Cinnamon 2.6
by clem 256

On behalf of the team and all the developers who contributed to this build, I am proud to announce the release of Cinnamon 2.6!

This new version will be featured in Linux Mint 17.2 “Rafaela” planned for the end of June and in LMDE 2 “Betsy”.

Have a lot of fun with this new release and don’t hesitate to give us some feedback! Enjoy.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the new things in Cinnamon 2.6.

Core improvements

Desktop freezes

On supported hardware Cinnamon now uses a newer “cogl” API. This change is known to prevent some of the causes of desktop freezes observed in earlier releases.

In case of a freeze or if you need to restart Cinnamon for any reason, you can now do so via a keyboard shortcut. The default key combination is Ctrl+Alt+Escape. Pressing this combination of keys restarts nemo and cinnamon-settings-daemon in case they had crashed, and launches a brand new instance of the Cinnamon desktop. Unlike Ctrl+Alt+Backspace which terminates your session and brings you back to the login screen, Ctrl+Alt+Escape simply restarts Cinnamon itself, which means your session is exactly as it was, you don’t lose any work and all your windows and applications remain open.

logind/consolekit-upower support

You no longer need to recompile Cinnamon to choose between consolekit and logind support. This is done in gsettings and you can decide which relevant Cinnamon components use which session/power-management backend:

  • Set org.cinnamon.desktop.session session-manager-uses-logind to true to make Cinnamon rely on logind to restart/shutdown/suspend/hibernate the computer from the shutdown dialog, or to false to restart/shutdown the computer via consolekit and suspend/hibernate via upower.
  • Set org.cinnamon.desktop.session settings-daemon-uses-logind in a similar fashion to control suspending/hibernating on idle or via multimedia keys.
  • Set org.cinnamon.desktop.session screensaver-uses-logind to true to make the screensaver listen to logind, or to false to make it listen to consolekit.

In distributions using systemd or shipping with a diminished version of upower (i.e. one that is no longer able to suspend/hibernate the computer… 0.99 or newer), set the first two settings to true. In distributions using MDM version 1.8 or lower set the third setting to false (MDM unlock via logind support is introduced in version 2.0). Otherwise set these options as you deem appropriate.

 Responsiveness, load times and CPU usage

A huge amount of work was done to review the CPU usage in various parts of Cinnamon and many improvements were made. Performance was gained by optimizing how Cinnamon reacts to particular events and reducing the number of tasks or repeated tasks it performs. The menu, for instance, is refreshed about 6 times as less as before… signals resulting from connecting a USB device are grouped together and lead to 1 action, reducing 4 concurrent reactions into a single one. The docinfo part of Cinnamon, which handles “recent files”, was optimized a lot. We found out tiny features such as generating thumbnails for “recent” files in the application menu were very expensive in resources and dropping them led to significant reductions in CPU usage. Un-necessary calculations in the window management part of Cinnamon could also be dropped, leading to reduced idle CPU usage (about 40% reduction in the number of CPU wakes per second).

Loading times were also reviewed (this covered Cinnamon and MDM) and found to be excellent, except for the case where Cinnamon is loaded for the first time after a computer restart or shutdown. Whereas a normal Cinnamon initialization would typically take between 0 and 2 seconds, the very first one could take up to 40 seconds on some of our test systems. The reason was a lack of HDD read-cache, especially when it came to Gio appinfo and icon themes data. To reduce this initial load time, Cinnamon 2.6 introduces a preload mechanism which loads themes and app info asynchronously earlier on during the boot sequence. Distributions using non-standard icon themes can add them to /etc/cinnamon/preload/iconthemes.d/.

Finally, information was added to Looking glass logs to report the Cinnamon startup time as well as to indicate how long each enabled applet took to start.

Multi-monitor and multi-panel support

Support for multiple monitors was improved. Better window list actions and new keybindings allow you to move windows to other monitors (Super+Shift with arrow keys by default). But the most significant improvement is that you can now have multiple panels and place them across multiple monitors.

Applets are better than before at running multiple instances of themselves and some of them got smarter to accommodate multi-monitor/multi-panel setups. For instance a window list applet won’t show you windows from another monitor if that monitor has a panel with its own window list.


Up until version 2.6 “cinnamon-screensaver” was no more than a “screen locker”. It locked the screen but didn’t actually play any animation.

This is changed now as it gained support for XScreenSaver modules and HTML5 screensavers.

Screenshot from 2015-06-02 09:43:48

HTML5 and XScreenSaver are now supported.

Note: Brightness and keyboard backlight are now also modifiable via multimedia keys while the screen is locked.

Panels and applets

Panel improvements

Panels can now be added/removed/configured individually and moved to different positions across one or multiple monitors.

They have a new way of hiding/showing themselves called “intelli-hide” :)

The way their left/center/right zones are defined was redesigned and they are now able to center applets in the middle whether left and right zones contain applets or not.

Applet improvements

A new “inhibit” applet was introduced which allows you to quickly turn notifications off or to disable power management. This applet is handy when performing presentations, to prevent unwanted notifications to pop up, to prevent the screen from dimming brightness or the screen to get locked.  You no longer need to modify your power settings, you can just temporarily disable all that.

The inhibit applet also tells you when another program is disabling power management. This is useful to know whether the programs you’re using are telling Cinnamon you’re actually “doing” something (my favorite media player “mpv” for instance isn’t…) :)

The user and network applets were improved slightly.

The sound applet received better PulseAudio support, it detects output devices more accurately and now features a slightly revamped UI and a new application mixer (so you can change the sound level for individual applications straight from the applet).

Better settings

The “System Settings” were redesigned and reorganized using a beautiful new look, layout and transitions.

Screenshot from 2015-06-02 09:43:19

New UI style and layout for System Settings.

The window effects settings were simplified and cool new effects were introduced.


Window Effects feature predefined as well as customizable effects.

New configuration options were introduced to make your desktop feel even more at home… the first day of the week, the size/presence of the multimedia keys OSD.

The default settings were reviewed and tuned slightly. Windows now open in the center of the screen, on supported hardware touchpads use two-finger scrolling by default… etc.

Power management, brightness and batteries were revamped and merged together. The power applet was also largely redesigned, it detects batteries much better than before and gives a breakdown on secondary devices. It also handles screen brightness and keyboard backlight.

Screenshot from 2015-06-02 09:52:13

The power applet was redesigned and now handles brightness and keyboard backlight.

The “Startup Applications” configuration tool was rewritten as a native Cinnamon settings module.

Nemo improvements

Nemo features a brand new plugin manager.

Screenshot from 2015-06-02 09:37:41

It’s easier than ever to enable/disable Nemo Actions/Scripts/Extensions thanks to the branch new Plugin Manager.

Its context menus were simplified and now only show the most useful actions. Of course it’s possible to configure Nemo from the preferences to make it show all available actions, as it did before.

File operations are now queued and performed in sequence rather than in parallel.

Screenshot from 2015-06-02 09:40:33

File operations are queued and performed one after another.

The policykit policy for “Open as Root” was changed to cache authorization and keep you from having to repeatedly enter a password.

Accessibility improvements

Efforts were made to improve ATK/Orca support in visual Cinnamon components.

Improvements were also made to the magnifier and the mouse zoom modifier is now also configurable.

The on-screen keyboard was partly redesigned. It now shows and hide on-demand thanks to a brand new “On-Screen Keyboard Applet” and it now affects the size and limits of the screen: i.e. when the on-screen keyboard appears, the size of the workspace is reduced accordingly and windows appearing beneath it are re-adjusted (this works in a way similar to the panel auto-hide function).

Information for developers

Cinnamon 2.6 now provides developer documentation, tutorials and API references. You can access the documentation via devhelp by installing the “cinnamon-doc” package, or browse it online on

With the introduction of multiple panels it became important for applets to support multiple instances. We recommend all 3rd party developers to test their applets by placing two of them on different panels and configuring them separately.

Extensions are now able to provide different versions of themselves for different versions of Cinnamon. To support multiple Cinnamon versions differently, please have a look at

If you create an “icons” directory in a spice (an applet, a desklet etc..), any icons you place inside it become available “by name” as if they were part of the icon theme. You can then easily access them just like you would any other theme icons.

The Cinnamon theme engine now uses a fallback mechanism. If a style is deemed important and isn’t defined by the current Cinnamon theme, the style from the default Cinnamon is now used. It might look out of place of course, but at least it will work. In effect, this means that all Cinnamon 2.4 themes are already compatible with Cinnamon 2.6 (and future versions), new components/styles will just look like they do in the default theme until these themes support them.

256 thoughts on “Cinnamon 2.6

  1. Tim Jun 2,2015 10:30

    Hi Clem!
    You’re doing a great work!
    I have two questions:

    1. Is there a ‘task manager’ in Cinnamon? I can’t find it

    2. We don’t know anything about the linux Mint developers.
    Will you ever publish a list?
    It would be very interesting to see the team behind Mint!

  2. Eriocaul Jun 2,2015 10:31

    Hi, Clem

    Cinnamon keeps getting better! How can I update to this version from Linux Mint 17.1?


  3. Muntasim Ul Haque Jun 2,2015 10:46

    Congrats to Clem and the team.

  4. Monsta Jun 2,2015 10:51

    This list is so HUGE that the release might be very well named 3.0. :D


  5. Crewp Jun 2,2015 11:01

    Congratulations Clem, and the whole Mint team, this is the best Cinnamon yet. I think that your decision to move Mint to an LTS base for LM, and a Debian stable base for LMDE is already paying big dividends. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with next. :)

  6. Mike Jun 2,2015 12:00

    Congratulations Clem and the team. I’m unsure if this is the correct place for such a report, but could you take a look at this bug a lot of Arch users are having with upgrading? It seems to be in Cinnamon.

    • mtwebster Jun 2,2015 12:31

      The first error is fixed in this latest version. Your second is because you don’t have metacity installed as a fallback WM – you’ll want to talk to your maintainer why it’s not set as a dependency.

  7. JosefG Jun 2,2015 12:50

    Great developments!
    I love the fact that Nemo will carry out copy operations serially. We have been needing this for a long time. Is it possible to pause a copy operation after it has been launched to? That would be icing on the cake.

    • RichardG Jun 2,2015 13:12

      I second that but didn’t want to be too demanding :-)
      While we’re at it : change the *play* icon (triangle) in a *paused* icon (double vertical bars) while the copy is waiting (-> basically being paused).
      These icons should already be available.
      This also means that the running copy shouldn’t grey out.

      One could then choose to pause a copy, start another, and go back or even let 2 copies run side by side if you’re adventurous…

    • Abichoo Jun 3,2015 09:43

      Yeah me too, I really hope this feature is implemented. Something like “Teracopy” for windows would be awesome.

      Still amazing work guys, Thank you very much Clem and team.

    • King Crow Jun 3,2015 14:54

      Would love this feature too. Dear Clem, not to be greedy & demanding here, but please have a look at this. :)

    • Rob S Jul 21,2015 17:11

      Excellent upgrade, superb work . . .
      But the Copy to (and Move to) menu item has disappeared from the right click menu :-(
      Please can I have it back I use it every day to back up my data :-)

  8. lestcape Jun 2,2015 13:10

    I’m so happy with cinnamon 2.6 and i will want contribute with the team, how you suggest. That will be:

    1- Optimized the extensions (applets desklets…)
    2- Improved the compatibility with (multi-instances)

    To properly do, I suggest see if it’s possible provide this features:

    1- Prevent the creation and/or allow only the creation of only one instance of an applet per monitor. How cinnamon windows list only will show the corresponding windows to the monitor, is not useful duplicate the same applet on the same monitor. This is not problematic on cinnamon windows list, as only will require a few CPU to show one window button, but there are another applets as the Global Application Menu, where duplicate a menu have a big cost of CPU, as a complete menu structure need to be constructed as soon as possible when the windows appear.

    2- Separate the concept of multi-instance of the concept of multi-settings-instances. Is not the same create several instances of a widget with only one common setting, than on the opposite have a different setting for all instances (as currently happen). My personal opinion is, that what the most of user want to do, is the first case and not the second, because the users will want to have a uniform desktop in most of cases and not have similar things working with different behaviors and/or aspects. Sticky Notes Desklet will be an example of this.

    • clem Jun 2,2015 15:22

      Hi Lestcape, you’ve got your name on some of the commits so as far I as I’m concerned you’re already a bit part of the team :)

      By the way, I’m planning to look into your indicator applet. We’ve been talking about systray lately.. that’s something that still requires a lot of work.

      • lestcape Jun 2,2015 17:09

        Thanks. My 3 lines of code are not as much … If I can help, well maybe someday will not be only the 3 lines :)

  9. mrman Jun 2,2015 13:13

    Amazing acheivement. Cinnamon is definately my fave DE, not just because it is actually the best taking the perfect line between Gnome 3 and Gnome 2 ( i.e usable yet still modern and flashy ) But mainly because you actually listen to what people are asking for and implement it sensibly.

    btw the two features im not sure are yet implemented:

    1. Desktop wallpaper permonitor

    2. Smooth desktop fades between wallpaper transistion on the wallpaper switcher

    the latter would be most welcome. It seems cinnamon 2.4 is the only DE that can’t do this native or through add on apps ( they conflict with desktop settings ) and yet the desklet ‘digital photo frame’ does this and has the code, so does the default MDM login screen? it should be easy to bring in and so far mate,xfce,unity,gnome3 do this and dont suffer any performance penalty.

    thanks for the great work :)

  10. asympdote Jun 2,2015 13:42

    The best DE just got better. It’s so impressive.

    Feature request: panel transparency. Currently, I have to switch themes according the brightness/colours of wallpaper backgrounds in order keep the clock, notification, etc. legible. It’d be amazing if we could just set the opacity of the panel instead. Or, even better, if the panel could auto-detect and change opacity like elementary’s pantheon does. How about it?

    Thanks again. And keep up the amazing work!

    • LJ Jun 3,2015 05:54

      I second the request. Panel transparency would be great to have. I’m already happy with multiple panels and intelli-hide options. Can’t wait to try it out. Having panel transparency also would make it complete.

  11. Rehdon Jun 2,2015 13:47

    Congrats to all the Cinnamon development team for what seems to be a great release. Couple of quick questions:

    – has the USB-mounting/unmounting bug been fixed?

    – I was unaware of the consolekit / logind support issue and, to be frank, I’m not sure what that means for the normal user, which one is/should be used by default?


    • lestcape Jun 2,2015 14:41

      This will depend of your system and how you start the session: GDM, LightDM, GDM… Could be possible that if you install cinnamon using an official repo on your distro, this will be configured to work properly, but if you want to change the default way to handle the session, you will need to know how do this task. So, i think that you need to provide a more specific example to have a more specific answer. i.e : distro, version and what you want to do.

      • Rehdon Jun 11,2015 19:11

        Thank you for your reply, I always use the standard Linux Mint ISO for installation (currently running 17.1), Cinnamon version of course.

    • clem Jun 2,2015 15:26

      We don’t know for sure because this bug isn’t reliably reproducible. What I know is that we divided by 4 the number of concurrent tasks being performed by Cinnamon when plugging a USB device. Hopefully, that should at least contribute to making the problem less frequent.

      We’re also very annoyed with Gvfs, especially on file operations. I’d like to stop using it in certain parts of Cinnamon, but that’s quite a heavy change so it was postponed to 2.8.

      • locomotion Jun 2,2015 16:10

        Hi Clem,

        would that mean that i could not use my remote server folders as sftp mounts in 2.8? This is essential functionality for me as all my data is stored on my server in my home country where i am not physically present too often. Could you pls elaborate on this a bit.

        Thank you

        P.s. Really good job with Cinnamon i must say :)

        • clem Jun 2,2015 16:26

          No, I’m not talking about removing features. I’m saying that, where we don’t actually need gvfs, we shouldn’t rely on it. If you ask gvfs too much concurrently it doesn’t reply back even though the API is asynchronous… Cinnamon JS is single-threaded so we get desktop freezes. In many places we don’t actually need gvfs, so we could reduce our usage of it and only rely on it when it’s actually bringing something we can’t do ourselves.

      • Rehdon Jun 11,2015 19:14

        Thank you for your reply, Clem. I must be quite unlucky (wrt the USB bug) because I have problems both on my main box and on my laptop, with frequent freezes when I insert/unplug USB keys. Yeah, I should probably try to come up with more information to help you, just can’t seem to find time for anything these days >.<

        • VolMi Jun 12,2015 10:13

          Rehdon, maybe just install the new version. The remaining bugs are minor and maybe your problem really occurs only 25% of the time, or is even gone. The update through the romeo repository is really, really simple and worth the two minutes time.

          • Rehdon Jun 13,2015 07:38

            Thank for the tip. I may do it on my laptop, and see how it goes: will surely update my main box when 17.2 arrives at the end of this month.

  12. John C Jun 2,2015 13:49

    Will there be a floating point for scaling-factor?
    There is for text-scaling-factor, but that is not enough.

    • JosephM Jun 2,2015 19:27

      As far as I know Gtk itself only allows integer scaling factors for applications. So I’m not sure how you would go about supporting a floating point value.

  13. premature Jun 2,2015 13:50

    so is it safe to install this on 17.1? or will it break something?

    thanks :)

    • VolMi Jun 2,2015 14:08

      No severe breakage, at least. You may well encounter bugs which will then (hopefully) be eliminated in later point releases. But it’s very very(!) usable in Mint 17.1 and also on Debian.

  14. Duff Jun 2,2015 13:57

    I have no access to* so I can’t update or install any extension or theme or anything, but, it works when using proxy, is that normal?

    • clem Jun 2,2015 15:27

      Maybe you got blacklisted by the firewall? Or your firewall blocks it? It looks like a networking issue.

      • Duff Jun 4,2015 19:47

        I disabled the firewall and it doesn’t worked, I’ll try to see if its my modem, thanks Clem, Cinnamon2.6 is incredible.

  15. Ismael Jun 2,2015 13:58

    Amazing release ! Improvements to the multi-monitor support (especially keybindings) support makes me very happy (and the CPU optimizations too) !

  16. Barry Hughes Jun 2,2015 14:11

    Congratulations – lots of fantastic work here!

  17. exploder Jun 2,2015 14:29

    This is the best Cinnamon release yet! Thanks for all of the time and effort that went into it.

  18. anon Jun 2,2015 14:35

    can cinnamon 2.6 be run with a grsec kernel ?
    older versions are unusable as they crash

  19. Sam Burgos Jun 2,2015 14:57

    I like the theming and redesign of the settings, it feels much smoother than ever, may I ask what language/design/sketch did you use for it? Or is it Gjs/Cjs? I would like to learn to create something like that for some personal project and I do really love the design of it

    About the restart session combination key: I tried to do Ctrl+Alt+Escape but if I press the “Esc” key on my keyboard along with the other two it doesn’t work, maybe this is something silly to ask but is the Escape key the “Esc” key on the keyboard or is it another key?

    • clem Jun 2,2015 15:30

      Hi Sam, I’ll let Joseph answer the first question. Afaik we’re using Gtk.Stack objects and they handle transitions. The sections themselves are designed by Joseph I think.

      Escape and Esc are the same yes. Check that your session properly launches “cinnamon-killer-daemon”. Also in syslog, that daemon should report which key combination it bound.

      Finally, you can also configure this to another key combination in System Settings -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> System -> Restart Cinnamon.

    • exploder Jun 2,2015 15:33

      I just tried cont, alt, esc on Betsy and it worked as expected. I did have to hold the keys down a second but it did restart Cinnamon and all my apps came back up with it.

    • JosephM Jun 2,2015 19:35

      Hey Sam, the settings are mostly all done with python and Gtk. Pretty easy to work with and since it’s python testing and iteration is really quick and easy. We just used some of the newer features that Gtk offers like GtkStackSwithcer, Revealer, and ListBox. You can find all the relevant files in /usr/lib/cinnamon-settings.

      • Sam Burgos Jun 4,2015 16:17

        I’ll give it a try as a personal project, but with all the CSS, Python and Gtk, maybe I would like you to teach me some design hints if possible, since you’re the one responsible for the visual part in many of the Cinnamon project ;)

  20. Ronny Jun 2,2015 15:53


    will it be possible to switch between the copy modes?
    It’s great to have the possibility to do it sequential with a queue (i really like that!) but sometimes it could be usefull to do it in parallel. So it would be great to have a button in the file operations dialog to start some of the copy processes immediately while the others are waiting until the first mentioned ones have finished.

    BTW: all developers of linux mint and cinnamon are doing a great job. THANK YOU!!!! I prefer lm when installing linux especially for people who are switching over from windows.

    • clem Jun 2,2015 16:24

      That’s the case. You can start any queued operations and run them in parallel.

      • calhaus Jun 9,2015 18:28

        But it would be good to have other options right away.

        For example:
        Now i’m moving lots of big files via smb (samba) that take almost 2 hours.
        At the same time i’m moving/organizing lots of small files to different folders in the same drive/partition.

        So, while queuing is amazing to move things to same partition without losing speed and such.
        It’s really annoying if you are doing other stuff in other drives/partitions.

        1)It would be cool, if in file operations we could quickly change the modes from “queue” to “copy everything”.
        2) And/Or an option to copy right away, if you don’t have a file operation already copying to that drive/partition.

        P.S.: I love the queue, but it’s not that practical and it’s a bit annoying if you dont have one of this 2 options or both.

      • brouillon Aug 14,2015 12:46

        I think rename and delete operations will never be queued, it’s too annoying while reordering files and directories

  21. jonc Jun 2,2015 16:06

    If only… I could change workspaces with the mouse wheel. Sigh.

    There’s an extension that enables scrolling along a few pixels of the display margins, but that’s not nearly good enough.

    Still, a lovely piece of work.

    • VolMi Jun 2,2015 17:14

      When I have the mouse pointer on the workspace switcher applet I can change workspaces by scrolling.

    • simon Jun 2,2015 22:37

      you can get this behaviour using xbindkeys, if you’re willing to fiddle a little (I have my mousewheel left/right “rocker” set to switch workspace left and right — it’s great :)).

      • jonc Jun 4,2015 13:02

        Can you get that xbindkey implementation to work so scrolling anywhere on the desktop *except* an open window will do the switch? (Because when I scroll inside a window, I want to scroll that window’s content, I don’t want to switch workspaces.)

        I’ve never found that xbindkey can distinguish when the cursor is over a window and when it is in open desktop terrain.

    • mohammad-sn Jun 3,2015 07:18

      Try Smart Panel extension. Using it you can change workspaces by scrolling on free space of the panel.

  22. Stinger Jun 2,2015 16:52

    WOW !
    You have done amazing work with all the improvements to Cinnamon 2.6, I’m soo happy.
    The desktop now restores itself to the correct resolution when i exit my darkplaces quake game running fulscreen at a lower resolution. In Cinnamon 2.4 the screen stayed at the low resolution from the game until I logged out and back in again.
    I have been using UbuntuGNOME, Mint Mate and elementaryOS but Cinnamon is now my favorite :)
    Must admit that I use Plank as launcher and the Slingshot plugin for Cinnamon to get the feel of elementary ( MAC ) :D
    Maybe a kinda elementary theme could be added to the theme list to us who prefer the MAC approach ?
    I have a wish too :) Better support out of the box for Midi-files.

    • lestcape Jun 4,2015 08:16

      As you want the MAC style: I think in a future, Cinnamon can look like similar to other DE that you want. For me, the most interesting (and probably complex) part of Cinnamon. Cinnamon is not only the default appearance, is just all and is the result of the hard work of the team that provide always a way to create an alternative for all whatever they do.

  23. Icon Jun 2,2015 17:44

    Is magic lamp effect included in this version?

    • clem Jun 2,2015 17:52

      Cinnamon Screensaver is compatible with any XScreenSaver module, but it doesn’t ship any itself (well except for one HTML5 saver). To add screensavers you can install xscreensaver-data, xscreensaver-data-extra and/or even xscreensaver-gl-extra.

      • Mike F. Jun 4,2015 23:05

        The rss-glx package works, as well, and contains some of my favorite xscreensaver modules. If only Electric Sheep were still available!

        Clem, this is absolutely fabulous! I’ve been hoping for screensaver animations in Cinnamon for a long time!

        • oce Oct 18,2015 14:33

          yes! awesome!
          I managed to get electricsheep working on my Linux Mint 17.2 (64) by installing:
          they are not in the repositories so you must download and install them manually
          there are dependency issues but a sudo apt-get -f install seems to fix it
          electricsheep appears automatically in the screensavers list and it rocks!
          the only remaining problem I have is that the electrisheep process is not killed after resuming to the desktop

  24. Hunkah Jun 2,2015 18:01

    Awesome. So looking forward to this release. I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again 1000 times more. Cinnamon is everything I hoped Gnome 3 would be. You guys really do get what a desktop is supposed to be.

    If I could hug you, I would. :)

    • Silvestr Jun 3,2015 13:00

      Pretty same here!

      THANK YOU SO MUCH for an amazingly mature and yet lightning fast desktop!

      Love your work :)

  25. oshikuru Jun 2,2015 18:15

    some minor but annoying bugs ive found since upgrading, and yes ive rebooted several times just to make sure

    -popup notifications often extend beyond the right of the screen, despite cinnamon theme tells it to not go closer than 4px to the right side of screen

    -new files on desktop, such as downloaded files go in the very top left corner, as in underneath the top panel and with a transparent panel you can see these files thru the panel.

    -thunderbird firetray icon has become very small compared to other tray icons. this happens with every gtk and cinnamon theme ive tried, and ive even tried 2 different versions of the firetray addon. and of course ive tried numerous icons of various sizes. it used to be as big as the other tray icons before upgrading cinnamon

    -gtk2 tooltips seems to always have black text no matter what is specified in the gtk2 config file. you probably wont notice this if using the default mint gtk theme as the tooltip background there is yellow, but try a theme that uses black tooltips (and white tooltip text) – it will show the tooltip text as black as well, so impossible to read

    all this started happening after upgrading cinnamon just a few hours ago

    otherwise all is good and smooth as far as i can tell

  26. SoloID Jun 2,2015 18:36

    Hi Clem,

    First my compliments with cinnamon 2.6 it’s again pretty stable and some nifty feats.
    I like it very much!

    But can you or someone else tell me what is the theme element for the settings windows the parts where you put the buttons and the slides etc.. in because my own theme is showing them in weird color I didn’t set and I can’t find the element in the Cinnamon style sheet?
    It should be (it was in 2.4) an all flat green window…

    • JosephM Jun 2,2015 20:51

      If you are talking about the center area in the settings it uses a style class of .view

      If you want to color the settings specifically you should be able to do it with something like .view .list or .view .list-row

      Thats on Mint with gtk3.10. The actual selectors for the list rows are a bit different in other gtk versions.

      • Solo.ID Jun 3,2015 10:54

        Hi JosephM,

        Thanks for the reaction, but I’m not talking about the GTK windows but the Cinnamon CSS the setting windows (like the screenshots 2 and 3 above) these inner parts are white.
        In gtk terms it would be an “notebook” element but for Cinnamon this is different…

        • JosephM Jun 3,2015 20:03

          Just to be clear, your talking about the Cinnamon settings windows correct? The screensaver, window, and effects settings shown in the announcement? Those are Gtk windows and have nothing to do with the Cinnamon theme. They are not GtkNotebooks. They are a GtkFrame with GtkListBox and GtkListBoxRows packed inside. The frame itself uses a style class of .view. That’s why you want to access them using the way I posted above.

          • Solo.ID Jun 4,2015 11:20

            Dear JosephM,

            of course your completely correct…
            The colors/border changed right after upgrade of cinnamon so I assumed that it was the Cinnamon css!

            I will have a look at the gtk theme, thanks for the answers!

          • Solo.ID Jun 4,2015 12:48

            Yes found it:

            * viewport *
            GtkViewport.frame {
            border-width: 0;

            .view {
            background-color: @theme_base_color;
            color: @theme_text_color;

            .view:insensitive:insensitive {
            background-color: shade(theme_bg_color); >>> this was base color and changed to theme_BG color….
            Thanks for putting me in de right direction!

          • Solo.ID Jun 4,2015 14:11

            … Spoke to soon yes it Changes the color of the setting windows viewports but apparently it also changes the active pane in Nemo so I need to find a way to set the color of the active pane in Nemo to the base color… anybody an idea?

          • SoloID Jun 4,2015 17:51

            And nailed it…

            NemoWindow .view {
            background-color: @theme_base_color;

            To the application/Nemo stylesheet..

            Thanks again JosephM to point me to the right direction…

  27. King Crow Jun 2,2015 18:43

    Dear Clem, I now firmly believe that moving to an LTS to LTS model was the wisest decision you ever made for mint and us. certainly you are able to focus and give your undivided attention to cinnamon and other mint development more than ever now. and your efforts are paying off. cinnamon is growing very fast and mature. I thank your stars which gave you the idea and courage to do this. I understand it wasn’t that easy.

  28. franute Jun 2,2015 19:09

    Amazing work Clem, I must admit with every update I find cinnamon more and more interesting.
    Just a quick question about LMDE 2, will you release updated ISOs when you release the updated packages for it?
    Thanks, keep the good work :)

  29. Prajjwal Jun 2,2015 19:19

    Awesome! Really excited about the performance improvements. Any idea when this will hit Mint 17?

    • clem Jun 3,2015 07:25

      It’s in 17.1(rebecca)/romeo at the moment and 17.2(rafaela)/stable.

      • Prajjwal Jun 3,2015 10:38

        No plans to back port it?

        • clem Jun 3,2015 16:30

          No, the idea with 17.x is that it’s trivial to upgrade to the next release but you don’t have to. They’re all sharing the same base but they differ in their versions of Cinnamon, Mint tools etc. That allows people to move to 2.6 or to stick to 2.4 or even 2.2 if that’s what they want to do.

  30. Sam Jun 2,2015 19:44

    Very nice looking release!

    1. Will the new “cogl” API fix this bug?

    2. Is there a stable Cinnamon PPA for Ubuntu 15.04? That would be my preference, rather than using Linux Mint.

    Thanks a lot!

  31. exploder Jun 2,2015 20:02

    @ Clem

    Herr Dierk fown a bug in power management under the Ubuntu based main edition. Herr Dierk posted the bug along with a screen shot of the problem in the previous Cinnamon announcement.

    The bug is the laptop battery and wireless mouse displaying multiple times in the battery section of power management. I found the same thing on my laptop running the main edition and confirmed the issue.

    I also found my wireless mouse battery that displays battery power under Betsy is not showing up in the main edition.

    Here is the screen shot Herr Dierk provided.

    It seems like a problem with how this is being refreshed.

  32. Omar Jun 2,2015 20:09

    A big thank you to the development team! Will be trying out the new cinnamon real soon.

    One question though: Are we any nearer to being able to alt-tab between windows while dragging a file?? This is i think the only thing that i miss from windows and it would be so nice to have for those of us, that have their windows maximized most of the time.

  33. Dac Jun 2,2015 20:16

    Great stuff. I just upgraded and idle CPU usage is down from 2-4% to 0.4-2% on my little NUC. The performance improvements are much appreciated!

  34. FLOW Jun 2,2015 21:02

    congrats !!
    this is a huge list of small things…and THE SMALL THINGS make a software mature and makes you feel “at home”, not the flashy things, but the small things that make everything work as it should be.
    I can hardly wait to try it ! :)
    You have no idea how happy I am that you are concentrating on all this bugs to disappear…this is the reason why I praise Cinnamon to my friend that use Windows.
    A software that works, that all I want from my OS.
    Thank you Clem and the development team ! :)

  35. ивашко Jun 2,2015 21:13

    strange bug with icons arragement still present from version to version

  36. krypsin Jun 2,2015 22:34

    I have never been so excited for a software update of any sort…

    Can’t wait to test out the dual monitor improvements when I get to work in the morning!

    Thanks so much for your work team.

    Now I can get rid of the crappy dual monitor extensions that I’ve installed :D

    • krypsin Jun 3,2015 08:22

      Wow, I am loving the multiple panels!

      Main thing I’ve noticed is that large improvement on CPU usage!
      This has really smoothed things over for my system.

  37. Orangeclove Jun 3,2015 03:23

    Hi Clem! Another wonderful set of improvements. Congratulations to all the Mint development team.

    I have a small problem that I have been facing since 2.4. When I suspend the my laptop and wake it up, the bluetooth applet from the panel goes missing, and it won’t reappear unless I either restart cinnamon, toggle bluetooth off and on in System settings, or restart the laptop.

    And it is just the applet that disappears, the bluetooth hardware continues to function normally regardless of the appearance / disappearance of the applet.

    I’m not a very technical person, so I have not been able to find out what is the exact cause of this little annoyance, but I would be willing to provide more information if someone tells me how to get it. :D

    • clem Jun 3,2015 07:34

      This is with blueberry (LMDE) or cinnamon-bluetooth (Mint)?

      • Orangeclove Jun 3,2015 09:36

        Oh I’m sorry, I forgot to mention that.

        This is with cinnamon-bluetooth. I am on Linux Mint 17.1.

  38. centaur Jun 3,2015 05:26

    I can’t await cinnamon 2.6 in 17.2 but thre a 2 bug:

    1. ctrl+alt+Fn (excep F8) whines about ACPI PCC probe failed

    2. Multimedia loudness does now work with Kodi (was XCPMC before). loudness starts always with 0 regardless what the loudnes swith is set to. I lover to hear internet radio – but startup a sender or pause it – loudness is 0 in the application.

    Sorry for my bad english.

  39. Andrei Jun 3,2015 07:00

    Hi, Clem!
    Is there Python libraries to write extension for Nemo?)
    Thanks in advance!

  40. Silvestr Jun 3,2015 13:06

    I am now sooo happy I chose LMDE 2 few weeks ago. The very best experience I’ve ever had in my 8 years on Linux systems, having tried out pretty much all DEs there are.

    I’ve really fallen for this Betsy, she’s a keeper! :)

  41. pi3tr0 Jun 3,2015 13:32

    I Clem

    i’m testing 2.6, in nemo, in the right click contextual menu the script folder have disappeared.
    is this a bug or a problem with my config?

    • mtwebster Jun 4,2015 15:06

      Sorry about that – I moved the scripts folder to ~/.local/share/nemo/scripts to be consistent with actions and other file locations of this type.

      Move your scripts to that folder and you should be good. A quick way to jump there is now in the ‘plugin manager’ (alt-p), then click the folder icon in the Scripts list.

      I’ll see if I can get a release note put in for this change.

  42. Bnna Jun 3,2015 13:32

    So I have tried Cinnamon 2.6 and so far it’s working good. A bug in Nemo greying out the window after starting programs has gone.

    But I recognized that I can’t change Cinnamon’s font anymore. I used to edit /usr/share/cinnamon/theme/cinnamon.css –> font-family (I like the font from 17.0 much more than that from 17.1) but it won’t work.

    @dev Has that setting migrated somewhere or is this a bug? BTW it would be wonderful if you could integrate this into the GUI font settings.

  43. Isaque Galdino Jun 3,2015 13:46

    Hi Cleam, impressive job! Congratulation to the whole team!

    With Cinnamon being more responsive and using less resources, do you still plan having other DEs available for future Linux Mint releases?

    Having only one DE to worry about wouldn’t be better? I mean, you could direct your man power to speed things up in Cinnamon instead of having them split among different DEs Linux Mint support nowadays.

    What is your plan for Linux Mint in future? Will it keep the distribution approach of supporting multiple DEs or will it have a more SO-oriented like Ubuntu, W$ and MacOS?


    • clem Jun 3,2015 16:43

      Cinnamon is just an aspect of Linux Mint. There are a lot of people who really enjoy other DEs, as long as they’re numerous we’ll continue to support them. I really enjoy Cinnamon myself but our goal at the end of the day isn’t just to make a nice DE, it’s to make a great OS, and in that goal Xfce, KDE and MATE in particular also have an important role to play.

  44. cmoud94 Jun 3,2015 15:44

    Hi Clem,

    I’m testing Cinnamon 2.6 since it’s available in Romeo repositories and I really like it. Good work team! :)

    My problem is that if I have set the “Attach dialog windows to their parent …” to true and ie. delete file in Nemo, the window gets grayed out.

    Second problem is with window placing, if I set “Center” ie. Terminal, Calculator, etc. opens in center, but not Nemo.

  45. lehjr Jun 3,2015 15:47

    Sounds like another amazing release. Cant wait!

  46. Brian Read Jun 3,2015 15:57

    what is the correct version? I am seeing 2.6.6 in the fedora updates-testing repo, but I think I’ve seen here that it is 2.6.7?

    • clem Jun 3,2015 16:44

      It keep changing as we fix more bugs :) Right now the latest upstream version is 2.6.7.

      • Brian Read Jun 3,2015 17:37

        ok, I guess I’ll have to wait for a stable version to be setup in the standard fedora repos. I am finding that I can’t successfully update to 2.6 from the updates-testing repo without opening my system up to all the contents of the updates-testing repo. Someone here may be able to give me a formula, but i have been unable to find it myself.

        I did run it in a new fedora 22 system installing cinnamon from the updates-testing repo, but seem unable to update from 2.4 successfully using it on the my production system.

  47. Jon Christopherson Jun 3,2015 16:52


    This bug is still present in cinnamon 2.6.7:

    This seems like a fairly big issue as it affects day to day usage of the environment. Have you had any luck with it?

    Other than that I am loving the new version and have been using mint for years.

    Thanks for all your work!


  48. Sandy Jun 3,2015 17:39

    Excellent news! I squealed internally like a little girl. Great that the crash problem is addressed and the monitor configuration, both things that I have been having issues with. I’m going to patiently wait for the official release though. All of the improvements are greatly appreciated and I’m glad that I left windows behind. :)

  49. Matthew Morgan Jun 3,2015 18:18

    I might have found a bug, I’m not sure. I’m on Betsy. I had installed cinnamon 2.6 from Romeo, then of course the stable 2.6 packages came out and were installed. Today I tried to add a few things to my panel launcher, but it would only flash and no item was added. I removed the panel launcher completely, added it back, and now I can add items.

    Otherwise it’s been flawless for me, and FAST. Cinnamon-menu in particular caught my attention as being notably faster (NVidia 8400GS using proprietary 340 driver in case it matters).

  50. Jorge Canaan Jun 3,2015 19:47

    Hello, I want to notify about a very little bug. When the bottom-right hot corner is hover enabled, it only works if the pointer hits the far right side of the screen first (before the bottom), if the pointer gets to the bottom first, the action of the hot corner doesn’t work.

    I also have a question, is the team going to implement side panels in the future, or is it not possible?

    With each update, I like cinnamon more and more. Thanks for all the hard work!

  51. Mintulix Jun 3,2015 20:36

    Hi Clem & team,

    a huge step forward again, thank you very much.

    LM 17.1 64 bit, cinnamon 2.6.7 Romeo

    issues, regressions from 2.4:
    – scale (upper right edge) reacts not reliable with pointer passthrough switch off (one screen, two panels) -> pointer to edge in vertical move ok, horizontal not. No problem with expo in the upper left.
    – startprograms: no more edit with doubleclick on a line
    – approved bug battery section of power management: refresh error (multiple batteries when notebook on battery, not ac)
    – right click power applet, settings, above “show percent” click a button “powermanagement” or similar -> sometimes all applets are shown, sometimes nothing happens
    – no space between applet icons in panel, changed themes a few times, some icons shrink after playing with custom panel height (on-screen keybord applet)
    – stop nemo copy action -> large file gets full copied nonetheless

    two old bugs:
    – themes, choose add/remove themes, web themes -> default window size is too narrow (like counts are missing on the right – at least in German, resized window is not remembered)
    – themes, choose “use theme” in installed themes and close window -> thumbnail and name of current theme is not refreshed

    screensaver questions:
    – how can I edit the shown xscreensaver list?
    – random mode planned?
    – how can I customize new savers like DreamAquarium with wine?

    Thanks a lot and greetings, Mintulix

  52. RichardG Jun 3,2015 20:52

    Hi Clem,

    Found a nemo issue I think.
    Had it today @work after I updated my LM system and just now @home (which runs it since a day).
    Nemo jumps to a sort of fallback-mode.
    If I kill it and startup from a terminal I see these messages :

    [Errno 2] No translation file found for domain: ‘Nemo-image-tools’
    Initializing folder-color extension…
    [Nemo Terminal] I: Initializing the Nemo extension
    Initializing folder-color extension…
    Initializing nemo-image-converter extension

    ** (nemo:11302): CRITICAL **: nemo_menu_provider_get_background_items: assertion ‘NEMO_IS_MENU_PROVIDER (provider)’ failed

    Both systems are updated with official updates AND Romeo.
    My work system runs Nouveau and my home system NVIDIA-drivers (version as recommended by LM).
    After the restart it works normally again (i.e. using the theme)

    If you need more info let me know !

  53. Western_Slope Jun 3,2015 23:00

    Is this only for 64bit systems and if so, will there also be a 32bit version at the end of the month? I tried putting it on a 32bit and no changes at all.

  54. Michael Francis Jun 3,2015 23:30

    Hello all.

    Congratulations to everyone involved in the project for this new Cinnamon release.

    A little background. I’m a fairly basic Linux user who has already ventured into the vastness of Linux distributions. I’ve settled with Debian because it got easier to install in recent times and because I usually had issues with version upgrades on Ubuntu and also Linux Mint.

    Now I’ve been using XFCE for a while but Cinnamon has become quite appealing. It’s modern, it’s sleek, it’s familiar, it’s pretty awesome. WIth each release, it gets smoother in terms of resource usage and old bugs are squashed. I think Cinnamon is already a winner.

    I may give a try to LMDE fairly soon but about Cinnamon, I love the development effort of Clem’s team on an alternative to GNOME. I love the fact that user needs are taken in consideration. I think it’s one of the best things that happened in Linux desktop. A great project with the right goals and the right mindset. In fact, it’s something I would like to be a part of.

    My question is very simple: as a non-technical user, could there be any useful way I could get involved with Cinnamon project? Something I could do on spare time?

    Thank you very much once again for this beloved piece of software.

    • Ondřej Kolín Jun 13,2015 18:23

      I am not part of dev …

      The most easy way to contribute is telling your friends, family how Cinnamon great is …

      Second pretty easy way is to contribute some money

      I personally do some translations to my language …

      Pretty good way how to contribute is looking for bugs and report them :)

  55. Anton Silvers Jun 4,2015 11:52

    First off Amazing feature list. Really impressive.
    Im glad to see windows open center on screen – read about it here
    and more effects YES ! :0

    Clem, I just wanna ask about desktop Icon spacing as in a “Grid” not only columns, as to mimic Windows Icon spacing placements on the desktop ?
    Is this possible or implemented ?

    Also is it possible to do a “minttool” for advance Samba configurations in future so that we dont have to raw edit /etc/samba/smb.conf. thanks again

    • mtwebster Jun 4,2015 12:10

      The desktop grid is something I want to do (along with better layout intelligence for multiple monitor arrangements) – there just wasn’t time for 2.6… indeed that’s one of things Windows does simply, and well.

      • locomotion Jun 16,2015 10:52

        Hi mtwebster

        Since Anton started I would add another annoying issue i have with icons on workspace. I use 1336*768 (i know idiotic choice) laptop with external 1600*1200 monitor. Once external monitor is connected, all icons, including “My Computer”, “Network” “Trash” flee to external monitor even though i set up laptop display as primary. This is problematic since usually i have app fullscreen or multiple apps opened on external monitor hence not able to reach anything on workspace (desktop or whatever we call that) without hasseling with app windows all around the place. Is there any solution for this? Workaround or any setting i didn’t discovered yet to prevent this from happenig?

        Thank you

  56. dRaiser Jun 4,2015 12:58

    Excellent work as always, guys. Thanks, I’m impressed with performance improvements!

  57. MorbiTux Jun 4,2015 13:57

    Cinnamon is cool! Big thnx for developers! But touchpad does not working in my netbook Asus eeePC 1011px in login-session and Cinnamon falling down when is thunderbird or easytag open. I miss the right-click function for “Copy to… & Move to…” Is possible fix this problem?

  58. Bidinou Jun 4,2015 14:32

    Great great work ! I especially appreciate the focus on speed / optimization !

    I don’t know if that’s out of scope, but there are just a few supposedly tiny features that could be borrowed from the KDE application suite that would IMHO improve a lot one’s daily usage, maybe it could be considered in the future ?

    – The default image viewer is very fast in KDE precause it does precache the next images (and also it seems to be able to draw a less accurate / faster picture in the first place). IMHO this is really an essential feature because on older computers, the default image viewer is VERY slow !

    – The default PDF viewer in KDE also can make use of multiple cores and can preload / pre-render the next / some / all pages ; essential too IMHO :)

    – Dolphin has quite a few nice features that could be borrowed. For instance, it previews the content of folders in the icon ; you can filter the content of a directory ; and its display is extremely fast even in huge directories (the difference is HUGE, try a directory with thousands of files)

    This is my top 3 list as a KDE & Cinnamon enthusiast — those features would IMHO give a feeling of speed even on slower machines. It would be amazing if they could be considered in the future…

    thanks again for your work & keep up the GREAT work !

    • NJ Jun 9,2015 16:28

      I’d like to second those suggestions, if I may; the proposed features do sound good.

    • Ondřej Kolín Jun 13,2015 18:25


      two first suggestions are on bad place … Cinnamon is just Desktop enviroment, they do not develop PDF and Image Viewer :)

      • Bidinou Jun 18,2015 09:17

        Hehe :) Well, considering the scope of Cinnamon is constantly evolving (replacing bricks of Gnome) I thought it was relevant. Also, some items that seem out of scope now could have some huge benefits on the overall experience IMHO :)

        Personnally I think the Mint / Cinnamon team is pragramatic and only replacing parts when really needed. In the case of the GNOME project, although there is a LOT of great work carried out, there is of focus on some kinds of feature that I think the Mint / Cinnamon team disagrees with.

  59. DonL Jun 4,2015 15:37

    Brilliant, love the new features and it looks like it will solve all my problems with the freezes, I’ll be sure to report bugs if I still encounter the problems.

    A small detail I already noticed: I like to remove the icon from the Menu applet and just leave text. In 2.6, the space for the icon seems to stay there, even if there is no icon configured (in 2.4 in disappears).

    Thanks to the team for all the work,

  60. Thorbjorn Waagstein Jun 4,2015 16:07

    I am a happy user of Mint 17.2 on a Dell XPS 13, after defecting from Ubunto some years ago because of the Unity desktop and Gnome 3.
    Generally it works very well, but I certainly hope the new version of Cinnamon resolves the issue with the touchpad. On my laptop the “disable touchpad when typing” has never worked, despite many intents following different advice on the internet, neither can I get it to disable touchpad automatically when I plug in a mouse – and it seems I am not alone in having this problem. Trying to give a manual Syndaemon order at startup makes the system freeze randomly. So I have to use a mouse and disable the touchpad in the Cinnamon setting.

  61. Calvin Jun 4,2015 16:50

    I appreciate your work Clem! Thanks so much for continuing the path to perfection in the open source world.

  62. Mintulix Jun 4,2015 17:06

    2-3 more bugs:
    – show on-screen keyboard (with applet), wait until (x)screensaver kicks in -> keyboard is still visible, but not functional
    – moved applet icons (e.g. right to center) often leave some space behind until Cinnamon is restarted
    – with desktop no screen brightness is shown (ok), but also no mouse or keyboard battery. Not possible or bug?

    Greetings, Mintulix

  63. Barry Jun 4,2015 20:03


    Hi Clem,
    Thanks for the update to Cinnamon, this has to be the most polished DE on Linux or anywhere else!
    One thing I would ask please, there are so many dead links in the Add Themes, it gives the impression there is a bug in Cinnamon. Could somebody please remove the dead links? Thanks in advance oh and a very big thank you for Mint :)

  64. happy linux mint user Jun 5,2015 00:04

    hi clem and all of the linux mint team, i just want to say thankyou for all your hard work your doing a great job and we all appreciate it, please keep up the good work your changing the world with your distro and more and more people are discovering it everyday. again thankyou for everything, regards very happy linux mint user

  65. NJ Jun 5,2015 01:23

    Cinnamon 2.6 works well. Thanks!

    One thing though (and sorry if this has been mentioned already): removing ‘make link’ from the list of context-actions available by default does *not* seem like a good idea . .

    • Brian Read Jun 5,2015 08:53

      Try Nemo/preferences/display/context menus/Show all available actions …..

      • NJ Jun 6,2015 00:27

        Thanks Brian. I did discover that option, but my point was about what was enabled by *default*.

        Something else: the option to ‘disable compositing in full screen windows’ seems to have disappeared (or at least moved . .). Any advice, please?

        • reference2myself Jun 6,2015 03:41

          It’s under general options. I thought that’s where it was before too but it could have changed.

        • JosephM Jun 6,2015 09:17

          It’s in Cinnamon Settings->General

  66. Aaron Jun 5,2015 18:47

    The 2.6 release is the best yet! Thank you to all of the developers who worked so hard on it! I’m definitely noticing all of the performance improvements.

  67. gerry Jun 6,2015 11:30

    Hi great job on the update guys, looks very well.

    In the System Settings/Sound/Sound Effects, the logout.ogg file for “leaving Cinnamon” is not playing for me. Can anyone recreate this?

    In System Settings/Keyboard/Shortcuts “Add Custom Shortcut” – is the method a bit cumbersome? Should it not bring up a list of installed programs in alphabetical order on the left hand side, and you select the one to which you want to create a shortcut. Currently to create a shortcut for VLC, I had to click on the folder icon labelled (None), then browse to Computer/user/bin to find the VLC executible file – it could have been in Computer/bin, or computer/sbin, or user/sbin – for us noobies this can be difficult to know our bin folder from our sbin folder.

    Also in System Settings/Keyboard/layouts, how do i reassign the “caps lock” key?
    The instructions in this link( no longer seem to work in Keyboard.
    Googling it brings up several sites suggesting “setxkbmap -option caps:none disables Caps Lock.” but it would be nice to have this option in System Settings/Keyboard/layouts.

  68. CENTSOARER Jun 6,2015 15:56

    I am missing a feature. I would like to search from mintmenu some string with my default browser without the need of opening it manually. Not in the fashion of Unity’s dashboard, more the way of Xfce’s whiskermenu. It is a time saving little feature.

  69. newuser Jun 6,2015 18:19

    there are linux mint mini cd ?

  70. Minter Jun 7,2015 04:16

    Re Gerry’s comment: “In System Settings/Keyboard/Shortcuts “Add Custom Shortcut” – is the method a bit cumbersome? Should it not bring up a list of installed programs in alphabetical order on the left hand side … ”

    If the Mint team would add “copy command” to the right-click menu (add to panel, add to desktop, etc) for items in the main menu, it would make shortcut key definition easier for me. Then, when one is adding a keyboard shortcut, just open the mint menu, type in the desired program, right-click “copy command,” and then paste it into the shortcut-key editor.

  71. Robert Jun 7,2015 08:39

    After updating to Cinnamon 2.6 in Mint 17.1 the Skype, Dropbox… applet disappeared from the panel. It is a bit enoying.Any idea, how to get them back?

  72. Lord Mozart Jun 7,2015 11:18

    Currently stuck in hospital with only my android tablet for device company. Can’t wait to get back home to my desktop and laptop PCs, so I can update my system. I’m presuming that over the last few days while I’ve been stuck in here, that there has been an update to the Romeo repo, which I have enabled. BTW, Cinnamon 2.6 was working fine, both on my Desktop and laptop before my enforced hospital stay. :)

  73. Adam Sondel Jun 7,2015 11:49

    Thank you and all LM Team for that!
    Question! I got Huion tablet. It’ more and more popular. Is any chance to support it officialy by Linux Mint?
    Thank you in advance!

  74. gerry Jun 7,2015 19:18

    Re Minter,
    Yes i do agree that is a good suggestion – not sure everyone, especially noobies like me, would understand the terminology “copy command” to mean this is the link to the bin file. That might also be a bit of work for the Mint team.

    I think that just improving the layout of System Settings/Keyboard/Shortcuts is the better option. We already have the section on the Top Right Keyboard Shortcuts, and under that Keyboard Bindings, all we need is to improve the left hand side.
    So instead of just categories listed on the left hand side, the list could be constructed exactly the same as your start menu, Accessories, Graphics, Internet, Office, Sound and Video, etc, and then under each category the relevant applications.
    So for VLC, I would select “Sound and Video”, then “VLC” on the left hand side, followed by “Launch application” under “Keyboard Shortcuts”, followed by “Ctrl+M” under Keyboard Bindings.

  75. Jeff Farthing Jun 7,2015 19:31

    Is it just me, or do Nemo Python extensions no longer work after the update?

  76. Brian Read Jun 8,2015 06:27

    Runnning Fedora (21 then 22, shared home directory) I’ve lost my menu – updated from 2.4 through to 2.6.3 then to 2.6.6 and the menu is “empty”. Everything else seems to work. Tried renaming ~/.cinnamon. Tried deleting applet and re-instating. Tried “all setting to default”. Any ideas to try?

    • Brian Read Jun 8,2015 07:35

      Panic over!! Discovered renaming .config/menu/cinnamon-applications seemes to have got my menu back.

  77. Brian Read Jun 8,2015 08:40

    ok, found the problem – the “configurable menu” applet is clearly not compatible with 2.6!

    • lestcape Jun 8,2015 08:56

      I don’t know what you say… I have Fedora 22 and Fedora 21. The configurable Menu applet is working on both. The cinnamon menu have a problem when try to update the icons. If you go to the cinnamon-settings and in the theme, you change the icon theme, the cinnamon menu will be load correctly. But if you add Configurable Menu, none of this problems happen.

    • Brian Read Jun 8,2015 09:04

      But it seems to spring into action on a Cinnamon restart after I deleted the menu files.

  78. deHalcón Jun 8,2015 10:58

    I observe strange bug. The icon of “Mint Update” after some times is transformed in something similar to “Pan Flute” put upside down. It looks not like shield with green birdlike symbol, but exactly as a Pan flute. After restart cinnamon it takes normal shape and look

    • exploder Jun 8,2015 14:42

      I can confirm this in LMDE 2 as well. It has only happened once so far though.

  79. Ivanwah Jun 8,2015 12:22

    Thank you for this, Cinnamon 2.6 is simply amazing! Everything works well, but I do have one question. Let me quote the post:

    Distributions using non-standard icon themes can add them to /etc/cinnamon/preload/iconthemes.d/

    How would a user achieve this? I use non-standard icons and I would like them to preload, but I’m not sure how to do it. In the aforementioned folder I found a file named cinnamon.list which contain only one line: Adwaita. I tried adding the name of the icon theme I’m using there (Vibrancy-Colors) but I haven’t noticed any improvement, it still takes ~10s to load Cinnamon from MDM.

  80. calhaus Jun 8,2015 17:28


    Can we have option to show ‘file operations’ every time on system tray? (not only when we press the close button)

    P.S.: Also there’s small bug with this “applet”, it shows black every time, instead of white if the rest of the applet icons are white for the used theme.

    • locomotion Jun 16,2015 11:19

      I second this.

      Another issue i experienced with file operations is that basic tasks like delete file or move file to trash are queued too once any file operation is in progress.
      An example: I have copy job running for 10gb over wan next 5gb job is queued and waiting. So i minimize file operation window to panel and doing other stuff. As it happened i need to delete one 100 kb file (or move it into trash). I go about it as usually but nothing happened. Only after while i realize that deletion of local file is put into queue and i must start it manually. This is very inconfortable.
      It would make strong sense to exclude delete operations from file operation queue and let them start immediately.

      • RichardG Jun 16,2015 17:22

        Unless it’s a massive delete on a remote (slow) disk…

        Maybe copy/move/delete should determine the source and target and decide which jobs can run in parallel.
        If you copy from disk A to B and also delete something from disk C I can imagine they could run together.
        But in the same scenario instead of disk C you delete on disk B will make disk B (a lot) slower, so then you’d want it serialized.

        Maybe I’ve oversimplified the problem but the bottom line is you don’t want 1 of the disks having to do 2 jobs at once.
        Might not be a (big) problem for SSD but platters and/or remote-disks (via network) are *much* slower.

        • locomotion Jun 16,2015 19:29

          Hmmm, i see your point here. Maybe option to enable/disable serial file ops, but that is just cop-out solution. Nice to have anyway. What about standard DELETE dialogue stating standard question “are you sure bla bla bla” and notice about file ops running and additional option “run now”? So your choices would be “Cancel” “Delete”(put in queue)” “Run Now” or something like that.

  81. greg Jun 9,2015 04:25

    I also somehow lost the contents of my cinnamon menu (in a new install of fedora 22) I tried things mentioned above but nothing helped until I right clicked on the “menu” on the left corner of the panel, chose “configure”, clicked “Open the menu editor”, and un-checked an item and then clicked “New Menu” which created a new icon in the list of items. I deleted it and then clicked “Restore System Configuration” – and that finally worked for me! It even showed back up with my additional favorite menu items on the left.
    Hope this helps others.

  82. Davide Jun 9,2015 12:43

    Error when i try to update index of extensions or applets (online): urlopen error [Errno 110]

  83. calhaus Jun 9,2015 18:10

    Other thing,

    Can you add an option for ‘File Operations’, to start copy/moving files right away instead of queueing, if but files to be copied/moved are going to a different partition/drive from the previous (and still happening) file operations?

    • calhaus Jun 13,2015 16:52

      The same thing, if you are trying to delete or move items to trash.
      Can we have this also right away.

      It’s so annoying they go to the queue. :/

  84. Stefan Ring Jun 10,2015 11:54

    I cannot cycle through my windows using the mouse wheel on the task bar anymore after the upgrade from 2.4(.8). Is this by design?

  85. ww4711 Jun 10,2015 15:04

    I am using Cinnamon as DE in our computer labs (university) and i am very happy with it. We use LDAP and pam. I tested 2.6 and observed a constantly growing /home. Could it be that cinnamon-preload tries to preload e.g. themes for every user it gets via “getent passwd”? Thus forcing my setup to create home directories in advance for every LDAP-user and I am running out of disk space within minutes. Could i disable cinnamon-preload?
    Thank you for your great work.

  86. Tony Whelan Jun 10,2015 21:19

    These changes are very welcome, especially ability to restart Cinnamon if freezes, and improved multi-monitor support. Looking forward to upgrading my 3 machines to Rafaela in July.

    One thing that still irks however, and its not specific to Mint (Ubuntu has same issue); the Accessibility function for “Beep on Caps and Num Lock” hasn’t worked for ages and it seems this is still the case? It would be really useful to have an audible prompt if the Caps Lock is pressed (often inadvertently), with a “high” tone when locked and a “low” tone when unlocked. Any chance this can be looked at in coming months?

    Thank you again for a great desktop.

    • Tony Whelan Jul 16,2015 00:49

      One of the more recent mint updates has clearly addressed the “Caps/Num Lock” issue I raised above (Jun 10). It uses the same tone for lock on and lock off, but that’s at least a great improvement over nothing at all. Thanks Clem and team.

      • Tony Whelan Aug 22,2015 22:59

        Well, I THOUGHT it had been fixed, but on a brand new build of Cinnamon the Caps Lock audible warning doesn’t work. Seems like some of the fiddling I did on my main machine some time back has made the CAPS LOCK sound work, but I haven’t the foggiest idea what I did to make it so. A side-effect on my main PC is that when I open a folder in Nemo it gives the same sound as caps lock on/off. I’ll have to investigate…

        • Tony Whelan Aug 23,2015 02:44

          Looks like my main PC had some corrupt sound settings. It no longer beeps when caps lock is pressed or when Nemo changes folders. But I have now implemented a CAPS LOCK custom keyboard shortcut that points to a shell script which checks the status of the caps lock key and sounds a tone if ON and a lower-note tone if OFF. Be nice if the Accessibility function was working out of the box though.

  87. digitheatre Jun 11,2015 02:28

    any chance to make settings to configure the window’ shadow effect? I like my desktop to look beautiful like osx and elementaryOS too :D

    great release btw.. my favorite DE so far!

  88. NJ Jun 11,2015 02:37

    I am afraid to say that the panels are still buggy. When attempting to move the MintMenu icon, it got stuck behind the icons for my acting programs – and when, despairing, I removed the whole panel, a tooltip was left on the screen. (It is still there – I’ll restart Cinnamon). I’ll re-enable Cairo Dock . .

    Another problem is the lack of the sort of functionality afforded by the (buggy) Windows List with App Grouping applet, i.e. the lack of app grouping,

    Still, things are getting better (and Cinnamon 2.6 isn’t officially released for Mint yet). Also, it’s great that one can report problems here. Onwards and upwards!

  89. digitheatre Jun 11,2015 03:18

    and one more thing, everytime I update my Cinnamon to new version or upgrade the Mint version, the only thing I have to tweak is the systray applet.js where I need to change the values to make the distance of each systray icons (system icons & app icons) distributed evenly and change the ICON_SCALE_FACTOR because some app icons size are bigger than others.
    It would be great if it is handled automatically.

  90. Brian Read Jun 11,2015 09:58

    I’d just like to add my thanks and congratulations to the dev team. Cinnamon 2.6 on two monitors with task bar/panel on each monitor is amazing. I’ve been using two (and for a while 3 monitors) for years, and this is biggest step forwards since I plugged the second one in. Thanks guys.

  91. Brahim (Zorba) Jun 11,2015 14:16

    Bug: My deskptop freezes when I plug in an external monitor on an acer netbook.

    – Suggestion: Add a livewallpaper option to backgrounds section. Here is a stable one

  92. linuxscoop Jun 11,2015 16:07

    Thanks for your effort clem. I have create video about features of cinnamon 2.6 –

  93. treas Jun 12,2015 13:01

    Congatulations on your new release, since upgrading via your tutorial from lmde to lmde2, i have following issue. windows start disappearing randomly, all applications are affectred, only minimizing and then maximising the window starts redrawing the window or restarting cinnamon via the new method. does anyone know this bug and give me a hint on what to do?

  94. deHalcón Jun 13,2015 12:49

    I discovered what is the bug I described at Jun 8,2015 10:58. This “pan flute” is the upper left side of the shield which is displayed in gigantic size, but only little par is visible. I discovered it when a update came and the shield change from one with green”bird” to blue letter “i”.

  95. Dominic Greene Jun 14,2015 06:41

    Thanks to all the developers and everyone involved for their hard work in creating Cinnamon 2.6. It is absolutely fantastic. A feature-rich and constantly improving system that is getting more and more user-friendly. The ease of access when customising Cinnamon is also great.

  96. jatz Jun 14,2015 12:50

    Does the improvements on the taskbar include multiple lines for the task icons?
    After opening some Windows, the titlestrings are not readable any more.

  97. Jack Jun 14,2015 14:07

    I have tried all Linux DEs and Cinnamon is the most stable and user-friendly DE that I have tried so far. Thank you for the hard work.

  98. rico Jun 14,2015 17:09

    When i right-click on a file, the option is “copy”, not more “copy to” and “move to”, it was more useful in cinnamon 2.4 :-(

    • mohammad-sn Jun 14,2015 20:30

      In nemo go to: Edit > Preferences > Display > Context Menus, check “Show all available actions in context menu” option.

  99. NJ Jun 15,2015 00:33

    Netflix now crashes Cinnamon (and such that restarting Cinnamon does not work), frequently (not always), so long as Chrome’s hardware acceleration is turned on. It didn’t do this before. So perhaps the new version of cinnamon is to blame. Can anyone shed any light please?

    I have fairly old integrated Intel graphics – the type that causes the Chrome Store to crash Cinnamon (when the hardware acceleration is on). However, and as I say, *Netflix* did not previously cause the crash.

  100. digitheatre Jun 15,2015 01:41

    there’s a bug in Power Management screen -> Batteries

    if I unplug the charger cable, the info box keep stacking up to the bottom. I’m not sure it was meant to display like that.

  101. RichardG Jun 15,2015 14:11

    I’ve noticed now a couple of times with different applications that, when you save i.e. a spreadsheet the main window becomes darker so the save dialog stands out.
    This is normal behaviour.

    But when you dismiss the dialog (by saving or cancelling) the main window *stays* darker !
    LibreOffice does this but I’ve also seen it with Geany.
    It’ll only return to normal if you quit and restart the program.

    Sometimes the background stays the same “brightness” but goes darker *after* the dismissal of the dialog.

    This didn’t happen with 2.4

    I’m running an NVidia card with Nouveau-driver on my laptop (if that’s relevant).

  102. simux Jun 15,2015 21:36

    hello Clem;
    surely you have done a great job with your team. You mentioned that you have straightened the panel. Therefore, have you straightened the popup menus of applets? in the previous version of cinnamon, all popup menus are right-aligned by default, and of course this is not elegant. if this is the case in this release too, it’s important to settle this situation. I propose the following:

    – Firstly, the popup menus must be centered by default around the icon of applet.
    – If the applet is located on the left side of the panel, the menu must be aligned left.
    – If it is in the right part of the panel, the menu should align right.
    – for the applets located in the center of panel, menus must be centered in the middle of the panel..

  103. ben Jun 16,2015 01:52

    Thank you Clem! I’ve loved Mint since I tried Gloria. Each release has been and continues to be a great experience for me. My 75 year Mother defected from Windows 7 to Mint just recently and she is flying high!

  104. jjb Jun 16,2015 10:48

    After update to cinnamon 2.6.8 (romeo repository ) I have problem with power management window – no action (no window) after click on icon Power Management. Same situation with Power Setting in applet.

    My notebook is Lenovo ThinkPad T440s with Linux Mint Rebecca 17.1.

    Pls help me someone…

  105. jjb Jun 16,2015 10:58

    Sorry – cinnamon 2.6.7

  106. Brahim (Zorba) Jun 16,2015 23:06

    I suggest you add a label on Cinnamon network manager applet indicating 3G connection type like on Mate desktop (UMTS, EDGE….). This is very useful to tell signal strength.

  107. Pikiwedia Jun 18,2015 09:52

    1. Changing the color of a folder and bookmarking it under “My computer” will show a huge icon in Nemo>Bookmarks. No problem with default color.
    Error: (nemo:3443): Gtk-WARNING **: Symbolic icon sidebar-hide-symbolic-ltr of size 16 is in an icon theme directory of size 128

    2. gufw freezes, othertimes crashes. It appears to only happen when you unlock it and have listening report visible.
    Error: ( Gtk-CRITICAL **: /home/clem/Sandbox/gtk/./gtk/gtktreeview.c:5495 (gtk_tree_view_bin_draw): assertion `has_next’ failed.
    There is a disparity between the internal view of the GtkTreeView,
    and the GtkTreeModel. This generally means that the model has changed
    without letting the view know. Any display from now on is likely to
    be incorrect.

    /usr/share/gufw/gufw/view/ Warning: Source ID 1748 was not found when attempting to remove it


    Gtk-Message: GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent. This is discouraged.

    3. Software sources base mirrors crashes (sometimes). I have gufw set to deny incoming and allow outgoing which causes errors in connecting to several mirrors but I doubt that has anything to do with the crashes?
    Error: ( GLib-ERROR **: /tmp/buildd/glib2.0-2.42.1/./glib/gmem.c:103: failed to allocate 7516818816 bytes
    Trace/breakpoint trap

    Fresh install of Betsy Cinnamon 64-bit with all updates installed.

  108. Guilherme Jun 18,2015 17:51

    is it reasonable to think that now with Mate moving to gtk 3, would make a lot of sesnse to combine efforts? not necessarily a merge, just, i imagine, reduce redundant work on stuff that can be shared

  109. smgordon1259 Jun 19,2015 04:10

    not able to access the DESKLET server keep getting an error,

    An error occurred while trying to access the server. Please try again in a little while.


  110. linux-man Jun 19,2015 15:29

    I noticed that on 17.2 you pinned mint repositories to 700. That avoid upgrades from ppa (like libreoffice ppa, that I usually use). Instead of manually pinning, a difficult task for most of the users, why don’t you create a option at the ppa window? Like a “Override mint version” checkbox to pin the ppa?

  111. RichardG Jun 21,2015 09:55

    Nemo errors from Log.

    I’ve been running Nemo, started from a terminal, for a while and below are the (critical) errors I’ve filtered out of the console logs.
    Maybe they’re indicative of problems, but at the very least seeing something flagged as critical means to me something is going really wrong…
    (Running an updated system with the Romeo unstable packages ticked, NOT the RC !)

    ** (nemo:26050): CRITICAL **: nemo_menu_provider_get_background_items: assertion ‘NEMO_IS_MENU_PROVIDER (provider)’ failed

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/share/nemo-python/extensions/”, line 2348, in get_file_items
    elif self.all_files_are_images(sel_items):
    File “/usr/share/nemo-python/extensions/”, line 2077, in all_files_are_images
    if fileExtension.lower() in EXTENSIONS:
    NameError: global name ‘EXTENSIONS’ is not defined

    (nemo:26050): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_container_foreach: assertion ‘GTK_IS_CONTAINER (container)’ failed

    (nemo:26050): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_action_group_get_action: assertion ‘GTK_IS_ACTION_GROUP (action_group)’ failed
    sys:1: Warning: g_object_set: assertion ‘G_IS_OBJECT (object)’ failed

    (nemo:26050): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_action_set_sensitive: assertion ‘GTK_IS_ACTION (action)’ failed

    Fontconfig warning: FcPattern object size does not accept value “0”
    [0x7ff6f0000c78] main vout display error: Failed to resize display

    [0x7ff6e40054f8] main input error: ES_OUT_SET_(GROUP_)PCR is called too late (pts_delay increased to 300 ms)
    [0x7ff6e40054f8] main input error: ES_OUT_RESET_PCR called

    [0x7ff6e40054f8] main input error: ES_OUT_SET_(GROUP_)PCR is called too late (jitter of 1424116 ms ignored)
    [0x7ff6e40054f8] main input error: ES_OUT_RESET_PCR called

    [0x7ff6f00034e8] mpgatofixed32 audio converter error: libmad error: bad main_data_begin pointer

    (nemo:26050): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: g_file_info_get_attribute_uint64: assertion ‘G_IS_FILE_INFO (info)’ failed

    Directory ‘/home/richardg/.config/bless/plugins’ not found.
    Could not find file “/home/richardg/.config/bless/export_patterns”.

    (bless:26250): GLib-CRITICAL **: Source ID 66 was not found when attempting to remove it

    • lestcape Jun 23,2015 18:27

      This not appear to be a nemo problem. You are using some third-party nemo extensions. Please disable your extensions and then enable it one by one, to know the extension that is the cause of your problem.

      • RichardG Jun 24,2015 09:08

        Hi lestcape,

        Thanx for that, I’ll try that and eventually contact the author of that plugin if I find it.


  112. Georgi Jun 21,2015 13:33

    Just excellent! The 17.2 RC is working fine as well. Only one thing remains, Clem:

    Get rid of the GNOME stuff and little by little implement your own Cinnamon software to replace it. ;)

  113. MST-DE Jun 21,2015 17:01

    Hi Team,

    I’m testing Cinna 2.6 via Romeo under LM17.1 in a test setup.

    My formerly often used additional applet “screensaver-inhibitor” is not more working.

    So I added the new(?) “inhibit” applet, it works, but only mouse controlled.

    Please add a setting option for custom keyboard shortcuts to control it.

    With “screensaver-inhibitor” I used CTRL+ALT+S to toggle enable/disable.

  114. AlexMe Jun 21,2015 19:03

    Hi Clem! Happy to see so many improvements in this release! Thank you very much for your work.
    Still just missing one thing to call it Perfect DE: the preview of pictures/photos in Nemo. Would be very handy to get а little float-up window when i roll the cursor over the picture, than clicking icon “grid view” and then scrolling around trying to find the picture(s) i need :)

  115. Derek Jun 22,2015 16:11

    Has anybody managed to resolve the freezing problem in 17.2 Cinnamon yet. The mouse pointer freezes but the keyboard still works.
    Otherwise a great job.

  116. hrvoojex Jun 22,2015 23:29

    Hi! Would it be possible to have an option to turn of notifications while in full screen (When playing games…)

    • JosephM Jun 23,2015 19:28

      Maybe not quite what you want but if you add the new Inhibit applet to the panel you will have a quick way to enable and disable the notifications.

      • hrvoojex Jun 24,2015 10:46

        Inhibit will do the trick, thank you.

        One more question, how can I increase this ‘brown’ area when editing a panel to increase ‘windows list’ applet area?

        Here is the picture

        • JosephM Jun 25,2015 09:17

          You don’t need to. I will expand by itself as the number of items in the window list increases until it hits something placed in the other areas.

    • MST-DE Jun 24,2015 14:04

      See my provious post.

      We need a settings dialog for this applet to configure user key combinations to enable/disable the power und notifications functions.

  117. Cory Hilliard Jun 24,2015 23:46

    Hello there,

    Just curious as to why has such outdated information. If you need someone to help out with web updates or something, send out a call for help. I would be glad to help out.

    Actually I think that Cinnamon is a bigger project than Mint is, because Cinnamon affects all distros that have a Cinnamon install… maybe it could get its own site and logo and such? Maybe you could send out a “logo contest” or something for it.

  118. DMadiedo Jun 25,2015 02:13

    Do you plan to include a way to configure the position of the notifications? One of my issues is that is difficult accessing buttons and items in the notification areas, specially when many notifications are becoming active at the same time. I really would like to find a way to modidy the position.

    Thanks for a beautiful environment!

  119. tlac Jun 27,2015 13:17

    How can I set the screensaver starts in 9 minutes?
    (I always use the 9 instead of 10. 10 is for the monitor turning off.
    So if I’m at the machine, I have 1 minute to stop to turn off the monitor.)

    • mohammad-sn Jun 28,2015 08:21

      gsettings set org.cinnamon.desktop.session idle-delay 540

      • tlac Jun 28,2015 13:24

        Thanks, I hoped there is something like that.
        (It would be better if I can I set any value from the control panel.)

  120. Gary Jun 29,2015 00:01

    Hi Mint Community and Developers.

    Is there a way that a simple setting can be used to have the
    system default to an external monitor (ie. HDMI) if it is already
    attached at start-up?

    This is a behavior already in Win7 and very useful because I can
    default to laptop screen when traveling, then go straight to my
    Home screen (much bigger and easier to use).

  121. Eduardo Jun 29,2015 18:32

    Hello there,

    I’d like to know if those improvements that were described will fix that problem of setting brightness percentage every-time we tor the computer on?



  122. firecake Jul 1,2015 09:46


    Please add an option to use the old parallel File operations, the sequence really slows me down.

    Does anyone know a work around for this?



    • RichardG Jul 1,2015 12:16

      Just start all the queued processes in the progress-window.
      It’s what I do if a “quick” action (i.e. delete some files) is waiting.

      I read a reaction from Clem wrt this process currently not being smart.
      If they make it smart it’ll be faster than everything parallel like it was.

      (I suppose/hope smart means looking at which disks/actions are involved and allowing some actions to run immediately/in parallel)


    • Slimey Elephant Sep 14,2015 08:04

      I agree that this is a problem.

      Use case:
      I just did a clean install and had my previous home(s) backed up to a disk image on a large data partition. I mounted the image and set off a copy of the stuff I want to keep and then switched to a new desktop to do other configuration.

      During this configuration I tried to move a file I had just downloaded and it didn’t move. At first I thought something had frozen/crashed because there was no visual feedback and nothing moved, but I checked and everything was responsive so I tried to move the file again.

      It was only after the third attempt that I figured out that the move operation had been queued and the visual feedback was on a different desktop.
      end use case

      It would help to have an option in nemo to enable parallel operations and even better would be to be able to select parallel/queued individually for cp,mv,rm respectively.

      It would also help to have the file operations window appear on all desktops, even if minimized by default.

      I can really see the advantage in having the queue there, but the behaviour I experienced was very unexpected and not how I would prefer it in this case.

  123. Seb T Jul 6,2015 04:46

    Couple of bugs/issues:

    1. Since Cinnamon 2.6 (Mint 17.2), animation transition for mapping windows (restoring from minimize) seems to use “scale” even if “traditional” is selected. Thumbnail in “effects” also indicates incorrect animation type. Is this by design? I’d like my old “zoom up from the panel” behaviour back when restoring windows from minimised state.

    2. Queued filecopy remaining percentage is way wrong when a number of large files are queued for copy. The queue feature is really handy though! Perhaps also move operations from/to the same filesystem and delete operations could be excluded from the queue. It’d be nice to be able to configure queue behaviour and, at times, to disable it as requested above.

  124. clem Jul 6,2015 16:36

    Cinnamon very slow (spinning globe) exiting any photo viewer. Why does this happen?

    I have switched to pcmanfm and or spaceman since Nemo (and Nautilus) was WAY too slow (1/2 min) to display large folders(700+ files). Do to in my humble opinion, poor design. Instead of displaying soon as window buffer is full, it waits until it reads every file name. Unlike pcmanfm or spaceman which display big folders files instantly.
    Any change in Nemo to fix this?

    Dell laptop m4600 32GB memory no swapping i7 CPU
    (from an old guy Developer AT&T UNIX and Mainframe. From Assembly language to Java).
    thank you for your good work

    • steve Jul 6,2015 16:41


      Sorry in my last post I should have put my name I thought the author was to be the developer to whom I was addressing the queston to.

      sorry for the mistake


  125. magnificautopia Jul 8,2015 19:43

    Hi Clem!:

    I gess you’re the main developer or manteiner of Mint.
    After years of searching for the PERFECT Linux distro, I’ve finally ended with Mint 17.1 Cinnamon, right now 17.2.
    However, there are a few things that doesn’t fit yet:

    1) After looking at the system requeriments, it is supposed to run smooth on my Notebook with an dual core AMD E300 64 bits (1.6gHz if I’m not mistaken), 3Gb RAM AND 500 gB hd with a properly configured RADEON HD6310 with fglrx updates driver and the AMD Catalyst installed and running fine. But the CPU usage is still high, but not slow! So I think you should review the minimal specs for Mint Cinnamon 17.2, and…

    2) Firefox freezes quite often for a few seconds while I’m working online as a moderator in a Social Network. It’s not the end of the world but is very annoying and since I work with time tracker to get paid those freezes makes me loose time during a 8 hour shift.

    Is there any fix to this, since I have Firefox completely configured to my job and I do NOT want to replace it with Chrome (wich by the way I hate). It seems to be a “bug” in Cinnamon (wich I really love and do not want to give back) but I’m not sure…

    Any help or sugestion will be very apreciated

    Thank you in advance


    Thanks in Advance

  126. peter Jul 9,2015 15:16

    Try Mate instead. less resource hungry.

  127. Christian Jul 12,2015 06:44

    Great job overall, but I really don’t like the queuing system. if I have one long copying job, it just blocks everything else unless I go back and forth and start-start everything manually which makes cleaning up folders such a pain. Please let us either disable queuing altogether or run longer copy/move/delete jobs in the background, so that smaller jobs get started right away.

  128. Sagar Jul 13,2015 09:11

    A thousand thanks for developing this.. You people rock :)

  129. Marco B Jul 22,2015 11:28

    I just wanted to tank you and the team for giving attention to performance optimization. I have an old computer, but I love Cinnamon, and I didn’t want to switch to a more lightweight DE, so I’m happy that you gave some love to this aspect. Thanks a lot.

    Now, if you could resolve the menu lag problem… ^^

  130. Valyum Aug 2,2015 18:26

    “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Well, today i upgraded to 17.2 Cinnamon even if all goes well the previous version, exept to huge time of between log in and interface (60 sec)and i’m very suprise and …happy.Only 15sec now for load GUI.Is not very bad for old laptop (6 years)The rest of improvment, etc, etc make this version to be much nicer and responsive.Great work team and thank you, Clem ! :-)

  131. Agent Smith Aug 19,2015 00:41

    Dear Cinnamon devs,

    We’re trying to update Cinnamon to the latest version, 2.6, but we’re having a problem trying to make it work with legacy GDM, which is the one used in our distro.
    Would you have any tip concerning how to make Cinnamon 2.6 work with legacy GDM ?

    Thanks in advance, we like very much you desktop environment and would like to have the latest version.

    Ok ?

    Best regards,

  132. rupteur Aug 19,2015 06:42


    (Since upgrade to mint 17.2)

    cinnamon crash systematically with pgadmin when i try to get historic in sql editor.

    (I hope to be in the right place to report this issue)

    hardware :
    System: Host: dvlp Kernel: 3.13.0-24-generic x86_64 (64 bit, gcc: 4.8.2)
    Desktop: Cinnamon 2.6.13 Distro: Linux Mint 17.2 Rafaela
    Machine: System: Shuttle product: DS61 version: V1.0
    Mobo: Shuttle model: FS61 version: 1.0 Bios: American Megatrends version: 2.04 date: 04/16/2013
    CPU: Dual core Intel Pentium CPU G2130 (-MCP-) cache: 3072 KB flags: (lm nx sse sse2 sse3 sse4_1 sse4_2 ssse3 vmx) bmips: 12772.3
    Clock Speeds: 1: 1600.00 MHz 2: 1600.00 MHz
    Graphics: Card: Intel Xeon E3-1200 v2/3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller bus-ID: 00:02.0 1.15.1 drivers: intel (unloaded: fbdev,vesa) tty size: 238×60 Advanced Data: N/A for root
    Audio: Card: Intel 6 Series/C200 Series Family High Definition Audio Controller driver: snd_hda_intel bus-ID: 00:1b.0
    Sound: Advanced Linux Sound Architecture ver: k3.13.0-24-generic
    Network: Card-1: Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller
    driver: r8169 ver: 2.3LK-NAPI port: d000 bus-ID: 05:00.0
    IF: eth1 state: down mac:
    Card-2: Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller
    driver: r8169 ver: 2.3LK-NAPI port: e000 bus-ID: 03:00.0
    IF: eth0 state: up speed: 1000 Mbps duplex: full mac:
    Drives: HDD Total Size: 250.1GB (4.1% used) 1: id: /dev/sda model: Samsung_SSD_840 size: 250.1GB temp: 0C
    Partition: ID: / size: 224G used: 9.6G (5%) fs: ext4
    RAID: No RAID devices detected – /proc/mdstat and md_mod kernel raid module present
    Sensors: System Temperatures: cpu: 29.8C mobo: 27.8C
    Fan Speeds (in rpm): cpu: N/A
    Info: Processes: 165 Uptime: 23 min Memory: 1045.3/3411.0MB Runlevel: 2 Gcc sys: 4.8.4 Client: Shell (sudo) inxi: 1.9.17

  133. rico Sep 19,2015 22:52

    Everytime i start LinuxMint Cinnamon (no matter what version, i have it all, on pendrives) the audio (or volume, if you prefere) is setting to MAXimum.
    I tried to setting in many ways, problem persist at every reboot.

  134. cj Nov 13,2015 05:50

    During sleep/wake cycles, I sometimes get:

    Nov 12 17:55:50 surfacearch kernel: cinnamon-screen[801]: segfault at 0 ip 00007f7aeabc2050 sp 00007fff526ee018 error 4 in[7f7aeab98
    Nov 12 17:55:50 surfacearch cinnamon-session[451]: WARNING: Detected that screensaver has left the bus
    Nov 12 17:55:50 surfacearch systemd-coredump[1153]: Process 801 (cinnamon-screen) of user 1000 dumped core.

    this is with

    [@surfacearch ~]$ cinnamon --version
    Cinnamon 2.6.13

    Where would be the best place to report a bug about this, or further troubleshoot if it is a cinnamon-screen issue or something with PM?

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