Betsy past QA, going for RC
by clem 34


LMDE 2 “Betsy” just got approved for an RC release. So if you could go ahead and NOT find tons of bug in it that would be great :)

Note: The public release should be announced in a couple of days on

Please don’t post links here to mirror sites – until Clem makes the announcement the RC isos on these mirrors could be invalidated at any time. Then issue reports can become muddled, with some people not running off the same iso.  Thanks!

34 thoughts on “Betsy past QA, going for RC

    • Frank Mar 16,2015 15:41

      Yes, I have a few LMDE systems up-to-date, with few issues. I would like to test a fresh install. A torrent magnet would be nice. :)

  1. Eric Mar 16,2015 15:07

    Ditto – I’d love a DL link – been looking all over.

  2. mtwebster Mar 16,2015 15:35

    Hey guys,

    Note: The public release should be announced in a couple of days on

    • Eric Mar 16,2015 17:08

      Oh, right. /facepalm – took that to mean the RC was released and the final release would be posted in a few days time. Reading comprehension fail. Thanks!

  3. Rufus Mar 16,2015 15:59

    We try hard not to find anything bug-related.

  4. Will Brokenbourgh Mar 16,2015 16:58

    Thanks Clem. Can’t wait to check it out.

    You sound a bit frustrated, maybe even burned out? You’re not going to leave Mint behind are you? I mean, yeah, it’s just a Linux distro, and if you left it behind, all of us would be sad, but your happiness and health are the most important. I’ll be praying for you, friend. :-)

    • mtwebster Mar 16,2015 17:16

      The TPS reports are getting him down.

      • Matthew Morgan Mar 16,2015 17:49

        That’s because he’s STILL using the old cover page! I’ll just give him another copy of the memo. ;)

        I’m not a DE user, but thanks for all the hard work on Mint in general Clem! (and you too mtwebster)

    • clem Mar 16,2015 19:49

      Hi Will, not at all. I just tried to sound funny with that movie reference, it’s a great comedy (Office Space). If you haven’t watched it yet, I strongly recommend it :)

  5. Scott Mar 16,2015 18:11

    So excited for this! This Debian path is the way Mint needs to go and Ubuntu base should be deprecated.

  6. Arazal Mar 16,2015 18:53

    Thanks Clem You’re THE BEST :) I can’t wait MOREEE I want to test it NOW I’m very happy and excited

  7. Stanis Mar 16,2015 20:15

    Thank you sir for all your hard work. I’m eager to try it myself, but it is another reason to be thankful, because it is like Christmas! :)

  8. Trapper Mar 16,2015 23:56

    Was pleased to see some “Accepted for RC’s” popping up yesterday rather than “rejected’ again. We’re excitedly anticipating Betsy!

  9. Reorx Mar 17,2015 00:42

    Very exciting news – I have been awaiting the arrival of LMDE based on Debian stable (LMDE 2) with great anticipation. I thank you and the entire Mint Dev team for all your hard work. Please post a D/L link as soon as the RC is ready for wider testing – I have an “experimental” laptop that I would love to expose to Betsy.

    I feel like we are 1 step closer to an Ubuntu free “Main” edition… ;-)

  10. Keith Mar 17,2015 01:32

    Hi there everyone i just downloaded the Linux Mint Debian Betsy Cinnamon iso from one of the Mirror servers


    i Tested it and found the following things good and bad

    Bad Points

    1:if i do the install the way that i normally do using a USB persistent install using the Universal USB Installer i find that the persistent changes don’t save and everything revert to default after a reboot

    2:When it first boots up there is a warning in the top right of the screen like in Linux Mint 17.1 that Cinnamon is Running in software rendering mode without video hardware acceleration and this may result in higher than normal cpu usage

    (My Gpu’s is a pair of Nvidia GTX 980s)

    3:Due to a linux Kernel bug (55541) i get no sound out of my Creative Soundblaster ZX sound card

    4:if i go into the Display settings my Dell 30 inch Monitor is Labeled “Laptop”

    5:in the software sources there is no way to add ppa’s can you actually add them,its my first time using a Linux Mint Debian Version i need to be able to install ppa’s for things like Mesa,Xserver,Cinnamon Nightly and the edgers Nvidia drivers ppa

    6:you can not right click on packages and mark them for upgrade in the synaptic package manager

    Good Points

    1:Linux Mint Debian Betsy is fast
    2:it has much newer packages than Mint 17.1 such as Mesa,Firefox,VLC,Xserver,Bleachbit,libgtk+3 and the Kernel is 3.16 so it saves me a load of time downloading extra packages

    Over all Linux Mint Debian Betsy is very good but if it turns out you cant add ppa’s i will have to go back to Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon

    • Monsta Mar 17,2015 04:33

      PPAs are made for Ubuntu. The packages inside might have different dependencies than in Debian, or have some Ubuntu-specific patches. That’s why PPAs are not recommended for use in Debian. The results may vary: PPAs with themes or icons will probably be ok, but system-level PPAs (like xorg-edgers or nvidia drivers) might very well break your Debian installation.

      That’s why adding PPAs is disabled in Software Sources in LMDE.

    • Monsta Mar 17,2015 04:36

      As for Synaptic, this feature has been removed from it in both Mint 17 and Betsy.
      The reason is stated in this commit:

      Use mintUpdate for upgrading your system in more safe way.

  11. Christopher Patrick Mar 17,2015 01:46

    @Keith you cannot add PPAs to Debian so stick with 17.1

  12. NoX Mar 17,2015 08:34

    @Keith you make me laught a lot, especially the part from ppa:Nightly builds! Don’t you know ppa:cinnamon nightly build comes from Mint cause Cinnamon *is* made by Mint ? So you can remove your needs of ppa from this part if using Linux Mint :)

    GPU drivers part is nice too. You need drivers for your card ? Ubuntu brings you it usually ? So you lost ability to get it and install it by yourself.

    • clem Mar 17,2015 08:52

      The Cinnamon PPA is there for mostly one reason: To let Mint and Ubuntu users try the very latest unstable (not-yet-released) git-master version of Cinnamon (i.e. what the devs are working on in preparation for Cinnamon 2.6). The reason we do that is so people can try things we just wrote or fixed and give us feedback on whether it solves their issue or not. Now.. in practice, Ubuntu users run Cinnamon unstable because their version of Cinnamon is usually quite old and this PPA is convenient for them. In Betsy, you won’t need that PPA because we’ll always ship the latest stable version for you.. right now that’s version 2.4.

  13. mtwebster Mar 17,2015 13:21

    Please don’t post links here to mirror sites – until Clem makes the announcement the RC isos on these mirrors could be invalidated at any time. Then issue reports can become muddled, with some people not running off the same iso.

    Thanks for your understanding!

  14. fred barclay Mar 17,2015 22:18

    We LMDEviants are excited! Thank you guys!

  15. Rufus Mar 18,2015 09:59

    I tried to install the new LMDE 2 Betsy Mate RC two times. The installer is very fast and straightforward. But at the first attempt, it could not format /dev/sdb3 with ext4. I waited 15 minutes while the installer said it is in the process of formatting the volume. But it never finished. I then aborted the installer, formatted the volume with Gparted, and started the Betsy installer again. It then formatted /dev/sdb3 in a few seconds and proceeded without any issue.

    • Monsta Mar 21,2015 10:02

      Please post the RC feedback in the blog comments at

      That’s where Clem will surely see it.

      Also more info is needed on this issue. Please run the installer from the terminal (gksu live-installer). Then post all the terminal output on and post the link to that paste in the blog comments.

  16. Jose Luis nava Mar 22,2015 02:15


    I’m Happy for Betsy RC, for this time, I’ll wait for the Public Release to do the last (¿?) fresh install. I’m very pleased enjoying LMDE, expecting to get fresher installs of GCC’s gfortran, (I don’t like C++), and Geany’s good IDE.

  17. mockturtl Mar 24,2015 05:06

    d-u from UP8 is looking good!

  18. Arazal Apr 13,2015 18:11

    Hi Clem

    I’ve a simple question about update to Betsy

    I’ve installed LMDE (that it’s rolling release) When will be Betsy for Update Manager?

    Thank You

    • clem Apr 14,2015 10:14

      We’re working on the upgrade path at the moment. We’ll post announcements when the upgrade is available.

    • Monsta Apr 15,2015 07:15

      If you just installed it and haven’t made any customizations yet, maybe it makes sense to install LMDE 2 instead?

  19. Arazal May 20,2015 09:20

    Hi Clem

    I’ve a simple question

    Can I get LMDE2 without upgrade previous kernel?

    Thank you

  20. Arazal Aug 8,2016 12:54

    Hi Clem

    I don’t understand why when I push shutdown (apagar in Spanish) my computer doesn’t turn off but my session is closed for showing a welcome screen for logging again with your user or guest account. You can watch in this video:

    On Control Center there is a section about “Login Window” but I don’t find any option for doesn’t set up this welcome screen when you are shutting down the computer

    Thanks for your atention

  21. Arazal Dec 17,2016 13:22

    Thanks Clem and Linux Mint Team. A few years ago, I have update my Betsy and my problem with shutdown (clck in shutdown doesn’t turn off my computer, my session closed and in the login screem, there I put the shutdown botton for turning of my computer) that was as close session option.

    Now, the behavior is normal, when I press “salir” in mate manu and shutdown. My computer, switch off.

    Thanks. You’re the best

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