Cinnamon Screensaver gets custom date format
by clem 15

Corbin added support for custom date and time formats in the screensaver.

You can use that to give the date and time the format you want, or you can remove them and get a clean screensaver which only shows the background.. or you can write whatever you want in there (for instance: “KIDS: DON’T TOUCH MY COMPUTER!!”) :)

I guess you could already do that with the away message.. ah well, more customization :)

Note: Joseph is working on adding “background slideshows” to Cinnamon. That should also impact cinnamon-screensaver when it’s ready.

15 thoughts on “Cinnamon Screensaver gets custom date format

  1. RichardG Sep 9,2014 09:27

    Nice !

    How feasible would it be to have a video as background, on the Desktop or screensaver ?
    Or maybe even as folder background !

    I imagine a view on a lake as Desktop or a webcam feed.

    Or is this to resource-hungry ?

    • clem Sep 9,2014 09:48

      In the DE itself it might be very distracting. As you pointed out, resources would be a concern, but also art and usability.. even if we pulled off a low-CPU/RAM implementation it would need to be super-subtle and elegant enough to compliment the work/experience on the OS without getting in the way or looking too tacky. It’s something we’re researching slowly in MDM, in the screensaver, and even for the rendering of the Nemo background.

      • Anand Sep 11,2014 05:34

        Clem – In KDE, IIRC you can add widgets to screen locker. Can we not have similar mechanism where desklets added to the screensaver. Say, just adding Photo frame desklet would handle slideshow functionality…Similarly, any media controls such as pause, mute, low battery alerts, RSS feeds, weather updates, etc could be built as desklets and just be added. One issue could be the security aspect as some actions should be restricted as users are not logged in…

  2. somini Sep 9,2014 10:28

    I agree with RichardG, the video could be shown with low FPS, to keep a low resource usage.
    My particular use case is replacing XScreensaver…

  3. RichardG Sep 9,2014 11:07

    I understand the distracting part. I myself would use something soothing like said lakeview or forest.
    Something that’s a bit more lively than a static picture, but not in-your-face.

    It’s more about being possible as a ‘tweak’ rather than a default setup.

    A slideshow could be distracting or subtle, it all depends on the user.

    A system with ample h/w specs (GPU) and RAM could handle this rather easily.
    It’s not going to work on that old 80486 ;-)

    Thanx for considering !

  4. CupidsHelper Sep 9,2014 22:52

    Excellent! This is an area, I am glad to see getting some love. Thanks Clem and Linux Mint Team. How about the Linux Mint logo(s) floating as a default screensaver? Maybe just as a default, but with other choices. I like RichardG’s idea about a lively lake view or forest, cool. :D

  5. Grade-A Moron Sep 11,2014 06:51

    wow!! very nice work Clem and the team! now waiting for background slideshow.

  6. Mike Sep 13,2014 05:20

    Personally, I would LOVE to see XScreensaver compatibility by default in Mint again. I really miss my Electric Sheep!

    Edit by Clem: Although it’s pretty much R&D and very low priority at this stage, there is a work item out there to consider making cinnamon-screensaver compatible with xscreensaver plugins. I’m hoping to look into it personally. When? and will it bring results? I’ve no idea yet :)

  7. mrman Sep 14,2014 11:51

    One way to get around the resource intensity of an animated desktop is to use timed animation intervals.

    this way lets say you have a subtle but elegant mint bokeh filtered rain wallpaper, well the portion that animates a drip down the glass or whatever (layered effectmaybe water driplet on a chosen wallpaper even) is just timed to happen once or twice every 3 minuets.. using wayland (not sure about x) you can choose portions of the screen to move so just take a 20% vericle slice to animate the change of the drip going down the background and keep the rest the same (much like conky overlay)

    this way you only have 20% of the screen changing once or twice every 3 mins (obviously intensity and timing should be a user option to tweak) the CPU/GPU cycles would be neglible and furthermore on full screen windows in desktop or fullscreen windows outside of desktop there is no need to run the effect.

    perhaps aswell as a nice water drop with a trail there could be a leaf drop? Mint green for summer, frosted for winter, brown fo autum etc..


  8. digitheatre Sep 21,2014 00:40

    Nice… please provide a way to change the font of the clock. Currently looks like it has been hard-coded with Ubuntu as the font.
    I also seems cannot customize the text color on the password dialog. It follows the theme color settings, and it becomes a problem for dark theme. Example like this.

  9. Mik Scheper Aug 20,2015 13:51

    Unfortunately, there appears to be no documentation for the schema the format fields follow. When I websearch for it, all I find is people requesting this feature be added—d’oh! Despite being set to an Australian locale, the default lock screen on my system has a 24-hour clock. ? Can anybody provide a link to the docs for Screen Saver → Date → Time Format, please?

  10. Rob Oliver Sep 3,2015 03:04

    OK – I can find the settings for 64 bit Mint 17. I haven’t been able to figure out how to do this on 32 bit Mint 17. Am I missing something, or is this capability not available on 32 bit?

  11. Rob Oliver Sep 3,2015 03:14

    @Mik Scheper – — this page can also be accessed by right clicking clock on the panel, then select configure, then select “Show information on date format syntax”

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