Cinnamon 2.8 released!
by clem 166

On behalf of the team and all the developers who contributed to this build, I am proud to announce the release of Cinnamon 2.8!

This new version will be featured in Linux Mint 17.3 “Rosa” planned for the end of November and in LMDE 2 “Betsy”.

Have a lot of fun with this new release and don’t hesitate to give us some feedback! Enjoy.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the new things in Cinnamon 2.8.

Better applets

Sound applet

The sound applet was given a fresh new layout. The track information and media controls are now part of a new overlay which sits on top of the cover art.

For multimedia players which support seeking (Banshee for instance), a flat progress bar is also displayed underneath. This bar shows how far you are in the song, and you can of course interact with it to go to a different position.

Input controls, applications and output devices were moved to the right-click context menu.

Output devices now show both their name and their origin, making it easier to distinguish between them when multiple audio devices are connected.

Power applet

The power applet received many bug fixes and the way it detects and handles multiple batteries was significantly improved.

Connected devices and batteries are now displayed using the data provided by their manufacturer. In the screenshot above for instance, what was generically described as a “Wireless Mouse” in Cinnamon 2.6 is now described more accurately as a “Logitech M325”.

Workspace switcher

The workspace switcher applet is now able to show a visual representation of your workspaces, with little rectangles corresponding to each window inside of them.

System tray

In addition to traditional status icons, the Cinnamon system tray now also supports indicators.

If you don’t like indicators, you can turn this off in “System Settings” -> “General” -> “Enable support for indicators”. This results in forcing all applications which use indicators to fallback to using status icons.

Here are a few tips to recognize status icons and indicators:

  • Status icons are rendered by their application, often using GTK menus and widgets.
  • Indicators are rendered by Cinnamon, with a Clutter menu which looks similar to the panel itself.
  • Status icons can have tooltips and a context menu, indicators cannot.
  • In the Logs section of “Looking glass” (Alt+F2+lg), you can see what status icons (“systray”) and what indicators (“indicator”) are loaded by Cinnamon.

The screenshot above shows the Steam indicator. Notice how its menu is using Clutter widgets and following the Cinnamon theme. If you disable the support for indicators, Steam will use a traditional status icon instead.

Support for status icons in the system tray also received a lot of bug fixes, in particular for applications such as Pidgin, Shutter, Filezilla and Thunderbird.

Window list

The window list is now able to show window thumbnails.

This is configurable and it can be disabled in the applet preferences if you would rather just see tooltips.

Visual improvements

The traditional animation effect for minimizing windows was fixed and it is now working with multiple panels.

Some polish and slight visual improvements were applied to both the classic and preview Alt-Tab application switchers.

Box pointers (the little arrows joining applet menus to the panel) received some attention and now look much better than before when close to the edge of the screen.

The Alt-F2 run dialog received bug fixes and better auto-completion.

Better settings

Display settings

The display settings now show both the name of your monitors and the name of the output plug they’re connected to. These are known as “output names”.

In the screenshot above we see for instance two identical Dell monitors, one connected via the DP-1 Display Port, and one connected on HDMI-0, the first HDMI port.

These are the same output names you can see when using xrandr and in the “Login Window” preferences to tell MDM which monitor to use to show the login screen.

Other improvements

In “Account Details” and “Users and Groups”, a strength indicator was added to the dialog window which lets you change passwords.

Applets now reload themselves automatically when updated.

Better window management

Support for multiple monitors was significantly improved. The mapping of new windows, dialogs, OSD info (such as the workspace names) was reviewed to make sure everything appeared in the right place and on the appropriate monitor.

Improvements related to frame synchronization which were implemented in Mutter (the GNOME Shell window manager) in cooperation with NVIDIA were ported to Muffin (the Cinnamon window manager). These changes should fix rendering issues with NVIDIA cards but could also have a positive impacts on ATI and Intel chipsets.

Dialog windows are now attached to their parent window by default. This setting was already present in Cinnamon (in “System Settings”->”Windows”->”Behavior”->”Attach dialog windows to the parent window”), but it was improved in version 2.8; Dialog windows are now attached to the center of their parent window rather than their titlebar, and the shading of the parent window was made a little more obvious than it was before.

Better backend

Settings daemon

Cinnamon now supports microphone mute buttons.

HiDPI detection was improved, in particular for TV screens over HDMI.

XRANDR support was significantly improved, many bug fixes were ported from Gnome Shell.

The Cinnamon Settings Daemon is more robust than before and shouldn’t crash anymore when one or some of its modules fail to load.

Session manager

The Cinnamon logout sequence was reviewed and some changes were introduced to make it faster and to make it look smoother. The timeout for the session “EXIT” phase was reduced to 1 second, and the settings daemon and the window manager, which are respectively responsible for painting applications with the right GTK theme and for rendering window titlebars are now the last programs to die.

Cinnamon 2.8 also features:

  • Better support for QT5 applications, which now look more native and use the GTK theme.
  • Better XSMP support
  • Better logs (You can enable logs to ~/.xsession-errors via the “org.cinnamon.SessionManager debug” gsettings key. Logs now also include time delta information to help identify cases where an application makes the login or logout sequence lag).
  • A fully configurable auto-start blacklist (The key is in “org.cinnamon.SessionManager autostart-blacklist”. This was only partly configurable in previous versions.).

Performance improvements

The calendar applet used to wake up the CPU every second even if seconds weren’t shown. This was fixed and further reduces idle CPU usage.

The absence of disk cache was identified as the reason why the first Cinnamon session after a shutdown/reboot was significantly slower to load than any subsequent session. To tackle this issue, Cinnamon 2.6 introduced “preloading”, which goal was to initialize parts of Cinnamon in the background, while you were busy typing your password at the login screen. Thanks to your feedback and testing done on a wider variety of hardware, “preloading” was reviewed in Cinnamon 2.8. Although it helped in reducing the most costly steps involved in the initialization of a Cinnamon session, the gains were unfortunately marginal. Preloading also proved to slow down the startup sequence, and in particular the loading of the login screen. It was therefore removed from Cinnamon 2.8.

Nemo improvements

“Quick-Rename” landed in Nemo. This feature, which is probably most appreciated by Windows users, consists in renaming files and directories by clicking them, waiting a bit and clicking them again. Quick-Rename is disabled by default. To enable it in Nemo, click on “Edit”->”Preferences”->”Behavior”->”Click twice with a pause in between to rename items”.

Nemo now automatically detects issues related to thumbnails and allows you to quickly fix them (you’re prompted with a password dialog when this requires administration privileges).

166 thoughts on “Cinnamon 2.8 released!

  1. clem Nov 2,2015 18:26

    Many thanks to all the developers who worked on Cinnamon 2.8:

    Alexandre Rostovtsev
    Anders Ladegaard Marchsteiner
    Asier Iturralde Sarasola
    Clement Lefebvre
    Daniel Schürmann
    Dexter Chua
    Dustin Falgout
    Fabio Fantoni
    Filip Kowalczyk
    Garry Filakhtov
    James Lu
    Jonathan DePrizio
    Marga Manterola
    Matthew Petroff
    Michael Webster
    Mike Gerow
    Phillip Berndt
    Rob Adams
    Stephen Collins
    The Aviator

    • James M Nov 11,2015 22:45

      great release, a lot of details I’ve been waiting and hoping to see in Cinnamon for awhile. I hope little bits of polish will continue with each release. these things make using Cinnamon even more enjoyable and awesome.

      You guys are doing great and keep up the good work :)

  2. oshikuru Nov 2,2015 18:41

    hi clem lookds good. i recently installed ubuntu 15.10 (cos i wanted newer packages) with cinnamon on top, unity removed. how do i install cinnamon 2.8? will it show up in the ubuntu backports, or can you provide a command something like ‘cd /tmp; wget http://url/package1.deb http://url/package2.deb; sudo dpkg -i *.deb’ ?


    • clem Nov 2,2015 19:08

      You can probably use Gwendal’s PPA. Careful though, they’re Mint packages (they should be largely compatible with Ubuntu but you might have to tweak a few things… systemd settings for instance, if you’re using non-LTS versions of Ubuntu).

  3. MisterFreeze Nov 2,2015 18:59

    yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!

  4. Skal3ton Nov 2,2015 19:09


    Greetings guys and thank you all your hard work!!! Cinnamon getting better and better!!!

    Clem can you look after the Linux kernel 4.3 for LMDE 2? It gives much better support for Skylake CPU and newest GPU`s for both Nvidia/AMD!!! ( It can help a lot for my friend and others, some has issue on forum too!) Or do everyone has too wait for another ~1 1/5 year for LMDE 3?!

    • KDB Nov 2,2015 21:33

      Kernel 4.2 has been backported for Jessie. Therefore 4.3 may be backported in a few weeks by the Debian team. Watch Jessie-backports repos.


  5. Arty Nov 2,2015 19:30

    gr8, I like when Windows parts I like is being added to Linux project

    • wetva Nov 3,2015 15:32

      Absolutely! That is main reason why i can use linux at all. Thanks to LM Cinnamon.

  6. PBS Nov 2,2015 19:38

    HI! I have a problem with my LM Rafaela (Portuguese edition): on the lower bar, the date displays properly (“Segunda” stands for “Segunda feira”, wich means monday. But on the calendar above it, it’s showing “Dom”, abbreviation of “Domingo”, wich means Sunday. Any idea how to correct this?

  7. Nomen luni Nov 2,2015 20:01

    Hi Clem,

    I’m using 2.8 via the Romeo repos. I can see the visual update to the sound applet, however the right click menu doesn’t show output devices and apps as yours does – it just appears the same as the previous version. I have indicators enabled in settings.

    Any ideas?

    • KDB Nov 2,2015 21:36


      You only see “Applications” if an app using the applet is running (like banshee).
      To see all the devices, I click on “Output Device” and I have the same result as Clem picture.

      Could you please post a picture of what you see?

  8. wjonc2 Nov 2,2015 22:13

    Hi. How do you go from Cinnamon 2.6 to 2.8? I am an extreme newbie and the whole process confuses me.

    • clem Nov 3,2015 08:39

      If you’re using Mint wait for the upgrade to version 17.3 (Cinnamon 2.8 will be part of that). If you’re using LMDE, it should make its way to your update manager any day now.

  9. Fred Barclay Nov 2,2015 22:33

    Congrats Clem && Co! Cinnamon just keeps getting better! :)

  10. theSeppi Nov 2,2015 23:02

    This truly looks awesome. Thanks to all contributors for your hard work. It really surprises me how Cinnamon became the (in my opinion) best looking and most user friendly Linux desktop in such a short time. Keep it up!

  11. Nomen luni Nov 2,2015 23:43

    @KDB- confirmed I can see ‘applications’ if I fire up Banshee. Nothing else though. This is what I get-

    • JosephM Nov 3,2015 07:31

      I don’t believe you will see “Output Devices” either unless more that one is available.

  12. Nomen luni Nov 2,2015 23:55

    @KDB – ignore me. It doesn’t show output devices if there’s only a single option. Once I plugged a soundbar in I could see those options. Cheers

  13. ttjimera Nov 3,2015 00:26

    Thanks, Clem and gang. The quick rename feature is a very welcome improvement to Nemo for me. I rename files a lot. Thanks a million. Can’t wait to try it out in LM 17.3. How about bulk rename, i.e. renaming a bunch of files in one go? Is it in the pipeline? They have this in Windows and it can be very helpful sometimes when you want to rename a list of related files. Renaming them one by one can be very tedious. Anyway thanks again for all the hard work that goes into improving Cinnamon.

  14. Crewp Nov 3,2015 00:37

    Great job ! Clem and the entire Mint team, keep up the good work.

  15. anoncinnamonuser Nov 3,2015 00:45

    Great work!

  16. Fernando Nov 3,2015 00:45


    I’d like to install Cinnamon 2.8 in my Notebook. How Could i do this? I’m using Linux Mint 17.2 and Cinnamon 2.6.13.

    • clem Nov 3,2015 08:54

      Hi Fernando, you can enable Romeo (see the previous post) or wait for Mint 17.3 and upgrade to it.

  17. Elbullazul Nov 3,2015 01:48

    Nice, but I’m left with a question

    does the new version brings mandatory roundness for selected icons and text?

    • clem Nov 3,2015 08:58

      Hi, I’m not sure what you mean. Nothing is changed in regards to roundness..

  18. Seb T Nov 3,2015 04:09

    Great work! Any news on fixing this Nemo issue? It’s quite a blocker for using Nemo as a daily driver in larger file manipulation presently, as move/copy ops are occasionally unreliable.


    • clem Nov 3,2015 08:59

      Hi Seb, I think that’s an underlying issue in gvfs. We’re planning to review our use of gvfs but that didn’t land in 2.8.

      • George Nov 3,2015 17:30

        HI Clem and all,

        I run both Nemo and Nautilus on an Arch GNOME 3 desktop. Nemo will always freeze when copying files especially from media such as a phone or USB stick or over the net. Nautilus does not have this problem. I use Nemo as my daily driver and it also displays desktop icons under GNOME3 but if I need to copy a lot of files over the network or from a USB device I always drop into Nautilus or use MC.

        Would love to see this bug fixed.

        • George Nov 3,2015 17:31

          BTW I run Mint 17.2 and Cinnamon on my laptop…Love it. Thanks for your work.

  19. sizonov_stas Nov 3,2015 05:51

    Hi there!
    Add a translation of this article on russian on

  20. Eric Nov 3,2015 06:34

    Great work, we apreciate !

  21. Florin Nov 3,2015 08:06

    Hi, nicely done :)
    Can we install this stable version on our LM17.2? Maybe using the same method as for “Early access to Cinnamon 2.8”?

    There is a post above which hints this is what we need to do, but I want to make sure, thank you.

    BTW, L.M. seems one of the nicest and polished Linux distros I have seen in a while, so thumbs up…

    • clem Nov 3,2015 09:02

      Yes. Officially there’s a month gap between the releases of Cinnamon and Linux Mint, precisely to make sure you get it after we fixed as many bugs as possible (you can see the minor revision of Cinnamon 2.6 is 13 for instance… it had time to mature). It’s already pretty stable though.. so if you can’t wait for 17.3, you can enable Romeo and access Cinnamon 2.8 that way.

  22. vanyok Nov 3,2015 09:22

    Great job!
    But why do you still have these weird brackets in buttons of the window titles in the panel?
    I mean those: [Home] [Documents]
    The button is visible itself, so why don’t you remove it to have just Home and Documents written on a button without “[…]”?
    Thank you.

    • clem Nov 4,2015 14:50

      That just shows the state of the window…


      • nicamlg Jan 25,2016 16:06


        I’ve noticed that whenever I set a window to be visible on all workspaces, if I minimize it, it also looses the “view in all” attribute…

        It happened with qmmp, a Firefox “app” and with pidgin windows (these are the windows I usually want to access at any workspace…). Now that I read this, I noticed it may have something to do with the window name change. ??

        I’m most sure I shouldnt do that here, so, where can I file an issue? :)

  23. - Nov 3,2015 10:23

    > This new version will be featured in Linux Mint 17.3 “Rosa”

    I’m waiting for Linux Mint 17.4 «Arch», Linux Mint 18.0 «Ubuntu», Rosa Linux 2016 «Mint».

  24. Mintulix Nov 3,2015 11:28

    Hi Clem,

    rename in nemo 2.8.1 with slow doubleclick doesn’t work for me, even after a reboot. Setting is activated. I use a touchpad.

  25. beachgardener Nov 3,2015 11:45

    Hello and thank you for a new Cinnamon, after install 2.8.2 it seems like my fans are running full on all the time, apart from booting to bios, what app can i check fans with? thank you.

  26. Andrew Nov 3,2015 12:47

    Great work!

    I only have one problem with Cinnamon: the fact that for reasons that I don’t know it doesn’t work good in other distributions so they don’t include it in their default repositories.
    It would be great if you could fix whatever is that the people from those distributions don’t like.

    For various reasons I have to use more than one distribution and I would like to be able to run Cinnamon easy in all of them with official support.
    You might also attract more contributors to the project this way.
    Since they seem to like MATE I don’t think that they have any problem with the people behind Linux Mint, I assume that it’s something technical and I don’t know exactly what that is (I heard that there are incompatibilities between the libraries/applications used by Cinnamon and those used by other applications, or something like that).

    • clem Nov 4,2015 14:56

      Hi Andrew,

      Cinnamon is available in most distributions. Which one are you using?

      PS: I removed the off-topic bit.

      • Andrew Nov 5,2015 05:02

        Just after posting the previous message Fedora 23 was released which finally has a Cinnamon spin so it seems that the problems are already solved and my comment is no longer necessary.
        OpenSUSE still doesn’t have it but if Fedora could do it this means they should be able to do it too.

      • Andrew Nov 5,2015 05:09

        After posting my last answer I see that openSUSE Tumbleweed now has the latest version of Cinnamon so everything is good :)

  27. Rashid Nov 3,2015 13:38


    Great News, just want to know about improvement in battery, I am using Cinnamon from 1.5 Years and compared battery usage with MATE and KDE Plasma and found that Cinnamon utilize battery more than other desktops, so let’s check new version


  28. Jani Nov 3,2015 13:59

    Hi Clem, A few bugs I’ve come across in Cinnamon 2.8:

    1) When VLC or any other player is playing, the image in the sound applet is way to big that it doesn’t even fit on the screen when HiDPI is enabled (1920×1280)

    2) Windows previews are nice but they are too small (not sure if this is only on HiDPI) – is there a way to make them bigger?

    Also some things from 2.6 as well

    3) Top of mint menu is cut off in HiDPI (res. above)

    4) When HiDPI is off, logging in for the first time after comp startup happens within 1-3 seconds. With HiDPI it takes a clear 5-10 seconds. Is there a way to speed this up?

  29. Carsten Nov 3,2015 15:19

    Hi Clem…

    Quick-Rename does not work if you are in Listview in Nemo. In Symbol View it works really nice…

    Big Thanks for this little but really missed feature!


  30. wetva Nov 3,2015 15:38

    Guys is there any way to add my wireless mouse battery info to show in power applet? I can see that this (or some similar hardware related) info is available in screen shot in article but it does not seems to work for me. Mouse is ZALMAN ZM-M520W.

    • clem Nov 4,2015 15:16

      Type “upower –dump” (with two – signs). See if the model/brand appears in there.

      In Cinnamon 3.0 we’ll probably make it possible for you to rename devices. See in the screenshot how ugly the name of my Macbook Pro battery is :)

      • wetva Nov 6,2015 01:06

        hmmmmm… nope

        only 2 devices are listed:

        Device: /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/line_power_AC
        Device: /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/battery_BAT0

        So it seems that it does not register it as “power” device. Maybe because it does not consider USB dongle as a “part” of mouse? Just wild guessing :)

        Thanks for reply anyway Clem.

  31. Simo Nov 3,2015 16:59

    Great work Clem .. continue

  32. Joe Nov 3,2015 18:47

    Hi Clem,

    1.)It’s nice that you have included the quick rename feature, BUT why do you hesitate to include a “recent folders” menu item below the “recent files” menu item?
    2.) Is there a silverlight substitute in LM 17.3 now?
    3.) Is the mouse click speed reduced again, to avoid issues regarding single click action, where the system treats it as a double click because the mouse click speed is set to “slow” a bit too much?
    4.)will edge-snapping be included again, like it was in LM16, where it was introduced?

    • JosephM Nov 5,2015 12:45

      4) What do you mean? If you’re talking about snapping/tiling for windows, it never went anywhere.

  33. David Black Nov 3,2015 19:22

    Thanks Clem et al. for Cinnamon 2.8

    Really liking the improvements! :)

    After quick test, one tiny issue noticed: “System Settings” -> “Input Method”, and “System Settings” -> “Languages”, both open “Language Settings” window on the same tab, I imagine the former should jump straight to the “Input method” tab?

    Really enjoying the NVIDIA Muffin patch (no lock-ups while using Optimus), thanks again Michael Webster!

  34. GeorgeCh Nov 3,2015 19:42

    Thank you Mint team. LMDE runs perfectly. Are we going to get an improved installer and a drivers app too? Not that i am not happy as i am.

    • clem Nov 4,2015 15:17

      That’s a bit off-topic… a few bug fixes landed in the installer already. No news on the drivers front.

  35. Ugo Yak Nov 3,2015 20:39

    Congratulations Clem and the development team!

  36. Eilman Nov 3,2015 21:05

    Hi Clem
    how to add commend right- click send files with bluetooth in nemo?

  37. Akira Kazama Nov 4,2015 02:51

    Cinnamon 2.8 still doesn’t show shadows under desklets text unless I hover the mouse over them, this makes the text difficult to read with some wallpapers, like the default one.

  38. Daniel Nov 4,2015 03:55

    “Quick-Rename” is a nice feature
    I’d love to have it in MATE too

    The labels like “Fully charged” and “Using battery power” on the Power applet are above or below the referenced devices?

    Based on the last item I assume they are bellow

    Maybe some grouping like an HTML fieldset would help the confusion

    Initially I thought the list is like this:
    Fully charged
    Using battery power

  39. Anand Nov 4,2015 06:35

    Clem & team – Wonderful job , can’t wait to give it a shot. :)
    I am not sure if it is implemenmted but a close x icon to close the window is available in Window thumbnail view as well.

  40. Chris Nov 4,2015 09:07

    Thank you very much for this.

    I understand the part about status icons vs indicator icons. I like indicator icons but it seems that many are missing and forces me to switch back to status icons.

    So my question is: am I right or is it just me who doesn’t know how to install indicators? I’m talking for example of Skype and Owncloud client. Are there indicators for them or only status icons?

    Thanks a lot.

  41. Gopal Nov 4,2015 09:34

    Wonderful job Clem!!!!!!

  42. Richard Nov 4,2015 11:08

    Excellent work! Usability tweaks and enhancements can make a great difference to how something feels.

    I noticed a minor bug in the slow doubleclick rename feature in Nemo. If I click a file, click away from the file (ie click an empty area in the Nemo window to deselect the file) then click the same file again this seems to be detected as a slow doubleclick and we go instantly to renaming. This seems incorrect and inconsistent.

    On the plus side, the double click to rename is much nicer than in Windows which introduces a ~1s delay between the second click and the text becoming editable – just long enough to make you think your click didn’t register and re-click.

  43. Michael Nov 4,2015 11:35

    Hi, when exactly is this update expected to arrive on LMDE?

    • clem Nov 4,2015 15:22

      Hi Michael,

      Very very soon. It could land today, tomorrow, it’s only a matter of days now.

  44. Herr Dierk Nov 4,2015 12:05

    Hi guys, I don’t know this is cinnamon-related or just a problem within Firefox but when I downloaded something and want to go directly to the folder where the file is stored, the system freezes. All I can do is ctrl-alt-backspace.

    Firefox version 41.0.2
    Cinnamon 2.8.2 (Mint 17.2)

    Maybe this is posted in the wrong place but I though I’d let you know.

    btw I LOVE Mint and Cinnamon… and my wife :-)

  45. carsten Nov 4,2015 15:17

    Hi Clem

    found another Bug – a Desktop Bug – if i accidently hit on the cinnamon Desktop STRG-F und Hit Enter (with or without a search term) – the Desktop crashes btw. the icons on the Desktop are gone.

    Second Bug

    If i mark serveral Files with Shift und Mouseclick and try to move them – same as above – icons are gone from the Desktop and i need to restart the cinnamon desktop.



    • clem Nov 4,2015 15:27

      I can’t reproduce the 2nd issue.. for the 1st one, I can’t reproduce the crash, but I can see the nemo search on the desktop itself, we’ll fix that.

    • mohammad-sn Nov 4,2015 18:15

      I also have this issue, to reproduce: Enable quick rename, click on a file (or folder) then hold Ctrl (or Shift) and click on another item, then click again on the first selected file/folder; nemo will crash.

      • mohammad-sn Nov 7,2015 19:07

        This is the error message I get:
        ERROR:nemo-icon-container.c:8327:nemo_icon_container_start_renaming_selected_item: assertion failed: (!has_multiple_selection (container))

    • mohammad-sn Nov 4,2015 20:08

      I ment the 2nd one!

  46. Ian D. Samson Nov 4,2015 16:38

    Is there a mirror somewhere that already has Cinnamon 2.8? I cannot find it. Thanks.

  47. carsten Nov 4,2015 16:56

    Hi Clem,

    thanks for your Feedback!

    it seems to be that the first one only happens if i type something in the search box and than hit enter…

    If i start nemo from the menu icons are back…

    The second one happens only in icon View… start of nemo from menu also brings the icons back

    Thanks for your great job !!


  48. gerry Nov 4,2015 18:40

    I hope this is relevant, if not please file under “irrelevant” – i.e. delete!
    I have enabled “Unstable packages (romeo)” in the Software Sources in two of my laptop devices.
    If in Terminal, i type “inxi -F” in each it tells me that i have

    Desktop: Gnome
    Distro: Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca

    Desktop: Cinnamon 2.8.2
    Distro: LinuxMint 2 betsy

    In the terminal of BOTH of them, i typed in
    sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn
    sudo restart network-manager
    sudo wget
    cd /home/gerry
    sudo mv ca.crt /etc/openvpn

    While neither of them gave me error messages, when i try to add a VPN via Network Connections, in the Gnome desktop, under “Connection Type”, then “VPN”, it lists “OpenVPN” and “Point-to-Point tunneling Protocol(PPTP)”
    whereas under Cinnamon 2.8.2 Desktop, only the latter is showing. Maybe this is expected, and there are additional steps to take in Cinnamon 2.8.2 Desktop, i don’t know, just thought I would raise it.

  49. gerry Nov 4,2015 18:49

    After selecting the super key to bring up the Mint Menu,
    i notice that typing in the first few letters of a program in the search box can give spurious suggestions (this time it happens in both devices).

    For example, say i wanted to type in “software sources”
    After typing “s”, i get “AcceSSibility”,”Account detailS”, “AppletS”, so everything going well but under the first three suggestions, I’m getting others like “Audacity”, “Avidemux(GTK+)”,”Bluetooth”, “Calculator” which have no letter “s”.
    Inputting the second letter “o” brings up “Display”,”GDebi Package Installer”, “Synaptic Package Manager”, none of which have both an “s” and an “o”.

    • JosephM Nov 5,2015 13:06

      I haven’t actually looked at how the menu search function works but I believe it searches on other criteria besides just the application name. If you take for example typing “so”. The comment line in the GDebi desktop file is “Install and view software packages”. GDebi will also come up if you type “view”.

  50. Kloto Nov 5,2015 11:33

    Good job

  51. Pedro Silva Nov 5,2015 14:49

    Awesome!! Can’t wait to update! :)

    Btw, idk if there is an option for what i will ask but..
    Is it possible to show a notification with a button to open update manager whenever a new update is available? i think that would be a simple but nice feature because there are some users that never give proper attention to updates.

    Pedro Silva

  52. Walter Nov 5,2015 17:25

    As mentioned by Joe, I’m also missing a ‘recent folder’ list in nemo.

    If I use the ‘export as PDF’ feature of Libreoffice this PDF doesn’t appear in the ‘recent files’ list.
    Is this a topic of nemo or of Libreoffice?

    If it can’t be fixed easily the ‘recent folder’ list would be a good work-around.

  53. gerry Nov 5,2015 18:20

    Thanks Clem, installing network-manager-openvpn-gnome worked for me.

    Thanks JosephM, I didn’t think that the search engine was that granular.

    Are there any plans to revise some icons? For example, the icons for “Desktop” and “Files” sitting on my taskbar are quite similar – could the “desktop” look more like a screen icons (akin to the icon for Applets in System Settings) to differentiate it more?

    Also, on the Mint Menu, the icons for “Files” and “Places” are very similar. To differential them, could we change the “Places” icon to look like the icon for “Home” in Nemo, after all they refer to many of the same folders (many that’s just because of my setup).

  54. Jeff P. Nov 6,2015 14:23

    Upgrading to Cinnamon 2.8 went smoothly on my amd64 LMDE but I am now left with no background/wallpaper. The Icons and Panels are intact but the background is black!
    I’ve restarted Cinnamon, restarted X , logged out and rebooted. with no success.
    I note from the blogs that this has been an issue in the past but have not seen a work around or solution. Is this issue known and being addressed ?

    • clem Nov 7,2015 12:20

      No.. and do you have the ability to set a wallpaper?

      • Jeff P. Nov 7,2015 14:31

        @Clem – I can select a wallpaper from the selection dialog and the wallpaper shows as selected. but no wallpaper becomes visible on my desktop.

  55. Egon Nov 6,2015 15:58

    Is it just me or are the shortcut hotkeys messed up?
    Ctrl+Alt+L used to lock my screen.
    Now it opens “yelp” which seems to be a help browser.

    In the keyboard shortcut it still is listed to lock the screen. Under launchers there a help browser with no associated shortcut.
    Changing this shortcut to Ctrl+Alt+L now opens the terminal.
    Hitting Ctrl+Alt+t for terminal opens firefox. (Which has no shortcut.)

    So I think all commands are wrong. Any chance to fix that?

    • Egon Nov 6,2015 17:44

      Nevermind. A restart fixed it. I’m still curious how that happened. ;)

  56. linuxero Nov 6,2015 19:34

    When i working on terminal (for example: updating apps) or evolution email client (for example: writing new emails in new window), see a black screen.

    Graphic card: intel corporation Atom processor D4xx/D5xx/N4xx/N5xx
    Processor: Intel Atom CPU N570 @ 1,66GHz x2
    Linux kerner: 3.16.0-4-amd64

    Please, fix this problem when is possible.


  57. Egon Nov 7,2015 11:43

    Another minor thing: Sometimes when I go fullscreen on youtube it still shows the workspace hint (Workspace 2).
    It can only be removed by leaving fullscreen mode and hover over the workspace icon. I guess it’s because the maximize/minimize icon of the youtube player is in the same place so the hint activates but doesn’t deactivate anymore.
    I use 2 panels (top/bottom) and the workspace switcher (2 workspaces) is in the bottom right corner. In the corner it’s workspace 1, workspace 2 then trashbin applet (order: left to right).
    Any quick fix other than removing the switcher? Like deactivating the hint for the applet.

    • Egon Nov 7,2015 12:20

      I meant when you leave fullscreen. If you hover over the minimize icon for a bit then click it then the hint appears and stays even if you don’t hover over the workspace icon.

  58. Jeff P. Nov 7,2015 14:30

    @Clem – I can select a wallpaper from the selection dialog and the wallpaper shows as selected. but no wallpaper becomes visible on my desktop.

  59. Akira Kazama Nov 8,2015 02:26

    Cinnamon 2.8 is very unstable with my current settings, it keeps freezing all the time. I know this is due to my settings because Cinnamon works perfectly with a newly created user account.

    How can I go back to Cinnamon 2.6 or restore Cinnamon 2.8 to default settings?


    • JosephM Nov 8,2015 12:40

      If you right click the panel you can choose “Troubleshoot->Restore settings to default”

      • Akira Kazama Nov 9,2015 02:39

        Thanks, unfortunately it didn’t work. Cinnamon ALWAYS freezes if I run Nemo just after running Mint Update, sometimes showing artifacts on the screen.

        I will try removing some other settings files.

        • Akira Kazama Nov 10,2015 01:12

          Nevermind, I have updated Cinnamon to version 2.8.3 and no more freezes with my previous user account.

          • Akira Kazama Nov 10,2015 07:21

            I was wrong, Cinnamon 2.8.3 is still freezing.

            I will have to restore my user account completely.

  60. Earl Nov 8,2015 03:59

    Installed Mint today.

    After throwing on Spotify, sound was playing out of my computer speakers instead of my headphones.

    I thought it would be a frustrating issue, but to my surprise it was extraordinarily easy to fix in the sound bar. It even showed the Spotify album art!

    Mint looks absolutely beautiful and I look forward to continuing to use it.
    Thank you all for your hard work.

  61. Seegal Galguntijak Nov 9,2015 05:22

    Does ‘better applets’ mean that the “old Gnome2 style” System Monitor applet will fully work again? Because it didn’t show its config screen any more since the last update or so. And somehow, I don’t really like the other applets that do similar tasks…

    • RichardG Nov 9,2015 14:16

      Hi Seegal,

      I use this applet too on my work laptop and home PC with 17.2 64bit
      Funnily (…) enough I can get to the settings @home but *not* on my work laptop…

      Looks like there’s something different other then in the applet.

  62. Mehdi Nov 9,2015 13:19

    beyond Awesomeeeeeeeeeee
    i love Mint and i finally meet the distro that i really want

  63. hoagies Nov 10,2015 18:44

    hi clem:
    please use a high end kernel in 17.3 ….. only kernels as of 3.19.0 work with my ‘toshiba A215-S4697’ …. i would very much appreciate it …. and thanks …. !!

    • clem Nov 10,2015 19:28


      4.2 was ruled out today but 3.19 looks like a keeper. The only remaining obstacle is to make virtualbox work with it, we’re working on it right now.

  64. Kat Nov 11,2015 06:16

    You have good taste in music.

    • clem Nov 15,2015 01:16

      Don’t get me wrong, I just picked a good song. I like crap music as well ;)

  65. GPardal Nov 11,2015 09:26

    Hey Clem,

    First off, great job with 2.8! I’ve been test driving it, and it feels great.

    Now for question: do you guys have any plans on giving easy access to overscan settings in the Cinnamon screen resolutions settings? I’m a Intel integrated user, and unfortunately have no easy way to configure my laptop when I connect it to a TV. The only way to do it (since there are no Intel driver management programs) is to mess around with xrandr and such, a task I don’t feel up to every time I connect to a TV.

    Once again, thanks for your hard work!


  66. KDB Nov 11,2015 10:14

    Hi Clem!

    Alt+F2 –> push enter and Nemo will open. Is this on purpose or is it a bug?
    I would expect it to do nothing since no command is typed.


  67. linux-man Nov 11,2015 22:17

    Maybe it’s just me, but the change volume sound stopped working. I suspect it happened at the cinnamon 2.8.3+rosa upgrade.

    • cc Nov 12,2015 05:35

      I can confirm this. Same problem continues to be present in cinnamon 2.8.4. In fact, in “System Settings > Sound > Sound Effects” nothing seems to work anymore in 2.8.4. Everything was fine in 2.8.2.

  68. linuxero Nov 12,2015 16:40

    Hi clem! I have another problem. Suspend button missing in a menu. Suspend command from terminal does not work.

    graphic card: intel corporation Atom processor D4xx/D5xx/N4xx/N5xx
    processor: Intel Atom CPU N570 @ 1,66GHz x2
    kernel: 3.16.0-4-amd64 (#1 SMP Debian 3.16.7-ckt11-1+deb8u6 (2015-11-09)

  69. Evgeniy Nov 14,2015 15:13

    Hi Clem.
    I have an issue with brightness control. After shutting down the screen, the brightness stays at minimal level, although brightness indicator in tray shows full brightness. After changing the level of brightness, it comes normal.

  70. kate Nov 14,2015 15:18

    i cant wait!!!

  71. ludo Nov 17,2015 01:18

    Very nice job thank you very much!

    There’s just something i would like to see in Linux mint which is present in Ubuntu
    but not in Mint, it’s the possibility to display another clock zone, so far it’s only possible to display local time i would like to display at least a second one ;)

    Thank you!

    • clem Nov 17,2015 12:53

      Hi Ludo, check the 3rd party applets (System Settings -> Applets -> Get more online). I think there are alternative clock applets out there which support this feature already.

  72. dd Nov 17,2015 06:17

    is in the future possible to have in cinnamon something like xfce compositor?

    thank you!

  73. ccprog Nov 17,2015 18:44

    Here’s something I only discovered with nemo 2.8.4 since these +/- signs appeared in the first line of the file context menu:

    Say the first time I open a context menu in a nemo window, its for a .dia diagramm file that would be opened with DIA as a default. Afterwards, for every file it will say “Open with DIA” in the first line of the context menu, even if it is a text, a spreadsheet or whatever. The icon shown is the appropriate one for the default application to open the file with, and the right application is actually used for opening. Only the text refers to the false app.

    Depending on what file I first open the context menu for, the text is stuck on its default application name.

    This happens for every new nemo window, but not for desktop files, where only the word “Open” is shown.

  74. Steven Liao Nov 17,2015 19:52

    Hi Clem,

    Not pretty sure if it is proper to talk about IME here.
    Just some recommendations about IME user experience.

    Currently IME needs to be installed manually after system installation.
    It will be more handy if IME selection is added to system installation procedures.

    Another thing is about ibus.
    After installing ibus, the ibus button shows that there are 50 components to be installed.
    But clicking on the ibus button will install all 50 components without showing a list to let users choose what they want.

    Too many installed components will make switching between traditional Chinese input and English input difficult.
    However, there is no simple button to remove installed components.
    And using “sudo apt-get purge ibus” can only remove 47 of them.
    Sadly the remaining 3 components are the components I want to remove.
    So eventually I re-installed the system and installed the only component I need through commend line.

    I will recommend to add a list for ibus components and a simple way to remove installed components.
    Hopefully these can be improved later (maybe 18?) and I am really happy to see Linux Mint getting better and better.
    Thank you for your awesome project!


  75. CENTSOARER Nov 17,2015 21:03

    Hi guys.

    I am on Arch Linux and have noticed they have not pushed Cinnamon 2.8 to repos, it is not even in testing repo and have been marked as “out of date” for almost a month now. In reddit I found a workaround using manjaro’s testing repo but I do not feel comfortable using this third-party packages. If anyone can provide information about this or is in a better possition to figure out what is happening with cinnamon packages I’d really appreciate the help.

  76. Alex. Nov 18,2015 23:21

    Guys, can you add Global menu indicator and window buttons on pannel indicator, for users who love Unity style? And removing of maximized window decorations.

    I very useful for small netbooks with 10″ screen.

  77. Y80 Nov 19,2015 18:02

    is there any chance for xorg 17 and libreoffice 5 in LMDE2 Betsy ?

  78. DEBASISH Nov 20,2015 15:05

    I wanted to say thanks for all the guys involved. I am so happy for this. :D

    Thanks again :D

  79. Alex Rash Nov 22,2015 14:12

    There are memory leaks. Memory usage of process cinnamon starts to grow. It’s about 500 MB after 4 hours of work.

  80. Roony Alvarez Nov 24,2015 10:39

    hi there–
    why cant the alt key be set as accelerator to change workspaces anymore? :(

  81. Erik Nov 24,2015 12:11

    A huge “thank you” is due for the entire crew, all hail the Cinnamon devs, you do great work! Finally 2.8 is available on Arch via community-testing repo. @Alex Rash: Can’t yet reproduce memory leaks yet, will continue monitoring. All the best guys

  82. Rikke Nov 25,2015 21:58

    I am LOVING this release (using fedora 23). Thank you to everyone who worked on it. I used to do work on gnome (years ago). You are inspiring me to think about working on Cinnamon!

  83. Melroy van den Berg Nov 26,2015 09:59

    Nice work, thanks! It’s a big release, lots of bug fixes and nice improvements & new features. Like it!

  84. Dmitriy Nov 27,2015 19:06

    Hello guys!
    seems that memory leaks realy exists in 2.8 release.
    Uptime of my laptop is about 22 hours, Cinnamon memory usage: 48 percent. I have 8Gb RAM,
    so, Cinnamon uses about 2Gb.
    I am using Archlinux, kernel 4.2.5-1-ARCH
    My picture from twitter–1UEAAj4jd.png:large

  85. Dmitriy Nov 27,2015 19:09

    Can I help in investigation of the root cause of a problem?

  86. Alex Nov 27,2015 21:04

    Clem, can you add “Recent apps” and “Recent files” to the Cinnamon Menu?

    Yes, and Global menu/Window buttons on pannel applets, removing of window decorations when window is maximized :)

  87. Dominic Greene Nov 28,2015 01:02

    Thanks to everyone involved with this release. So far it has been fantastic. Tested and used actively on a laptop and desktop computer. The various 2.8 improvements/features implemented that I’ve used so far have worked well.

  88. Dmitriy Nov 28,2015 20:35

    Hello again!
    uptime is 24hours now, and seems that all is OK with memory. I removed Weather indicator applet from panel, maybe it is the source of memory leaks but I doubt.

  89. Kain Dec 9,2015 04:44

    Awesome! Cinnamon 2.8 is the most polished Linux desktop.

    I only have one issue. I don’t like the way Cinnamon finds wallpapers. It seems I have to have all my backgrounds in one folder. I have a few thousand images that I want to slide show, so I would rather keep them organized(as they are now)

    In mate, I just use an XML file. In older versions, I would use an option to look up folders recursively. A third option would be to allow Cinnamon to use symbolic links and put those in folder. But, that didn’t work either.

  90. Clem Dec 10,2015 17:42

    Cinnamon 2.7 (Mint 17.2) Crashes quite often, if using KONQUEROR as you file manager.
    This often happens when using the View drop down menu during file browse as you move the mouse to select a view option,
    Cinnamon 2.7 also does not invoke the default file manager (If other than Nemo) when you open “COMPUTER” and click the current default file manager displayed in top of computer list (In my case Konqueror). It unconditionally invokes Nemo?

  91. ScotXW Dec 10,2015 19:48

    Hi, I am trying to get a better overview over the available DEs for Linux.
    Maybe somebody would bother to help with this section:

    I would like to know the dependencies of each Cinnamon release.

    You find some information here:

    While you are at it, maybe help people better see the differences between the DE designs, e.g.

  92. zykoda Dec 15,2015 19:09

    17.3 (Rosa) cinnamon crashes to fall back with recommended nvidia 304.131 driver using kernel 3.19. Not crashing with nouveau…but proprietary driver is necessary for games to be at all playable with nvidia GeForce 7300 GT card. Cinnamon uses much memory and is laggy. Is there a fix for this? The problem was absent in 17.2, but was looking forward to a crisper performance in 17.3.

  93. Seth Friedman Dec 26,2015 22:38

    Am using Centos, have been on build 1503, updated to 1511 (7.2) earlier this week, Cinnamon updated at same time 2.8.5. Overall looks great but… Desktop now broken.

    No icons displayed (I’ve double-checked enabled in settings), no right-click functionality (right-click works in task bar and titlebars). I’ve created directories and files directly in Desktop from Nemo (using Desktop and a normal directory) and that works fine when viewing as a directory but content is not shown when viewed as Desktop.

    Any ideas?

  94. geoff Dec 27,2015 23:04

    your new release cinnamon 2.8 is very good,but the gap between the icons on the bottom panel to wide on menu side.
    Because I have panel at bottom of screen,it would be good if you made it
    adjustable or tell me how thank you!

  95. ismail Jan 1,2016 16:20

    hi all
    cinnamon 2.8 crashes after installing nvidia drivers version 3O4.131
    cinnamon 2.7 worked perfectly
    this is the bug report
    please fix it
    thank you .

  96. ferretjoe Jan 1,2016 21:11

    Hi, Just installed 17.3 on a dell inspiron 531 (AMD 64), And machine kept freezing up until I changed the video drivers to the recommended nvidia drivers, Now the machine doesn’t freeze up, but Cinnamon always crashes. I can still use it, but only on fallback screen. and have to work around things to get my home page. Any fixes for this problem ? otherwise just love this OS.

  97. Yro Jan 7,2016 02:46

    Cinnamon is almost perfect.

    * Please consider developing a tool so users can edit (with gui) grub boot menu and aspects of it;

    * Please consider the possibility of editing the menu panel so it can fit in the horizontal side of our screen. I would like to have my panel on the left side of my monitor instead on bottom or top.

    These two features added will make great impact for users when using cinnamon, and this impact will be a good one.

  98. Skal3ton Jan 14,2016 17:38


    Any news about cinnamon 3.0?! Little information what can we expect?! (will it based on wayland?!)


  99. ntt2k Jan 24,2016 05:30

    Hi clem,

    Cinnamon 2.8 included in LinuxMint 17.3 is great but I still want to suggest and add some missing.

    So far 4K support is great but for more resolution settings to downgrade is not included. (I understand that I can set the scale in General.) But I have try out Ubuntu 15.10 and they do have more resolution setting to downgrade the screen

    Example for in Linuxmint 17.3 my Dell 4K only show settings for: 3840×2160(16:9) and 1920×1080(16:9)

    But for Ubuntu 15.10 they added more in between like: 2880×1620(16:9); 2560×1440(16:9) and 2048×1152(16:9)

    maybe detecting script is doing wrong?

  100. Sdiuord Feb 4,2016 02:43

    Just loving Linux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon; wondering why I kept messing with Windows XP on a 2006 desktop too good to trash but not eligible for Windows 10, Microsoft’s answer to Big Brother. FWIW, nothing seems to get the sound working, either onboard or PCI Card (Soundblaster Audigy). Wondering whether the upgrade to 17.3 will fix this although I believe that the kernel remains unchanged if 17.2 is already installed? Luckily 99% of what I do does not require audio – not on this machine at any rate – but it would be great, for a relative newcomer to Linux, to be able to manage audio and video seamlessly, one thing that Windows did do well.

  101. Dwasifar Feb 7,2016 03:25

    Some years ago I left both Gnome and Ubuntu because I didn’t like Gnome 3 or Unity. For a while I used both XFCE and Cinnamon (such as it was at the time). When MATE became mature enough to be usable I switched to it, and stayed with it since. But recently I got curious what Cinnamon had turned into, and decided to try it again.

    Wow, what a difference from what I remember. I’m using Debian Stretch with Cinnamon 2.8.6, from their repos. It’s smooth, fast, stable, highly configurable, and full-featured. It’s suddenly my favorite DE. What an achievement for a project that started out as just an attempt to make Gnome 3 usable. Kudos.

  102. Jón Feb 17,2016 19:20

    I’m having trouble with the System Settings. Every time I open the Backgrounds Module, I get Segmentation fault.

    Is there any way of fix this?

    • mtwebster Feb 17,2016 21:23

      Can you run cinnamon-settings from a terminal and see if there are any error messages when you open backgrounds?

  103. ienev Mar 4,2016 09:11

    I’ve noticed that if using indicators a second Skype instance run with “skype –secondary” doesn’t get an indicator and if you close it you can’t access it anymore. I guess not many people use two Skype instances at the same time but in my case it is work related so this forced me two switch off indicators.
    @Clem has anyone reported this yet?

  104. Dave Mar 8,2016 09:55

    Out of most of the popular Distro’s of Linux, I have found that Linux Mint 17.3 “rosa” is the only one that I didn’t have any problems loading on my MacBook Pro late 2011 8,2 v 10.11.3. As a die hard Windows user for many years (v 2.1 – Win 7) I switched to a Mac, took me 5 years of not only hating Windows, but I hate the Mac almost as much, I am now Linux Mint only, of course I have to keep the OSX just for updates and whatnot. Thanks for the great OS.

  105. Chit Zin Mar 16,2016 03:01

    The memory leak is a pain in the neck for me. I love cinnamon interface so
    much but the increasing memory usage issue is irritating along with the startup hours until noticeably slow and has me press ctrl+alt+esc to relieve the situation. I would like a solution to fix that issue. I respect the endeavour of linux mint distro developers and I will always support their priceless dedication to their work. Kudos to them!

  106. Jeffrey Apr 10,2016 10:06

    Great work, Simply love it !!

  107. steve donato Jun 21,2016 17:18

    Cinnamon in all releases of mint 17.0->17.3 has a BUG.

    When the home button is clicked nemio is unconditionally invoked as the file manager ignoring the current default file manager when it is NOT nemo.
    Anybody have a fix/workaround for this to invoke correct default file manager without having to change nemo a link to the default manager. I know this works but you loose desktop management of icons.

  108. steve donato Jun 21,2016 17:20

    that was nemo not nemio (pardon the typeo)

  109. Steve Donato Jun 21,2016 18:15

    Hi Clem,
    I see lot’s of great stuff in cinnamon, but also some lousy stuff. IE nemo default file manager is the slowest file manager and least friendly of all Linux file managers. I happen to use Dolphin but have also used pcmanfm, spacefm etc. Dolphin has thumb nails shown on folders when a jpg or png exists in the folder adding to ease of identity(a trivial but user friendly touch). A Big issue is Dolphin displays files 1,000 times faster than nemo when directories contain hundreds or 1,000’s of files. This is also true for spacefm and pcmanfm file managers (just as fast as Dolphin vs nemo). Nemo takes minuets to start the display of large directories (perhaps a poor sorting algorithm).

  110. steve donato Jun 21,2016 18:48

    Both Home and Computer button click event on the desktop invoking nemo is fine, but all subsequent clicks ignore the Default file manager and continue to use nemo?

    Any fix for this?

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