Cinnamon 3.2 released!
by clem 60

On behalf of the team and all the developers who contributed to this build, I am proud to announce the release of Cinnamon 3.2!

Here’s a quick overview of some of the most visible changes in this new version:

Session Manager

  • QT 5.7+ support

Settings Daemon

  • iio-sensor-proxy rotation plugin
  • Fix cursor-size changes being ignored
  • Support for libinput touchpads as well as synaptics

Window Manager

  • Improvements to unredirect heuristic and borders/maximization
  • Cross-fade effect on background changes
  • Fixed special cases which could lead to cinnamon crashes

Nemo Extensions

  • EXIF rotation and fixes in nemo-preview
  • More sizes in image converter


  • Complete rewrite
  • Much faster, responsive
  • More customizable
  • Support for media keys, media art and and media controls
  • Support to show the number of notifications and battery status

Control Center

  • Fixed new network connections secrets
  • New keyboard layout options


  • Vertical panels
  • Removal of box pointers
  • Ability to peek at desktop
  • Ability to upload system information
  • Ability to play a sound effect when showing notifications

Settings API

  • Revamped the xlet settings
  • Xlet settings now open in their own window/process, match new style of cinnamon settings, support pages and sections, are automatically highlighted, use  new JSON backend for easier maintenance and simplification of the code
  • Support for backendable widgets which were not previously available to the xlet settings api
  • New backendable date chooser widget


  • Keyboard: can now show flags based on short name of language in keyboard applet and distinguish between two layouts using the same flag or code
  • Sound: Add a menu that allows the user to switch between active players
  • Menu: Ability to run software with optirun if Bumblebee is installed
  • Menu: Improved keyboard navigation and performance


  • file-operations: reduce the time for reliable transfer rate
  • Expand grid width to canvas
  • Trash-monitor: change trash monitoring process
  • Fix –geometry option when Nemo is already running
  • Option to double-click empty area to go to parent directory
  • nemo-file.c: Only append .desktop to desktop files when they actually need it.  Trusted desktop files (ones that typically get made and placed on the desktop) don’t show their extension, so when you try to rename them, the new name needs .desktop appended to it.
  • nemo-application.c: Look for already-existing desktop windows before attempting to manage the desktop.
  • desktop: Don’t rebuild the desktop any time _NET_WORKAREA changes – this can happen fairly frequently in some situations, causing crashes due to the asynchronous nature of nemo’s directory loading back-end.

Of course that’s just the tip of the iceberg. For a complete list of changes since Cinnamon 3.0, and to see who implemented them, please read below.


[ Maximiliano Curia ]
* Migrate away from gnome-common deprecated vars and macros

[ Michael Webster ]
* modules/GObject.js: Add access to handler_block and handler_unblock.

[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Fixed build

[ Maximiliano Curia ]
* Make AX_ macros optional
* Drop glib-gettextize, gtkdocize and intltoolize

[ leigh123linux ]
* build: Require C++11

[ Michael Webster ]
* Fix build when extra debugging is enabled (util/log.h)

[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* pkg: Add missing autoconf-archive in debian/

Cinnamon-Menus Library

[ Maximiliano Curia ]
* Migrate away from gnome-common deprecated vars and macros

[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Fixed build

[ Maximiliano Curia ]
* Drop gtkdocize invocation
* Make AX_ macros optional

Cinnamon-Desktop Library

[ brownsr ]
* avoid some warning messages
* avoid some compiler warnings

[ Maximiliano Curia ]
* Migrate away from gnome-common deprecated vars and macros

[ Michael Webster ]
* gnome-bg: Add an introspectable method to GnomeBG to allow setting a GtkImage with a background surface.
* gnome-bg.c: use gdk_cairo_surface_create_from_pixbuf() for creating GtkImage surfaces – this handles widget scale factors for us, and gives back the correct size/scale image surface.
* gnome-desktop-utils: Add a pam password check function
* Add /etc/pam.d/cinnamon-desktop to build and packaging to allow authentication to work (debian-based uses debian/cinnamon-desktop.pam rather than the one in /data.
* Add flag image files to be shared with cinnamon, cinnamon-screensaver.
* screensaver schema: Add flag, keyboard layout, and clock visiblity keys.

[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Fixed build

[ leigh123linux ]
* There is no need for this as there are no docs
* hack the path as the macro doesn’t work

[ Maximiliano Curia ]
* Make AX_ macros optional

[ Michael Webster ]
* Remove flag files (provided by xapps now)
* screensaver schema: Add caps keyboard layout option.
* screensaver schema: add albumart preference
* gnome-desktop-thumbnail.c: remove hardcoded GdkPixbuf blacklist, and make mimetypes in the “disable” gsettings key apply to the entire thumbnail factory, not just pluggable thumbnailers.

[ leigh123linux ]
* fix fsf address

[ Michael Webster ]
* Move flag, uppercase prefs from screensaver to interface schema, and add a preference for layout name.
* Add screensaver lockdown preferences

Cinnamon Session Manager

[ Edgar Fournival ]
* removed old dialog icon code

[ leigh123linux ]
* gsettings: stop using g_settings_list_schemas()
* Fix spelling (wrong word used)

[ Dustin Falgout ]
* update .gitignore
* Add support for applying GTK style to QT apps when running QT 5.7+ Maintain backwards compatibility for earlier versions of QT.
* use build time option instead of pkgcheck for obvious reasons :sweat_smile:
* remove unecessary call to g_free
* Incorporated feedback

[ brownsr ]
* remove unused variable
* replace deprecated gtk_icon_info_free with g_object_unref

[ Dustin Falgout ]
* implement change described in PR comments related to “QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE” env var and qt versions 5.7+

[ leigh123linux ]
* main: fix heap overflow in dbus-launch wrapping

[ Maximiliano Curia ]
* Migrate away from gnome-common deprecated vars and macros

[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Added cinnamon-session.pot and makepot
* Update POT file

Cinnamon Settings Daemon

[ brownsr ]
* avoid compiler warning message about spurious comma
* remove deprecated gdk_display_get_n_screens this is now hardcoded to return 1, so loops using this can be removed
* remove deprecated function gdk_display_get_n_screens this only returns 1 now, so loops can be removed.
* add precautionary test on default display being there
* add precautionary test on existence of default display

[ Jakub Adam ]
* orientation: Use g_clear_* helpers
* orientation: Remove empty constructor and dispose functions
* orientation: Call stop from finalize
* orientation: Port to iio-sensor-proxy
* orientation: Use symbolic name for the GSettings key name
* orientation: Fix screen lock not getting applied
* Fix double free in is_wacom_tablet_device()

[ leigh123linux ]
* xsettings: Fix cursor-size changes being ignored
* fix spelling mistakes

[ brownsr ]
* remove deprecated g_settings_list_schemas
* replace deprecated gtk_icon_info_free with g_object_unref

[ Peter Hutterer ]
* common: don’t create the Synaptics Off property if it doesn’t exist
* common: recognize libinput touchpads as touchpads
* mouse: fix indentation
* mouse: add helper function for fetching a property
* mouse: rename helper to touchpad_set_bool
* mouse: split into separate bool helpers
* mouse: libinput – hook up tapping configuration
* mouse: libinput – hook up natural scroll configuration
* mouse: libinput – hook up scrolling settings
* mouse: libinput – hook up click methods
* mouse: libinput – hook up left-handed setting
* mouse: libinput – hook up accel speed
* mouse: libinput – hook up middle button emulation
* mouse: libinput – hook up disable while typing

[ Maximiliano Curia ]
* Migrate away from gnome-common deprecated vars and macros
* Build depend on autoconf-archive

[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Xrandr plugin: Do not save configuration when RotateTo is called.

[ Michael Webster ]
* orientation plugin: Fix makefile, missing backslash – from previous build migration commit.

[ brownsr ]
* remove a couple of unused variables

[ monsta ]
* mouse: Fix critical warnings with touchpad settings

Cinnamon Control Center

[ Maximiliano Curia ]
* Migrate away from gnome-common deprecated vars and macros

[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Fixed build

[ leigh123linux ]
* Remove unused configure options
* network: Don’t try to get secrets for new connections

[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Generate additional files

[ Michael Webster ]
* region widget: Add keyboard layout display options.

[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* l10n: Update POT file

Cinnamon Screensaver

[ Willy Sudiarto Raharjo ]
* Declare GdkX11.

[ Michael Webster ]
* events: For gtk < 3.18, skip the fade out animation, and immediately destroy the window.  Move the deactivate command into an idle callback, so we’re not attempting to destroy the window while in the middle of processing a motion event.
* emulate Gtk.Entry.grab_focus_without_selecting() – the real call was recently removed, as it doesn’t exist in Gtk 3.14, however the behavior is still necessary – tabbing between buttons and entry will cause the entire partial password to be selected, causing overwrite.  This restores the original functionality without requiring gtk 3.18+
* Fixes for Betsy/Jessie:
* panels: Remove separators.  Tweak spacing for keyboard layout icon in the gtk 3.18 css file.
* clean up get_user_name() calls.
* Disable locking if pam files aren’t found or if we’re running as root.
* add ‘liveuser’ group check to user_can_lock() function.

[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* pkg: Add intltool to build-dep
* pkg: Don’t depend on python3-xlib in LMDE
* Layout/l10n: Fix minor visual issues

[ Michael Webster ]
* unlock/accountsServiceClient: don’t cache the username and face path, instead fetch them from AccountsService when used.  Also, allow for no face image by not using a fallback generic image, and hiding the image widget if there is no face for it.
* Remove some Gtk 3.18+ api calls – with a small change to GdkScreen updating, the stacking order is correct at stage construction and never changes.

[ Willy Sudiarto Raharjo ]
* ConsoleKit: Add lock/unlock signal.

[ Michael Webster ]
* Rewrite

[ itzexor ]
* add back alternate display manager support for user switching

[ Michael Webster ]
* Terminate plugins more cleanly, terminate them when they’re no longer visible, terminate them when we’re on battery (and restart them when we get plugged back in), clean up handling of transition between plugin and wallpaper.
* packaging: use pkg-config to figure out where our typelib/lib files go
* cs-notification-watcher.c: ignore transient notifications (such as those from banshee on track changes)

[ leigh123linux ]
* Revert “Fix gtkdocize: GTK_DOC_CHECK not called in ./”
* Fix the gtkdoc issue properly

[ Maximiliano Curia ]
* Make AX_ macros optional and drop unused parts
* Drop gnome-common, add autconf-archive build dependency

[ Michael Webster ]
* Add media player widget, reorganize files a bit
* Remove borders from infobar widgets
* Add audio buttons to the focus chain
* notifications: Ignore notifications from active media players
* Fix some names and lint.
* media player: handle metadata safely, and make sure artist-album string is handled properly depending on the data we have available.
* Update
* Make volume and position bars draw alike, make it easier to theme both, tweak layout of the audiobar a bit.  Also, fix div by 0 when a track doesn’t have a max position.
* Rename Audio/InfoBar to Audio/InfoPanel
* Improve how we get h:m:s from the microseconds reported for position and track length.

[ Corbin Auriti ]
* Delete

[ Michael Webster ]
* Theme work – ensure everything is reasonably able to be themed, and provide fallback styling if the currently selected theme doesn’t supply anything – this is done by searching for the toplevel style class – “csstage” corresponding to the toplevel window for the screensaver.
* Add separate theming for Gtk 3.20+, update .gitignore, load a css file appropriate to the current Gtk version at startup (if no theme support is found).  Fix error handling in
* Update, couple fixes to css files
* update pot file
* trackers: dump timer and connection list in debug mode after unlocking.
*, add some documentation.
* More documentation..
* Add some documentation to the unlock dialog, make the user image size definable in CSS, reimplement the AccountsService handling as a client singleton like every other service.
* More cleanup, documentation
* Finish documentation
* Fix a couple regressions from documenting/refactoring
* Stage: Listen for GdkScreen changes in size and number of monitors, and reconstruct the monitorViews as needed.
* Fix oversized info panel.
* Add script for testing keyboard layouts.
* Use XAppKbdLayoutController to interact with libgnomekbd for switching keyboard layouts and getting reliable flag icons.
* Split out PasswordEntry and FramedImage to their own files.
* Fix keyboard layout representation in the password entry.  GtkEntry is hardcoded to produce a menu-sized icon.  We supply a blank icon, and draw our own where it belongs, and at a better size.  This way, we can also provide themed text layout names as well, depending on user preference.
* Add albumart widget.
* finish implementing albumart preference.
* stage: Don’t let floating widgets overlap, catch a couple potential errors when loading pixbufs – namely when we interrupt it by skipping a track.
* pyflakes cleanup
* libcscreensaver: Fix new build warnings, fix shape extension detection for the event filter.
* Don’t connect to draw and icon press signals if the keyboard layout controller is disabled.
* Remove unused file.
* proxies: Strip out unused interface elements to reduce lib size and runtime memory use (slightly.)
* Rework to stay in sync with XApp.KbdLayoutController changes.  Perform all rendering/loading of icons ourselves, depend on new icon package, use new cinnamon desktop preferences for flag/case settings.
* Add preferences to lock down media keys, media player controls, notification counter.

Muffin Window Manager

[ itzexor ]
* meta-window-actor: fix unredirect heuristic Damage coordinates are relative to the drawable not to the screen. So we have to check whether x and y are 0 and not window_rect.x/y otherwise the herustic will never trigger for windows on monitors whos x and y are not 0.
* meta-window-actor: Consider needs_destroy in is_destroyed() According to the documentation, the method returns “whether the X window that the actor was displaying has been destroyed” – that is very much true when we delay the actual actor destruction for a destroy animation, so update the method accordingly.
* meta-window-actor: Do not request unredirection when destroyed WindowActors can outlive their corresponding window to animate unmap. Unredirecting the actor does not make sense in that case, so make sure to not request it.
* window-actor: Skip frame-sync when the corresponding window is gone

[ Maximiliano Curia ]
* Migrate away from gnome-common deprecated vars and macros

[ brownsr ]
* remove deprecated unnecessary g_type_init calls

[ itzexor ]
* meta-window-actor: Change unredirection hints to match spec changes
* x11/window-props: Initialize bypass compositor hint

[ JosephMcc ]
* backgrounds: Add a simple crossfade effect on bg transitions
* backgrounds: Clean up a couple things
* compositor: Clean up a bunch of deprecated clutter functionality
* wm-tester: Clean up gtk deprecations
* Remove old references to tooltips
* frames: Remove expose_delayed

[ Lars Mueller ]
* Don’t remove client-side frame extents when maximizing Fixing Cinnamon#5343

[ Michael Webster ]
* Add screen signal for skip_taskbar window hint changes.  This is needed by the window list applet in Cinnamon to know when to remove (or add) an item in the window list.
* cogl-utils.c: Don’t skip error parameters.
* meta-window-actor.c: Only override the unredirect heuristic with our unredirect-fullscreen-windows preference.  This is based on a few assumptions:

[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Fixed build

[ Maximiliano Curia ]
* Make AX_ macros optional

Cinnamon Desktop Environment and Settings

[ kloun ]
* rm obsolute and unsupport NEWS file

[ Michael Webster ]
* keyboard applet: Fix positioning of the flag render within its actor.
* Fix some runtime warnings – in the sound applet, object construction is too soon to get the theme node, wait until ‘style-changed’ signal is sent by the main actor.  In the menu applet, remove return values of navigateContextMenu() – there is only one user of this function, and they don’t check for a value.
* keyboard applet: Allow flag icon to properly scale its size to match the panel and preferences.  Monkey patch some St.Icon methods to the EmblemedIcon class so we can use the existing applet icon sizing calculations by pretending we’re just another icon hanging around, getting things done.

[ NikoKrause ]
* [menu-applet] fix warnings caused by keynavigation

[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Update ./test script
* Info settings: Add upload-system-info button
* l10n: Update POT file
* Info settings: Add tooltip to upload button
* Fix typo
* l10n: Update POT file

[ Margarita Manterola ]
* Re-order and re-word idle-delay and re-word lock-enabled

[ AlbertJP ]
* Resize a thumbnail when the window resizes

[ Henry Williams ]
* Add Remove button for Xlets

[ dralley ]
* Added gi.require_version() in many, many, many places

[ Michael Webster ]
* Fix keybindings for quiet volume up and down (they were showing the same keys as normal volume-up/down.)

[ JosephMcc ]
* Add the ability to play a sound effect when showing notifications

[ Corbin Auriti ]
* Clean up output filenames on the tracker search provider

[ Antti Nilakari ]
* Show flags based on short name of language in keyboard applet

[ Stephen Collins ]
* Settings: switch gsettings widgets to use new settings backend:
* Add json settings backend to settings widgets
* settings.js: rewrite to simplify code and aviod the use of which can be costly on resources
* Revamp the xlet settings: – xlet settings now open in their own window/process – matches new style of cinnamon settings – now supports pages and sections in the settings file – instances are now automatically highlighted in the panel when the instance is selected in the settings window (uses a new ‘highlight’ pseudoclass) – uses the new JSON backend for easier maintenance and simplification of the code – added support for backendable widgets which were not previously available to the xlet settings api – updated for newer Gtk versions – added a new configure function to applets and desklets
* Udate some of the applets and desklet to use the new settings api

[ brownsr ]
* Give more informative message when starting to remove applet
* wrap applet description At the moment a long applet description will push the subsequent icons off the visible screen which is likely to confuse some.  Scaling up font or text scaling exacerbates this Some simple column wrapping avoids the issue

[ Michael Webster ]
* Add cinnamon-related debug packages to cinnamon-dbg package

[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Localize the applet name in previous commit

[ Maximiliano Curia ]
* Migrate away from gnome-common deprecated vars and macros

[ IHaveThatPower ]
* Corrected “output” to “input”

[ collinss ]
* settings.js: fix some settings not updating due to unspecific conditional
* appletManager.js: (multi-instance) fix applet setting file not being removed with applet

[ Marcus Lundgren ]
* sound applet: Add a menu that allows the user to switch between active players

[ JosephMcc ]
* panel-launchers: Fix an undeclared variable warning

[ Giulio Girardi ]
* Menu applet: Show ‘Run with nVidia GPU’ in context menu

[ collinss ]
* Fix background settings color chooser not working

[ brownsr ]
* Vertical panels

[ JosephMcc ]
* build: Bump the required gtk version

[ Marcus Lundgren ]
* sound applet: Remove entry in players list if player doesn’t exist when switching – Make sure to always use the correct player owner when performing a switch

[ Michael Webster ]
* workspace-switcher applet: Use the WindowManager functions to switch workspaces when using the mousewheel – this ensures that:

[ collinss ]
* Ignore dependency key that doesn’t exist with a warning rather than failing with an error
* Settings widgets: add backendable date chooser widget
* Refactor sound chooser widgets to simplify and avoid unnecessary duplication of code
* Fix xlet settings not upgrading properly with new key
* Fix panel-launchers add/edit dialog not working

[ Michael Webster ]
* keyboard layout applet: Fix showing the correct flags.

[ JosephMcc ]
* window-list: Don’t hide the current workspace in context menu
* Don’t show the uuid to the user

[ itzexor ]
* cinnamon-settings: remove unused webkit code and dependency

[ Corbin ]
* Make the whole BalanceBar insensitive when the channel map is changed
* Fix some device icon spacing issues

[ Dan Dascalescu ]
* Explain where to look for components to file bugs properly

[ MajidSas ]
* change the maximum delay for backgrounds slideshow

[ collinss ]
* settings.js: fix error caused by missing quotations

[ dralley ]
* Convert cinnamon bin utils to Python 3

[ Michael Webster ]
* window-list applet: Listen to a new signal from muffin’s MetaScreen which will notify when an item should be add or removed due to its skip_taskbar hint changing.

[ JosephMcc ]
* cs_panel: Fix some terminology
*  panels: Allow themes to set separate default width and height values for panels
* theme: Stop panel launchers from jumping around in vertical panels on hover
* theme: Use a larger width for vertical panels in the default theme

[ Michael Webster ]
* menu applet: Make the hover delay create a delay in opening the menu on hover, *not* changing categories.  There should never be a delay switching categories.

[ Pierre G. Bogossian ]
* sound applet: bind mouse buttons 4/5 to previous/next track NB: mouse buttons 4 and 5 (aka back/forward buttons) are numbered 8 and 9 by X

[ Michael Webster ]
* st-cogl-wrapper.c: Don’t ignore cogl parameters.

[ itzexor ]
* Use built in mimetypes module
* Refactor disk caching

[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Fixed build

[ JosephMcc ]
* window-list: Rework for vertical panels
* theme: Set a 32px size for vertical panels
* window-list: Allow themes to control spacing between items

[ brownsr ]
* vertical panels: put the notification count under the notification symbol This keeps things central in the panel and avoids problems with the panel width being able to accomodate icon+text label unless there is a silly number of notifications.

[ Marcus Lundgren ]
* sound applet: Removed unnecessary call to remove player.

[ Michael Webster ]
* cinnamon-util: Add cinnamon_get_file_contents_utf8 asynchronous function with callback.  Mark _sync version as deprecated.
* cinnamon-util.c: Don’t leave a cinnamon_get_file_contents_utf8 caller hanging, always run the callback, even with a NULL result.

[ Balló György ]
* Follow the Icon Naming Specification

[ itzexor ]
* Don’t check mimetype if filename is None

[ Balló György ]
* removable-drives applet: don’t hardcode Nemo

[ Lars Mueller ]
* Remove panel barriers on panel removal

[ itzexor ]
* Apply white background to RGBA images

[ Michael Webster ]
* close file objects.  settings.js: remove file monitor, push all settings changes thru Cinnamon’s dbus interface.

[ brownsr ]
* Indentation corrections to remove inadvertent tabs also corrected an erroneous variable reference in a log message

[ NikoKrause ]
* [show-desktop applet] new feature added: Peek at desktop
* [keyboard applet] added switch in settings to use uppercase letters in panel

[ brownsr ]
* minor change into a more natural case statement
* centre align the centre box in a vertical panel and also clean up an if sequence, a few related comments, and a misalignment

[ Michael Webster ]
* settings.js: don’t try to use python in javascript.  Also, payload is just the raw value string, not an array or variant array.

[ itzexor ]
* panelMenu.js: fix incorrect logic

[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Show-desktop applet: Enabled peek-at-desktop, rephrased settings
* Keyboard applet: Fixed typo
* Fixed typos in files/usr/bin/cinnamon-settings

[ JosephMcc ]
* applet.js: Properly layout applets in vertical panels
* user-applet: Properly hide the panel label in vertical panels
* applet.js: Fix visual alignment of Text applets in vertical panels
* notification-applet: Fix the layout in vertical panels
* menu-applet: Fix the layout of the menu applet in vertical panels
* power-applet: Fix layout in vertical panels
* workspace-switcher: Don’t allow the visual style layout in vertical panels
* spacer-applet: Adapt layout for vertical panels

[ Michael Webster ]
* Revert “Revert “keyboard layout applet: Fix showing the correct flags.””

[ JosephMcc ]
* sound-applet: Adapt layout for vertical panels
* separator applet: Clean up some code styling
* a11y-applet: Don’t allow the a11y applet in vertical panels
* sound-applet: Properly hide/show label on initial load
* applet.js: Clean up the code a bit

[ itzexor ]
* write-applet.xml: fix incorrect example code

[ brownsr ]
* correct applet context menu on panel orientation move Thanks @lestcape

[ Jess Wu ]
* Fix grammar mistakes in source files

[ NikoKrause ]
* [menu-applet] hiding favorites box leaves an empty box in the menu, this should fix this

[ itzexor ]
* show desktop applet: keep track of peek timeout id
* show desktop applet: various cleanups

[ brownsr ]
* Correct drag and drop bugs in panel launcher 1) an issue that looks to have been there before the vertical panels change where    drag and drop within the panel launcher would drop icons in unscaled rather    than at the same scale as the other icons 2) a vertical panels issue where the drag and drop code was assuming horizontal orientation    and so was calculating both the position in the list of icons and the new position in the    actor incorrectly 3) took the opportunity to correct a number of minor indentation issues
* correct window list internal drag and drop for vertical panels 1) The override on the allowable drag direction was not set to allow vertical dragging    also previous override needed clearing when orientation changed 2) Removed a few stray tabs etc. 3) Calculated the drop position correctly for vertical panels

[ NikoKrause ]
* [window-list applet] using icons on context menu

[ itzexor ]
* panel.js: add dialog to launch settings when the last panel is removed
* panel.js: don’t try to hide the panel if it’s destroyed

[ Michael Webster ]
* Keyboard layout applet: Update to use new XAppKbdLayoutController to supply appropriate icons and short names, and as a general wrapper around libgnomekbd for layout control.
* Remove flag folder for keyboard applet (provided by libxapp now)

[ JosephMcc ]
* systray: Clean up code formatting

[ Michael Webster ]
* keyboard layout applet: Use this._config.get_enabled() to check whether applet should be ‘active’

[ NikoKrause ]
* [menu-applet] a more intuitive way of navigating through the menu with the keyboard

[ itzexor ]
* appletManager.js: fix removeAppletFromPanels

[ collinss ]
* Move all settings chooser button code to it’s own file
* xlet settings: Replace old binding function in settings.js with two new ones and allow multiple bindings on the same key

[ JosephMcc ]
* applets: Change how applets set the type of panel they are allowed in

[ leigh123linux ]
* remove grabber

[ NikoKrause ]
* [menu-applet] fixed key-navigation of filesystem search path

[ Lars Mueller ]
* Fix tooltip position This fixes the tooltip position on the first show of a tooltip. Previously, the extents fetched from the actor were wrong, because the actor had never been allocated before.

[ JosephMcc ]
* cs_themes: Don’t show duplicate themes

[ NikoKrause ]
* [menu-applet] create favBox, even if it’s not shown at Cinnamon restart

[ itzexor ]
* st-scroll-view.c: move comment up and remove indentation For whatever reason, this comment hangs g-ir-scanner indefinitely with version 1.50 of gobject-introspection in Arch Linux, at least on my machine. Moving the comment onto its own line fixes this issue.

[ NikoKrause ]
* [menu-applet] clear recent list applet with ENTER-key
* [menu-applet] show AppDescription only on hovered buttons and hover allAppsCatButton when search pattern is deleted

[ Balló György ]
* Remove dependency on GConf

[ collinss ]
* add missing imports

[ Michael Webster ]
* rename date/time section to customize, rename combobox selections to be more grammatically correct

[ itzexor ]
* cinnamon-global.c: fix a gi warning

[ JosephMcc ]
* messageTray: Fix the placement of notifications

[ Michael Webster ]
* keyboard applet: restore upper-case option, fix regression from xlet settings revamp.

[ brownsr ]
* workspace switcher – change whether graph is shown or not At the moment the graph is suppressed in vertical panels because a long wide workspace resulting from multiple monitors results in an unworkable graph when scaled to fit the panel width. Change this to test on the workspace size ratio, as this will permit single monitor setups to have the workspace graph
* add vertical style class to workspace switcher No code is needed to remove it as buttons are rebuilt from scratch when panels are moved between orientations. Linked to a change to improve appearance of this applet in vertical panels in Mint-X themes

[ NikoKrause ]
* [menu-applet] decodeUriComponent in placesManager.js and docInfo.js

[ brownsr ]
* refactor if sequence to case statement, and sort alignment

[ NikoKrause ]
* added PopupSwitchIconMenuItem and used it in sound-applet

[ Michael Webster ]
* cinnamon-settings: On widgets that don’t use bind functions, connect to the widget changed handlers only after setting their initial value.  This prevents on_settings_changed() from being triggered right away, as well as a subsequent trigger of the widget changed handler (for a second time.)

[ brownsr ]
* make accessibility applet suitable for vertical panels The issue is that sticky keys make use of the applet label to display and this is not compatible with a vertical panel. Resolve this by re-purposing the applet tooltip to show the sticky keys in a vertical panel The functionality in a horizontal panel is unchanged.  The tooltip also shows normally in all cases excepting when the relevant keys are actually pressed

[ JosephMcc ]
* inhibit-applet: Fix an oversized menu item

[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Fixed typo in js/ui/popupMenu.js
* Revert “Fixed typo in js/ui/popupMenu.js”

[ Michael Webster ]
* windowAttentionHandler.js: fix logic for matching ignored wmclass names.

[ brownsr ]
* correct unreactive top/bottom strip in vertical panels fixes #5748.

[ Germán Franco ]
* Style sound applet overlay controls  * Added buttons styling same as other in the theme  * Change color to fit the theme

[ JosephMcc ]
* panel-launchers: Redesign the launcher context menu
* window-list: Add the standard applet context menu items
* window-list: Tweak the settings layout
* panel-launchers: Tweak the layout of the settings
* notifications-applet: Tweak the layout of the settings
* calendar-applet: Tweak the layout of the settings
* keyboard-applet: Tweak the layout of the settings
* expo-applet: Tweak the layout of the settings

[ Michael Webster ]
* menu applet: Fix hover delay tooltip

[ JosephMcc ]
* window-list: Fix an undeclared variable warning

[ collinss ]
* Remove the boxpointer from popup menus

[ NikoKrause ]
* [menu-applet] fixes
* [sound-applet] added dependencies in the settings-schema
* [menu-applet] rewritten keynavigation codeblock

[ Odyseus ]
* [Hot Corners] Added hover delay functionality. Added tooltips to hot corner icons. Corrected some minor indentation/white space inconsistencies. Closes linuxmint/Cinnamon#1050

[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Enable vfade effect by default

[ NikoKrause ]
* [sound-applet] add option: show percentage next to volume slider

[ Lars Mueller ]
* Fix menu item order in window list This fixes a problem, when the menu orientation is not St.Side.TOP. the menu box layout was is reverse order.

[ JosephMcc ]
* popupMenu: Mark the new ‘menu’ style class as important

[ lestcape ]
* Improving slightly the appindicators.
* Allow the appindicator used the theme icon size if is not in scale mode.
* Remove the boxpointer features of the indicator API.

[ JosephMcc ]
* panel.js: Change the order which panels are drawn

[ itzexor ]
* expose new cinnamon screensaver settings
* refactor maybe_resize slightly

[ brownsr ]
* ensure applets that override on_panel_height_changed  get to scale properly The logic in the common applet code has been changed so that the scaling is not overridden by the locally overridden function.  The local function thus becomes additional to the core function, rather than overriding it in its entirety. This also corrects errors associated with turning scale mode on and off. One more associated change to the window-list applet in a vertical panel will be needed but as there are changes queued up for that I think it’s best done subsequently fixes #5700
* Ensure that the edge of the screen reacts to mouse clicks Previously the outside couple of pixels were unreactive.  This was set so as to avoid recursion errors but these seem no longer to be there, so this resets to the desired behaviour

[ itzexor ]
* lookingGlass.js: inspect: better handle undefined and null values
* menu applet: remove keybinding when applet is removed from panel
* menu applet: make menu hotkey binding per-instance

[ Odyseus ]
* [Menu applet] Added keyboard navigation for context menus.

[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Simplify backgroundManager

[ Odyseus ]
* [Xlet settings] “entry” and “iconchooser” elements modifications.

[ JosephMcc ]
* workspace-swithcer: Fix the vertical style class

[ NikoKrause ]
* [menu-applet] hide recent files, which are no longer available

[ Odyseus ]
* [Xlet settings] Added support for “button” to extensions settings windows.
* [Tooltips] Fixed positioning of tooltips.

[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* sound: Add xplayer to the list of players without seek support

[ JosephMcc ]
* panel-launchers: Fix ‘Add’ and ‘Edit’ not working
* menu-applet: Add a setting for the new menu animations

[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Update POT file
* Generate additional files

[ NikoKrause ]
* [menu-applet] keynav: make sure to scroll the appsBox to top if category is changed

[ Michael Webster ]
* keyboard applet: Rework to sync with changes to XApp.KbdLayoutController – the controller provides only icon names now.  Handle icon construction ourselves.
* Update to reflect new preferences, remove old ones that are now in keyboard->region panel.

[ JosephMcc ]
* popupMenu: Insert menus that open from the panel below the panels

[ Alex Peters ]
* avoid varying space between month and day

[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* screensaver setttings: Rephrase some of the msgids
* Xlet settings: Add support for alpha colors in ColorChooser
* Fix JS warning
* Tooltips: Round coordinates
* l10n: Update POT file

Nemo File and Desktop Canvas Manager

[ leigh123linux ]
* fix GCC pointer signedness warnings

[ raveit65 ]
* add .view style class on icon view scrolled window

[ itzexor ]
* window: remove custom get_preferred_width/height implementation We already take care of the default size when we create the window, and these only break assumptions of the default GtkWindow’s handlers.
* pathbar: avoid gtk+ warnings
* pathbar: remove hardcoded width for sliders

[ Maximiliano Curia ]
* Close open_as_root child on child exit

[ Michael Webster ]
* nemo-context-menu-menu-item.c: use correct grammar in the context menu toggle.

[ leigh123linux ]
* Fix GTK 3.21.3 desktop redraw issue (#1231)

[ Maximiliano Curia ]
* Migrate away from gnome-common deprecated vars and macros

[ brownsr ]
* replace deprecated gtk_icon_info_free with g_object_unref
* remove deprecated and no longer necessary g_type_init

[ itzexor ]
* file-operations: reduce the time for reliable transfer rate
* remove “Show text in icon” preference

[ Michael Webster ]
* nemo-view.c: unescape uris being passed to file-roller during drag-and-drop (replaces %20 with spaces).

[ Chris Allan ]
* Expand grid width to canvas
* Minimum of one column

[ xenopeek ]
* Update nemo-file.c

[ leigh123linux ]
* trash-monitor: change trash monitoring process

[ lukefromdc ]
* Fix –geometry option when Nemo is already running

[ Maximiliano Curia ]
* Keep warnings as warnings when building the packages

[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Clean up previous PR

[ JosephMcc ]
* nemo-file-management-properties: Fix an accidental removal

[ leigh123linux ]
* Add missing build dep

[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Fixed build

[ Maximiliano Curia ]
* Make AX_ macros optional

[ itzexor ]
* nemo-window.c: save sidebar width 100ms after last change
* nemo-application.c: fix maximized window state preservation

[ Daniel Schürmann ]
* Remove conditional ellipsis code for GTK < 3.12.0 builds.

[ darealshinji ]
* Add link to Launchpad translations to README

[ claudetete ]
* bind double left click on blank to go to parent folder
* add option to manage double cick in blank area (off by default) because it changes previous behavior

[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Rephrased feature introduced in previous commit and regenerated pot file

[ Michael Webster ]
* nemo-file.c: Only append .desktop to desktop files when they actually need it.  Trusted desktop files (ones that typically get made and placed on the desktop) don’t show their extension, so when you try to rename them, the new name needs .desktop appended to it.
* improve the description of the click-to-rename feature.
* nemo-thumbnails.c: Don’t set a stack size – see:
* nemo-application.c: Look for already-existing desktop windows before attempting to manage the desktop.
* desktop: Don’t rebuild the desktop any time _NET_WORKAREA changes – this can happen fairly frequently in some situations, causing crashes due to the asynchronous nature of nemo’s directory loading back-end.
* eel-gnome-extensions.c: Use preferred terminal emulator when using “Run in terminal” to execute something.  This more or less reverts a75c26d50bba3fec1dc242b9efc03f37a06e7093 but simplifies it somewhat, adapting the function that is used in GDesktopAppInfo and adding a check for our user setting.
* nemo-desktop-manager.c: run layout_changed when the widget scale factor changes.  This (hopefully) handles regressions with hidpi support due to

[ leigh123linux ]
* file-undo-operations: change trashed files matching condition

[ Michael Webster ]
* icon view: Use the correct container size for applying margins to the icon container.  Also, make sure icon data is fully loaded before positioning items – desktop pseudo-items don’t necessarily have the correct bounding boxes defined by the time layout occurs. Load this data just before trying to position the icon, rather than just after.
* nemo-desktop-utils: Adjustments for Gtk 3.22 changes in monitor management.  gdk_screen_get_monitor_workarea() no longer returns a valid workarea, it simply returns the geometry – see commit:
* nemo-desktop-manager.c: reload the desktop in an idle callback
* nemo-application.c: Add a whitelist for ignoring existing desktop handlers by WM_CLASS match.  By default ‘conky’ is in the list

[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Generate additional files

Nemo extensions

Clement Lefebvre : nemo-emblems: l10n – Update translations
Clement Lefebvre : l10n: Update nemo-emblems POT file
Sergio de la Cruz : Fixes Issue #189: Invalid CSS values in nemo-preview
Clement Lefebvre : nemo-preview: Fix EXIF rotation
leigh123linux : audio: fix missing import
Michael Webster : nemo-preview: mainWindow.js: move to current desktop before setting a transient parent, as this appears to break the ‘sticky’ bit for desktop views when a preview is made on a desktop item, causing them to no longer appear on all workspaces.
brmmm3 : Save current visibility.
leigh123linux : Added gi.require_version()
leigh123linux : Add support for nemo’s plugin manager
Clement Lefebvre : Fixed & signs in gsettings schema
Jim Bauwens : Clear ‘cd’ line after changing directory
leigh123linux : image-converter: add more resize sizes

60 thoughts on “Cinnamon 3.2 released!

  1. C Nov 21,2016 17:04

    I wasn’t sure about Cinnamon 1.x, and after 2.4 I really started catching on, despite a few rough edges here and there…

    …This is the release where after running it for a day ( running it in Ubuntu 16.04 at the moment, waiting for 18.1 proper on Mint ) I am fully convinced that this is the best desktop now available for Linux.

    What an impressive project. Thank you all for your time invested in it.

    • JosephM Nov 22,2016 04:40

      Thanks for the nice words. It’s just the nature of the beast that we hear a lot more from the people that have an issue with something or are unhappy with a decision we make.

  2. gerry Nov 21,2016 17:39

    (In my best John Cleese voice)
    So, apart from improvements in the Session Manager, Settings Daemon, Window Manager, Screensaver, Nemo extensions, Control Center, Settings API, Applets, Nemo, CJS, Cinnamon-Menus Library, Cinnamon-Desktop Library, Cinnamon Session Manager, Cinnamon Settings Daemon, Cinnamon Control Center, Cinnamon Screensaver, Muffin Window Manager, Cinnamon Desktop Environment and Settings, what did the Cinnamon team do for us in this release?

    Congratulations to the team :-)

    On a related note, I hope now that many of the bugs listed here ( can now be closed off – especially bugs that are years old and relate to archaic versions of Linux Mint! Even if they are closed off with a one liner saying – “no longer a bug in the latest version of Cinnamon (or Linux Mint)”. The stats on that page give a misleading picture of the CURRENT version of Linux Mint.

    4,366 New bugs
    4,920 Open bugs
    23 In-progress bugs
    0 Critical bugs
    1 High importance bug
    0 Incomplete bugs (can expire)

    • clem Nov 22,2016 09:41

      True. Let’s keep the focus on what matters and why we do things. We don’t work on bug reports to keep up appearances and crunch down numbers, even though it is important for people to value their contribution. We do, primarily, to improve the software. There are a couple of bugs, 100 or so, which are a priority to me on LP, either because they affect areas we can easily make a difference in, or because they provide analysis and sometimes solutions we can use. I’ll target these post-release. It won’t make much of a difference in the overall figures (4k new bugs) and that’s ok. It will probably improve many paper cuts though.

  3. Varun Nov 22,2016 00:42

    Clem, thanks for this!

    I currently have mint 18. How can I upgrade the current cinnamon to 3.2?

    • clem Nov 22,2016 09:42

      You could build it yourself or point to a PPA, but it will be part of Mint 18.1, it’s still receiving bug fixes and the best thing to if you’re running 18 is to wait for the 18.1 upgrade.

  4. Jason H Nov 22,2016 00:48

    The Mint Team and contributors are doing an awesome job maintaining this project. This is one of the the more noticeable performance bumps I’ve seen in Cinnamon yet, and I really appreciate the efforts towards making what is easily the most usable and flexible DE available.

    My only concern is if the Mint Team will try to maintain some compatibility going forward, because it was already hard to find applets/extensions and in some cases, themes, that weren’t broken from API changes. I know the API supports specifying which version an app that is compatible for, but there isn’t really a way to filter for your version on the spices website, so it becomes an issue of trial and error.

    Does anyone have an idea when the new spices website will be up? I would be interested in helping if you guys need more help.

    Thanks, and keep up the great work.

    • clem Nov 22,2016 09:45

      We’ve been talking about this a lot lately, within the teams.

      The design team finalized the design and is starting to work on applying it to a version of the website.

      The dev team talked about spices, their maintenance and development and I think we’ll see big changes in that between 3.2 and 3.4. I don’t want to talk about this just yet though, until I’m 100% sure it happens.

  5. Majority Nov 22,2016 03:47

    Looking forward to it Clem! Also, would you please have a look at this feature request?

  6. Luong Quang Manh Nov 22,2016 03:47

    Can I upgrade Cinnamon to 3.2 now or I have to wait for Linux Mint 18.1?

  7. KDB Nov 22,2016 08:15

    HI Clem,

    Thanks for the listing! Nice job!
    Small typo in the last sentence: for a complete list of Cinnamon *3.2* changes. ;)


  8. Majority Nov 22,2016 12:12

    Sorry Clem, don’t know why the link didn’t appear. May be I didn’t do it right. But here is the feature request I hope you’ll interested to look. Please make it happen!

  9. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo Nov 22,2016 22:33


    Congratulations on Cinnamon 3.2.

    I have just published packages for Slackware 14.2 ( as desktop locking issue is fixed.

    All changes are now pushed to master and 14.2 branch in github (

    Thanks for all the work!!

  10. jtflynnz Nov 23,2016 02:06

    Congrats on the release guys! Great project, love what you all have done and continue to do with it! Running it on Arch right now, and can’t wait to see 18.1 hit for my laptop (but I can wait, you guys always make it worth the wait!) Happy for all of the success you guys continue to have, here’s to more where that came from!

  11. nix666 Nov 23,2016 13:46

    Hi Clem, Cinnamon is still my favourite DE,Thank you for all the work. I would like to build 3.2 myself, running Gentoo. Any tips on how to compile the 3.2 branch on a gentoo system ? Latest version in the gentoo repo is 3.0.7. Any input would be appreciated.

    Kind Regards

    • clem Nov 24,2016 10:46


      I’m not familiar with Gentoo sorry. I would expect it to build just like any other project though… it’s using autotools, make etc.. start with the libs such as cinnamon-desktop, cinnamon-menus, cjs etc..

  12. Philippe Nov 23,2016 14:38

    Excellente nouvelle, je me réjouis de la prochaine sortie de Mint 18.1

    Meilleures salutations à toute l’équipe.

  13. Dierk Nov 23,2016 20:52

    Never thought that changing from Windows to Linux Mint would be that simple. It is such a great experience. All the credit goes to the Mint Team.*** Mint4ever !

  14. Mal Nov 23,2016 21:40

    Thank you very much, and what a great work. Looking forward to 18.1

  15. Nick Nov 24,2016 11:17

    It’s awesome, thank you to everyone who makes Cinnamon possible!

    I have a question, how do I enable the orientation sensor?
    My laptop (HP EliteBook 2570p) has one, but I don’t see anny setting for it

  16. Sam Nov 24,2016 13:49

    I’ve been running Cinnamon 3.2 for the past couple of weeks on openSUSE Tumbleweed, and I’ve very happy with it. Thanks very much!

  17. hpmc13 Nov 25,2016 16:00

    Will this release of Cinnamon/Nemo finally solve the issue of long-term freezing when moving multiple .jpg files?

    • clem Nov 27,2016 11:07

      No, not yet. We think it’s an upstream bug, probably in gvfs. It doesn’t just affect jpg files, but all sorts of files. We might be able to come up with a workaround in Nemo, but as of 3.2 so far, it’s still an issue.

  18. Peter Nov 26,2016 10:15

    Hi Clem.

    Sorry for my English I use the translator.

    I updated Sahra to serena 64 bit, now today delicious.

    I have a suggestion for Cinnamon 3.4.
    I suggest you equip them with anti-virus tool /Ideally based on Clamav/. It is not only our security but also other computer users. It is not about complicated application and simply configurator. You can put it in the cinnamon-settings in the Security tab and equipped with simple commands.

    1. Install/Uninstall anti-virus tool.
    2. Update the virus database
    3. Scan your computer for viruses.
    4. Protect your computer in real time
    5. Protect your e-mail.

    I suggest that they are already optimized solutions without the possibility of additional configuration options.
    I say that is ClamTk. ClamTk is impractical and poorly integrated with the system. On three different computers running Linux Mint 18.1 I could not activate the Clamav-daemon.

  19. Shawon Ahmed Nov 30,2016 12:00

    Has Cinnamon add the refresh mode that clear the RAM like windows OS. If the answer is “no”, then why? Isn’t it any necessary for Linux mint?

  20. toto Nov 30,2016 14:03

    LOL Peter : Antivirus is not necessary on linux !
    Linux is not Windows !

  21. Peter Nov 30,2016 14:45

    I know that Linux is NOT Widnows.
    I’m using Linux since 1998 /Mandrake, PLD, Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint/. We should take care not only about their own safety but also for other users. Especially using the network, transferring files. Of course, I suggest placing the configuration in Linux Mint 18.2 or LM 19, and not in Cinnamon 3.4.

  22. Shawon Ahmed Nov 30,2016 15:00

    A refresh icon like windows OS can clear RAM and speed up the driving for Cinnamon desktop environment, doesn’t it important?

  23. twipley Nov 30,2016 16:34

    Good job.

    It has always seemed to me, however, that the language flag icon for the selected keyboard layout should be set to off by default, resulting in, e.g. “en” on the taskbar rather than the UK or US flag.

    It seems higher consistency this way than all black then red flag or such.

  24. Dennis Nov 30,2016 22:53

    Hello Clem,

    I use Linux Mint since version 15, and was especially amazed by version 16 with all the super-new features like window tiling etc. See, I am just a regular user and to me it is important not so much whats under the hood, but that I see some new cool features in each version. However, since version there have “only” been under the hood improvements, and version 18 especially disappointed could have been called LM17.4,in my opinion…almost nothing new…so it would be cool to see some new cool average-USER-centric front-end changes in the next updates…

    Also, the biggest disappointment is that you dont include codecs since version 18, so I am a live user and what if I dont have an internet connection? so no music on my laptop then? not good… ;( ! so someone suggested a linux mint 18.x ultra edition or so with all the codecs like it had always been..i support this idea!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALso, i am not a linux expert and always puke when I see software packaged in .tar files… I like .deb files because i can install them like windows exe files using the deb file manager.. so can you PLEASE develop and include a tar-installer!!!!??!?!?!??!??!?!??!??!?!? PLEAAASSSSEEEEE!!!!! :-)) THAT WOULD BE A REALLY AMAZING NEW THING THAT WOULD REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! :-))

    • clem Dec 1,2016 09:50

      This is a post about Cinnamon so it’s quite technical. You need to look at it as a whole, this fits a bigger scope which is the release of Mint 18.1, along with Xapps and tools updates. There’s plenty of new features to be excited about. Have a look at

      • Dennis Dec 1,2016 20:05

        Hello Clem,

        Thank you for posting my comment and replying. I know there are lots of improvements, and the under-the-hood improvements are definitely very important, no doubt here! And I love Linux Mint and Cinnamon and you guys for developing it, am a huge fan! Thank you!!! However, my point is that compare the “evolution” from version 15 to 16….its like a big bang with super mind blowing window-tiling and other cool stuff…so maybe I got spoiled :-) However, after that I only see minor changes, like ok, now I can make cinnamon windows be black instead of greyish…or the app symbols look different… or instead of totem i have xapps which looks like totem… (dont know whether there are more functions)… ;-) so as I suggested, e.g. a tar file installer would be really handy and convenient for linux newbies and average-users…just one thing that would definitely be something radically new instead of just an upgrade, and which would help make LM even more user-friendly, as it is a linux beginner OS.

        • Nomen luni Dec 2,2016 16:26

          The difference between major versions of Mint (e.g. 17 to 18) is that it is based on a new LTS version of Ubuntu. It’s a lot of work to perform this re-base and absolutely necessary to keep Mint supported and up to date. Given the effort required, any new GUI features added on major releases, no matter how small, should be considered a welcome bonus.

          • Dennis Dec 4,2016 14:20

            I absolutely agree with you and that’s exactly the point that I am making; In recent versions the small GUI changes, that I also think should be a bonus, were “promoted” as something really huge, when in fact it was just a (literally)GRAPHICAL ui change of color here, a box pointer less there, a different firefox symbol there etc…you get my point…what I am missing since version 16 is a REAL ADDED VALUE IN TERMS OF NEW FUNCTIONS that would really further make a difference in the lives of linux mint users and help especially former windows users to enjoy linux.
            As mentioned, LM is already amazing and feels like windows, so amazing work done here(!!!!), BUT THE LAST HUGE ISSUE THAT I SEE IS WITH TAR FILES!!! A lot of software, that is NOT in the software manager, can only be downloaded as a TAR file and NOT as a deb when I see it, I end up not installing the software because I do not know about COMPILATON…not to mention linux mint terminal codes lol!!!! Which is very frustrating!!!!!!!!! So such a tar file installer by default would DEFINITELY seriiously add REALLY NEW AND ADDED VALUE!!!!!!!

            So, please, can you tell me whether such a file tar installer is possible? (I am no expert, so appreciate your input!)

  25. Toto Nov 30,2016 23:26


    Antivirus is useless on Linux, even for a beginner.

  26. moocan Dec 1,2016 15:19


    Many many thanks for this new release … and for your hard work.
    So exciting !

    I really would like to know if something is planned about launching application on a specific desktop and integrated in cinnamon settings (as devilspie2 but integrated in settings or the old Mac OSX 10.6 Spaces). I think it would be a great feature for people which are using workspace.


  27. Kyle Dec 3,2016 01:07

    Just a thought it would be nice if the Cinnamon power setup had the configurability that I see in the KDE version. Thank you for your time.



  28. Jeehyun Dec 3,2016 01:09

    Hi. I always thank Mint team.
    Would you like to develop STICKY NOTE?
    I know there is note applet and 3rd party app for linux.
    But that applet is ugly and does not support Korean.
    3rd party app(Indicator stickynotes) is not real sticky note since it disappears when I click “show desktop” button.

    • collinss Dec 3,2016 17:47

      Jeehyun Hi, I’m the one who wrote the sticky note applet. What is the problem with Korean? I don’t know since I’ve only tested it in English. I haven’t spent much time on this lately as I’ve been focusing more on Cinnamon development lately, but if you can describe the issue, I may be able to fix it.

      Also, I’ve made significant changes since the last release on the spices website. You may find that it works better for you now. You can check out the updated version from my github at

      • Jeehyun Dec 4,2016 01:27

        Sorry. I mean desklet not applet. I didn’t know there is another stick note as applet. I tried your app and this is really great. Simple and clean. I like it. I can type Korean without problem. Thank you.

  29. PeterB Dec 5,2016 15:02

    One thing I miss in Cinnamon (having previously used xface) is the ability to place title-bar text to the left. I keep hoping to see this feature in Cinnamon, but cannot find it among the vast list of changes …

    • JosephM Dec 6,2016 10:03

      This is handled by the Metacity theme in Cinnamon. Themes can choose to place the names to the left. Doing a search for metacity themes online will probably turn up some like this.

  30. Alex Dec 6,2016 20:32

    I have installed the Linux Mint Cinnamon 18.1 BETA (32bit) and was testing it as a live user.

    First of all my question: Have you fixed the “Dirty COW (CVE-2016-5195)” critical security bug in this beta release already?!?!?

    2.Shutdown sequence
    3.Logging back in after logging out as a live user
    4.Desktop folder selection inconvenience after right click

    1.) when starting up, shortly before the desktop appears, there is a black screen and it asks for the password in plain white letters in the top left corner..but after that it simply disappears, after which there is a black screen for longer than I think necessary, after which the desktop finally appears…so this request for password should be removed. BUT THS BUG HERE HAPPENED IN THE FIRST 2 BOOTS AND ON THE THIRD BOOT IT DID NOT HAPPEN, so you might try several times to reproduce it.

    2. When shutting down, the cinnamon logo disappears and then appears again, after which the system finally shuts down.

    3.when logging out and wanting to log back in, it says: select user…BUT there is no user to select! so I have to press F1 as it says, after which I type “mint”…and as a password normally it was in previous versions no password…but here it says wrong password…and I had to wait 10 seconds…so whats the live user name and corresponding password in 18.1 beta? or fix it for other users…

    4. When right clicking on the desktop, and then you wanna left click on anything on the desktop (no matter whether open window, or any desktop icon), NOTHING HAPPENS. It does not select the corresponding file or folder…so you have to first click on whatever to make the right-click menu disappear..only then you can actually left-click and select whatever you want…so normally it should be you right click and then immediately left click on anything either once, to select, or double click to open…so here you need to left click like 2 or 3 times depending on whether you wanna select or open something after a right-click on the desktop.

    5. In my opinion the right click submenus (sound or date or internet or settings) appear a bit too slowly and look a bit erratic/not smooth. makes the system look slower than previous versions.

    • JosephM Dec 7,2016 18:52

      This post is for the Cinnamon3.2 release, not the Mint beta.

      5) You can disable the menu animations in System settings->Effects->Effects on menus if they don’t play nice on your machine.

  31. Alex Dec 6,2016 20:51

    Oh and after suspending the system and logging back in like after 10 minutes or so, there is no wifi connection…

    also a question: whats the point in having xplayer next to the date and time, when you still have to have it open on your desktop??? so how about being able to safely close the xplayer so that it keeps playing in the redesigned sound applet??? so maybe that is also a bug…or add an option “send xplayer to applet next to date and time and keep it running there, although i close this xplayer window here”.

  32. Alex Dec 7,2016 11:39

    And I remember another bug:
    Normally, when you pressed ctrl+alt+F2, you would open a terminal window where you could enter commands, such as “sudo service mdm restart” to logout…but in this version (I HOPE this is just a bug and that it has not been done intentionally), when you press ctrl+alt+F2, there is just a blank screen and the same plain white letters in the top left corner asking you to write down user name and password! So no chance to write commands! No chance to logout after a system freeze!!!

    And yet another one: When clicking on “suspend”, it will not suspend quickly and often just hanmgs and you cannot move the mouse and have to wait, to then be able to try again to put the system into suspend mode…so it worked on third attempt the last time I remember, before removing the beta!

  33. Paranoic Dec 10,2016 14:33

    Will I able to remove this “Ability to upload system information”?
    Or can you be clear? Where it will upload system information?

  34. Paul Dec 15,2016 12:37

    I’m using Linux Mint 18. I have only one problem with it which I hope will be fixed in 18.1: on my Lenovo Thinkpad X200, which otherwise works perfectly (wireless, bluetooth, thinklight etc.)* I find that Cinammon sometimes crashes on resume from suspend and more than not the bottom panel doesn’t display properly until the machine is rebooted. It’s a bit annoying if one has several windows open in the middle of things.

    *with tpfancontrol added to contol the fan

    I don’t have time just now to check for / post a bug report, sorry (however, I am donating regularly!).

  35. gnuman Jan 1,2017 14:45

    Sometimes when I suspend the computer, all of the text disappears, and so does the ability to use the right click menu. Occasionally the wifi and battery icons disappear, which can be fixed by restarting cinnamon.

  36. Paul Jan 12,2017 10:58

    My suspend and resume problem wasn’t resolved with the update to 18.1, which went flawlessly. It was resolved, so far, by updating to a later kernel. I’m currently running 4.8.0-32.

    The only remaining quirks I have yet to get around to fixing:

    1. Wi-fi is on by default when I reboot; prefer it to be off
    2. I use a docked laptop mostly and have to reset the screen setup each time I boot.
    3. Don’t need it urgently but I’d like to find a linux equivalent of the Windows app DesktopOK which I used to save and restore the position of desktop icons.

  37. ThisHosting.Rocks Jan 14,2017 16:16

    We love(d) Cinnamon 3.2. Any plans on a new release? It’s going great so far, but we’d love to see some new features. We already started using it at our company.

  38. tmf Jan 22,2017 00:10

    18.1 broke the use of the many community themes available……….not happy about that !

    • clem Jan 22,2017 10:00

      It had to be done. Many of the themes haven’t been updated since Cinnamon 2.8 and many will be removed. We’ll also fix themes and give them 3.2 support going forward.

  39. dindin@G41TR3 Jan 24,2017 11:16


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