Mint 17.3: Easier WM selection in MATE and Xfce, improved Compiz, Compton and Openbox support
by clem 85


There’s something cool in store for MATE and Xfce users. It was implemented this week and it’s coming in Linux Mint 17.3.

The “Desktop Settings” tool will now support the following window/compositing managers under MATE and Xfce: Marco, Metacity, Xfwm4, Openbox, Compiz and Compton.

A new help section was added to explain various concepts around window managers and compositing.

Switching window-managers takes effect immediately so you no longer have to log out.


Other than the traditional Marco, Metacity and Xfwm4 window managers, you’ll find the following options:

  • Openbox: This is a very fast and very light window manager.
  • Compiz: This is without a doubt the most visually impressive window manager available for Linux.
  • Compton: This compositing manager can be used in complement of Marco, Metacity, Xfwm4 or Openbox.

Under Xfce, using Xfwm4+Compton is known to reduce screen-tearing.

As for Compiz, it was already integrated in Linux Mint 17.2.. but it got even better:

  • Wobbly windows are activated by default (the reason we integrated Compiz in the first place was for the “wow” factor, so we may as well ship with the most noticeable plugin of them all).
  • Compiz profiles were moved to dconf (this solves a weird issue where changes to Compiz settings weren’t recored on your very first session).
  • Compiz profiles can be reset from the “Desktop Settings” tool. If you made a mistake or broke your Compiz configuration, there was no way of fixing it other than doing so manually… this is done simply by clicking the “Reset Compiz settings” button now.
  • Virtualbox is now supported with Compiz.

Finally, two new commands will be introduced in Linux Mint 17.3:

  • “wm-detect” to show information about which window/compositing managers are running.
  • “wm-recovery” to recover and get back to your desktop’s default window manager.

85 thoughts on “Mint 17.3: Easier WM selection in MATE and Xfce, improved Compiz, Compton and Openbox support

  1. rhy Sep 14,2015 16:33

    Will these features make it into LMDE2 at some point? I’m ridiculously happy with lmde2 and have installed it on pretty much every production machine I touch. I’m also curious as to how lmde will move forward given the Debian is now ruined by systemd. It would be interesting to maybe follow a different upstream path like devuan. The Jessie systems I tried on the server side were an utter fail and I’m sticking with Wheezy or LMDE2 almost exclusively right now, and they are GREAT! But I’m concerned as I don’t see the forward road map as clearly as I have in the past.

    • clem Sep 14,2015 16:41

      The main reason why we don’t use systemd is not because we don’t like it, it’s because it’s a bit too early and we’re still able to use upower+consolekit+sysvinit.. so we’d rather continue to use proven technologies before eventually switching to more modern solutions. It’s important to note that there’s nobody building a complete alternative to all of that though.

      Regarding LMDE, the main obstacle is Compiz. Debian Jessie doesn’t ship it and I’m not sure we want to commit to offering it. That said, everything in this tool is compatible with LMDE, so I think we’ll eventually remove the dependency on compiz, make it optional and that way we’ll be able to ship these new features to LMDE.

      • clem Sep 14,2015 16:44

        Actually.. upower is kinda already gone in debian/lmde.. it doesn’t support suspend/hibernate like it does in Mint. See.. there’s no real choice long term.

      • David Harrison Sep 14,2015 19:08

        Rhy, funny you should mention Devuan. I’ve had some success making a ‘frankenMint’ by using the Devuan repos on LMDE2. With the Devuan beta apparently landing soon, it would be great to scrounge some advice from the LMDE2 maintainers about making a more convincing Devuan-based Mint. Mint offers such a fine user experience that it would be nice for us systemd refuseniks to have the choice!

        • rhy Sep 15,2015 17:17

          I haven’t played with Devuan yet myself. But it looks to be a real life saver for us on the server side. Debian 8 was an utter fail in numerous test VMs we built. Totally unstable. And the reason we WERE a Debian shop is because of the legendary stability.

      • clem Sep 14,2015 22:05

        Following up on that, I looked at this and it should be simple. I’ll try to get the latest version of mintdesktop in LMDE this week.

      • Pierre Sep 15,2015 20:41

        This is the story of the chicken and the egg… People will adopt LMDE when it will get a stronger support/visibility.

        Perhaps I am wrong but the feeling that LMDE gives is that it is the playground of Mint developpers; it is not as mature and doesn’t get as much attention as the standard Linux Mint.

        I am not an expert, but I think LMDE should be the future of Linux Mint. At the moment I don’t switch because although it gets a better average reactivity it is still not as polished as the Ubuntu based Mint.

        Also although I am not against the choice of relying on the LTS version of Ubuntu to save time and focus on other developments (it’s a good thing actually), some components of Linux Mint are getting very old and unlike Ubuntu or older Mint where the user had to choice to upgrade to a more recent version of the distribution to have these components updated, with Mint 17.x you’re stuck.
        Look at the Archive Manager (File Roller) for example, in Linux Mint 17.2 (and this won’t change in 17.3), it is still v3.6.3 and Gnome 3.18 will probably be released still this month which means it will be something like 6 versions behind. It is not a big thing as it’s only a file archiver and it is doing its job well but for some applications it might become an issue which makes me think that the future of Mint is LMDE and Mint developpers should perhaps consider investing (slowly) more of their time in LMDE rather than in Mint instead of waiting for a larger adoption of this distribution.

        My 2 cents…

      • archsider Nov 2,2015 18:43

        Wow, you dont use systemd ? I didnt know that ,but LM boots so fast :D

  2. Georgi Sep 14,2015 16:52

    I’m NOT against systemd so introduce it when you decide, Clem. ;)

    About the new options I’m really glad though I will rarely use them, he, he. :D I was starving for news these days by the way and I hope more will come soon. :)

  3. Chris Sep 14,2015 19:55

    Clem – Is LMDE gong yo just fade away at some point? I really want to make the jump from Mint to LMDE, I just don’t want to do so and then all of a sudden you stop releasing/supporting LMDE.

    • clem Sep 14,2015 22:03

      The more people use LMDE the more we support it. Every time we work on a release we assess the audience and give it our best shot with the resources we think we can allocate to it. Betsy received a huge amount of work and I’m extremely happy with what we released. It needs to find a following and an echo within the Linux community. That’s what dictates our commitment and the amount of focus we give it. If tomorrow less people use LMDE we’ll spend less focus on it, if tomorrow more people use LMDE, we’ll spend more focus on it. That’s how we do. For the most part, we focus on what people want.

      • Simon Sep 14,2015 22:21

        One short comment on the above: this can easily become a self-fulfilling prophecy. I would vote for a complete switch of focus, with all dev. time being spend on LMDE, from a purely personal point of view. But I’m currently running the Ubuntu-based version, due to a couple of small but significant (for me) issues that I can’t afford to work around at present.

        If more time were spent on LMDE, more people would use it. So what comes first, the chicken or the egg? :)

        I love the Mint project and pretty much everything you guys do and every decision you make, so I’m a happy camper; just wanted to make this point.


        • brad Sep 16,2015 12:28

          Devil’s advocate here – LM needs dev work, too. I use it because it’s stable and reliable. I’m not impressed with (nor do I need) cutting-edge technology (then why am I camping here???)

          : – )

          In any case, I think it’s good to have a playground/sandbox *and* a stable platform. Folks at LM have hit on the right formula.

          • Simon Sep 16,2015 22:31

            Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think the Mint team consider LMDE to be “cutting-edge technology” nor the antithesis of “stable and reliable”, or a “playground/sandbox”. I don’t think that’s how the split is supposed to work…

          • brad Sep 17,2015 12:07

            Perhaps LMDE has changed since I last used it (a year or so ago), but I switched back to LM after upgrades in LMDE left my system unbootable. At the time, I didn’t have the time or patience to troubleshoot – just went back to a platform that worked (for me, only?) reliably.

            I now have a “test-bed” to play with, so LMDE will go on there, perhaps this coming weekend. I look forward to seeing what Cinnamon-latest will bring.

          • clem Sep 17,2015 15:25

            There’s a bit of truth… you’re both right here (or both wrong, depending on how you look at it) :)

            – Both LMDE and Mint are long-term stable distributions. They don’t do cutting-edge, they bank on mature software.
            – The LMDE 2 base is more recent than the Mint 17 base, so at the moment most packages are more recent in LMDE than they are in Mint.
            – Mint has point releases and thus point repositories, which provide people with the choice to be super-conservative or to upgrade. In contrast, LMDE only has one repository per base-release, but no point releases.. only point-ISO-respins if you will. So that, in theory, makes LMDE more exciting (because it can receive updates without waiting for a point release… it got Cinnamon 2.6 before Mint 17.2 for instance) but also slightly less stable considering that upgrades are forced onto LMDE users but not on Mint users (who can stick to 17.1 for instance without upgrading to 17.2).

            If you compare all this with the outside world though.. we’re playing it very safe here, for both distributions.

  4. mikef90000 Sep 15,2015 00:38

    I’m very impressed at these new WM and compositing alternatives.

    I never tried compiz as it was supposedly deprecated in ‘favor’ of mutter. As an XFCE fan I’ll be seeing what Compton will do for me ….

    All in all, great progress!

  5. Skal3ton Sep 15,2015 07:06

    Thanks the news! I was already waiting for something new.. just sad it isnt for LMDE 2

    Is this possible on cinnamon, especially compiz? Im interested in that WOW factor! :)

    “That’s how we do. For the most part, we focus on what people want.”
    Can we get (LMDE 2) new kernel and some updated packeging?! Are we get Jessie 8.2?

    I have to agree with Simon about LMDE! Need some more love and than people comes! (I think you started the Debian edition becouse you like to do something (big) with it not just left behined…) Plus Ubuntu version is on LTS so you have time (may be?) to Debian base and sees it is wors or not to develop! Both of them are on the same base and you investing to much energy on it. There is the time you have to choose… (Really dont see why you choose Ubuntu if its on Debian base too when you started the project. May be technical or popularity reason. However it is your project and I dont complaining!! :) )

    Youre made a GREAT job! Thank you everyone!

    • clem Sep 15,2015 07:36

      Hi, it’s not possible with Cinnamon. Cinnamon isn’t just a DE, it’s also a WM and a compositor (it’s an instance of libmuffin0) so you can’t run any other WM/compositor with it unfortunately.

      Regarding LMDE, it’s not left behind, quite the opposite, it’s much more modern than Mint 17.x and it follows Jessie, so yes, it includes the updates labeled as 8.2. If you look at everything we talked about here on this blog in the past few weeks, you’ll see these new features ship to LMDE users before they get into 17.3.

      • Skal3ton Sep 15,2015 11:25

        Ohh, I see! Read after a little bit and I saw MATE use old Gnome 2 base and Cinnamon is on Gnome(3) shell. Can we expect something new in Cinnamon? (Visible designe change?)For expl: more modern desktop, 3d desktop or my favorite sci-fi releated?! (hold on I imagine to much :)) plus I don`t think so the linux DE this developt and not many people like it, sadly :( )

        So if I understand right we already have the lates security update if we used the update manager. Yee, read that one you release the updates first for LMDE then for the main versions. Just this is for Cinnamon and Mint. How about the base Debian you not going to update untile the new Debian stable is releasing?!

        Thanks for reading and answearing!!

      • peter Sep 15,2015 13:02

        Good Morning Clem:
        Big LMDE Mate fan over here…
        I am very glad we are not getting left in the dust,

        How do you measure the numbers of LMDE vs Mint users? Our voices here, Downloads of the ISO or some other method?

        • clem Sep 15,2015 17:16

          There’s a few different methods and none are very reliable.. we look at start pages in FF, we look at torrent stats, we look at the impact of releases on global activity and donations etc etc..

          • peter Sep 15,2015 17:59

            over here I copy one LMDE Mate ISO and use it to install on nearly a dozen machines… some never go on-line and never get more than the initial update after the install. (the hidden minority) :-)

  6. egasimus Sep 15,2015 08:42

    Can users add other WMs to that list by poking at a config file somewhere? BSPWM+Compton works wonderfully in XFCE (once I’ve managed to start it in place of Xfwm4, which on my Arch box is a little messy)

  7. Borsook Sep 15,2015 09:03

    Will we ever see these kind of options in the Cinnamon version?

    • Brian Read Sep 15,2015 16:55

      I am also interested in that…

    • clem Sep 15,2015 17:13

      No because Cinnamon is not just a DE but also a WM and compositor, so replacing it means replacing the whole thing.

      • Pierre Sep 15,2015 20:50

        It is probably only a feeling I have but I find the reactivity of Cinnamon isn’t as goog as Gnome 3. It is like it’s a little heavier (slower to load).

        Not a big thing, it’s not a huge difference.
        I love and use Cinnamon as my main DE and I won’t change but if there could be some focus on that (although I know there was already lot of work under the hood with Cinnamon 2.6), it would be a good thing.

        This being said, I am probably one of the rare person wishing this as the reactivity isn’t bad and people will certainly prefer more visible changes like the ones already presented for the v2.8 :)

        • clem Sep 15,2015 21:02

          Well, I cover the most visible changes. Under the hood there’s also a lot of bug fixing going on and performance improvements. To give you an example, 2.8 introduces a change which further reduces CPU wakeups calls. The clock applet in 2.6 wakes up the CPU once every seconds, that only happens in 2.8 if you decide to show seconds in the date format. These are small changes which, when you add them up, make a difference to responsiveness. We’ve also looked at session registration and other aspects of Cinnamon. There isn’t enough to make a vulgarized shiny story out of it yet, but that’s something we’re constantly trying to improve.

    • Brian Read Sep 15,2015 17:33

      aha – ok, thanks.

  8. Chris Sep 15,2015 09:51

    Thank’s for the clarification Clem.

  9. Rufus Sep 15,2015 09:57

    Clem, thank you for sharing the info about WM selection.

    May I ask something completely different?

    I am struggling to connect my iPhone to Linux Mint since a year or so. It worked very well in Linux Mint 15 (and still does despite outdated libimobiledevice version!), but does not in Mint 16, 17, and 17.2. I continued to use Mint 15 for quite some time, but this is no longterm solution. In LMDE it works partly (you need to plug in iPhone before booting the OS).
    Any chance you or someone on the developer team may have a look at that issue for Mint 17.3?
    The iPhone is an iPhone 6 with the latest iOS 8 version.
    I tried a lot to solve the issue, but I did not find a proper solution. Interestingly it works with Ubuntu Mate 15.10 Beta (not with Ubuntu Mate 15.04 or earlier). I don’t know what makes the difference.
    I would prefer to continue with Linux Mint, not Ubuntu Mate.

  10. Alex Sep 15,2015 12:00

    Clem, can you integrate global menu applet in next releases? I love cinnamon, but I miss Unity style pannel with window buttons and global menu. I found one in the web, but it has many bugs. Also I use maximus to remove maximized window decorations.

    Also, plese add an option to make boarders of applets areas on the pannel (left, center and right red/green/blue areas in panel edition mode) non movable. I have global menu in left part of pannel, other applets on the right. Also I have list of open windows on the right side. When I open many windows – lenght of list of full sized buttons become to big, and it croses center of the screen (green are). I wish to give fixed area to that indicator. I wish my list of open windows take 1/3 of the pannel space and no more (could be set by separator apllet). No matter how many windows are opened – they should not cross separator.

    Sorry for bad English.

  11. Sebastian Pochert Sep 15,2015 14:37

    Hi, I’m glad you work hard on the Xfce edition. I’m looking forward to using Compton and maybe give Compiz a chance again.
    There’s still one issue I have with the desktop launcher labels in Linux Mint Xfce but not in other distributions with Xfce. May I point you to the bug

  12. Andrey Sep 15,2015 16:12

    I’d like to have compiz in Linux Mint Cinnamon!
    Will it be possible in Linux Mint 17.3?

    • clem Sep 15,2015 17:17

      No, that’s not possible. Cinnamon is its own WM, you can’t use another WM with it.

      • Jeanne Sep 17,2015 23:10

        And would be possible to take all or some of the effects of Compiz and translate them into Cinnamon?

  13. rhy Sep 15,2015 17:13


    As usual, thanks for the awesome commitment to response and communication with your user base! <3 !

    I would LOVE to see LMDE3/Devuan take over the entire market. SystemD is stillborn in my datacenters. Crashing, memory issues, VM incompatibilities, I've wasted too much time playing with Debian 8. It's officially dead to me. Fixing the missteps Ubuntu made has been a great success for Mint so far, could fixing Debian's missteps (SystemD first and foremost) be another path for minty goodness?

    I use LMDE2 Mate x64 on hundreds of machines. It is the best OS I've used yet. I have converted many Mac users, Windows users, and people with little or no computer experience to LMDE2 Mate users. The learning curve is easier than any previous OS, even Windows XP. Other than Debian Wheezy on the server side of things, it's the only OS I'm actively promoting or suggesting for end users.

    It really is an incredible achievement. Congratulations! I'm just trying to provide some feedback so you can consider that while working on LMDE3. There are a LOT of systemD refugees out there. Grabbing them with a polished and easy to use desktop like LMDE2 Mate seems like an easy potential win!


  14. Daniel Sep 15,2015 18:28

    You did an amazing job guys,
    MATE is great and you made it even better
    Thank you!

  15. Andy Sep 16,2015 09:12

    Clem wrote: “For the most part, we focus on what people want.”

    ^^ THIS is what’s making Mint (and you) become the number 1 distribution.
    You are listening to what requirements users are looking for rather than dictating on how you should be doing things.

    Please don’t ever go back on your words.

    Mint user since ‘Isadora’

  16. session Sep 16,2015 10:32

    Does this mean Mint 17.3 MATE will ship with Xfwm4 dependencies, and vice versa? It sounds like those two versions could be consolidated at this point.

    • clem Sep 17,2015 15:17

      No, not at all. MintDesktop detects WMs which are installed, it doesn’t depend on it (At the moment it depends on Compiz, and we’ll be removing that dependency btw). We might ship with additional WMs by default (for instance Compton might be installed by default in the Xfce edition) but there won’t be deps involved between mintdesktop and the various wms.

  17. Marshall Neill Sep 16,2015 18:47

    I was running Antergos, basically Arch with a cheater install, and ran across this blog. So since I had already installed Betsy but wasn’t using because of the inability to print and no backup (I prefer Timeshift or sbackup)
    Well I booted up Betsy and did the usual update and then went search for the printer error (Waiting for printer) and was steered in the direction of using web install.
    Worked like a charm.
    Next, find Timeshift for Debian. Found and installed.
    Now, one happy camper.
    Clem, you and your team have done on great job. You are to be commended for your work. Kudos.
    Marshall Neill

  18. FooBar Sep 18,2015 05:56

    Will it support multiple lines in the tasklist? And moving the tasklist to the left or right side?

    And if not, is it possible to pay for an upstreaming implementation?

  19. LinuxIsNotUniX Sep 19,2015 20:43

    Très bon travail clem ! Continu avec Linux Mint qui est une très bonne distribution tout comme LMDE.

    Quand est ce que la version 17.3 va sortir ? en Octobre ? est t’il possible de diffuser une version “alpha” testable ?

    • clem Sep 20,2015 10:42

      Fin Novembre, voire fin-decembre. Pour la version Alpha non, hors de question :)

  20. mike Sep 20,2015 08:29

    Is there a preferred way of offering feedback on Mint for the Mint team? Just post here? Write e-mails?

    • clem Sep 20,2015 10:44

      On covered topics, the best way is via comments on the blog. If it’s off-topic, it depends… if it’s related to Cinnamon, or Mint tools, or MDM, or whatever we develop, the best place is with an issue on If it’s urgent, the best place is via IRC on #linuxmint-dev. Otherwise via email.

  21. rhy Sep 21,2015 23:28

    Maybe we could have a poll of LMDE users about whether they’d like to follow Debian into SystemD or go with a fork like Devuan, or fork on our own? On the downside, we’d have to rename LMDE. :)

    I have a feeling you would get a LOT of support in keeping sysvinit.

    • Mani Sep 22,2015 08:03

      Sorry that I have to jump in now but I really can’t stand these flamewars against Systemd anymore. I’m using it since 2012 without any problems (much less than sysvinit). It is a lot less work for distributors, since they can all use the same service files, .service files with 3 to 20 lines are a lot easier to maintain for administrators than sysvinit-scripts with 30 to 1000 lines of code, etc.

      All in all it is giant code deduplication, which makes it more save, it is fast (multiprocessing), reliable (with sysvinit I had a lot of stalled boots, since Systemd not one) and the dependency resolving is much more elegant than just running a script from beginning to end.


      So please tell me, what is it that you hate that much about systemd?

    • clem Sep 23,2015 09:34

      We’ve two levels of responsibilities here: upstream (when we develop for Cinnamon or MATE for instance) and at the distribution level. Upstream we want to support anything that downstream distributions are using… so that means both systemd and non-systemd distros. At the distribution level, we want to use the best components available. So far that means sysvinit/consolekit/upower because of how new systemd/logind is. By the time we work on Mint 18 and LMDE 3, it will have matured, other distributions which jumped on it early will have ironed it out.

      You’re looking for a knight in shiny armor here. We didn’t go to war with GNOME. We re-created solutions we were using, components we relied on, which were no longer available upstream and which alternatives didn’t suit us. We’ve no such issues with systemd. Afaik it’s a component we can use going forward. I’m personally keeping an eye on the way it’s developed (mostly because it’s getting bigger and bigger and I’m concerned that adopting “this” might lock us into using “that”) but that’s about it.

      Also, if we were really concerned about systemd, we wouldn’t look at Devuan, at least that wouldn’t be our first step. We’d look at ConsoleKit2, we’d make sure somebody’s working on re-adding suspend/hibernate functionality into Upower… we’d start by assessing the viability and availability of alternative components, how much it would cost us to ensure they’re being developed and ultimately whether that would make Mint and LMDE (make no mistakes, we’re aiming at making these two as similar as possible) better distributions.

  22. bwb Sep 22,2015 01:37

    Great work Clem & Co.! I sure am glad to see that the LM team is full steam ahead as far as Compiz is concerned because LM + MATE + Compiz rocks!

  23. FeliX Sep 22,2015 09:43

    Salut Clem, ça fait plaisir de voir un français a la tête d’une distribution GNU/Linux répendue, néammoins j’ai quelques critiques a faire sur certain de vos choix :

    1/ Linux Mint et les logiciels libres

    Je pense qu’il serai préférable a l’avenir de ne pas imposer les logiciels propriétaires tel que “flash player” (qui est très critiqué) car quelqu’un qui veux utiliser Linux Mint sans logiciel propriétaire est obligé de déinstaller les programmes, l’idéal serai au moment de l’installation de laisser le choix pour l’utilisateur en posant une question pour l’utilisateur avec l’installeur du genre :

    “Voulez vous utiliser uniquement des logiciels libres ? oui | non”
    si la réponse est oui, alors tout ce qui est propriétaire que ça soit les codecs ou flash ne sera pas installé par défaut.

    2/ LMDE & Firefox

    – La version Debian de Linux Mint (LMDE) est pas mal mais il y a quelques trucs qui ne vont pas au niveau du suivi des logiciels :
    Par exemple vous avez choisi d’heberger Firefox plutôt que laisser Iceweasel, le problème c’est que vous avez pas mal de retard sur le suivi des versions de Firefox, notamment quand il y a une mise a jour de sécurité (par exemple Firefox en 40.0.3), votre version des dépots reste en “40”.

    3/ LibreOffice sous Mint 17.2

    De même pour LibreOffice sous la version basé sur Ubuntu, vous avez intégré LibreOffice 4.4 sous Mint 17.2, le problème c’est que vous laissez cette version sans appliquer les mises a jour de sécurité, même si vous ne voulez pas mettre la version 5.0, il aurai fallu au moins faire les mises a jour de la branche “4.4” (par exemple en synchronisant avec le PPA de la branche 4.4) sinon a ce moment là autant garder la version d’origine (4.2) qui elle peux avoir des mises a jours de sécurité.

    Mettre une version plus récente d’une application sur Mint par rapport a Ubuntu n’a d’intérêt que si les patchs de sécurité sont aussi appliqué dessus !

    4/ Les variantes Xfce & KDE

    Ce n’est pas obligatoire mais je pense qu’a l’avenir, il serai préférable de rester contentrer sur l’environnement Cinnamon & Mate mais de ne plus fournir de version Xfce et Kde, la raison est simple : il y a déjà des tonnes de distribution avec KDE et Xfce (notamment Kubuntu et Xubuntu). Votre distribution est surtout reconnu pour votre environnement “Cinnamon” et aussi Mate dans la moindre mesure.


  24. Torsten Sep 23,2015 17:36

    Will the problem with the Nvidia GeForce graphics be fixed?
    For me, it’s a bit strange that the free Noveau graphic driver doesn’t works with the Nvidia’s GeForce series.

    And in Linux Mint Xfce edition, the user also should have the option to move the panel from bottom to the top.

    • BillWho Sep 24,2015 20:15

      Settings > Panel > Display > General
      [x] Lock panel

      Unlock the panel
      Then you can drag the panel to the top
      using the ‘handle’ on the very left of the panel
      After moving the panel, re-lock the panel.

  25. Nomen luni Sep 23,2015 22:09

    Any Cinnamon headline enhancement for 17.3 to compete with this?

  26. Torsten Sep 24,2015 08:40

    Wow! Thanks for deleting my question!
    Really, I am amazed. I had expected such a behavior from Microsoft, but not from Linux Mint.
    What was so wrong about my harmless question?

    • mtwebster Sep 24,2015 11:18

      It wasn’t deleted. New posts often get flagged for moderation and need approval (Possibly this is your first time posting here?)

  27. calexil Sep 24,2015 17:30

    This is excellent news Clem, I have been wanting compton integration for a while. this should ease tearing issues for a lot of users

  28. LinuxIsNotUniX Sep 25,2015 16:23

    Clément ça sert a rien de mettre Firefox dans les dépots de Linux Mint, au contraire ça va même poser + de problème !

    En effet vu que vous avez 2 de tension pour mettre a jour firefox sous LMDE, je suppose que ça va être pareil avec la version basé sur Ubuntu, or jusqu’a maintenant Firefox était correctement a jour rapidement puisqu’il le prenait dans les dépots d’Ubuntu, maintenant que vous l’avez mit dans vos dépots cela va poser des problèmes car comme ils ont une priorité plus élevé (a cause du fichier de préférence), même si une version + récente de firefox sort dans les dépots d’Ubuntu, ça sera toujours votre version en retard sous Mint.

    On a déjà le même soucis avec le PPA libreoffice qui nous oblige a changer la priorité dans le fichier de préférence !

    Vraiment il faut arréter de mettre les logiciels dans vos dépots si ils sont présent aussi dans Ubuntu, cela pose + de soucis qu’autre chose !

    Encore si vous etiez réactif comme Ubuntu ça irai mais ce n’est pas le cas !

    Vous avez encore des progrès a faire au niveau de la réactivité et le suivi des logiciels !

    • peter Sep 25,2015 18:23

      opinions differ.
      I don’t need or want the very latest version of all those things, I prefer to wait until the bugs get fixed. (and the add-ons I want are working with it)
      If you want the very latest you know how to do that, so go for it.

      • LinuxIsNotUniX Sep 25,2015 19:09

        Non ! car la version de Firefox fournit par Linux Mint est la même que celle fournit par Ubuntu ! Il n’y a absolument aucun intérêt de la part de Linux Mint de rajouter Firefox dans leur dépot ! Cela ne fait que retarder les versions ! Au contraire c’est là ou vous avez complètement faux, Linux Mint ne s’occupe pas des mises a jour de sécurité (ou tardivement), la preuve ils n’ont pas appliqué le patch 40.0.3 a Firefox sous LMDE et maintenant c’est en 41.

  29. LinuxIsNotUniX Sep 25,2015 19:08

    Non ! car la version de Firefox fournit par Linux Mint est la même que celle fournit par Ubuntu ! Il n’y a absolument aucun intérêt de la part de Linux Mint de rajouter Firefox dans leur dépot ! Cela ne fait que retarder les versions ! Au contraire c’est là ou vous avez complètement faux, Linux Mint ne s’occupe pas des mises a jour de sécurité (ou tardivement), la preuve ils n’ont pas appliqué le patch 40.0.3 a Firefox sous LMDE et maintenant c’est en 41.

  30. jc Sep 26,2015 11:34


    > We’d look at ConsoleKit2, we’d make sure somebody’s working on re-adding suspend/hibernate functionality into Upower…

    No need! Consolekit2 1.0 incorporated suspend and hibernate. Is this not even better than putting that functionality into a battery-monitoring application like upower?

    As seen in the following link, if shutdown and reboot are consolekit functionality, then wouldn’t privileged power actions like suspend and hibernate also naturally fit with consolekit(2)?

    askubuntu (dot) com/questions/187071/how-do-i-restart-shutdown-from-a-terminal

  31. ServerHealers Sep 27,2015 05:05

    Haven’t tried Rosa ( 17.3 ) yet. Heard it is beautiful and these changes will make it even more beautiful. Congrats to the developers. We will be testing it and will be upgrading all our office PC’s to Rosa ( currently running 17.1 ) very soon.

  32. LinuxIsNotUniX Sep 27,2015 12:08


    Pour la version 17.3 Rosa et la futur 18 de Linux Mint, svp ne mettez pas Firefox dans vos dépots, ça ne sert a rien, il est déjà fournit par les dépots d’Ubuntu et forcément plus rapidement.

    C’est une bonne idée en revanche pour “LMDE” car par défaut sous Debian ce n’est pas Firefox mais Iceweasel mais par contre il faut bien suivre les mises a jour car la version Firefox de LMDE a souvent plusieurs jours (parfois semaine) de retard par rapport a la diffusion de Mozilla.

    Pour ce qui concerne LibreOffice, si vous mettez une version plus récente dans vos dépots, essayez au moins d’appliquer les patchs de sécurité/correction de bug car vous n’avez pas fait ça avec LO 4.4.3 sous la 17.2. Par exemple si vous voulez mettre la version 5.0 de LO sous la 17.3, il vous suffit de synchroniser les mises a jour avec le PPA de la branche 5.0.

    Mais je regrette vraiment votre choix d’imposer un Firefox retardé par rapport aux dépots officiels d’Ubuntu, j’espère que vous pourrez changer d’avis.


    • Philippe Sep 29,2015 17:46

      Hello everyone,

      I just found this blog very nice :)

      I am also of the opinion that the packages usually are not enough recent in Mint 17.x. I migrated for this reason among others to LMDE 2. The Debian repositories are very well maintained all latest update are available very quickly. Iceweal is regularly patched against security even though it does not use the latest version of the Mozilla engine.

      I hesitated to jump directly to Debian, I like Mint so I chose LMDE 2. It offers additional nice tools and gives a supperior visual rendering.

      @ Clem : What exactly are the differences between Jessie and LMDE 2 ?

      Best regards.

      • peter Sep 30,2015 12:13

        “@ Clem : What exactly are the differences between Jessie and LMDE 2 ?”
        I will not try to answer for Clem.
        I don’t follow Cinnamon but for LMDE Mate I will just say LOTS!!!
        Debian Jessie is bare bones, LMDE has the layer of elegance and tweaks and tools.
        install both alongside and compare.

        • Philippe Sep 30,2015 15:10

          @ Peter

          Tks I had already noticed this but I wanted more details …

          If Clem found a moment to answer me that would be great :)

      • clem Sep 30,2015 16:57

        Jessie is a base for us, a collection of packages. Other than that it’s a different distribution and I’m not really sure how different or similar LMDE is to it. It’s never been relevant to us. We’ve a much better appreciation of the similarities and differences between Betsy and Linux Mint, since they’re made together, with the same goals and mostly the same technology.

        I guess every time we do something Betsy and Mint get a little more different than Debian and Ubuntu. And we’ve been doing little somethings every day since 2006 so it’s quite hard to answer that one.

        As Peter suggested, the best thing to do is to take Jessie for a ride and decide for yourself.

  33. Baptiste Sep 29,2015 19:31

    This is a cool thing.
    You rarely should have to or want to change the window manager, but there are some little things.
    For instance if you’re stuck with extremely slow graphics, xfwm4 can be useful because of its “don’t show windows while they move” setting.

    One other setting could be to let caja “manage the desktop” or not. It’s possible to fiddle with that manually but if you forget how you did it you can’t change it back.
    Having no desktop icons, including not displaying or creating desktop files but keeping right-click to “change desktop wallpaper” would be an option I’d like.
    There’s room for such stuff like that in your “Desktop Settings” applet though I appreciate that it shouldn’t be littered with too many options.

  34. Ken Gingrich Oct 8,2015 19:14

    Will emerald be included?

  35. pepe Oct 9,2015 07:28

    Thank you for all the great work! It is a pleasure to work using Mint because of its great desktop integration. Thanks! I am waiting to try Rosa!

  36. Mark Oct 27,2015 13:29

    Hi clem, what about having the installer ask for the keyboard layout BEFORE the encryption password is entered, as discussed in this reddit thread?
    A workaround is to change the layout in the Live session, before installation, but the casual user will likely not notice that and expect it to “just work”.
    Could a fix make its way into LM 18?


  37. Mark Oct 27,2015 13:47

    nevermind, we just discussed on #linuxmint-dev.

  38. Darren Oct 28,2015 07:36

    I have no idea between the various flavours of Mint or LMDE or whatever. I tried all the downloads for Mint and found the one that worked best for me and my computer. That was XFCE. I think you did a great job with it. I think Mint is the Linux version that will win over more people from “other” operating systems.


  39. Rajesh Nov 1,2015 08:13

    Hi Clem,

    AMD/ATI graphics or Nvidia Graphics whatever( I mean any discrete graphics – hybrid as well as non hybrid) driver issues need to be ironed out for linux mint. This is one limiting issue almost any linux distribution is facing. I understand that it is not an easy task. I understand things are much better than what it used to be. But not enough. Still needs improvement. This has to be addressed. Graphics problems – optimal performance – power consumptions — needs to be addressed. I am a huge fan of Mint. But these are some hindrances, when I am trying to get it to work for others.

  40. Rajesh Nov 1,2015 08:18

    Also Title bar custom transparency for cinnamon would be nice

  41. mrman Nov 5,2015 11:31

    Just noticed, MATE’s default network configuration for wireless isnt correct out of the box.

    instead of Automatic DHCP, the setting is set to ‘shared to other computers’ , the default mode goes to adhoc when most people wont be wanting adhoc at all ( who really does, its not that safe ) when it should go to infrastructure mode.

    i think this might confuse a semi-lot of newcomers wanting to simply connect using the configuration gui, the type who can manage to know just about an SSID and password.

  42. dd Nov 21,2015 12:22

    “Also Title bar custom transparency for cinnamon would be nice”.

    I like this idea!

  43. Ken Feb 6,2016 21:59

    Linux mint xfce 17.3 comes with sever window managers, however the xfce window manager is the only on that I can change the theme. How do I change the theme for metacity, compiz, openbox. the Window Manager only works for xfce4.

  44. gaelsano Mar 20,2016 17:40

    Clem wrote:

    > We’d look at ConsoleKit2, we’d make sure somebody’s working on re-adding suspend/hibernate functionality into Upower…

    No need! Consolekit2 1.0 incorporated suspend and hibernate. Is this not even better than putting that functionality into a battery-monitoring application like upower?

    As seen in the following link, if shutdown and reboot are consolekit functionality, then wouldn’t privileged power actions like suspend and hibernate also naturally fit with consolekit(2)?

    Just putting this out there in case the Mint team didn’t catch wind. Xfce4-power-manager 1.4.4 incorporated Consolekit2 support as well. The major missing functionality is multiseat support for rootless x and wayland (and mir). Other than that, it’s looking good so far. Eudev, of course, is progressing on track. Sysvinit is probably the laggard of the bunch, but a Linux Mint Debian based on Stable or Ubuntu with the aforementioned consolekit(2) and other trusted technologies would be great. Keep up the great work everyone.

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