Nemo bookmarks update
by mtwebster 16

We’ve had a few people over time ask for the ability to keep their bookmarks in Nemo’s sidebar in a dedicated section, rather than as part of ‘My Computer’ – now you can. Here’s how it works:

For new and old users alike, when you fire up nemo, all of your existing bookmarks will be where they always are, in the My Computer section:


At this point, any new bookmarks you create via menus (Bookmarks->Add Bookmark, for instance) are placed in a new Bookmarks section:


If you don’t wish to populate this new section, you can just drag that new bookmark into the other section, and the Bookmark heading will disappear, so this is completely optional to use.  Drag and drop creation or rearranging of bookmarks is even simpler: just drag the item wherever you want it.  If the bookmarks section is hidden, it will temporarily appear during the drag, so you can place items there if you want.

That’s all there is to it – no options to enable, just use it how you’d like, or keep it out of the way.


16 thoughts on “Nemo bookmarks update

  1. somini Oct 13,2014 15:29

    Great news.
    Since you are working on bookmarks, did you ever fixed ?

    • mtwebster Oct 13,2014 15:46

      I’m definitely aware of that – there is a determination somewhere (I’m still looking) that prevents loading of full file/folder info for anything not considered a local drive. For now, this also includes usb sticks and other removable media. Once you click on the location (or perhaps another location in that mount point), the file/folder data is fully populated, and the icons refresh to what they should be.

      This needs to be made a little more aggressive, hopefully being able to extract a bit more data initially from these locations, including icon info, if possible, but without forcing a lot of extra i/o (especially with network and other remote shares).

  2. KDB Oct 13,2014 17:18

    Nice feature!

  3. Anand Oct 14,2014 01:37

    Cool. Couple of questions:
    1. File open / save would reflect these changes?
    2. Can installing nemo-dropbox extension automatically add Dropbox folder as bookmark?

    Btw, cant help but notice a very colorful sidebar :D

  4. Chris Oct 14,2014 12:22

    Another nice feature polishing the system ; ). Basing Mint only on LTS releases of Ubuntu was the best decision ever could have been made! Keep on doing the great job, such small additions are a great way for system to become more popular, it gives an user a feeling of complete, finished system, where every detail is well-designed. Thank you Clem and the Team, you’re great!

  5. CupidsHelper Oct 15,2014 05:16

    Sweet! :) A very useful option. I thank you, kindly.

  6. Tony Oct 17,2014 18:46

    In my opinion, this is the most useless idea and a waste of time!

    Instead of wasting time on unimportant things, let me ask you:
    Have you already fixed the following 3 suspend mode problems?
    –> No WLAN after returning from suspend mode.
    –> Distorted sound when scrolling through folders and websites after returning from suspend mode.
    –>Keyboard language changes back to default US English after returning from suspend mode.
    –> Often computer will not suspend on first attempt!

  7. Tony Oct 17,2014 18:47

    Wow, that’s even 4 problems! :-)

  8. T_U Oct 21,2014 22:20

    @Tony : are you sure those are Linux Mint / Cinnamon related ? They rather sound like drivers / kernel issues.

  9. Thorfin Dec 2,2014 01:03

    Tony and T_U are both right. Suspend/resume failure is an Ubuntu kernel problem. Since Linux Mint uses the Ubuntu kernel, it’s also a Linux Mint problem.

    Ubuntu kernel has had suspend/resume issues with Intel chipsets, Nouveau graphics drivers–basically all desktop hardware–for about a decade now. If you think somebody is actually going to fix it, you’re just as delusional as Mark Shuttleworth. Honestly I don’t know about Ubuntu anymore… i am consistently frustrated with latency and driver SNAFUs. They seem to be focusing on ARM / mobile, leaving desktop users in the gutter.

    I’ve had much better luck with Debian Testing / LMDE.

    LMDE is a breath of fresh air. My recommendation to the Mint team is to focus on making LMDE idiot-proof, and you’ve got yourself the best OS in the world (dare I say, in this quadrant of the Galaxy?).

    Whichever kernel you use, Cinnamon rocks! It’s rivaling KDE as far as usability, and blows it out of the water on simplicity and stability. I’m also looking forward to LXQT, which is even lighter than MATE and will be based on QT5. Thanks for all the great work!

  10. PAYload Dec 14,2014 10:27

    Is there a way to adress the second panel with tokens in nemo_actions?

  11. Mike Jan 4,2015 15:13

    While this is all well and good, I’d love to understand why the Bookmarks menu has been stuffed up. Is it as a result of these changes?

    What is the point of having a Bookmarks menu which only shows some of your bookmarks? I add bookmarks to network resources and they aren’t shown (they used to be), but if I edit the bookmarks they are visible and can be Jumped to, and they show in this new section, but don’t show in the menu.

    Why this regression of functionality, is it deliberate? If so, it is inconsistent and pointless – requiring those of us who use the treeview to keep toggling views or dig deeper into the Bookmarks menu.

  12. David Haskins Mar 7,2015 16:43

    I have endless problems with FTP Nemo bookmarks – sometimes freezing on unmount, and getting “not a folder” when re-opening a network bookmark. If I edit the offending bookmark and remove the trailing slash, Nemo crashes. Then when I open it again everything works OK. Not very cool as I use this a lot maintaining web sites.

  13. Josh Devlin Jan 14,2017 13:14

    How do I remove the firefox bookmark “segfault”! Right click shows the remove option greyed out. This nothing more than an add for the cinnamon desktop. This exactly why there are applications like Malwarebytes and Norton for windows. THIS CONSTITUTES malware– unwanted adware.
    Please advise me on how to remove this useless clutter.

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