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By default, Linux Mint 17.1 “Rebecca” is using the Noto fonts, but the package for these fonts (fonts-noto) does not provide support for CJK (Chinese/Japanese/Korean). In other words, the rendering of text in these languages is done via a font fallback on the traditional Sans font.

A new package called fonts-noto-cjk, which provides Noto Sans CJK Version 1.001, was added to the Rebecca repositories today.

Because this package includes font configuration we would have wanted to test pre-RC, represents a 175MB download and takes a rough 450MB of HDD space once installed, it won’t be included by default in the stable release of Linux Mint 17.1.

Being in the repositories though, you can easily install it with a simple “apt install fonts-noto-cjk”.

If you find this package useful or if you encounter issues with it, whether your experience is positive or negative, don’t hesitate to comment and give us feedback on this.


8 thoughts on “fonts-noto-cjk

  1. Ele Nov 25,2014 14:04

    Maybe I didn’t understand… a font package is 175MB (450MB once installed) heavy???!!! O_o

  2. mockturtl Nov 25,2014 16:12


    It messes up my kerning (see ‘@rebecca’, ‘m’, ‘n’):

    FWIW, Rebecca does not have the issue with Korean characters I reported [earlier](

  3. A happy anon Nov 26,2014 12:21

    Cannot wait for the 17.1 stable release! Thanks for the updates, specially on the Asian languages input :D

  4. Minter Dec 3,2014 08:47

    My font problem is in the opposite direction of the one you are fixing.

    When running LO writer in a fresh 17.1 installation, the font menu has over 100 entries. This makes it cumbersome to select among the small number of fonts applicable to one’s own language. The only solution I’ve found, as a user who writes exclusively in the Latin character set, has been to delete all non-latin fonts via synaptic, as part of routine post-installation work.

    It’s not that I mind having the extra fonts on my system; in fact it would be nice to have them for the rare times when I look at text that contains a few non-Latin characters. But I would rather have a manageable font menu in my word processor.

    Previously, droid was among those I deleted. This time noto was added to the deletion list.

    I wish we had a better way to get a filtered selection of font choices than to just manually delete the unused ones. If you know of a better way, please recommend it.

  5. Kaz Apr 22,2015 11:17

    Wow, this is loads better than the default behavior for Japanese rendering. Thanks! Using Outlook Web Access (where it tries to render a lot of the e-mail content as “Tahoma” font), it made a night and day difference in the readability of Japanese text.

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