Cinnamon: Renaming battery powered devices
by clem 30

Somebody asked for this a few months ago… and it was a good idea.

Capture du 2016-04-11 16-25-36

And then I noticed my three PS4 controllers were all called “Wireless Keyboard” (Sony doesn’t put any model/vendor information in them).

And then I noticed my Macbook Pro laptop battery had a really weird name I really didn’t like.

So here it is, finally, you can now use the Power settings to rename your power devices.



30 thoughts on “Cinnamon: Renaming battery powered devices

  1. Wando Apr 11,2016 16:54

    Hi Clem!
    First, thanks for the great work! Second, since you’re doing some work in the look and feel of cinnamon, what you think about removing the title bar? Gnome is heading towards that direction, and I feel sometimes that this space is wasted. If you could share you thoughts about that, I appreciate.

    • Pat Apr 12,2016 08:53

      Cinnamon always tried to keep a balance between traditional desktops and modern developments. At least that’s my impression.
      With that in mind, I think removal of Window title bars might be a too drastic change for many users and probably not really befit Cinnamon.

    • ibot Apr 13,2016 02:27

      No, please don’t! I might be a bit conservative about it, but I like the title bar. One reason I use Cinnamon (and I think it’s the same for most users) is the classic look and feel (with a nice modern theme).

    • InkKnife Apr 15,2016 16:37

      One of the reasons I like Cinnamon is that it is not following Gnome’s weird new UI theories. The day Cinnamon starts following Gnome is the day I switch to something else.

    • clem Apr 16,2016 00:08

      I’m always open to discussions. You didn’t explain much, but if you want my first impression, it doesn’t seem like a good idea.

      • Varun Apr 24,2016 04:12

        I would also vote for removing the title bar. The only reason I can provide is that it takes up unnecessary visual space. I feel it is unnecessary because I know which window I have opened. So, there is no pointing keeping it there. And while juggling through several windows the alt-tab switcher shows the windows’ name. Moreover, in the desktop panel, where all the windows are present, by moving over the mouse, I can know the windows (i.e. identify them through their names).

        If I have to sum up, the title bar is not providing any crucial information or option that needs to be showed always. There are other intuitive ways of getting to know which window one is working with.

        Would it be too difficult to provide this as a tweak in Settings > Windows? This can keep both – classical look lovers & ppl like me – happy. Just a suggestion.

        Nice to know that you are listening and open for discussions :)

        • JosephM May 11,2016 12:19

          Without titlebars where would you put the close, minimize, maximize buttons?

    • kneekoo Apr 25,2016 10:52

      No titles are plain weird and less useful to many people. But if that will forever stay optional and not enabled by default, I don’t care if it gets implemented. I’m just not sure if it’s worth the effort, considering many people enjoy the traditional desktop and its ways.

      • Dirk Haar May 10,2016 14:33

        Thanks – no title bar looks somewhat like “oops, the window is wrongly positioned” or “damn, somethings wrong with the settings” to me.
        I always get a shiver with distros/GUIs that do this.
        But I must agree that there is a reasonable number of people who don’t think so (so an option “don’t show title bars” would be a nice plus).
        On the other hand most of those I know often own pivot monitors – and don’t use them in portrait mode while complaining e.g. about the “space wasted by Libre Office Writer” :-)
        Btw., I hate omitting text menu bars, too (even more).

  2. jigger Apr 11,2016 20:21

    Wando, have you tried the maximus extension for cinnamon? It removes title bars for maximized windows.

    • Wando Apr 11,2016 23:40

      Yes, and i really don’t like it. This is a big change, I think it needs a better approach.

  3. Zeripath Apr 11,2016 21:43

    Or take a look at (my) zeripath’s window list extension, and use the patch mint x theme project mentioned in the readme to make the title bar to disappear for maximised windows.

  4. Marshal Kilgore Apr 11,2016 22:37

    Hi Clem!

    Something looked strange but familiar about the screenshot.

    And then I noticed that you’re using a „minted” variant of the Arc theme. >;-)

    Edit by Clem: Yes, we’re working on a new theme for Mint 18 and it’s based on Arc.

  5. Talji Mera Apr 12,2016 00:03

    Using Cinnamon 2.8.7 on LM 17.3.The battery status of my bluetooth mouse (Logitech M555b) is not showing up anywhere, not in the Battery Applet, Power Management, or Power Statistics. I did some research some time ago and found that the problem is due to some upstream software (I cannot now remember the name of the software). Hopefully this will be resolved in upcoming LM 18 which will be based on a new Ubuntu repository.

    Previously I was using Logitech M705. This one is not bluetooth but uses Logitech Unifying interface via USB. On LM 17.2 the battery status showed up, albeit with a very general name. On 17.3 the naming was fixed but the battery status usually does not show up until I pull out the USB and plug it back in. But as I am not using this mouse anymore it’s no longer a problem to me. Just sharing.

  6. dangchienhsgs Apr 13,2016 00:47

    Dear Clem,

    I always follow your blog and hope you guys having a good looking theme. But in my opinion, arc theme is not good at least in top right corner of each window: These button (closing, maximizing, ..) are very terrible.

  7. Baluz Apr 13,2016 03:40

    HI Clem,

    First, keep going with the amazing work! Linux Mint is a very good distro, and a really enjoy using it.

    Second, i have a doubt about LMDE 2 Betsy. LM 17.3 is with cinnamon 2.8.7, but Betsy is still with 2.8.6. Does it have plain to update or LMDE Betsy will receive cinnamon 3.0 instead?

  8. cornail Apr 13,2016 05:43

    Hi Clem,

    it is a nice feature and new theme is awesome. Could perhaps the green/gray bars showing the charge be of the same length, regardless of the percentage beside them? That would further increase visual tidiness. Thanks.

  9. Jon (xeno) Apr 14,2016 02:33

    This is really handy to have, especially when using external batteries. (My partner and I share secondary wedge batteries between the two HP Elitebooks we have, depending on who is traveling for work.) If the name persists and helps me to differentiate so that when I disconnect “external battery #3 bought April 2016” and connect one that I named “dying junk battery #2 I should throw out” last time it was connected… then you’ve actually helped me before I get on a plane.

    AND While you’re in the process of renaming power-related things, is it a simple thing to change which battery is identified as #0 or #1 (e.g. thru the acpi tool), and does this affect which one is charged first by power management? The reason I ask is that it’d be nice to rename/reorder the batteries (from a system perspective, not a display perspective) in order to change or even alternate between which one discharges/recharges first. The effect would be simple but effective wear-leveling on systems with more than one battery.

    (Oh, and please don’t get rid of window titles…. :) )

    • clem Apr 14,2016 09:08

      Maybe. This was a Cinnamon change, it only changes the way Cinnamon calls your battery powered devices. It might be easy to do what you said, but you need to ask upstream, upower/acpi/kernel teams?

      PS: We’re not getting rid of window titles..

  10. Anton Silvers Apr 14,2016 13:18

    Hi Clem, Any way to make Harddisk Space indication a little better in Nemo. Almost like how Windows 7 presents it under “My Computer”

    Also, is there any plans to make the calendar do something useful. Like maybe just track tasks. I know this has been requested by others before.
    Or even Google Calender integration or owncloud even

    Thanks. Great project so far.

  11. rockhazard Apr 15,2016 16:22

    Thanks for the hard work, Clem and Linux Mint team!

    This is a bit off topic for the post, but I know you are working on multiple backgrounds for Cinnamon. In regard to that, I’m humbly requesting that you retain shell access to the background settings, preferably while retaining compatibility with Gnome Shell, as you’ve done so far. It’s not that I’ve heard otherwise or anything, but I just thought I’d put my 2 cents in as an amateur developer with a niche interest. This facet of desktop management changes a lot among the various environments, and sometimes with no apparent reason (I’m looking at you, KDE!). If it isn’t making your work unreasonably hard, maintaining consistency on this point would be appreciated.

  12. C Apr 17,2016 13:34

    Clem ( and the whole team at that ),

    I absolutely love the balance kept with modernization and common sense in Cinnamon.

    Thanks for continuing to listen to your users. No one can make everyone happy at once, but you all have done a great job.

  13. Sam Apr 18,2016 20:44

    I’m just here to send positive vibes, and let you know how much we love your work!!!

    Can’t wait to see the next release.
    Btw, have you guys fixed the release date for mint 18?

    I have an XPS 9350, and I’m desperate for the flawless performance mint had provided on my previous laptop.

  14. Pako Apr 23,2016 09:34

    Is this cinnamon? Because I noticed that some buttons have changed on the upper right side of the window on this screenshot

    • JosephM May 11,2016 12:23

      Yes it’s Cinnamon but the buttons your talking about are just different because of the theme being used.

  15. 32 bit uefi May 15,2016 19:49

    This is not the place but I have no idea how can I ask you that, Clem:
    I have a pc with 32 bit UEFI and it’s impossible to me to use any distro.

    There is a possibility for me to use linux mint 18?

    Thank you.

  16. Henrik Zachrau May 17,2016 12:31

    Good change, I like that.

    An idea to change I would like is a display change popup menu when you hit a laptops display switcher key.
    F. eks PC display / Duplicate / Extend / Second display only

  17. fanfi Jun 10,2016 17:49

    Love Linux Mint.
    I just updated to kernel 4.4.0-24 on an Alienware 17 R3. Everything works fine except that after every kernel upgrade I get no audio output and sometimes no internet.To resolve,I have to log on to Windows from a drive intalled on the same laptop then log back on to the drive that has the Linux Mint installation to get sound and internet back.I know it’s not wise to upgrade the kernel but, hey, I can always go back to the one that works. Anyway, it’s one of the things that make you say Hmmm! .I also have to point out that I am using a usb WiFi adapter plug to access the internet. Alienware 17 R3 | Ethernet controller: Qualcomm Atheros Device | Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros QCA6174 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter

  18. Heedermann Oct 22,2016 14:37

    How do I get the default battery name back?

  19. Rick Jan 5,2017 16:53

    Can anyone help me understanding why in the battery tab only one of the two laptop batteries shows? when I click on the battery icon on the bar it shows the two laptop batteries and the mouse’s, but when i click on power setting only one shows. I use mint cinnamon 18 64bits. Thanks!

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