, which could also be the colour applied to Folders etc in a Mint-X-Color-Springgreen theme.

  37. lasagna Sep 8,2014 16:28

    One color to rule them all: Orange (#FFBF00)!

    • PoX Sep 18,2014 05:42

      I’m thinking of a Dark Purple that would satisfy the overlords # 6d02a5

  38. Trapper Sep 9,2014 19:17

    I have been using a self-hacked grey AlaDelta scheme in Mate for several versions now. Looking forward to trying the grey Mint-X offering. Just never got around to customizing Mint-X myself.

  39. Minter Sep 10,2014 07:14

    I’m sure Clem is right that it’s too hard to make a user-operated theme colorizer right now. Perhaps we’ll see one in a year or two, though.

    The blue / green / grey examples above are very nice. I’ve got to believe that the underlying theme files are identical except for a few color defs… or if not virtually identical, could be made so.

    Wouldn’t it be possible for software to generate a theme instance from a template and a few colors specified by the user? Most of the resulting theme-file content (I’d bet > 98%) would be identical among themes derived from a single template.

    So maybe what is infeasible now will become more feasible as time goes on.

  40. gerry Sep 10,2014 18:42

    Look, I know this sounds insane to most people,
    but would it be possible to colour coordinate folders?

    So, folders at the top level (Downloads, Documents, Music, Video etc) are say all coloured – green
    All sub-folders in those top folders would be coloured – hell anything red.
    Then all sub-folders of the previous sub-folders are coloured – blue for argument sake.

    Personally as ugly or offensive as that sounds to some people,
    people like me find it easier to quickly navigate the TreeView or even in right panel when Nemo is in Compact View.

  41. mrman Sep 14,2014 11:56

    ^ i like the idea but the option to turn that off would be good as i think mint should walk the thin line of form over function and not get too garish or cartoonish which is exactly what happened to KDE.

  42. PoX Sep 18,2014 05:33

    It has been a long time since I have updated any of my Linux systems mainly because of my overbearing desire to modify everything (and doing the work over again is not the most appealing thing in the world), but I’m supper excited for the built in icon colors. Usually the theme of my workspace is the first to be changed/set before I get any work done XD.

  43. me Sep 19,2014 19:45

    OT: why nemo and caja are still different filemanager? it’s not possible to join them into a single project?

  44. daves Oct 1,2014 21:46

    I would love if it were added the teal color scheme.
    I think it would be very beautiful into the linux mint colors

    • JosephM Oct 2,2014 09:46

      Ah, well your in luck. Teal is on the list :)

      • daves Oct 2,2014 11:16

        would be perfect if there was a theme for cinnamon which follows the colors of mint-x

  45. heath Oct 9,2014 02:38

    DarkSlateBlue, Blanched Almond and DarkOliveGreen

    from this page

  46. jaderiver Oct 14,2014 21:35

    My life-long favorite color has been green and therein lies one of the main reasons why I left Mac OS’s and Windows behind. Seriously. The name “Mint” was so refreshing and the tasteful green theme, plus the graphical “less is more” concept was wonderful. Although choices are great for more people, I am perfectly happy to stick with the green… or any derivation of, such as teal, perhaps spruce … I like the brushed grey metals, too. The Mint team has great taste!

  47. Oct 25,2014 11:17

    I love when IT and especially newer ex windows / tech savvy computer user linuxites like myself use the term “quite a bit of effort” when talking about working with computers. Yaeh uploading. downloading. pointing at a link and clicking on it. this is all such exhausting work…so is coding huh > ? wver work as a tradesperson or fix something hard to figure out that is mechanical or electrical > IT people are usually smug, lazy, and cant turn a wrench, but the first to complain when they have toi do actual work.. I shoveled shit once in a horse stable.

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