Cinnamon 3.0 released!
by clem 193

On behalf of the team and all the developers who contributed to this build, I am proud to announce the release of Cinnamon 3.0!

Here’s a quick overview of some of the changes in this new version:

  • Window management improvements on tiling, mapping and unmapping windows, compositor’s window groups and tracking of full screen windows
  • Improved out of the box touchpad support (edge-scrolling and two-finger-scrolling can now be configured independently and are both enabled by default)
  • New accessibility and sound settings (both rewritten as native cinnamon-settings modules)
  • Battery powered devices can be renamed
  • Different favorite applications can now be set for plain-text, documents and source code files
  • Panel launchers now include application actions
  • Animation effects are now enabled by default on dialogs and menus
  • Favorites and system options can now be disabled in the menu applet
  • The photo-frame desklet now also scans subdirectories
  • Improved support for GTK 3.20, Spotify 0.27, Viber

193 thoughts on “Cinnamon 3.0 released!

  1. DanielK Apr 25,2016 15:55

    Well, this was a small release. I understand that we can’t have to many changes in a LTS release, which has to be stable, but even the bug fixes and performance enhancements were not that extensive. I guess Cinnamon needs new volunteers.

  2. KDB Apr 25,2016 16:17

    Hi Clem and the team!

    Congrats for this good job! I’m anxious to see if the sound settings will work again on my LMDE2 system. :)


  3. Stringent Apr 25,2016 16:43

    …only one question:

    How can I try it out in Mint 17.3?


  4. kepop Apr 25,2016 16:46

    not even screenshots to see ???

  5. Mark Apr 25,2016 17:05

    Just checked for updates and didn’t pop up, eager to see it in 17.3!

    • Michael May 2,2016 18:05

      You can not try it out in mint 17.3. It will only come with the Linux mint 18.x and up.

  6. Stringent Apr 25,2016 17:12

    …and just to add here: I firmly believe that Mint Cinnamon, in its latest release known to me – 17.3, is the World’s best desktop OS.
    With a margin against any other.

    Thanks for all your effort

    • Dave Jun 2,2016 01:41

      I happen to agree, LM 17.3 is the easiest to install on a 2011 Macbook Pro 8,2 than any other distro, most everything works that is important. Thank You!

    • Michael McGowen Jul 25,2016 19:45

      I echo your sentiments about Mint, along with this thought for anyone cruising the forums looking for info on Linux distros: I can say unequivocally that Linux Mint 17.3 Xfce “Rosa” is probably the best distro I’ve used for older hardware. It was the most painless installation/configuration I’ve ever done for ANY OS.
      This old ACER Aspire 5515 Laptop runs better than most people I know that have new workstations and laptops! I swear to you. It only takes about 20 seconds from power on to desktop, and that’s with me typing in my username and password!

      Thank you to the Development Team and all of the folks that work hard to make LMint so awesome. My business depends on Mint, and I am proud to say I’m a Mint lover!

      I run a graphic design business from my Acer laptop, and I also want to say that Inkscape is incredible! I like it soooooo much better than anything else I’ve tried, including Illustrator. The learning curve is a little steep, but that’s just because of all of the power under the hood. Take your time and go through the excellent tutorials, and check out logosbynick on YouTube and and . Most excellent tuts on Inkscape I’ve found.


  7. Ruralgeek Apr 25,2016 18:20

    Great Job Clem Cinnamon just keeps getting better and better. I would love to see tweaks or settings in the control center for SSD’s as they are getting more common.

  8. Abhishek Apr 25,2016 18:22

    Great news. Look forward to it in Linux Mint 18.

  9. rik Apr 25,2016 18:23

    I am wondering about any plans for updates to the Cinnamon menu. It would be great to see an adjustable icon size, for example. Also possibly a grid type layout. Gnomenu is doing some good things for Gnome-Shell, for example, and the slightly larger icon size would be a good bonus to show off the new “Mint-y” Moka-style icons!

    FYI here is a link to Gnomenu:

  10. Monsta Apr 25,2016 18:25

    Weird, this update isn’t displayed in the right pane at (under “Development News”). Or is it just my Firefox?

    • Kirk M Apr 25,2016 19:29

      Nope, it’s not Firefox. I left my previous comment (which showed up) and closed Firefox clearing everything (cache, history, cookies, etc) and came back to the post and my comment and yours was missing, the only comment left was the first one. When I reposted my first comment then 6 comments showed up when the page refreshed. Then, when I hit the “reply” link to your comment 4 out of 6 comments disappeared with only the first comment on the post and yours left.

      Let’s see what happens when I post this comment…

    • Kirk M Apr 25,2016 19:37

      Okay, it looks like it might be a caching problem with the blog and possibly this site as well since clearing history in Firefox and viewing in Chrome shows the same thing regarding Either that or the feed feature/plugin for the blog is only set to update every hour?

      As far as this post is concerned, Chrome only shows 1 comment posted as of right now when we know there’s more than one.

      • clem Apr 26,2016 10:05


        It’s probably the sucuri cache. I changed the settings to disable caching and compression on segfault. We’ll see if that makes things better.

        • Kirk M Apr 26,2016 15:38

          It appears to have worked, Clem. Too bad about the caching since caching a site can help take the load off the webhost server. I don’t know about Sucuri caching but there about be a way to set the cache to cleared when a new post or comment has been published. By the way, enabling compression should be alright. It’s only caching that can cause things like this to happen if it’s not set up correctly.

          • clem Apr 26,2016 15:44

            Compression affected some of our scripts, namely retrieval of RSS feeds. You never know what might break when things change heh? :)

          • Kirk M May 2,2016 19:24

            Very true, sir. Very true (and don’t I know it).

  11. Kurt Apr 25,2016 18:29

    3.0 and no Wayland?

  12. Alexander Apr 25,2016 18:49

    Nice work, Clem. Using it on Arch Linux since its merged on git. Is there any plans for Wayland?

    • clem Apr 26,2016 10:32

      From a Cinnamon development point of view, the more things we support the better. From a Mint point of view we need to prioritize what we use and what contributes to making the user experience better. We’re still wondering if and when Wayland will get to the point where it can be a viable solution in the future. We’re committed not only to Cinnamon but also to MATE and Xfce, and we’re committed not to accept regressions when it comes to 3D, gaming, compatibility with various toolkits such as GTK+, Java etc.. Fedora is shipping with Wayland and afaik GNOME is getting close to fully supporting it. This is something that is very interesting to us because we can then look at user feedback over there, assess pros and cons and get a better idea of what role Wayland might play in the future, and when that will happen in Linux Mint.

      So in other words, we’re happy to support Wayland but we’re not working on it at the moment.

  13. Kirk M Apr 25,2016 19:07

    Good to hear! Looking forward to Mint 18/Cinnamon.

  14. kelebek333 Apr 25,2016 19:10

    Firstly I congratulate the all team member and contributors,

    I would like to a bugreport about cinnamon-settings desktop module.

    And, could you add a basic animation or an indicator with Edge Resistance.

    Best regards, greetings from Turkey

  15. Kirk M Apr 25,2016 19:23

    Good to hear! Looking forward to Linux Mint 18/Cinnamon.

  16. G. No Me Apr 25,2016 19:58

    Will it come to LM17.3?

    • clem Apr 26,2016 10:14

      No, 17.x received cinnamon 2.2, 2.4, 2.6 and 2.8. Versions 3.0, 3.2, 3.4 and 3.6 are targeting Mint 18.x.

  17. QUASAR Apr 25,2016 20:16

    Congrats! I can’t wait to try it!!! xD

  18. The King Apr 25,2016 20:36

    Félicitation Clem !

    Maintenant on attend plus que Mint 18 !

  19. Omer Apr 25,2016 20:45

    greetings guys and thnx to all contributors for your hard work! Cinnamon just keeps getting better!

    Other: Clem, I’d like to install Cinnamon 3.0 in my Notebook. How Could i do this? I’m using Linux Mint 17.3 (Cinnamon 2.8).


    • clem Apr 26,2016 10:16

      Hi Omer,

      You’ll need to compile it. If you’re experienced with that it’s relatively easy. Each component comes with packaging so you can just git clone it, dpkg-buildpackage it and install the resulting debs.

  20. James Apr 25,2016 20:53


  21. Sasha Apr 25,2016 21:15

    Will we someday see official global menu applet?)

  22. Henrique M Cezar Apr 26,2016 01:08

    Will we be able to use Cinnamon 3.0 in Linux Mint Rosa?

  23. Mel Apr 26,2016 02:41

    I don’t know if this question/comment will sound crazy or not, but:

    Will this update (ie. an update to the Cinnamon desktop-environment) appear in the “Update Manager”?

    (I’m asking this because I was wondering if there was any way to update Cinnamon WITHOUT having to update the entire Linux-Mint distro. (ie. “update the ENTIRE distro” as-in: update from a previous version of Linux-Mint (eg. 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 17.1, 17.2, 17.3, 13, etc.) to Linux-Mint version 18)).

    • ravila Apr 26,2016 04:47

      Yes. Enable the Romeo repository in Software Sources, and do an “apt-get update”.

  24. Mel Apr 26,2016 02:48

    –I finished asking the question, but, extra info is below–

    When I was in Mint-17 and Mint-17.1 came out (with a newer version of Cinnamon, of course), I found that the only way that I could update Cinnamon was by updating the entire distro.

    The same thing happened to me when I was on Linux-Mint 17.1 and Linux-Mint 17.2 came out, and it happened again when I was on Linux-Mint 17.2 and Linux-Mint 17.3 came out.

    Also: Even though the “What’s New in Linux Mint version#” would always say that it’s possible to get all of the new features and updates by “upgrading” (ie. doing the “in-place”-upgrade) from the previous version of Linux-Mint to the new version of Linux-Mint, I for the life of me couldn’t find where to activate the new features. So consequently, I always had to upgrade Mint the same way I always did: Download the .iso file, make a “LiveDVD”, and install Mint from scratch the way @jens and the other people in #LinuxMint-Help taught me how to do.

    • clem Apr 26,2016 10:11

      Hi Mel,

      You didn’t need to reinstall, you could just use the Update Manager to go from 17.x to 17.x+1.

      See here for instance:

      Now, the 17.x cycle lasts 5 years, with 2 years of development (where you keep getting new versions) and then 3 years of maintenance (where you only get bug fixes and security updates).

      This version of Cinnamon is compatible with 17.x (beware that 3.2 won’t be though) but it won’t be backported to it, it’s targeted for LMDE 2 and Mint 18.

      The jump from a 17.x to a 17.x+1 is trivial and safe.

      The jump from 17.3 to 18 will be much bigger but we’ll work on that and try to make it easy and safe as well.

      I understand it’s a bit confusing, especially for novice users. In brief, this version of Cinnamon is for Mint 18 and LMDE 2. Going forward, LMDE 2 will continue to get newer versions (3.2 for instance), and Mint 18 will get point releases with these newer versions (18.1 will get 3.2 and a trivial upgrade path).

  25. Hugo Apr 26,2016 03:11

    Hi, great job. This version looks excellent and I’m already downloading to use it.

    I remember the 2015 mentioned working on a port for Wayland
    You follow that in your plans? I think the next version of fedora use Wayland by default.

    Do you have a position on new Canonical packaging system Snap or expected development of other technologies such as xdg-app? Thank you very much

    • clem Apr 26,2016 10:18

      Hi Hugo,

      We’re excited about new developments and both Wayland and Snappy look like cool projects. We’re keeping an eye on them to see how they develop.

    • leigh123linux Apr 27,2016 08:11

      F24 will use X11 as default, perhaps F25 will use wayland.

  26. Chris Apr 26,2016 03:12

    Great, thanks cinnamon team!

    Could you tell us when it will be available for Linux Mint 17.3 ?

    • clem Apr 26,2016 10:12

      Hi Chris,

      It won’t be. It’s compatible though, so it’s possible if somebody makes a PPA for it or if you compile it yourself.

  27. Aamir Shahzad Apr 26,2016 04:39

    Cinnamon 3.0 will be included on Linux Mint 18, right? Will it be available on Linux Mint 17.3 or its plus version?

  28. Aamir Shahzad Apr 26,2016 04:42

    Congratulations on this achievement anyway :)

  29. aix Apr 26,2016 04:55

    Already in Arch.
    Best regards to the team and all the developers!

    • brad Apr 26,2016 22:42

      …also appeared in Manjaro – looks good! Waiting for LM 18! (end of May??? June???)

  30. Jaume Sabater Apr 26,2016 10:27

    Congratulations for the achievement, and thanks for the hard work!

    Will the search box in the main lanucher now include ability to search for documents and not just applications, in a similar way the launcher in Ubuntu does?

  31. Alex Apr 26,2016 16:31

    Can’t wait for Mint 18

  32. Andy Apr 26,2016 17:11

    If I change the with of name,type,size menu in nemo, detail view. The view does not remember the width when I close and open nemo. Will this be improved some day ? In ubuntu it works fine, but not mint.

  33. Rubén D Apr 26,2016 18:19

    Hi @clem, that is an amazing work, congratulations (for you and the team)!!

    At the end of my work day, I’ve noticed that cinnamon 3 had been released through update manager, so I performed the update, but when I’ve arrived home, those updates weren’t available. Is there any reason to that annoying issue?

    I’m using LMDE 2.

    Kind regards

    • clem Apr 27,2016 10:14

      Cinnamon 3.0 reached Betsy yesterday (and MATE 1.14 and the Xapps are also on their way). If you can’t see them yet, it might be due to a bit of delay with the mirror you’re using?

  34. Mel Apr 26,2016 19:12

    Thanks very much for the info @clem and @ravila :-)

  35. Crewp Apr 26,2016 19:59

    Hi Clem, Cinnamon 3.0.1 is working flawlessly on LMDE2, great job, and thanks to you and the team.

  36. Yro Apr 26,2016 23:37

    Hi Clem., can You post some prints of the new theme based on arc? I would like to see if its really cool or what.. :P

  37. Giles Apr 27,2016 10:14

    Nice work! Cinnamon 3.0.1 seems to be working *almost* flawlessly on my LMDE2 install.

    The only glitch I’ve discovered is that the login sound plays twice. If I disable the login sound effect in system settings it plays once..

    Looking forward to the new Minty themes. Any chance of prettyifying the workspace switcher visual representation by making the separator thinner?

    • clem Apr 27,2016 11:41

      For the border, have a look at the Cinnamon theme (/usr/share/themes/Linux Mint/cinnamon/), see if you can tweak it. If you get something better you can then create a pull request for

      I’ll have a look at why the sound is playing twice.

      • Giles Apr 27,2016 17:30

        I’ll have a go with the switcher later, but can’t see where to start modifying code.
        Just to be clear, I was referring to the workspace switcher applet, and the the separator between the two workspace representations. I assume this is javascript or css, but haven’t found the right js code or css properties to tweak.

        • Collinss Apr 27,2016 18:45

          I think the style classes you’re looking for are workspace-graph and workspace-switcher.

        • JosephM Apr 27,2016 20:00

          If you are using the Linux Mint Cinnamon theme you will find what you are looking for in /usr/share/themes/Linux Mint/cinnamon/cinnamon.css. Look for .workspace-graph. It has values for padding and spacing you can try playing with.

          Should be pretty much the same in any other theme as well.

  38. clem Apr 27,2016 10:18

    Many people asked if Cinnamon 3.0 would be available in Mint 17.x. It won’t be, but it’s compatible and so you can get it from 3rd parties or compile it yourself.

    Here’s a PPA you can use to get it in Mint 17.x (add it in Menu -> Software Sources -> PPA): ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-nightly

    Be aware that this PPA ships nightly builds of the “very latest” development version of Cinnamon though, so you should always consider this PPA “unstable” and only use it on computers which stability you don’t really care about.

    • clem Apr 27,2016 10:20

      In fact, if you use this PPA to get 3.0, I would recommend you only use it for a month or so (to get the upcoming bug fixes on 3.0.x and the missing translations) and then remove it from your system (before we start working on 3.2…).

      You’ve been warned :)

      • Stringent Apr 27,2016 20:14

        …which is what I just did on 17.3

        For some reason clicking on icons (touchpad, by tapping on it on on the touchpad left button) in QuickLaunch, or on Mint menu, produces no results.
        Also noticed that when i hit Win button –> Preferences –> Mouse and Touchpad, nothing happens. If I go into System settings and then attempt to go into ‘Mouse and Touchpad’ title on the top of the window changes to ‘Mouse and Touchpad’ and nothing else happens.

        So now, only way to start a program is to hit a Win (super) key and navigate thru menu :)

        • Stringent Apr 28,2016 21:26

          …just to report back that everything is in perfect order again, after the latest update :)

          Nice, very nice

          • Hrx May 8,2016 08:39

            It happend to me too. I noticed that mouse was configured for lefthand. Left click was right click.

  39. laurent Apr 27,2016 14:53

    Merci et Super boulot Clem et à la Linux Mint Team !

    Impatient de tester tout ça sur la LM18 !

  40. Brahim Apr 27,2016 17:02

    What about the window list with application grouping applet or option?

  41. Ricardo Almeida Apr 27,2016 20:27

    First of all, thank you for your great work.

    I have a small issue with the new version: I use 2 screens (one TV, one monitor) and launch Kodi on the 2nd screen (TV). If I put it in full screen, the cinnamon panels disappear from the primary screen :( It was happening with Cinnamon 2.8, but when clicking in the place where the Menu should be, it would open the menu and restore the panels… not on 3.0… Restarting cinnamon (Alt-F2 r) while kodi is in fullscreen seems to fix it, so not all is bad :)

    • JosephM Apr 27,2016 20:50

      Could you give a bit more info? Are the two screens the same resolution? Does it work as expected if you use Kodi on the other screen? Is it an issue specifically with Kodi or does it happen when running other apps fullscreen on the second monitor (firefox, videos, vlc, etc.)?

      • Ricardo Almeida Apr 28,2016 17:37

        I just use kodi for videos, but I can give it a try latter… Screens are not at the same resolution. LCD is Full HD (1920×1080) and TV is an old big CRT at 1024×768. Graphic card is an old GeForce 7600 GT, using nvidia proprietary drivers

      • Ricardo Almeida Apr 28,2016 18:35

        Seems to be an issue in the way kodi goes fullscreen… Tried VLC and a Facebook video on Chrome (flash?) and both worked fine.

        • JosephM Apr 28,2016 19:27

          Thanks for the feedback. I have never used Kodi but I’ll see if I can set it up and reproduce your issue. Maybe this can be improved.

        • fritsch Jul 23,2016 10:26

          Kodi uses OpenGL rendering. VLC and facebook video don’t. Disable mint’s compositor and all will be fine.

          We (team kodi) don’t support running kodi on a compositor which cannot redirect fullscreen windows or is not setup correctly.

      • pi3tr0 Jul 30,2016 07:36

        Same for me.
        First monitor 19″ HD Ready 1366×768
        Second TV/Monitor Full HD 1920×1080

        I launch Kodi in fullscreen in second monitor and the panel disappear from the first.

        No problem with vlc or firefox in fullscreen

  42. Henrique Musseli Cezar Apr 28,2016 00:14

    Clem, about the improved Spotify support, what was fixed with this version of Cinnamon?

    I’m the guy from github who suggested you to contact jooon :)

  43. Anand Apr 28,2016 14:48

    Clem & Team – Good to see Cinnamon making steady progress, prolly the best Linux DE out there for PC and laptops. It will be good to see some Nemo improvements and more useful applets in future releases.

    • Anand May 1,2016 10:26

      To be specific, an option to filter files inside a Folder feature in Nemo would be awesome to have! Would love to see this on Roadmap? :) Thanks!

    • Bidinou Jun 14,2016 21:59

      Filter feature is extremely useful, I use it all the time when I use KDE.
      I’m pretty sure there is a good amount of work that could be borrowed from the later Nautilus versions too ? (better display engine) Or maybe they became too different from each other ?

  44. Jung-Kyu Park Apr 28,2016 16:14

    Good windows effect actions!
    The only thing I really miss is in the hot corners is maximize & unmaximize by mouse hover,
    I really would love to see the window maximize & unmaximize feature in the hot corners!
    That is what I most wanted feature in Cinnamon! now

  45. Peter Apr 28,2016 17:54

    Hi Clem,

    got Cinnamon 3.0 as regular update in LMDE2 and it seemed first to work fine … – until I tried to resize my GNU Emacs window, which crashes cinnamon everytime (Standard GNU Emacs 24.4.1 (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 3.14.5) install on LMDE2). Didn’t notice this behaviour on resizing other program windows, though. Any idea how I could fix it ?

    • clem Apr 30,2016 18:51

      Hi Peter,

      I can’t reproduce it, either in Mint 18 alpha (internal build) or in a Betsy VM. Can you get us a stack trace or a core dump?

      • Peter May 2,2016 17:47

        Hi Clem,
        sorry, I’d need more details how to do a stack trace or core dump. But JosephM has the correct hint… – my emacs window starts as ‘/usr/bin/emacs24 -g +0+0 -fh’, so it’s probably linked to the fullheight (and thus has a simple workaround).

    • JosephM May 1,2016 06:47

      This may be linked to another known issue that can be reproduced in a few different ways. Are trying to resize a maximized window or one that’s maximized vertically or horizontally? These will crash every time.

  46. mikef90000 Apr 29,2016 00:57

    I’ve given time for Cinnamon to mature, but now I have to say that I’m really disappointed with the very awkward way panels and their applets are managed compared to the elegant way of XFCE.

    Here’s one example: multiple ‘transparent’ applets like separators and spacers are near impossible to locate and move (just like GNOME 2 BTW). By comparison, the XFCE panel preferences Items tab makes it easy to find and to reorder them. BTW the spacer applet needs an ‘expand’ option, very handy for keeping your applets grouped.

    Another example is the launcher applet. In XFCE the properties option lets you add or remove from a nice list of apps, whereas Cinnamon just gives you the advanced screen as if you were creating a new launcher.

    I sincerely hope that the current (but slow) XFCE migration to GTK+3 will allow this option to be available for Cinnamon.

    • JosephM May 1,2016 06:52

      Just played with the spacer applet and I have to agree with some of your comments. It would be nice to have a better way to highlight it in panel edit mode. Does the spacers setting for “Pixel size” not do what you want?

      By the launcher applet, do you mean the main menu or the Panel launchers applet?

  47. mike Apr 30,2016 09:11

    Hi Clem, if I were to compile cinnamon 3 for debian jessie, what would be the best way to get updates?

  48. mike Apr 30,2016 15:41

    By updates, I mean updated bug fix packages…

    • clem Apr 30,2016 18:36

      You’d have to recompile and repackage components when they get new labels.

  49. jelabarre59 Apr 30,2016 19:32

    I hope the touchpad configuration works better than “touchpad-indicator”. That tool is *supposed* to disable the touchpad when you’re typing, but it doesn’t, and you keep finding yourself typing in a completely different location. The only way to prevent that would be to hold your hands in a horribly uncomfortable position. So one hopes a Cinnamon-specific tool will work better there.

  50. Sylvia May 1,2016 13:04

    Is there any chance of adding tags or whatever name to Nemo like the old Nautilus had (Gnome2) and Caja (Mate desktop) has? They’re really useful.

  51. Wini May 2,2016 06:32

    Hi Clem

    I have updated Cinnamon on two PCs running LMDE2. One PC has two screens (same resolution on both screens) the other has only one monitor. After the update i have two issues…

    On both systems I have the annoying system beep (over the PC speaker)… for example if I press the Delete key to delete a file on the desktop a beep occurs or if I press the the Backspace key in an empty input field of an application (there are of course a lot more examples). The only way I found to disable the system beep is to enter “xset b off” on the command line, but I guess that’s not the solution. Did I missed something the system setting to disable the system beep ?

    The other issue is on the system with the two screens only. My Trash icon on the desktop is gone and I could not get it back over the system settings. I believe the Trash icon must be somewhere outside of the visible screens. Is there a way to set the Trash to a “default state” ?

    With LMDE2 and Cinnamon you and the other developers did a great job, thank you very much.

  52. Jacek Podkanski May 2,2016 11:08

    Any chance telling us when the 7 year old sticky keys bug will be fixed?

  53. Jacek Podkanski May 2,2016 14:55

    I had problem today with latest Mint and cinnamon.

    • Monsta May 2,2016 15:48

      According to the last comments there, the fix arrived into Debian Testing on 2014-07-17, therefore it’s for sure available in Ubuntu 16.04 and will automatically get into Mint 18.

      As for Ubuntu 14.04 (base for Mint 17.x), it had been released too early for that. And I see the maintainers still hadn’t applied the fix there:

      • Jacek Podkanski May 4,2016 07:36

        I’m trying Ubuntu Gnome at the moment. The sticky keys seem to work except the spectacular fail when I couldn’t unlock the screen after waking up from sleep. For some reason Shift and Caps Lock were doing the exact opposite. Without the option to reveal the typed password I would have no chance to unlock the screen.

  54. Hugo12 May 2,2016 18:12

    Since the update I have a ‘beep’ when I use backspace or del on Nemo which is very annyoing. I checked the sound settings and all system sounds are disabled but I still get the beep from my mainboard.

    Anyone else getting that? Maybe even a workaround to fix it? (I read about a year old bug that still exists but it wasn’t beeping before the patch so I think something else included it.)

    (Ok I could remover the beeper but that’s not my prefereeded solution.)

    • clem May 5,2016 17:45

      In accessibility -> disable sound alerts. We’re changing this in the next update. It’s also responsible for the login sound playing twice.

      • Tony Whelan May 8,2016 23:19

        Clem, does Cinnamon 3 fix the broken “Beep on Caps and Num Lock” option in Accessibility settings?

        • Tony Whelan May 8,2016 23:29

          PS I outlined this issue in


          • Tony Whelan May 9,2016 21:18

            Joseph has just let me know that this feature has had some attention in Cinnamon 3, and I’ve had a quick look at it using Ubuntu 16 with Cinnamon. The dialog now allows you to select a sound file to play when the Caps or Num lock buttons are pressed. This is good, but for the visually impaired we really need two different sounds assigned, one for ‘lock on’ and another for ‘lock off’. Otherwise the person can’t tell which state the lock key is in. That’s also the case for other users if they have a wireless keyboard without indicator lights.

            I don’t know how difficult it would be to make that additional change but it would be good to see it added sometime.

            I didn’t actually get the feature to work on Ubuntu (pressing the lock keys did not invoke the sound), but hopefully it will work in Mint 18.

          • JosephM May 10,2016 05:54

            It does support setting a different sound for on and off. By default they use a separate sound for each.

  55. Mel May 2,2016 19:27

    quote from the website: “The power applet received many bug fixes and the way it detects and handles multiple batteries was significantly improved.”

    This is [another reason] why I would like Cinnamon 3.0 on my Linux-Mint-17.3 install: the bug fixes. (I remember when I was running Mint 17 and I saw various bug-fixes announced in 17.1, and likewise when I was running 17.1 and 17.2 came out, and again [likewise] when I was running 17.2 and 17.3 came out. (I really hated the fact that they removed a HUGE amount of the backgrounds [that were in 17.2] in 17.3. I couldn’t even find my favorite backgrounds anymore (let alone the ones that I used in 17.2 and 17.1, nor 17) in 17.3 :-( )).

    Will the bug-fixes released in Cinnamon 3.0 be backported (don’t know what else to call it but I mean “brought to Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon 2.8) in one of those “updates” that is available in the Update-Manager ?

    • Monsta May 2,2016 20:38

      Backgrounds from earlier releases are available in mint-backgrounds-* packages.
      In your case, you need to install mint-backgrounds-rebecca and mint-backgrounds-rafaela packages.

  56. kelebek333 May 3,2016 07:18

    Nemo actions translations (installed with nemo-data) is missing.

  57. r May 4,2016 00:13

    I’m not sure if this is the right place to report this, but part of it relates to someones post above: package “cinnamon” missing after first (large) update following a clean install of Linux Mint 2 “Betsy” – Cinnamon (64-bit). After the update I rebooted and when logging in I was getting this message: “Your session only lasted less that 10 seconds. If you have not logged out yourself, this could mean that there is some installation problem or that you may be out of diskspace. Try logging in with one of the failsafe sessions to see if you can fix the problem”. Checking the “View details (~/.xsession-errors file)” box = “mdm[2925]: Glib-CRITICAL: g_key_file_free: assertion ‘key_file != NULL’ failed”. I reinstalled again and rather than reboot after the first update I opened Synaptic and installed cinnamon there, then rebooted = I am able to log in now, but get a double login sound like Giles above. Hardware: late 2013 MacBook. I have a few screenshots if useful, and can send any log files reqeusted.

  58. Ankleface Wroughtlandmire May 4,2016 04:33

    Running Cinnamon 3.0 with openSUSE Tumbleweed, works a charm. Thanks a lot!

  59. Marcos de Oliveira May 4,2016 21:27

    Do you guys have plans on implementing 3 finger gestures, like on mac for example? I’m asking because my touchpad (Synaptics) support 3 finger gestures as I already used it on Windows, but I could not get it working on Linux Mint. Also couldn’t make edge motion work… And, will this be available on Mint 17.3?

  60. Anthony May 4,2016 21:49

    This is great news about cinnamon 3. Your hard work is very much appreciated.

    As a fan of KDE can I ask if Plasma 5.4 or above will be released in Mint 18 too or is that a way off to come?

  61. Hrx May 5,2016 18:51

    I plan to install Linux Mint 17.3. However, I believe 18.0 Will be out soon. If I now install 17.3, Will I be able to upgrade to 18? If not I will untill 18 comes out.

  62. kevlogan90 May 6,2016 07:01

    Hi Clem,

    What are your plans for the growing list of applets/desklets/extensions that are not being updated by their original developers?

    • clem May 6,2016 12:05

      We’ll either patch them or delete them, depending on popularity. If you have a list of issues, it will help.

      • MintNonMente May 6,2016 18:29

        I think it is better to exclude the non-functioning applets!
        Until now it was frustrating being left with missing features after an update, but I understand that dealing with third-party programs is really complicated. For me it is the only flaw of Cinnamon. Btw, thank you for all the works guys!

      • kevlogan90 May 8,2016 05:48

        Sorry for the long response ahead, but I was meaning more along the lines of the life cycle of an x-let. If the original developer stops making updates, then a new developer will need to fork the original code and then create a new applet. Would it be better to create a git repo for x-lets?

        Lets say we have a cinnamon-spices user (that mint controls), and developers can create their x-let as a repo under that cinnamon-spices user. This would allow the developer to have access to make all the changes they want in their x-let repo without affecting anyone else, and if they are no longer developing, then the mint team can grant access to it for a new developer if they want to take over.

        Would this be feasible? Also, where would be the best place to put the list of duplicate/broken/already implemented x-lets?

  63. Anand May 6,2016 10:18

    Clem – Was just thinking if we can we have Mint (and Cinnamon DE) Roadmap as part of main site itself, am aware we have it on Github but would be good to replicate the high level items. The below prompted the thought.

  64. mark May 7,2016 05:23

    I was running 17.3, but I added the PPA ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-nightly and after restarting I’m stuck at my login screen. After 3 attempts or so to login I get the terminal or command screen also asking for my login and password. I enter them but the desktop doesn’t appear.

    Any suggestions? Can I delete the PPA and go back from Cinnamon 3.0 to 2.8?

    • Bob May 9,2016 03:01

      sudo ppa-purge ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-nightly
      will roll you back to what you had installed before.

    • dave May 9,2016 20:35

      Hope Cinnamon 3.x gets fixed to allow clean upgrades from 2.x. Right now, something removes just enough to block the start and sends you back to mdm.
      The work around is: sudo apt-get install cinnamon

      Whether this applies to 17.3 installs using a daily build, I don’t know.

      The main benefit of 3.0 seems to be a huge reduction of resource use. Had a Cinnamon LMDE 2 start up using less than 400MB.. Nice change from the usual 700MB+ used on 17.3. :)

      • mark May 12,2016 06:56

        Thanks, dave. I tried this but nothing changed. I re-started the machine and the same issues occur.

  65. DMFinn May 10,2016 00:30

    Clem, been having a heck of a time getting to listen to my mp3 off my Sony walkman or Samsung S6 connected via usb3. The devices mount and I can go through the files
    but when trying to play an mp3 it states cannot play the video…hmmm. I did a back up and updated 17.3 to Cinnamon 3.0 and also installed Kernel 4.5.2 hoping something would solve it but still no go. Any Ideas ??? By the way 3.0 seems pretty solid!!

    Thanks Dennis

  66. Tony Whelan May 10,2016 04:17

    mark, I did same thing with the nightly, but fortunately only on a dev machine so it doesn’t matter. I did try logging in without gui (CTRL-ALT-backspace I think), and removed the ppa, did apt-get update, purged cinnamon and nemo. But when trying to reinstall cinnamon2 it complains of a dependency issue and I haven’t got past that.

    Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will have a suggestion for you, other than a rebuild!

  67. Dirk Haar May 10,2016 14:22

    Will it be possible to cycle-through different workplaces with the mouse cursor at left/right screen borders again?
    Switching between a Cinnamon workplace and a fullscreen VirtualBox VM running Win xxx is annoying without that:
    minimize Win, click or key entry, back again, resize Win
    – just to have a look on the Mint side or for copy/paste.

    • JosephM May 11,2016 11:29

      Doesn’t using Ctrl+Alt+Left or Right arrow work in this case to switch workspaces?

  68. Mel May 10,2016 21:42

    @Monsta’s comment “Backgrounds from earlier releases are available in mint-backgrounds-* packages.
    In your case, you need to install mint-backgrounds-rebecca and mint-backgrounds-rafaela packages.”:

    Thanks for the info on the backgrounds, Monsta :-) . (I have, however, given other responders/repliers time to respond/reply to my comment. Usually I get more than one response, and/or different opinions).

    What about the “Will the bug-fixes released in Cinnamon 3.0 be backported (don’t know what else to call it but I mean “brought to Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon 2.8) in one of those “updates” that is available in the Update-Manager?” question? Any info on that?


    quote from the website: “The power applet received many bug fixes and the way it detects and handles multiple batteries was significantly improved.”

    This is [another reason] why I would like Cinnamon 3.0 on my Linux-Mint-17.3 install: the bug fixes. (I remember when I was running Mint 17 and I saw various bug-fixes announced in 17.1, and likewise when I was running 17.1 and 17.2 came out, and again [likewise] when I was running 17.2 and 17.3 came out).

    Will the bug-fixes released in Cinnamon 3.0 be backported (don’t know what else to call it but I mean “brought to Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon 2.8) in one of those “updates” that is available in the Update-Manager ?

    **End quote**

  69. Mel May 10,2016 21:45

    I am very sorry but I just noticed a typo in the last paragraph of my PREVIOUS post :-(

    (I didn’t catch it until after I posted my post. Sorry :-( ).

    The corrected paragraph is below:

    Will the bug-fixes released in Cinnamon 3.0 be backported (don’t know what else to call it but I mean “brought-to-Linux-Mint-17.3-Cinnamon-2.8″-in-one-of-those-“updates” that is available in the Update-Manager) ?

  70. José Luis Nava Hernández May 12,2016 16:34

    To many thanks for your great job! I have a request (or two), in the Favorites config menu, it does not have the calculator option. Indeed ‘Calculator’ is a very good option, the problem is I’ve been using RPN since 1974, and it is now difficult form me to use the algebra type of calculator.

    And the calculator key in the keyboard is very difficult to change, I’ve been trying, but the results were so problematic that I had to reestablish the default, it will be a big enhancement.

    Another thing. When you use any program that opens files, You don’t have the option to see only those with a particular “extension”, *.foo for example, neither the option to see (as in NEMO, by the way) the Carpets or directories, appart feom the files, nor the option to see the files agrupped by extension.

    This are ideas to make better Cinammon, not complainings. Kudos! And Thanks again.

  71. alfem May 13,2016 10:00

    Will nemo work with windows shares if Active Directory (kerberos) login is configured in pam (via sssd)?

    It works in redhat/suse, but I much prefer mint for my deployments.

  72. anglo May 13,2016 10:18

    LAgend! …. for linux mint!! love!!

  73. Christian May 16,2016 02:01

    I really like Mint but it is a bit ridiculous that we can’t get Cinnamon 3.0 on 17.3 while many other major distributions can already upgrade to it! Mint is the “Cinnamon” distro…

    • clem May 16,2016 20:50

      The goal of Linux Mint isn’t to provide the latest Cinnamon. In fact it has nothing to do with Cinnamon and one of its key goal is to guarantee quality and stability (which goes against using freshly baked software).

      It’s the other way around. It is the goal of the Cinnamon project to implement the desktop Linux Mint needs and envisions. The Cinnamon release cycle is designed precisely to release new versions of the DE roughly a month before Linux Mint, so that bugs can be ironed out, feedback can be gathered from other distributions and PPA users and Cinnamon can mature before entering Linux Mint.

      Cinnamon is a great project and when we work on it, it doesn’t just help Linux Mint, it’s something that is used across many distributions. Its goals and designs align perfectly with Linux Mint’s needs though.

      • Christian May 16,2016 22:20

        I understand that Mint is all about quality and stability and this is why I’m using it (and also why I donated to the project BTW)!

        But nowadays things are moving really fast and so are the applications that we use on a daily basis and sometimes one cannot simply wait for the underlying core components to be updated to a more recent (but still very stable) version like for instance decent GTK3 support. I think there can be a good balance between an ultraconservative distro and a rolling one!

        Anyway I always considered Mint as the de facto Cinnamon distro but I understand your point that this not in fact the case. I guess I just didn’t see it that way…

        Thanks for your reply

        • JosephM May 17,2016 08:33

          Also keep in mind that a new major version of Mint, 18 in this case, brings a whole new package base. In some cases that can mean breakages and in others can open the door to improvements to current features or even adding new ones that weren’t possible before. At some point the decision has to be made to move forward and not guarantee backward compatibility with older versions.

  74. linuxscoop May 18,2016 03:41

    Here’s a video showing new features of cinammon desktop environment 3.0 –

  75. Ghazi May 18,2016 04:02

    Good News! Looking forward to upgrading to Mint 18. Thanks, guys.

  76. Toto May 21,2016 09:44

    linuxscoop : very good video !

  77. Nomen luni May 21,2016 12:02

    +1 – very well produced video there linuxscoop!

  78. Jung-Kyu Park May 21,2016 16:02

    About Input Method.

    1) Can we have IM pre-installed by language regions?
    for example)
    For Korean Hangul , “uim-byeoru” is recommended IM as default

    2)Is it available removing the Input Method by double click the Install button in mint-locale or other behaviour?

  79. Magesh Maruthamuthu May 23,2016 07:47

    Great news.. Why you people are not concentrating LOGO for Cinnamon as one of the top Desktop Environment for Linux.

    We are expecting New LOGO for Cinnamon later on this year.

  80. Kaleem May 23,2016 16:03

    Hi, I wish there be a fast boot option as likely in case of Windows 8 or 10, other than normal booting, the windows usually boots in 8 seconds even on HDD. So, Is it possible to have the same fastbooting in mint 18.

  81. Harry Quayle May 24,2016 18:01

    @Clem & Team: Where is the repository for ‘segfault‘ web-software located at ?

    Just curious because I’d like to run it myself, Cheers.

  82. KenG May 27,2016 20:19

    Hi Clem; great work. I was wondering if you plan to incorporate some of the eye candy in cinnamon the is currently available via compiz or kdwm? I love cinnamon, but would also like some of the additional eye candy

    • JosephM Jun 5,2016 23:06

      Any specific requests/examples? I don’t see any crazy animations being animated but ideas are always welcome.

      • KenG Jun 9,2016 21:24

        I was thinking of wobbly windows and the cube. There are extensions available but they do not seem to work properly.

        • JosephM Jun 11,2016 00:21

          I actually have the code laying around somewhere that implemented basic support for wobble windows in Cinnamon. I think this might fall into “crazy animations” category though :)

  83. L May 28,2016 01:48

    Ubuntu 16.04 LTS use open-source AMD graphics card driver, but it not work without nomodeset on my PC, even black screen before see install wizard.

    Will LinuxMint 18 have same issue? or should i report it to ubuntu developer?

  84. dark May 31,2016 20:15

    Will Linux Mint work on Intel Skylake sixth generation CPU’s? I hear linux kernel is having lot of issues supporting skylake machines.

  85. Dan Saint-Andre May 31,2016 21:22

    There are two features/behaviors that I would love to see:

    1. A table-drive (or similar) configuration for notification: {Event} {message, icon, etc} {sound} {on-screen-time} {action script}…
    I’ll use laptop battery as an example. I’m walkabout with work in progress.
    I step away or use the phone. While away, the battery-low notice happens and it disappears before I get back. Then, the laptop “dies” moments after I try to resume my work in progress. I’d like to stretch the timeout on this notice. I’d like to run my own script on this notice. I think that you get the idea.

    2. When my workstation hibernates (suspend-to-disk), I’d like it to leave some flag somewhere saying that “hibernate happened”. Then, on restart, I’d like GRUB2 to notice this flag and prominently display the state of the flag on the boot menu. Also, I’d like GRUB2 to warn me that I’ve selected a boot image that is different from the one in hibernation.

  86. Rucice Jun 1,2016 22:45

    This is great news and thnks a lot for sharing!

  87. Caner Jun 4,2016 06:27

    A bug report for Linux Mint 17.3 as of 3.6.2016:

    While giving presentation my laptop was connected to external projector. Then the screen blacked out due to inactivity for some time, then I moved the mouse to get the screen back, but now there was a problem with the resolution and positioning. Only some part of my laptop display was shown in the projector. I had to reconnect the cable to fix the problem.

  88. dark Jun 13,2016 08:54

    I think Mint Cinnamon should have glass effect feature on by default on Taskbar and Start Menu. This will give Taskbar and Start Menu a very nice transparency look. Also Start Menu should have picture similar to this as its background.

  89. Richard Jun 14,2016 02:37

    @Monsta’s comment “Backgrounds from earlier releases are available in mint-backgrounds-* packages.
    In your case, you need to install mint-backgrounds-rebecca and mint-backgrounds-rafaela packages.” :

    And how do I do that? Do you have the instructions for [how to do] that?

    Google Search-Results didn’t show up anything relevant, helpful, and/or useful. Just generic stuff regarding Ubuntu.

    • Heedermann Jul 14,2016 00:22

      You can install it with following programs:

      1.) mintInstall
      2.) synaptic package manager
      3.) terminal: sudo apt-get install mint-backgrounds-rebecca

  90. Me Jun 30,2016 10:34

    Hi Team,

    I am waiting for linux mint 18 release.
    May I know release date of the same ?


  91. hrx Jul 7,2016 09:56

    Is it possible to add system tray applet in Mint 18 on second monitor? I tried but a ‘add to panel’ button is grayed out.

    • JosephM Jul 11,2016 07:04

      I assume you are talking about adding a second systray applet? In that case, no you can’t. Some applets are limited to only a single instance due to how they work.

      • Hrx Jul 12,2016 16:29

        Yes, a second one. IT was possible in 17.3

        • collinss Jul 13,2016 00:49

          Actually, this has never been possible. The systray applet taps into an old system that doesn’t support multiple instances – it’s just not possible without changing the way status icons work, and that would change the entire api as well. Status icons are an old system, and should die eventually, but there isn’t currently anything to completely replace it with. Unity indicators are an attempt to do that, but they are somewhat lacking in functionality, and iirc not supported but quite a few applications.
          Long story short: what you are asking is simply not possible as long as status icons are supported by the systray applet.

          • hrx Jul 13,2016 06:03

            Ok, this is not so important but I know I had on a second monitor date and time and all when panels on second srceen have been introduced.

            One more question: is it possible to do ‘create new document’ on a second monitor with right click.

            Right click on a second monitor doesn’t have the same options like on primary monitor. There is no ‘open in terminal’, ‘create a new launcher’ etc

          • collinss Jul 13,2016 14:38

            You can most likely achieve that by going to settings -> Desktop and setting “Desktop layout” to “Show desktop icons on all monitors”

          • hrx Jul 14,2016 05:55

            Thank you! Although, not very intuitive ‘Show desktop icons on all monitors’ for showing full right-click mouse menu. Maybe ‘desktop icon mode’ would be more appropriate word.

            I also noticed, when I leave my laptop suspended and then put it on a docking station with a second monitor, resolution on second monitor is hard to set at 1920×1080. The screen is all messed up. The safest way is to completely shut down the PC before connecting the second monitor. It was not the issue before.

          • Maria Lawrence Aug 10,2016 18:56

            Am battling exactly with this issue with no solution in sight! – Linuxmint 18 64bit on Lenovo g450S laptop hooked via Toshiba dynalink docking station to a 22″DELL and a 22″ HP. I have severe issues/lags if the docking station is still linked -after the session is locked via screen saver/suspend etc.,

  92. Heedermann Jul 14,2016 00:28

    Hey, respective to this site.

    I justed wanted to answer a question. For that I used the “code” button beneath “Leave a Reply”.

    So I wanted to write something like that, but without the empty spaces between the code-brackets:
    sudo apt-get install mint-backgrounds-rebecca

    I get the following warning:
    Sucuri WebSite Firewall – CloudProxy – Access Denied

    What is going on?
    You are not allowed to access the requested page.
    If you are the site owner, please open a ticket in our support page if you think it was caused by an error:
    If you are not the owner of the web site, you can contact us at Also make sure to include the block details (displayed below), so we can better troubleshoot the error.

    Block details
    Your Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux x86_64; rv:47.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/47.0
    Block ID: BLKUNF1
    Block reason: Your request was not authorized due to its content (HTML code not allowed).

    • Heedermann Jul 14,2016 00:36

      Okay this is weird.

      If I write
      the comment is blocked by sucuri.

      But if I use empty spaces between the -brackets and the “code”-text, i.e. if I write
      { code }sudo{ /code }
      the comment is recognized as code-block.

      Replace the {}-brackets above with -brackets to reproduce.

  93. Heedermann Jul 14,2016 00:39

    Okay, I mean to replace {}-brackets with the greater-sign and the lower-sign. If I use this signs, they are gone in the comment.

  94. Vahan Jul 16,2016 06:38

    After upgrade from 17.3 to 18 can’t find the new Mint-y theme in Theme Settings.

  95. Heedermann Jul 17,2016 07:19


    Edit by Clem: You can type “apt install mint-y-theme mint-y-icons” to install it. We’ll add this to the next version of mintupgrade so this is done automatically.

  96. Jake1164 Aug 1,2016 13:39

    Are there any plans to improve the cinnamon-spices website? The theme is broken, it would be nice to have groups or multiple owners of applets, better statistics (number of downloads / installs perhaps?).

    A few months ago (after the hack) the cinnamon-spices repo was removed, otherwise I would have considered looking into adding multiple users (although the database structure was not included).

  97. Douglas Holden Aug 27,2016 17:16

    Hi, Clem.
    2 questions but first background information:
    I began running Mint with Cinnamon but switched to KDE when I discovered how Plasma uses .directory files to save custom icons. That is convenient working off a flash drive, back and forth between two computers. I’m planning to automate custom icon assignments, by means of a shell script. There will be times when I’ll need to set 100+ icons. I have a laptop that is noticeably faster running Cinnamon than KDE.

    1. How / where does Cinnamon save custom icon settings so I could set them batch-wise with a shell script? I see nothing similar to .directory files in Cinnamon folders. How does Mint Cinnamon know what icons to use at start up?

    2. I’m trying Dolphin in Cinnamon ( Mint 18 ) but it displays No icons. Would copying and pasting .kde from a Plasma desktop to Cinnamon work? Would that make Dolphin function and display properly, in Cinnamon?

  98. Carlos Sevcik Aug 30,2016 16:08

    I just installed Cinnamon in 4 machines running Ubuntu 16.04 with Unity. Mi siple comment is that the new 3.0 version is can only be called GREAT. I deinstalled Unity from the 4 machines now. Congratulations. There is a minor bugh, though, it is not possible to shut down the machine from an open account. If you try, you only get a small window at the center of the screen whose only option is “Cancel”, if you click there the window closes but you don’t even leave the account. This is true for the exit button in the menu and in the user name option (small human icon) on the panel. You have to log out from your account and click on the sutdown option on the upper right corner to shutdown or reboot.

    Its a minor annoyance, but ¿Could it be fixed?

    Many thanks and congrats for your great job.

  99. Carlos Sevcik Nov 13,2016 10:15


    I was running Cinnamon 3.0 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS but it just disappearedafter an update now. tryying to install with apt install cinnamon produces this message:

    sudo apt install cinnamon
    [sudo] password for xxxxxxx:
    Reading package lists… Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information… Done
    Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have
    requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable
    distribution that some required packages have not yet been created
    or been moved out of Incoming.
    The following information may help to resolve the situation:

    The following packages have unmet dependencies:
    cinnamon : Depends: nemo (>= 3.2.0) but 3.0.6-1~xenial0 is to be installed
    Depends: cinnamon-screensaver (>= 3.2.0) but 3.0.1-1~xenial0 is to be installed
    Depends: iso-flag-png but it is not installable
    Depends: gir1.2-xapp-1.0 but it is not installable
    Depends: xapps-common but it is not installable
    Recommends: cinnamon-bluetooth but it is not installable
    E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.

    Synaptic is unable to fix the depencies and reinstalling Cinnamon with synaptic also fails with this message:

    Depends: nemo (>=3.2.0) but 3.0.6-1~xenial0 is to be installed
    Depends: cinnamon-screensaver (>=3.2.0) but 3.0.1-1~xenial0 is to be installed
    Depends: iso-flag-png but it is not installable
    Depends: gir1.2-accountsservice-1.0
    Depends: gir1.2-gkbd-3.0 but it is not going to be installed
    Depends: gir1.2-gnomebluetooth-1.0 but it is not going to be installed
    Depends: gir1.2-keybinder-3.0 but it is not going to be installed
    Depends: gir1.2-networkmanager-1.0 but it is not going to be installed
    Depends: gir1.2-polkit-1.0 but it is not going to be installed
    Depends: gir1.2-upowerglib-1.0 but it is not going to be installed
    Depends: gir1.2-gtkclutter-1.0 but it is not going to be installed
    Depends: gir1.2-nmgtk-1.0 but it is not going to be installed
    Depends: gir1.2-xapp-1.0 but it is not installable
    Depends: python-pam but it is not going to be installed
    Depends: python-pyinotify but it is not going to be installed
    Depends: streamer but it is not going to be installed
    Depends: xapps-common but it is not installable
    Recommends: cinnamon-bluetooth but it is not installable

    Could anybody please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • clem Nov 13,2016 14:41

      Hi Carlos, in Debian/Ubuntu you should stick to the packages provided by Debian/Ubuntu. Debian maintain its own packaging and deviate from ours so there are incompatibilities between our packaging and theirs, and these make their way into Ubuntu. For this reason I would strongly suggest not to use PPAs for Cinnamon, unless you’re running Mint, or if you’re running Ubuntu, to make sure the PPA you’re using is using the Debian packaging, not ours. Also worth mentioning, keep away from the nightly builds, they’re not designed to be stable. We use these for BETA testing.

  100. Carlos Sevcik Nov 13,2016 16:24

    Thanks Clem, the phony thing is that Cinnamon 3.0 was working GREAT until yerterday in the version downloaded ppa:embrosyn/cinnamon. An became impossible to install since yesterday after an update from the same site.

    • clem Nov 13,2016 17:23

      Hi Carlos,

      It looks like the PPA you’re using partially updated its Cinnamon to 3.2 but doesn’t provide some of its dependencies. You should contact its maintainer and ask him to fix the problem. Regarding my earlier comment, I see you’re not using nightly builds, so that’s good. It looks like you’re using Mint packaging as opposed to Debian, but since Xenial only provides 2.8 and you’re already using 3.0, I’m assuming your upgrading Mint 3.0 packaging to Mint 3.2 packaging, and in this case, even if you’re using Ubuntu, this isn’t an issue. Looking at your error message, it’s just your PPA lacking some packages (iso-flag-png, xapps-common, gir1.2-xapp-1.0, etc..).

      • Ryan Nov 18,2016 00:54

        I contacted embrosyn and he responded with this:

        “I am well aware of the issue reported. Sadly, I am currently incredibly busy with real-life obligations (read: university exams), so I will fix it as soon as possible, at best tomorrow. I’m really, really sorry for not responding earlier. From what I see, it’s just a matter of building and pushing xapp-common and flags to my PPA, but I will take a better look at it as soon as I catch a break, so that I can do it properly.”

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