Vault Networks Celebrates 6 Years of Supporting Linux Mint
by clem 4

Vault Networks, the leading Miami-based provider of data center, cloud and colocation services, is celebrating 6 years of providing services for Linux Mint, a very popular Linux distribution. Vault Networks provides Linux Mint with server infrastructure used to host the organization’s blog as well as testing and development environments. Vault Networks provides these services to Linux Mint at no charge because the team at Vault Networks knows that the internet is built upon Open Source technology and this is our way of giving a little back.

“We believe in Open Source technology, and just about every server in our datacenter has some form of Open Source or GPL licensed software running on it.” said Brian Jankovich, CEO of Vault Networks. “Being able to provide enterprise IT services to the non-profit community is something that we take pride in, as there are so many exciting technologies that come from Open Source organizations like Linux Mint.” Vault Networks contributes to other Linux distributions such as Bodhi Linux and Vector Linux as part of this commitment to allowing open source software to be free. Vault Networks also ensures that these non-profit groups are able to access an enterprise-grade network, with resilient infrastructure and networking in place in their data center in downtown Miami. Miami is a very strategic place for them to be because it is one of the most interconnected cities in the world, allowing for quick download speeds of the installations files for these Linux distributions.

Vault Networks and Linux Mint have worked together for 6 years as of this October, and Vault Networks looks to continue giving an avenue for success to the open source community for years to come.

4 thoughts on “Vault Networks Celebrates 6 Years of Supporting Linux Mint

  1. Georgi Oct 20,2015 11:40

    Congratulations, guys! Keep supporting the open source world!

    Regards. :)

  2. kneekoo Oct 22,2015 00:45

    Thank you, Vault Networks! :)

  3. tisha Oct 22,2015 07:57

    vault networks, thanks.
    You people have made it possible to make “Mint linux” finally continue the “Windows 7 interface” easiness.

    Next, we are sure , “Mint Linux” will one day surpass the “Mac OS X” user comfort and beauty, like elementary OS (based on ubuntu) has done with its pantheon desktop. Please make the UI more and more eyecandy and pristine like Mac OS X and Pantheon.

    Thanking you again

  4. Shahmi Saidi Oct 26,2015 14:24

    Thank you, Vault Networks! I as one of the users of Linux Mint strongly appreciate your kind deeds on sponsoring Linux Mint! :)

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