New Nemo toolbar
by clem 56

The Nemo toolbar was slightly modified.

Screenshot from 2014-09-01 10:25:31

In particular Joseph modified Mint-X and Nemo to improve the look of the breadcrumb pathbar.

Toolbar buttons were also adapted to look consistent with the pathbar.

56 thoughts on “New Nemo toolbar

  1. Anand Sep 1,2014 09:49

    Looks cool. I remember reading lot of heated discussions on the earlier arrow style where many felt it as bit unwieldy. Personally, I liked the arrow still a bit since it subtly hinted navigation.
    Can this be made theme-able?

    • clem Sep 1,2014 10:58

      No, I don’t think it can. I mean it’s themeable, but not to the extent where you’d get it to look like it did before.

      • Anand Sep 1,2014 11:07

        Hmm…Ok. I wasnt exactly suggesting that I need the earlier not before I tried the new one, at least.

        • JosephM Sep 1,2014 21:19

          One of the main reasons I even tackled this project was to make the breadcrumbs more themeable, not for any particular dislike for the original ones. The old “arrow style” one was a custom widget that allowed very little in the way of custom theming. In many themes that didn’t provide specific styling for the breadcrumbs they looked really bad. While some default fallback theming was applied it only worked in certain cases. The new one is themed as any other raised/linked primary-toolbar button, so it should look correct in any theme. The nemo pathbar can also be specifically targeted in the themes css to style them specifically if a theme designer chooses. Since they are now just a standard button, I think it might actually be possible to get very close to the old look with some clever css if someone wanted to.

          • Anand Sep 2,2014 02:41

            Hmm, glad you took this up :-)As you say, if it gives more configuration then that seems to be the way. Am not a artist / developer, so cant fully appreciate but feel surely this would please many theme artists out there. You may want to add your comments in below issue.


  2. Tommi Waydelich Sep 1,2014 10:23

    Hi, would be great to get the pathbar twice when opening the second window in nemo with [F3].

    • clem Sep 1,2014 10:58

      But you’d also apply the same logic to the navigation buttons, the zoom level etc..

      • KDB Sep 1,2014 11:16

        It used to be like this in the past IIRC… :)

        Having 2 path bars save one click when you want to change your current folder in the not active folder.
        But at the same time it uses 2 times more space so… The choice is difficult :)

  3. Georgi Sep 1,2014 15:41

    I read through the latest news and I must say that all the news are just great! Thanks a lot, Clem!

    By the way can we expect in future releases the removal of all gnome specific packages from Cinnamon like gnome_bluetooth, gnome_keyring, etc…?

    • clem Sep 1,2014 16:32

      Hi Georgi,

      gnome-keyring and gnome-bluetooth performed well and we didn’t see a reason to replace them. There’s a bug report open on gnome-keyring 3.12 though and a lack of interest from Arch and Fedora (who are the two most active “customers” of Cinnamon after Linux Mint) about gnome-bluetooth 3.12 so I can’t say for sure yet whether things will remain as they are or whether we’ll take action at some point. What’s for sure is that each fork is forked for a reason and so far there are no plans to replace the components you mentioned. There’s also no plan to get rid of “all/any” GNOME components just because they’re GNOME components. If they work and integrate well and if they don’t lock us in scenarii where we can’t guarantee compatibility to important target platforms we’ve no reason not to use them.

      • Georgi Sep 1,2014 17:57

        Thanks for the answer, Clem. :) I’m just dreaming about for a pure Cinnamon some day not because the current Gnome packages are not working.

  4. d[-_-]b Sep 1,2014 16:57

    Can we switch the breadcrumb bar with double click (in addtition to Ctrl+L)?

    • JosephM Sep 1,2014 21:21

      The actual functionality of the pathbar should not have changed at all. No actual features were added or removed.

    • clem Sep 3,2014 07:14

      There’s a button on the side to do just that.

  5. aslocat Sep 1,2014 18:53

    I prefer the old one.

    P.s: nemo has problems to load thumbnails on folders with LOT of images (I have a folder with more than 3000 images in): other file managers load them faster . Can you fix this?
    Also, I use nemo in other DEs, and I don’t need cinnamon-desktop. Can you remove this dependence?

    • clem Sep 3,2014 07:17

      If you use Nemo you do need cinnamon-desktop :) Don’t mind the name, this isn’t a metapackage or a set of DE packages, it’s a core Cinnamon library and it contains among other things multiple gsettings schema required for Nemo/Cinnamon to work.

  6. kelebek333 Sep 2,2014 06:46

    Hi Clem,

    Could you add an option to adjust for size of toolbar icons?
    View => Toolbar Icon Size => (Options) Large, Medium, Small.

    Best Regards

  7. meda Sep 2,2014 07:20

    Toolbar button can be %25 per smaller.
    Search button can change search area.
    For example

  8. Simon Brown Sep 2,2014 08:09

    Did the navigation buttons at the top right change too ? They look very smart to me now, perhaps they always have and I’ve never noticed ;-)

  9. Simon Brown Sep 2,2014 08:13

    Correction … view style, location, search buttons

  10. dRaiser Sep 2,2014 10:19

    Hello, could it be possible to enable Nemo with CSD? :)

    • clem Sep 3,2014 07:24

      No. CSD is a technology we won’t use in the near future. It doesn’t integrate well with Cinnamon and it’s a catastrophe in some of the other DEs. Applications using CSD were patched upstream for us by Ubuntu and some of those which weren’t were patched directly by us or removed from our distribution. Integration is very important and CSD lacks in that respect. Note that muffin provides full CSD support and work was done to improve the situation a bit in MATE, but within the scope of Mint, CSD is a big no no right now.

      Some popular apps can afford to look different (Chromium, Steam, Firefox etc..) but for the most part we expect applications to look consistent and native within the user’s chosen DE.

      • dRaiser Sep 3,2014 18:44

        Thanks for answer, Clem. I’m asking because I actually you 2px-borders for apps and like the big “X” to close window on CSD applications. Understand your point anyway!

  11. Gabriel Sep 2,2014 13:13

    These changes along with the other nemo updates look really good. Is there any chance of having the ability to change the background colour of the folder view area (to black or dark grey for example) or will that just be left to the theme?

    • clem Sep 3,2014 07:31

      Was that in Nautilus 2.x? I remember being able to do this in the past… apparently it’s neither in Nemo nor in Caja nowadays. Don’t hesitate to create github issues for both projects with screenshots if you can.

  12. mrman Sep 4,2014 14:14

    clem. have you tried altering the panel size on cinnamon? if you use the arrow keys to move the panel to the smallest size (i tested when i had it set to be at the top of the screen) and then move forward and backward a few times, it trips up the entire desktop and you have to reboot. In fact the whole resize panel thing is a bit flaky.

    could you also look into my request for a feature that when you change something on cinnamon panel the wording is not “Troubleshoot” because when you change something legitimatley why would you need to “troublebshoot” to accept and apply that change ??? it doesnt make any sense. A simple “Apply Changes” in the panel menu or “restart & apply” would make more sense and look more professional.


  13. Geoff M Sep 5,2014 04:21

    If you’re improving Nemo’s interface you should rid us of those misleading drop-down arrows next to empty folders that pop out “(Empty)” lines when we click them. I don’t see how they are useful, it makes the file browser look really unpolished.

  14. Minter Sep 5,2014 17:40

    Off-topic, a word of praise for cinnamon 17…

    All the cinnamon hot-keys are reassignable, so far as I can tell. This is great! It means I can change them so they do not conflict with the keys I’ve defined for applications, primarily LO writer. That’s not true for xfce. In mint xfce, many of the keys seem to be hard-coded, or at least not actually changeable. In the UI you can go through the motions of changing them, but their function doesn’t actually change.

    My scheme for hot keys is that anything and everything defined in the mint keyboard menu will include the ‘windows’ key. Anything defined from an application will not use the ‘windows’ key. For me, it keeps things a lot simpler.

    This difference led me to change from mint xfce back to cinnamon.

    So another hooray for cinnamon!

    (Now if you could just free up the ‘menu’ key to make it assignable. It would be a nice choice for bringing up the main menu. 8>)

  15. CupidsHelper Sep 6,2014 02:57

    Hello Clem and Joseph. Quick question, Is this something made to be default in LM 17.1 or now via update? Thanks for all your efforts. :)

  16. Keith Sep 6,2014 04:59

    Hi there Clem can you please add a Show in Groups option to the file management display options like they have in Dolphin so we can have are files neatly arranged and separated into groups

    i tend to select arrange by type so all the files of the same extension are together so it makes managing you files easy but the fact there all just one massive lump is annoying but Show in Groups would make thinks so much neater and easy

  17. Roberto Sep 8,2014 16:26

    In the image there is no “create new folder” button? Used to be just left of “search”!
    I will not update if I find out it is gone. It is one thing to change the look, but please do not change usage of apps so often!

    • mtwebster Sep 8,2014 17:20

      Relax, it’s still there :) You can configure what buttons to show or not show in the toolbar.

    • clem Sep 9,2014 08:56

      It’s configurable. All these buttons can be shown or hidden in the preferences. I don’t use it personally so it’s hidden here.

  18. devin Sep 8,2014 16:45

    i’d like to see this new style in all the buttons of the mint-x theme

    • JosephM Sep 9,2014 09:14

      The type of buttons used in the toolbar is actually up to the application, not the theme. Any app that has this style of buttons will have similiar theming.

  19. Sergio Esaú Arámbula Durán (S. E. Durán) Sep 11,2014 14:15

    Cool; this looks AMAZING talking about Cinnamon and Nemo can you do a little mantaince update to Cinnamon to add Noise media player as supported media player? I want see it soon as possible specially because is the best music player for me

  20. sahwar Sep 19,2014 20:26

    That’s great news but when are we going to receive support for folders in Bookmarks in Nemo? :)

  21. Guest Oct 14,2014 17:42

    How do I get my breadcrumbs pathbar to look like that? I hate arrows.

  22. bidinou Oct 16,2014 08:40

    Hi Clem & team !

    I’m slightly off topic, but from a user perspective, I see you are making many usability improvements to Nemo, which is very cool !

    Are there also some people making changes “under the hood” ? Indeed, IMHO, Nemo really badly needs performance improvements as well. For instance, I made a Dolphin VS Nemo/Nautilus/etc comparison when opening directories with a few thousands of files.

    It would take 1 ou 2 seconds in Dolphin and, I dunno, maybe almost 1 minute in Nemo/Nautilus/etc., although Dolphin has tons of eyecandy etc.

    I know the problem is always manpower and I’m afraid I’ll never be able to contribute.

    All the work done on Mint & Cinnamon is most appreciated. It gave faith back in Linux to so many disappointed “joe users” (including my family and friends).

  23. bidinou Oct 16,2014 08:42

    Also, another OT : I installed the latest Cinnamon Mint (clean install) and from the very first boot, there was no icons on the desktop (probable segfault). I had to remove the nemo settings by hand. New users might get this problem as well. Just warning you, in case :) Maybe Nemo segfaults could be detected / settings automagically purged if it doesn’t restart after several tries ?

  24. BBOSAK2143 Nov 30,2014 17:53

    I am going to be honest and say I like the original look better. Still, change is good but I am not having any effect when it comes to coloring active windows. I am not sure if this is only a fault of Gnome Flashback desktop or Ubuntu. All I know is I can list any type of script and nothing will effect any color changes for Nemo whatsoever. I am running Ubuntu 14.10 and just seems many active windows in the Gnome Flashback environment are not working whatsoever. I will say, least Nemo can handle Gnome’s desktop and work as the primary file opener which I appreciate. Even though as stated am not overly impressed on loosing the original pathbar, Nemo is still the best looking file manager around! If there has been any changes to scripting in themes would appreciate a heads up on this. Seems whenever anything I list far as NemoPathbar is totally avoided/ignored. This is very disgruntling as I enjoy creating a beautiful look for the best looking file manager.

  25. Keith Noble Jul 31,2015 08:13

    Apologies if this is the wrong place. I have just installed 17.1 with Nemo. How do I reassign a path to Pictures – it seems to work once to the correct folder but then go off to another path altogether leaving me with no folders showing. Right clicking the Pictures name on the menu displays the new path – which I dont want!


  26. andy Oct 6,2016 18:01

    missing and missing the possibility to add symbols for i.e. “delete” and “refresh” in the toolbar.
    just windows can since IE4 – why linux not … that sucks!!!

  27. Anand Oct 7,2016 16:38

    Show Refresh button is available through setting in Edit > Preferences > Show refresh button.

    Also, there is another way to ask for Delete button – request for feature here

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