CinnXP makes Cinnamon look like Windows XP
by clem 31

After the Google look… after the Facebook look… here’s an impressive Windows XP theme for Cinnamon:

Screenshot from 2015-08-17 12:56:32

Making my computer look like Windows XP isn’t exactly my thing, but I’m quite impressed with the quality of that theme. Whether it’s in the gradients, shades or shapes, there’s a lot of attention to detail and a finish I’d certainly like to see in more Cinnamon themes.

Credits to petrucci4prez for this CinnXP theme.

31 thoughts on “CinnXP makes Cinnamon look like Windows XP

  1. Santiago Burgos Aug 17,2015 19:16

    Talking about imitating other OS, this could be the perfect disguise for people to believe that any distro with Cinnamon is the “continuation” of Windows XP, thus, allowing users to adapt to linux step by step.

    Contrary to what detractors says, “confusing” an user in this terms is actually a good way to adapt them to Linux gradually. Kudos to the designer and I’ll try it later ;)

  2. rhy Aug 17,2015 22:45

    Mind = Blown. Now I need to make this a netboot VM for all my old XP users. They won’t even know!! :D

  3. gerry Aug 17,2015 22:57

    Santiago, in my opinion, people are reluctant to switch over to Linux from Windows for many reasons, the look and feel is not a main factor.
    The first obstacle is going about installing it without doing damage to their PC – to be fair it’s not like going into the Google Play store and downloading an app. So, for that reason, the windows PC market will always be difficult to crack.

    Even those that might be adventurous enough to do it, will fear leaving behind Microsoft Office, because they fear there are incompatibility issues of documents between Libreoffice/Kinsoft and Microsoft Office.

    However I do Santiago, believe there is a market – ironically one for those that ARE reluctant to install new programs on their PC for fear of messing something up. The fact that Linux is small enough to be installed on a live-DVD, means someone could run the live-DVD for a particular session, and then shutdown their PC and return to Windows safe in the knowledge their PC will not be affected long term.

    Think of the number of people with mobile devices or android-based TV boxes, currently they need to install Samsung Kies/Sony PC Companion/HTC Sync Manager/Wugfresh/Motorola Device Manager and so on on their PC. People have terrible experiences with windows-related drivers in this area. Now imagine, a Linux Mint live-DVD that has the look and feel of the theme above but has all the necessary phone-related programs installed. How many people would prefer to pick up this live DVD to do the necessary work on their phone than installing the program on their PC. Now, of course, once they become comfortable with the live-DVD, they might be inclined to try the browser, and then gradually they might be prepared to take the risk of installing it.

  4. Matthew Morgan Aug 18,2015 17:47

    I installed this theme yesterday just for the nostalgia of it. It reminds me of late Friday nights learning to code with my best friend from high school. I can still remember how sweet the windows sound scheme seemed on his XP computer compared to the ME box I had. ;)

    • kneekoo Aug 19,2015 21:17

      Windows Me looked very nice for its time. I really liked that Windows 98-2000 mixed look and feel. But man, what an unstable piece of crap it was… Whew! :))

      Indeed, this is a very nice theme for nostalgic reasons. I wish there was an official and thorough guide to making Cinnamon themes. This way we could work on more nostalgia-based themes. :P I want one with the Windows 3 look and feel. :))

      • Patrck Oct 31,2015 11:46

        I thank Windows ME for helping me transition to Linux Mint. It was completely unusable. I then paid around $100 US for XP, to stay with Microsoft products. I also tried Mint, which showed me that XP was outdated before I paid for it! My advice for others is to just donate your $100 to the Mint team and skip the middle man. You will always have an up to date OS.

  5. brad Aug 19,2015 22:18

    @kneekoo – there *used* to be a guide for creating themes here:

    but it seems to have disappeared. Out of date?

    I found a copy on the wayback machine:

    tread carefully – the instructions may not work any more (last accessed 23-jun-2015)

  6. Cory Hilliard Aug 22,2015 22:32

    Holy cow, that’s awesome :)

    Hey, BTW, is there an easy way for us to change the look and feel of the login screen? I would love to make it look like Gnome (probably the only good thing Gnome ever did properly).

  7. Tim Aug 24,2015 20:09

    Hi Clem,
    It is off-topic but I think you should know that there is a problem with sound in Linux Mint!
    If I start a DAW like lmms or Bitwig Studio, the sound doesn’t work properly!
    Sometimes the sound gets too fast and the CPU-usage gets high.
    I think it’s an issue with pulseaudio.
    Please, can you look at that?

  8. JosephM Aug 29,2015 09:06

    For those of you asking about Cinnamon theme creation, what sort of info are you looking for in particular? In most cases you aren’t going to write a theme from scratch but instead modify an existing one.

    Are there certain things you encounter as stumbling blocks? I would be willing to put a bit of time to working on something to help those of you who want to do this but a more specific idea of whats needed would be nice.

    • brad Aug 29,2015 12:59

      JosephM – true – I created my own theme by modifying the “stock” Cinnamon theme. For folks who are interested, modifying a theme can be a learning tool of sorts. I was surprised that I could use my knowledge of CSS to easily make modifications. I’m not sure I could make a whole theme “from scratch”, but isn’t it true that most effort builds on the work of others? In any case, thanks for the work of others!

  9. Mike22 Aug 30,2015 09:25

    Are there any plans to allow for icons-only representation of apps in the task-bar?

    I don’t really need the description next to the icon for the app, would be cool. Anyway keep up the good work, really liking it!

  10. Facundo Gomez Aug 31,2015 16:07

    Hi! what’s the main difference between CinnXP and the other spices Mint-XP??

  11. Mintkatze Sep 2,2015 09:38

    hi Cleam

    Are there also gtk3-themes for a Windows7-Look??

    The Wallpapers I have here on my external hdd. I found them on the Internet and the cinnamon-theme already exist:

    So we would only need the corresponding Icons and the gtk3-theme. This would look more pleasing. Because this Windows8-look is just horrible. I saw that on a machine from my dad and I didn’t like it at all.

  12. geoffm Sep 20,2015 15:39

    The windows don’t look like Windows XP at all. It’s just the task bar.

  13. petrucci4prez Sep 28,2015 03:20

    surprised I didn’t notice this thread earlier. thanks for the positive feedback from clem and everyone else :)

  14. Franklin Reid Sep 28,2015 20:07

    Gerry, Unfortunately you and others like you (ages 12-35) believe they are speaking for the entire English speaking world. Consider this: There are millions of people, (yes, millions) over 50 years of age who are using their computers daily. They usually have WinXP or Win7. They don’t care a bit about the operating system they only care about their own work.

    This means they want to just start the computer, see a familiar screen then go directly to their applications. Maybe they are writing a book in Word or doing some graphics work on photos of their grandkids. Many only use their browser to get to the internet. There they look at their emails, then jump to Facebook to see up-to-date photos of family or to organize a reunion.

    Some want to go to Amazon and download another book for their Kindle app and then download some big band music for their own listening pleasure. Do these people not count? Do you think they should just all be wiped off the planet or a least require a 35 or under license before they can get a computer?

    Why the rant? Well, I’m old and have a ton of experience on computers dating back to before you were born. I bought my first computer in 1983 using the CP/M os and later moved to the early DOS which was an IBM product PC-DOS, Wwas made for them by Microsoft. MS-DOS came later. I used DOS through version 6 then moved to Windows 3.1 and learned the Windows version of WordPerfect. I’ve been with Windows through version 7 and now want to make a change.

    A program that looks like WinXP or 7 will make the translation easier for those of us that want to move away from Microsoft. Linux is the best choice. But unfortunately, all the Linux stuff is hidden in the words used by the younger generation. We would never say “wesome”, or “cool”, we use plain English.

    I write books and have eight on Amazon now and busy with the next 2-3. I use Windows 7 with Word and Atlantis WP and I refuse to go to Win 10 because all my existing software can’t run there.

    I recently installed Linux Mint 17.1 on a separate desktop and it is running very well. I have downloaded most of the programs I used on the Windows PC and I’m trying to learn how to install a Cinnamon theme that looks like XP or v.7. There are two, cinnxp and mint-XP.

    I hope I can then help many other “oldies” make the move without too much trouble. I teach a Windows 7 class at a local senior center.
    Oh, also, I’m 77 years old.

  15. Christian K Dec 10,2015 16:35

    To Clem and the Linux Mint Team. Thank you for continuing to build an outstanding product. I use Mint’s Mate and XFCE desktops. I would love to see a CinnamonXP, MateXP and XFCE-XP theme option for all the Mint versions. Often, I have an opportunity to replace the OS on donated or repaired computers and would like to put something familiar for people can continue using their “antique” pc. How about a paid/donation option for prepackaged “XFCE-XP” theme?

  16. Jaegweir Mar 6,2016 18:34

    why make linux mint look like windows? that’s like taking a super model and putting her in a pig suit

  17. John C Aug 25,2016 17:24

    Because it makes a lifelong Windows user who isn’t techno-savvy more comfortable with Linux and gets them away from Windows, that’s why.

  18. Shortcut Nov 8,2016 18:27

    To Franklin Reid
    Yes I am Old too and I Would Like to Make Linuxmint 18 Cinnamon Look Like Windows 7 Aero Theme. I use Windows 7 on My Desktop I Have Made My Own Aero Theme and Icons. I Replaced the Folder Background With a Lite Blue I Think Everbody Wants us All to Go Showblind With That White Crap. My Icons Are Blue Also They Are Windows Style But Not That Yellow.I Installed Compiz But I Need Emerald Theme Manager and I Do Not Know Were to Get It.I to Make My Own Themes and Icons.But No One Wants to Tell You Were to Get This Stuff or How to Make This Crap.There Are Themes You Can Download But They Don’t Tell How to Install Them.They Say That They Want You to Give Up Windows and Use Linux But They Don’t Make it Easy.They Tell You That It Works Out of The Box That is Not True I Have Not Found One That Does That.If I Can Not Make Any Linux Look The Way I Want It Then I Will Stay With Windows 7 and Forget Linux.I Used PCLinuxOS Back in 2007 and It Was A Good OS Untill They Screw it Up.I Tried MakuluLindoz But It Would Not Install.The grub-efi Failed It Had Windows 7 Style Themes On It.I’am Like You Us Old Farts Sould Not But Left Out In The Cold.So If Any One Knows How To Do This Crap Would Like To Hear From You. Thank You.

  19. NikoKrause Nov 10,2016 13:30

    Have you heard of feren, Elbullazul and cinnamoner? They are quite active on GitHub creating Windows themes. Very nice guys. So if you need help making Cinnamon look like Win7 or want to collaborate you can get in touch with them:

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