Cinnamon 2.8: Battery vendor/model info
by clem 12

It’s always a real pleasure to work on different desktop environments. In the 17.2 cycle, Xfce was upgraded to version 4.12 and brought a lot of nice features. One thing immediately caught my attention because both the Xfce and the Cinnamon teams had worked on improving power management… and that was the presence of manufacturer data in the power settings and applet.

That’s something we missed in Cinnamon 2.6, I guess we didn’t really think about it, and so that’s something we just added for the upcoming Cinnamon 2.8.


Some devices report their brand and model names. In the screenshot above for instance, what was described as a “wireless mouse” in Cinnamon 2.6 is now described more accurately as a Logitech M325.

Of course, not all manufacturers fill in that data. A Sony PS4 controller for instance doesn’t report any model or vendor info and consequently appears as a generic “battery”.

Still… other than the fact that it gives a tad more info, this is good news for people with multiple rechargeable devices of the same class (which previously had the same label) and/or multiple batteries.


12 thoughts on “Cinnamon 2.8: Battery vendor/model info

  1. Pjotr Aug 13,2015 19:27

    Good news! :-)

    Small remark: in 17.2, Xfce is at 4.12.

  2. Georgi Aug 14,2015 09:39

    I don’t know if I’m wrong but the last time when I ran Cinnamon on my laptop it always noticed me about low battery capacity. Yes, I know that my battery is almost gone but I wish that I can turn off this message.

    Excuse me if this is already possible.

  3. queeup Aug 14,2015 14:18

    I think it will solve my problem on this issue. Thank you.

    • clem Aug 14,2015 14:50

      Yes, I closed the issue, it should now list “SANYO NS1P3SZNJSWO” and “Apple Magic Trackpad”.

  4. sizonov_stas Aug 16,2015 21:45

    Hi, Clem!

    LM 17.2 XFCE has a very usefull feature in screenshot tool. It’s upload screenshot to imgur.

    Is there feature available in cinnamon 2.8?

  5. Conqueror Aug 17,2015 06:49


    Is this feature only Xfce? Contain the Mate, as well?

  6. mr-man Aug 17,2015 10:50

    Could you add a proper description seen as the PS4 controller doesnt ? I mean with these devices they only come out every 7 years and there is only usually one or two iterations and only two consoles.

    • clem Aug 17,2015 10:59

      I don’t think so. I’ve three controllers to test with here, the only thing they have in common, in terms of identification is the presence of “sony_controller_battery” in their native-path (you can see that with “upower -d”). That’s not enough to identify a PS4 controller, at the very best I could make it say “Sony device” or something like that. If we start to if() on each special case though, I don’t know.. it’s not ideal :)

      • Mike Oct 18,2015 18:51

        Is it possible to rename the generic word “battery” with the correct one like “PS4 Controler”? Maybe right click the word “battery” and input what you want to call it.

        • clem Oct 18,2015 21:41

          Yes, it’s possible. Good idea! It might be a bit too late for 2.8 but we can definitely do it at some stage.

  7. Nomen luni Aug 18,2015 09:03

    Maybe a good compromise would be a settings menu where the user can enter any aliases themselves, e.g “sony_controller_battery=PS$ controller”

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