Yet another glorious wallpaper
by clem 4

To celebrate the start of a new development cycle, here’s a “glorious” (for our Linux Mint 7 nostalgics) wallpaper :)

Many thanks to calexil for making it and sending it to us.

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4 thoughts on “Yet another glorious wallpaper

  1. Hamz Aug 14,2015 03:06

    Nice and simple!

    Hey, talking about Gloria, I remember it being my first Linux Mint version (and my first linux in general). A refreshing experience, and I really like the theme. It’s light gray with dark titlebar. I guess the name was ‘Mint-Wise’.

    Is it still usable for Linux Mint version 17.2?

    • clem Aug 14,2015 07:34

      Wise was the icon theme. I think the GTK theme was “Shiki”. You could still use it I guess but it wouldn’t render GTK3 applications (these need specific theme support, in fact they need specific support for each GTK 3 revision.. that’s why we only ship one theme nowadays.. themes which make QT/GTK2/GTK3.10/GTK3.14 look native aren’t numerous these days and their maintenance is much more important than before, whereas back in the days of GTK2, when a theme worked, it just worked going forward). Anyway, check, they mention “Shiki-Nouveau”, which looks interesting.

      • Mintkatze Sep 2,2015 09:28

        hi Clem

        this Shiki-Nouveau-theme looks really pleasing and reminds me on the ambiance-crunchy and radiance-crunchy-themes. Can we have this for LMDE in the standard repositories please??

  2. calexil Sep 24,2015 17:31

    Hey my design!!, Thanks for postin it Clem!

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