Design Team working on Spices website
by clem 58

About a week ago, I decided to create a new team, dedicated to artwork, style and design for Linux Mint. The main goal of this team is to restyle our various websites, but also long term to work in coordination with the development team to make various aspects of our distribution more pleasing to the eye.

Artists who recently helped with web design were invited to join, and the team now has 8 members.

I’d like to thank Carlos Fernandez already for his involvement and Eran Gilo for the beautiful work he’s already produced.

Here is Eran’s take on the Cinnamon logo:

CinnamonIcon5 (1)

And here’s where he’s at for the new look of the Cinnamon Spices website:



58 thoughts on “Design Team working on Spices website

  1. robrobinbin Sep 7,2016 14:24

    I have been waiting so long for this to happen! Can’t wait for the results!

  2. ian Sep 7,2016 14:25

    The logo remind me of Mepis.

  3. Ondřej Sep 7,2016 14:29

    Wow! Thats great. Cinnamon will have logo after few years of development :D

    Btw. is there a github? or smth?

    • clem Sep 7,2016 14:49

      No, it’s a private team. That said, any artist who wants to get involved is welcome to join and can contact me at to be invited into this new team.

  4. Mark Stevens Sep 7,2016 14:38

    Beautiful design for the Cinnamon Spices site. Very modern and professional. Can’t wait to see more of their work!

  5. robrobinbin Sep 7,2016 14:52

    I like Cinnamon getting its own logo and I think the proposed one looks beautiful!

    IMO the header of the spices website is a bit too big and too brown though. But overall very nice and definitely an improvement.

    It would also be nice to filter old and broken themes/applets/…

    Lastly, Git integration would be quite useful: A developer selects a Git repo containing their spice and the spice on the website automatically syncs. I don’t know how easy it would be to implement this though :)

  6. Nomen luni Sep 7,2016 15:03

    Wow… definitely a smart move and it looks terrific from what I see here. I know this is probably a graphical redesign more than anything, but would you consider a built in method of identifying the Cinnamon/Mint version that spices are tested for compatibility with where appropriate? It would make using spices less hit-and-miss.

  7. Carlos Almeida Sep 7,2016 15:42

    Great news!
    It would be nice if we could sort the spices by modified date (and other new criteria as well), so we could know which one is more updated and so on…

  8. Aldao Sep 7,2016 16:08

    No entiendo el sentido de una wep con los temas y accesorios para descargar cuando los descargas desde el propio sistema operativo y que casi ni son aplicables a mate o xfce… Lo que hace falta es mas variedad en esos temas que algunos son feos…

  9. Anand Sep 7,2016 16:26

    WOW. That’s a thoughtful and great initiative!

    A point on Cinnamon – As the Cinnamon ecosystem grows, I feel, there is a need to assign a Category to each applet / desklets to ensure that in future users can filter items based on category.


    Utilities – Calculator, World Clock, Calendar, Stop watch, ScreenShot+Desktop Record, Record Desktop, Timer With Notifications, Brightness
    System – CPU Monitor, CPU temperature, Bumblebee And NVidia Display (BAND), Network usage, GPU Temperature (ATI and NVIDIA)
    Online Services / Social – News feeds, Sports Update, Weather, Gmail, Shortenize URL
    Productivity – Sticky Notes, Pomodoro, Hamster Time Tracker, GPaste
    Application Launchers – Win 7 Menu, Graphics Center, Office Center
    Fun and Games – xkcd comic viewer, Fortune Quote of the day

  10. PP Sep 7,2016 16:27

    Please get rid of that monotonous green color. We have had enough it, not open up for more colours and more contrast.

  11. KDB Sep 7,2016 17:48

    Waouhhhh great news! And wonderful work! Congrats!

  12. mike Sep 7,2016 18:30

    Beautiful as it is, my first reaction on seeing the logo was Simply Mepis. Any logo needs to be sufficiently distinctive to make you associate it with the product. Unfortunately, this one makes me think of something else.

    • clem Sep 8,2016 08:19

      I’ll ask Eran if he even knew about Mepis. It didn’t strike me at all (I remembered two blue pyramids when you mentioned it and upon checking, I can see your point, there is also a circle so overall it’s somewhat similar).

      Somebody else asked about the relationship between mountains and Cinnamon. It started with the idea of a pile of grounded cinnamon and a powder stream being versed on top of it, falling along its sides. Then as we worked on that idea it moved towards a mountain of cinnamon.

      From my point of view, we didn’t even necessarily need an icon for the DE. This one works quite well though. It’s symbolic enough that we can reduce it to a badge or a favicon, and because it also connotes the O (and N to some extent) of Cinnamon, it can also be integrated within the name itself, as was done on the website design.

  13. sdim Sep 7,2016 21:20

    Great work, guys. Keep up the good work.

  14. Odyseus Sep 7,2016 23:46

    Hello, everybody.

    Thanks for the redesign. It was sorely needed!!! And infinite thanks to the design team for not choosing a repugnant flat design!!! It’s bad enough that there are developers wasting time with the Mint-Y theme!!!

    Even though the aesthetic changes are welcome, please, concentrate on functionality. The comments system especially is totally useless. At the very least it should allow paragraphs and notifications on new comments. We can’t expect that every single person that reports an error to have a GitHub account.

    • JosephM Sep 8,2016 19:43

      “It’s bad enough that there are developers wasting time with the Mint-Y theme!!!”

      Ouch. It seems a lot of users actually like the new design from feedback we have seen. Constructive criticism is always welcome. If you do it in a respectful manner it’s much more likely to be listened to.

      • Odyseus Sep 9,2016 06:47

        Hello, JosephM.

        I didn’t mean any disrespect to any developer involved in the Mint-Y theme. I just consider that any design decision focused only and only on aesthetics is fundamentally wrong. Because you can’t tell me that dark grey text and icons in a black panel (with transparency!!!), light grey text over white backgrounds, buttons that doesn’t even resemblance a button, active panels that have the exact same color as inactive panels, and a long etc., are decisions focused on usability or common sense. And these are not bugs that can be reported. These are design decisions.

        “It seems a lot of users actually like the new design from feedback we have seen.”
        What would you say is the percentage of Windows users in the world now a days? Around 80%? Yet, I’m here using Linux. There is no amount of positive feedback, trending or user base that would make me use something that I consider broken.

        “Constructive criticism is always welcome. If you do it in a respectful manner it’s much more likely to be listened to.”
        And I’m all in for that. And, like I said, I didn’t mean any disrespect to anybody. But, there is no amount of constructive criticism that will make the developers change their minds about their flat design decisions. And there is no amount of tweaking that would make me use a theme with a flat design philosophy. So, why waste my time and the developers’?

        • clem Sep 9,2016 07:16

          I’m sorry, I find your comment disrespectful as well. Not insulting, but diminishing. You have the right to your tastes and opinions. What you’re doing here is going off-topic to question our work on something that proved very popular with many other people. I really don’t see the need to be so negative.

          • Odyseus Sep 9,2016 09:49

            Hello, clem.

            I fear that I was very misunderstood with my remarks about the Mint-Y theme. I could explain, but I would go even more off-topic.

            Please, accept my most sincere apologies.

          • clem Sep 9,2016 11:02

            No problem at all.

  15. Alexandra Sep 8,2016 03:59

    The logo looks like mountains which I’m not entirely sure what that has to do with cinnamon. I love that you guys are finally giving some attention to the Mint websites. The spices one in particular is a mess and definitely needs rebuilding.

  16. Vahan Sep 8,2016 11:27

    Great news. Good start. Would be great to have new Linux Mint website as well. Thanks!!!

  17. LiamD Sep 8,2016 21:50

    One thing I would love to see, is some attention the the Mint theme being sorta broken with game launchers (see any Unity game on Linux). Same goes for HTML forms, you have no idea where the tab is when looping through a form with TAB.

    See here for shots

    No other theme suffers from this problem.

    Makes it impossible to tell if something is selected.

    • JosephM Sep 9,2016 10:29

      @LiamD I’m curious if you experience the same issue with Mint-Y?

  18. axos88 Sep 10,2016 19:16

    Please stop storing plain text passwords! AND EMAILING THEM!

    • clem Sep 10,2016 22:24

      We do not store plain passwords. Consequently, we’re unable to email them to you. What you get when you “forget your password” is a newly generated one.

      • axos88 Sep 11,2016 16:51

        Well I did get an email like this:

        Please activate your account within 48 hours, otherwise your registration
        will become invalid and you will have to register again.

        You can use either you username or email address to login.
        Your login details are as follows:


        • Nomen luni Sep 12,2016 00:03

          It’s up to you to change your password immediately upon signing up or requesting a password reset. This is a standard practice.

          • axos88 Sep 12,2016 05:23

            The password emailed to me was the one I used to create the account, not one generated at random

        • clem Sep 12,2016 08:32

          That’s the activation email. It’s sent at registration so the password is available from the form you just filled, not from the database. If you click on “forgot my password” you’ll see it’s a new one which is generated. It is not possible for the website to send you your password from the database because it simply cannot “decrypt” it.

          • Anand Sep 12,2016 15:09

            Sorry, not an security expert but is that a good practice even for first time? Not seen it much in other sites.

          • peter e Sep 12,2016 15:32

            Yes it is good practice.
            Password in an email is not secure, ever. Most modern autoresponders have a cautionary statement.

  19. axos88 Sep 10,2016 19:22

    Please add a meta field for a github link, so people can contribute and fork more easily. Also… may want to make that required, or even not store the code, only the github repo and latest commit sha, and downloading would become downloading the appropriate version from github.

      • axos88 Sep 11,2016 16:53

        So people can fix bugs, add features, or contribute more easily to other people’s applets. I really despise emailing diffs and such.

        Knowing that the project is on github, and PRs can be made would make everyone’s lives easier, as well as tracking bugs, etc.

        • axos88 Sep 12,2016 05:24

          Also that way documentation can become code, such as a file can be used for the description, and one does not have to maintain it in two places

          • clem Sep 12,2016 08:31

            Well look, I love github. It’s every developer’s favorite toy.

            That said, do we really need to make it a requirement here? I’m not sure.

            Also, we’re planning to check the content of spices a little more thoroughly going forward. Having them stored helps tremendously with that.

  20. Crewp Sep 11,2016 22:42

    Nice idea about adding a team for said purpose. Keep up the good work. Color’s theme’s. etc. are like food, and everyone has there own taste’s.

  21. stl77 Sep 16,2016 11:00

    I love the new logo. Great work….looking forward to how it continues to be implemented. I actually never saw or thought of the mountain ref; but instead saw the “flattened” out version of the end of a cinnamon stick. Looks great…memorable and distinctive, yet on trend

  22. weirwolf Sep 19,2016 01:16

    I like it; reminds me of mounds of cinnamon.

  23. lestcape Sep 20,2016 00:45

    I think, will be nice if the site allow share authorization with the credential of most common open source websites: stackoverflow, mintforos, github… Another important thing for me, will be share a formated code, upload image for samples, support for utf-8 encoding, reference link to external sites. I think votes for extensions and themes need to be for versions of cinnamon, and not only general votes, because could alert others in a more easy way about improvements in last version or the incompatibility with some versions.

  24. Brahim aka Zorba Sep 21,2016 23:28

    “”About a week ago, I decided to create a new team, dedicated to artwork, style and design for Linux Mint. “”

    That’s exactly what Linux Mint needs to beat every other OS for good!!! Many thanks guys for making our lives easier! You are the best! I love the new website design! it rocks!!

  25. Deiv Sep 22,2016 07:12

    I like the new spices website and the logo though it reminds me mepis.
    The design team will work on the design of cinnamon and on cinnamon’s default themes or only on mint’s websites?

    • clem Sep 25,2016 12:05


      Well I can’t predict that. At the moment they’re working on the cinnamon spices website. After that very likely on other websites. Long term I’d love some artists to get involved with the development side of things (DE themes, apps UI etc..).

  26. Heedermann Sep 29,2016 06:28

    Will there be some kind of versioning handling on the new spices website?

    Something like an information “this applet works/was tested with cinnamon versions 3.0.0 – 3.2.0.” (maybe confirmed by other users)

    To get the last version, which worked with cinnamon 2.8 click here.

    Giving here the creator of an applet the opportunity to support different versions of his applet. I mean at some point in your life as programmer you have to change code to make your applet working in Linux Mint 18, but this breaks it in Linux Mint 17.3. Now you have two options. Mark your applet as, this applet is no longer supported for Linux Mint 17.3 or lower. Click here to get the last version for your system.

    From now you can add new features to your applet without worrying about old LM versions. Or second Option in your life as programmer: You still want to support LM17.3, because it’s an LTS till 2019, and you want some of the new features you created for LM18 also be available for LM17.3 or lower. So you split your applet into two different versions and mark them both as still supported.

    So maybe also adding some information like: this applet/this version of the applet is no longer supported. Or this applet is abandoned.

    A filter, which sorts applets/themes by their Cinnamon version they are working with, would make it much more convenient to try new applets/themes.

    At the current state you are playing russian roulette, if the maintainer gives no information about compatibility, Install applet and hope it doesn’t break your system :D

    Is something similar like that planned?

  27. Heedermann Oct 22,2016 17:26

    Maybe this is something for the new spices web page:

  28. Heedermann Oct 28,2016 11:26

    Some developers ship an icon theme for their theme, e.g. the CinnXP theme provides also an icon theme. I think the spices website now, isn’t able to handle cursor themes, so they have to be installed manually.

    Will it be possible to add/handle cursor themes automatically with the new spices website?

  29. Jan Nov 5,2016 18:55

    Hello Clem,

    including some design specialists is great news for Linux Mint. In my experience as a single Linux user along many Windows-using friends, design is a key element to make Linux (Mint) more present and attractive.

    Imho, both the logo and the website are designed well and clear. (Although I would create a stronger highlight for the text under “Themes”, but that is only minor.) Maybe the new designers have joy in adding some polished and fitting cinnamon themes themselves for the new look?

  30. mzs.112000 Dec 9,2016 04:40

    The “Spices” website does not work.
    It has the themes, applets, and stuff like that, however there is no formatting whatsoever, so it looks like crap.

    It looks nothing like the one shown above.

    Here is a screenshot:

  31. mzs.112000 Dec 9,2016 04:42

    For some reason, I cannot download anything from the spices website using Linux Mint 17.x.

  32. Kabika Jan 6,2017 06:18

    The Spices website still looks like it’s missing the CSS… Any news about that?

  33. Harry Feb 14,2017 04:51

    Fantastic job on the new website !! Thanks for all the hard work.

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