MATE 1.12 released!
by clem 45

MATE 1.12 was released today!

This new version will be featured in Linux Mint 17.3 “Rosa” planned for the end of November and in LMDE 2 “Betsy”.

I’d like to thank the MATE developers who worked with me on this release. I’ve been absent from the development of MATE for a very long time, yet I wanted quite a lot of changes :) I’d like to thank monsta which many of you know of course, but also raveit and flexion, for their patience with me and for their help in getting this release ready. I’d also like to give credit to the 3 of them, and to infirit (who unfortunately left the team) for the huge amount of work and dedication they put into MATE.

Not only did we agree on releasing version 1.12 in time for Linux Mint 17.3, it was also agreed that the MATE development cycle would be shorter and faster going forward.

Version 1.12 is a good example of that, it doesn’t bring anything heavy. Instead, it focuses on many little yet important issues which are at the center of your user experience.

Most of the papercut issues identified in Linux Mint 17.2 were fixed and some of the new features implemented in Cinnamon were ported to MATE.


  • Some translations for the new features are missing. In mate-control-center->touchpad settings in particular. We’ll fix them in 1.12.1 updates in a week or so.
  • LMDE will receive MATE 1.12 packages this week. These packages will also be added to the Romeo section of the Linux Mint 17.2 repositories.
  • Along with MATE, improvements are coming for mintdesktop and mintmenu. These should make their way into LMDE in a few days, and be later featured in Linux Mint 17.3.

Have a lot of fun with this new release and don’t hesitate to give us some feedback! Enjoy.

45 thoughts on “MATE 1.12 released!

  1. Fred Barclay Nov 6,2015 01:30

    Great news Clem!

  2. Vulpine Nov 6,2015 02:36

    Is the upgrade process similar to Cinnamon 2.8, adding the unstable/romeo repos and seeing what pops up ?

  3. Vulpine Nov 6,2015 02:43

    Ignore my comment, I missed the note in the post. Mea culpa.

  4. anonima Nov 6,2015 06:55


  5. Rufus Nov 6,2015 07:10

    Great to hear that Mate development is getting even faster. I am using LMDE 2 Betsy Mate now, which solved an issue I had with Mint 17.

  6. Wesley Nov 6,2015 07:23

    Can I upgrade my current to this latest fashion

  7. Chirs Nov 6,2015 11:23

    Clem, will Cinnamon 2.8 and Mate 1.12 share the ability to build with Gtk 3.18?

    Thanks for all the hard work!

    • clem Nov 7,2015 12:19

      Cinnamon traditionally works with GTK3. In Mint we use GTK 3.10, in LMDE we use GTK 3.14, in Fedora and Arch they use newer versions. What usually happens after a GNOME release is that the Fedora/Arch guys suffer the regressions introduced by the new GTK3 version and they work on fixing them. So it’s usually just a matter of time before Cinnamon works on any new GTK3 release.

      For MATE it’s more or less the same, but with a little twist. MATE components can either use GTK2 or GTK3. In most distributions MATE is built to use GTK2. Afaik in Fedora, raveit is keeping a GTK3 build running. You would need to ask him how functional it is, it’s not something I’m working on at all.

      Going forward it’s also a topic of discussion within the MATE team. Mint is pushing for a GTK3 mate-panel and libs and the adoption of common GTK3 apps between Cinnamon, MATE and Xfce.

      • Chris Nov 8,2015 01:21

        Ah, great! I appreciate that explanation, thank you!

      • Baptiste Nov 11,2015 22:23

        The commonality between desktops is great but I do like my atril and pluma. Suffice to say I do like how they’re reasonably simple and powerful and still have a menu bar (like firefox still has if you enable it with a couple of clicks.. ought to be the default)

        Well the Mate, XFCE and Cinnamon/Mint projects all have my blind trust I know that the basic accessories and apps won’t be turned into cell phone apps!

        Interestingly LXDE didn’t go to GTK3 but such is its nature that running LXDE or LXQt with the GTK3 applications (or xpdf and nedit if you really want) won’t be a big problem.

  8. Daniel Nov 6,2015 13:31

    Any chance we can get the “Quick-Rename” feature in a future release of MATE

    Most of the time working in web development I need to copy only the filenames to include it in references in the main html file or other scripts
    This ensures I don’t make typos, especially on long filenames
    Right now I have to right-click -> rename even if I don’t actually want to rename it, but to copy its name

  9. Trapper Nov 6,2015 14:41

    Thanks Clem. Got it. No issues with my update to 1.12. Kudos to the entire development team!

  10. David Black Nov 6,2015 15:00

    Hi Monsta,

    Couple of ideas for a future MATE release:

    1) Desktop backgrounds
    Would it help speed up first time use of “Control Centre” -> “Appearance Preferences” -> “Background” image loading (especially on older systems) if MATE edition shipped with pre-created normal thumbnails for backgrounds, and installed them to ~/.cache/thumbnails/normal during MATE install?

    2) Lock screen
    Supply a darkened ‘lock screen’ background (see image links), or show the current desktop background image but darkened.


    • clem Nov 7,2015 12:21

      PRs are welcome :)

      For 1) I’d rather see an asynchronous pic loader than mess with the user’s cache.

      • David Black Nov 8,2015 14:34

        Thanks for your reply Clem.

        First an apology, should have addressed original post to both you and Monsta.

        Test results for idea 1), results are quite interesting!…

        Test system: NC10 Netbook
        CPU: Intel Atom single core Hyperthreaded 1.2GHz
        GPU: Intel 945GSE
        Memory: 2GB
        HDD: 160GB

        Testing methodology:
        A) Delete “~/.cache” contents
        B) Select desktop context menu “Change Desktop Background”, record time till images are available
        C) Repeat step A), add pre-created “~/.cache/thumbnails/normal”, repeat step B)

        Background image loading results:
        Without thumbnails
        1m 54s

        With pre-created thumbnails

        Each test performed twice.


        • David Black Nov 8,2015 14:45

          BTW, agree about asynchronous pic loader. In the meantime, thought it would be interesting to test my original idea, and supply some data.

          At the moment, idea 2) proposed image example is just a hack, really needs to be performed programmatically. :)

        • David Black Nov 8,2015 22:18

          Until asynchronous pic loading is added.

          Following info maybe helpful as possible consideration for implementing major speed boost idea 1).

          Cache file size for all current background images, added to a user account, is just 2.8MB :)

  11. gaut Nov 6,2015 15:56

    thanks Clem. What about increase the loading time for the command : “change background desktop”, by using thumbnails instead of loading the real picture, cause for some distribution like linux mint 17 it takes a lot of time cause of too many pictures to load, for example for me it takes about 45 seconds before the backgrounds appear…

  12. leadwtZ Nov 6,2015 16:06

    Super stuff – did not realise this was another team – so donation made to you guys. Well deserved I reckon. ‘Mate’ is the BEST!

  13. Jeremi360 Nov 6,2015 16:46

    Will you port make port of cinnamon-bluetooth to mate?
    Please, beacose now bluetooth in mate is hard to setup, usage and connection works only unitl I don’t restart my computer.
    With cinnamon-bluetooth I don’t have such problems.

  14. martywd Nov 6,2015 16:49

    Did the MATE 1.12 update on two machines. One issue. The install of ‘mate-system-monitor’ threw an error in ‘Update Manager’ on both machines. Here’s the error:

    “E: /var/cache/apt/archives/mate-system-monitor-common_1.12.0-1+rosa_all.deb: trying to overwrite ‘/usr/share/man/man1/mate-system-monitor.1.gz’, which is also in package mate-system-monitor 1.10.0-2+rafaela”

    Not a big deal. Rnning ‘Update Manager’ _again_ installed ‘mate-system-monitor’ on the second attempt with no further errors!

    BTW, I like the re-ordering of the ‘Control Center’. Putting ‘Administration’ first makes a lot of sense.

    Thanks to you’ll for all your efforts!

  15. MissyE Nov 6,2015 18:09

    Clem and Mint team,
    I have only just began using Linux 3 weeks now. (Mint Cinnamon 17.2 64bit). I was totally blown away by the fact that everything as I understood in and on my desktop computer worked so far including the touch screen. If I have driver issues I don’t know about it because the thing just works.

    Just coming to Linux as a non-IT person who has been a Windows user for over 20 yrs, I’m impressed and is glad I made the switch.

    Beers and drinks to you all! And some lottery winnings to the project :)

  16. Daniel Nov 7,2015 06:09

    Thanks Monsta
    F2 does exactly what I wanted

  17. David Black Nov 8,2015 19:37

    Due to being close to release, better report this one rather than spend time trying to find where to fix it. :S

    MATE over-sized window “Control Centre” -> “Users and Groups” -> “Advanced Settings”

    At over over 800 pixels high, the window size seems unnecessarily tall? Especially so for older systems with lower resolution screens.

    Quick GIMP test revels, window hight can be reduced to 600 pixels without losing functionality or forcing users to use ‘Alt’ drag.

    • David Black Nov 8,2015 19:40

      Forgot to mention (wish there was an edit function! :)), this occurs with both MATE 1.10 and 1.12

      Thank you,

    • martywd Nov 8,2015 21:13

      Yes I see this issue in the opened ‘Change Advanced User Settings’ window, too (LM 17.2 MATE 1.12 (64-bit)).

      On a monitor with with 1920×1080 rez, the ‘Change Advanced User Settings’ window opens to size: 846×401 . Which, of course means that on my laptop w/ rez 1366×768 part of the ‘Change Advanced User Settings’ window, when open, is off the screen.

      The ‘401’ window dimension can be downsized a bit, but at present the ‘846’ dimension cannot be downsized by ‘resize’ (Alt-F8) or by clicking and dragging the edge.

    • Monsta Nov 9,2015 11:08

      That tool is from mate-system-tools which has been discontinued after 1.8, so nothing to fix here. (Questionable decision as the only alternative is gnome-system-tools which isn’t maintained upstream – but I wasn’t there when it was decided.) Anyway, if you need to see the hidden parts of the window that’s too big for your screen, press Alt + mouse click on any place inside the window, then move the mouse.

      • Tonatiuh Ortiz Nov 9,2015 20:05

        Monsta, Thanks for the tip, I have that problem in my netbook. What one learn reading reviews .. jajaja greetings

  18. rhY Nov 9,2015 23:54

    Best Desktop UI EVER. Keep up the good work mates! :)

  19. dd Nov 17,2015 06:25

    when i start viber for linux doesn’t appear in the pannel on the right side. the same is in mint xfce. cinnamon and kde have not this problem.
    in mint kde doesn’t work when i installed libreoffice 5! beck to lo 4 everything is ok.
    any chance to have in mate xfce compositor and hot cornes?

    thank you!

  20. Jeremi360 Nov 26,2015 14:32

    Will you ever add to Mate & Cinnamon applet to search in application’s menu bar like in Unity(when you press alt + j), Blender(when you press spacebar) or in atom(when you press ctrl + shift + p)?

  21. Mike22 Dec 7,2015 09:43

    why is there no mention of the 17.3 release on this blog? Is there a separate blog with additional items covering mint?

  22. František Mar 29,2016 16:32

    Very nice work. I LOVE this release.

  23. Mate Apr 30,2016 01:21

    I love Mate DE. MATE FOREVER

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