Recent Cinnamon development
by mtwebster 74

Just a quick update to let you in on a few early changes to Cinnamon for version 2.6 – one of them fairly significant:

Panel support for multiple monitors

You can now add panels to every monitor, and configure them each individually.  Many thanks to dalcde for all the effort and time he put into this – it adds an entirely new dimension to the desktop.  After upgrading, your panels should be essentially as they were before, but if you check the panel menu, you’ll notice an extra entry, Modify Panel:


You can quickly perform a number of actions from this menu – adding a new panel, moving or deleting.  If you click Add Panel, you’ll get on-screen guidance to allow you to choose where to place the new panel:


The same goes for Move Panel.  If you change your mind, you can simply cancel the operation.  Note:  There are some visual elements that are supplied by the theme to assist in placing panels.  For now, these are only available in the default Cinnamon theme.  We’re hoping to have them available regardless of the theme, but for now, if it seems like nothing is happening, make sure you’re on the default theme and try again.

The panel settings page has also been reworked a bit to support this new functionality:


From here you can cycle through all the panels on your desktop (the current one will be highlighted, so you can be sure which one you’re configuring), and individually set auto-hide and height options.

A number of applets have already been updated to allow their being added to multiple panels.  One notable exception is the default window list – it currently still displays all windows on all monitors.  We will be updating  this soon to allow multiple instances, and have it behave appropriately, depending on how it’s used (for example, only showing windows in its own monitor if you have them on a panel on each monitor,) and to ensure that everything works properly when a window is dragged between monitors – update – 2/23/2015 – The window list applet now fully supports multiple monitors and panels as of this commit.

A few minor notes:

  • Applet developers, or anyone interested, you can browse the commits here.
  • I encourage applet developers to evaluate their code, and set a max-instances in their metadata.json file if they are confident their applet is multiple-instance-safe.  We’ve also added an ‘infinite’ option for that key – instead of setting a randomly high number, just set max-instances to ‘infinite’ and there will be no limit on the number of instances allowed.
  • There is a new option in Panel settings that removes the artificial barrier normally created at either end of a panel – it allows you to mouse up against an end without ‘falling off’ into the next monitor.  With the ability to have two adjacent panels now, it might be desirable to be able to easily move from one panel to the next without having to detour.  One warning: If you have monitors of different height resolutions, you will still end up with a barrier of sorts on the bottom edge of the larger monitor.  Monitors are normally mapped out with their upper edges aligned – so the height disparity creates a ledge.  We don’t have plans to address this for now, but will consider it depending on the feedback we receive.
  • You have the ability to copy a panel’s applets from one panel to another.  However, the applet’s own configuration will not be copied in this process – you will have to configure this new instance.  A workaround is to go into the configuration for the existing instance, and in the menu you can export your settings, then import them into the new instance.


Search providers

You will now have the ability to add search providers to Cinnamon:


There are a few initial offerings here that are packaged in Cinnamon, as well as a sample applet (shown in the picture) to demonstrate some of what it can do.  This has the potential to be an extremely powerful tool for applet developers – it currently can only be configured with a bit of work, as we’re still deciding on how best to implement this for developers, as well as users.  Feel free to give us a shout on #linuxmint-dev if you want to discuss it, or need some help trying it out.

Improved support for client-side-decorated windows

In preparing for the new LMDE release, we’ve finally updated our support for the newer GTK3 client-side-decorated windows.  Tiling and dragging now works as it should, and the traditional right-click window menu once more appears if you click on the header bar.  Note, this last fix will only be effective in GTK 3.12 and newer, as GTK itself doesn’t do a very good job yet in 3.10 (what we currently use in Mint 17.)

Improved the overlay when using media keys

We’ve ported the popup that appears when you change volume, brightness and other things to be rendered entirely in Cinnamon.  This will allow Cinnamon theme developers to fashion these popups more in line with their theme.  You can also now configure the size of this popup, or disable it entirely, if you like living dangerously.

Improved tiling overlays and previews

As we did with the media key popups, the tiling popups are now rendered in Cinnamon – again making them easier to theme, as well as making them function much more smoothly, particularly on performance-challenged systems.


There have been lots of other minor improvements, as well as a number of important bug fixes, many of which have already been backported to Cinnamon 2.4.  As always, there may be bugs and unforeseen issues with all of these changes – and we appreciate those intrepid explorers who enjoy living on the edge with us running the latest builds!  Please report any issues or ideas you might have on Github.



74 thoughts on “Recent Cinnamon development

  1. David N Feb 20,2015 00:22

    Very exciting advancement, can’t wait to try them out!
    Cinnamon has become the best DE by far, and it just keeps on improving.
    Thank you Clem and contributors for your fantastic work, Mint has become the golden standard for Desktop Linux distros and I hope it stays that way!

  2. Tony Whelan Feb 20,2015 09:45

    Sound great, I appreciate the work the team is doing. Will be good to have a panel on both monitors at last.
    Can I ask whether anyone is yet tackling the broken Accessibility feature that *should* sound a warning tone when Caps lock is turned on or off? Its broken in Ubuntu too.

    • southisup Feb 22,2015 03:59

      Can I ask whether anyone is yet tackling the broken Accessibility feature that *should* sound a warning tone when Caps lock is turned on or off? Its broken in Ubuntu too

      It doesn’t look like it – the bug reports aren’t getting much attention:

      • mtwebster Feb 22,2015 15:41

        Try making sure event sounds are enabled:

        gsettings set org.cinnamon.desktop.sound event-sounds true

        This defaults to false in Mint (We’re trying to remember why), and I’m not sure about on Ubuntu, but if you enable event-sounds, the togglekeys feature should work.

        Also, please don’t equate a lack of comments with a lack of activity.

        • Tony Whelan Feb 23,2015 20:39

          Thanks heaps mtwebster. Yes that setting does allow the Caps Lock and Num Lock buttons to make a sound when “Beep on Caps & Num Lock” is enabled in the Accessibility settings in LM17.1. That is very useful for people with accessibility issues but also helps those of us with wireless keyboards that don’t have a Caps Lock light.

          It would be even more useful if pressing those keys made a different noise for “on” (high note) and “off” (low note).

          • mtwebster Feb 23,2015 21:00

            Yeah, reading the actual ‘spec’ – it says hi and low tones. Right now this is all handled by the X server (all we do is tell it to enable the feature) – it looks like they only have the single tone for whatever reason. We may eventually implement this feature in Cinnamon directly, which would let us be a bit more flexible (as well as make the accompanying window or screen ‘flashes’ that you can also enable look more integrated)

          • Tony Whelan Feb 23,2015 21:10

            Just noticed a possible reason why the feature is disabled in LM Cinnamon by default. Whenever I open a folder in Nemo I get the same sound as that “Caps Lock” sound, which is a bit confusing.

          • mtwebster Feb 23,2015 21:17



            gedit ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini

            in there, paste:

            gtk-enable-event-sounds = false

            (if the file already existed, just add the line to the existing Settings block)

            This may simply end up turning everything off again, but hopefully it will only disable it for gtk3 apps (like nemo)

            Clem mentioned things like this as a reason for disabling event-sounds – just couldn’t think of specifics when we were discussing it. Now we know :(

          • Tony Whelan Feb 24,2015 03:30

            Thanks for the suggestions. On my PC this didn’t solve the issue. Funnily enough on my laptop the sound problem with nemo never happened. No idea why, since both are similar builds (LM 17.1 Cinnamon), but the PC has had a heck of a lot of extra apps installed so that may have affected it. Anyway, I can live with it ;)

  3. RichardG Feb 20,2015 13:02

    Awesome awesome awesome !

  4. roderik Feb 20,2015 14:09

    Linux Mint also need new theme if i could say ….. the old one is boring and its with us long time… From Mint 12, i think ?

  5. Sam Burgos Feb 20,2015 16:27

    Greetings on the work in Cinnamon, two of the things I’m looking for are the backport of LibreOffice without the need of adding a PPA (using 4.4 version this way) and the implementation of this (appears on your Roadmap) ->

    Also thanks for the improved support of CSD, too bad that can be fully ported to Mint 17 because of the GTK version but if (somehow but that’s up to the team) you upgrade the GTK to 3.12 maybe you can experience the changes at all. Great work as always anyways

    • mtwebster Feb 20,2015 16:54

      Hopefully will get to playing with that extension this weekend – I’d love to fix/replace our system tray applet.

  6. Daniel Feb 20,2015 18:56

    Great work guys Thank you for multi monitor support
    Could you tell me the status on wayland support?

  7. Keith Feb 20,2015 21:33

    Ubuntu put out a new 14.04.2 LTS iso with updated packages and Kernel 3.16 and updated xserver-xorg packages there was around 150 issues reported in xserver-xorg in December according to a news story on
    softpedia it was mostly about Google Chrome but covered other programs as well

    so will we see a new Linux Mint 17.1 V2 iso Image with updated packages

  8. Keith Feb 20,2015 21:55

    One Quick other thing i tested recently a new Linux Distro call MeX Linux which is the same as Linux Mint it has the cinnamon Desktop and is Based on Linux Mint 17.1 but it has updated packages and uses the Ubuntu 14.10 Repository and Kernel 3.19 as some people may know Kernel 3.19 has support for the Nvidia 900 Series i ran a test using Futuremark Peace Keeper Browser Benchmark and got some interesting results my scores are in the same Firefox version each time

    Linux Mint 17.1 (Software Render) 3400 Points
    Linux Mint 17.1 (With Nvidia Drives) 6500 Points
    MeX Linux (February 14, 2015 Iso)(Software Render) and Kernel 3.19 it scored 6650 points

    i did not test MeX Linux with the Nvidia drivers installed due to a bug that would not allow you to access the hard drives which i hope they fix

  9. mockturtl Feb 20,2015 22:21

    > instead of setting a randomly high number, just set max-instances to ‘infinite’

    Is it possible to use “infinite” but keep backward compatibility?

    • mtwebster Feb 21,2015 12:27

      I’m not sure what you mean – you can still use a number as well, this is more of a convenience thing.

      • mockturtl Feb 23,2015 08:00

        I see “infinite” breaks (TypeError) in 2.4. So I shouldn’t use it, although I want to.

        Do you have enough data to speculate when it might be “safe” for an applet to ship behavior that depends on 2.6?

        (I know, practically, it’s a non-issue. Just curious.)

  10. slinkeepy Feb 21,2015 11:00

    This is why I love Mint! Rock-solid stability, but constant improvements as well!
    Could I gently remind everyone if you can make (ir)regular donations, nomatter how small, please do so… it’s money well-spent :)

  11. Anand Feb 21,2015 11:30

    Great job folks! That’s some significant feature addition. With all this awesomeness in Cinnamon, the Year of Linux desktop does not look very far! :D

    One qn. on Search providers – Are there plans to integrate it into Menu as a configurable option?

  12. Mani Feb 21,2015 23:06

    This are really awsome news, i just wanted to ask if this new panels also support an intelihide (windows above panel)

  13. Sergio Feb 22,2015 01:45

    Excellent job!
    After testing all the available Linux desktops during several years, Cinnamon is -no doubt- the #1.
    Keep up the good work!

  14. gibbs1984 Feb 22,2015 15:14

    On your popup menu that shows the new modify panel there’s an inconsistency.

    You have ‘Troubleshoot …’ and ‘Modify panel…’.

    One has a space before the 3 dots and the other one doesn’t, they should be the same for consistency.

  15. Ralph Bromley Feb 23,2015 03:46

    One feature I would like is a integrated caps lock notifier, the extention is showing it’s age

  16. Gui Feb 23,2015 15:09

    Will this update support vertical panel? It’s the only thing that’s preventing me from using Cinnamon on my laptop. Vertical panel would make this the best DE IMO.

    • mtwebster Feb 23,2015 15:29

      No vertical panels, sorry.

      • Gui Feb 23,2015 15:40

        Is it a feature that is likely to be implemented in the future?

        • mtwebster Feb 23,2015 16:03

          Not likely – it really doesn’t fit with our current panel/applet ecosystem. If at some point in the future, we think there is a good way to do them, we may reconsider.

          • Rehdon Feb 25,2015 13:50

            How about adding Plank to the basic Mint setup? works great as a simple and lightweight dockbar.

        • lestcape Apr 3,2015 13:39

          The new panels are amazing, and is handled on execution, without need to restart cinnamon, so maybe someone could want to add a new extension to allow that. Anyway this possibly will need a update of several applets to work. So, don’t only depend of cinnamon devs right now and what they did on my opinion allow the possibility to add vertical panels more easy now. I think being in plan or not being, this is something that will eventually appear, is the necessary balance of things itself.

  17. Gme2668 Feb 24,2015 04:34

    Excellent Job. Thank you for all the work you devs are doing to make Cinnamon the best DE. Is there a chance that a desktop search tool will be added to Cinnamon? Maybe something like Avafind or X1 professional client in Windows OS. The search as implemented in Nemo is slow and not intuitive.

  18. mrman Feb 24,2015 14:11

    its great to see cinnamon progressing so well :)

    two things..

    after about 30mins of desktop or fullscreen usage, cinnamon starts to run at about 10fps. Restarting cinnamon fixes the issue. It wouldnt be too much of a problem but fullscreen games although displaing 60fps on my counter are actuall also running 10fps. this never happened in the last release.

    the other thing is cinnamon is a very attractive almost Mac looking DE the notification icons are really nice and clean .. but that update icon is oversized and out of place, it feels like its from 10 years ago! Is there any plan to get the update icon to theme or at least look nicer ? it kind of ruins the show.

    Thanks again

    • KDB Feb 26,2015 11:10

      I agree on the size of the update icon. It’s huge compared to the others. On my theme, I have fixed this by changing it’s size so that it looks iddentical to the others. :)

  19. markwilson Feb 24,2015 16:25

    Will it get into LMDE as quickly as it gets into Mint Main Edition?

  20. KenWeiLL Feb 25,2015 04:01

    It’s good that Cinnamon 2.6 is on it’s way.
    Can you please add a feature that would allow us to PAUSE file copy/transfer while its in progress?

    Windows has it. KDE has it. Don’t know if other DE’s has it but its a nice feature.
    I’d like to see it on Cinnamon as well.

    Right now, Im on KDE coz I really need to use that PAUSE from time to time.

  21. Ash Vincent Feb 25,2015 12:24

    Thanks for all the hard work on panels and multiple monitors. This was the only thing missing in my opinion to make Cinnamon a truly amazing desktop (and 2.4 was damn good anyway).

    Thanks again!

  22. Irving Prais Feb 25,2015 16:48

    If I cannot completely remove the possibility of Yahoo! (aka MICROSOFT BING) being used as a search provider with the new Cinnamon Search facility, I’ll never touch LinuxMint again. Since files released by Edward Snowden show that Micro$oft passes Bing searches over to the NSA (the National Stasi Agency), it seems that Mint may be waltzing over to the dark side.

    • mtwebster Feb 25,2015 17:20

      Let me make one clear statement on this: The user will have complete and final control over which search providers to use, if any.

      The providers that are in the source currently are only examples, and are neither accessible, nor functional, by a user currently running Cinnamon Nightlies, without a fairly decent knowledge of how Cinnamon works.

      We take user privacy seriously, and this is not something we are likely to forget in the future, as we iron our the implementation of this feature. However, the due to the open nature of our extension system, any one is free to write and publish any type of search provider they wish.

    • clem Feb 25,2015 18:24

      How does “If next time you wonder about something you threaten instead of asking I’ll never read your comments again.” make you feel?

      Now, putting FUD, controversy and things that have nothing to do with us aside, regarding the actual question you should have asked: YES you can disable any provider. No, we’re not a US company either willing or subject by law to comply with agencies such as the NSA, and as mtwebster said.. of course we take your privacy seriously.

  23. Feb 26,2015 14:35

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on disk boot failure.

  24. minkiu Feb 26,2015 20:55

    First image fits so well.

    Thank you very much, I’ve been using Mint for a while before buying a laptop, and It was so nice, the only thing it lacked was multi mon support! :D

    Congrats on this milestone!

    Thanks for the efforts.

  25. RexOfRome Mar 1,2015 03:48

    Instead of adding new features you guys need to solve the problem that lots of us are having with Cinnamon freezing. We were told that by leaving the core the same the developers could concentrate on fixing all the bugs. This promise is unfulfilled. I love Cinnamon but I am about to give up on it because it’s less stable than Windows 98. Just google “Linux mint 17 cinnamon freezes”.

  26. moo Mar 5,2015 09:49


    Please, please, please add bluetooth applet supporting bluez5 bluetooth stack !

    Thanks for all

  27. lnxpro Mar 5,2015 14:24


    is there any way I can add a system wide sound equalizer to cinammon ?
    something similar to AudioFX in cyanogenmod would be nice

  28. LordSamanon Mar 6,2015 22:58

    Really excited about this Cinnamon update! I was actualy trying out MATE trying to decide if I wanted to use it or Cinnamon. One thing I liked about MATE was how the search option included packages. So I am really excited to see this coming to Cinnamon! Decided I’m sticking with Cinnamon.
    Love you guys (That means YOU Mint devs. *points finger at devs*)

  29. Jamie Mar 13,2015 23:51

    I am a little late in commenting, but this is excellent news!

    I have 2 monitors, both 1280×1040 and for whatever reason I cannot get them set right. Right now they are set at 1024×768.

    When I was running Linux Petra, I managed, to get it right. Ran Petra from a live DVD and could not figure out how I cracked it before.

    Anyway you are doing fine work and it is apprecitaed.

    • mtwebster Mar 13,2015 23:58

      Thanks :)

      Try removing ~/.config/monitors.xml, or temporarily renaming it – this is where the monitor layouts are stored, and sometimes it can become buggy, if you’ve reconfigured/removed/added a lot.

  30. hrvoojex Mar 15,2015 13:15

    Great! Even Plasma Activities don’t have that feature.

  31. Blue Hotel Mar 17,2015 03:49

    Just came over to Linux from M’soft and I am very pleased I did. Using 17.1 Cinnamon. Thank you for sharing your work and vision.

  32. Salamandar Apr 4,2015 13:11

    Hi !
    Just wanna know how to follow your work day after day :)
    I am on Arch (Manjaro), and I’d like to test 2.5/2.6.

    How should I build a package from github ? (just Master branch, or another created for this purpose ?)
    I would create an AUR package if you give me enough information ;)

  33. Brian Read Apr 17,2015 14:19

    I am using Cin 2.4.6 on Korora (Fed 21 re-spin). WOuld love to be able to have panels on each of my monitors.

    I’ve just loaded up LMDE Betsy onto a VIrtual Box to see if the multiple monitor stuff is in there (Cin 2.4.7 it seems), it also does not seem to have the multi monitor stuff.

    Can you explain when we will see it? (or have I missed it?)

  34. Brian Read Apr 17,2015 14:30

    ok thanks, so i’ll just wait for it. I thought if it was in the new LMDE I’d switch to that, but clearly its not…

  35. Hunkah Apr 18,2015 06:40

    I have a couple comments about Cinnamon…

    You need to have a logo, or something that looks cool like the Gnome foot thing. I have tried thinking of something that would work, but it is insanely impossible to come up with something cool for Cinnamon. Maybe a rename might be in order? Distros need to have a logo to identify with for a link to the “Cinnamon version”.

    I love Cinnamon in every way possible, but some of the things need to be a little slicker. Like the login screen. Gnome’s login screen is pretty slick.

    Will you have default apps like that of Gnome, (maybe even forks of them) without the stupid Gnome toolbar (emphasis on tool) that they have now? It’s completely stupid looking and doesn’t theme with the rest of the environment. What’s the use of having themes when you remove the ability the theme it?

    Other than that, having an idea of when 2.6 will be released would be nice to know. I’ve been so excited to see the new changes coming. :)

  36. mrman Apr 19,2015 16:24

    the gnome login screen is nice, but its the unlocker and its animation that feels really nice, when you use the mouse to clear the screen saver wallpaper :) !

    the standard login screen isn’t amazing, its nice but until you get the closed nvidia drivers installed its slow … which means on the first time a user boots their fresh new desktop the wallpaper transition on login ( it happens before you type your password ) :
    1. dont have vsync = ugly
    2. jerk like mad and make the system look slow

    im not saying copy gnomes dull grey but the login needs to take into account people who have not yet put the full GPU driver on.

    the unlock menu however on gnome is something im jelly of :/


    something i noticed also the menu is still too slow and clicking on and off rwill cause it to not register. However … “Configurable Menu v1.6-beta” by @letscape is not slow !! so it is possible to make a faster menu,

    as a workaround hover makes the default menu much faster than click ?!? so there is still something to do with how cinnamon reacts to mouse input vs response and that effects the entire task bar and any app.

  37. EB Apr 25,2015 07:57

    I have a question.
    I am using Linux Mint Cinnamon 17.1. Will I get this Cinnamon update in the update manager or Will I have to Upgrade the whole linux to 17.2

    • KOLEGA Apr 27,2015 07:13

      If you have backports enabled (some setting in “software sources”), then you will get this update via update manager :)

      • KOLEGA Apr 27,2015 07:13

        P.S.: You can check your cinnamon version by putting into terminal “cinnamon –version” (i cant remember the graphical way :D )

  38. Fegr May 12,2015 08:32

    So Linux Mint 17.2 will have Cinnamon 2.6?

    In September GTK+ 3.18 will have finally an almost complete Wayland-support(over 95%). Can we expect next year(2016) a Cinnamon with Wayland-support?

    Edit by Clem: Yes, Cinnamon 2.6, MATE 1.10, Xfce 4.12 are all planned for Mint 17.2. Regarding Wayland, no work was done to support it yet.

    • Fegr May 12,2015 09:13

      Quick question: Linux Mint 17.2 Linux Kernel still 3.13 or newer 3.16?

      • clem May 12,2015 09:15

        It’s likely to be 3.16.

        • Fegr May 12,2015 09:22

          Thanks! I love that Linux Mint developers decide for a stable Roadmap now(17.x until 2019).
          I am really look forward to 17.2 with a good stable 3.16 Kernel!

  39. nuttzo33 May 21,2015 12:37

    Added the cinnamon 2.6 nightly ppa and it looks great but there is still an issue with the alt-tab windows switcher staying stuck on the screen when attempting to switch windows,forcing you to click the panel to get it to disappear.

    This was happening for me on the odd occasion in cinnamon 2.4 as well,usually when i had 2 chrome windows open but didn’t happen often.

    • mtwebster May 21,2015 12:40

      Can you try to detail exactly how/when this occurs? Are one of the windows you’re tabbing from or to fullscreen? Completely random? Thanks for any extra info you could provide.

      • nuttzo33 May 22,2015 01:59

        Basically when pushing alt and then tab,the windows selector box comes up and when i let go of the keys the selector stays up forcing you to go to the panel and click to get it to go away.

        I have attached a screenshot here

        That box stays up most of the time,on the rare occasion it goes away but prob 95% of the time it doesn’t.

        It doesn’t seem to make a difference whether the app is fullscreen or windowed.

        I am also using the latest nvidia driver and not the one in the repos,i will switch back and see if it makes a difference .

      • nuttzo33 May 22,2015 02:15

        Problem doesn’t occur when using the nvidia-331 drivers from the repos.

        I was using nvidia-349 and then nvidia-352 drivers from this ppa before

        There still seems to be icons missing in the windows switcher though

        Loving cinnamon it is my favourite desktop,keep up the great work guys.

      • nuttzo33 May 22,2015 08:45

        OK using the nvidia-349 drivers and cinnamon 2.6 from the romeo repo and all is good,even the icons are present in the switcher now.

  40. Consumer May 30,2015 07:25

    Crear work but missing vertical bars. Can not use. Todays monitors has room sideways.

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