Early access to Cinnamon 2.8
by clem 123

Warning: Cinnamon 2.8 will be officially released and announced at the end of the month. It should not be considered “stable” until then.

Early access to the upcoming Cinnamon 2.8 is available for people interested in beta-testing and helping the team squash bugs before the official release.

How to get Cinnamon 2.8

If you’re running Linux Mint 17.2 “Rafaela”:

  • As root, create the file /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/00romeo and write the following line into it:

This is to work around a bug in APT (more details on this in the comments section).

If you’re running Linux Mint 17.2 “Rafaela” or LMDE 2 “Betsy”:

  • From the application menu, launch “Software Sources”
  • Enable the option “Unstable packages (romeo)”


Screenshot from 2015-10-20 13:38:07

You can then upgrade Cinnamon 2.6 to version 2.8 with the Update Manager:

  • From the application menu, launch “Update Manager”
  • Click on the “Refresh” button
  • Click on the “Clear” button
  • Select the 11 Cinnamon updates available
  • Click on the “Apply” button



  • If you had nemo extensions installed, you’ll also find additional updates for them.
  • If you are using a mirror repository, you might have to wait up to 48 hours for it to receive these updates.
  • Please log out and log back in after applying these updates.
  • If you are using another distribution, please check with your maintainer for availability. Alternatively, you can download and compile Cinnamon from source code on https://github.com/linuxmint.

How to send us feedback

We’re always interested in new ideas and bug reports, but in preparation for the 2.8 release, the most important thing for us right now is to identify and to fix “regressions”. That’s what we’ll be focused on, almost exclusively.

A “regression” is a bug which is new, something that worked in version 2.6 and no longer works in version 2.8. If you find such a regression when testing 2.8, please post about it here in the comments section and include the following information:

  • A description of the problem
  • Whether it happened once/twice/sometimes or whether it happens all the time
  • How to reproduce it (i.e. to make it happen)
  • Whether it worked in 2.6 and what happened then (if applicable)

Describing the problem accurately is essential. In particular, if you’re able to clearly explain how to reproduce the problem, chances are high we’ll be able to fix it quickly. Knowing how to reproduce an issue consistently tells us a lot about its probably cause, and once a developer is able to cause that problem on his own computer, fixing it becomes a much easier exercise.

You can also send us feedback for:

  • New ideas, feature requests, bugs in general (as issues on https://github.com/linuxmint)
  • Your opinion about Cinnamon 2.8 (as comments here on this blog post)

What’s new in Cinnamon 2.8

We’ll go through the new features and illustrate them with screenshots at the end of the month when it’s time for an official release.

But for now, here’s a rough changelog of the changes that made it in. It’s a bit cryptic but it shows who worked on what.


  [ pixunil ]
  * importer.cpp: Add a method to the global imports object addSubImporter(name, path)


[ Dexter Chua ]
  * Make cinnamon-desktop buildable with make

  [ mtwebster ]
  * gnome-desktop-thumbnailer.c: block known-buggy image types from being thumbnailed.

  [ Mike Gerow ]
  * Create keybinding for XF86AudioMicMute => mic-mute

  [ leigh123linux ]
  * fix xml bg warning


[ Clement Lefebvre ]
  * Add a gsettings key to enable debug
  * Reject new XSMP clients earlier in the shutdown path
  * xsmp: Re-accept clients if session shutdown is cancelled
  * Avoid to keep zombie clients in the case when a IceError is thrown between accept_ice_connection() and accept_xsmp_connection()
  * Only wait 1 second max on logout/shutdown
  * Log time delta in debug mode. Also, don’t log dbus calls (they don’t show much info and they’re very numerous)
  * Make QT5 apps follow the GTK style
  * Make the session blacklist entirely configurable
  * Replace indicator- with indicator-session in session blacklist
  * Renamed blacklist -> autostart-blacklist

  [ Fabio Fantoni ]
  * remove unused debian/po-up
  * remove some other unused files in debian folder
  * update debian/copyright
  * debian fixes and improvements


[ leigh123linux ]
  * Change summary for motion-acceleration as it has nothing to do with single click
  * Stop using deprecated GSettings:schema property
  * print-notifications: Don’t show error for job in progress
  * print-notifications: Close HTTP connections

  [ Mike Gerow ]
  * Pressing the mic-mute button now toggles the microphone’s mute status

  [ Clement Lefebvre ]
  * Power plugin: Added vendor and model info to GetPrimaryDevice() and GetDevices()
  * [halfline] Xrandr plugin: don’t ever show a dialog for xrandr failures
  * Xrandr: Catch-up with GSD 3.16 – set a title to the confirmation dialog https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=706128
  * Xrandr: Catch-up with GSD 3.16 – Simplify layout of adjacent screens
  * Xrandr: Catch-up with GSD 3.16 – Add object path to the interface definition XML
  * Xrandr: Catch-up with GSD 3.16 – Avoid the GnomePnpIds object being created multiple times
  * Xrandr: Catch-up with GSD 3.16 – Add more debug to the rotate windows call
  * Xrandr: Catch-up with GSD 3.16 – Swap axes for tablets as well
  * Xrandr: Catch-up with GSD 3.16 – use default-monitors-setup for autoconfigure
  * Xrandr: Catch-up with GSD 3.16 – Add reasoning for GnomePnpIds instantiation
  * Catch-up with GSD 3.16 – Provide a helper function to close an XDevice safely
  * HiDPI: Don’t scale when the physical size isn’t properly encoded
  * Fix crash when a plugin failed to start
  * modernize code for handling SIGTERM
  * Unown our DBus name when cinnamon-session says “Stop”
  * Remove unused code
  * po: Fixed some refs to GNOME

  [ Fabio Fantoni ]
  * remove unused debian patches
  * update debian/copyright
  * remove unused maintscript
  * remove manpage from debian, the source one will be used instead
  * debian packaging improvements and fixes
  * update man with the one that was in debian folder


[ JosephMcc ]
  * cleanup: replace deprecated gdk_cursor_unref() with g_object_unref()
  * cleanup an unused variable

  [ Michael Webster ]
  * gs-window-x11.c: Fix random crashing due to accessing invalid pointers when cleaning up the GSWindow instance.
  * gs-window-x11.c: Fix trying to control the screensaver socket after the plug has been removed (race condition) – by default the socket is destroyed when this happens.
  * gs-lock-plug.c: fix runtime warning


[ Anders Ladegaard Marchsteiner ]
  * Kim’ie has moved Pyonyang half an hour. Not to say several centuries back in time…

  [ Clement Lefebvre ]
  * Display settings: Use a wider range of colors (there’s one color taken per output.. connected or not.. so we need to start with red and go all the way to blue) to identify displays, use more vivid colors, don’t round OSD (they appear in the corner so it looks a bit weird), show output names (underneath the display name itself)
  * Fixed wrong arguments in error_message() usage

  [ tomoe-musashi ]
  * Update date-endian.c
  * Update date-endian.h
  * Update date-endian.c

  [ Fabio Fantoni ]
  * Debian packaging improvements and fixes

  [ Michael Webster ]
  * debian/rules: fix packaging conflict


  [ Clement Lefebvre ]
  * Attach modal windows by default

  [ Michael Webster ]
  * screen.c: Fix toggle-desktop behavior.
  * Fix some warnings
  * compositor.c: handle unstable API break
  * Implement frame sync between apps and compositor.
  * Add meta-sync-ring and nvidia patch –

  [ Dexter Chua ]
  * main.c: remove incorrect comment

  [ JosephMcc ]
  * Keybindings: Change how the “Center window is screen” hotkey works so it centers the window on the proper screen in multiple monitor setups and matches the placement of centered, newly opened windows
  * screen: Add a public meta_screen_get_current_monitor(). A convenience function for getting the current monitor index for the cursor. Helpful when implementing features with proper multiple monitor support.
  * Center attached dialogs on the parent window instead of the parents titlebar.
  * Pull some upstream fixes from mutter to allow getting/setting a windows icon geometry. This will allow us to get a proper working minimize effect when using multiple panel applets


  [ Daniel Schürmann ]
  * pathbar: use a private struct and use use nemo_is_[home/root/desktop]_directory()
  * Fix compile errors
  * Don’t use hardcoded script and action paths, remove unused sys script path
  * Used definitions from nemo-global-preferences
  * Moved action key definition to nemo-action.h to be external usable
  * Show comment as tooltips for actions in action config, and improve comments for some actions.
  * all: remove nemo_window_slot_go_to()
  * Combine the search bar and query editor
  * Added search_is_not_empty, to fixe a segfault in treelist

  [ Jonathan DePrizio ]
  * Only include the domain if the method is SMB

  [ Monsta ]
  * bumped some deps and build-deps

  [ AlirezaNaghizadeh ]
  * quick rename
  * quick rename

  [ pyecs ]
  * Fix default sort order bug in list view

  [ Michael Webster ]
  * nemo-places-sidebar.c: Fix a couple of drag-and-drop issues when there are no bookmarks, or when the xdg-bookmark area is empty.
  * nemo-places-sidebar.c: Fix a memory leak.
  * connect-to-server: remember the last connection type.
  * nemo-list-view.c: Fix column sorting when default sort type is “Detailed type”
  * nemo-connect-server-dialog.c: Fix previous commit.
  * fix build warning, missing prototype.
  * Fix some build warnings
  * nemo-window-pane.c: Fix crash during location entry.
  * fix indentation

  [ Clement Lefebvre ]
  * Don’t assign the position of the last closed window to the first opened window (it would be really confusing if it worked.. and it didn’t really work since gtk_application_get_windows() seemed to also count the desktop window)
  * Prefs: Rephrase quickrename option
  * nemo-action-config-widget.c: Localize non-localized comment string
  * Updated pot file

  [ Corbin ]
  * Re-add revealer animation on search bar
  * Fix Query Editor Row not displaying


[ Alexandre Rostovtsev ]
  * build: require libmuffin-2.5.0 for show_tile_preview
  * build: append ST_CFLAGS when building test-recorder

  [ Asier Iturralde Sarasola ]
  * Fix some typos in the Writing applets tutorial

  [ Clement Lefebvre ]
  * Power applet: Fix case when last battery is removed (applet continued to show up)
  * Power settings/applet: Added vendor/model info, refactored code/logic as to which device to show in the applet, fixed 6px margin issue
  * Power applet: Don’t show time until fully charged when equal to 0 (i.e. when unknown)
  * Multi-monitor support: When switching workspace, the workspace name OSD should appear on all relevant monitors
  * Alt-tab: Improved preview mode (faster switching animations, less delay, less opacity in the background)
  * Alt-tab: Speed up preview backdrop animation a little more
  * Alt-tab: Classic switcher, don’t animate thumbnail removal (it looks weird when switching to the next window..). Also, increase the delay to show thumbs to 300ms. Both 180ms and 300ms seem slow when trying to identify windows by their thumbs, but 180ms gets in the way and shows shadow-thumbs when pressing Alt at “normal” speed. It’s all empirical/subjective really.. but this seems to improve things a bit.
  * Display applet: Show output names (handy when the the display name is the same for 2 or more monitors)
  * Workspace Switcher applet: Added visual representations and configuration to switch between visual and button modes
  * Applets: Fixed enabling/disabling applets
  * Window list applet: Simplified setting description
  * Revert “Stop using deprecated functions”
  * Network applet: If the device vendor/model are empty, return the device name or the device type
  * Sound applet: Replaced ‘menuitem-detail’ style with popup-inactive-menu-item
  * Sound applet: Group player_info/artwork/track_info/controls/position_seeker together, implement flat slider support in slider.js.
  * Sound applet: Reduce the number of theme styles used
  * Sound applet: Fixed recent regression when displaying track info in the panel
  * Sound applet: Move input components, output devices and applications to context menu
  * Sound applet: Hide applications/output-devices initially
  * Sound applet: Make new styles important so the new elements look nice in all themes
  * Sound applet: Fixed introduced regression (title/artist info only changed when cover changed)
  * Sound applet: Themeable button sizes (bigger by default) and a little more padding in the track info
  * User settings: Removed trailing spaces and fixed indentation
  * User settings: Replace os.system() with subprocess.call()
  * Indicators: Less debug info in Melange, and hide indicators which role is registered by applets
  * Fixed redeclaration of const Params
  * FHS fixes: move arch indip. files from /usr/lib to /usr/share
  * Move capi.py to /usr/lib as contain one path arch dependent
  * Sound applet: Force padding/alignment on device output origins
  * Removed unused code
  * Don’t register Cinnamon with cinnamon-session
  * Fixed Cinnamon caused by previous commits
  * Fixed Cinnamon crash caused by previous commits
  * Removed cinnamon-preload
  * Added debian/cinnamon.maintscript to remove obsolete preload files in /etc
  * Window list applet: Add window title and icon to window preview thumb
  * Systray applet: Fixes for invisible/out-of-place icons
  * Updated makepot
  * Updated additional files
  * Fixed ./generate_cs_module_desktop_files.py and updated cs module desktop files
  * Fixed missing paths in makepot
  * Don’t translate “v%s”..
  * Updated pot file
  * Systray applet: Fixed Cinnamon crash when resizing the panel or toggling scale mode
  * Systray applet: Fixed indicators not being removed properly
  * A couple of improvements for indicators
  * Window list applet: Enable thumbnail previews by default

  [ Corbin ]
  * Improve/Bugfixes password changer dialogs
  * finishing touches

  [ darealshinji ]
  * Packaging: fix and override more Lintian warnings

  [ Dexter Chua ]
  * appletManager.js: use a more efficient method to add applet
  * appletManager.js: avoid code duplication
  * Menu Applet: Code Cleanup 1
  * Menu Applet: Code Cleanup 2
  * appletManager.js: Don’t reinvent Applet.prototype.filter
  * appletManager.js: more cleanup
  * Panel Launchers: Code Cleanup
  * popupmenu.js: Code Cleanup
  * signalManager.js: Code Simplification
  * Fix deprecation warnings
  * [Alt-F2] Work well with whitespace in filenames
  * cs_startup.py: don’t crash when XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP is not set
  * [Alt-F2] Redo (broken) completion mechanism
  * [Alt-F2] Allow user-defined aliases
  * [Alt-F2] Fix completion for symlink to directory
  * Allow documentation of signals
  * Document signals in PopupMenu.PopupMenuBase
  * Stop using deprecated functions
  * Removed unused variables
  * Stop using deprecated functions
  * tooltip.js: split out TooltipBase class for easier reuse
  * Window list applet: add window preview
  * Add missing import
  * tooltips: simplify position calculations
  * [Docs] Fix regression in whitespace determination
  * windowManger.js: use Tweener for timeout
  * tooltip.js: yet again more cleanup
  * window list: steal alt-tab style for preview

  [ Dustin Falgout ]
  * Display the name of Arch Derivatives When Applicable

  [ Fabio Fantoni ]
  * Install python script supporting files in /usr/share
  * Fix cinnamon-settings python files path
  * Fix cinnamon-settings-users policy path
  * Fix cinnamon-settings-users path
  * Fix cinnamon-desktop-editor path
  * Fix cinnamon-menu-editor path
  * Fix cinnamon-screensaver-lock-dialog path
  * Fix cinnamon-json-makepot path
  * Fix other FHS path
  * Fix cinnamon-settings after FHS fixes
  * Improve debian/rules
  * Add capi search path

  [ Filip Kowalczyk ]
  * fixed sticky highlight on Clear List button in Recent Files when browsing with keys

  [ Garry Filakhtov ]
  * Removed dateFormat from toLocaleTimeString() call

  [ James Lu ]
  * cs_startup: fix crash on NameError when copying a desktop file fails

  [ JosephMcc ]
  * Deprecations: Remove use of deprecated g_type_init () and bump GObject requirement accordingly.
  * Deprecations: Replace gtk_icon_info_free() with g_object_unref()
  * Cleanup: instead of attempting to clean up deprecated functionality in cinnamon-arrow, just remove it since it seems to be unused.
  * Cleanup: Fix an unused function warning in cinnamon-global.c
  * Cleanup: Remove st-tooltip. It’s the source of a lot of build warnings and we no longer use it.
  * js: Explicitly dispose of all cairo contexts. A long read on why you want to do this here: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=685513
  * trash-applet: Fix an issue: JS ERROR: Error: Too few arguments to method Gio.close expected 1 got 0 in the trash applet
  * effects: bring back our window unminimize effect
  * workspace-switcher: Add an “Add new workspace” option to the context menu
  * boxpointer: Pull in some upstream fixes that better handle the boxpointer “arrow” in some cases
  * Set the X-Gnome-AutoRestart hint to false. Stumbled across this in an old gnome bug report. Fixes the issue with Cinnamon restarting twice with cinnamon –replace
  * windowManager: Destroy the tile hud/preview when we are done with it. Currently after showing the preview you will get a noticeable slowdown when moving windows that pass off the monitor edges. This should help solve that.
  * popupMenu: Add back the expander arrow on PopupSubMenuMenuItem but with a different layout. Also tweak the layout of a couple of our applet menus to look nicer with this change. The addition of the icons to Cinnamon itself is a workaround for Mint. Newer versions of the gnome icon theme have these as built in icons but not in the version supplied with Mint 17. They can be removed in the future.
  * bg: add “spanned” to the list of bg types that need to show the background color options
  * popupMenu: add back a couple checks for the existence of submenu expander arrow to prevent breaking the right click context menus in the menu applet
  * use the new meta_screen_get_current_monitor() to place appswitchers and modal dialogs on the proper monitor in multiple monitor setups
  * workspace-applet: properly dispose a cairo context
  * cs_windows: Reword a setting to match https://github.com/linuxmint/muffin/pull/204
  * windowManager: Make the window dimming effect with attached dialogs a bit stronger and more obvious
  * windowManager: Properly declare a variable
  * add new slider and separator objects
  * workspace-switcher: Rework the visual style workspace switcher so it can be themed. Also fix some st_theme_node warnings and stop windows from being able to be drawn outside the workspace background
  * cs_startup: set modal to true for both the “Choose application” and “Add custom command” dialogs so the behavior is the same for both when using attached dialogs
  * rework the window list and effects so minimize effects work properly with multiple window lists on multiple monitors
  * sound-applet: make the volume slider for individual applications fully expand
  * workspace-swithcer: Use the set_important() function to make sure we get proper theming on the visual workspace switcher in themes that don’t yet support it
  * systray-applet: fix an undeclared variable warning
  * theme: Re-style and size checkboxes and radio buttons in the default theme

  [ leigh123linux ]
  * cinnamon_recorder_LDADD’ is defined but no program or library has ‘cinnamon_recorder’ as canonical name (possible typo)
  * Remove relic from old mozjs-17
  * fix gtk import version
  * fix gtk import version
  * fix gtk import version
  * fix notify import version
  * fix cinnamon-desktop and upowerglib import versions
  * fix accountsservice import version
  * remove unused browser plugin stuff
  * cs_screensaver: fix Deprecation Warning
  * SettingsWidgets: fix Deprecation Warning
  * cs_themes: fix Deprecation Warning
  * Spices: fix Deprecation Warning
  * deprecated schema
  * missed one

  [ lestcape ]
  * Be more selective when filter the mouse release events.
  * Add support for indicators.
  * Fix missing or improperly imports.
  * Moved the indicator to the main cinnamon class. Removed the NameWatchDog Class. Added some checks, and the compatibility with this new behavior.
  * Removed also the NameWatchDog declaration (was omitted in the previous commit).
  * Inhibit the indicator icon, when has a draggable parent.
  * As a pedro recommendation, this is an attempt to move the RadioButton and CheckBox classes to the corresponding place, and reuse it, in the same place.
  * Fixed an error in the regretion from signalManager.

  [ Marga Manterola ]
  * Optimize rebuilding of media-keys hotkeys (fixes #4691)
  * Reorder setting delay_setup_started variable to avoid possible races (improves #4692)

  [ Matthew Petroff ]
  * Restore time remaining option for power applet.
  * Fix translation strings.

  [ Michael Webster ]
  * cs_backgrounds: add missing import
  * window-list applet: restore 2.4 behavior where a window list item demanding attention remains highlighted after it’s done flashing.
  * panel-launcher: Use a generic icon when creating a new launcher, if the user didn’t select a custom icon.
  * st-widget: Expand the “important” property: add set/get methods, remove CONSTRUCT_ONLY flag, have a theme node recalculation triggered when the property changes.
  * capi.py:  Move with rest of cinnamon-settings files to their new location, remove debian sed rule for multiarch fix, instead figure out the right location in the capi code.  Cinnamon-bluetooth is not MultiarchSpec compliant, so we still need to *also* load from /usr/lib/*.
  * st-widget.c: Fix typo in st_widget_recompute_style
  * st-theme-node: properly recalc the theme node when an StWidget’s important property changes.
  * main.js: Fix typo from 08474a03cd660bb176d5ebb361a01ff6d51162fc
  * tooltips.js: Fix some occasional log warnings
  * window list: don’t delay showing a preview, if another preview was just showing.
  * keybindings.js: don’t tell muffin to remove a keybinding that we never set.  This quiets warnings during startup about magnifier hotkeys.

  [ Phillip Berndt ]
  * Calendar applet: Avoid unnecessary wakeups
  * Calendar applet: Update each second if global time format is set to include seconds
  * Calendar applet: Update if Date&Time configuration has changed
  * Calendar applet: Simpler detection method for 8aa5264

  [ pixunil ]
  * Power applet: Fixed a logical bug, when the primary device does not change its icon string after an update, battery-full will be used Fixes #4329
  * Sound applet: Use the style class .sound-button-container with the pseudo class :small for quit and raise buttons Theme: Apply the :small pseudo class, cleanup of unused sound applet classes
  * Also translate xlet metadata in about dialogs
  * cs-backgrounds: add revealer to gradient widgets when picture-options is set to a value where those have no effect
  * Network applet: hide the switch if the switch has got no function   This is typically the case e.g. when a cable is unplugged
  * trash applet: do not add items to context menu on orientation changed
  * extension.js: Use a macro function to create the Extension.Type members
  * extension.js: xlet uuids are unique for each xlet type, it is now possible to have more than one xlet of different types and the same uuid – Extension.unloadExtension, Extension.forgetExtension and Extension.get_max_instances needs to have a type argument after the uuid – Extension.importObjects, Extension.objects, Extension.meta, Extension.dirs are moved to Extension.Type[type].maps[mapType]
  * Automatically reload xlets when updating them instead of showing an info dialog
  * extension.js: Enable imports in a xlet via import.xlet (where xlet is the type of xlet; applet, desklet, extension or search_provider) cinnamon-js.cpp: Removed cinnamon_js_add_extension_importer
  * appletManager: In arrow filter functions, check if the value exists (when iterating over appletObj) Fixed the bug when the button in applet settings has no effect

  [ Rob Adams ]
  * Show audio device name (origin) in sound applet
  * Change calls to highlight, activate callbacks on xlets – Fixed initial instance not being selected on multi-instance xlets (error on highlight) – Passing uuid and instance_id to cinnamon via dbus – instance_id is the same as uuid when multi-instance not allowed – Corrected order of instance tabs in Gtk.Notebook to reflect order instances were added in

  [ Stephen Collins ]
  * Fix St.Entry not honoring some css text properties
  * settings.js: allow for dynamic getting and setting of options for supported key types (eg comboboxes and radio groups)
  * Make more cursor types available to Cinnamon
  * Sound applet: make sure player controls are destroyed when multiple names are used
  * Add two more cursor types to Cinnamon javascript
  * Fix some problems with the checkbox api

  [ The Aviator ]
  * Only get local users from /home

Many thanks to all the developers and people involved in this new version of Cinnamon.

Have fun with Cinnamon 2.8… and please don’t find too many bugs ;)

123 thoughts on “Early access to Cinnamon 2.8

  1. clem Oct 21,2015 10:01

    Mint/LMDE users should also update cinnamon-themes.

    Here’s more info on the APT bug mentioned in the post:

    – Bug details: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=753941 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+bug/1445436
    – Symptoms: apt-cache segfaults making APT unable to calculate priorities and/or updates, resulting in no updates being visible.
    – Cause: a bug in the way APT allocates its memory during the cache update
    – Solution: Allocating 100MB RAM to APT’s Cache-Start works around the issue. This will be done by default in Mint 17.3. It won’t need to be done in Mint 18 since newer versions of APT entirely rewrote that piece of memory management.
    – Who’s affected: This doesn’t happen often. Although the report is from 2014, this has gone undetected since the Squeeze era, and all throughout 14.04/17.x. With the introduction of Cinnamon 2.8 (which is roughly 100MB and introduces many packages and dependencies) in Romeo, the issue became visible in Mint 17.2, but not on all computers. It seems to be more prone to happen in virtual machines but we also heard of cases on real computers.
    – Why we don’t issue an automated fix: Because it’s precisely via APT that we’re sending you updates. If something goes wrong, we can’t auto-correct it. In terms of timing, doing it in 17.2 to fix something only Romeo users experience and just before 17.3 is a bad idea. This will be done in 17.3 RC instead, either via an actual fix in APT or the setting on Cache-Start.

    I’m sorry if this is a bit technical. I hope the info helps.

  2. clem Oct 21,2015 10:06

    Theme artists get access to new styles to define the new sound menu, or the new visual workspace applet. They don’t have to, though. If they don’t, these will look like they do in the default theme.

    Areas to check for theme artists in Cinnamon 2.8 are:

    – Workspace applet -> configure it to show visual representation
    – Sound applet when playing media over MPRIS (check the right-click menu also)
    – Checkboxes in indicators (you can test this with transmission-gtk for instance)

    Applet/Desklet/Extensions developers shouldn’t be impacted for the most part. There are a few changes related to UUID (they’re only unique per spice type so that type now has to be passed if you query Cinnamon for a particular UUID). If your spice no longer works in Cinnamon 2.8, please get in touch with us on IRC (irc.spotchat.org #linuxmint-dev) and we’ll fix it together.

  3. kelebek333 Oct 21,2015 11:00

    Hi Clem,

    Firstly I congratulate all the contributors.

    When romeo repository is selected Mintupdate can’t refesh and can’t show package updates.

    ii mintupdate all The Linux Mint Update Manager

    inxi -Sr
    System: Host: mintofis Kernel: 3.16.0-50-generic x86_64 (64 bit) Desktop: Cinnamon 2.8.0 Distro: Linux Mint 17.2 Rafaela
    Repos: Active apt sources in file: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/official-package-repositories.list
    deb http://packages.linuxmint.com rafaela main upstream import romeo
    deb http://extra.linuxmint.com rafaela main
    deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu trusty main restricted universe multiverse
    deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu trusty-updates main restricted universe multiverse
    deb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty-security main restricted universe multiverse
    deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/ trusty partner

    • clem Oct 21,2015 11:31

      Does it show any errors? Your sources look good.

      • kelebek333 Oct 21,2015 11:49

        I can update the cache from Mintsource, but can’t refesh from Mintupdate. I update cache from Mintsource, then I restart Mintupdate. But Mintupdate not show all of updates.

        Following output from Mintsource.

        gtk_widget_hide: assertion ‘GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)’ failed

      • kelebek333 Oct 21,2015 11:52

        If I select romeo repo, I can’t upgrade from terminal with “apt upgrade”.

      • kelebek333 Oct 21,2015 12:51

        I remove main repo maually and romeo repo is active.

        deb http://packages.linuxmint.com rafaela upstream import romeo

        As above I can refesh Mintupdate and updates became visible.

        This problem may be causing the same packages in the main repo and romeo repo.

        • clem Oct 21,2015 13:10

          You should see 2.6 in main and 2.8 in romeo. You can type “apt policy cinnamon” to verify.

    • clem Oct 22,2015 09:23


      This is fixed by setting the Cache-Start value for APT. Info was added to the post to explain all that.

      • kelebek333 Oct 22,2015 09:58

        Hi Clem,

        Thanks you. I create 00romeo file and problem solved.

        echo “APT::Cache-Start “104857600”;” | sudo tee /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/00romeo

  4. Anon Oct 21,2015 11:21


  5. Skal3ton Oct 21,2015 11:56


    Great work Clem and all the team member!! THANKS!!

    For me it was easy to update. After the Log in/out process Im happy with the performance! Using less RAM/CPU/HDD for me!!! (I had a little overheating issue before and the fans turned on regularly but not for now!!)

    Dont find any bugs… yet! :)


    On Betsy can we expect Driver Manager before LMDE 3?!
    I tried install nvidia driver (304.xx) many times but it always went wrong (something “x”related, mdm issue…etc.) and finally I gave up!!
    I really glad for IT!!

    Thank you once more your hard works!!!

    • clem Oct 22,2015 09:25

      Hi Benito,

      We’re aware of this issue and we’d love to get it fixed too. We don’t know the cause yet though and we’re still investigating. At the moment I’m afraid we don’t have a solution for this just yet.

    • Chris Oct 26,2015 09:47


      I don’t know if this makes sense but I had had this problem for a long time. But since a few days ago it now works, and I think (not sure) that it coincides with me upgrading the kernel to the latest 3.19 available in the update manager.

  6. Mintulix Oct 22,2015 09:57

    Hi Clem,

    a kind of regression, because it is not fixed with “* Only wait 1 second max on logout/shutdown”. Start keepassx (I think it’s in the repos, version 0.4.3+dfsg-0.1ubuntu1) an log out again (in my case it’s often locked and in the tray). Log out lasts more than 30 seconds instead of a few seconds. Can thin be fixed in cinnmon-session?

    I also still miss the toggle for AND/Intel graphics cards. Any chance?

    Thanks, Mintulix

  7. George99 Oct 22,2015 15:09

    Hi Clem,

    a regression concerning the messenger Telegram:

    I’m a using the messenger Telegram which is configured to show up as a icon in the icon tray. So now after updating to cinnamon 2.8 the icons turns orange instead of blue and much smaller. There is no more mouse-over info and a left click doesn’t open Telegram anymore but shows the context menu which used to appear with a right-click before.

    • clem Oct 22,2015 16:51

      Cinnamon 2.8 now supports indicators. You used to see the Telegram statusIcon, and now you see the Telegram indicator. In Settings->General you can disable support for indicators. That will force Telegram to use the statusIcon instead. You can’t however enable indicators for some apps and not others. Last but not least, if you find the Telegram indicator useless or not on par with the quality of the Telegram statusIcon, please submit a bug report to the Telegram dev team directly.

      • George99 Oct 23,2015 10:53

        Thank you Clem I’ll give a feedback to the Telegram dev team hoping they are interested to support this new feature of Cinnamon in their messenger. For now I stay with indicators enabled as I cannot beta new test features while disabled ;-)

  8. Simon B Oct 22,2015 18:42

    A minor fault with the new workspace switcher. If you put it on a panel with a customised panel size larger than that supplied by the theme, and then switch it back to the default for the theme, then the workspace switcher does not shrink within the new panel size, but it bursts out the bottom of the panel. If there are other applet icons in the same box then they are displaced towards the bottom of the panel, perhaps centrally aligned on the workspace switcher height ?. Same behaviour occurs whether the workspace switcher is put into left, centre or right boxes. Same behaviour in top or bottom panels, easier to see on top panels.

  9. Simon B Oct 22,2015 20:07

    I am seeing odd behaviour of the system monitor in expo, it tends to jerk to the left, and it can similarly jerk around if dragged between workspaces in expo. I can get this quite repeatedly across reboots, but it’s fine in my 17.2 and LMDE2 systems. Such an odd thing, maybe it’s my system rather than this new version [the test computer has a flaky touchpad] but no other program shows this behaviour. I had previously been trying out the optional window menu and sticky mode on this program if that’s relevant, but had stripped these back to the default, and stopped and restarted the instance of the monitor well before trying out expo.

    • Ziktofel Oct 23,2015 15:31

      I can confirm, the gnome-system-monitor’s window jerks toward the place where it is on the screen

  10. KDB Oct 22,2015 20:25

    Hi Clem and hi to all the team,

    Congratulations for this new version of Cinnamon. It seems to be very stable and really interesting.

    Here are a few things I have observed:
    – The menu seems much more responsive. Especially the first time it is launched. Have you been working on it?

    – After the installation of Cinnamon 2.8, my customized Menu icon was gone (back to gear). It was stored in /usr/lib/linuxmint/mintMenu/mintmenu.png which doesn’t exist anymore. The new icon seems to be in /usr/lib/linuxmint/mintWelcome/icons/logo.svg
    This is much better than a gear.

    Other than this, I’m still discovering and searching the new features. If I find a bug, I will report.


  11. Fred Barclay Oct 23,2015 01:39

    Hey Clem! Cinnamon 2,8 is impressive. Great job!

    I had the same experience as KDB with the mint menu icon being replaced by a gear icon. It was pretty easy to switch it back to the old icon but I would suggest this not occur in the final release. ;) Just my 2c.

  12. reference2myself Oct 23,2015 02:07

    thanks team, can’t wait to try it out on Arch

  13. Magnificu Oct 23,2015 18:09

    I just installed Cinnamon 2.8 and I would like to thank you for the great work.
    By chance I have found a bug and I was able to reproduce it several times.
    1) Go in Themes and set Icons and Controls color “Blue Aqua” (or anything else but not default green)
    2) System settings -> Accessibility -> High Contrast On and then Off and all the Icons and Controls colors are reset to the “default green” and not back to “Blue Aqua”.
    3) Go back in Themes “Blue Aqua” is still selected but this does not correspond to what you see on the screen (default green).

    Thank you.

  14. Facundo Gomez Oct 23,2015 18:12

    I have this problem now. For me is annoying to use “settings” and “control-center” for some modules, and applets links don’t work OK. (I’m LMDE2 user)

    capi failed to load multiarch modules Argument 0 does not allow None as a value
    Could not find network module; is the cinnamon-control-center package installed?
    Could not find display module; is the cinnamon-control-center package installed?
    Could not find bluetooth module; is the cinnamon-control-center package installed?
    Could not find universal-access module; is the cinnamon-control-center package installed?
    Could not find sound module; is the cinnamon-control-center package installed?
    Could not find color module; is the cinnamon-control-center package installed?
    Could not find wacom module; is the cinnamon-control-center package installed?
    __init__ took 372.007 ms

    • clem Oct 25,2015 13:36

      Can you paste the result of “dpkg -l | grep cinnamon”

      • Facundo Gomez Oct 26,2015 14:39

        Here are the results. Thanks!
        ii cinnamon 2.8.0+betsy i386 Modern Linux desktop
        ii cinnamon-common 2.8.0+betsy all Cinnamon desktop (Common data files)
        ii cinnamon-control-center 2.8.1+betsy i386 utilities to configure the Cinnamon desktop
        ii cinnamon-control-center-data 2.8.1+betsy all configuration applets for Cinnamon – data files
        ii cinnamon-desktop-data 2.8.0+betsy all Common files for Cinnamon desktop apps
        ii cinnamon-screensaver 2.8.0+betsy i386 Cinnamon screen saver and locker
        ii cinnamon-session 2.8.0+betsy i386 Cinnamon Session Manager – Minimal runtime
        ii cinnamon-session-common 2.8.0+betsy all Cinnamon Session Manager – common files
        ii cinnamon-settings-daemon 2.8.0+betsy i386 daemon handling the Cinnamon session settings
        ii cinnamon-themes 2015.10.21 all Cinnamon themes
        ii cinnamon-translations 2.8.0+betsy all Translation files for the Cinnamon desktop
        ii gir1.2-cinnamondesktop-3.0 2.8.0+betsy i386 Introspection data for CinnamonDesktop
        ii libcinnamon-control-center1:i386 2.8.1+betsy i386 utilities to configure the Cinnamon desktop
        ii libcinnamon-desktop0 2.4.2+betsy i386 Utility library for loading .desktop files – runtime files
        ii libcinnamon-desktop4:i386 2.8.0+betsy i386 Cinnamon library for loading .desktop files
        ii libcinnamon-menu-3-0 2.8.0+betsy i386 Cinnamon implementation of the freedesktop menu specification
        ii mint-artwork-cinnamon 4.9 all Default artwork for the Cinnamon edition of Linux Mint
        ii mint-artwork-debian-cinnamon 1.0 all Default artwork for the Cinnamon edition of LMDE
        ii mint-info-debian-cinnamon 2015.03.19 i386 Necessary information about the Linux Mint release and edition.
        ii mint-meta-debian-cinnamon 2015.06.29 all Set of packages installed by default in the Cinnamon edition of Linux Mint
        ii mint-user-guide-cinnamon 17.1.0 all The Linux Mint User Guide – Cinnamon Edition

        • Facundo Gomez Oct 26,2015 16:00

          with the new updates the problem has been solved !
          Thank you!

  15. Magnificu Oct 23,2015 18:21

    Update to previous post:
    After setting again the Icons and Controls colors and theme to Linux mint I noticed that User Applet icon in tray is still high contrast Icon (I am using Linux mint 17.2)

  16. Tony Whelan Oct 24,2015 02:19

    Trying out Cinnamon 2.8 on a fresh build of LM17.2
    I use a panel that’s slightly larger than the default, and I have “Allow Cinnamon to scale icons…” turned on.

    When I drag an application icon, to relocate it to a different place on the panel:
    1. the icon shrinks to the non-scaled size, and
    2. the icon does not appear in the new location
    UNTIL I turn “Allow Cinnamon to scale …” OFF and then back ON again.

    • Tony Whelan Oct 24,2015 22:46

      Slight update – although toggling “Allow Cinnamon to scale” does restore the icon size, it doesn’t maintain the correct position of the icon – the ‘drag’ action is effectively forgotten

      • Tony Whelan Oct 24,2015 23:40

        This appears to be an issue related to the panel-launchers applet

  17. Nomen luni Oct 24,2015 09:20

    Very impressed by the number of bug fixes and code cleanups in the change log. I imagine it is all too tempting to concentrate on shiny new features at the expense of this more mundane (and no doubt more frustrating) work.

  18. Mohit Oct 24,2015 13:21

    I haven’t read full list of changes and fixes. but i want to tell that there’s one thing that annoys me or other users is that cinnamon menu changes its width after new software installed/Removed,theme changed,or panel position changed. i hope you guys have fixed this. and if its possible please add option to move panel on side edges. thanks for this amazing DE. :)

  19. Klaus Oct 24,2015 15:46

    Hello Clem

    Congrats on the new version of Cinnamon.

    It is really nice but I have encountered an issue. I see a lot of lags and stutter in windows’ effects (animations). Like to see this fixed in the final release.

    Keep up the good work.

  20. Crewp Oct 24,2015 21:10

    Installed Cinnamon 2.8 so far so good, very impressed so far, nice work Mint Team.

  21. Peter Curtis Oct 25,2015 11:26

    I have a similar problem to Facundo Gomez. A number of system settings are no longer displayed under Hardware including Sound, Display, Colour, Graphics tablet, Network and they can not be accessed from menu, terminal or applets. Running with Mint 17.2 plus Romeo. 32 bit install. Occurs all the time.

    :~$ cinnamon-settings
    capi failed to load multiarch modules Argument 0 does not allow None as a value
    Could not find network module; is the cinnamon-control-center package installed?
    Could not find display module; is the cinnamon-control-center package installed?
    Could not find universal-access module; is the cinnamon-control-center package installed?
    Could not find sound module; is the cinnamon-control-center package installed?
    Could not find color module; is the cinnamon-control-center package installed?
    Could not find wacom module; is the cinnamon-control-center package installed?
    __init__ took 99.720 ms

    Is this a 32 bit problem and does something else need to be installed as it refers to multiarch?

    • clem Oct 25,2015 13:34

      Can you paste the result of “dpkg -l | grep cinnamon”

      • Peter Curtis Oct 25,2015 13:41

        ~$ dpkg -l | grep cinnamon
        ii cinnamon 2.8.0+rosa i386 Modern Linux desktop
        ii cinnamon-bluetooth 3.8.8+rafaela i386 Gnome Bluetooth support for the Cinnamon desktop
        ii cinnamon-common 2.8.0+rosa all Cinnamon desktop (Common data files)
        ii cinnamon-control-center 2.8.1+rosa i386 utilities to configure the Cinnamon desktop
        ii cinnamon-control-center-data 2.8.1+rosa all configuration applets for Cinnamon – data files
        ii cinnamon-desktop-data 2.8.0+rosa all Common files for Cinnamon desktop apps
        ii cinnamon-screensaver 2.8.0+rosa i386 Cinnamon screen saver and locker
        ii cinnamon-session 2.8.0+rosa i386 Cinnamon Session Manager – Minimal runtime
        ii cinnamon-session-common 2.8.0+rosa all Cinnamon Session Manager – common files
        ii cinnamon-settings-daemon 2.8.0+rosa i386 daemon handling the Cinnamon session settings
        ii cinnamon-themes 2015.10.21 all Cinnamon themes
        ii cinnamon-translations 2.8.0+rosa all Translation files for the Cinnamon desktop
        ii gir1.2-cinnamondesktop-3.0 2.8.0+rosa i386 Introspection data for CinnamonDesktop
        ii libcinnamon-control-center1:i386 2.8.1+rosa i386 utilities to configure the Cinnamon desktop
        ii libcinnamon-desktop0 2.4.2+rebecca i386 Utility library for loading .desktop files – runtime files
        ii libcinnamon-desktop4:i386 2.8.0+rosa i386 Cinnamon library for loading .desktop files
        ii libcinnamon-menu-3-0 2.8.0+rosa i386 Cinnamon implementation of the freedesktop menu specification
        ii mint-artwork-cinnamon 4.9 all Default artwork for the Cinnamon edition of Linux Mint
        ii mint-info-cinnamon 2015.06.08 i386 Necessary information about the Linux Mint release and edition.
        ii mint-meta-cinnamon 2015.07.09 all Set of packages installed by default in the Cinnamon edition of Linux Mint
        ii mint-user-guide-cinnamon 17.1.0 all The Linux Mint User Guide – Cinnamon Edition

        • clem Oct 25,2015 14:57

          Thanks, I can see what’s wrong. Cinnamon is trying to find modules in /usr/lib/i686 instead of /usr/lib/i386.. we’ll have that fixed in the next cinnamon update.

      • Peter Curtis Oct 26,2015 17:35

        Looks as if the latest update has fixed it.

        Thanks for the very fast turnround – 2.8 is another great piece of work.

  22. Zorba Oct 25,2015 13:19

    Bug: I can no longer play radiotray and great little radio player. The status icon is messed up http://postimg.org/image/3yml0d8bj/

    Suggestion: Please include a netspeed applet by default. something like this http://cinnamon-spices.linuxmint.com/applets/view/141

  23. Zorba Oct 25,2015 13:58

    Suggestion: add the option to group windows to the default window list applet. What are you waiting for guys!!!! Thanks

  24. Magnificu Oct 25,2015 15:15

    Bug: I can not add repository ppa. Cannot add PPA: ‘No JSON object could be decoded’.

    • clem Oct 25,2015 15:38

      That has nothing to do with cinnamon. That’s mintsources.. check the PPA url you’re trying to add, maybe it’s been discontinued? That’s the error you get when it can’t find it.

  25. Crewp Oct 25,2015 20:34

    Running Cinnamon 2.8 on LMDE 2 64 bit so far very good, I have noticed update manager icon is resized on the task bar, much smaller than the others.

  26. NJ Oct 26,2015 01:48

    First I would like to thank the development team. Good stuff.

    I may have found a minor glitch: on my Dell D830 laptop, pressing the powerbutton brought up a Nemo window. I had restarted Nemo, but not the computer. After restarting the computer, the power button behaved as it should.

    I should like to second (third?) using the Mint logo for the Mint Menu rather than the gears icon.

  27. NJ Oct 26,2015 01:49

    Also: the alt-tab behaviour does indeed seem to have undergone a welcome improvement.

  28. NJ Oct 26,2015 02:34

    Problems when one has multiple instances of the spacer applet

    (1) The ‘highlight’ function – essential for this particular applet! – does not work (= clicking the highlight button does nothing), at least after one has added a new instance. This happens whether or not ‘panel edit mode’ is turned on.

    (2) If one deletes an instance of the space, the others are not renamed. Thus I have ‘spacer2’ but no ‘spacer1’.

    These problems are not regressions. Rather they are problems that persisted from 17.2 and need, I think, to be fixed.

    Also: how about temporarily disabling hiding of a panel when one is adding new applets?

    I have one panel (top), set to autohide.

  29. gerry Oct 26,2015 11:28

    I’m loving the new Sound applet, it works perfectly with VLC, Banshee and Spotify :-) Well done.

    An issue I’m seeing is in the Software Manager.
    If i open Sound and Video, I don’t see Spotify, yet if I type it in the search, it appears.
    Maybe the reason it appears in the search, is that i had previously used this method to install https://www.spotify.com/ie/download/linux/

    Another related Spotify issue, not sure if it’s my hardware, but if i launch Spotify from Terminal, while Spotify plays perfectly,
    I get this message repeatedly in red in Terminal
    09:12:01.158 E [rpc_connection.cpp:1206 ] Socket error 103

    • clem Oct 26,2015 13:47

      I use Spotify a lot and it’s a pity they don’t improve their client a bit:

      – They don’t feed MPRIS with their locally cached cover art.. instead they feed it an online URL (so the cover you see in the sound applet is downloaded from the Web.. that’s why there’s a little delay for it to show up when you use Spotify)
      – They don’t reliably give us the track position across MPRIS (that’s why you can’t “seek” with the applet when using Spotify but you can when using Banshee for instance)

      It’s not open-source though afaik.. so I can’t really help with that.

  30. gerry Oct 26,2015 11:29

    Clicking on the internet applet in the task bar, you can choose to bring up either Network Settings, and Network Connections.

    The Network Settings application opens with “Networking” in the title bar. Should Network Settings be labelled Networking or vice versa for consistency?

  31. NJ Oct 26,2015 14:50

    Something else I’ve noticed: the Dropbox icon is still too small; and Dropbox still does not launch on startup (without a dirty hack).


    PS, re Gerry’s point immediately above: I find that ‘network connections’ opens (and has always opened) what I would more readily call ‘network settings’, and vice versa.

  32. HPMC Oct 26,2015 15:25

    Overall nice improvements with this update. I am, however, getting an odd notification every now and again since applying the update. Every hour or so I’ll get “repos sourceActor is undefined.” The error does not coincide with the update manager, and if I run sudo apt-get update from the terminal I get no errors.

  33. 003percent Oct 26,2015 21:51

    Kim’ie has moved Pyonyang half an hour. Not to say several centuries back in time…

  34. Raidel Oct 27,2015 11:52

    Error in edit menus

  35. Nick Oct 27,2015 13:01

    I’m getting the same “repos sourceActor is undefined” error message.
    Also I’m not seeing the option to select the audio output device in the sound applet.
    There’s still inconsistency between the border padding in some options in the System Settings Accessibility vs Account details for example.

    As for general thoughts, Cinnamon is great, it’s what the old Opera was for browsers, but for Desktop environments.
    Anyone who used Opera knows just how many things it got “right” and how frustrating it was to use something else after that.
    I applaud you for striking the perfect balance between making Cinnamon feel like a professional product like Pantheon or Unity, while still being very customizable.
    It was Mint 17 with Cinnamon that finally convinced me to switching to GNU/Linux full time.

    The thing that still bothers me a lot, is that the compositing is never as quick and smooth as Compiz + the free drivers, which is easily on par with Windows, and compositing is one of the (few) things Windows gets right.
    Muffin works slower especially when resizing windows with both free and proprietary Nvidia drivers, and it’s not amazing.
    I can only hope that next year will be the year of Wayland and every frame will be perfect indeed.

    • KDB Oct 27,2015 19:41

      “repos sourceActor is undefined” is most probably the result of the configurable menu applet. Try to remove it and see if the situation is better.


  36. firecup Oct 27,2015 15:19

    Hi Clem,
    Any plans to add an option in nemo to copy/move/delete files in the old parallel style instead of putting them all in a queue?

    • jtflynnz Oct 28,2015 18:22

      I believe that they have mentioned in previous posts that there are no plans for this because this behavior can be manually performed within the action window when the tasks are running (selecting the play button on pending tasks will cause it to start running in parallel)

  37. JR Schmidt Oct 27,2015 17:28

    Yesterday I upgraded to the just-released Ubuntu 15.10. Whenever you upgrade Ubuntu, you have to re-install Cinnamon. No problem, I have been doing this for 3 years. So now I have early release Cinnamon 2.8 with the brand new Ubuntu 15.10.

    Everything looks great on both ends, but for some reason Cinnamon won’t show my background wallpaper. It’s just solid black. Nor will it allow me to change it. The Backgrounds dialog comes up just fine. It shows all my wallpaper files with the thumbnails. I can select any one, but it doesn’t appear. I can also select no background, and change the parameters for gradients or solid colors, but they don’t appear either.

    Here are my results for dpkg -l | grep cinnamon:

    ii cinnamon 2.8.0-20151026040149-wily amd64 Modern Linux desktop
    ii cinnamon-common 2.8.0-20151026040149-wily all Cinnamon desktop (Common data files)
    ii cinnamon-control-center 2.8.1-20151027013119-wily amd64 utilities to configure the Cinnamon desktop
    ii cinnamon-control-center-data 2.8.1-20151027013119-wily all configuration applets for Cinnamon – data files
    ii cinnamon-desktop-data 2.8.0-20151027000628-wily all Common files for Cinnamon desktop apps
    ii cinnamon-screensaver 2.8.0-20151027013011-wily amd64 Cinnamon screen saver and locker
    ii cinnamon-session 2.8.0-20151026043026-wily amd64 Cinnamon Session Manager – Minimal runtime
    ii cinnamon-session-common 2.8.0-20151026043026-wily all Cinnamon Session Manager – common files
    ii cinnamon-settings-daemon 2.8.0-20151027004527-wily amd64 daemon handling the Cinnamon session settings
    ii cinnamon-translations 2.8.0-20151026040423-wily all Translation files for the Cinnamon desktop
    ii gir1.2-cinnamondesktop-3.0 2.8.0-20151027000628-wily amd64 Introspection data for CinnamonDesktop
    ii libcinnamon-control-center1:amd64 2.8.1-20151027013119-wily amd64 utilities to configure the Cinnamon desktop
    ii libcinnamon-desktop-dev 2.8.0-20151027000628-wily amd64 Cinnamon library for loading .desktop files – development files
    rc libcinnamon-desktop0 2.5.1-20150125000350-utopic amd64 Utility library for loading .desktop files – runtime files
    ii libcinnamon-desktop4:amd64 2.8.0-20151027000628-wily amd64 Cinnamon library for loading .desktop files
    ii libcinnamon-menu-3-0 2.8.0-20151027012228-wily amd64 Cinnamon implementation of the freedesktop menu specification

    • JosephM Oct 29,2015 10:45

      I’ve been running Cinnamon on Wily for about two weeks and haven’t had any problems with the backgrounds. One thing you can try is running ‘cinnamon-settings backgrounds’ (without the quotes) in a terminal. Do your normal actions and see if it throws an errors.

  38. JR Schmidt Oct 27,2015 17:32

    This is unrelated to my other problem, but also, with the new sound applet, it has disabled the sound control buttons on my keyboard (mute, increase volume, decrease volume). Now I can only adjust the volume of an application by clicking the sound applet. I never had an issue like this before in 3 years of using Cinnamon with Ubuntu. Is there a quick fix in the works, or something I can configure?

    • JosephM Oct 29,2015 10:42

      I don’t see this issue here. If you remove the sound applet from the panel, do your media keys start functioning again?

  39. ccprog Oct 28,2015 02:54

    button callbacks defined in settings-schema.json no longer get called.

    Tried with calendar@cinnamonorg, menu@cinnamon.org and settings-example@cinnamon.org

    (I think that’s what Raidel meant above, since no spawning of cinnamon-menu-editor happens)

  40. Caner Oct 28,2015 08:53

    I am using LM 17.2. I am experiencing a constant background noise with the earphones. It does not increase with the increasing volume but it is annoying. It only disappears when I mute the output.

    I searched the internet and tried some fixes but it did not help… Some say it is because of the motherboard but in Windows it is not present.

  41. Andy Oct 28,2015 17:16

    Hello Clem and all,

    I’ve noticed that there is some problem as regards the mouse click speed in Linux Mint 17.2, which leads to several problems, like e.g. windows get unmaximised/minimised/maximised accidentally OR they SEEM to try to open multiple times, but then do not open at all.
    Apparently the system is configured too sensitively in such a way, that apparently one can only click the left mouse button for maximally 0.000000001 milli seconds or so, otherwise the system thinks that one wants to keep the left mouse button pressed (which is not the case!), which leads to those problems!

    I am not a slow person or so, and had never ever had any mouse click speed problems in any previous linux mint cinnamon 32 bit version!
    Therefore, it must be due to the system being wrongly configured by default. Can you fix that, please, as it is quite annoying?

    Awaiting your comment. Thank you in advance.


  42. Andy Oct 28,2015 17:23

    Hello Clem and all again,

    Another issue:

    Why has the “window tiling” feature been removed in Linux Mint 17.2?

    And I do not understand the following: It reads “Hold CTRL to enter snap mode”, but nothing happens????

    Also, what I constantly keep missing is a “recent folders” menu item! Can you finally include it, please?

    Awaiting your comment. Thank you very much in advance.

    Best regards,


    • JosephM Oct 29,2015 10:40

      The window tiling feature hasn’t been removed. You should be able to tile by dragging to any edge or corner of the screen.

      • VolMi Oct 29,2015 10:48

        Maybe, he is trying to tile GTK3 windows, which doesn’t work for me.

        • clem Oct 29,2015 10:50

          That should work just the same way.

          The only windows you can’t tile afaik are non-resizable windows.

          • VolMi Oct 29,2015 15:27

            Oops, sorry. I was sure that I had this problem, but it was probably just a non-resizable window that happened to use GTK3. In fact, gedit 3.18.1 tiles nicely.

          • JosephM Oct 30,2015 10:49

            Windows that you use client side decorations currently aren’t resizable.

  43. ccprog Oct 29,2015 02:43

    I’m not quite sure if this is Cinnamon, but I never encountered this before updating to 2.8 (applies to LMDE2):

    In some cases when an application windows pops up a notification dialog, the contents of the base window are grayed out. If you then grab this dialog window by its title bar and move it around, the main window gets moved with it. It even snaps the window out of maximized display if that is used. As a result you are no longer able to move the dialog aside to see what is under it.

    Not exactly a bug, but at least it is seriously unexpected behavior that moving one window would move another.

    • clem Oct 29,2015 10:03


      It’s an option. You can disable it in Windows->Behaviour->Attach dialogs to their parent window.

      • ccprog Oct 29,2015 12:48

        Oh! I see. Nonetheless, while moving the dialog along when the main window is dragged is intuitive, dragging the main window by moving the dialog still seems to be a strange behavior to me.

  44. Keith Oct 29,2015 12:09

    Hi there i love Linux Mint and i tend to install it on a usb flash drive and was just wondering if the following will be in the Mint 17.3 Release

    Linux Kernel 4.2
    Mesa 11.0.4
    xserver 1.17.4
    Pulseaudio 6 or 7

    and various other package upgrades it saves on downloading updates if there all ready included in the disk image if there not included will Linux Mint 18.0 be using the repository for Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus which is out on April 21st 2016 and have much newer packages

    Anyway keep up the great work with Linux Mint and Cinnamon all i need now is to get my Creative Sound Blaster ZX card working in Linux due to Kernel bug 55541 a sound card without any output is not any good

  45. NJ Oct 30,2015 00:05

    When the window ‘snap’ notification pops up (which I don’t wish it to anyway) it persists for a long time on my system with seemingly no way to dismiss it.

  46. NJ Oct 30,2015 00:14

    Please, how do I turn off the snapping? I found a way to do it before, under the previous version of Cinnamon, but I can’t recall it now. I did at least find a way of disabling the OSD notifications for it, namely via Dconf editor. This sort of workaround, and in general this sort of lack-of-easy-customisation-of-potentiaqlly-irritating-behaviour – we shouldn’t have to go through this. So I hope all of this is a bug and not by design! Please advise. Thanks.

    • mohammad-sn Oct 30,2015 07:41

      you can customise (or completely disable) window snapping and tiling in System Settings>Window Tiling.

      • NJ Oct 30,2015 18:34


        Thanks for the reply. But I should have said: that setting is set to ‘off’ already, and yet I still get the transparent do-you-want-to-snap box when moving windows to certain positions. This was a problem in 17.2, and there was some sort of fix – but I can’t recall what it is.

        • JosephM Oct 30,2015 19:35

          Here in the settings, turning off “Show tile heads up display” turns off the small bars that come up when you get near an edge. Turning off “Show snap on-screen-display” turns off the snapping OSD popup. Turning off “Enable Window Tiling and Snapping” turns off all of it. So it seems to work exactly as expected.

          • NJ Nov 2,2015 01:03

            Thanks. I think we have isolated the problem. To explain:

            When I set ‘enable window tiling and snapping’ to ON, and then set the snap and head-up options to OFF, those things are indeed disabled. HOWEVER, previously, those functionalities were ON (i.e. there was snapping and the OSD appeared) even though ‘enable window tiling and snapping’ was set to OFF. Now though everything seems to work as it should, even if I turn ‘enable window tiling and snapping’ back to OFF.

  47. Magnificu Oct 30,2015 16:59

    Bug: Linux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon 2.8 and 2.6.13
    1) Go in Themes and set Icons and Controls color “Blue Aqua” (or anything else but not default green)
    2) System settings -> Accessibility -> High Contrast On and then Off and all the Icons and Controls colors are reset to the “default green” and not back to “Blue Aqua”.
    3) Go back in Themes “Blue Aqua” is still selected but this does not correspond to what you see on the screen (default green).
    After setting again the Icons and Controls colors and theme to Linux mint I noticed that User Applet icon in tray is still high contrast Icon.

  48. Crewp Oct 31,2015 00:32

    Bug: LMDE 2 64 bit Cinnamon 2.8.2 If I go to settings / hardware / sound,from the menu system settings closes completely, even using the sound applet on the task bar, clicking on sound setting, will not launch sound settings. Anyone else see this?

  49. KDB Oct 31,2015 12:05


    I have also 2 icons in the control center that open exactly the same window:


    • NJ Nov 2,2015 00:57


      I get that too – but there is nothing really wrong here, it seems. For the two icons correspond to different tabs within that single window they both open. Still, when I click on ‘input method’ the ‘languages’ tab is selected initially within the aforementioned window – and that’s not ideal.

  50. Magnificu Oct 31,2015 16:25

    I am not sure if is linked to Cinnamon but for consistency all the controls in Settings -> Administration (Diriver Manager, Login Window, Software Sources, Users und Groups) should open the same password dialog window size/font size/text which is “Please enter your password to launch…” or “Enter your password to perform administrative tasks”

  51. CAPTNCAPS Nov 1,2015 09:06

    I found a little bug with the new sound applet and Amarok.
    In 2.6 the sound applet successfully hid Amaroks tray icon, this is not the case anymore.
    Also, the Mint menu icon was replaced with a gear icon.
    Other than that, nice work.

  52. Dana Nov 2,2015 09:08

    Great DE. Thanks for the beta peek. Very snappy and solid so far. Now if I could just get LMDE2 install to stop hanging up at hostname (disk detect) I could have the best of all of my favorite Mint systems up and running. Thanks all! Labor of love for sure.

    • clem Nov 2,2015 09:54

      There’s been a few fixes for that on github.com/linuxmint/live-installer lately.

  53. Hairybiker Nov 2,2015 11:03

    Bug with Steam window active.
    When I have Steam open it causes Cinnamon to stop responding. When I try to change windows it just shows the preview not the window, I can end up with a nice row of previews as it doesn’t close them.
    I can’t raise any window or change to another.
    Restarting Cinnamon works for a few minutes then it stops again.
    If Steam is minimized or not active then it is fine, it only when it is active.

    Mint 17.2 64 bit, Amd R7 240 video using open driver.

  54. Klaus Nov 2,2015 17:18


    i was not able to define my own custom key binding?
    Seems to be an old bug:
    Is this fixed now?

    Thanks for this nice product and keep up the good work!

  55. TheDragon Nov 2,2015 21:10

    “window-list applet: restore 2.4 behavior where a window list item demanding attention remains highlighted after it’s done flashing.”

    I could kiss you.

  56. Dennis Nov 3,2015 01:35

    My PIA (Private Internet Access) VPN config icon or applet is missing from the panel and as a option in the applets so far Config Menu and the PIA applet is
    a pretty important fix for me.

    Please Address thanks


    • clem Nov 3,2015 08:56

      Is that a PIA client? or are you talking about a Cinnamon applet? systray? indicator?

      Also, I didn’t talk about this because it’s not ready yet, but we’re planning to implement a tool to make it easier to set up PIA connections.

  57. Dennis Nov 3,2015 13:04

    Yes thats a PIA client for Linux worked great before. The program works but wont show on the panel. I checked the add applets and it was not listed.


    • clem Nov 4,2015 15:11

      I can see the tidesdk status icon (or indicator when I enable support for it). In the logs I can see there’s a pia_tray status icon which isn’t showing up though… in other words I get the red/green robot indicator, am I supposed to get something else?

      Also, can you tell me why you’re using this client? We talked to PIA about implementing a new one, so I’m interested in why and how people use it.

  58. Dennis Nov 4,2015 16:56

    Clem your saying that you do see the red /green indicator on the panel?

    I prefer this client as it easy to switch servers , allowing me to connect to servers with traffic fluctuations for optimum throughput. Is PIA going to update their client? Any work around on making configure menu work?


  59. Maksims M. Nov 4,2015 17:53

    I understand, that problems I will describe not new for Cinnamon 2.8 , but still existing in it :

    1) Many GUI applications written in Java do not show preselected menu items text – incorrect color when item is preselected, but is not selected in current moment. (bullets before text is seen, change color work for them ok). Tested applications – Arduino; SweetHome3d; MicroChip MPLABX .. All of them are written in Java. I belive there other app with the same problem!

    2) Starting from Cinnamon 17.1 or .2 (cant remember) – Main Menu – Sub Menus (Sub directories) do not get shown ! It could be reproduced by editing menu context and adding Sub Menu , for me it is Wine Sub menus, but could be other as well.

    Best regards,

  60. fthuin Nov 7,2015 18:29

    Hello !

    I just had a bug with my laptop and as it is the first time it happens, and the only thing that changed was the update of cinnamon, I think it is related.

    I have a Sony Vaio Pro 13″ with 2 batteries (one is the original and the second one is an official external battery from Sony). When the second one drops to 0%, my laptop shuts down without showing anything. When I restart it, the first battery still shows 100%.

  61. Kurt Dally Nov 8,2015 16:43

    Not sure if this is just with the new cinnamon or not it’s the only time I’ve can be for certain:

    just added xpad, shutter, system-config-lvm to the startup applications. I shut down and rebooted and when the desktop came up after login the apps started up with a flash to the system-config-lvm input password screen followed by the a shutter window coming over the top, that was checking shutter plugins. This blocked the password screen for system-config-lvm and froze the entire desktop, though some of the applets were in action, I believe.

    I got out of it but I thought I’d fyi it.

  62. billy Nov 9,2015 06:00

    i had sound before upgrading to cinnamon 2.8. Now i have no sound.

  63. Dirk Haar Dec 11,2015 19:24

    Is there anything new about 2.8?
    Don’t find it in 17.3 repos nor at system update.

  64. JohnnyD Jan 31,2016 21:27

    I am not sure if this is directed to you or somebody else, but here it goes. I am a windows user(blah). Is there a place I can go to learn Linux Mint Cinnamon Desktop as a user and eventually learn some Admin. responsibilities.

    Thanks for any input, Because all my friends are saying don’t do it.

    • mtwebster Feb 2,2016 20:35

      My advice is to just use linux – Cinnamon or something else – it doesn’t really matter. Mint and Ubuntu are probable a bit easier and more forgiving to get going with. But no matter what, you’ll learn Linux, and learn the ins and outs of how it’s all put together. There’s no course of action I could direct you specifically to, just use it and work with it. You’ll likely learn more than you ever planned on.

  65. Dirk Haar Mar 5,2016 23:07

    I wonder how I can get the “switch to next workplace when I cross the respective edge with my mouse cursor”-behavior back.
    Did I loose it with Cinnamon 2.8.6 or when reinstalling 17.3 (64bit)?

    Some more input:
    Linux Mint 17.3 RosaGNU/Linux
    Linux 3.19.0-32-generic
    #37~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Thu Oct 22 09:41:40 UTC 2015

  66. Dirk Haar Mar 7,2016 10:06

    This is especially annoying as I use a VirtualBox full screen Windows session where my keystrokes to switch workplaces do not work…

  67. donald thomson Mar 20,2017 09:24

    hi i’v been linux user since 2006?? and mint since mint11 now i have a old dell e6420 i7 8 gig memory iv used all of mint 12/13/14/16/17.1/2/3 just installed 18.1 unusable 17.2 and 3 and 18’1 problems so i’ back to installing 17’2 all of these are jittery slow on clicks scroll jumpy on some sites others bad and i’ got 15 people using mint but can not tell them to update
    with this problem
    now 32 bit laptops dont have the problem over the year i’v fixed all of the issues i’v had but the general users (windows users) want me to fix
    i’m 73 never did 2ndry school im basely one of them these people i dont know weather u use late model laptops most can not afford or lots of memory witch can not take anymore than 8g or is it cache not right i’m thinking about going back to mint 16 but them can not update firefox can your team start trying out all new updates on older laptop if they have no problems then try on newer ones

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