A bit of humor :)
by clem 19

We probably had the worst week ever after the attacks, but Fred sent me this and it did make me laugh :)


19 thoughts on “A bit of humor :)

  1. peter e Mar 5,2016 17:45

    things will be better now, I am sure of it.

  2. Sam Burgos Mar 5,2016 19:54

    A prove that the Open Source software and Linux goes beyond a simple PC and it is aiming to reach convergence even in our clothes ;). Getting rid of viruses even on clothes :)

  3. Alan Mar 5,2016 20:40

    Does the attack indicate the bad guys are turning their attention away from Windows and more to Linux? If this is so, should we start thinking of tightening up with an anti-virus/malware product specifically for Linux?

  4. Clive Mar 6,2016 12:55


    Definitely agree with you that Linux will become a bigger target as it grows. Fortunately the architecture of Linux means that it’s [somewhat] less vulnerable to malware than Windows thanks to certain architecture decisions.

    But your point is powerfully valid.

    I was thinking more along the lines of how we can implement something that would enable us to trust the codebase to a greater degree. Debian have done quite a bit of work on this – essentially a mechanism to give an end user the confidence that the binaries they are downloading and running are the same as the source code. As we’ve seen, however, the determined [state] attacker can easily corrupt BIOS and firmware to get in if they want to.

    I think that we need to go back to what Richard Stallman has been saying all along, that we need to have an open BIOS that can cross-validate the OS [i.e. as in a mutual authentication process]. This is cryptographically possible, just not yet implemented.

  5. Eric W. Mar 6,2016 15:39

    Love it! So, if something bad is prevented, it will blow out the exhaust of my tower smelling spring-time fresh.

  6. Sergio Mar 6,2016 17:27

    The same images as those?

    (These images circulating on the web for a long time …)

  7. Fred Barclay Mar 8,2016 01:06

    I sent that? I don’t remember doing it… :)
    What, you mean I’m not the only Fred attached to the Mint project? :P

    Glad you got a much-needed (and deserved) laugh. Do they make that detergent with a Mint-scented flavour?

  8. Reginald B. Mar 19,2016 22:18

    It is well nigh impossible unless you have a small white dog with a brown tail.

  9. Fred Mar 24,2016 13:03

    @Sergio : funny they look exactly the same ! I took that picture myself, beginning of 2016 in the south of France.

  10. Author Mar 25,2016 02:24

    If you want to try this, you can find it in London – Home Bargains stores :)

  11. Darren Mar 26,2016 19:16

    This is really good article, I am still having problems with my bios pc and just about all could do with a good old wash.

  12. Patrick Op de Beeck Apr 2,2016 15:32

    Finally !!!
    Where can I get it?

    The Linux soap to wash all those M$ away ?
    And it works at room temperature !

    Very Good !

  13. ZenTiac Apr 14,2016 13:47

    I remember my first sort of computer. It was a dick smith wizard and had paddles with keys. I loved the cartridge games but it also came with a magical thing called BASIC. I was about 7 years old and I spent hours writing a program to make and move a sprite and have collisions. Was a lot of fun until you turned it off. There was no way to save anything. In my teen years I got an MSX. It had a powerful z80 cpu. It also had Basic and MSXdos by Microsoft of course. Then I got an Atari ST. Then an Amiga. Then I finally got an old 386 with a turbo switch. 24 years later and now I’m 44 years old. Even with UNIX there were students writing a Virus or program as we called them. :) Linux has always had security issues and some viruses that were written by bored people and at worst programs wouldn’t run due to dependent files being corrupt. In the good old days I would dial up my friends with my 300 baud rate modem and would infect their computer with a simple program that would run in the background. Every time they would type their first name the screen would flip upside down. Then things would get more and more serious but we still had fun and it only affected each other. Now with the internet nothing is safe. I use Sophos anti virus for Linux and find it very good. For Windows I use Microsoft Anti Virus with Malwarebytes Premium and they work very well together. I also use Sophos on my Mac too. Well enough of my reflecting and boring everyone. My point is every OS is vulnerable and people that say ours is a more secure OS are just in denial. I am glad the web site and forum are now secure and I think after reading the blogs that it is completely secure. Also think of what we had and what we have now. I love what we have now :)

  14. ZenTiac Apr 14,2016 14:03

    Actually I was 10 years old. Not 7. I remember now. 1981 I think it was.

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