GTK 3.10.8~6 ready for testing in Romeo
by clem 3

An update to GTK made its way to Romeo today and fixes the following issues:

Beta-testers can apply this update by enabling the Romeo repository in Software Sources.

Please use the comment section below if you encounter any issue or experience a regression with this update.

3 thoughts on “GTK 3.10.8~6 ready for testing in Romeo

  1. Keith Sep 10,2014 11:49

    3.10.8 seems a little bit old shouldn’t 3.12.2 stable be added to Romeo

    3.10.9 is the latest version in the 3.10 branch
    3.13.8 is the latest version in the Development

    • mtwebster Sep 10,2014 13:45

      Mint 17 will use Gtk 3.10 throughout its lifetime, as it’s an LTS version, so 3.12 or 3.14 will never be in 17. We will have a look at 3.10 latest prior to the next release.

    • Monsta Sep 11,2014 14:01

      Upgrading software just because there’s a shiny new version ready? It won’t lead to stability…
      Check this bug report, for example:

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