Cinnamon 2.4 updates coming through!
by clem 46

The following Cinnamon 2.4 updates should hit the Mint and LMDE repositories shortly:


  • Fixed wrong week number in calendar applet
  • Background slideshow: use os.execvp instead of os.system to keep cinnamon-slideshow from having child processes
  • Update xlet stylesheet as well on “Alt+F2 rt”
  • Added missing tooltip for Keybinding xlet widgets
  • Fixed a memory leak
  • Tweaked how the panel icon is used to prevent occasionally getting an oversized icons when restarting cinnamon or changing cinnamon themes
  • Applet.js: reallow themes to control symbolic icon heights – caused by
  • Mouse/dnd: merge Cinnamon dnd threshold back to using the Gtk one – this reverts what was done in 8388640bed1b6e7582fc7, which was a workaround for buggy drag-and-drop
  • Dnd.js: refactor to eliminate dnd freeze bug
  • St: Use a more up-to-date cogl API when creating textures (efforts to reduce freezes)
  • Dnd.js: Allow control over certain callbacks


  • Allow programmatic minimization without MWM_FUNC_MINIMIZE
  • Update _NET_DESKTOP_LAYOUT with the current workspace layout.
  • Update _NET_DESKTOP_NAMES when appropriate. Before we only did it when the MetaScreen was initialized – during startup – which would result in the server having the wrong names (or worse, the wrong length array of names.)
  • Made meta_window_get_xwindow introspectable
  • Added _NET_WM_STATE_MAXIMIZED_VERT to the _NET_WM_STATE for tiled windows
  • Fixed right-click support for CSD windows
  • Improved support for CSD windows
  • Fixed CSD windows properly, to account for unscaled GTK_FRAME_EXTENTS.


  • Improved garbage collection and release of memory


  • Fixed OnlyShowIn in desktop file
  • Fixed some memory leaks, readability
  • Fixed black background (GTK 3.14)
  • Fixed regression in gnome-wall-clock.c (from b021f6f07ad8b4295ddd755eadf3e031f4456fe6)
  • DBus listener: correctly reply so the client doesn’t block waiting
  • Reduced the number of wakeups


  • Updated translations
  • Fixed Nemo crash in Korean when copying files (due to wrong order of arguments in translation)
  • [Internal] Fixed translation checking tool not detecting the issue in Korean Nemo translation


46 thoughts on “Cinnamon 2.4 updates coming through!

  1. clem Mar 31,2015 10:31

    As always, please apply updates carefully and be on the lookout for potential regressions.

  2. clem Mar 31,2015 11:11

    Note: These updates are now available in Betsy. If you’re running Rebecca, please enable “romeo” in mintsources if you want to test them.

  3. Sam Burgos Mar 31,2015 14:22

    Hi Clem, nice to see the updates coming, just one question if I may: Did you manage to apply the fix on this ( or should we wait for later to see it coming? For the screenshots that I saw on the webupd8 site (I don’t have the link for now) I would really like to see this coming to Cinnamon somehow so we can have consistent look on the outsider apps

    For the rest I will test them in my laptop, I don’t want to risk my work PC to this, even being test-stable updates

    • clem Mar 31,2015 19:26

      Hi Sam, I’ve been wanting to port that. It’s in the roadmap somewhere and I know mtwebster had a look at it as well. From the top of my head I don’t think it’s been done though yet. In any case this would be 2.6 material.

  4. KDB Mar 31,2015 14:41

    Hi Clem,

    I will test this tonight in my LMDE2 VB.

    Quick question: Romeo will be used in the future for Betsy?


  5. Kirk M Mar 31,2015 15:26

    Clem – Good to see these updates coming – many thanks to you and team. I’m always willing to test of course but with “Rebecca”, if I enable “Romeo” and update do I need to disable “Romeo” afterward or just keep it enabled until 17.2 is released and then disable “Romeo” before updating (to 17.2)? I’m assuming that’s when these updates will be officially released?

    Just wondering what’s the best thing to do in this case.

  6. Keith Apr 1,2015 00:55

    Hi there i have just spotted some strangeness with updates in mint 17.1

    if you install the Cinnamon Nightly PPA and update Cinnamon to version 2.4.6 and Nemo to version 2.5.1 when you reboot Cinnamon will crash every time but here is the good news..

    if you enable the Romeo packages and update Cinnamon to 2.4.7 then install the Cinnamon Nightly PPA and update Nemo to 2.5.1 when you reboot everything is fine and there is no crashes

    Edit by Clem: The nightly PPA runs the latest (i.e. unstable) version of Cinnamon… these updates are extracted from a stable 2.4-maintenance branch.

  7. Oldy Apr 1,2015 03:20

    I just installed Mint 17.1 Cinnamon (2.4.6) and noticed that the calender widget has a nice link to that allows one to check their date format but some options are not allowed. One example %^b should print the abbreviated month in all caps (MAR), but results in a ~Clock Format Error~. I checked the date format in a bash terminal and it works fine. Is there some way to allow the widget the full option list of the date command?

  8. Sam Apr 1,2015 04:22

    Hi, is there an official PPA for Ubuntu non-LTS versions? Specifically I’d like to try it on 15.04 beta.

    • KDB Apr 1,2015 16:50

      Hi Sam,

      This version of Ubuntu is not supported by the team.

      • clem Apr 1,2015 20:51


        That’s not really true. In the scope of Cinnamon we support all distributions and all versions.. we don’t however package for them. So I don’t really know who packages Cinnamon in Ubuntu 15.04 (whether you’re using Debian packages, or Mint ones, or the unstable PPA from glebihan, or if somebody made a stable PPA for it), but if you come up with bug reports they will be perfectly valid. I just wanted to say that, as “not supported by the team” sounded a bit ambiguous to me here.

  9. Sam Apr 1,2015 04:25

    @Clem: Could you possibly take an urgent look at this bug?
    It’s a pretty major issue that freezes up the entire Cinnamon interface most of the time for me when unmounting USB storage devices.

  10. bagjunggyu Apr 1,2015 09:32

    Now, we can use Nemo without crash and the translation tool easily without hesitation
    Thank you for concerned updates :)

  11. David Sugar Apr 1,2015 12:47

    I always kinda liked cinnamon, but there are minor things that I have come to find to be essential that I always found it missing. My real formative desktop experience in recent times was KDE, but I never used more than a rather small and explicit subset of KDE features. Recently I found XFCE has advanced far enough that it now includes those specific use cases, so I switched to that for all my machines. Out of that experience I can now describe what I feel Cinnamon lacks and why…

    First, I use workspaces much like has been proposed for KDE activities. However, since I always used a static set of desktops rather than addhoc activities, I found they were far more effective. One reason is because I can use a pager for virtual workspaces and at a glance see the status of all my activities. There is no such at a glance mechanism for KDE activities.

    While I never was a big fan of widgets, I do however use KDE’s ability to have different wallpapers on each virtual desktop, to help keep track of where I am. This I consider an essential feature of my workflow, and much to my surprise and delight has been adopted by XFCE… This is the first thing I would love to see in Cinnamon. Since I use static pre-set workspaces, it would also be nice to optionally disable in a config somewhere the add/remove desktop buttons from appearing in the Cinnamon grid view of all desktops.

    Next, there is the matter of launchers. In KDE I would take advantage of icontaskbar to attach menus to launch icons (what are called in some places jump lists). Gnome now even impliments jump lists too, and even for static icons you can drop on the desktop (when you enable nautilus desktop functionality disabled by default). I typically use it to launch varients, and many of the things I launch I run thru a script that checks which workspace is active. Hence, for example, I might lauch firefox with a different profile on one workspace than another.

    XFCE has a nice solution for this also, which is stackable launchers that can appear and act as tri-state menus. This I particularly like, since I do not have to use icon based combined launch/window management. In cinnamon there are a few icon-capable launcher applets that can be configured to behave much like kde icontasks, but they do not support jump list menus at all. There are also a few very crude user definable menu applets. They are not designed for multiple menu instances, and and none of them can do the tristate behavior of jumplists or xfce stacked launchers, where for example, you can click on the icon and launch it, or right-click (or in xfce, click on the arrow) and get a menu. This I now consider essential to how I use desktop environments.

    Finally, I see muffin is struggling with csd. I found it much more effective to use devilspie to simply undecorate those gnome apps, rather than deal with the strange artifacts and issues, particularly with shadows, that gnome csd seems to introduce. It is tough to setup in compton, and it has problems with things like xfdashboard. And anyway the gnome apps look and feel much better undecorated than with csd, at least with xfwm. So I am hoping muffin has the option to disable csd support, and I would love for muffin to integrate a rule-set engine for window decoration, placement, and management, much like things externally like devilspie do. It is a feature that was also integrated in older wm’s like icewm which I had played with a long time ago.

  12. mrman Apr 2,2015 15:05

    #David Sugar: “First, I use workspaces much like has been proposed for KDE activities. However, since I always used a static set of desktops rather than addhoc activities, I found they were far more effective”


    I agree. My Dream feature for Cinnamon to remove the complexity from KDE and its activities ( mess ) is a simple ‘SAVE’ somewhere on each workspace on the “show all workspaces mode”

    e.g Activate the Grid .. have next to the workspace name a ‘Save’ Icon or ‘name / select workspace profile’ , this then creates a save profile txt in the home folder with a memory of the desktop as it was ( x,y window position and size + applications )

    You could have lets say upto 5 saves per work space or load save 1,2,3,4 into any workspace with the list ‘load workspace profile ‘ (or something )

    this way you have a persistent workflow on reboot and even if you have powerloss you can basically get back to where you were in an instant.

    This would make workspaces more than mere scrap areas for in the way applications.

    BTW Clem, glad you are back and keeping on with Cinnamon its an amazing project.


  13. Chien Nguyen Dang Apr 3,2015 09:28

    Dear Linux Mint team, can you fix the problem that MDM conflict with fontconfig-infinality ? When i install and config fontconfig-infinality as manual, the system is break and cannot go to GUI interface. I try both Linux Mint KDE, Cinnamon and Mate 17.1, all of them are break. Now I use LMDE 2 and it ‘s great, there is not any problems. Hope you fix it soon.

    • clem Apr 3,2015 21:34


      I looked into it tonight. It’s fixed by

      Here’s an explanation of why it was failing:

      – infinality provides a script in /etc/profile.d/ which uses xrdb.
      – xrdb fails if there’s no DISPLAY
      – In the case where we’re launching MDM via upstart, /etc/profile sources all /etc/profile.d/*.sh (I’m not sure whether we’re using sh instead of bash, or whether we’re setting “set -e” upstream from that, but in any case.. any failure is fatal here, so any script failing to load would make upstart fail to launch MDM).
      – At that stage, MDM isn’t launched yet and there’s no DISPLAY… so xrdb fails, and it makes the script fails, which makes /etc/profile fail, which makes the MDM upstart job fail.

      With the commit I made tonight, we no longer fail.

      That said, this should be reviewed by the infinality devs. First they should probably ignore errors (like we did) or test $DISPLAY before calling xrdb… this is MDM, but failures in /etc/profile can be pretty bad, and MDM isn’t the only piece in the puzzle, so their script should NEVER fail. Second, I really don’t think /etc/profile is the right place to do this. It’s too early in the login process imo. They should use other means and assure themselves they’re already in the display.

      I was going to post that on their github project but their last commit was in January 2013. If you’re subscribed to their forums or in touch with them, please don’t hesitate to let them know about this.

      Regarding our own fix it will be part of MDM 2.0 (in Betsy and Mint 17.2). If you don’t want to wait, simply edit your /etc/init/mdm.conf and add the two “set” lines as done in

  14. Keith Apr 4,2015 23:49

    Hi there is strange bug in the Menu Editor with shortcuts to programs

    here is a example you want to move the shortcut for Terminal from the
    Accessories group to the System Tools group

    so you:

    1:load the menu editor
    2:Select the Accessories group
    3:select the Terminal shortcut
    4:click copy
    5:select the new location (in my case it was the System Tools Group)
    6:click paste

    this means that there is now a shortcut in both menu locations for the Terminal ,so you go to the old shortcut in the Accessories group for the Terminal and select it and hit Delete only the bug means that it deletes the shortcut in both locations there is a way round this bug

    1:go to the System Tools group
    2:click New Item (leave the Launcher Properties) windows open
    3:go to the Accessories group
    4:select the Terminal shortcut
    5:right click Properties
    6:copy all the info into the Launcher Properties window opened in step 2
    7:set the icon
    8:Click OK
    9 close the other Launcher Properties window from step 5

    now there is 2 copies of the shortcut only there made a different way from using copy/paste you should now be able to select the old shortcut in the Accessories group and delete it without it deleting both shortcuts

    That all seems a bit complex but all shortcuts do it and i have tried to explain it as easy as i can it happens in mint 17.1 and 17 not sure about versions before that it may do it in them as well

    hope this will get checked out makes editing the menu a bit of a pain

  15. Matthew Morgan Apr 6,2015 13:53

    Just reporting in: I did an in-place upgrade from Qiana to Rebecca a few days ago and pulled in Cinnamon 2.4 from Romeo and all is going great! I mainly just sort of sit down and work so I haven’t really done anything complex like editing menus or anything like that, but for everyday use it’s been pretty solid. Hang-ups do seem to have been reduced. They’ve always happened for me while using Firefox, and I’ve only had 1 since I upgraded.

    In case anyone is having trouble with particular hardware, here’s my inxi output:

    CPU~Quad core AMD Phenom 9150e (-MCP-) clocked at Min:900.000Mhz Max:1800.000Mhz Kernel~3.15.5-atcs x86_64 Up~34 min Mem~1478.3/5968.3MB HDD~500.1GB(89.3% used) Procs~206 Client~Shell inxi~1.8.4
    Graphics: Card: NVIDIA G98 [GeForce 8400 GS Rev. 2]
    X.Org: 1.15.1 drivers: nvidia (unloaded: fbdev,vesa,nouveau) Resolution: 1440×900@60.1hz, 1680×1050@60.0hz
    GLX Renderer: GeForce 8400 GS/PCIe/SSE2 GLX Version: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 331.113

  16. Jessica Apr 7,2015 04:44

    I absolutely love Linux Mint. It’s the only distro that doesn’t require me to be a rocket scientist to install simple programs. It’s very pretty too.

  17. bruno-legrand Apr 8,2015 00:59

    J’ai installé récemment Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon (64bit), pour l’instant j’en suis plutôt satisfait, mais j’ai remarqué quand je veux mettre mon ordinateur en veille, j’appuie sur le bouton “mettre en veille”, l’écran s’éteint mais cinnamon mets un temps avant de se mettre vraiment en veille, je pense que c’est un petit bug.

    Désolé pour les éventuelles fautes, mon anglais n’est pas bon donc je m’aide d’un traducteur en ligne.

    In english :
    I installed settled recently Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon (64bit), at the moment I am rather satisfied, but I noticed when I want to set in sleep mode my computer, I press on the button ” to set in sleep mode “, the screen goes out but cinnamon put a time(weather) before setting in sleep mode really, I think that it is a small bug.

    Sorry for the possible faults, my English is not good thus I use an on-line translator.

  18. RichardG Apr 9,2015 17:33

    Would it be possible to add a ‘Refresh’ option to the RMB menu in Nemo ?
    I’ve got several cifs-mounts (to Win-servers) and they don’t always refresh.
    Now I have to press to refresh the whole tree (and losing the expanded branches) so I’d like to be able to only refresh a single ‘branch’.

    Cheers !

  19. beasley Apr 10,2015 15:02

    Hello Clem,

    Just a regression report: Cinnamon 2.4.7 fixed some problems with desktop behaviour
    that I’d been living with since my initial install of 17.1. For me it was a great improvement in menu rendering over the previous version. Unfortunately 2.4.8 returned things to their previous semi-broken state. What’s the best way to file
    a very detailed bug report? (I’ve not found anything like bugzilla for Cinnamon.)
    Thank you very much for all your hard work on this project.

    • mtwebster Apr 10,2015 21:11

      2.4.8 temporarily reverts a fix done in 2.4.7 for certain video chipsets (in my case, Intel, there would be random freezes) that apparently caused others with different chipsets to not even be able to log on. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to re-implement this in a way that works for everyone.

  20. dd Apr 15,2015 08:21

    the updates for cinnamon are coming too late! it was not possible to work with the system with all the problems it has so i made the change to kde which is good. i think that 6 system are too many and there is not enough time for all of them and the problems are inevitable in that case.
    cinnamon 2.4 was not a good release!

  21. kris Apr 17,2015 18:12

    Hi clem

    One thing i want tell you please change linuxmint website to very pro and good loking one….

  22. mrman Apr 18,2015 13:03

    drivers. I see a lot of people having trouble with the nvidia drivers as they are not easy to install for migrating users like the catalyst amd. Of course in Mint there is a great drivers utility which is much appreciated and works well, but as ever the drivers are out of date and almost totally useless for most pro’s / gamers, because for standard desktop the nouveau is fine enough.

    example mint 17.1 drivers: 331.20 recommended. these were released in November 2013 !!! utterly useless.

    Having read through forums / reddit it always seems to be the hurdle for most newcomers.

    Here is a brief overview of just a few changes a driver can bring:

    Added support for the following GPUs:
    Quadro K1200
    Quadro M6000
    GeForce 920M
    GeForce 930A
    GeForce 930M
    GeForce 940M
    GeForce GTX 950M
    GeForce GTX 960M
    GeForce GTX TITAN X

    Fixed a bug that caused corruption when switching display modes in some applications that use transform feedback.

    Fixed a bug that caused texture corruption on framebuffer depth attachments cleared using glClearTexImage().

    Fixed a bug that artificially limited the maximum pixel clock on displays in some SLI Mosaic configurations.

    **Fixed a kernel memory leak** that occurred when looping hardware-accelerated video decoding with VDPAU on Maxell-based GPUs.

    Added support for G-SYNC monitors when used together with non-G-SYNC monitors. When G-SYNC is enabled, non-G-SYNC monitors will display with tearing.

    Fixed a bug that caused nvidia-settings to crash when assigning an attribute whose value is a display ID on a system with multiple X screens.

    Updated the reporting of in-use video memory in the nvidia-settings control panel to use the same accounting methods used in other tools such as nvidia-smi.

    nvidia-settings was not taking some allocations into account, e.g. framebuffer memory for the efifb console on UEFI systems, causing discrepancies in the values reported by different tools.

    Removed the “EnableACPIHotkeys” X configuration option. This option has been deprecated and disabled by default since driver version 346.35. On modern Linux systems, display change hotkey events are delivered to the desktop environment as key press events, and the desktop environment handles the display change by issuing requests through the X Resize and Rotate extension (RandR).

    Added support for lossless H.264/AVC video streams to VDPAU.

    Added support for VDPAU Feature Set F to the NVIDIA VDPAU driver. GPUs with VDPAU Feature Set F are capable of hardware-accelerated decoding of H.265/HEVC video streams.

    Fixed a bug that prevented GPU fan speed changes from getting reflected in the text box on Thermal settings page.

    Added nvidia-settings commandline support to query the current and targeted GPU fan speed.

    Added a checkbox to nvidia-settings to enable a visual indicator that shows when G-SYNC is being used. This is helpful for displays that don’t indicate themselves whether they are operating in G-SYNC mode or normal mode.

    This setting can also be enabled by running the command line

    nvidia-settings -a ShowGSYNCVisualIndicator=1

    Added support for the X.Org X server’s “-background none” option. When enabled, the NVIDIA driver will try to copy the framebuffer console’s contents out of /dev/fb0. If that cannot be done, then the screen is cleared to black.
    Added support for YUV 4:2:0 compression to enable HDMI 2.0 4K@60Hz modes when either the display or GPU is incapable of driving these modes in RGB 4:4:4. See NoEdidHDMI2Check in the README for details.

    Fixed a bug that could cause multi-threaded applications to crash when multiple threads used the EGL driver at the same time.

    Fixed a bug that caused Sync to VBlank to not work correctly with XVideo applications in certain configurations.
    Fixed a bug that prevented the X driver from correctly interpreting some X configuration options when a display device name was given with a GPU UUID qualifier.

    Fixed Pixel Buffer Object operations when row length is less than width. GL_[UN]PACK_ROW_LENGTH can be set to a value lower than the width of the operation being carried out. The OpenGL specification allows for this (the source or destination lines will be overlapping). Previously, our implementation of Pixel Buffer Objects did not support this case and would throw an error.

    Fixed a bug that caused corruption when switching display modes in some applications that use transform feedback.

    Fixed a bug that caused texture corruption on framebuffer depth attachments cleared using glClearTexImage().
    Fixed a bug that artificially limited the maximum pixel clock on displays in some SLI Mosaic configurations.

    Fixed a kernel memory leak that occurred when looping hardware-accelerated video decoding with VDPAU on Maxwell-based GPUs.

    Okay thats two driver updates released in the space of just a month, Can you imagine how many performance updates and fixes have come since 2013 !?! Mint is many peoples recommended goto gaming platform for Linux, and with Vsync working properly where others fail it would be good to get newer drivers, perhaps even a text document or link on the desktop as about 90% of people are using the closed Nvidia driver.

    There must be some sensible way to get a newer ( lets say just the latest stable driver) in the drive list and name it “latest stable”

    I thought Mint wasn’t copying Ubuntu too closely from previous comments ? Seems like for drivers it still is the case.

    Thanks. keep up the great work.

  23. Shokka Apr 30,2015 08:43

    Unfortunately I can not join in the general rejoicing about Cinnamon. For my daily work I necessarily need a comfortable workspace (desktop) switching. It is more than disappointing that the beloved and helpfull desktop cube can not be activated in Mint 17.1. For sure there is a major reason for this. Unfortunately I don’t know this reason. At the moment I see this as a step back into early days when Linux was NOT a user friendly operating system. It seems my love for Linux Mint, which has existed since Linux Mint 6, is going to end now. Now I have to decide to return to a former Linux distribution or even to choose Windows. Conclusion: No Desktop Cube – No Linux!

    Well … at least Cinnamon looks nice and it is better then Mate. (Yes, I checked both to activate the desktop cube)

    At the moment I can’t love Linux, at the moment I don’t feel home anymore, at the moment it is difficult to get things done.

    Is there any hope to get this (for me essential) cube feature within a short periode or shall I better leave Cinnamon?

    Anyway … thanks for former Mint distributions. I wish I could love Cinnamon more. Maybe it is just not made for my personal needs.

    • mtwebster Apr 30,2015 10:25

      Cube is available as a downloadable extension in Cinnamon, and should be available in Mate if you enable compiz.

  24. mrman Apr 30,2015 11:56

    Im not sure if i made a mistake here but im running mint 17.1 from when it first came out.

    my system:

    Linux mint 17.1
    Cinnamon version 2.4.8
    Linux Kernal 3.16.34

    you offered Shokka a solution that doesn’t appear to work. Im interested if there is something im missing on my build ?

    Desktop Cube: error t=2015-04-30T11:48:10.728Z [Extension “DesktopCube@yare”]: Extension is not compatible with current Cinnamon version

    Coverflow Alt-tab: requires password: error t=2015-04-30T11:52:05.780Z [Extension “”]: Extension is not compatible with current Cinnamon version

    Wobbly-Windows: Error messages in log not working

    I could go on but most extensions are not working at all ! every cinnamon update they break, most people probably don’t use them now, it might be worth removing them.


    Soundbox is not working ( i think the developer is working on it but will it break again in Cinnnamon 2.5 ? )

    RSSfeed ( there really isn’t a working one on cinnamon )

    some stuff works, most stuff doesnt. Its down to the creators I know this, but Gnomes extension seem to get a lot more focus from devs. Perhaps a workaround is to pull some of the core apps / desklets into the cinnamon project so they can be maintained by the team ? OR invite the best desklet maintainers into the mint team ?


    • mtwebster Apr 30,2015 14:02

      Ah true, it’s marked incompatible. It’s easy enough to work around though, and in 2.6, the user will be able to force extensions to load, regardless of version requirements.

      Extensions break by their very nature, it’s unavoidable. They need active maintainers. We’re not going to take over these things – we have no need for desktop cube or wobbly windows – they’re parlor tricks. It’s cool that users implement them on their own, and we encourage and help wherever possible already. Soundbox broke for a very good reason, I notified the dev and I imagine he just hasn’t had the time (we’re all busy). As you say, it’s down to the developers. Our applet/desklet API is far more stable than gnome-shell’s – extensions really have no API, again, by their very nature. Please dig a little deeper there, how *every* version of gnome-shell breaks this or that, and developers constantly have to keep up. They simply have a larger 3rd party developer base (they’ve been around a bit longer than we have).

      We’ve talked about taking in and maintaining abandoned applets, but no further than that. Applet devs we already consider part of the Mint ‘team’ and are in communication with them frequently through various channels. We rely on them to tell us when we’ve missed things, or broken something – it’s a pretty healthy relationship. I don’t really see the need to go beyond this.

    • Collinss Apr 30,2015 15:03

      mrman, I’m the author/maintainer of the soundbox desklet. I actually made the necessary fixes prior to the release of 2.4, but didn’t post them on the spices website because I didn’t want someone running 2.2 to inadvertently download the update and crash their system. When 2.4 came out, I was planning on posting the updates, but I got busy and forgot about it until now. I’ve made some more changes since then, however, and it’s not currently ready for release, so I’ll try to get it ready soon and post the updates.

      As for the feed-reader, there were some changes to cjs (I think they were upstream from Mozilla) which required a major rewrite of the applet. I submitted a patch to the developer (I think someone else did too, but iirc it required an additional dependency). From what I understand, he has no way of testing it right now, though, so he hasn’t merged it.

      Both the soundbox and feedreeder unstable branches are working right now. They are not stable, so there will be bugs, but you are welcome to try them.

  25. mrman May 1,2015 08:07

    @ mtwebster thanks for the reply. It wasn’t a criticism of cinnamon as a whole, IMO its the best ‘modern’ DE imo and in such a short space of time. Im glad to hear that 2.6 will introduce that feature. What is the easiest or recommended way to create new applets ? Im interested in making one.

    @Collinss I read the notes on the site a few weeks ago, I can wait for the stable branch.Interestingly it would seem that with 2.6 it should not really break as much as new cinnamon versions come out.

    • Collinss May 1,2015 17:57

      mrman, I’m not sure the best way to start making applets, but what worked for me is to look at what others have done, and then start experimenting. Also, there has been some work by one of the devs to auto-generate documentation for the Cinnamon api. See

  26. mrman May 2,2015 09:02

    @collinss, thanks for the links. what editor / compilers do you use ?

    • Collinss May 2,2015 15:45

      mrman, you don’t need a compiler for cinnamon applets. They’re written in JavaScript, which is a scripted language. As for an editor, you can use any text editor (if you wanted, you could even use the Windows notepad program, but I don’t know why you would ever want that). I personally have used Komodo Edit in the past and liked it (you have to extract from tar and build it yourself, though), and am currently using Sublime Text, which is also pretty good. It’s all a matter of preference, though, so you really have to try out several to find the one you like best.

  27. jtflynnz May 3,2015 14:05

    Hello LM Team, just wanted to again say thank you for all of the hard work you put into this system, it makes for a pretty great user experience, and as someone slowly becoming more familiar with the workings of my computer (and Linux on it), I can say that I wouldn’t have gotten this far without your work!

    On a different note, I cannot recall where, however I remember that somewhere there were requests for feedback, suggestions, etc for visuals development for Cinnamon (and website, etc), but I wanted point out something that I recently found (window styling, icons, controls) that provides a more modern interface to Cinnamon. The icon pack Vibrancy, and GTK themes ambiance and radiance-flat-colors have really changed the look of Cinnamon for me. If you can help point me to where I should post about this, I would really appreciate it.

    (ie. Should I post in the community page, was there a blog post that talked about it, or was it somewhere here? As you can probably tell, it is very exciting to me and I want to talk about using this stuff if it can help)

  28. mrman May 3,2015 16:58

    Thanks! I had a read through some documentation. I think it might take some time to do what I want, but you have to start somewhere I guess

  29. Anonymous May 8,2015 05:01

    hey clem, I really love your OS and the amount of progress it’s shown since largely severing from gnome 3 and their terrible UX refresh.

    I was wondering if you could give the file picker a look in the next point release; I just became aware of that you could change it from following the elementary devs and I think it’s a major stumbling block for gnome; particularly when I need to upload images for emails and such.

    here’s where the elementary guys are talking about how they did it:

    and here’s a patch that I’d love to see, but has apparently been ignored by gnome for nearly eleven years (icon view!):

    I’m not sure this is the right place to ask but you’ve always been very polite and welcoming to your users.

  30. Duff May 10,2015 23:12

    Cinnamon now saves over 50-60% ram, thanks! no more over memoryleaks or garbage while using totem/mpv/vlc

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