Cinnamon 2.8: Better sound applet
by clem 70

In Cinnamon 2.8 the sound applet will feature the following layout:


The track info and media controls are now part of a new overlay which sits on top of the cover art.

For supported players, a flat position bar is displayed underneath. This bar shows you how far you are in the song, and you can of course interact with it to go to a different position within the song.


Input controls, applications and output devices were moved to the right-click context menu.

Output devices now show their origins when multiple sound devices are detected (credits go to Cobinja for that).

Note: Styling isn’t finalized yet. There’s a bit of padding missing, the sound output devices should be better aligned in the final version, and the buttons to close and raise the player should be aligned to the right.

70 thoughts on “Cinnamon 2.8: Better sound applet

  1. clem Sep 27,2015 14:09

    Note to theme artists: You’ll be able to theme all that but you won’t have to (i.e. if you don’t it will just look the way it does on the screenshots).

  2. tukarev Sep 27,2015 15:03

    Hi Clem, all

    At first glance i made following opinion:

    So basically it is more player now than sound applet. Guys this is is overdone in my opinion.
    To not have output volume control on same “page” as input volume control is really not good idea from ergonomy/accessibility standpoint.
    Also on the second screenshot that volume control seems to be for speakers.
    I know that it is for mic but it does not make sense to me.
    While i am all for right click and in fact right click further options/controls are missing all over the place in cinnamon and stuff but to divide output volume to standard left click and input volume to right click seems to me inconsistent more so when “input mute” option on right click “page” is slave to “input volume control” on left click page in a sense that i can not un-mute input while input volume control is 0.
    Also i like to see status of my input volume (especially when i want it to be muted) every time i use sound applet so i avoid unwanted “leaks” which proved to be useful over and over.

    These are my 2 cents, hope it make sense.

    • clem Sep 27,2015 15:38

      The slider and the mute buttons aren’t slave to each other, you can mute either way, and they’re on the same page for input. The only exception to all that is the output slider, which is visible directly on the left-click page. That’s because people use that all the time (that’s the same rationale behind making output-mute respond to middle-click on the applet, or the reason you’ve an output volume knob on your keyboards but no input volume knob).

      One more thing about input muting.. we merged a PR recently which adds support for material input mute buttons. These should work in 2.8 and make CSD mute the input at pa level.

    • Simon Sep 27,2015 19:24

      Yeah, I have to agree, this doesn’t appeal much to me at all. I want the audio applet to control the audio input and output, not my media players. The feature that I’ve wanted for a long time is the ability to move individual playback streams amongst my various audio sinks, via pa. I have a half-baked solution using python and d-bus to connect to pa, but while it does work for me, I’m loathe to release it and it would never be accepted as a pull request :(

  3. Horacio Sep 27,2015 15:09

    Excellent feature!

    I have to change to output device every time I want to use USB logitech headphones. Now I will be able to do it without setting the sound system control.

    Where can I report an issue related to desktop wallpapers on Mint 17.2 Cinnamon?

    Thank you very much for all the improvements!!

    • clem Sep 27,2015 15:44


    • plata Sep 27,2015 18:26

      Yep. Pretty much the same here. Except that I switch when I plug in HDMI to connect to my TV. Would be pretty awesome to define rules for that, like: If HDMI plugged, use sound over HDMI; if not, internal. Or: if Logitech Headphones plugged, use this; if not: use 5.1 sound system on audio jack.

      • clem Sep 27,2015 18:49

        I guess the settings daemon could do that. Or maybe that’s something that should/could be configured in pulse audio directly?

        • plata Sep 28,2015 16:41

          I know to few about settings daemon and pulse to comment this.
          However: If such a functionality should be usable by the average user, it could be achieved like this:
          1. Mark certain device as “default”.
          2. Add check-box “use if plugged in”. (This would mean that settings have to be reminded even if a device is unplugged)
          If multiple devices with “use if plugged in” are plugged in, a notification would be needed which allows to select one of those. (It should not be a regular popup because that might be disturbing, but I think a notification, which is shown on the sound applet, should work.)

  4. Mani Sep 27,2015 15:47

    Looks really good, but could you please let the applications stay on the left click menu? This is a quite convenient option I use really often and I think it makes a lot more sence to be on the same page as the player.

    • clem Sep 27,2015 18:43

      You can still use it as often as before, you’ll just need to get used to having it on the context menu rather than the left-click menu. Still one click-away, just not exactly in the same place.

      The reason these features were moved is because they’re only useful in “certain” cases. Not everybody has multiple output devices. And it’s not all that often that people play two applications in the same time and need to balance them. In fact, these features don’t exist in the applets of many other DEs… in some DEs they don’t even exist at all.

      • Mani Sep 27,2015 21:24

        Just a question, when you leftclick the sound applet does it still show the “launch player” (“Medienwiedergabe starten” in german) button, so you can start the first application by leftclick, or do you have to rightclick then too? (how does the applet look like when no player is playing)

        Does the applet have dependencies to cinnamon 2.8 or would it work with 2.6 for testing purpose?

        If this is still possible it would be a bit counter intuitive to leftclick for the first application and rightclick for the second…

        • Mani Sep 27,2015 21:24

          sorry, third paragraph should be second one…

        • Mani Sep 27,2015 21:37

          Okay, not compatible with 2.6…

        • clem Sep 27,2015 21:44

          The new applet could work with 2.6 if the main theme was updated to contain the styles it’s using.

          When you left-click you see “Lauch players”, and you left-click that to expand the list of players, and left-click the player you want to launch.

          • Mani Sep 27,2015 22:54

            Just searched through the cinnamon repo and didn’t find a theme.json file or something similar to the guts of the Mint-X cinnamon themes…
            Could you give me a hint where to find an appropriate theme?

          • clem Sep 28,2015 08:25

            Hi Mani,

            Themes are in CSS. The styles for the new sound applet are defined here:

          • Mani Sep 28,2015 14:00

            Well I have already tried that one, didn’t work, but i just found the culprit: I needed slider.js

            It works quite well, but there are two things that bug me a little bit…

            first: Since cinnamon 2.4 (I think) it was possible to switch between running applications by clicking the application name. This doesn’t seem to be working anymore…

            second: (this was also an issue in previous versions) if you click the “applications” expander the applet resizes (gets broader) without any obvious reason, this just doesn’t look good

          • Mani Sep 28,2015 14:05

            Oh, and third: The length of the titles is missing

  5. the_Seppi Sep 27,2015 17:27

    While this looks really good, I think that the media control buttons (play/pause, next, prev, stop) and the player buttons (open window, quit player) are a bit too small.
    Could something be done about that? Or is this themeable?

    • clem Sep 27,2015 18:44

      It’s themeable. You’re right though, they could be a little bit bigger.

  6. ProtossImba Sep 27,2015 18:44


    Where is the beta release of Linux Mint 17.3 ?

    Release for October ? with 3.19 Kernel ?

    and Linux Mint 18 release in June 2016 ?

  7. musashi Sep 28,2015 09:18

    personally, i think those buttons are too small…
    anyway, it looks great and modern than it was.
    Cheers :D

  8. Steve Adams Sep 28,2015 09:22

    Looks really clean, and has a much better use of space.

    I don’t know why people are complaining about it controlling the media, the current applet in 2.6 has all this functionality this is just a layout/styling update.

    Definitely a good evolution of the sound applet!

    • Simon Sep 28,2015 20:20

      “I don’t know why people are complaining about it controlling the media” — because we don’t like it; that’s all :) You express your opinions, and the devs make their decisions, that’s how it works, no? (Ideally it would be nice to have a chance to express opinions *before* the decisions are made, but if the decisions are already made, it’s still okay to express opinions when an opportunity is presented, I think?)

      • JosephM Sep 29,2015 09:32

        Discussion and opinions are a good thing. So is criticism as long as it’s constructive. That’s really the only way to know if we are headed in a direction with the things that users want. Does it mean that every individual user will get what they want? No, but it gives an idea of the general feeling about something.

        For the sound applet design, I suppose it depends on what you want from it. Some seem to want something that gives a ton of control over all their audio settings, while others like myself pretty much only use it as a media player control. I don’t think the current design is bad in that regard. Media player control in one menu, all other audio stuff in the other. I like the idea but maybe it could still use some fine tuning.

      • clem Sep 29,2015 13:48

        Oh by the way, that’s configurable. You can tell the applet not to control media.. and that turns it into a simple sound applet then.

  9. Elad Hen Sep 28,2015 15:45

    I would really like to have a master equalizer for pulseaudio…

    • HPMC Oct 1,2015 00:29

      Try this at your own risk as it involves adding a PPA, etc. I’ve used it for quite some time and it works well. It will change your output device. Continue at your own peril.

  10. Modi Sep 28,2015 17:45

    Very neat work Clem. The applet looks more clean and simple now.

  11. Sam Sep 28,2015 21:22

    So the input controls, applications and output devices appear immediately when right clicking the icon? Or do you have to go to “Audio Settings” or something first?

    • clem Sep 29,2015 13:48

      They appear immediately on right-click. The two screenshots you see are the left-click applet and right-click applet menus.

  12. Caner Sep 29,2015 06:25


    I have a problem with connecting to password enabled wireless network. Our university uses some kind of secured wireless connection that you can connect like this using Gnome:

    How can I connect to that in Cinnamon? When I click connect, it waits but no username and password fields are shown.

  13. baptiste Sep 29,2015 19:29

    I am having a few sound issues with Mint 17.2 (Mate) which make me wonder if there’s a problem with the hardware too (or not); I won’t go into details.

    It still seems possible to mess up ALSA or Pulseaudio. Some programs do a weird thing (like gnome-mplayer, and possibly the couple gstreamer-using command-line players I’ve tried) in which their volume control changes the global volume – I actually found myself with volume still lowered after exiting the program, even if setting alsa and pulseaudio volumes to max. Had to launch the program again and set volume.
    I’ll end up reinstalling from scratch for all general corner issues, probably with 17.3 RC.

    Just to say there’s a wild complexity and although all is usually fine you may end up in some weird circumstances.
    I would like to encourage developers of ALSA drivers : you get my moral support and gratitude. (I know that is not much lol)

    Hoping robustness may increase over time.
    I would like if you have some control panel applet that easily switches between ALSA, ALSA + pulseaudio, possibly OSS or OSS + pulseaudio. and setting up most things correctly (the mysterious “gstreamer”, vlc etc.) but I don’t doubt this would be very hard to achieve and impossible to qualify with the thousands of combination of sound cards and devices (or switching from sound card to on-board then sound card again)

    • SciK Oct 6,2015 17:11

      This might be an issue related to PA’s flat-volumes option.

      Maybe setting flat-volumes to no in /etc/pulse/daemon.conf will result in a behaviour that makes more sense to you? (it does for me.)

  14. John Sep 29,2015 22:03

    A great improvement on the buttons before…

    Personally, I use the mouse wheel to change volume, and to mute I put the volume to nothing – easy.

    Also I agree with others, the media control buttons look a bit fiddly: even if they are a hundred times better than the boxes.
    I love the way the cover is now part of the design, rather than just a picture.

    Can’t wait to use this.

  15. Caner Sep 30,2015 09:52

    Sorry about the link in my previous post. Here is the updated:

  16. LinuX Sep 30,2015 16:06

    Salut Clem,

    J’aimerai bien un coup pouvoir “tchatter” avec toi par messagerie instantanné, est ce que tu as un compte XMMP/Jabber ?

    si oui peux tu m’indiquer l’adresse par mail stp.

    merci d’avance.

    Vivement Mint 18 avec Cinnamon 3.0 !

  17. HPMC Oct 1,2015 00:38

    Looks eerily like the “sounds with apps volume v1.3.1” panel applet with smaller buttons. When Mint’s hits the shelves, I’ll compare and decide which I like better. Isn’t that kinda the point of Linux?

  18. Daniel Oct 1,2015 06:57


    Which are the supported players?
    What do they need to talk to the applet?

    I’m using Deadbeef for it’s foobar2000 experience and I’m curious if I will be able to use this feature.

    • clem Oct 1,2015 08:59

      Hi Daniel,

      players_without_seek_support = [‘spotify’, ‘totem’, ‘gnome-mplayer’, ‘pithos’];
      players_with_seek_support = [‘clementine’, ‘banshee’, ‘rhythmbox’, ‘rhythmbox3’, ‘pragha’, ‘quodlibet’, ‘amarok’, ‘xnoise’, ‘gmusicbrowser’, ‘vlc’, ‘qmmp’, ‘deadbeef’, ‘audacious’];

      What they need is MPRIS2 support via DBUS. Even though deadbeef is listed here, I ran a quick test and I couldn’t find MPRIS functionality for it. Maybe it’s 3rd party, I don’t know…

  19. Daniel Oct 1,2015 20:25

    Hi clem,

    Thanks for the quick reply and explanation
    After a short Google search I found this:

    I will try to get in touch with the Deadbeef developers to see if they could include it by default because for me compiling it and installing it it’s not a easy task.

  20. Anand Oct 5,2015 06:31

    Looks brilliant, Clem! I was using an Desklet earlier which then had more options. For people, like me, with bigger monitors, I prefer having a Desklet for quick access. Any chance of porting this applet as an *official* Desklet if itsn’t much of a burden? I know some of you devs don’t like Desklet a lot? ;)
    Also from the screenshot, new style doesn’t tell how much time is remaining / played. Like 3 minutes over in a 5 minutes track.

  21. LinuX Oct 5,2015 17:19

    Eh ba voilà Clem, exactement la situation a quoi je m’attendais :

    Maintenant que vous avez fait l’erreur d’intégrer firefox dans vos dépots, il y a un décallage de version et c’est déjà le cas actuellement :

    – Ubuntu a mise a jour la 41 avec le patch de sécurité/bug et donc la version : 41.0.1
    – Sous Linux Mint, le paquet est toujours en 41.0 puisqu’il est utilisé avant celui d’ubuntu a cause du fichier de préférence des dépots.

    Il serai donc bien svp de supprimer le paquet firefox des dépots de linuxmint afin d’être a jour pour ce logiciel puisque dans tous les cas, il sera récupéré des dépots d’Ubuntu.

    (oui je sais ce message est totalement hors sujet mais vous n’êtes pas facile a joindre et comme je sais que vous êtes très présent sur votre blog, au moins là je sais que le message est passé !).

    • peter Oct 5,2015 19:06

      @LinuX this is getting old.
      you will be much happier using Ubuntu. just switch over.

      Most of us Do Not want releases the very moment they hit the streets… those things break then we are disabled until someone gets it fixed. Much better to wait until the newer versions are Known To Be Compatible with the system and that the Plug-ins also work.

      you will be much happier using Ubuntu. just switch over.

      • LinuX Oct 6,2015 11:42

        Non Peter vous ne comprenez pas bien ce que j’ai voulu dire !

        Déjà j’aime bien la distribution “Linux Mint”, elle est globalement meilleur que Ubuntu mais elle n’est pas parfaite et je voulais informer Clem que c’est une erreur concernant le choix récent d’avoir voulu intégrer Firefox dans les dépots.

        Pour LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition), le choix de mettre firefox dans les dépots de Mint est compréhensible car Firefox n’est pas inclus dans Debian (c’est Iceweasel même si ça revient un peu au même) mais pour Linux Mint (basé sur Ubuntu) ce choix n’est pas justifié car il n’apporte aucun avantage et même l’inconvénient de ne pas avoir les bugs/faille de sécurité corrigé (ou en retard).

        Les extensions de Firefox fonctionne parfaitement avec la version d’Ubuntu, c’est ça que vous ne comprenez pas, il n’y aucune optimisation pour Linux Mint pour le firefox de leur dépot par rapport au firefox d’Ubuntu ! c’est la même version et ça fonctionne exactement pareil !

    • clem Oct 6,2015 22:24

      Il y’aura toujours “des” decallages. Pour illustrer ce fait sur la version 41.0.1:

      – 29-Sep-2015 23:46 Disponible sur
      – 05-Oct-2015 11:56 Disponible dans les depots d’Ubuntu
      – 06-Oct-2015 02:21 Disponible dans les depots de Linux Mint
      – ??-Oct-2015 ??:?? Le temps que votre PC soit allume, que votre cache soit rafraichi et que vous procediez a la mise a jour.. installe sur votre ordinateur.

      Je ne parle meme pas du contenu ici. Vous n’expliquez pas lesquelles des 6 corrections apportee par 41.0.1 vous paraissent si urgentes a appliquer. Si je prends celle-ci, au hasard, son correctif date de 16-Sep-2015.

      Donc voila. Je comprends que tout le monde n’est pas un developeur ici et que les processus de release soient compliques. Il est toutefois ridicule de critiquer le delai entre la mise a disposition dans les depots d’Ubuntu et dans ceux de Mint. Sur ce bug en particulier, depuis sa resolution, vous aurez attendu le correctif pres de 13 jours si vous utilisez la version de Mozilla, pres de 20 jours si vous utilisez Ubuntu et un jour de plus si vous utilisez Linux Mint.

      Si vous n’etes pas pres a attendre, au moins, sachez quel contenu vous attendez, et pourquoi. Vous pouvez aussi telecharger le code source de Mozilla et le compiler tous les jours, sans attendre meme la prochaine version du navigateur. Dans ce cas precis, vous gagnez 13 jours. Le jeu n’en vaut vraiment pas la peine, mais si vous ne supportez pas d’etre en “retard” sur le source, c’est la meilleure facon.

      • LinuX Oct 7,2015 14:39

        Oui Clem mais ça ne justifie pas de mettre Firefox dans vos dépots quand même !

        D’ailleurs la preuve, pendant longtemps vous avez utilisé le Firefox d’Ubuntu et je n’ai jamais constaté de problème sous Linux Mint.

        Biensûr le déploiement de Firefox dans les dépots d’Ubuntu n’est pas en temps réel avec les dépots de Mozilla mais en général, dans la majorité des cas ils sont rapide (dans les 24/48 heures) ce qui est correcte (l’histoire de la version firefox qui avait 1 semaine de retard dans ubuntu c’est une exception), laissé encore un délai supplémentaire pour mint est inutile.

        Pour la 41.0.1, vous avez été réactif (seulement 1/2 jours après ubuntu je crois) mais je suppose que c’est parceque vous avez lu mon message justement sinon dans 1 semaine on aurai toujours pas eu la mise a jour…

        ça vous fait du travail en + inutile de remettre le paquet firefox dans vos dépots tous les 45 jours au minimum (+ correctif éventuel entre temps), autant laisser le paquet venant d’Ubuntu.

        Du coup pour ma part j’ai carrément viré tous ce qu’il y avait dans /etc/apt/preferences.d comme ça aucun paquet n’est priorisé avec un dépot particulier, en cas de paquet présent chez vous et chez Ubuntu, c’est la + a jour qui est installé. J’ai vu que ça a upgradé quelques autres trucs mais j’ai pas remarqué de soucis avec ces paquets.

        D’ailleurs je sais pas si vous êtes au courant, mais a cause de vos fichiers préférence, pour certains logiciels on ne peux pas faire fonctionner les PPA correctement, par exemple moi avant j’avais ajouté le PPA de LO pour avoir toujours la dernière version (5.0.2 actuellement), comme vous avez LO aussi dans vos dépots et qu’il est prioritaire, du coup le PPA ne voulait pas upgrader ma version qui restait toujours en 4.4.5. Je pense que c’est chose que vous n’avez pas pensé. Bon j’ai réglé le problème perso vu que j’ai maintenant supprimé les préférences (ou possible aussi avec un autre fichier de préférence) mais les débutants risque de galérer avant de trouver la solution…

        Sinon concernant Linux Mint Debian Edition, comme c’est une sortie de “semi-rolling release” et que vous avez ajouté le backport multimedia, vous pourriez ajouter aussi le backport officiel de Debian qui peut être utile (en + pas utilisé par défaut), par exemple il y a un mainteneur LibreOffice et qui met régulièrement a jour LO dans le backport, pratique si vous voulez utiliser LibreOffice 5 sur Debian.

        voir ici le backport :

        Comme paquet intéressant pouvant éventuellement être utilisé sur LMDE :
        – LibreOffice (5.0.2 dans le backport)
        – Kernel (4.1) mais a ne pas activer par défaut évidemment
        – Driver propriétaire nvidia a jour
        – OpenJDK 8
        – Virtualbox (bien que vous l’avez aussi dans vos dépots extra)
        – driver libre nvidia nouveau a jour

        Perso je l’ai activé sous LMDE uniquement pour LO5.

  22. Max Alibaev Oct 7,2015 16:17


    Please don’t hide part of album’s cover under the controls and their semiopaque background. Or, maybe, make this intersection optional.

  23. Libriste Oct 8,2015 11:00

    Salut Clément,

    J’ai une question concernant votre distribution, si on souhaite la déployer sur les postes d’une salle de classe d’un établissement scolaire par exemple, dans cette situation, recommandez vous de mettre plutôt “Linux Mint” basé sur Ubuntu ou “Linux Mint Debian Edition” basé sur Debian ?

    Debian étant un système reconnu pour être plus fiable qu’Ubuntu, logiquement LMDE devrai mieux convenir pour un environnement en production non ?

    Merci d’avance pour votre réponse.

    • peter Oct 9,2015 14:49

      In our Office environment I use only LMDE with Mate desktop. because it is more Stable.
      It may be a little more trouble to initially install and setup, but for the everyday office/home user there are less problems (none at all). the Office users just use the computer for work and do not need to play with installing programs and changing settings.
      LMDE is Stable, predictable, and less maintenance for me.
      If your school children are going to be allowed to install programs it may be more difficult for them.
      good luck!

  24. linuxero Oct 8,2015 15:26

    This is so nice! I like cinnamon applets from you! Big thanx for you hard work for all fans&users! I love linuxmint, love LMDE. :-)

  25. gerry Oct 8,2015 23:21

    Looks good Clem,

    Just my twopence worth.

    1. Insert a Playlist icon – so you can click to see songs are coming up soon
    2. The seek/search/scan control bar is up too close to the rewind, pause, forward buttons. There should be more of a gap – and a time counter either of the seek/search control bar
    3. Below the speaker control in the first screen there should be a microphone control. speaker & microphone icons should be clickable allow you mute either source. In addition, to the right of both the input and output bar, you could have a downward arrow to change that output, say from speaker to hdmi etc
    4. I don’t particularly like the name of song above the album art and then the artist the art. Both should fit on one above the art if possible, so song title left, artist right. Maybe make it possible to sort either alphabetically.
    5. Move the “x” and the up arrow to above and to very top right.

    There are probably many logical reasons why you never did this, but just thought i would say it just in case.

  26. mrman Oct 9,2015 16:40


    great feature. One thing I would love to see in cinnamon integrated into this app is the (( optional )) change from a quaver icon ( I think its a quaver note ? ) when the music player is running to allow instead for track being played and a simple block vu meter next to it :)

    but as it stands i like these changes. Compared to every other DE outside of Gnome ( where by in gnome you have to add extensions to give these features back ) the sound output switching and levels destroys other DE’s from XFCE, KDE. And as you can tell from the above commentators many people use a combination of devices from headphones to HDMi that need quick 1 click switching, not to mention quite a lot of people have music, mic chat AND game audio running all at the same time, managing levels easily or muting is a really important feature.

  27. digitheatre Oct 11,2015 15:46

    Linux mint doesn’t fully work in my skylake laptop. Cinnamon kept running under software rendering mode. I hope it get fixed in next release. Currently, I have to stay with Win10 first.

  28. john Oct 14,2015 09:16

    Realtek ALCXXX Digital Out no sound on ALL Linux distribution
    Linux mint same

  29. dangchienhsgs Oct 17,2015 13:05

    Dear Clem,
    I have a issue with Linux Mint Cinnamon. I installed Linux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon in a laptop with AMD 7670 Radeon graphic. When I install fglrx (AMD driver Catalyst), my laptop run well but sometimes when i resume from suspend, my desktop wallpaper is broken like this:

    In Ubuntu Mate or Ubuntu I have not meet this before. Could you help me ?

  30. Gord Williams Oct 18,2015 23:34

    Some people were looking for an equalizer to use with their system. With a bit of work, and I mean just a bit you can have cadence running both jack and pulseaudio. With this you can have it auto run at startup and use whatever you need to tweak sound, if you use calf LV2 plugins – you can have a 12 band EQ, a gated compressor, echo, and all kinds of things I will not mention to be brief. You can set it up as a session management so you just open that file up and in about five seconds it all set to go. There is much more to it. But the point is its all free, and I have been using it for about three years now. Look at KXStudio under repositories on how to get it and look around sites like Penquin Producer to set it up. For most people its probably too much, but if your cranking the tunes out of your system a good limiter would not hurt to save your speakers.

  31. Lito Oct 20,2015 14:27

    Don’t know if this was mentioned before, re: “… and the buttons to close and raise the player should be aligned to the right”, but I have often closed the player when wanting to raise it! The close button should be aligned to the right, but more space is needed between them.
    Or maybe it’s just my mouse that’s too fat…

  32. AndyW Oct 20,2015 18:01

    Hi Clem and team,

    I’ve been using Cinnamon 17.2 and have severe issues with my mouse. It’s like my mouse is kind of hyperactive, e.g. when I press the left button once, it happens that I accidentally minimize windows or close them or so. I had not experienced that with either LM 17 or LM 16 or LM15! The point is that you mentioned that LM 17.2 has become way snappier, and I think it has become TOO snappy somehow.

    So please can you fix that in LM 17.3!?!?

    Best regards,


  33. duff Oct 21,2015 01:32


    I really like to use the sound applet (clementine)

  34. Jamie Nov 4,2015 20:08

    Hello, well done Clem. Looking very nice so far. Is the sound applet compatible with ALSA and PulseAudio. Will you add an option to select which plugin/system to use? It would be great if you did thank you.

    • clem Nov 5,2015 16:49

      No Jamie, the sound applet is tightly linked to pulseaudio. 3rd party developers can implement an ALSA applet of course.

  35. Joe Dec 20,2015 16:56

    The new applet looks great. I’m in the camp that likes the idea of controlling players from it, in addition to audio.

    So I’m very sorry to see that the new applet no longer shows multiple players, allowing one to switch between them. I frequently have, say, spotify (or tomahawk) open with vlc throughout the day, and I switch between them. The little triangle icon at the top of the app window used to be clickable, and would show me the open players and allow me to switch between them, open them, close them, individually. What happened?

    It would also be nice to be able to launch a new player even if one is already open. I could swear I used to be able to do that… am I misremembering? Anyway, “launch player” should always be in the left click menu, even when a player is running.


  36. Ben Dec 21,2015 11:20

    Thanks for this plugin! I just switched to linux from windows and the ability to control the volume by using the mousewheel on top of the taskbar (with the 7+ Taskbar Tweaker program) was something I was really missing. Now at least with Mint I can put the sound app icon in the bottom right and have a ‘hot corner’ for changing the volume.

    Unfortunately I’m using Foobar2000 in Wine so the player interface isn’t so useful.

    This is probably a bad place to report a bug, but I’m finding the applet “Output Device” feature to not work very well after suspending my laptop. Frequently I will be sending audio to a bluetooth speaker, I will suspend my computer, and then I will come back and while the audio is still being sent to the bluetooth speaker, adjusting the volume does not adjust the volume of the output to the bluetooth speaker. I’m not sure what is adjusting–possibly the internal laptop speaker. If I select the bluetooth speaker again under Output Device the default (mousewheel or left click to get the slider) volume control again controls the bluetooth ouput.

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